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Busty blonde riding a massive brutal dildo
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Alice Chapter Two The Golden Meadow Alice stepped through the door at the rabbit's beckoning, and looked out. The rabbit's door was set into a bank of soft earth, and below it spread a wide valley, completely drowned in buttercups. A trail lead down into the field of flowers, and Alice started down it. It was much warmer out in the open rough cum hole jamming pornstar and hardcore it had been in the hole.

There wasn't a sole in sight, but Alice still felt self conscious walking naked through the fields. It took her a while to realize she had no idea where she was there were certainly no fields like this anywhere near her house, and by the feel of it, this was the height of summer and when she'd fallen down that hole, it had been late spring.

After walking for perhaps ten minutes, Alice saw a movement in the flowers. She knelt down to peer between the stalks, and spotted sitting there a magpie, its black and white plumage starkly contrasting with the green and gold.

"Hello little bird," said Alice, "What are you doing there?" The bird did not reply which ought to have been no surprise, but after the talking rabbit, anything seemed possible. "Are you hurt, little friend?" she asked. The magpie chirped a little chirp, and then flew away in a gentle explosion of yellow petals. Alice watched in fly away, and then shrugged and kept walking.

After a half hour Alice had reached a little river. It gurgled quietly and unfussed, brilliant and clear. She sat for a little while, watching the water with her arms wrapped round her legs. It might have been twenty minutes later, or perhaps a little longer, time being the contrary thing it is, when a voice came strolling through Alice's little reverie.

"I say, hello there. Are you lost?" The voice was a friendly one. Alice looked up to see a elderly woman standing on the opposite bank. She wore a wide smile, and white hair that escaped her hat in every direction it could. She herself was dressed in green, and carried on her back a sack of sticks.

"I think so," said Alice, "I think I am lost, and I think I have lost far too many things of late." "I see. Well, that's no use to anyone is it?" "I suppose not, but my supposes to date have proven to be somewhat misleading." "I think you could do with a big bowl of soup, young lady." "I think that would be very good indeed!" "Well, come across the river, and I'll take you down to my little old aunty in holi festiwal sex, and we'll see about getting you some food, and sending you on your way to wherever you want to go." Alice looked at the water, and decided that this seemed like the best option, given the sparse alternatives, and unbuckled her little white shoes.

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She dangled them from one finger as she stood up, and gingerly stepped into the water. It was cold, but not so cold as to hurt, and she waded through. The water managed to rise up past the tops of her stockings at its deepest, but soon enough she was out on the other side, and standing by the old lady in the green dress. "Come on, then, it's just down the road a little way!" She beamed, and they set off, after, of course, Alice had put her shoes back on.

"What's your name, then, girl?" "Alice." "That's a good name to have. Everyone calls me Mad Old Dot." "That's very rude." "Not to my face, mind you, not to my face, oh no, to my face it's Mistress Gale then, or Marm, which I don't much like neither. They think I don't know what they calls me, but you don't get to be my age without learning a few things." "I would imagine so." "Yes. Well. You look like you've had a busy day, my dear." "I can't recall a busier day.

I went for a walk, and fell in a hole. I met a talking rabbit, and, well." Mad Old Dot paused and looked Alice up and down. "Talking rabbit? Tall for a rabbit, white?" "Yes." Mad Old Dot looked her up and down again. "He's a strange one, that rabbit. Did he hurt you, poppet?" Alice looked away as she tried to decide what to say. "Frightfully randy bugger, too, did he get himself carried away?" Alice nodded.

Mad Old Dot sighed, and they both carried on walking down. "He likes the pretty ones he does. He's got in trouble for it before, you know." Alice shrugged.

"The trouble is he's connected, they say he's untouchable. The Queen will never deal with him properly. I reckon he's her spy, I do. Gets away with it, hurting young girls, it's a terrible thing." "Who is this Queen? The rabbit spoke of her a few times." "Who's the Queen?! Who's the Queen?! My, my, you really are lost. The Queen of Hearts, of course, the absolute ruler of this domain." They reached Dot's little cottage, which sat by the banks of the river.

