Feeling the step daddy inside me

Feeling the step daddy inside me
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The second part in the fantasy series. Comments, critisisms, pm's are always appreciated. I was seriously overjoyed when someone got the reference to Dragon Reborn in the last part. Part 2 I was sitting at my desk totally zoned out thinking about last night's events. Just then, the phone rang pulling me out of my nostalgia. "Hello, This is Damien Snow." It was a client enquiring about the recent events on the Rutherford Mill, the mill where the CEO and several other people of great demeanour and social status belonging to Aldol Inc.

had lost their lives. The converstaion seemed to drag on as I enunciated the events of that incident for the umpteenth time that day.

No one seemed to care that I was safe, as I was always the only one who survived. Every single time. Nothing out of the usual this time. Except one thing though. This time I saw an real korean masseuse in tug job session, a silhoutte of a man clad in long black overcoat. Although I couldn't ser him, I could feel his eyes on me. And there was.envy!? He envied me? Because I was the one facing a natural catastrophe and not him?

He almost looked like Neo from The Matrix. I would have laughed hard at that wannabe-Keanu Reeves if not for all that water around me. I suddenly had a spark in my mind and concluded the man as an aftereffect of coke and weed. The more I seemed to think about him, the more he seemed real. Just at that instant, I suddenly felt horny again and the events of last night flashed through my mind. Tara. The vessel. As I tried to focus on the events taking place on the vessel, my head began to hurt again.

"Sir, Mr. Woolf is waiting for you." Stacy, my PA informed me entering the room. "Send him in." Stacy began to walk away on hearing this. I couldn't help myself and stared at her ass as she walked away.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Mr. Woolf entering the office.

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"Good morning, Mr. Woolf.", I said putting my hand in his direction for a handshake. He didn't seem too pleased. Abso-fucking-lutely great, nothing more intriguing than a pissed-off client in the morning. "I have heard some rumors about your company, particularly you, Mr. Snow." Wow! I remembered Ralph Woolf being more cordial. Surprised at his straight-forwardness, I answered,"Mr. Woolf, I assure you that these are nothing more than rumors and have no truth to it." "Yes, I expected that.

You wouldn't do such a thing, Damien. I know you better than that. Killing people isn't really your style." We both grinned at that statement. "But if something like that happens to me or my associates, you'd wish that your uncle's company had never been in contact with us.

I have powerful people looking over me." He was lying. I could see it in his eyes. He could do nothing even if a common peddler had done something to his associates.

With that, he stormed out of my office, again reminding me of that incident.


That horrible incident. "Damien, your house is on fire!", Jack, PR manager yelled to me on the phone. "What?", I growled at him and just instantaneously sprang out of my chair and dashed towards my car.

Alfred, becoming aware of the situation, drove faster, and I was sure that he had skipped a signal or two. As I got to my ruined home, it was already smoking and the bed room still on fire. "Fuck me in the ass!" Then I saw something, no, someone, the same Neo-look alike.

The same silhoutte, the same overcoat, the same distance, from where I could not make out his face. This time I was sure he was real. I hadn't taken any drugs since last night. I began to sprint after him. He just casually walked behind a wall, and disappeared from behind it as I reached to the wall.

*-*-*-*-*-*-* I had mixed feelings, sad and gloomy for my house being burnt down and extremely horny again just like last night. I was violent throat fuck choke pass out. "Damien Snow?", a female voice asked tapping on my shoulder from behind.

"Yes", I turned around and answered. "Hi, I am Cynthia Roman." As I shook her hand, I felt the same grip I had felt last night when that mysterious touch literally teleported me into a vessel.

"Are you the sa." Before I could finish my sentence, we were back mature jaroslava gyno speculum pussy checkup at gyno clinic the ship. But this time, Cynthia was there with me. "Welcome to The Banisher.", Cynthia's words echoed throughout the vessel. Now that I could see the beast of a vessel, I was mesmerized by its architecture, there were engravings of some sort, in Hebrew or mabe Latin, I guess.

I couldn't make that out. There were some description in pictures about some wars and God and angels and of course.Galadriel, The Evil Angel. A true follower of the Righaratus religion would of course know about him. Galadriel was an angel who once was the closest to God, but he accidently came into conflict with a human, who was a truly religious man and Galadriel killed him while he was in his human form with his Power.

The God exiled him on hearing this and Galadriel declared a war against all of God's followers and God himself. That earned him the title of 'The Evil Angel'.

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"You're home, Damien." "Huh?" "You're dumber than he told us." I was somewhat taken aback at Cynthia's derogatory remark and also wondered at the same time about who the 'he' was, she referred to?

Did I know him? Maybe it was that man, the one who burned my house down. I am definitely gonna whoop his ass the day I get him. "Follow me", she said walking into a room of some kind. As I entered the room, my horniness, which was already giving me a serious worry, increased further. As I started to scan the dimly lit room to search for Cynthia, I was awestruck at the sight before me.

She was naked. Standing there in her birthday suit waiting for someone. "I have been bad, punish me, Master.", speaking the last word as erotically as possible.

"I am going to punish you the hard way, you slut.", I uttered. But how?


I had no control over my body. I could feel only my brain and did not like being in a bodysuit only to be controlled by a remote control.

Only, there was none. I began to move towards Cynthia as she bent over exposing her pink pussy lips which were inviting my cock. She wasn't disappoinnted.

Before I could understand something, my cock was out, I was full hard, ready to push into Cynthia knocking on her pussy with my dick. I eased the tip of my dick into her vagina, then eased it out.

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At that exact moment, I slammed down on her with full force and she squealed so loudly that I was glad there was no one on the vessel except the two of us. Or so I thought. "Shut up, bitch!", I barked at her and she obeyed. As much as I was astonished at the control of my body by some foreign entity, I was also enjoyimg the submissive and smoking hot female that I had impaled on me.

I didn't seem to care that I had all of my erection inside her, even if her pussy grabbed my penis like a vice and my shaft was clearly too big for her. "Aaaahhhhhh" "I said, shut up bitch!" Smack! I spanked her hard and her pussy seemed to clench my member even harder. Wow! She enjoyed being submissive.

"Oooohhhh! I'm cumming, master." "Not yet, slut!", this time it was mom son sex fuck dad who gave the orders. Soon enough, we came together and moaned in ecstasy. "I hope you enjoyed me, Master." "You're losing your skills, my love." Huh? What. The. Fuck. My love? "What about you, did you enjoy me, Damien?" "I.I.I'm.I don't." "Oh, the stupidness returns?

I thought you had overcome that when you gave orders." How did she know? "I expect you would like some answers." "Y.y.yes" I was still scared of what I had done to a woman I didn't know anything about.

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I had fucked her. Dominated her.

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"Its not the time for anwers yet." And just like that, I was stabbed through the heart by the still naked woman. By her hand. What? She stabbed me by her ha. Continue?