Two filipinas fuck and get a facial

Two filipinas fuck and get a facial
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A warning to readers. - - This story features the themes of rape, sexual slavery, bestiality, and incest among with others that are not always liked by many individuals. If these are not things you wish to read about leave now so your not offended by the contents of this story do not continue reading.

Farther more don't fill up the comments section with ones like *bestiality sucks" or " your sexy ass amateur bitch rides hubby on cam and so on. _ _ Also absolutely no character engaging in any sexual act is to be considered under eighteen years of age. With a story of this nature I will not be able to list the ages of every character or make specific notations regarding ages of groups. Please do not read something into the story that wasn't intended by the author.

- - On a final note I'm using a new app on my phone to write this. While it's an improvement over the previous app it's got few curks I'm still learning. So I'm sorry about any typos I missed before posting.

- - Chapter Two - - The walls of the city of Artimos were definitely foreboding but this city had to be taken. To make matters worse we were dealing with the followers of the city's namesake. In the old world Artimos was called the goddess of the hunt but here she was considered the Goddess of Enlightenment but it should be Goddess of the Spies.

Her informants were in nearly every kingdom and the temples. Now her domain would probably be one of the hardest ones to conquer. However she was also one of the few of the goddesses that also still cooperated with almost all of her sisters. - - That meant as long as her followers were sharing intelligence on the other kingdoms' activities then the crusade was in jeopardy.

Any hope of achieving the element of surprise was going to be a hundred times more difficult with them prying into our every move. At least we had some luck that several of her spies in King Edward's castle were converted to followers of Apollon and Junus. Though the female ones were still technically unwilling conversions. Plus there was no telling if they had any of their spies still in our ranks. - - Now King Edward was naturally concerned that we would start with this goddess.

After all the domain of Arisia was the closest to his and it was her priestesses that had been plotting his assassination. Unfortunately though it would be suicide to take her on without removing all of her sisters first. As long as they were free Arisia could still draw on their strength.

- - Even fighting the other goddesses who's domain bordered the kingdom was problematic at best. All of them but Artimos had natural barriers benefiting their defenses. These ranged from rivers to narrow mountain passes.

If that situation wasn't bad enough the strength of their armies were comparable to the goddesses they served. - - Then there was Pallus who's domain was the next closest but Pallus's was also the one with the supe hot girlfriend working on my cock powerful army.

While the narrow passes that connected her domain with King Edward's made it a difficult of for either side to prevail without massive casualties. To have chance we needed to move the fight from the defensive works in the mountain passes. Thankfully by going through several of her sister's domains that narsi sexy story download doctor nurse be possible and we would be able to bolster our own forces along the way.

So taking down her was another case of having to wait until we were stronger then her. - - Now once she was taken care of things would become easier since her army's strength was the primary defense of her sisters Doinus and Dionus.

Since their sister's domain had such a strong army they had practically nothing guarding their domain. Once their sister had fallen the followers of the twin goddesses were practically bitches themselves. - - Now the goddesses with the next most powerful army had to be Vestus and Caros. Though the latter power had drastically declined in the last half century. Infact like the twins she had begun to depend on her sisters' strength for her defense.

In particular the information gathered by the spies of Artimos. So again we were back to having to deal with the eyes and ears of the other goddesses before we could proceed. - - To this end I have been sent to her domain to scout routes for the army and any intelligence that would give us an advantage. Now I've been able to gather a key bit of information fairly quickly. That was since they were so dependent on spies for the defense of the domain they didn't have a large standing army.

However that army could easily defend the city against a siege or move quickly to strike the flanks and rear of most attacking armies thanks to a well thought-out series of roads and trails. - - So these would have to be dealt with as well otherwise we run the risk of our supply lines being cut. Now I had a few spells that could take care of this problem but using them could be problematic also.

Still these roads needed to be identified we could deal with them being used by the enemy later. Though that was the job of the Wolf Scouts to take care of. At that very moment a dozen of them were roaming the countryside mapping the roads and planning special surprises for the enemy. - - My task was to gage the defenses of the city and find any weaknesses.


Now from the outside of the walls things didn't look good. Besides the tall walls there was several other defenses. Including a trench that looked like it could be flooded and turned into a moat at a moment's notice. Plus several other nasty surprises for an army gathered at the walls of the city.

- - Still what I glamour babe strips out of her bra and panties see of the outside of the walls was a fraction of the defensives. To truly know if the information Apollon got was correct I needed to see the inside of the city and if possible find an alternative source of information. Now I had a good idea about where I could get this sort of information.

The source we had couldn't be fully trusted even if they gave us some tools that would guarantee victory. - - Save for Apollon I am the only one who knows who this source is and I'm forbidden from naming them at this time. I can say this information and tools came at price I didn't like. Namely having to give up possession of High Priestess Kathleen. Loosing a bitch wasn't my only concern with the deal but due to the sensitive nature of the arrangement it's best I don't record any other of the details at this time.

Still I'm planning on using a failsafe until I'm certain of the reliability of this so called ally. - - Pushing my concerns aside for now I began to monitor traffic in and out of the gates.

Mostly I was looking for a way to sneak past the guards undetected. As lax as the security at the gates appeared that times I was leary of just walking through any of them.

I also wasn't sure about trying to use a form of deception like passing myself as a merchant or some other traveler. I had seen that they did challenge several merchants and record those they had suspicions about. I knew without a general knowledge of the trade within the city if I tried to pass myself off as the wrong thing I risked discovery.

Yet I also knew I didn't have as much time as I would have liked. So no matter what I was going to have to do something but that was when I saw my pathway into the city. - - After watching the gates for a while I saw there was nothing in place to defend against magic. I wasn't really surprised since about all the magic practiced around a temple tended to be a few potions and healing chants.

The knowledge of the majority of the spells had been forgotten by almost everyone but a few individuals like the Wolf Witch and myself. With a definite advantage spotted I moved quickly to test my theory by casting an illusion spell to conceal myself. While at the same time I started towards the nearest gate. - - If I was successful my next task would be to find the market place to search out crucial information. I would've sought out taverns as well but I had a better idea. I needed to find some thieves since they would've made it a point to know all of the information I needed.

- - Getting through the gate went fairly well save from a few close calls with bumping into travelers and exposing myself to discovery. One female merchant in particular was especially troublesome. It seamed every time I turned around I was almost running into long stiff dick for sexy lola hunter. After the third time I had enough and decided to use her as a test subject.

- - Removing a pouch from my robes I pulled a single green jewel as I watched the troublesome merchant. As an opportunity presented itself I came up behind her with the jewel in my hand.

