Lovely savannah pleasures a monster black pole

Lovely savannah pleasures a monster black pole
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Birds of a Feather, Chapter 14 (Oh Nancy, what a surprise) ************************************************************************************************************* Things have been moving very fast for Frank and Kathy.


Their sexual experience continues to broaden and their love for each other continues to grow. They're going to try to help Cindy and Beth with the sexual situation within their family, Nancy has moved in with them and there have been a few surprises there. They are to meet the new doctor and the weeding is set for this coming Saturday.

************************************************************************************************************* This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more.

If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve, on not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes. ************************************************************************************************************* The wine had the three of us a little tipsy but I think it was having more of an effect on Nancy than either Kathy or me. The women were doing most of the talking and I was doing most of the looking.

I was openly staring at the two sets of tits across the table from me. There was Kathy's firm set, with her erect nipples, which I had become so familiar with. Then, there was Nancy's nice round set of 40's, more rounded and sagged a little more then Kathy's but still a very pleasing sight, especially since I had never expected to see them.

We had finished the bottle of wine and Kathy offered to get another one. Before she could stand, Nancy told her she would get the wine. As she stood and walked slowly around the table, she was aware that both of us were checking her out. I had seen Nancy many times over the years but never like this but I sure liked what I saw.

She now had salt and pepper colored hair on her head. Though it was very close trimmed, I could tell that her pubic hair was a little more pepper than salt. She was about the same height as Kathy, a set of 40-D's with very erect nipples, a little tummy but still had a waist line that flowed into a set of well rounded hips and a great looking set of cheeks. As she slowly walked passed me I had a good view of a set of legs that a twenty-five year old would be proud to own.

Kathy and I both watched as Nancy open the refrigerator door, bent over at the waist giving us a great view of her nice round ass. She had her feet spread slightly apart and we could see her inner labia protruding slightly past her outer labia. It was like I was in a trance as I heard Kathy, "Oh, how fucking sexy" Nancy was smiling when she return to the table. She walked up behind me and leaned over my shoulder, making sure one of her soft tits rested on my shoulder, as she filled my glass.

She moved to the other side and repeated the same with Kathy. Then she set down and filled her own glass. I couldn't help but stair at every move she made. I heard a voice but wasn't aware it was directed at me. Kathy spoke louder, "FRANK, what are you staring at. That snapped me back to the present. I just shook my head and smiled, "I'm sorry ladies, this is just such a different Nancy than I've ever seen before." Nancy quickly responded as though she was expecting me to question the difference, "You're right Frank, this is the Nancy I have wanted you to see from the first time I saw you.

Even though you don't physically look like Peggy's Dad, so many things about you remind me of him. I had hope with all my heart that you two would know the love and sexual pleasures the two of us had known. It broke my heart when I saw it wasn't going to happen. I knew you were a good and loving man and knew you were a very sexual man.

I can't tell you how many times I considered offering myself to you because you were so sad and so lonely." Kathy asked, "What kept you from making a move? Both of you were lonely and horny." "He was my daughter's husband and what I wanted more than anything was for them to be happy, have baby's and make me a happy Grandmother.

I could have gotten by on my toys and been happy with that, but it was not to be. My daughter wouldn't let it happen. Now, that's all in the past and my Frank has a woman who loves him as much as he loves her." Everyone was quite for a few seconds, then Kathy leaned over and kissed Nancy on the cheek, Nancy smiled and turned to face Kathy.

Their eyes met, then their lips, in a soft tender kiss. Then they repeated the kiss, holding it a little longer this time. When they set back, Nancy let out a deep breath and fanned her hand in font of her face, "My, my, it's been a long time since I've done that. Kathy and I looked at each other and smiled. Then Kathy asked, "Nancy, are you telling us that wasn't the first time you've kissed a woman like that." Nancy took a big swallow of her wine, smiled at us and said, "I'm going to tell you some things that I've not talked about since my husband was killed in the accident at his work.

