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Fantasyhd babe brunette dani daniels fucks the pool boy
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--------- DISCLAIMER: I am not an english native speaker, I do my best to write correctly, nonetheless I might make some mistakes. I write for fun, and I hope you enjoy my stories anyway!

:-) --------- My name is Simon, I am 20, and some weeks ago I had one of the best experiences of my life. I live with my father in small village together with many other families. Most of us live here since many years, so we know each other quite well.

But with no doubt I do have a best friend, Alex.

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Though I am slightly older than him, we basically grew up together and spent lots of time playing and having fun. I have many special memories of the two of us, from the time of our childhood up until now. I think he is a good, honest and reliable person, someone I know I can always count on. But what I like the most about him is… his mother! Oh boy, I don't know how many times I jerked off thinking about his mother Laura.

I really don't understand how his father John can resist staying away for work even for two or three weeks knowing that he leaves such a beautiful and sexy woman at home, alone. I bet they spend hours in the bedroom when he comes home, to catch up on lost time. Alex has a younger sister, Isabel, who is in her teenage years. I have to admit she is a wonderful girl now, she babe with glasses exchange pussy for sex all the right curves to get every men's attention, but she is too young for me.

I always loved mature women, ever since I had my first sexual fantasies. I picture myself being the sex toy of all the attractive women I met in their forties, and Laura is at the top of my personal list; I find her always elegant and classy, with perfect make-up and hair, a special attention to the details, and of course a gorgeous body: big tits and long sexy legs with thin ankles, the combination that blows me away!

One big luck I have is that from the window of my room I can see the backyard of her house: she loves sunbathing and I love watching her in her tiny bikinis. I think she never realized I can see her, because when she is alone, every now and then she takes off the top of her bikini, showing me her spectacular, large tits.

Recently I also bought a new camera, so I can zoom in and enjoy every inch of her body. I jerk off to powerful orgasms thinking about being next to her, massaging her body, squeezing her boobs and sucking her nipples. I would then kiss her back, from her shoulders down to her ass, give a gentle bite to her butt cheeks, then down to her feet, and then… Oh God, I always get so carried away, one day or another I will take some pictures, even though it would be quite risky… I feel a bit guilty about this with my friend Alex, and with Laura too, but I can't help it, that woman turns me on.

A lot. I wonder what would she think of me if she got to know I spy on her. Would she be worried about it? Would she just laugh? Then the summer heat made the craziest idea pop up in my head: what if I go there and tell her about my weird habit? I am well aware that the consequences may be devastating, first of all towards my friendship with Alex and the whole family.

Not to mention the gossip in the neighborhood. But the context was somehow in my favor: John, as always, was out for work, Alex had taken Isabel to the seaside for some days, and Laura was home alone. Worst case, I would have begged her to keep the secret for herself, hoping that she could just forget my words and let it go.

So after lunch I took courage and went to her house. I rang that bell a million other times before, but in that moment it was damn heavy. "Yes?" "H-Hi Laura, it's Simon" "Oh, hi Simon, everything ok?" "Everything is fine… Can I come in for a second?" "Sure, gorgeous amateur gets it good on a picnic on in!" It's just ten meters from the gate to the entrance door, but I was so tense it seemed like a kilometer to me.

I entered the living room, but Laura wasn't there. I heard her voice coming from upstairs, probably the bathroom: "Be there in a minute!" I sat down and looked at the spiral staircase, telling myself I was still in time to pretend I was there just for a coffee, without disclosing any feelings.

But as the shape of her slim, smooth legs appeared to my eyes, I realized I couldn't pretend anything: her natural charming attitude was outstanding even when walking down a wooden staircase in her bare feet. And I was glad to see she was dressed only in her white bathrobe. "You were lucky I heard the bell, I was taking a shower".

"Definitely lucky" I whispered, staring at her beauty. Honestly I was quite surprised to see how nonchalantly she was walking around in the kitchen wearing little more than a towel: ok, there is confidence, as she basically knows me since I was born, in fact she wasn't showing any kind of embarrassment, and I was loving that. I started to feel a certain arousal, but I was hoping my cock managed to stay quiet. "Something to drink?" "That would be lovely, it's quite hot today" "You said it!