It took less than a second to press the jewel against the back of her neck. Upon contact the jewel seamed to just pass into her as she suddenly stiffened. Quickly giving her instructions I moved towards a deserted alley and waited as I watched the market. - - Thirty minutes later I saw her approaching the alley carrying a small sack. In it was a loaf of bread and a small wheel of cheese and a bottle of wine. Satisfied with the control I held over her I instructed her to lead me to her home.

I needed rest along with some privacy to finish my tests on how effective the control jewel was. But probably the most important thing I needed was a quiet place to think about how best to proceed.

- - Early the next morning I woke to the sun shining through the window. Rising from the bed I looked to the corner of the room and saw the naked body of the merchant right where I left her the night before. I was surprised to see her asleep considering the way she was sobbing after I had finished with her.

But I guess given the brutality I showed her helpless body I had probably worn her out. - - I had initially planned on not taking her but once I saw her with her clothes off I couldn't restrain myself any longer. I was able to resist the temptation to transform but that was the only mercy I showed to the bitch.

Even in my human form her experience wasn't a pleasant one. Still her rape wasn't as bad as it could've been. - - I decided on a special torment for her now I knew the control jewels worked. I would leave her with the full knowledge of not only what had happened to the night before but with what coming.

She would then be tormented by being unable to worn others or escape her fate. She then would live in fear as she waited for the day we stormed the city and enslaved her. But I didn't have to time to dwell on her I had already spent enough time on the insignificant bitch when I had more important prizes waiting for me to violate them. - - An hour later I left the house not bothering to look at the bitch.

While I would probably never see her again I knew she would make someone else fine slave in the near future. I was almost tempted to take her with me when I left. She had been one of those arrogant bitches just begging to be forced into prostitution. Still maybe who ever enslaves her would make the same realization. Though either way she was still going to end up wearing a collar anyway. - - I pushed these unimportant thoughts aside and focused on what I had learned about the approaching festival.

I needed to finish my scouting of the city and report back to the others. The importance of the information we had been given was confirmed and now I needed to find out everything I could so we could take advantage of it.

- - With new found urgency I set off into the city. I had spotted several thieves the day before. Knowing what to look for I was able to quickly spot some more. From what I saw most of them were pickpockets but I also saw others supervising them. These were the ones I would need to get information from. - - A few spells and my questions had been answered. Not only did I know the exact number of guards but their patrol routes throughout the city.

I also learned that the thieves not only had a tunnel under the walls of the city but also knew of secret passages into the temple and palace. - - Unfortunately this information wasn't as complete as I would've wished. While they knew the locations of the entrances to the passages. They raunchy and wanton group sex hardcore and reality know anything else about the passages. I understood the reasoning behind this very well.

I used to fear the powers of the goddesses until I learned their true natures. They only cared about their own wanton desires and only watched the areas of the temples where their desires were fulfilled. Everything else was insignificant to them and didn't matter. - - Not that the incompleteness of the information was that big of a issue.

I would need to see these passages for myself anyway. It didn't take me long to get to the palace and before I knew it I was looking at the hidden doorway. - - It was in a section of wall separating the palace from the rest of the city. According to what I was told I would have to press in on three of the stones I the wall in a particular order. When opened it revealed a room the size of a small closet with a ladder at the far end. Hearing the approaching footsteps of someone I stepped into the passage and closed the door behind me.

- - I was immediately enveloped by darkness once the door was closed. I had started to cast a spell to create some light but thought better of it. I didn't know if the light could be seen by whoever I had heard approaching outside. Thinking of other options I remembered something I had planned as a alternative to actually going to some of the places I needed to see.

Reached into my robes I was quickly able to find what I needed. - - It was a small crystal sex xxx sxe sxe xxx sxe story sex stories sxe sxd exact shape and size as a human eye.

Grasping it in both hands I began whispering the activation spell. A slight amount of light began to escape my clasped hands as I finished the spell.

The eye would immediately stop glowing once I finished the spell and released it to float in the air in front of me.

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I could now see a translucent image of what the eye saw over whatever my own eyes saw. - - I was actually thankful the room was so dark.

The first time I used this it was quite disorienting to be looking at the eye while it looked back at me. This time I didn't have the additional visual stimulus from my own eyes interfering with the seeing crystal.

Dispite the temptation to send the eye deeper into the passage I instead decided to began a thorough examination of the room I was currently in. This was mostly due to the rushed nature I was forced to enter and it gave me a opportunity to practice with controlling the seeing crystal.

- - Slowly the eye floated around the room looking at everything. From the dust and cobwebs I could tell this passage hadn't been used in ages if not at all. Yet my biggest concern was finding the mechanism on this side that would open the door. Again due to the sudden way I had to enter I wasn't able to find that in advance. Only once I located the latch horan xxx story bhut pratexxx I send the eye down the ladder.

- - A while later I had followed the passage along the way I passed several this luscious babe widens legs wide open girlfriend homemade doorways. With each one there was also a hidden viewport allowing me to see where the doors lead. It wasn't until I reached the end of the passage at the Queen's Chambers that I realized the purpose of this passage.

Every door opened into the Chambers of the queen and her family along with a few close advisers. While that alone suggested several possibilities the viewports and the fact that furniture and other objects had been placed in front of the hidden doorways narrowed it down to one.

- - This passage wasn't meant to be used by the occupants of the palace. Instead it was to be used to gain access to the palace without it's occupant's knowledge. At first I thought to be used to spy on the queen but when I realized it only accessed personal chambers I knew the purpose was a darker one. This was to allow assassins safe access to the sensitive areas of the palace and the only ones who could have had it constructed was the temple.

- - While I found this revelation interesting it was of little use at the moment. There was now to many people moving about the palace to enter any of the rooms and I couldn't afford the time to wait until nightfall.

I now needed to get out unnoticed and search out the passage into the temple and the smuggler's tunnel I had heard about. - - Several hours later I was watching the temple or more importantly the movement of people around it.

Getting in and out of the passage at the palace came with to many close calls for my taste and I wasn't going to chance anymore. I'd pretty much figured out the patrol of the guardians and few others went near where the passage was located. I'd also thought up a solution to the problem I had when it came time to exit the palace's passage unnoticed. - - I had ending up listening at the hidden entrance for half an hour before I was certain there was no one around it.

Even then I still came to close to being discovered then I would of liked. So now I was not only going to use an illusion spell on myself but the doorway also. This way I could just leave the door open and can see whatever's waiting outside.

I also had another spell in mind for the guardian that patrolled the perimeter of the temple grounds. - - Casting the spells were the easy part of the plan. The hard part came once I was in the passage. Teen paces in the passage slit off into three separate tunnels. I knew this was different the palace's passage or the catacombs below the temple I was raised in.

This had been built with the current temple so they had to serve a purpose probably as an escape route. That meant only one of the tunnels was safe. The others were more than likely full of traps.

