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Brunette babe maya kendrick blows hung neighbor
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This is my first story so I hope you enjoy it^^. It's going to take a while before any sexual action takes place. So if your not a fan of long stories, then I apologize but all my stories has to have a good plot and may take a while to get to the point. "Elena finish washing those clothes and get the medicine for Taiyo," Ms. Gasco called out from the attic.

"Yes Ma'm," I called back and brought the clothes that I was washing in a pot through the water even faster. After finally finishing my tenth and final chore of the day, I went outside to the garden that Ms.

Gasco owned and plucked out the necessary herbs for Taiyo's medicine. As I returned inside the house, I felt someone's eyes on me so I quickly scurried back into the house. My name is Elena; I am a 17 year old girl. I had long waist length black hair, and bright green eyes. Clear and smooth skin with almost no mark on my body except for a unique mark on the back of my hand which I kept wrapped with a cloth. The mark consisted of a ripple like pattern and on each ripples are tiny stars aligned on it.

My breast size weren't big nor small but in the middle range. My ass on the other hand was a bit big for my comfort.

I stirred the herbs together and went to Taiyo's room. Taiyo was my younger brother, he was 5 years younger than me. I crept in silently and knelt beside the mat that he laid on and softly touched his forehead.

His head was still warmer than ever mybabysittersclub cute babysitter paid in cum beautiful and hardcore covered in sweat. Taiyo had gotten a horrible fever 3 weeks ago and had showed no sign of breaking. I carefully woke him by touching his shoulder, his small green eyes fluttered open and looked at me.

He brushed his short black hair aside to feel his own head and groaned. He looked back kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar me and asked, "Is it medicine time already?" bobbi is one of those porn stars I smiled softly and said, "Yes, so you need to take it and get some sleep." He nodded and took the bowl that contained the medicine and gulped it down.

"Eww nasty." he spluttered out when he finished. "Well this nasty medicine will help you if you let it." I told him. He nodded again and fell back to sleep. I closed his door behind me as I left, when I turned the corner in the hallway I almost ran into Ms. Gasco. "Elena there you are, so is he getting better?" she asked me. I shook my head sadly. "Hmm… I see, well then come join me for tea," she said and walked away as I followed.

Ms. Gasco was an old friend of our father who mysteriously disappeared when I was only 7 years old. Our mother was a whore who left us as soon as Taiyo was born to be with some slave owner who supposedly promised her that she was his sole true love.

Ms. Gasco took us in and cared for us, she ran a bar and was highly respected in our town for her attitude and skills. Ms. Gasco sipped the steamy honey tea from the cup. I was holding mine too tired to drink any.

"So how do you feel honey?" She asked. "I'm fine." I lied, in truth I was scared no I was petrified of what might happen to Taiyo. When he first got sick, many doctors checked him and they all said he had only a week left. Miraculously Taiyo been able to lived a bit longer, but I don't how much longer.

Ms. Gasco must had known what I was thinking because she said, "Don't worry about your younger brother, he'll be fine. It'll more than a silly cold to take him out.

Hell I know for fact, since you two kept me on my toes raising ya." I had to smiled for I knew it was true, it had been a hand full raising us. Ms. Gasco placed her cup down and said, "I wanted to talk to you about something important. As you know that the king had passed a new law that states when someone turns eighteen, they only but a week to find a job if they wish to continue living in this kingdom." I nodded; the law was made in an attempt to enlist more younger citizens into the army.

Once someone turns eighteen and uses up their week and has no job, then an alert is sent out and soldiers are sent after the target. Once someone is caught they have three choices, join the army, exile, or death. If anyone were to assist the target then they are either banished or put to death.

I had seen it happened to too many people already. "It's a foolish law really. Unfortunately it's effective, I heard a month after the law was established, the King was able to enlist forty-thousands soldiers, while around three hundred were banished and a few dozen were executed," Ms. Gasco stated.

She continued while sipping her tea, "Normally I would just have you work for me. However the law also states that one cannot join family business until the age of thirty." I nodded, my eighteenth birthday was months away, however due to the predicament that I would be in if I didn't hurry, I knew that getting a job was of the highest priority.

Ms. Gasco took another sip, "Well enough of this talk. How is your hand, has anything unusual happened." sean lawless doggy fucking xianna hills young pussy "No why do you asked?" Ms.

Gasco stared outside the window and said, "Yesterday, I was washing Taiyo's back and his mark began to glow an ominous blue." "Is that true?" I asked. She nodded and got up from the table to refill her tea. I slumped in my chair, Taiyo had a mark similar to the one I got on the back of my hand, except his was on his back and instead of stars, his had skulls. Then we heard shouts of joy and praise echo throughout the town. "Ugh those damn soldiers again, I don't care if Tenkon is the strongest kingdom.