I don't even think about drying my hair!" she smiled. "So what's up, Simon?" "Uh, actually nothing special… I-I took a aidra fox new years sleaze from studying and just thought to come here and say hallo, I know you are here alone these days" "How sweet of you!", but from the look in her eyes I knew she didn't buy it.

"Are you sure you came here just to say hallo? It seems to me you need to confess something…" she said, with an investigative look. "Well, more ore less" I replied. "Something about women?" "Well… yes…" I admitted. "I knew it! Don't forget I could be you mother, Simon, and mothers always know!" she laughed. Then she came sitting next to me, put a hand on my arm and in a comforting voice she said: "But I can also be a friend to you, and if you need any advice or opinion, don't be ashamed to ask.

Getting wiser is the only advantage of growing older!" As she leaned forward to me, I had to fight hard not to look at her cleavage.

I felt I was starting to have an erection, and despite the air conditioning, I was sweating. "Well there is this girl, I really like, but I don't know how to tell her I'm attracted" I started.


"Tell me something more about her." "I always liked her, both physically and as a person. She is smart, charming and classy, and her body is just amazing…" "Do you like curvy women?" she smirked. "Oh, I love curvy women!" I smiled, and gave a quick look at her tits. She definitely noticed that, and provocatively asked "Curvy like me?". Laura took me by surprise, I didn't see that question coming.

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"W-well… yes… I mean, I think you're gorgeous", I said blushing. "That's kind of you. Have you ever been intimate with this girl?" "No, I haven't… but I would love to." Then she got serious. Our faces were now only a few inches away from each other, her hand on my leg.

She was staring at me but I couldn't hold it, I was hypnotized by her soft lips moving as she talked to me. I would have a killed for a kiss. exceptionally good fur pie banging hardcore and blowjob she live far from you?" "No, actually she is quite close to here" "So, why don't you just go there and talk to her?" I was totally at her mercy, incapable of driving the dialogue.

Without asking anything, she was making me tell everything. "I guess that could be an idea." "How old is this girl? Is she your age?" "Actually, she is… she is older than me" I was feeling like a boxer in a corner, waiting for the next punch. "Oh really? Let's say… older like me?" My heart was bumping in my chest, I felt there was no point in lying any further, it was time for me to tell the truth. In the end, I went there exactly for this purpose.

"Ok, enough with the interrogatory, Laura. The girl is older exactly like you, because it's you I'm talking about.


It's you I dream about at night, it's you I've been spying for months from my bedroom, masturbating whenever I saw you taking your bikini top off". I felt relieved after my confession, finally I managed to let it all out, but at the same time I was scared about her possible reaction to my words. I have to say she didn't look as upset as I thought she would have been. On the contrary, she seemed to be expecting it. "Finally you had the guts to come here and talk to me.

I know it's not easy, The empress ass fucked in the terms, and I'm glad you did." "What?!?!" my brain was in deep confusion, I felt like I was stoned. "You think I should be the one surprised, don't you, Simon? But don't forget that a woman my age can see things very clearly. Do you think I have never noticed you staring at my boobs, no matter where we are?

Or looking at my legs when I'm wearing skirts? You undress me with your eyes, I almost feel naked when I'm around you. I had the feeling you were spying on me, so one night I took my husband's binocular to check your window, and I saw your camera on a tripod pointing at my backyard. How many pictures did you take?" "No one, I swear! For some reason it didn't feel right to me". "Oh really? But spying on me half naked felt right, uh?" She was firm, but I can say she was not angry.

"Well, it felt awesome to me.

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I don't know what else to say, Laura, you just turn me on." Looking in each other's eyes, without saying a single words, we stood still for a long second. My head was exploding, it was like I had just got off a roller coaster.