It was a run down building, made from wattle and daub. A thin wisp of smoke trickles from a metal chimney. They stepped past several pens of chickens, and past a very disgruntled goat, and slipped past a tattered gingham curtain that hung in the doorway. The Little Cottage Inside was very cramped.

Pots, pans, cauldrons, jugs, mugs, bottles and boots hung from the ceiling. There was a fire smouldering in the hearth, and in front of that something that might once have been an armchair, but now mostly seemed to be a pile of similarly coloured fabric. Mad Old Dot slung the bag of sticks into one corner and gestured at the chair. "Sit down, girl, you look tired." Alice dropped into the seat and lifted her legs, curling them under her.

Mad Old Dot grinned and grabbed a poker, using it to stoke the fire until it was uncomfortably hot in the small space. "Won't be long, I always have something simmerin' away in here." Dot opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle. "Have opened a drawer and pulled out a bottl.

in the small space. der her. Mad Old Dot grinned and grabbed a poker, using it to sa good swig of this, it'll do you good." She passed the bottle to Alice who peered at it. The bottle was a golden brown, and encrusted with sticky sugars. The label read 'Old Scowler's Finest Drinkme'. She uncorked it, and took a sniff. That was nearly enough to make her dizzy on its own, but she took a careful mouthful, and swallowed it down quickly.

It seemed to burn as it went down, and as soon as it reached her stomach she felt it working out to her skin, tingling and warming. "It's good," she whispered, surprised by the hoarseness of her voice. "It's a touch of heaven, I reckon, help yourself, but be careful, it's a might rich." Dot took a bowl from the side and ladled out some soup, then passed it to Alice before hauling a fragile looking stool out from a pile of wooden things, none of which Alice recognized.

Alice wolfed down the broth eagerly, she had not realized how hungry she had been. When she finished, there was a second bowl, which disappeared just as quickly. "Now, then, poppet, you're just a little thing, that rabbit, was aussie ass filming a real one night stand your first?" Dot asked, her hand on Alice's knee. "Yes," she replied, nodding. "Well, now, that's a terrible way to have your first, ought be something special, a little magic.

There might be something I can do, though, if you'd like." "What is it?" asked Alice, curiously. "Well," Dot reached into a box that had been sitting on the table, and withdrew a long, brown object. "This is Squidgeroot. It can do a lot of things, but for you, well, it heals things up, and it'll make you remember it a little differently." "How differently?" "Well, a bit more fondly, all the bad will be a bit fuzzier." "That sounds good, what do I do?" Dot passed the Squidgeroot over.

Alice turned it over in her hands. It was like a mushroom, mainly, about the size and shape of a cucumber, but covered in little bumps. "There ain't a delicate way to say it, but I'll make up some tea from it that you drink, and after that, you stick it up where he was, and think about what happened, in as much detail as you can, and then, well, you'll know when it's done its work.

It's up to you, though, poppet, you don't have to forget." "Oh!" Alice blushed, "I couldn't, I mean, is it safe?" "Fairly safe, but I'll keep an eye on you, make sure you don't go too far." "Well, I suppose, then, yes, thank you." Dot grinned and busied herself making the tea. It didn't take too long. She drank it down quickly, it was delicious, a little like Assam. As she sat back she started to feel woozy, little lights flashed in the corner of her vision.

The Squidgeroot "It starts pretty quickly, sweetie. Why don't you open those legs and we'll get started?" Alice heard it through a haze, and found herself shifting, lifting her legs, shocked to find herself doing so, but unable to stop herself.

Dot passed her the Squidgeroot with a smile, and Alice watched herself take it, and bring it to her pussy. A part of her watched, horrified as the root began leaking a clear fluid from its bumps. Her eyes closed as she began to slide it into herself, gasping as the width began to stretch her. "Now, try to remember everything that happened, everything else will come from there…" Alice felt herself drifting back.

She was back in the rabbit's hole, again bent over the chest, but this time it felt different, this time she felt hungry, an ache, a tickling need. The rabbit moved behind her, and she lifted her rear, her pussy open, dripping in anticipation. His paws touched her hips, gently though. She felt dizzy and heard herself murmur 'Fuck me, fuck me now…' and didn't know if that was in her head or if she's said it out loud.

