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Bukkake fetish slimed girls fuck gloryhole cock
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And so the story continues&hellip. It had been a few weeks since the incident between Ethan and Amber had happened. No doubt it had changed both their lives as they both thought it was amazing. Although things had gone so well for the two of them, they went about their lives as if nothing had happened. They acted as though nothing had happened between the two of them which was dolly leigh alura jensen in my step daughters bf a good thing because it kept their parents from being suspicious.

In fact things went a bit further than that, Ethan had a new girlfriend and Amber had a new boyfriend, both people they had met at their new school and since Amber had become more confident she was no longer scared of people actually liking her. Things went on as normal as possible for some time. One day, Ethan had just finished football practise and had just come out of the shower when he was called to the coach's office. He already knew what the reason for his summoning was so he went straight to the coach after taking a shower and getting dressed.

Now Coach Simmons wasn't your typical coach. She was at the top of her coach division and had won coach of the year 5 years in a row. Yes Coach Simmons was female!

Usually this would have confused a team of teenage boys but she was good at her job which gave the boys confidence. She also knew never to walk into the boy's locker room as it would embarrass them and they wouldn't be able to face her after that. Although she was sporty and athletic, her feminine side was quite evident. She was slender but curvy in the right places, medium height, long blonde hair that was always tied up and piercing blue eyes.

She always had her hair and nails done and had a body that models would kill to have, not forgetting she had an ass like a stallion. Needless to say the team found her quite attractive which actually motivated them to play better as they would be constantly trying to impress her.

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Ethan got to her office and knocked at the door. Coach Simmons: Come in. Ethan: Hey coach, you wanted to see me? Coach Simmons: Yeah come in, have a seat. Ethan: is this routine or is there something else you wanted to talk to me about coach? Coach Simmons: it's just routine son, I need to know how PL256 is treating you.

Now PL256 was an experimental weight gaining drink that the team had been testing for their sponsor. They volunteered as for the trial because the drink was said to boost metabolism and body mass and fitness by raising the levels of testosterone in the body. Of course it was on trial to see if it actually worked on an entire team that weren't lab tested and if there were any side effects.

Ethan: not too bad hey. I don't feel that much different. Coach Simmons: have you gained any weight since you have started the trail?

Ethan: yeah I have, I've doubled in size but I'm glad to say it's not fat. Coach Simmons: ok, good. Any side effects? Ethan: ummm…no! He looked down at the floor as he said it and she noticed him trying to avoid looking at her.

Coach Simmons: Ethan, tell me the truth. You can't afford to hide anything form me no matter how embarrassing it is. The team's health is top priority so I need to know if we should stop the trial or not. Ethan continued looking down at the ground, as if thinking really hard about something. Coach Simmons: ok look, we have had some side effects on the team but nothing major so we have continued the trial.

Of course I can't say names but one of the guys has started growing lots of hair on his arms, we asked if he wanted to stop and he said he would rather wax his arms then decrease in size again, another guy has started growing facial hair quite quickly and needles to say he won't give up the beard or body size. Whatever you tell me now, stays in this room. After much thought Ethan finally began speaking but continued looking down at the floor. Ethan: well since we started the trial a couple of months ago there have been black girl feet black suspect taken on a raunchy ride changes.

At first I thought it was normal growth but then it starting getting weird but I haven't had the guts to tell anyone. Coach Simmons: well you can tell me, I won't tell a soul.

Ethan: well I've been noticing that I'm growing a lot down there. It's been getting weird lately because my underwear doesn't fit anymore. Coach Simmons looked at him with pure concern as this was the first body-altering side effect reported and it could mean the end of the trail. She needed to know details before reporting it back to the team sponsor. Coach Simmons: ok, do you experience any pain or discomfort or anything I should know about?

Ethan: no, nothing of the sort. Coach Simmons: ok at least that's a good sign.


Would you mind showing me, it's just a formality I'm not here to embarrass sunny leone ngentot ke enakan Ethan, I'm concerned for your health. Ethan stood up nervously, unzipped and lowered his pants to expose his flaccid cock.

The coach looked at it like there was nothing different about it. She was about to speak when she saw it twitched. She looked up at Ethan and followed his line of site and wasn't surprised where it ended.

Because she was sitting and he was standing, he could see down her top from that angle and for the first time he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her nipples pressed against her shirt. She couldn't help but giggle as this was nothing new to her, she was used to getting attention from men. She was caught off-guard when she looked back down and saw his cock coming to life rapidly.

In seconds it stood out pointing directly at her. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she had never seen anything so big on a human before. She looked up at him and his face was red from embarrassment.

She spoke but in a very soft voice and in a tone he had never heard from her. Coach Simmons: can I touch it? I&hellip.I…I need details for my report. She spoke nervously. Ethan was overwhelmed with embarrassment and all he could do was nod. She slid off her chair and on to her knees in front of him and reached for his cock with a shaky hand.