Then she took my hands, stood up and made me stand up as well. "So, I turn you on, don't I?" "Absolutely, Laura" "Well, then prove it to me" "I beg your pardon?" "You heard me, big boy, prove me that you are really attracted to me." Did she really say that? Were my fantasies about to come true? "And what should I do?" "Well, let me give you something to work on…" and as she said that, she untied the belt of her bathrobe. "You undressed me hundreds of times with your eyes. Now you can finally do it with your hands." Definitely, my fantasies were coming true… A simple gesture, and the bathrobe fell to the floor: the magnificent body I had admired from my window was now here, in front of me, completely naked.

I wish I could stop the time. I put my hands on her hips, feeling her soft skin for the first time, and she put her arms around my neck. "Do you still like me, now that you see me so close?" "You are even better than I ever expected!" Then we started making out, like it was the most natural thing. Gently at first, and then more and more passionately. My hands went down to squeeze her nice, round ass and the feeling of her boobs pressing on my chest was simply amazing.

My cock was starting to react, but at that point I had nothing to hide anymore. "I am completely naked, and you are completely dressed, don't you euro brunette lesbians in high heels licking it's a bit unfair?" I practically ripped off my trousers, then took my t-shirt off.

"Let me take care of the underwear", she said. As my fully erect cock popped out of the pants, Laura opened her eyes wide and exclaimed "what a nice present you brought me, Simon!" She fondled my balls, then her hand went up to head of my cock and started stroking it, while we were making out. My hands were still on her ass, and now I could feel her hard nipples on my body. Without moving her hand from my boner, she turned around, pressing her back on me.

Then put my teen sister fucked while sleeping in romm down the crack of her ass, took my hands and put them on my favorite part of her body. "Grab my tits, Simon!" From behind her, I was in the perfect position to cup those fantastic boobs. Oh God, how much I begged to live that moment, my hands could barely hold them.

"Oh Laura, your tits are amazing!" "Don't stop, Simon, I love feeling your hands on me" Our tongues were wrapped together, I was in ecstasy.

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I reached down to horny couple shagging on a live webcam show more at pussy and start rubbing her clit. "Oh yes, yes, Simon, yes!" Laura was completely shaved, not really a surprise for a classy woman like her, and I couldn't wait to lick her already wet pussy.

"Come here, she said", and lead me to the kitchen table. I was leaning against it, while she sat down. "Guess what? Mommy is going to suck the hell out of this hard dick!" she smiled. Oh my, I was almost about to come, just thinking that my dream lady was about to give me a blowjob, for real. "Oh Laura, you're so hot!" Her tongue played around with the head of my cock, then my 7 inches shaft disappeared inside her mouth.

"What a tasty boy you are, Simon!" "And what a wonderful sucker you are, Laura!" With busty buffy first homemade sex tape big boobs big tits hand she was stroking me and with the other she was caressing my balls, while her lips were sealed around my dick. I couldn't resist anymore.

"Laura I'm coming, I'm coooomingggg!" "Oh yes, dear, cum for mummy, cum in mouth, I want to taste you" Coming in her mouth was one of my favorite fantasies, and hearing her saying this for real made me explode: while I was spurting in her mouth, her tongue was still licking me, making my orgasm even stronger.

As I gain my normal breath I gave her a passionate kiss: the taste of my penis was somehow exciting, but not a single drop of cum was on her face "D-did you swallow?" "Of course I swallowed, honey! I just took a shower, I don't want to get dirty" she giggled. "And by the way, I love swallowing!". "I'm sorry I came so quickly, but you just turned me on like never before". "No worries honey, we are not done here, I want you to fuck me badly!" "That's music to my ears!

But now it's my turn to taste you…" "I love you, nasty boy! I want my pussy to be dripping wet to welcome your cock!" Then we switched positions, she sat on the table, and I sat down on the chair.

She opened her legs and put her feet on my shoulders. The marvel I could see from that privileged point of view was mind blowing.

I started kissing her ankles, then I went up and kissed her knees, her thighs, her hips. Her skin smelled good and was so soft, I was enjoying every single kiss.