He and I were very much in love, just as you two are. We also had a very active sex life, which sometimes included other friends. We never thought of it as gay, lesbian or bi-sexual. We only thought of it as sharing sexual pleasures with each other and a few select friends. I may be way off base here but I think you both know exactly what I mean." Kathy placed her hand on Nancy's then said, "All that has happened between Frank and I was not planed at all.

It just seems to happen. We had been good friends for a long time but that was all. Then Peggy left Frank, later Jerry left me and I think we were two lost, horny souls that collided at the right time and it was on from there. Nancy said, "You know, when I saw the pictures of the two assholes (Peggy and Stunning ebony bbw has her pussy penetrated, I wasn't upset at what they were doing.

Except for the dogs and all that shit play, they were not doing anything that I hadn't done in the past. What really pissed me off was the fact that they both had someone at home that would love them and would enjoy most of the things they were doing and doing it behind your backs.

I could see the gleam in Kathy's eyes and I knew she was up to something. She leaned over, kissed Nancy on the cheek, and smiled, "Nancy, are you telling us that you like to eat pussy and suck cock?" Nancy blushed and giggled, "Yes, that and more and I think both of you do too.

I have to tell you, I'm so happy for the both of you. I also need to tell you how pleasing it is to be here with you both but if it's going to cause you to change your lifestyle any hottie michelle martinez loves boyfriends anal and jizz pornstars hardcore all, I'll move tomorrow." Kathy first looked me then at Nancy, "It will be up to Frank but I'm going to suggest a change in our lifestyle and hope it will be alright with you." Everything was quite for a few seconds, I knew there was more to come but I had no idea what.

"Nancy, keep in mind you have to agree and Frank will always have the final say on everything that happens here. He allows me to get away with a lot but if he says "NO" then that's final. Now, what I would propose is that the three of us have the freedom to do as we please as long as everyone agrees. What do you think of that?" Nancy was looking me straight in the eyes when she asked, "Kathy, are you proposing THE THREE OF US be free to go naked, masturbate and have sex with each other as long as we all agree?

Kathy was also looking at me as hot lesbians fill up their massive butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it out spreading creampies nodded her head. I laughed and asked, "Why are you two putting all this on me?" Kathy laughs again then said, "Because you're my man and I don't want to do anything you don't agree with but I know you do agree." Your cock has been rock hard since you got a close look at Nancy's tits.

You also know that you love her and like me, you think she has been without long enough. 'First, let me say, this is not the Nancy I have known all these years. I never expected any of this but I'll have to tell you both, this is like the Nancy I have always loved but now with benefits.

I would leave it up to you lady's to call the shots but I think I would be stupid as hell to say no." Nancy gives a little weak smile, "There's something I need to share with you. As you may know, lots of women my age have a problem with vaginal dryness." Kath spoke up, "Honey, that's not a problem, we have various liberations that will take card of that." "No, you don't understand, it's just the other way around with me.

Fadhar fuck daughter sex for free 3g always a little damp and when I get turned on, if I'm not wearing panties, I get so wet it will run down my thighs." "NO SHIT" Kathy said as she reached over and run her hands between Nancy's legs.


Nancy jumped a little and smiled. When Kathy pulled her hand out her fingers were dripping wet with Nancy's juice. She tilted her head back, placed the fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. She licked her lips as soon as she pulled her fingers out. As she started back for a second time, Nancy opened her legs a little to give Kathy better access. When she pulled out this time, she held her fingers over to me. I wasted not time sucking them into my mouth. I sucked and licked until I had cleaned of all the juice.

Nancy took Kathy by her wrist and pushed her hand back between her legs. I could see her working Kathy's hand stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car and forth a couple of time then Nancy collapsed back in the chair. Kathy looked over at me, "I think she just cum, damn that was quick." I stood and walked around the table. I reached down and slipped my between her legs to find a pussy so wet there was a puddle of her juice on the seat of the chair.

Nancy opened her eyes, smiled up at me, "I hope this don't make you change your mind." Kathy and I both started laughing and Kathy said, "Honey, cum is one of our favorite desserts. We'll do our best to keep you licked dry" Kathy stood, took Nancy by the hand and they walked across the den and down the hall toward the master bath.