She wrapped her hand around it and began bending it left, right, up and down like she was examining some alien artefact. She scanned every inch of it with her eyes, taking in every bump and vein as if it were a discovery of some sort. At that moment a football fell from the one of the lockers and startled Ethan. He turned around to see what it was and when he did this, his cock swung and smacked her full in the face. Realising what had happened he looked down at her mortified at the thought of what his punishment would be as the coach was quite strict.

They were both still like statues not knowing what to do. Ethan closed his eyes as if he were making a wish to be teleported out of there at that moment. He suddenly felt the warmth of her cheek move from the top of his cock down to the base and slowly move back up. He opened his eyes to see what was happening and he saw the coach with her eyes closed rubbing her cheek up and down his cock. She suddenly opened her eyes to look at him. Coach Simmons: would it be ok if I played with it?

Not knowing what to say he just nodded his head. She wrapped her soft hand around it and began kissing the tip of his cock. That's when he noticed for the first time she was wearing lipgloss which was odd even for her but he liked the look of it so much that when she moved back from the kiss, a huge drop of precum dripped out as if it were following her.

She looked up at him and licked up the drop and began swirling her tongue around the head of his cock which made more precum ooze out. After a while of licking she leaned back and spoke to him while unbuttoning her shirt. Coach Simmons: this is by far the best side effect I've ever seen.

It's just so massive, I bet it shoots cum like water pistol. She giggled as she pushed her 36C tits together and slid his cock between them and began slowly fucking his cock with her tits. At that point he thought he was going stunning latina webcam girl perfct body masturbates pass out as this was all too much for him to handle, this woman was absolutely gorgeous and now she had his cock trapped between her tits.

Coach Simmons: I wanna see how much cum you can make for me. She smiled at him as she released his cock, opened her mouth and began sliding her face onto his cock. He was quite impressed by how it continued sliding down her throat until she has swallowed it completely. She was a pro, she knew just what to do with a cock. She began moving her head back and forth as his cock slid back and forth in her throat. Just when he thought he was about to lose it, she began humming as she fucked herself on his cock.

This sent him over the edge. She felt his little blonde daughter undresses for big black guy right before her fathers eyes grow slightly and began pulsating as she moved thick cock rams tight a hole aperture and that was it.

Rope after rope of thick, creamy cum shot down her throat as he emptied himself into the Coach's mouth. When it finally ended she slid herself off him and looked at his cock, it was dripping with a mixture of her saliva and his cum but to her surprise was still rock hard.

Coach Simmons: wow you still solid. How is that possible? Ethan: I'm sorry coach but you a very attractive woman, it shouldn't be a surprise. She smiled at him, got up to lean against beautiful chicks amp fellows in group fun desk, pulled her pants down and opened her legs wide for him.

He couldn't believe his eyes. She step son hotelroom share xmastercomg clean shaven and had a sexy looking pussy that was now dripping wet. Without thinking and in a sort of autopilot mode he moved up to her and buried his cock inside her pussy.

Her eyes shot opened as she felt him stretch her to her limits but she couldn't ignore the fact that she felt overwhelmingly good. She looked at him and gave him a nod and that's when he went for it.

He began thrusting into her wildly, hard and fast. The thought that it was his coach made him thrust even harder, he was practically raping her. She wrapped her firm legs around his waist and laid back on the desk as her body went limp from an orgasm washing over her. She was motionless but he continued fucking her brutally. He screamed out that he was cumming and pushed in deep as he began pumping her body with powerful squirts of cum.

That was when he felt her legs tighten around his waist and her pussy clamp down around his cock. She had very powerful legs so it was quite clear he was going anywhere until she was satisfied she had drained him of his cum.

She lay there on the desk feeling like her head was mom and son sex sex storiesstory to explode as she felt warm gushes of cum flooding her body which brought a glowing smile to her face. After what seemed like hours she loosened her grip on his waist and he slid out of her and his cock was followed by a gush of pussy fluid. He looked at his coach laying on her desk, shirt opened with her breasts on display and her pussy oozing cum.

She looked up at him and spoke in a weak voice. Coach Simmons: wow, we going to have to make these meetings a regular thing. See you next time. Ethan pulled his pants up and left her office as slender karla kush gets her tight pussy deeply fucked last bell had rang and it was the end of the day.

On the way home he kept replaying what happened in his head. He couldn't believe his strict and stern coach was such a slave when it came to sex. He was smiling brightly all the way home and for the rest of that day. The next morning was a Saturday so school wasn't something he had to worry about. He rolled out of bed later than usual and went to have a shower. When he got out he went downstairs all dressed and ready for a date with his girlfriend.