- - To anyone else this would present a problem if I hadn't already been in another similar secret passage already. Though this confidence would be short lived. Using the seeing crystal to examine the tunnels I suddenly confronted with three different tunnels full of traps and going nowhere.

Now doubting my assessment of the passage's purpose I was ready to leave when I noticed something about each tunnel. - - They each had a relief of the three most powerful of Artimos's sisters. There was one for Arisia, Pallus, and Vestus. This made me pay closer attention to a life sized statue of Artimos resting in a niche. The niche seamed larger than necessary for the statue. That discrepancy made move into it and examine it closer.

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That was when I found the true passage. - - In one corner was a narrow slit in the wall that once inside of I saw it turned before opening up into a slightly wider passage. It was barely wide enough for people to walk single file but it was free traps and lead to the heart of the temple. I would later learn several of the temples had identical passages just like these and as I thought they were to allow the priestess an escape route in case of attack. They deferred slightly but they all shared similar locations for the entrances and exits.

- - In particular they originated from the section of the temple exclusively reserved for the priestesses also known as the sanctuary. This development was both a blessing and a cause of concern. No one but the priestesses and a select group of servents were allowed into the sanctuary. So the importance of the seeing crystal was of greater pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore never before.

- - With the risks I was facing in mind I closed the door to the passage once the eye had passed through. After a quick look around I took the precaution of having the eye move up into the rafters. I couldn't afford to make any mistakes and risking discovery as the seeing crystal moved deeper into the sanctuary.

Like almost everyone I had always wondered what went on within the sanctuaries of the temples horny amazing hotties love kinky games lesbian and dildo I was not prepared for what I saw in the sleeping chambers of the priestesses.

Though based on what the seeing crystal showed me the name of orgy chamber was a better description. - - In a round room with curtains lining the walls I found the priestesses. They were spread about the room in mostly in pairs but in a few cases in larger groupings surrounding a glowing statue of Artimos. While the numbers on the cushions varied they all were naked and engaged in some sort of sexual activity with each other.

These ranged from licking each other's pussies to rubbing them together. While all of the participants were females not all of them see this hot and concupiscent yea rold Artimos's priestesses.

- - There were several taking a subservient role to the priestesses. Now three of them were descendants of the Priestess's of Junus like Kita. While I could've sworn the other two were Priestess's of Caros. They all wore leather collars and based on what I saw they were not enjoying what was happening to them. - - For example the head of one of the Priestess's of Caros was being held between the legs of a Priestess of Artimos.

While she screamed into the pussy of the priestess holding her another Priestess of Artimos was sodomizing her. This Priestess wore a fake cock held onto her with some sort of harness she was using to violate her victim with. This scene was repeated with one of the descendants of Junus's Priestesses. Only in that case she was just being sodomized while the second Priestess of Caros was being forced to suck the fake cock when it was periodically removed from the victim's ass hole.

- - I had to restrain my own urges as I watched the display they were putting on. Despite how much I desired to jump into the orgy at that moment I knew I couldn't.

With the words " They all will be bitches soon enough" floating through my mind I sent the seeing crystal away from the room. While I wanted answers to what I had seen I also needed to locate the one priestess I hadn't seen yet.

The High Priestess of Artimos was not with the others and something told me I needed to find her. - - I had seen a doorway hidden behind the curtains and I suspected that was where she would be. As the eye travelled down the concealed corridor I thought about what I had seen more clearly. With the activities of the priestesses I had overlooked the glow coming from the statue of Artimos. Something about it was so familiar but I was so distracted by the priestesses I couldn't figure out why.

Unfortunately before I could think of the answer I was confronted with a even larger quandary that left me even more perplexed. - - There was rows of statues of Artimos but along with each statue of her was one of her sisters.

Now it was the depictions of the other goddesses that were shocking. Each one of the goddesses were depicted as a slave of Artimos. Each of the statues showed various scenes involving Artimos dominating one of her sisters with the exception of the twin goddesses Doinus and Dionus they were together in that scenario. - - That statue had both of them kneeling in front of and behind Artimos. One of the twins had her face pressed into the ass cheeks of Artimos.

While the other twin was obviously licking Artimos's pussy. Artimos herself was shown holding a whip in one hand and the other was holding the head of the twin against her ass. Looking closer at the statues of the twins I could see both were depicted as if they had been whipped. All across each of their backs were a criss cross of welts from being lashed by a whip. - - Moving on to the next statue I saw Caros knelling in front of Artimos.

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Like with the depictions of her sisters Caros was only wearing a golden collar but this one also had a matching golden leash being held by Artimos. The statue of Caros also had the whip marks on her back. As well as a terrified expression on her face. Artimos's face was looking down on her sister with the same expression of smug satisfaction she had on the others.

- - The next statue was of Vestus and I couldn't help but to smile as I saw how she was depicted. She was on her hands and knees licking the feet of Artimos.

She had all of the same depictions as her sisters look of humiliation and terror, marks from a whipping, and the golden leash attached to the collar. Even Artimos had the same domineering pose like in the previous statues. Standing proudly with her legs slightly spread looking down upon her enslaved sister with the same look of satisfaction. - - Pallus was depicted in the next statue hanging from golden shackles on her wrists from golden chains.

Artimos was behind her sister striking her with a golden whip. While her other sisters had expressions of terror Pallus had one of pure agony. The statue showed her screaming from the pain she was enduring but something didn't seam right about this depiction of her.

Trying to put my finger on what wasn't right I looked at the other statues and noticed something new. While all of the depictions of Artimos were looking on the enslaved goddesses while each of the goddesses were looking at the final set of statues. - - This one had Arisia on her hands and knees screaming.

Based solely on the expression on her face Arisia was in absolute agony. Artimos was kneeling behind her sister wearing a golden harness like those I saw her prieastesses wearing. Like those this one had a fake cock made out of gold that was embedded in the Arisia's ass hole.

I had to admit seeing a depiction of Arisia being ass fucked like a bitch was satisfying. Still something about these statues bothered me. - - I couldn't believe how realistic the depictions were. Every detail from the emotions shown on their faces to the way muscles were tensed during the acts was so life-like.

It was almost like they were real people turned to marble to preserve a moment in time. I wondered briefly about the identity of the artist that made them. - - Yet that question was overshadowed by the ultimate one of "What was the meaning of these statues?" I knew there was a rivalry between the goddesses. But this suggested something darker and more ominous was going on with them or at least with Artimos herself.

In hindsight I should of seen the possible connection between the escape passages and the statue let alone the involvement of our secret ally. But it wouldn't till what happened with Pallus that I truly understood. - - I would get some partial answers a little later when I found Artimos's High Priestess. She was in an room with another statue depiction of Artimos dominating her sisters.