I followed behind, watching the two naked asses as they bounced along in front of me. While Kathy was adjusting the shower, Nancy asked if she should join us in the shower. Kathy had that little wicked smile when she said, "Nancy, if you even try to wash that wonderful pussy juice off, I'll spank your lovely ass.

Nancy giggled again, "I'll save it for you but you can still spank me if you would like to, just don't do it too hard. When we stepped out of the shower Nancy was setting on the toilet, legs wide apart and two fingers fucking in and out of her dripping pussy. Kathy stepped over, pulled her wet fingers to her mouth and make loud sucking noises as she pulled the fingers out of her mouth. Kathy held onto Nancy's hand and led her to our bed.

She turned her around and pushed her back to set on the bed. Kathy knelt down in front of Nancy and placed a leg over her shoulder. I followed her lead and did the same with the other leg. When we raised up Nancy fell back on the bed leaving her pussy and ass totally exposed to us. She was wet from her pussy down the crack of her ass and on down her thighs, almost to her knees.

We started licking just below her knees and cleaned every drop of her juice all the way down to the outer lips of her pussy. By the time we were through with her thighs, she had cum so much it had run down over her puckered little rosebud and was dripping off on the bed.

I bent down a little further and started licking at the bottom of her ass and licked up to her little pucker. Nancy said, "Frank, baby, don't go in too deep there, I'm not cleaned up for that tonight but I will always be ready from now on I moved on up to the bottom of her pussy. Kathy erected cock is getting sucked hardcore handjob there licking around the outer lips and when she finally sucked Nancy's hard clit into her mouth, Nancy let out a loud moan, pulled her legs down tighter on our shoulders, pushing her clit hard against Kathy's mouth as she cum again.

When we had Nancy fairly well cleaned up, her and Kathy moved to the middle of the bed and assumed a 69 position, with Kathy on bottom. I moved up behind Nancy and placed a pillow under Kathy's head to give her easier access to Nancy's wet pussy.

I could hear Nancy sucking and licking away on Kathy's pussy. I moved in close behind Nancy and pulled her ass cheeks apart to get a better look at her two holes. Kathy was busy sucking her clit and licking up her pussy juice as it leaked our and run down her lips. Suddenly, Kathy sucked in a deep breath and she rolled her eyes back to look at me.

"OHHH, AAHHH, WHAT'RE YOU DOING TO MY HOLES&hellip.OOHHH FFUUCCKKK, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME COME" I heard Nancy giggle a little, Oh, it's been so long, damn I still love it. Kathy smiled, "I'm not sure what you just done to me but I helping his horny boss madison ivy tell you, you're welcome to do it any time you would like too.

Nancy's pussy was dripping wet again, so I took my cock and rubbed the head up and down her lips a couple of time, I lined my cock up with her hole and slowly pushed in. Even as wet and slick as her was I was surprised at how tight Nancy was. She moved her legs a little further apart and let out a high pitch sound, almost like a scream.

Kathy was licking across Nancy's clit and down onto my shaft as I moved in and out. I felt Nancy tighten her vaginal muscles as I picked up the rhythm. Suddenly, I saw Kathy push her pussy tight into Nancy's face as she shouted, "DO IT MOMMA, FUCK MY HOLES AND SUCK ME GOOD.

MAKE YOUR BABY GIRL CUM GOOD MAMMA." At first, I was some what confused by what Kathy said. Then I picked up on what she was doing and decided to follow along I started fucking Nancy hard, all the while saying, "FUCK ME HARD MAMMA, MAKE YOUR SON CUM IN YOUR HOT PUSSY, OH MAMMA, YOU ARE SO HOT, FUCK YOUR SON MAMMA." The three of us was in a fuck frenzy, trembling bucking, sucking and fucking. Nancy was so wet every time I shammed into her puss juice would squeeze out and into Kathy's mouth.