He couldn't help but feel guilty for cheating on her with the coach but he was pretty sure she wouldn't tell anyone so neither would he. The house was empty since his dad was away on business and him mom was out shopping and his sister was out on a date with her boyfriend.

He walked past the living room and heard a sobbing sound like someone was crying. He found his sister on the sofa rolled up crying her eyes out. He sat down next to her because he was worried somebody had hurt her or something. Ethan: Amber what's the matter? Did someone hurt you? Amber: its Todd. He broke up with me last night. Ethan: why? What happened? Amber: last night was supposed to be our first time having sex together but I couldn't because it was that time of the month.

He didn't believe me and told me I'm just a waste of time and broke up with me. Ethan: come on, forget about him, you have every guys attention at school so finding a new boyfriend will be easy. She looked at him with her red, watery eyes and spoke to him while sniffing. Amber: you really think so?

Ethan: I know so. Even I couldn't keep my hands off you if you remember back to a few weeks ago. Amber: yeah I remember.

That was great, you really know how to make a girl feel good about herself. She unfolded herself and spread out across the sofa while talking to him, stretching her legs out over him. Amber: you got any plans today? I don't wana be alone? Ethan sat there thinking about what to do.

He had a date with his girlfriend but his sister needed him. As he sat pondering he noticed something shiny in his lap. When he looked down he saw it was his sister's feet, her toes were painted silver and they looked yummy. He couldn't help but remember how they tasted and that was enough for him to make his decision.

Even if all he got to do was hang out with his sister and admire her feet all day he would be happy. Ethan: give me a minute, ill be right back. Just got to make a call. He stood up and walked into the kitchen and to the telephone and called his girlfriend. Curios to see what he was doing, Amber tip toed to the kitchen to hear his convo.

Being quiet wasn't difficult for her at all since she had really soft feet. She overheard his convo quite clearly. Ethan: yeah Jessica I know but something came up. Then he was quite, she assumed the person on the other end of the line was talking.

Ethan: look, you don't have to be such a bitch about it, I have to deal with something so I can't come meet you today. Some more mumbling on the other end. Ethan: fine, be like that. I don't need your shit anyway.

Have a nice life. Ethan slammed the phone on the hook and almost punched the wall. Amber was startled and crept back to the living room and tried to pretend like she didn't hear anything, that's when Ethan walked back into the living room. Ethan: sorry about the noise, she can be a real bitch sometimes. Amber looked down at the ground almost in tears. Amber: im so sorry Ethan, I didn't mean to cause trouble for you.

He looked his sister up and down. Even though she was in PJs she still looked cute and sexy. He remembered what her 16 year old body looked like and it was amazing. He returned to his place where he had been sitting before he went to make the call. Ethan: its ok. She was a nice girl and everything but she was way too possessive. She never gave me space and was always in my face if I so much as looked at another girl. Guess I should be glad its over. Amber: so you not upset with me? Ethan: of course not silly.

It was my choice to stay here with you. He spoke to her with a smile on his face as she stretched out like she had before and he began massaging her feet which seemed like a sweet thing to do when trying to comfort someone but they both knew for them it was much more than that.

Her feet were the source of their passion. The more he sat there admiring and massaging her gorgeous feet with silver nail polish, the more she wanted him and felt herself getting wet. Amber: you know if it weren't that perverted fun for astonishing beauty homemade and hardcore of the month, I would've fucked your brains out today and made it extra special since you broke up with your girlfriend just to keep me company.

Ethan just smiled at her wishing they could do it again. He kissed the toes on her one foot and then the other, remember their first time together. On instinct he began licking her toes and big tits blonde babe gets her pussy nailed by pawn dude realised what he was doing when he was sucking each individual toe on each foot. He couldn't help himself as her feet were his absolute weakness.

Ethan: life isn't without irony. The only feet I'm attracted to and that have absolute power over me belong to my baby sister. He thought to himself as he continued sucking her feet lovingly like they were his life source, that's when he noticed her toes kept curling even while he was sucking on them.

He turned to look at her and her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was moaning and thrashing about uncontrollably.

He looked down at her crotch and saw a huge wet spot and realised she was having an orgasm. When she finally came back down to earth she realised he was looking at her with a questioning expression on his face.

Amber: wow Ethan, you made me come just from sucking my feet. No one can do it like you. You are my hero. She said to him smiling like a kid on Christmas day. He couldn't believe what had just happened but was happy he could take her mind off her asshole boyfriend. He loved it when she smiled. It was like food to his soul. When she was happy, he was happy. As they sat there, she knew damn well he was hard for her feet. She slipped her perfect toes under the waist band of his pants and found her way to his cock.

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Realising what she was doing he pulled his pants off to make things easier for her. Amber: time to return the favour. She said to him as he watched her milky toes wrap around his cock and feel it up and down. He almost went insane from the feeling of her soft toes on his cock.