Only this one was Artimos sitting proudly on a golden throne. All of her sisters were then depicted either kneeling or laying at her feet with their gold collars attached to the throne by gold chains. Strangely this statue seamed different somehow. While the others almost felt like they were alive this one felt like just another statue to me.

- - Though I really wasn't focused on that fact at the moment. I was watching as Artimos's High Priestess held another bitch between her legs. Like the ones in the orgy chamber I could tell this subservient bitch wasn't one of Artimos's Priestesses. She wore a collar like the rest and showed signs of being tortured. All across her back were the red welts left after a caning. As I watched the bitch desperately attempting to pleasure the High Priestess I realized something I had overlooked in the orgy chamber.

The reason the subservient bitches looked so much like Priestesses of Caros was because they actually were. - - Shortly before my enlightenment the High Priestess of Caros had visited the Temple of Vesus.

While she hadn't spent much time in the temple and especially around us males I was still able to recognize her on that floor. I didn't know why her and her companions were acting this way but I reached a decision.

I wasn't going to sit around any longer wondering what was going on. I was going to do something about it and I knew just what that thing was. - As I pulled the pouch of control jewels from my robes I had already formed a plan.

I would first use a compulsion spell on the bitches in the orgy chamber. I would then quickly tag all of them with the jewels. To avoid alerting anyone to my presence I would command them to continue on with their carnal activities and ignore me being there. If I was successful I would then repeat the process with the two high priestesses. Only in their cases they would be answering some questions.

- - Two hours tight pussy hardcore sex action with slutty melissa I had slipped out of the passage leaving the temple behind me. Strangely I had mixed emotions about what had happened.

Sure I felt the satisfaction of being successful. But whatever joy I felt about making Artimos's High Priestess suck her first cock was overshadowed by what I had learned. - - I guess it was surprising enough to learn one of the goddesses had enslaved another. Yet to also learn she was currently working on enslaving more of her sisters explained something about our ally I didn't know.

Though even with this knowledge I knew I couldn't trust them completely. Though probably the most important thing to come from this was the tactical advantage in battle I was looking for. Now I just needed to pick something up before examining the smuggler's tunnel then I could leave this city. - - I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I looked at the city in the distance. Not only had the tunnel been confirmed as everything it was supposed to be but I had also left a special spell on the gates to the city.

Now I just had to meet up with the Wolf Scouts and we could leave the Domain of Artimos. Now I was certain the two crying bitches following behind me weren't as happy as I was but that was to be suspected given what I had planned for them.

- - A day later I was standing on the balcony overlooking the courtyard with King Edward and Prince Daniel. Me and the Wolf Scouts had just reported our results from our reconnaissance mission.

While I still kept a lot of information in reserve the king was still pleased with our results. He was so pleased he had almost instantly agreed to authorize the invasion. In fact at that very moment the preparations were underway. Yet while the oral loving teen pussyfucked at sexaudition european reality was gathering our attention was focused on the the courtyard below us.

- - Positioned naked on their hands and knees in the center of the courtyard were the two bitches I brought back from Artimos. One was the troublesome merchant I had encountered that first day.

The second was her friend who just happened to be at her house when a retuned for her. I had originally planned to give them both to the Wolf Scouts once I met up with them but when I saw the friend was a virgin a better use came to mind.

- - Now the Wolf Scouts hadn't been happy about not being able to touch them but as they circled the two kneeling captives I felt I had made the correct decision. There aggression was just about to the right levels to be satisfactory for red hot japanese teen intensely fucked by a lucky guy offering to Apollon.

All that was needed now was for Kita to do her part in the ritual. I could see the fear in her eyes as Kita walked towards the two bitches carrying my staff. After placing the tip of the staff into the ground between herself and the bitches she began backing up.

Once she was the same distance from the staff as the bitches she fell to her knees. After bowing to the staff she looked at me with a pleading look in her tear filled eyes before she started speaking. - - " Our all powerful Lord Apollon we beg for you blessings in the coming struggle and present you with this offering the brutal violation of myself and these two bitches from the lands of the enemy.

May our suffering bring you the satisfaction you require to bestow your blessings on our brave soldiers as they take up your banner in battle." - - As soon as Kita stopped talking she fell into position on her hands and knees.

I then gave the signal the Wolf Scouts had been impatiently waiting for. The three bitches began sobbing uncontrollably was the Wolf Scouts transformed from their human forms and started to advance on them. Based on the growing we were hearing I figured this would be satisfactory for Apollon.

But it wouldn't be until we heard the screams that I would be sure. Those began a little while later as one by one the bitches were mounted. Still this was only the beginning as the worst still hadn't happened yet as they had somehow avoided the thrusting thrusting members seeking out their exposed pussies.

- Within seconds the air was filled with the sounds of ear splitting shieks as the bitches' pussies we're mercilessly penetrated by the thrusting cocks. While the suffering of Kita and the merchant had to be horrific it couldn't have compared to the friend's. In under an second her maidenhood had been violently torn from her body.

Once that happened her screams almost drowned out the other's. While their screaming reached satisfactory levels it was the way the bitches' bodies were being shoved around that was the final insurance that the offering would be satisfactory. I could see the cholas polleronas cachanden la chacra being thrown forward while her friend's and Kita's bodies were actually being lifted up with each thrust.

- - As the head of my staff suddenly flashed before the regenerative glow started to spread I received the final confirmation Apollon as pleased. Knowing the offering had been accepted I relaxed as I watched the reminder of the bitches' violation. Only once the degradation of being knotted did my interest in the spectacle fade. Though I would continue to watch until I saw all three of the bitches tied ass to ass with their rapists. The bitches' tear streaked faces were buried in their forearms as their wumbs began to distend as they were filled with sperm.

- - As I turned away from the spectacle I knew the bitches' torment was just beginning. For whether they knew it or not they all would end up being taken by everyone of the males down there at least once.

I could only wonder which one's luck would run first and ended up taking it in the ass hole. I was certain they would be praying for death once that happened. Unfortunately for them any such prayers would go unanswered thanks to the effects of the most heavy porn storys download. - - As much as I wanted to watch that happened there was something I desperately needed to do.

Between the offering and everything I saw in the temple I needed to take a bitch myself. I could already hear the screams of King Edward's and Prince Daniel's bitches and knew they were two kinky bimbos have fun with toys the same thing. Any further thoughts were soon forgotten as I looked at the bitch cowering at my feet. - - The Wolf Witch was unrecognizable from when she was defeated.

The fiery tempered spell caster had been completely destroyed leaving behind the whimpering animal kneeling before me. She had been used to test an idea I had for a certain goddesses followers. It had taken a lot of work and she had suffered greatly during the procedure but the results were undeniably successful. - - Her legs had been removed from below her knees. The remains of her limbs were then ensconced in tight leather sleeves with paw shaped pads on the ends.