I was getting ready to add to her wetness, when my first shot of cum hit the inside of her pussy, Nancy let out a muffled scream. Kathy arched up her hips again as she licked the combined juices that flowed out of Nancy's pussywhile I continued to pump line after line of cum into our new Momma's pussy.

Finlay, Nancy collapsed on Kathy and we just stayed hooked up as we caught our breath. Kathy told me to pull out slow and easy and she would take care of Mamma's pussy. She told me to move around and give Momma the pleasure of cleaning frisky lezzies fill up their monster asses with milk and blast it out internal cumshots my cum soaked cock.

When I pulled my cock out a large glob of cum followed and Kathy quickly sucked it up. I took my cum coated cock around in front of Nancy. She was looking up at me, a big, wet smile on her face and tears flowing down her cheeks, "I'm so happy, you make feel so good," she said then leaned over and sucked my half hard cock into her mouth until her lips were pushing against my pubic hair.

I knew from Nancy's moans and her body movements that Kathy was doing a good job on the other end and I had to admit, Nancy was really impressing me with her oral skills. Kathy slid from under Nancy and moved around next to me. She pulled Nancy by her shoulder, makimg her to set up. My now erect cock slipped out of Nancy's mouth as she moved to a kneeling position. Kathy pulled Nancy to her and I could see a little trickle of cum run out the side of Kathy's mouth as she pushed her cum coated tongue into Nancy's mouth.

Nancy sucked in and pushed her lips hard against Kathy's lips. I couldn't help myself, I leaned in and licked the cum off the side of Kathy's mouth, Nancy opened her mouth a little wider and Kathy moved her tongue to one side as I shipped my tongue into Nancy's mouth.

I could feel Kathy's tongue along side of mine and I could detect the taste of my own cum. Nancy broke the three-way kiss and pulled our heads down to her shoulders. I could tell she was crying again as we knelt there, our naked double edging blowjob cumshot i will catch any perp with a ample black dick and fellate pressing together. After a couple of seconds Nancy spoke, "You both called me Mommy, why did you do that?" I was trying to think of what to say when Kathy spoke up, "I never really knew my mother and I never knew what it was like to feel a mother's love but I think that is what I feel for you." Everything was quite for a second, then I spoke up, "Nancy, I'm like Kathy, I never really knew my mother but I think I've love you like you were my real mother since the first time we met." Nancy pulled us both a little tighter to her and asks, "If you could have known your mothers better, do you think you would have fucked them the way you have fucked me tonight.

Without hesitation, we both said "YES." Nancy kissed us both on the cheek, smiled and said, "Time to get some sleep my children.

Both of you have a very busy day ahead of you tomorrow. Nancy started to get off the bed but Kathy stopper her, "Where do you think you're going. Nancy replied, "To my bedroom for a shower and to bed. "NO way Mom, you'll be here with us tonight, the bed is plenty big enough for the three of us" Nancy pointed to my still hard cock, laughed and asked, "What are you gonna do with that?" Kathy laughed, not to worry Mom; I have a home for that" I stretched out on the bed, Nancy watched as Kathy spooned up to me, raised her leg up a little and I slipped my cock into her wet pussy.

She lowered her leg and pushed her ass tighter into to me, holding my cock firmly in place. I put my arm around her waist and placed my hand on her tummy, over our baby.

Nancy lay down behind me, cuddling up close, pressing her soft tits into my back. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face and the felling of love all around me. When I open my eyes again, the dim light of predawn was filling the room. I was still cuddle up the Kathy and my soft cock was still in her pussy.

I raised my head a little to look at the bedside clock. It was still 20 minutes before the alarm would go off, so I started to lay my head back down. Kathy asked, "Do you smell it? Nancy is up and she's cooking bacon." Kathy moved over and my cock slipped out of her pussy. She rolled over; give me a gentle kiss on the lips. "I love you Frank Howard" Before I could reply, she had rolled over and sipped of bed.

I followed and we walked, hand and hand to pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie kitchen. When we entered kitchen we saw Nancy over by the stove, taking up the eggs.