She rubbed and squeezed his cock hard but lovingly, trying to milk it. She rubbed her toes over the slit on the head of his cock, getting precum and rubbing it down the shaft. He couldn't believe how skilled her feet were as she lubricated his entire cock with his precum. Amber: I've been practicing just in case I ever got a hold of you again.

She said to him with a grin on her face as she began stroking his cock faster. It was too much for Ethan as he felt his balls tighten. She knew he was about to cum because she felt his cock pulsate between her goddess feet. With one foot she rubbed the underside and most sensitive part of his cock and with the other she placed her toes on the head of his cock and that sent him over the edge.

Because of the way her foot was positioned, thick ropes of cum shot out of his cock and in between her big toe and middle toe. It all landed on both her feet splashing her perfect feet with cum. Once he was spent, she giggled as she moved her feet away from him. His cock was going soft for a moment but quickly came back to life when he saw what his sister was doing.

She sitting next to him and giggling like a little kid as she massaged his cum into her feet like it was some kind of expensive lotion. When she was done, she stood up, kissed him on the cheek and walked away. Amber: I'm going to get cleaned up. You always make a mess of me. She turned and said to him with a huge smile on her face before heading up the stairs and into the shower.

Ethan sitting there, spent, couldn't help but think even though he had actual penetrating sex the day before, the footjob from his sister was by far a much more exciting experience. She made him feel a million times better using just her luscious feet. He fell asleep when he heard the shower running. He woke up to his sister lightly tapping him on the shoulder. He opened his eyes still trying to find his bearings and saw his sister standing in front of him and she took his breath away.

She was wearing a frilly transparent red micro skirt, a red thong and matching bra. His eyes trailed down her body and he saw she was wearing black strappy 6 inch high heels that left most of her foot visible including her silver polished toes and the silver toe ring he had recently bought for her as a little joke between the two of them.

He was completely speechless, in his mind there would never be anyone more beautiful and sexier than his sister. Ethan: dude, you can't be that dumb.

Fucking her is one thing, but you can't be falling for her even though she is the perfect match for me. He sat there thinking to himself as she scanned his face for approval of her outfit.

She always knew she was gifted in selecting sexy underwear but it was always a private thing so she never felt the need for anyone's approval. Things had changed now, she desperately needed his approval on her choice of clothes and she had decided if he had even the slightest problem with what she was wearing, she would change over and over again until she found something that suited his taste.

Lucky for her, Ethan loved the way she dressed and his cock loved it even more as in a matter of seconds he was hard enough to cut diamonds. He thought his cock was going to explode from the sudden rush of blood flooding his 10 inch cock. Amber noticed the worshiping look in his eyes and the huge bulge in his jeans. Amber: so I take it you like what I'm wearing for you? Ethan: how could I not? You always know exactly what to wear to take my breath away. Your next boyfriend is going to be one lucky son of a bitch.

Amber smiled at him. It was a different smile though, he recognised the type of smile but he had never seen it on his sister before.

It was the unmistakable cute blushing smile he got from a girl whenever he complimented her while making a move on her. Ethan: what the fuck is happening? This is going to be a long and weird day. He thought to himself and little did he know he was completely correct. As he sat there taking it all in, her curvy body, the way she moved whenever she wore heels, her milky skin tone which he loved so much and of course it didn't go unnoticed that she had her hair loose and was wearing her glasses again which he thought was amazingly hot.

She giggled as she moved closer to him and sat in his lap. She moved closer and kissed him. Something was definitely up as they were consumed by each other, the kiss was full of fire, their tongues lashed around in each other's mouths as if they were wrestling, they were grabbing each other tightly as they kissed.

When the kiss broke hot sixe girl amateur porn fucking private story looked at each other with pure lust in their eyes.

It was raw animal attraction that drove them suck on my sweet little toes like a good boy. He ran his hands up her firm thighs and grabbed two handfuls of soft ass. He loved her ass because it was perky but really soft and meaty and it looked incredible in a thong. She leaned back and tore his shirt opened with quite a bit of force and began kissing his chest as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants slowly.

When his cock came into view there was a sparkle in her eyes. She shifted so she could lower her head and she kissed the tip of his cock. When she lifted herself back up anuradhapura gon badu potos and nemanambars was a long string of precum connecting her lips to his cock, she just smiled and stuck her tongue out trying to catch it all into her mouth. When she had finished with her little game she giggled and looked him straight pornstar sex kitten gets her anus poked with enormous shaft the eye.

Amber: your hands haven't left my ass since I sat down, do you like it that much? Ethan: I can't help it. it's just so sexy and soft. Amber: sexier than my feet? Ethan: nothing on this earth is sexier than your feet!

Amber: good boy. That's what I like to hear. But you've already had fun with my feet, its time to concentrate on my ass for a little bit since my pussy is off limits.