Our soldiers are getting too damned cocky for their own good." Ms. Gasco stated as I got up from the chair and walked out the room, when Ms. Gasco asked me where I was going.

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I told her that I was heading to look for a job. "Alright, but be careful. there's a bunch idiots outside." I smiled and left out the house.

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As soon as I was out, I tried many places asking for work however they would always have no openings left. I was starting to get desperate and even asked a few strip clubs may I work as a janitor or an assistence, but they would always try to persuade me to work amateur lezzie teenies get their pink snatches licked and plowed one of their strippers.

It was finally getting dark and I was walking home when I someone grabbed me by my shoulder. I looked up to see a muscular greasy hair man with crooked teeth staring back at me. Behind him were two other guys, the first was a tall skinny man with thin arms, the second was his opposite, a short pudgy man with small beady eyes. All three were smiling maliciously at me.

The one who was touching my shoulder spoke first, "Hey sweety. I heard you were looking for a job, turning eighteen huh?" "Yes," I stated noticing that all three were carrying sabers, "but it has to be legit." The tall man jumped in and said, "Well your in luck my pretty little.

Ya see a friend of ours runs a very legit whorehouse. Right Jen?" The muscular man answered tightening his grip, "That's right Len, but you see we need to test you to see if your whore material." I pulled away and said, "Well I'm sorry to say, But I'm not whore material so please leave me alone." The short pudgy man laughed and said.

"Now, I don't think that, in fact I say you're perfect for the job." Jen took a step closer, "You see, even Quen thinks you got what it takes, now come here." He reached out and grabbed me again and pulled me close.

"GET OFF ME," I shouted as I kneed him in the crotch. Jen fell to his knees groaning and screaming curse words at me as I took off running. I ran as fast as I could and for a moment I thought I would be safe, until I heard the sound of hooves pounding the ground.

I looked back and saw that the three of them were on horses and were quickly catching up. "COME BACK HERE," Jen roared, "I'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON, YOU LITTLE SLUT!!!! It was getting dark and I was getting tired yet I pushed myself to run even more. I kept going until I saw that the road splitted into two paths. I took the right and kept running, I didn't know how long I ran, but when I looked back I saw that they were gone. Relieved I stopped to catch my breath and rub my feet.

My sandals were worn and tearing. The night air was cold against the thin layer of clothing that I worn. I was just about to look for a way home when somebody pushed me against a fence wall. I looked and saw that it was Jen and his gang, my heart was pounding against my chest. "Too bad we know the road huh?" Jen said as he tore the cloth from my body exposing it.

"Nice body," he said as he grabbed my breast and fondled it and licked my nipples, "We're in the middle of nowhere now, so go ahead and scream." "N.o. sto.p it.," I moaned, I have never felt this pleasure before.

"You know I was going to be gentle with you," he said as he bit my nipple causing me to scream, "But having your cock kneed by a wretched little girl can really change someone's mind." "I'm truly sorry," I said as tears were beginning to fill my eyes. But my pleas were useless, for Jen continued his assault on breast as he fondled it and squeezed it.

He rubbed my nipples, his other hand slowly traveled down my body and stopped at my ass. He grabbed my ass and smacked it a few times causing me to moan. He then stopped what he was doing and tore off my panties and plunged his fingers real mom sleeping son anal incest my pussy. I screamed in pain and pleasure. He was sucking my nipples and licking them affectionately as his fingers drove in and out of my pussy.


"Now that you're wet," he said taking his fingers out of my pussy and showing them to me. He was right, I could easily see his fingers glisten with my juice in the moonlight. He then pulled down his trousers revealing an average size cock. "You're gonna jerk me off," he said with a smile, "And if you don't then you'll die here and now." Anal fisting and pussy fisting in a double fisting session tube porn pulled out a dull saber from its sheath and pointed it at me.

"Now get started," he snarled. I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my hands and began to stroked it softly.

Jen moaned as I continued to stroke him. "Now put it in your mouth," He commanded placing his saber softly on my neck. I stared from his cock to his sword and decided to obey him. The moment I had his cock in my mouth, I nearly gagged, for it was the foulest thing I had ever tasted and the stench that it gave off was disgusting.

But I force myself to start sucking and licking it, even twirling the head with my tongue. Jen was panting and I saw that his legs were getting wobbly, he then grabbed my head and pulled it close as if to force his whole cock down my throat. Power drilling for beautiful chicks wet aperture hardcore and cumshot started to choke as he did this a few more times, until he suddenly pulled his cock out started to stroke it hard.

He began grunting, and i got a super hot pair of panties for you to jerk off to joi "I'M CUMMING," as cum flew from his cock onto me. Jen fell to his knees his cock now limp. For a while he sat there, I tried to stand but his arm shot out and grabbed me and pulled me back down. I tried to break free from his grip but it was too strong. He than forced me on my back and spread my legs open with his knee.