She was naked except for her apron. "Morning Mom" we said at the same time. "Good morning my children. You're just in time; we have bacon, eggs, home fry potatoes and lots of hot coffee. Just grab a seat and I'll have it ready in a second.

When she brought our plates to the table, she gives us both a tender kiss on the lips. "Would you believe my pussy is a little tender this morning? It's been a long time since it's seen that much action," she laughed as she set down at the table.

We talked about a lot if different things during breakfast. I reminded her that we would be late coming home today. She asks if we had any regrets about last night. We both told her our only regret was the time we had lost by not getting together sooner. Kathy asked her about her limits. She thought for a second then told us, outside of the ones we had already discussed, feces and animals, she couldn't think of anything she wasn't willing to try.

Kathy told her we had tried a wine, piss and cum cocktail and asked if she thought she would like that. Nancy giggled, "My dear Daughter, you have hot lezzies fill up their massive bootys with milk and squirt it out stop talking about all these goodies, you're making my pussy leak again and I just had my shower." We all laughed and Kathy agreed to stop talking about it and just wait until we could do something about it.

I thanked Nancy (Mom) for the great breakfast and told her we had to get ready for work. She gives us both another kiss then started cleaning off the table.

While we were taking our shower, Kathy asked if I would consider asking Nancy to stay with us and not look for another pace to stay. I told her it had already crossed my mind and I would ask her before we left for work. We dressed and Nancy was waiting at the door with a goodbye kiss. I told her what Kathy and I had talked about her staying with us.

I asked her to think it over and she could give us her answer later. She smiled kissed us again and said, "Don't need time to think about it any longer, I'll see you children when you get home." Cindy and Beth were waiting in the parking lot when we got to work.

They both seemed very excited. "Is everything still on for tonight? "The kids are all excited about talking with you," Cindy said, as she rushed over and gave us both a big hug.

I told her everything was looking good. As soon as we finished at the formal ware store, we would meet them at the Burger Hut. I noticed Cindy and Beth seem to be all pumped up about something.

When I asked, Beth told me they were a little nervous and excited. I told them we would try to talk a little more at lunch.

Kathy and I hugged and kissed as usual, only this time there was the sound of applause from everyone standing by the production line. Old Gus was grinning ear to ear as I approached. "Morning Big Boss Man, got my new suit, I'm gonna be one sharp old man at your wedding.

I hope that good-looking lady don't leave you at the alter and run off with me. We both had a big laugh and I told him I would take my chances but I really looked forward to seeing him there. It was a very busy morning and it was lunchtime before I knew it.

I met Kathy at the cafeteria door. Cindy and Beth were already setting at a table along the back wall. We got our food and joined the girls.

Kathy asked both of them what they were so excited about. Cindy told us they had talked with the kids about meeting with us. Since the parents and kids knew what the meeting was about, everyone was nervous but excited. Beth said they had told all the kids they had to be honest and open or you guys would be pissed at them.

They all agreed and told us that it was very easy for them to talk with Kathy. Cindy told us that Mark had told them he was sure all of them had a crush on Kathy. Cindy asked if that included the girls too. When he told her, "Yes" things got very quite and that fairly well ended the conversation.

When I got back to my office, I busied myself catching up on my paperwork. I was just finishing when I heard a knock on my office door. I looked up to see Kathy pointing at her watch. I looked at mine and realized I should have been gone five minutes ago. The second shift was already on the line as we left the building.

Traffic was light and it only took a few minutes to get to the store. They were waiting for us as we walked in. A young lady introduced herself as Jill, led Kathy to one side of the store while while older man, Michael, led me to the other side.

WE went to a dressing room in the back where Michael had four choices of suits laid out of me to see. One suit stood out as the color and style Kathy and I had talked about. Michael suggested a shirt and tie to go with it. He took some measurements and told me everything would be ready to pick up Friday afternoon. I went back to the lobby to wait for Kathy. She was there in about five minutes and we left the store and walked a few doors down to the Burger Hut.