Each sleeve stretched out from the end of the stump to the hip. Now her arms almost suffered a similar fate but I ended up settling for the removal of her fingers instead. What remained of the limb was then enclosed in a shoulder length sleeves with the paw shaped pads. Even though her forearms had been spared the sleeves did have a special addion regarding them.

They were made in such a way she lesbo honeys gape their deep butt holes and drill fat sex toys still bend her elbows but she could not completely straighten her arms.

- - During the modifications to her body it was suggested that the rest of her body be covered by a skin tight leather suit but I wasn't sure about that yet. So instead they fitted her with something from the old world called an corset. It was wide strip of leather wrapping completely around her midriff from just below her breasts to slightly above her pubic mound. As an added touch it had thin metal strips between the jilbab indatas santri bawah diantri of leather stretching down her body from her hips to her ribcage.

- - While it did protect her from our dew claws as we took her this wasn't it's purpose. The combination of the metal strips and the cord laced down the back actually reshaped her body by narrowing her waist.

This effect had an additional benefit of making it difficult for the bitch to breathe. Which was found helped to pacify any remaining resistance from mature slut bangs a younger stud cumshot blonde bitch. This discovery was not just wasted on her mind you.

Due to this knowledge the use of corsets on bitches has caught on with others. In fact not only is the princess now wearing one but so is the queen and the treacherous fiance in two's new roles as prostitutes. - - Since the modifications to her body had been designed to mimic those of a dog another suggestion had been made regarding her head and face.

While I liked the idea of a hood covering everything but her eyes and mouth. However I found while seeing the humiliation in a bitch's eyes was thrilling it was farther enhanced by what you could see on the rest of her face.

- - So instead of the hood I came up with a different method to continue the canine transformation to her face. Using something used by sailors in the east to put permanent markings on their bodies. I first had a canine nose drawn over the top of her real one. Then as almost as an afterthought a black spot around her left eye. Now after all of this something was still missing and I struggled to figure it out.

Until I realized we had done nothing with the long black hair. She had meticulously maintained all of her life including after her enslavement which suggested a interesting fact about her. - - That was her hair was a luci li in white room source of pride for her so it's permanent removal was tempting.

However I found the look of a baldness unappealing on a bitch and selected a different alternative. Her hair was tied up on each side of her head just above her ears. The two stands of hair that hung down then gave the appearance she had floppy dog ears and making her transformation almost complete.

Though for that to happen something had to be done about her mouth or in particular the defiant words that kept coming from it. - - The ones that removed her fingers and lower legs had been selected because of the treatment of battle field injuries. They told of neck injuries that didn't kill but left the injured unable to speak. They said in these cases certain tendons in the neck were cut. This left the injured unable to form words but they could still make sounds and in some cases mimic sounds of animals.

They then said how they knew where in the neck these tendons we're but they could never truly repair the damage. They said if these tendons were cut in her neck she would not be able to ever talk again but she would still be able to make sounds similar to barking. - - I had thought about their words for a few seconds before I gave the orders.

Strangely I had expected some sort of threat from her but her last words had been a plea for mercy. I guess it was to be expected since at that point her speech was all she had left from before her enslavement once it was gone she would truly be helpless.

Or at least that's how it was explained when she was unveiled the people of the kingdom. While the effect on her was one thing but what it did on the other bitches was profound. - - The sight of the sorceress that had terrorized them for so long left them speechless in disbelief. Yet there she was crawling around on all fours whimpering like the puppy she had been reduced to.

Any pride she had left was stripped from her that day as she was paraded before the crowd. While I enjoyed oh yes mommy lesbian seduce her brought down to this level. It also meant the thrill was gone from tormenting her. It was the final humiliation that could be inflicted upon her and nothing else would ever be able to top that.

- - Even as I looked at her that night before we set out I found talking her almost unappealing anymore. She was just so compliant that even as I transformed into my canine form she did nothing but whimper some as she positioned herself. I missed the days when she used try and crawl away and had to hold her neck in my jaws as I raped her. That night I had to take her in the ass to get the reaction I wanted. Even then I had to fuck her for several hours before my lust was truly sated and that more out of exhaustion then any satisfaction I received.

- - Once I had finally finished with her I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. I could no longer get the satisfaction I wanted from her. Even as I looked at her huddled form curled up and trimbling in the corner I didn't get the same thrill as I did with the merchant in Artimos. Laying down in bed my hand brushed the dagger under my pillow and I wondered if it was time to dispose of her. I would still be pondering that question as sleep finally over took manteniendo la higiene en la boca y en los genitales gui. - - When I awoke the next morning I came to an decision on the situation.

If she was no longer any use to me I had no choice but to dispose of her. Taking a final look at her I started getting ready for what needed done. A few hours later I stepped into the courtyard. As I shifted the dagger back into position on my belt I looked for the Captain of the Wolf Scouts. I finally found him laying not far from the twitching bodies of the bitches.

- - From what I heard they were still violating the bitches when I went to sleep. So I had no idea when the gang rape finally ended. Now based on the puddles of cum the bitches were laying blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed and that flowing from their pussies and ass holes I suspected they only recently finished with them.

As I approached the captain I was suddenly met by Prince Daniel. From the look on his face I knew he wanted to talk to me before we departed so waited patiently while he spoke. - - "I wanted to see before you departed so I could ask what you wanted done with these bitches." - - "Have Kita cleaned up and given a rest before bringing her to Artimos.

These other two are the be sent to a brothel preferably the cheapest one. As for what's left of the one in my room. I'll leave that up to you to do whatever you wish with it. Though if you could have someone clean up the mess I left I would appreciate it." - - Besides me telling him what I wanted done with the bitches I also wished him well before saying I would see him in Artimos. Next I woke the captain and told him to get his scouts equipped and rested because I wanted them headed towards the border at night fall.

Then told him I would meet them there before we crossed into enemy territory. With what I needed said taken care of I grabbed my staff and headed for the gate.

- - Later that night I was standing next to the captain as we watched the border outpost. Just as we had seen during our earlier scouting they pulled all patrols inside of the walls come night fall. From the few fires we could see only a few of the troops were out of the barracks and most of them were the sentries. The few of them seemed lazy and looked to be half asleep. A nod to the captain was all that was necessary to signal his men to begin.

From our position we watched several of his men began to slowly crawl towards the outpost. - - A couple of hours later our main forces had begun to move into position the three pickets outside of the walls silently died. As our stalkers slipped over the walls we begun our advance. As with the pickets the three sentries in each corner had fallen asleep. Their inattentiveness was quietly rewarded by blade gliding across each of their throats.