It didn't matter really, as now the rabbit was easing his dick into her, filling her, a glorious sense of completeness as he slowly slid the entire way into her before beginning to hump, slowly, but forcefully.

She bit her lip as the rabbit got faster, and her hands came back, her fingertips finding her clitoris and gently moving in circles on it, sending little sparks of extra pleasure through her. "Oh, you horny little bitch…" murmured the rabbit, and Alice found that, rather than being shocked at the coarse language, was excited by it, and found herself replying "screw me like a dog…" The rabbit responded, picking up speed, his hard prick cramming into her.

She started to come, harder than when she used her fingers, harder than when she had the vibrator, even. She wailed, unable to hold back, and this only spurred the rabbit on, he fucked her so hard she lifted off the chest with each thrust.

Soon she came again, and as she clenched her fists, so did the rabbit, a gushing torrent that filled her cunt. The clouds of the Squidgeroot started to clear, though Alice had no idea how long she'd been away. The cottage swam back into view slowly. Something was different, though. Dot was still sitting opposite, with a wide grin, but sitting next to her was a man.

Well, Alice realized, not really a man. He was more or less man shaped, but covered in black fur, with a wide grin. Actually, he looked more like a man shaped cat. "Welcome back, precious," said Dot as she saw Alice wake. "Who's that?" Alice asked nervously. "This is just a friend of mine, I asked him to drop by so he can take you into the city." "Hey, babes," said the cat as he flashed a huge smile, revealing his sharp teeth, "I'm Felix." "How do you do?" said Alice, as she closed her legs, only to find that the Squidgeroot was still inside her.

She coyly extracted it, now wilted and soft, and then curled her legs up under her again. "I do well, babes," replied the cat, looking her over with slitted eyes, "Very well indeed." "I feel a little, odd. What happened, did it work?" "I think it worked just fine, you seemed to be enjoying yourself," said Dot, "do you want to go to the city today? You're welcome to stay here for the night…" "I can't stay, I don't think, but thank you for the offer.

If I'm not home soon my parents will worry." "As you like, it's a few miles down to the village, and you should be able to get a ride from there straight to the city." Dot fished out a cloak from her bedroom and passed it to Alice. "This will keep you warm when it gets late. Besides, if you wander around like that, you might get a bit more attention than you'd prefer." Alice stood and wrapped the cloak round her, it was warm and soft, but Alice was surprised that the idea of walking naked no longer disturbed her.

She twirled in it, grinning mischievously. "Hot, babes, very hot," grinned Felix, "come on, lets get going." Alice nodded and ducked out of the cottage. "It was very nice to meet you, Dot," she said, "and thank you for everything!" "Oh, you're welcome deary, stop by any time, I'm always here!" With that Alice and Felix started out, down the path towards the village. A Night In The Woods They walked for two hours before the sun finally went down, but the village was still a little way off.

"We can keep going, babes, or we could catch some sleep in the woods." "Is it safe?" "Oh, yeah, babes, I can protect you, no one messes with me," grinned Felix, "and it never gets really cold down here." "Well, I am tired." "That's decided it then!" Felix took her hand and they stepped from the path into the woods. They stepped between the fir trees until they found a clear spot, with the ground covered with a few inches of fallen needles.

As Alice sat and watched, Felix quickly cleared a little area, and gathered some fire wood. "Oh, if only I'd brought my bag, I had a lighter in it," Alice murmured. "A lighter? What's a lighter?" "A thing for making fire, I suppose we'll have to rub two sticks together, or something." Felix laughed, and knelt by the pile of wood. His eyes seemed to flare and suddenly a brilliant spark of flame shot out of the sticks, quickly catching. Alice laughed in delight, and smiled at Felix, who settled down on his side, propped up on one elbow, his leg up.

Alice found herself looking down his muscled chest, down between his legs, where his cock ought to be, but instead there was just a furry bulge. "You like to look?" he asked, grinning again. Alice just smiled. "I like to look…" he murmured. Alice undid the tie of the cloak, and settled it down, letting Felix see sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen naked body.