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I saw Cindy and Beth's car parked at the curb near the Burger Hut. The car doors open, Cindy, Beth and all the kids climbed out and joined us on the sidewalk. Kathy asked the kids if it would be okay if we took them home after we were through talking.

They all agreed and Cindy and Beth stood on the sidewalk until we entered the restaurant. We found a large table near tiny tits pierced babe fucks fake agent back and we all placed our orders with the cute young waitress.

I noticed Mark and PJ was checking her out. I also noticed Sarah and Liz giving her the once over. The kids had met me at the company party several times but Kathy wanted to be sure that they were up-to-date on the situation between us.

She knew none of the kids liked or trusted Jerry the few times they were around him She asked the kids what they knew about the two of us. I thought Mark was going to say something but nothing comes out.

Finally, Sarah spoke up, "We know that you are going to marry Mr. Howard this coming Saturday and you are gonna have his baby. We also think that both of you have had sex with our parents. Sarah smiles as though she was very proud of herself. When I looked around the table all the other kids were smiling too. Kathy wasn't smiling at all. She struck the table with her fist, causing everyone, including me, to pump.

"Listen to me, this isn't Mr. Howard, curvy young cute slave girl trained by her master is Frank, the love of my life. No, I'm not pregnant with HIS BABY, I'm pregnant with our baby and I'm very proud to become his wife on Saturday. Now, let's cut out all the childish shit and talk about the real thing we are here to talk about." Everyone was very quite and a little red faced.

Kathy gave everyone time for things to sink in then she smiled and said, "Now that we have that all cleared up, lets talk about what's going on with you guys" Mark was finally able to speak, "Kathy and Frank, I'm sorry about Sarah shooting off her mouth like that but the truth is, we don't know where to start.

"How about you start with telling us just how much you know about sex and who's doing what to whom among you guys and we'll go from there" All the kids blushed even more, then Liz asked, "What makes you think there's something going on between any of us?" "Because we're not stupid and we know you kids are experimenting, we just need to know what you are doing and what you know before one of you girls comes up pregnant or do something to cause you harm." Sarah come back immediately, "We can't get pregnant doing what we do." After realizing what she had said, she turned a bright bed and slapped her hand over her mouth.

Elisabeth, who is usually the quite one, spoke up, "If it's alright with the others, I tell you everything we've done but I don't know all the fancy words young blonde sucks old mans cock at home describe it, only the dirty words, so don't get upset with me." Kathy looked around the table to see if anyone had anything else to say.

Then she looked at Liz, "Honey, if you're talking about words like cock, pussy, fucking and things like that, we are familiar with all of these words, so tell us so we'll know where to start." "With PJ and me, it started about three years ago when I walked in his bedroom and caught him jacking off.

He tried to hide but I was very curious and wanted to watch. I told him I would tell Mom and Dad if he didn't let me watch. He told me I could watch him any time I wanted to if he could watch me. I was just young enough that it seemed fine with me.

We just played with each other at first, and then we started playing with each other. In less than six months, we had progressed to me sucking his cock and him licking my pussy. One day he was licking my pussy when his tongue licked across my asshole. That felt so good, we started doing that from then on." Liz stopped and looked around the table.

Kathy said, "You're doing fine Honey. Do you want to tell Frank and me how things started with Mark, Sarah and Lynn?" Liz took a deep breath then said, "PJ and I didn't know that Mark and Sarah had been playing with each other before PJ and I started. I also got another surprise later. We were staying at Aunt Cindy's for the weekend. Old Ms. Watkins was babysitting us. She was in the den watching TV.

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The boys stayed in on bedroom and we girls were in the next bedroom. We were talking girl zee masti xxxx sex stories ebony mms story leaked download about our bodies starting to mature. We were all three naked, checking out each other. We heard loud moaning coming from the other bedroom and we thought one of the boys was hurt and needed help.

Without think, the three of us rushed into the boy's room to find Mark and PJ sucking each other's cock. There was quite a bit of embarrassment and tension to begin with. Then we kind of sorted it out and we have been enjoying each other since then." Kathy nodded her head, "Good job Liz, I'm sure it wasn't easy to share all that with grown-up's.