Then I grabbed her boobs and gently squeezed her nipples. "Oh Simon, I love having your hands on me! Suck my tits, honey" No need to be told twice, I started licking and sucking those superb, natural titties I had in my hands, then I moved down, to her stomach and finally to the object of my dreams. In my mind I had already sucked and licked her pussy a thousand times, I couldn't believe I was about to taste it for real.

Something that I didn't expect was her tattoo: impossible to see, except for those african whores giving blowjobs somewhere in wilderness have been in the lucky position of being between her legs. What a great feeling to be part of the club! "What's that, a flag?" "Yes dear, an italian flag, I had it made when I turned 18" "A curious place to show your pride!" "Well, you know, my hometown, in Italy, received a lot of tourists during summertime.

When I was your age I was quite… active with foreign guys, and I thought it was a nice way for them to come back home with a special memory!" "You are a naughty girl! And by the way, I love Italy, let me go have a tour!" She smiled at me, took my head in her hands, and gently pushed me where I should be. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating, just as I always imagined. I started licking her clit with the tip of my tongue and she immediately moaned in pleasure, "Oh yes, Simon, right there!" Then I went a little harder, and harder, with more tongue licking more pussy, until I buried my face in her vulva, penetrating her vagina with my tongue.

"Oh darling, yes, yes, yes, don't stop!" Nothing could have stopped me, she was pulling my hair, and I knew I was doing right. I have a little experience when it comes to oral sex, but I was glad to see she liked it. While I was licking her clit I slipped my middle finger in her wet cunt and started pushing.

As I added another finger she let out a little scream. "Oh dear, you are going to make me cum!" That words were just pure energy to me, I sucked and fingered her pussy stronger, until I felt her vagina pulsate around my fingers. "Yes, yes, yes, right there, don't stop, here I cuuuummmmmmm!" She pulled my hair even stronger as she was screaming in pleasure.

Boy, what a loud orgasm, I was so proud of myself! And I was now rock hard again! She was lying on the table, catching her breath, so I leaned forward to lick her nipples and kiss her. "Good boy, Simon, you are definitely good at it!" "I am glad you liked it" "I am glad you licked it!" We both laughed.

"Wait a minute, sweetheart: am I feeling a boner down there, right now?" "Yes you are, Laura" "Very good news! I bet you know what to do next" "I will have my dick deep inside your pussy, and fuck the hell out of you" The head thai babe koy sucks a hard cock already inside, and I started pushing: the rest of my cock slid easily into her soaking wet pussy.

"Oh my God, Simon, yes yes, fuck me, fuck me!" "Never been happier to obey!" The feeling of her warm pussy was overwhelming, and got me so turned on I wanted to touch every inch of her body at the same time.

I furiously kissed her lips while banging her pussy and grabbing her ass, I was on fire. "I want to titty-fuck you" "Yes dear, come here and fuck mommy's boobs" I jumped on the table, put my cock between those big tits and started pushing again. I had never done this before, the feeling was just amazing! "Oh Laura, it feels so good!" "Go on baby, go on!" "I'm going to explode again" "Then go back to my pussy, honey, I want to feel your hot cum inside me!" I couldn't believe it, I got to cum in her mouth before, and inside her pussy now!

I had to lick her again, I just loved her taste. Then my dick went back where it belongs, getting me closer to the orgasm with every stroke. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" "Yes, Simon, give me all your load, make me cum again" I felt my balls pumping, and the sperm flooding her vagina, while I was still pushing my cock back and forth. "Oh yessss yessss yessss" We came at the same time, like true lovers, spasming in pleasure over the table.

We rested for a couple of minutes, without speaking. "Is this a dream?" I asked "'Cause I still can believe we actually had sex". "Well, you better believe it honey, and it's been damn good sex. You know what? I was attracted to you too, but I'd have never come to you and say it, I'm glad you did the first move." "I am glad too.

So, are you convinced now?" "About what?" "The fact that you turn me on!" "Well… I can't say no but…" "But what?" "You know, just to be sure… how about another round?" "I'm in!" We both laughed. And kissed. And had sex again, and again. Yes, I definitely love my neighborhood.