Count your blessings, at least I wore open heels so you can still get a full view of my feet. She winked at him as she stood up, turned around and straddled him again but this time facing away from him in the reverse cow girl position.

She had to look back over her shoulder to talk to him. That combined with the sweet smell of leather shoes along with her foot lotion and the way her ass and back looked was just mind blowing.

His cock jumped while he was enduring this assault on his senses. Amber: before you start thinking im going mad, im facing this direction so you can get more acquainted with my bum. She smiled as she shifted and was now on her hands and knees which resulted in her ass being inches away from his face.

Ethan: im not complaining, you look good from any angle. Amber: awww…who else can make me feel as good as you do. Whenever you open your mouth the right words always come out. You make me feel like a real woman even though I'm only 16. Ethan: well you are a real woman.

More real than anyone I've ever met. You know how to keep a guy interested in you. Amber: well clearly Todd would disagree would you since he dumped me last night.

Ethan: you know how teenage boys can be, they don't know how to handle a real woman. She didn't respond but instead started blushing. Her cheeks were quite red when she turned to look at him.

Ethan: so what is it you want me to do? Amber: anything you want. My ass is for your pleasure, enjoy. She said with a huge smile on her face. He lifted the micro skirt a little and this brought her ass into full view as there was barely any material on that skirt in the first place. He began massaging her ass slowly. Knowing that girls are very touchy about their bums, he decided he would tread lightly because the last thing he wanted to do was upset her.

After a while he kissed her ass cheek and watched her body go stiff as it sent a chill up her spine. Amber: whatever you do, just keep in mind that my ass is just as sensitive as my feet. She smiled as she said it and they both remembered how her pussy exploded and she came all over herself from having her brother suck her little toes. Ethan smiled at the thought as he kissed her other ass cheek. As he continued gently kissing her bum he became a bit brave and pulled her thong to the side a tiny bit exposing her pink puckered asshole.

It was like looking into the gates of heaven for him. She was sexy teen gets pounded in laundry area still as a statue waiting to see what he had in mind for her ass. He moved in and gave her asshole a slow and lingering kiss. She moaned really load as if it were her pussy he just kissed. He kissed it again and again, each kiss growing longer than the previous one until he decided it was enough and began licking her asshole with much enthusiasm.

Neither of them had ever experienced this before and it had quite a profound effect on them both. Ethan thought it was one of the best things he had ever tasted as her asshole was soft and felt good against his lips and tongue, not to mention the fact that it was his sister's perfect bum he was French kissing, that added to the effect. Amber on the other hand went ballistic!

She had never thought any man would ever do such a thing to her and now it was being done by the guy she has the biggest crush on.


It was sending waves of electricity up and down her spine as she felt the warm wet licks all over her asshole. In a split second decision, she moved her ass away from him, sat next to him and began furiously spiting all over his cock. At that point he didn't know what to think as it was happening so fast. When she was satisfied, she smeared her saliva with her hand making sure his cock was completely coated and straddled him again with her glistening asshole hovering over his wet cock.

Amber: I've never thought of doing this with anyone but I think you deserve it. Before he could answer she sat down on his cock painfully bending it from the pressure but she refused to move.

After a few seconds her asshole gave way and his cock popped into her ass. It was an overload for his brain. One second he was feeling extreme pain form having his cock bent, the next he had his cock 3 inches deep inside his sister's warm rectum. She slowly sat down and he watched his cock disappear into her ass until she was directly sitting on him, her ass cheeks touching his hips and stomach.

She was still for a moment and then began moving up and down his cock slowly. After a while of this, even though he was in ecstasy he couldnt help but worry as she was extremely quiet.

When she had him completely in her again he grabbed kinky slut loves old and hard dicks hips to stop her from moving which was fairly easy for him as he was an American football player and she was a petite girl. He was easily 3 times bigger than her. Ethan: are you ok? You are way too quiet.

Amber: Just let me go so I can continue. She had tears rolling down her cheeks. Ethan: why are you crying? Amber: it feels good but it's quite painful because your dick is so massive.

Ethan: why don't we stop then? Amber: because I don't want to disappoint you. Ethan: why would I be disappointed? You think I wana see you in pain? Amber: but im the reason you lost leggy legal age teenager fucked by boyfrend girlfriend, I just wana make it up to you.

Ethan: don't be silly, you don't have to put yourself through this. Before she could answer he held her under her hairy pussy nickey huntsman gets creampied on the couch and lifted her off him. He couldnt deny how hot it was watching his cock slide out of her asshole. He put her down next to him and she just curled up in a ball. Amber: im such a let down. Why do you even bother with me.

Its no wonder I cant keep a boyfriend. Ethan: hey don't be like that, anal sex is never easy for any girl the first time, and it would've been 10 times easier if we had used proper lubrication even though it was sexy watching you spit on my cock.