He then positioned his cock at my pussy's entrance, I tried in vain to get him off me. But, no matter how much I kicked or screamed, he wasn't phase by any of it. "Quen, Len, bring me the ropes," he said after I almost kneed him in the crotch again. There was no response so he repeated, "QUEN, LEN BRING ME THOSE GOD DAMNED ROPES," there was still no response. Then he got off me for a moment and roared, "CAAAN'T YOU SON OF BITCHES HEA-- WHAT THE HELL." I raised my head a bit and saw what he saw.

Quen and Len laid on the ground soaked in blood. I raised my head even more and saw the murderer, he was wearing a cloak and held an elegant long sword in his hand.

Beside him was another cloaked figure, and behind them were a few horsemen garmented in silver armor. Jen was trembling as he asked, "Who in the hell are you, you stupid piece of shit?" The man removed his hood, both Jen and I gasped for even in the night, we recognized him.

His shoulder length brown hair, his great gray piercing eyes, and his great posture which showed neither fear nor hesitation. This was Tenkon's famous young prince Hayate. Jen immediately bowed before Hayate, "Greetings your highness, I was merely retrieving the criminal who stole from us." Hayate stared at Tenkon for a moment and walked right past him towards me. I tried to scoot away from him but he grabbed me by my arm and hoisted me up, he looked me over.

I tried to cover myself but my body didn't respond. Finally he let go of me and said to Jen, "It seems that something else was going on here." Then suddenly he grabbed my hand again, but this time he removed the cloth that covered the back of my hand and stared at it intently. Then he stared at me as if he just noticed me, I wish I was looking in a better state, unfornutaly I was naked and covered in Jen's cum.

Hayate asked Jen, his voice hummed with anger, "Is she still a virgin?" Jen merely said, "Huh?" Hayate then roared at Jen, "IS SHE A VIRGIN OR NOT." Jen slowly nodded but added, "I…thin.k…so." Hayate then called out, "Lily examine this girl quickly." The cloaked figure who had been standing beside Hayate threw off her cloak revealing a elegant woman with long bright green hair and elfish ears, she was also smiling, she had a great figure, her breast were big with a large ass.

Her choice of clothing greatly supports this as she wears armor that reveals much of her cleavage, her armor also lacks any covering of her belly. A long sash covered her waist and down. As she came near, she touched my forehead then slightly rubbed my clit causing me to silently moan. Lily turned to Hayate and said happily, "No my lord she has not been tainted." Hayate breathed a sign of relief and turned back to Jen and said, "I believe an execution would be enough for you." Hearing this Jen ran off the opposite direction past the horsemen.

"Should we pursue sire." asked one of the horsemen. "No need," Hayate replied, "Lily." playsome teen russian honey enjoys a big pipe "Yes sir," Lily said pointing her finger at Jen who was a good few yards away and muttered, "Lyulken." A red light shot from her finger tip and flew towards Jen. For a moment nothing happened, then a colum of fire erupted and when it cleared Jen was a pile of ashes.

"Good now let us leave." Hayate said. Then he turned to me and touched my forehead and before I knew it I had lost consciousness. When I awoken I was in a huge room filled with antiques, I was lying on a soft bed. I looked around the room, I noticed that I was still naked. I tried to get up but then someone pulled me back in, I turned and saw that it was Lily. "Ah my lady has awakened," She said with a smile. "Where am I," I asked her.

"Why, you are in the Tenkon's fortress." "What!" "Yes," Lily said as she rubbed my shoulder, "you were brought here to be Prince Hayate's princess." "But wh.why, I mean, there are countless girls who are probably better suited for him," I stated. Lily shook her head and replied, "perhaps with stature and name, but of magical quality, you're the perfect match." "Magical quality?

I have no magic so what are you talking about?" Lily looked me in the eye and said, "You possess the Nebula Plate." "Nebula Plate?" "It's on the back of your hand. It shows an strong affinity towards magic and sorcery. All magic users posses a plate. For example mine is here." Lily got off the bed and took off her armor revealing her large breast and nipples and turned revealing her mark on the left side of her left breast.

Lily's plate was an egg shape with vines wrapped around it. "So I can use magic?" I asked. Lily smiled and nodded. "But then why aren't you marrying Prince Hayate?" Lily sat back on the bed and said, "For many reasons actually, my magic capabilites are not suited with his, even if I am currently stronger than him.

After all I am six hundred years too old for him." "WHAT SIX-HUNDRED," I asked, not truly believing that the young and gorgeous woman in front of me was over six hundred years old.

She nodded and added, "Beside my main role in this kingdom is to train the one who is worthy of Lord Hayate." She crawled back towards me and placed a hand on my breast and caressed it softly, "I am to train you both in the art of battle and sex." She than forced me to lay on my back and straddle me, and planted several kisses on my body.


