Im going to feed you a load of your own cum cei

Im going to feed you a load of your own cum cei
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It was all a dream, it was one of the most intense dreams I had ever had, I xxx sunny leone storys fool sex stories all sweaty from it but something was wrong, my eye started to focus I had woken in my bed, but not in my room, I shook my head still my bed but not my room.

It was a stone walled room it reminded me of a castle turreted room from some fantasy story, was I still dreaming I heard a moan and grown as something was waking up next to me, I looked; it was Lilly the ebony beauty she was by my side. "Hello how are you?" she asked sleepily. "Where the hell am I?" fear running through me why have I not woken up yet I thought.

She got up her hair now only just past her shoulders her wings tucked in, her naked lean yet fuller figure, beat any so called supper model on the cat walk, with no extra fat on her, her breast size I could not say really but going but one ex-girlfriend I had once who had a B cup as I had peeked at the bras to see the size how it worked, Lilly looked about the same.

"Are you coming then, I will explain later but first is shower and something to eat." she said looking over her shoulder at me her eyes now a deep blood red, she walked passed a mirror in the room and she looked in her wings stretched out and folded up behind her again.

"What is going on?" I said more to myself. I followed walked passed the mirror looked in to it and had to do a double take I had wings it scared me I nearly peed myself my wing reacted to my fear, they flapped out of control, I started hyperventilating. Lilly conjured up a paper bag and passed it to me; I started to breath into it, it took what felt like five minuets to relax but when I did Lilly beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked my hand guided me to the shower wet room.

She had a strange relaxing way about her. "Relax close your eyes," her voice now had a hauntingly soothing quality to it. I could not help but follow what she said. "Let your wing out let them stretch," her voice drifted through me, I did just that, she washed me from head to toe and tip of wings to the base it felt really good her hand soft and caressing. "I finished, now you do me please." she asked. So I did just that. every thing she did to me I did to her, when I had finished she stretched out and flapped her wings and water shook off, my arm raised college rules car wash orgy with sexy young teen students to block the spray coming of her and my wing wrapped round me like a shield in reaction to what I had did.

When she finished doing that she had a towel in her hands drying her body off and she walked out, so I copied her, I thought where did the towel come from and one appeared in my hand that shook me for a moment.

I ended up drying myself and walked after Lilly. I walked back to the bed room she was now wearing cloths a flowing blue dress a frill round the neckline, the dress pushed her chest up, the dress had a celtic knot design flowing through the pattern.

She looked more beautiful than ever even if she had wings and horns. The dress reminded me of something like a victorian would wear, I did not know much about the cloths of that period, Lilly handed me a picture I looked at it.

"Close your eyes think of wearing the outfit," Lilly said. I did just that opened my eyes, looking down and there was the suit I had just seen, a one piece out fit with discrete button fly, a victorian look about it but felt like was not wearing anything. "Where are the toilets?" I asked.

I just realised I needed to go empty myself "Back in the shower room if you want just think of what you need it will appear." Her head tilted to one side and gentle smile on her face, so back to the shower room thinking of what I needed; when I got there there it was. I stood unbuttoned the fly and pulled out my penis ready to pee and arms wrapped round me and a hand took hold of my penis and a voice whispered in my ear.

"You human have funny hang ups about these natural things." I think she was teasing me, she giggled. "Go on get on with it sooner your done the sooner we eat." My body had froze, I wonted to pee but could not with her there "Just get on with it will you." She said with that my body woke up in more ways than one, with her still holding my penis she pulled lightly back on the foreskin and guided it, I did what i needed to then, Ffuuurrrrpppp I went red.

"That's quite a weapon you have there" she laughed.


"Look she said nothing to it is there, I need to go now," she come around me straddled the toilet her dress had shrunk, she looked at me and she peed in-front of me, I was shocked I had seen golden shower porn videos on but could not see the fuss over them I had seen many types of porn I was not naive, I may be inexperienced in the ways of the flesh, but naive definitely not. After Lilly finished she grinned and giggled it was as if she was teasing me about it, then pecked me on the cheek tucked me back into my findchinese bbw rose aoyama wife sex com and buttoned them up.

leading me back to the bed room she was about to jump out the window I stopped her she turned round. "Ok i'll tell you a little this is a burning question for you; you are not dreaming this is very much the real thing, that place you were in has many names the void being one, an in between place a gate way to yours and my home worlds if you will, yes I was that imaginary friend you thought you had and yes I was Lilly that came into the shop and lastly we had sex, both of us are no longer virgins that's all for now!" Lilly slightly annoyed.

She jumped out the window I leaned out the window watched her as she flew down and landed gracefully I gulped ducked back in the room looked in the mirror seeing my wings like it was the first time they reminded me of dove like wings blood red in colour I hoped they would work for me, back to the window I jumped. "Oh shit!" I exclaimed falling like a stone scared I going to die when I hit the floor, wings just flapping inconsistently, then I felt hands on me I looked and it was Lilly saving me.


"Calm down, close your eyes; relax the breathing and think of steady wing flapping." Lilly said guiding me. I did just that and it worked, but I landed arse over apex but still alive, I felt myself all over to make sure I was in one piece. Lilly joked.