Amber: that doesn't change the fact that you lost your girlfriend and now you stuck with me and im useless. He moved closer to her and pulled her in, hugging her in the most comforting way he knew how. She lay her head on his chest sobbing like a little kid. Ethan: you are nowhere near being a let down, not many girls your age are brave enough to do what you did.

In my eyes you are still the perfect woman so you shouldn't worry about silly things. She looked up at him with a hopeful look on her face. Amber: so you still want me? Ethan: I always want you! Hearing that gave her a new energy, she shifted on the sofa and dropped her head down to his cock. Ethan: wait that's just been in your…… Before he could finish she had his cock firmly lodged in her throat. She came back up for air with a huge smile on her face. Amber: you were saying?

Ethan: that's just been in your ass. Amber: so? It still tastes good. She dropped her head again and began sucking his cock madly. Without thinking he reached for her crotch and began massaging her pussy.

He though it weird that she was much wetter than she normally was. She popped her head up as soon as she felt it. Amber: no!!!! He was confused until he looked at his hand and his fingers were full of blood.

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Amber: Oh my gosh. She stood up swiftly and made her way to the downstairs bathroom and was in there for a couple of minutes. All the while Ethan just sat there dazed and confused about what had just happened. He knew about a woman's menstrual cycle, he had just never seen it in action. The bathroom door swung opened and Amber came dashing out and in seconds she was on her knees next to him with a paper towel and hand sanitizer.

Amber: I am so sorry. I didn't know you would go down there after I had warned you about it being that time of the month. In so so sorry. She told him as she frantically tried to clean her blood off his hand. He finally snapped back to reality to see what she was doing.

Ethan: its ok, don't worry about it. She continued cleaning ignoring his reply. Amber: you must be so disgusted with me right now. Ethan: seriously its ok. Sara luvv and leah gotti steamy lesbosex on the couch doesn't bother me at all.

I guess that's why I went there in the first place. His answer caught her off-guard as her cleaning slowed to a halt. She sat there on her knees trying to process what he had just said and it seemed like a system over load. Amber: so you mean you knew that was going to happen? Ethan: of course I did, I just didn't think you would go nuts about it. Guess girls are sensitive at that time of the month.

Amber: its not that, I just don't want you getting freaked out and never wanting to touch me again. Ethan: that's not gonna happen. I was even willing too… He trailed off and kept the last bit to himself hoping she would let it slide but he should've known better. Amber: willing to do what Ethan? What were you going to say? Ethan: its nothing. Let it go. Amber: please tell me. What were you willing to do?

Ethan kept quiet and stared at the floor almost in shame at what he was thinking. Amber: oh my gosh. Were you going to say willing to have sex weren't you?

She asked him in a hopeful way with a bright spark in her eyes. She couldn't even believe how excited she was about it. Ethan: well…yes. Ive never wanted to try it but things are different with you. It seems like a good idea, besides, why wouldn't I wana pleasure even though you having your period. When she heard that she didn't bother speaking. She stood up with a straight face as if trying to china sexy storys yang bday her nervousness.

She went to the bathroom and returned with a beach towel, spread it out on the sofa and sat on it leaning back and opening her legs. Ethan got on his knees between her legs and she stared at him searching for signs that he was playing a joke in her. She really wanted it to happen but she was scared as all girls are sensitive about their periods let alone having sex during one. She found no signs of a joke so she pulled her panty to the side giving him a clear invitation to which he responded and gorgeous arab casting home away from home away from home in position with the head of his cock touching her pussy lips.

Just as he tried to push she lifted her legs and pressed her high heeled feet into his chest as if trying to stop him and he took the hint and held his position not knowing what was happening but then she spoke.

Amber: no one makes me feel the way very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass do, beside the fact that you took my virginity, when I think about you I get butterflies in my tummy, when you look at me my heart skips a beat and I feel like I cant breathe, you always know how to make me feel good about myself and to top it all, you are willing to have sex with me while im on my period just so you can pleasure me.

No other guy would ever do that for me. She looked him dead in the eye and at that moment he had a sneaking suspension as to where this was going. Amber: you do things for me no other guy would ever do so ive just got one question.

Ethan: I this really the right time to have this discussion? You are not thinking clearly. Amber: im thinking more clear than I ever have before in my life. It just feels right. Ethan: ok what is your question that couldn't wait? She looked him in the eye trying to summon up some courage before finally speaking. Amber: will you be my boyfriend? They sat there in silence for a few moments. Her laying on her back with her feet on her brothers chest and his cock pressing against her pussy.

Ethan: although this is complete madness…Yes, ill be your boyfriend. But only because if feel the same way about you. He said to her as he lowered his head and gave her toes a kiss on each foot. Amber: you don't know how happy you have just made me. Ill be the best girlfriend you will ever have, I promise. She said to him. She lifted her legs and placed her feet on his shoulders. The proximity of her feet to his face had its usual effect on him and he was once again mesmerised by her.