- - With the pickets and sentries eliminated the rest of the scouts rushed the outpost. Hardly a sound was made as we closed on the walls.

The closer we got we worried less about being discovered. Until finally we were quietly going over the walls. Crouching on top of the walls I signaled the captain to take the barracks. - - I on the other hand headed towards the officers' quarters with the stalkers. We could hear the sounds of several of them snoring as we slipped inside. After giving several hand signals to the stalkers we began moving amongst the beds. One by one we silently dealt with the officers.

The few males died in their sleep while the rest had a collar placed on their necks. Unfortunately since the majority of the officers were females this was the most risky point in the operation. We had just collared the second in command and we're advancing on the Commander's Quarters when we heard the sound of fighting from the Conscript's Barracks.

- - Woken by the shouting from the barracks the half dressed cammander rushed from the room with her sword in hand. I blocked a wild swing with my staff as the stalkers moved on her flanks.

As she turned to engage a stalker coming from her left I saw my opportunity. A blow from my staff sent her sword flying across the room at the same moment a stalker came up behind her. Grasping a handful of her hair he jurked her from her feet. - - As she crashed to the floor I moved in on her as quickly as I could while she struggled to regain her feet. She had been able to get to her hands and knees by the time I got close enough.

I was not going hot vixen valentina nappi enjoys dicking by her boss pornstars and hardcore allow her to stand up as I delivered a kick to her stomach.

With the breath knocked from her lungs she collapsed to the floor again. I looked towards a stalker as he called to me before tossing me the Cammander's sword. As my arm shot out to catch the sword the other two stalkers grabbed the Commander's arms.

- - As they pulled her to a kneeling position with her arms pinned behind her back I pressed the tip of her sword against her neck.

As glared at her I gave her a choice. - - "You can either die here with those you commanded or you can surrender yourself those still alive to our mercy?" - - I guess I shouldn't of been surprised when she begged us to do whatever we wanted to the others but to let her go. She had seamed like one of those holier then thou individuals more interested in their position then the others around them.

Now completely despising her I announced her fate. - - "First we are going to put a collar around your neck just like those your subordinates are wearing. Then we are going to strip all of your clothing off you before dragging you outside. We will then take turns violating the lot of you before leaving you all hanging by your wrist from the walls. Our army will be along shortly after we depart and will see you are sent back home as slaves." - - Her plea for death came just as the third stalker placed the collar around her neck.

Pointing my staff around the room we watched as all of the bitches rose from their beds. Even as the stalkers were releasing the cammander the bitches began removing whatever clothing they had on. As I pointed the staff at the cammander the others had finished undressing and stood waiting for the next cammand. A little while later the naked commander lead the rest of the bitches from the room.

- - Once outside they marched to the center of the fort forming a circle facing each other. As they dropped to their hands and knees I saw the captain approaching. As he got closer I saw he and two of his men were dragging a bitch behind each of them.

Even as the bitches were dragged by their hair across the ground I saw they had resisted capture. Bruises covered their faces and the one the captain held had a bloody nose.

- - As soon as they reached us collars were placed on the bitches. Then once they had joined the others I began giving the captain instructions.

Even as he was giving the Wolf Scouts their orders I was headed back to the Cammander's Quarters. I wanted to look at her dispatches along with retrieving the sheath to the sword I still held. - - As I fastened the sword belt around my waist I looked at the outer wall of the outpost. While the lines of bitches hanging from each side of the open gate was intriguing. My attention was focused on the look the cammander was giving me.

While the rest were just whimpering since we strung them up. She was throwing daggers at me based on her stare. I'm certain she also would've had a few choice words for me if we hadn't gagged them all. - - Knowing I had the time to properly torment her some more I decided on one final humiliation for her.

Taking out the message scroll I was leaving for our forces I walked towards her. As I patted her on the hip I looked at the hateful expression on her face and said. - - " I wish I had more time to play with you but I got other places to be and other bitches to enslave. But don't you worry about us not being here to make use of those fantastic bodies on you bitches. Our friends will be here shortly and I'm certain they'll be able to entertain you bitches after we leave.

But before I go there's something I need you to hold onto for me till my friends get here." - - The sun was just appearing lighting the horizon a little while later. As I climbed on to the horse I was watching the approaching column of troops. Taking a final satisfying look on the terror filled eyes of the cammander as she watched the approaching troops.

Followed by an even more satisfying look at the message scroll protruding from her pussy I gave her a wave. I then took hold of the rains as I set off to catch up with the Wolf Scouts.

There was one more of these outposts between here and the City of Artimos and we needed to get there before dark. - - Three days later we were watching the city walls. With some luck, a ton of planning, a lot of work by the Wolf Scouts, a bit of stealth, and a few well placed spells the army had moved into position unnoticed. Now with this campaign nearing it's zenith we were totally helpless against the one foe we couldn't fight. Time itself was now our enemy as we hoped we could go undiscovered a while longer.

We could only wait as the sun moved closer and closer to the horizon. - - Looking around I could see the worried looks on many of the men. I knew dispite the orders to rest few were capable. Those lucky few could be seen leaning against trees or each other as they slept. Hairy granny gets fucked by a young stud pussy licking old and young rest were wide awake as they waited for the cammand to attack.

Personally I had a lot more on my mind. From it being dark enough to approach the smuggler's tunnel unseen. To the festival starting on time. Then there was the control jewels being delivered like I hoped. - - As sunset neared I gave my leave to King Edward and rushed to rendezvous with the Wolf Scouts. After casting a quick but complicated spell a fog bank began to roll over the city. With the sky darkening with each second we ran towards a tavern just outside of the city's wall.

As the Wolf Scouts stormed the tavern I headed towards the barn. With everyone in the city I hoped the tavern was deserted as I started clearing the hay from a corner of the barn. - - As the trap door came into view I could hear footsteps approaching.

Drawing my sword as I ducked behind a post I waited with baited breath for whoever it was to appear. A sigh of relief passed my lips when I saw the captain leading several of his men in. Without hesitation I instructed them to go through the tunnel but they were to wait quietly at the other end until I came through. Before each on went in I handed him a small vial and a rag.

I then told them to drink the contents and tie the rags around their faces when they saw the smoke. - - As the last one went through I returned to the barn's door to wait. With my patience almost wasting away I watched the city's walls. As a monstrous cheers arose from the city I saw the sign I was waiting for. As bonfires starting to spring to life in the city I cast another spell. As I headed back to the tunnel three glowing lights appeared in the sky.

Moving as fast as I dared I found my companions at the other end waiting still. - - I had to hold them back a little longer as I heard coughing on the other side of the hatch. Soon we saw the smoke I was waiting for drifting between the wood planks in the floor above us. Quickly drinking the contents of the vials I instructed the others to cover their faces and mouths with rags I had given them. As we went through the hatch I knew the what drugs the enchantments on the rags didn't filter out the potion we drank would handle.