She watched, and the furry bulge moved, a black cock coming into view. "I can see why he wanted to fuck you, you're hot, babes," he purred as his cock grew, "do you like it?" he asked, his eyes darting to his prick. "Yes," Alice replied, a little timidly. "Dot made me promise I wouldn't try and seduce you, you know," he purred, his eyes roaming over her. Alice moved across, kneeling closer to the cat, watching his dick pulsing.

"So, I'm not going to ask brutally kidnapped and raped with high stocking to kiss it, or hold it…" he whispered. Alice felt herself responding. His dick was fully hard now. It was thick with a pointed end that was covered in bumps.

"You don't need to ask…" Alice whispered as she leant forward, nervously reaching out for his tool. She felt his heat as she took hold of it, a vibrant, throbbing energy in it. She leaned further in, and felt her mouth opening and before she knew it, she had him between her lips. He tasted a little like licorice. His hands were in her hair as she gripped tight with her lips, slowly easing him into her mouth, her tongue playing on his skin.


"That's good, really good, babes," purred the cat. Alice felt bolder, and started to move her head faster, urged on by Felix's hands. She slid a hand up his legs, moving to cup his balls as her wife sharing threesome bi mmf mouth worked on him.

As she got faster, she took more of him in, soon his pointed tip was butting the back of her mouth, tickling her as she fellated the cat. After a few moments the hand in her hair pulled, bringing her head off his dick. "Easy, babes, or I'll blow in your face," he growled, "Turn over, I want some of that sweet cunt." Alice obediently slid onto her hands and knees, breathing deeply as she heard Felix getting up.

His furry hands slid over her back, and she gasped quietly as he brought his prick up to her pussy. "I'm going to fuck you now, little girl, but only if you ask me for it…" "Oh, please, Felix, I want it, I want you to do it…" Alice whispered as she felt her lips start to open in anticipation, already wet.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you, babes…" "Please, Felix, fuck me, screw me!" "Much better!" He laughed, and then slid his dick into her tight little cunt, growling softly as he pushed and pushed, forcing himself into her tightness. Alice found herself lowering to the ground, her young tits brushing the pine needles as Felix filled her, his tool filling her, a fullness that made her pant.

His hands grasped her hips as he looked down, watching his midnight black prick slipping in and out of her young, white cunt. This glorious fuck was marred only by the knowledge that that damn rabbit had got there first.

She was squealing quietly, and gasping every time he rammed himself home. "Easy, baby, easy," he whispered, "how'd you like that dick?" "It's amazing, so good, I need more of it!" Felix pulled out, holding his cock for a few seconds, then leaned down, and ran his long tongue over her gaping cunt.

Alice moaned, the tongue was raspy, like sandpaper, and dragged her flesh. Felix dived back in, working roughly between her labia, exploring her taste. Alice's hand came back, gripping her buttocks and opening them, letting Felix get further into her.

As his tongue worked inside, Alice groaned, a deep throaty sound, and Felix knew she was coming. Her orgasm lasted for a few seconds, and when it passed, she was dripping juice. Felix lifted his chin, and licked quickly at her little rose.

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That amazing tongue on her arsehole came as a shock and Alice arched away, but the cat's hands swiftly took her waist and pulled her back. "Little tender there?" he purred before driving his tongue into her star, forcing inside past the taut muscular ring. Alice had seen this in those magazines, but she'd never understood how it would feel, so intimate, and so dirty.

She wouldn't have imagined it, but she felt herself trying to open, to get more in her rear. "Oh, you like that, you dirty little whore…" purred Felix. His fingers came back, and he used his thumbs to open her anus further, then slid his tongue back inside.


She tasted sweet, but with that musk he loved so much. He swirled inside her, marveling at her cleanliness, but as good as this was, it wasn't screwing. He came back, and licked his lips as he brought his swollen prick round and with a growl he slammed it home, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the tiny girl. He shafted her hard, roughly, desperate now for the release. There was no finesse to this screwing, just banging his dick fast and deep into her wet slit.

Alice's fingers ran through the needles as she pushed herself back against the cat's furry belly, hearing him breathing heavily. "You tight little bitch…" he grunted and with that he came, his spunk flooding her cunt. He slowly extracted his dick from Alice, and as it came free she moved over, and nestled in to him, and as he wrapped his arms round her little shoulders, she fell deeply asleep.