Amber: should we use a condom? Ethan: we can if you want to. Amber: wont it bother you having my blood all over your cock? Ethan: no it wont, besides I wana feel every part of you with nothing in between us.

Amber: fuck me please. Give it to me good and stretch me. Fuck my little pussy. She said to him with a pleading look on her face. With that he pushed into her slowly and on the first thrust he buried his cock completely in her. She grabbed the sofa cushions and squeezed them as she felt completely full once again and couldn't move.

All she could do was lay there and enjoy the ride. He pulled back to the point where just the tip of his cock was inside her, looked down and saw kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes of a thick, red, bloody looking fluid pour out around his cock and he realised it was a mixture of blood and her pussy fluids.

To his surprise instead of being disgusted he thought of the way it felt and thought of it as extra lubrication which would explain why he fit inside her easier this time even though he was still too big for her tiny pussy. He pushed back into her and watched her make a silent moan as his cock reached into her deeper than it should. She stretched her legs out straight up in the air which positioned them right in front of his face as he continued thrusting in and out of her.

He could help but think to himself that those are one of the sexiest pairs of heels he has ever seen her wearing. Amber: you like my shoes? Ethan: I love them. But its your feet that make them look gorgeous. She just smiled and rolled her eyes back in her head as she felt his cock reach up into her womb. She hadn't thought it was possible but lifting her legs had given him more room to go deeper. She instantly loved the feeling of having her brother's cock reaching into her like that.

Amber: ill wear any heels you want me to whenever you want. Ill even sleep in them if it turns you on. Im your girlfriend now so you have to tell me if im dressed sexy enough for you.

Im glad you like my shoes though, I wore them so you could see my feet since you love them so much. She giggled as he touched his face against her shoes and inhaled deeply sending chills down his spine causing him to involuntarily push even deeper into her. This sent her over the edge as she nasty cutie was taken in anal asylum for uninhibited treatment if it was humanly possible, she was quite sure she could feel the head of his cock nearing her lungs from how deep it was going.

That was it, it was an over load to her brain. Her orgasm was so strong that she suddenly stiffened, began moaning and promptly passed out. When she finally woke, Ethan was still inside her thrusting like his life depended on it. She looked down and saw that she had made a complete mess of him when she came.

She looked up at him and at that moment he was licking her shoes all over and licking parts of her feet wherever he could reach and he was now thrusting with force into her hot, over lubricated pussy. Again she felt her body tense up and couldn't believe it as another orgasm hit her like an ocean tidal wave. She was gasping for air as her orgasm wouldn't let her go. After what felt like minutes it was beginning to subside while Ethan was having difficulty holding on as her pussy was contracting hectically on black school girls sex story father cock.

It was squeezing the life out of his cock and it became too much for him to handle. Ethan: im coming. Fucking hell it feels like a big one. You making me come too hard! He said as he rested his face against her feet and took one last deep breath, inhaling the scent of her luscious feet which triggered his cock to release. Amber lay there trying to recover from her slowly subsiding orgasm when she looked at her brother sniffing he shoes like a highly addictive drug and then suddenly she felt him push deep inside her and hold it there.

She began feeling warm pulses in her tummy as she realised he was cumming, directly pumping and flooding her womb with his cum. Amber: oh fuck…not again.i cant handle another one. She breathlessly said as she felt her body go stiff once more and what felt like a tsunami wave hit her and washed over her as she struggled to breathe and her body thrashed around uncontrollably.

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Ethan held onto her thickish legs and she held onto his arms tightly as they were both attacked by their own orgasms which savagely tore through their bodies. It was a pure over load for their minds and bodies, too much for either of them to handle. After what felt like hours they felt the pressure letting up as their orgasms where subsiding slowly until they both had control of themselves again. Amber: what was that? it felt like you were electrocuting me from the inside out.

3 orgasms in a row, im surprised im still awake after that. Ethan: tell me about, I thought I was about to pass out, you are just too much sexiness for me to handle. Amber: oh I think you've just proved that you can handle me quite well. In fact better than anyone would be able to. Ethan: did I make you feel that good? Amber: it was perfect, you just know how to send me over the edge.

I even passed out during one of them, that's how strong they were. Ethan: you passed out? Amber: how could you not notice? She was astonished but then quickly knew the answer when a ray of sunlight sparkled off her silver polished toes.

Amber: hahah…I see, I guess im gonna have to use my feet more often to keep your attention so you don't look at other girls. She said to him with a coy smile on her face as she thought about how it felt to have someone completely and totally in love with her pretty little feet. Ethan: theres no chance that would happen. You have all I need and you are far better than any other girl ive seen.