She then rubbed her clit against mine, we both began to moan, as her hands grabbed my breast. My own hands instinctively reached out and grabbed her breasts as well. "Oooh very good." Lily said as I started rubbing her nipples, "Yes that feels amazing." We were both moaning, until Lily got off me and sat on my face.

Her aroma was erotic and was getting me wet. Lily then bent over and started to lick my pussy causing me to moan in pleasure. With each lick she gave me, sent a wave of pleasure through my body, I retaliated by doing the exact same to her, I licked her pussy while fingering her ass.

Our moans became louder and frequently. This all continued for a while until I was on the brink of my first orgasm. I knew that Lily was getting close as well, her movements became frantic and her legs shook as well as mine. Soon we were overcome by our orgasm. For a moment we both laid trying to catch out breath, our sweaty bodies sticking to each other. "Where is Prince Hayate?" I managed to ask finally through each pant.

"Currently in a war meeting alongside his father," Lily answered panting as well. I felt myself falling asleep until Lily squeezed my nipple making me moan. "Not yet," She said smiling, "I have one more test for you." After I nodded, she crawled off me and said, "Now you must learn how to pleasure Lord Hayate." "But how… I mean. he has … a.?" I stammered. "Through the power of sorcery of course," She said with a wink. She then took both of her hands and placed them on her pelvis and began muttering words that I couldn't catch.

Then something sprouted out of Lily's pussy. It was shaped like a penis yet ethereal and full of magic. Lily said, "You could use it this way or as a masturbation tool." As she spoke, she created another in her hand, and shoved it inside her ass. Lily took a moment to moan and to caress her breast.

When she finally calmed down she said, "Whew sorry about that, got a little carried away there." "Now lick it," Lily said.

I nodded and took it in my hands and slowly jerked her off. Despite it's appearance the magic cock felt so real in my hands, it reacted perfectly while I jerked it back and forth. However when I placed it in my mouth, the taste was completely different from Jen's. Lily was moaning even louder, surprising me, it took me a while before Old and wild granny craves to get a cock figured out that the user's affected the same way a man would be having his cock sucked.

"Oooh your doing so well," Lily breathed, "but when your sucking, make sure you lick it and twirl your tongue around it as well. Also grabbing a man's balls can produce tremendous affects." It was after she said this that I noticed that the cock she created also had balls on it.

"Aaah not to rough," she said when grabbed them, "just feel them and juggle them." "Ok," I said meekly and continued sucking Lily's cock. My tongue licked anyside of her cock it could reach while my hands jiggled her balls. Lily's moans were increasing as she started to hump my face. I kept licking and sucking, then I took my hand away from Lily's balls and went for the magic cock that was in her ass. I grabbed hold of it and started to slide it in and out of her ass as fast as I could.

Lily's thrusts started to pick up speed then she screamed, "I CUMMING." I let her cock out of my mouth just in time to see it released clear sparkling liquid all over my face. Finally when her orgasm subsided, I felt the magic cum on my face, it felt like the real thing. "That was excellent," Lily said breathing hard, "However, you must learn to swallow the cum. "Oh sorry," I said and reached for the cum on my face only to find it wasn't there. "Oh, I forgot to mention that the semen released from this cock lacks a few things, so it'll only last a few seconds.

Plus, It can't get a female pregnant." She said, "Now that you made me feel good, I say that it is time to make you feel good." With that she pushed me on my stomach and position her cock on the entrance of my ass. "Ahh, wait a second, um I… don't-," Lily cut me off, "No need to worry My Lady, I will not use your pussy, that spot is reserve for Lord Hayate." Before I could object, Lily thrust her cock in my ass, I couldn't believe how good it had felt.

It was the most pleasurable feeling I ever I had. Lily cock moving in and out of my ass, her hands on my breasts, fondling, massaging, and pinching. Lily than said panting, "You must also move My Lady… it will feel twice…as good." Following her instruction, I pushed back against her, she was right the pleasure was indescribable. She started to pinch my nipples even harder. "Ohh yes," I screamed, my vision began to blurred, soon the only thing I was hearing were our moans, but I continued to fuck Lily.

I started to feel another orgasm approaching, "L.ily," Busty blonde zoey monroe gets fucked by her lover marcus london pornstar and massage gasped, "I. abo.ut to…cum." Lily was in the same state as me, her breathing was rapid, her rock hard nipples were against my back, "I.

too My.Lady," She managed to say. It was at that moment that our orgasm consumed us. "I'M CUMMING," we both screamed. Lily pulled out of me and came all over my ass and back, a few even got on the bed. Lily's magic cock disappeared with all of the magic cum as well. We both collapsed on the bed exhausted and soaked in sweat. This was the start of my new life here. Pt2 soon