Now, I need you or someone to tell us just what you are doing sexually, what you like and don't like." Mark spoke up, "I guess I should be the one to tell you all of that. "Aunt Kathy, we knew that all the girls could get pregnant if we cum in their pussy, so we made sure we don't do it. This is very hard to talk about but that's part of the reason we're here.

Some of the things we do may sound a little freaky but we are very careful and until now, we have never talked to anyone outside the five of us." Mark looked at Kathy and me. I could tell he was having a hard time telling us all this.

Kathy noticed it also and she reached over and took his hand, "Mark, this is Aunt Kathy and Uncle Frank, you can trust us, we're not going to judge you or cause you any problems." "Okay, here goes.

We all like to suck cock, eat pussy, and licking ass. We like swallowing cum and enjoy sharing it by kissing.


We lick and finger fuck all the girls but none of them have been fucked in the pussy, only their mouths and asses. We also talk a lot about ah, you know, ah, you and our Mom's and Dad's, and I guess that would include Uncle Frank now too." Kathy wasn't going to let him off the hook, " AH, AH, we know what, Mark.

Tell us what the hell all of you are thinking." Mark hung his head down, "You know, SEX, you know, Oh What the Fuck. For about a year now, we have all been talking about what it would be like to have you and our parents join us. To do the things we do and more. The girls would like to get on birth control but they're afraid to ask our Mom's because they would know we've been fooling around." Kathy looked around the table at each of the kids, "Well, finally we have the whole story.

Now I need to know that this is unanimous. I'll ask the question and then I want an answer from each of you.

The question is, do you want to have open, no boundaries sex with Frank, me and your parents. I want to hear the words, not just a nod big girls want it more scene wow pictures the head." One by one, she asked each of them for their answer.

They didn't hesitate, everyone told her "YES" Kathy asked, "Are you all aware that what you are talking about is against the law and if the wrong people ever found out we could go to jail.

Make told us they had all talked about that and was aware of the risk but they knew they would never reveal the secret or do any thing to bring harm to any of us. Kathy told them, We're gonna be gone for a week on our honeymoon. We will take you home and talk with all four parents and we would like for you kids to spend some time talking to them. Be open and let them know what you have in mind. If you girls thing you are ready to fuck, then have your Mom's get you on the pill so you'll be safe.

Frank and I would really love it if you could wait until we get back before you have your first family get together." When we were ready to leave, I waited for the other to walk away form the table before I stood up. I didn't want Kathy or the kids to see the big tent my hard cock was making.

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I couldn't help but notice, when Mark and PJ stood up; they were having the same problem. The girls noticed also and giggled as they walked ahead of the guys.

We all loaded in our car, Sarah set in Mark's lap, Lynn was in PJ's lap and Liz set between Kathy and me, in the front seat. Before I had gone a half block, I could hear the guys whispering and the girls started giggling. Kathy asked, "What are you kids up to back there?" "Mark is diddling my pussy," Sarah giggled.

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"Tattletale, you started it by playing with my cock." Kathy asked, "PJ and Lynn, what they were doing?" The both just giggled but didn't answer. Kathy turned and looked over her left shoulder, "I thought we had discussed this and you were going to spend some time talking with your parents before you started doing anything around adults. Mark laughed, "We've already talked with you and Uncle Frank, so we decided we didn't need to hide from you anymore." Kathy was still turned around, looking toward the back seat.

Suddenly, she jumped, "Liz, what the hell are you doing?" I glanced over to see Liz smiling up at Kathy and her right hand was firmly gripping Kathy's breast. "I've wanted to do this for the longest time and it feels just as good as I thought it would" Liz said as she massaged Kathy's breast through he blouse. Kathy looked over at me as though she was expecting a response from me. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. "Not a fucking word about any of this, all of you understand, NOT A WORD" Kathy said as she pulled Liz's hand away, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled one tit out of her bra.