"You'll have to go to flying school." "Funny funny. . very funny!" I said dryly. Lilly took my hand and lead the way as we walked passing more of these stone towers, on our way to a grand building oaken doors blocking our path in; they had iron fixings on them, Lilly opened the doors she ran in.

"Daddy!" she shouted and gave him a hug, I walked in slowly looking round it looked like a meeting hall tables all round a smell of cooking drifted through the air.

"Daddy this is the one who save me all that time ago like I told you about, his names Edmund." Lilly explained. "Ah so this is the one is it Lilith you said he was human. You never said he had wings and them too, Why did you bring him here?" Lilly's father said. "Wait daddy don't I did not know and he certainly does not know any thing." Lilith replied.

I was now very worried; finding out you got wings is one thing find that there's more to it is pant filling scary. "He really does not know?" the farther said eyeing me suspiciously. "No daddy he does not before we both thought he was human now it does explain why I was safe with him," Lilith said defending me, biting her lip she carried on "we bonded!" "please could someone fill me in what's wrong I would like to know?" I said now almost filling my breeches with worry.

Her farther turned to her. "You what!" then faced me. "Ok you want to know you are not all human so it seems you're a half breed you are from the Azrael clan the most feared clan of our people you may know him as angel of death and you my boy are of his loins!" "Please say you will stay for a couple of day at least discover more of who you really are." Lilly pleaded, and an aura emitted which I could just see shimmer but her alluring ways were starting to have less effect on on me.

Now I knew her full name Lilith I was seeing for the first time not just looking with my eyes she had an aquillen nose the beautiful slim blood red lips and the features like the comic book Vampirella character her eye had changed again to deep red with an ebony skin tone and lastly black hair. "Hello sister." A voice said. "Lamia. Lamia. . sister." Lilith ran to her and hugged her sister. I stood open mouthed Lilith and Lamia were spitting images of each other while being poler opposites where Lilith was ebony Lamia was white with red hair.

"This is Edmond sister" Lilith said. "I owe you a debt of gratitude for saving my sister." I will catch up later sister and Lamia walked off. Lilith turned to me beaming. "Lets eat and I will teach you to fly you will like my sister when you get to know her." So we sat down, food and drink was brought to us, after eating we sat letting the food go down I watched as more of Lilith's people came in ate left.

We got up and left, Lilith put her arms round mine showing me around her settlement, towers like the one we had been in were there homes, the great hall was a communal place kind of like a community centre and more, we passed farm land that was being tended, Lilith told me that different settlements grew different thing so they could trade.

It was kind of like looking back in our past no cars no planes why need them when you have wings simpler way of living but not easy, every one seemed to be relatively happy. Finally coming to an open field "This is where you learn to use your wings Edmund." Lilith said. "So how aline gets a dp creampie one in pussy in ass no pullout between I do that then" I was a little sceptical about this.

"Do what I do." She mom and son xxx story new 2019 down crossed her legs hands on her knees.

I did the same copying her. "Close your eyes Edmund let your mind go blank forget all that's you hold as real to you." Lilith tried guiding me. I closed my eyes tied to forget but I did not understand her, what do I hold real to me. Lilith continued "Let all your worries troubles and fears go don't be bound by them." I concentrated on my breathing letting go of fears troubles and worries I must say it felt cathartic thing to do. "Now open your eyes stand up jump in the air and your body will do the rest." Lilith offered.

I opened my eyes stood up felt almost anew letting go of these things and semi squatted and jumped what happen next was a surprise to me I took of like a rocket going straight up I looked round then the worst possible thing I could of done, I looked down I scared myself at how high I had gone and lost all function of my body and started to fall like a brick "AAAAARRRRRRGGGGG." I screamed my life flashed before my eyes and.

. how boring and disappointing my life had been up to now. Lilith save me again from become a splat mark on the ground, my heart was pumping any faster i'm sure could of burst out of my chest I was breathing erratically and adrenalin coursing threw my body I felt rather heady from it. Lilith passed me a paper bag I started to breathe into it when I calmed down then I passed out. When I came round Lilith was watching over me rather worried I could feel her holding my hand tightly I kept my eyes closed heard a muttering but could not make out what was said, I opened my eyes I had blurred vision, there was Lilly sitting there I had woken from my dream I must be in the park that's it I thought.

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It took some moments for my eyes to focus properly I was not back home I was still in this strange land. "Why had I not woken yet!" I said a little to loudly. Lilith was taken aback by this. "You're not dreaming!" "Yeah right like I really made love to a monster or demon or something." I said thoughtlessly.

Lilith was hurt by my words a tear and I felt a slap across my face. "Ouch" I felt that and it hurt, she took my hand, a second later I was back in my flat in my room my bed missing and then a second Slap "Ouch." that hurt again.

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Then Lilith kissed me and the scratch my chest leaving painful welts "Does that feel like a dream to you does it?" I slapped myself a couple of times hard and ran to the bath room splashed water in my face it was true I was wake. Walking back to my room Lilith was there naked in-front of me I looked down so was I.

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Lilith walked to me put the flap of her hand on my forehead I closed my eyes automatically and she raised my memories from my child hood.