No one will steal me away from you. He said to her adding a wink at the end of his sentence. She blushed madly as her pale cheeks turned bright red. Then she had an idea.

Amber: you know we could always have a test run to see if my feet have that much power over you. Ethan: yeah ok, what you got in mind? Amber: I want another orgasm. Scratch that, I need another orgasm! They smiled at each other as they both felt his cock begin to return back to life just from a conversation about her feet. Amber: hmm I guess that would prove that you really like them. But now I gotta see if you love my feet. Ethan began slowly thrusting into her pussy dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories with only a quarter of the energy he original had.

Amber had no energy left and it was highly unlikely she could even walk at that stage but that didn't matter to her since all she had to do was lay on her back and get fucked like a slut. Amber: hmm…ive got an idea, it seemed to work last time but we both had more energy that time. Lets see if my feet really have an effect on you.

While Troublemaker cassidy klein fucked hard pornstars hardcore was gently thrusting into her, she brought her feet to rest on his chest and began undoing the straps on her shoes.

She watched as this action alone resulted in him pushing into her with a little more speed and force. She giggled as she was intrigued and it felt good at the same time. She slipped one shoe off her foot, and then the other and put them down next to her on the sofa. The feeling of her soft bare feet on his chest made his thrusts pick up in speed and force even more. Amber: mom would kill me for putting my shoes on the sofa but I think it would help if you can see them while you fucking me because personally looking at them makes my pussy wet.

She told him with a bashful look on her face like all of a sudden she was revealing all her darkest secrets strapon loving babes ruling over their sub him which she didn't mind since they were dating now.

Big tits blonde babe gets her pussy nailed by pawn dude yeah you are right, they are quite sexy, not as sexy as when you are wearing them but still pretty hot. Discussion during sex seemed to be becoming a fetish for them as they both got in the mood when talking about anything related to her feet.

She unconsciously rubbed her bare feet on his chest and felt his cock get harder and thicker inside her and she giggle as it stretched her pussy. Amber: oh my gosh its like a switch, anything I do with them turns you on. He smiled at her as he continued his rocking motion gently in and out of her. Amber looked over at the clock on the wall and realised their mom would be home in 30 minutes so she decided to see if she could speed things up, although she was enjoying their slow love making it would have to wait till another time.

Amber: ok lets put it to the real test. We running out of time and I really need to have an orgasm from your cock. She smiled sweetly as she lifted her feet to his face very slowly. As she was doing so he picked up speed quite a bit and moved his face closer and sex tenn xxx hamster storys the scent of them which was like crack to his brain. She felt that he was now at full length and thickness as she once again felt unnaturally stretched, she felt her pussy's urge to orgasm grow and consume her.

She suddenly pressed her gorgeous feet into his face and began frantically rubbing them all over his face like she were using him as a doormat. This triggered him as he began moving at full speed and full power and began pounding the living daylights out of her pussy.

She was startled by the sudden increase in fucking but loved the feeling of it so she continued feeding her brother his brain drugs by rubbing her silver polished toes over his nose and lips before continuing to use his face as a doormat.

The feeling of her baby soft feet on his face was making him fuck her increasing aggressive as it was turning his lust for her into something stronger. She thought about the way he was fucking her so aggressively, almost raping her and the thought made her pussy quiver and her clit throb like crazy. As if reading her mind he reached down blindly and began rubbing her clit as she abused his face with her feet and she exploded. This time sending gushes of pussy fluid squirting out of her pussy and spraying his entire crotch.

She gasped for air as he fucked her hard and fast and suddenly her brain-candy feet became too much for him. As he was about to cum he mistakenly moved back a bit too much and his cock popped out. He frantically tried to push and get it back in but missed due to being blinded by her perfect feet. His cock was now sitting above her clit, pointing straight up and resting on her belly button. Without thinking she grabbed his cock and began stroking it hard and fast as and increased her speed and force of rubbing her feet into his face as well.

Her feet had now become slightly sweaty as it was a hot summer day and this caused them to slide all over his face as they were slippery. She felt his cock twitch and pulsate in her hand and before she could react thick ropes of hot sticky cum shot from his cock. The first 3 squirts hit her full in the face. The rest of them began getting weaker and were sprayed all over her tits and perfectly flat tummy. She was not prepared for it but she liked the feeling of being showered in his cum. He tried saying something but it just sounded like muffled mumbles.

She realised her feet were in the way and moved them down to his shoulders so he could talk. Amber: Whats was that sweety? Ethan: I think im in love with you. She kept quiet as her eyes filled up with tears. Amber : I love you too. More than you will ever know. They stayed in that position not wanting to detach and keep the moment going when suddenly they heard a glass drop a few metres away from them.

Startled, they both turned their heads swiftly and were horrified to see their mom standing there with an angry and shocked look on her face. Kelly: What the fuck are you doing to my baby?? To be continued&hellip.