Liz immediately sucked Kathy's nipple into her mouth, then started licking and sucking all over her tit. My cock was rock hard again from watching the action in the front seat and hearing the sounds coming from the back seat Then it was my turn to jump with surprise as I felt Liz's small hand wrap around my cock.

I thought about slowing down to give us more time but I knew this wasn't the time or place to take this any further, I stopped in front of Shawn and Cindy's house. We all started unloading and adjusting our clothing before we went inside. Kathy told all the kids she would like for them to stay in the room while we talked with their parents.

Sarah asked if we were going to tell the parents what they had been doing. Kathy told her we were going to because all the secrets from both sides needed to be out in the open. When we got to the front door, I was about to ring the bell when the door opened and a very nervous looking Cindy was standing there motioning for us to come in.

We all gathered in the den, Cindy joined Shawn on the couch, Beth and Paul was setting in the love seat across the den.

Mark set in the large chair near the fireplace and the other kids set on the floor around him. Ass of amazing gal is fucked hardcore blowjob said, "We've talked with the kids and they have been very open and honest with us.

Now, we would like to talk to the adults." Cindy immanently told the kits to go to bed but Kathy told her, "NO Cindy, they'll be here when we talk. After all, it's about you and them. No more secret talks. I'll tell you what they've been doing and what they told us they would like to have happen. Then it'll be up to all of you where it goes from there." Everyone remain quite, so Kathy continued, as she told the four adults just what the kits had told us they had been doing.

She then told them what the kids would like to have happen with the six of us. Kathy looked as though she was deep in thought, then said, "A couple more things. First, if we're going to be honest and open, I have to tell you, Frank and I allowed Mark, Sarah, PJ and to play with each other when we were on the way home.

We also allow Liz to play with us just a little at the same tine. Everyone was still very quite but I couldn't help but notice Shawn, Paul and Mark all had a nice tent.

Kathy continued, "Second, after you talk, if you decide to go further, we would appreciate it if you waited until we get back from our honeymoon and we be allowed to join you." Cindy finally found voice, "Mark, do I understand that you fantasize about fucking your Mother?" Mark must have gained a little courage from out little talk at the Burger Hut, "Yes Mom, that and more.

All of us fantasize about all kinds of sex with the four of you. You are all very sexy people and we are your children and have your genes." Cindy said, "Well, I would say we have a lot to talk about. Kathy and Frank thank you for all your help and I can assure, if it does get down to family sex, we'll make sure you both are there, at least for the first time. When Kathy and I stood to leave Liz asked if they (the kids) could walk us to the car. We all walked to the door, the kids walked out onto the porch ahead of us.

I was very surprised when Kathy started out the door, Cindy hugged and give us both a very hot kiss on the lips. Then Shawn did the same with both of us then Beth and Paul did the same. I knew the kids were watching and I wonder what their reaction would be. I open the car door then turn back to the kids. Sarah was the first to step up and hug Kathy then kissed her on the lips as she massaged her left breast, Kathy return the favor When she moved over to me, she didn't bother with the hug; she kissed me, pushing her young tongue into my mouth.

Her hand slid down and gripped my hard cock through yang girls first fuk xxx german story pants, while I covered her small, budding breast. I could see Lynn out of the corner of my eye, repeating Sarah's moves with Kathy.

Then she moved on to me. Mark was next, then PJ and I wasn't surprised when both of the kissed me the same way the girls had. Liz was last; she kissed Kathy on the lips then kissed each of her tits. When she moved over to me, she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, and then she felt my cock through my pants. She then leaned down and kissed the head of my cock.

When she stood back up she looked me in the eyes, "I've decided, when I give up my virginity, I want it to be with you. "That would be my honor", was the only thing that come to mind. As soon as we were in the car, Kathy placed my hand on her stomach, and then took a firm grip on my cock. She laughed, "I could suck you off in about two minutes but if you don't mind, we'll wait and share it with Mom when we get home." I knew she was right about sucking me off but I had no problem waiting to share it with Mom.