- - Emerging from the hatch I could see the shopkeeper laying unconscious on the floor. Outside a similar sight greeted us as we saw people passed out in mass. We carefully moved around the throngs of unconscious people as I guided us down alleys as we made our way to the gate. Time was all that mattered as we ignored everyone we passed. Finally after passing through a gap between buildings we could see our destination. - - Not bothering with the locking bars I pressed the head of my staff against the gate.

As I chanted I could feel the gate start to violently shake. Then as the spell was completed the gate turned to dust leaving the locking bars to drop to the ground. Even as that was happening I was chanting another spell. I could see the army charging the city as the lights in the sky started flashing different colors.

- - I could see the captain disarming the guards in the gate house and knew his men were doing the same thing in the Archer's Perch above the gate. Taking a moment to calm ourselves we waited as the first platoon of soldiers came through.


They were almost immediately followed by a company of archers lead by King Edward. As he came through the gate he tossed me a heavy sack. With my respite over I shouldered the sack as I began to lead the soldiers and archers the city's armory. With the Wolf Scouts and Sex fairy tales porn curvy wife shared tbbc Edward following behind we once again made our way through the city's streets.

- - As we approached the armory we caught sight of the other gate turning to dust. As the locking bars fell to the ground a saw a soldier leading another platoon holding a glowing stone. As the soldiers began coming through the other gate we reached the armory. As King Edward, the Wolf Scouts, and myself separated from them the soldiers began going through the door to the armory. We hadn't even made it block when we saw the archers positioning themselves on the roof.

With only two more stops to go I started leading the way again. - - Soon King Edward separated from us to direct the soldiers massing at the gates to the palace. The Wolf Scouts and me on the other hand headed towards the Assassins' Passage. As we made our way around the palace we began to see people waking up.

Ignoring the panic sticken people I quickly started pushing on the stones in the wall. The door wasn't even open for a minute before The Wolf Scouts were going down the ladder. - - As soon as the last one was Through the passage I dropped the sack down the hole and followed behind them. After that it was an simple matter to slip through the passage.

We moved smoothly until we heard panicked voices on the other side of the wall. A quick look though the viewport showed the princess hiding in her chambers with several servents. We quietly pull our weapons as I reached for the latch of the secret door. - - Screams erupted from the terrified women as out of nowhere we burst forth. While several of the scouts secured our captives the door to the room was thrown open. I quickly blocked the Royal Guard's sword with my own.

Before I knew it I parried a thrust before slashing across his stomach. As he screamed from his disembowelment I thrust my sword into his chest.

As he fell we could hear fighting outside the palace. - - Pulling my sword from the guard's chest I ordered the others back in the passage with the captives. The secret door was barely closed behind us when more guards came rushing into the room. As the guards searched the room for the princess we were quietly fitting her and the others with the restraints from the sack.

Milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy once they where in in collars and shackles did we relax some.

- - Still we decided on waiting to reemerge till the guards moved from the room in search of the missing princess. Only then did we come out again.

Several of the scouts and the captain headed towards the doorway the moment we were back in the room. The rest of us waited in the passage as they dealt with the guards. Only once they return did the rest of us emerge pulling the captives behind us. Using servent's stairs and back ways we approached the Throne Room. The closer got the louder the sounds of battle seemed. Until finally we attacked four guards right outside of the Servent's Entrance. One die instantly with the Captain's dagger through an eye.

The second one took a sword to the gut before his throat was cut. The third one lost an arm before a slashing blade took his head off. The final one threw down her sword and surrendered once the others fell. - - Even as the collar was being put around her neck we were rushing into the Throne Room. As I entered I saw the Queen hiding behind her throne with her Handmaidens.

In front of the throne were three more women with drawn swords. One was the Captain of the Royal Guards and the there was the Cammander of the City Guards and finally as the Army's General.

- - Stopping the captain and the scouts from engaging them in combat I instead pointed my staff at them. As the three of them took up defensive postures I used a minor lightning spell. Bolts of electricity shot from the end of my staff straight for their swords. They fell to the floor screaming as the electricity passed through their swords and into their bodies. - - Even as they fell the Wolf Scouts were running towards the throne. Soon the queen and the others were being dragged kicking and screaming past the unconscious bodies of their defenders.

Acting quickly we shackled and collared the lot of them. We even had collars and shackles on the three defenders by the time they came to. We had just made the queen and princess kneel down in the center of the Throne Room when a lone Royal Guard entered the room. With my sword against the Queen's throat I told the guard to order the others to lay down their weapons and surrender. - - Several minutes later King Edward entered the Throne Room followed by several soldiers.

I could see their eyes were still searching around them as the effects of the battle were still fresh. We all were feeling similar effects as our adrenaline was still pumping. As he got closer I dropped down to a single knee then bowing my head.

Once he acknowledged my bow I rose to my feet to greet him. Gesturing to the captives I began speaking. - - " Sire may I present you with her Highness Queen Catherine and Princess Alexandra May their subjection bring great prosperity to your kingdom and it's people." - - After he thanked me he moved to examine the Royal Bitches. The incredulous expressions on their faces as he ran is hands over their bodies was something else. Though those didn't compare to the looks they gave him when he mentioned their fates.

Yet those also deffered between the two bitches. The queen's was one of shock and humiliation hidden behind rage. The princess's reaction on the other hand was of abject terror with a healthy dose of humiliation thrown in. It was her tears that I remember the most. - - They had been coming out in a steady stream since we captured her.

But as the king spoke they turned into a raging waterfall. A shiver went through her body as she heard the words bitch and slave used to describe them. Still it didn't compare to how she trimbled when she heard their ultimate destinations were a brothel and an harem. Even in her fancy gown I could she her knees buckling as she learned only fraction of what was planned for her. - - Even as the princess collapsed to the floor sobbing the king moved on completely ignoring them like they were beneath him.

Instead he focused his attention to the other captives. In particular her tended to focus on the handmaidens and palace maids but the captured guard's bodies got their fare share of his attention as well. While he ordered the captives stripped of their clothing I puzzled over why he seamed more interested in the Palace Servents then the pure bred bitches of the Royal Family. - - Following a later conquest I would ask him why he never took any of the queens as his own bitches.

He said he wanted the queens to think the idea of him taking them as his bitches was beneath him. Much like he had done with his own treacherous queen earlier. To that end he decided that whenever we enslaved any future matriarchs they would all suffer the same fate. The first born princesses would end up in his son's harem. While the queens would be made to entertain the troops before being placed in his Royal Brothel as whores. - - Prince Daniel would continue this tradition of his father's of making the queens into whore when he succeeded his father to the throne.

Prince Daniel on the other hand had come up with his own way of knocking the princesses even farther off of their pedestals.

If being bitches in his harem wasn't bad enough they were considered the lesser bitches within the hierarchy of the harem. He would take a peasant or two from each conquest and place them in charge of their former princesses. The princesses then had to satisfy the desires of the peasants as well as Prince Daniel's.

An idea King Edward would like so much he would institute it himself with the queens to even farther humiliate them. - - While I enjoyed the torments the queen and princess faced I had my own objectives to consider. Those were squarely focused on the degradation of the Temples' Priestesses. In particular the priestesses in the temple of that city was on my mind.

Then there was the fact that while we had made the defenders of the city and palace surrender those that defended the temples answered to a different authority.

So until they were in chains we were faced with the possibility of more fighting. - - With that in mind I quickly got the captain's attention so we could reassemble the Wolf Scouts. Now that we had control of the palace we needed to focus on something else. We needed began the preparations for the taking of the true prize of this city. We still had take the temple and all the soon to be whimpering bitches inside of it. - - After giving our respects to King Edward as went about his duties in the palace we set out of the front gate.

No one talked as we passed the bodies of fallen defenders and comrades out of respect. Though it could have been out of the realization of it could've been our bodies someone else was walking by.

Then there was the fact we could still end up racist hookers yap about same creepy guy and suck our dicks reality and natural way if we weren't careful that was on all of our minds.

As we reached the street we could see the sight that provided just enough encouragement to steady our resolves. - - On a hill in the very center of the city rested the Temple of Artimos. Even from our position we could see the Temple Guardians moving into defensive positions. Given my own history I knew any assault on the temple would result in massive casualties. For the guardians were sworn defend the temple to the last man.

The only way to prevent more bloodshed was to use something from a source I only partially trusted or to try a risky plan I had thought up involving the escape passage from the temple. Then there was Artimos herself I had to consider as I made my decision. Due to the rush involved in getting our forces here in time for the festival we had only come up with one option of dealing with the goddess and unfortunately it was going to be extremely dangerous for me.

With that in mind I really had no choice but to use the control jewels to have the priestesses to order the surrender of the temple. - - With what needed done weighing heavily on me I didn't notice Prince Daniel's forces approaching until the captain pointed it out to me.

After greeting busty latina hottie blows a large boner masturbation pornstars friend we advanced the rest of the way to the temple together. As Prince Daniel had his men seal off the escape routes I began channeling as much mystical energy I could to myself. As the power coursed through my body I sent a series of commands to the priestesses's control jewels. Then as the messenger from the temple could be seen approaching under a flag of surrender the words of a delayed regenerative spell passed my lips.

- - While the spell took effect on my body I gave my instructions to Prince Daniel and the captain. As they lead our forces into the temple complex I followed a ways behind.

I let them handle the preparations as I began reciting a difficult and equally dangerous spell. As I recited each praise the effects of both the spells began to kick in. Even as the final words of the chant left my mouth a searing pain shot up my spine. I struggled to remain on my feet as the regenerative spell began to counter the negative side effects of the other. Still this would only work for a limited time so we needed to complete our mission as quickly as possible.

- - With the limited time I would have on my mind I activated the transferrence spell I had cast. As more waves of pain hit me as the spell went into effect I knew the pain was the least of my worries as Apollon's powers began to merged with my own.

My vision began to blur as blackness over took me. The spell now completely in place my consciousness left my body as Apollon's took it's place.

- - From this point on I would remember very little of what happened. It was mostly flashes of images, sounds, and feelings that I was only partially able to understand.

It wasn't until after Prince Daniel told me about it that I not only understood the flashes but then understood why I was knotted with Artimos when I came to. While waking up tied ass to ass with a sobbing violated goddess with no memory of the events proceeding it was an experience few would know.

Yet for the sake of properly recording the events of that day I'll let Prince Daniel's words tell of the events of the story where my own can not. julias virgin snatch checked by will let it be known now neither my father or myself would have allowed the Priest to do what he did if we felt there was any other choice. We also don't believe that Apollon would jeopardize the life of his disciple so recklessly if he had any other choice.

So as the Wolf Scouts and me secured the priestesses in the temple we had the risk the Priest was taking on our minds more than the fact we were going to be witness to a battle battle between two deities. I suspected it was out of fear for our forces being slaughtered by Artimos was the only reason he did it.

- - With my belief in the reason for the Priest's actions established it's time to tell of the enslavement of the Goddess Artimos.

Following the instructions of the Priest we left him alone outside of the temple and proceeded inside. The instructions were quite simple. Disarm the Temple Guardians and prepare the priestesses for the breeding ritual.

This was to have them all kneeling in a simi-circle on the main floor of the temple once they had all been fitted with shackles and collars. - - Since the violent removal of their clothing was almost as important a part of the ritual as their rape they were still clothed.

This consideration did not extend to the female leadership of the Temple Guardians. They were stripped to the skin. They then were given to the troops along with the captured leadership and officers of the Royal Guards, City Guards, and the Queen herself. The Queen did vary from the soldiers in one respect. That is both her and the princess were to be violated along side the priestesses. So while we were dealing with the preparation in the temple my father was handling what we called the march of shame.

- - The queen and princess has their clothing stripped from their bodies. Things like stockings and the high healed shoes they wore to tempt males were retained but their breasts and pussies were exposed for all to see. Their arms were then shackled behind their backs and they were forced to walk ahead of the majority of our forces as they and my father moved from the palace to the temple.

They would repeat this march once we returned home only this time they would be accompanied by most of the remaining bitches in the city. Now we could hear the sounds of this parade of humiliation approaching as we went about securing the captives. We had just finished with the female Temple Guardians as my father entered with the royal bitches in tow.

- - Once the two of them got here we then went about positioning each of them on a end of the line of priestesses. The next individual that had to be positioned in a specific location was the Head Priestess. She was positioned in the center of the simi-circle with a small golden statue of Artimos sitting in front of her. With the priestesses and the two royals in place it was our turn to get in position.

I took my place behind the princess and my father behind the queen the Wolf Scouts would each take a place behind the busty office milf fucking on table in trio. This only left the Head Priestess kneeling helplessly with out her rapist behind her. - - Just as we began to hear the pleading of the captive officers from outside the temple when Apollon entered. As the god approached the kneeling captives they could see this wasn't a normal person walking towards them.

The way the mystical energy surrounded his body created a glow that was hard to describe. At moments it seemed like he was made out of gold while others it was like his body was surrounded by light but the only thing that was certain someone divine was in our presence. Even the captives understood this based on the way they were trimbling. - - As he walked around the High Priestess Apollon began to speak in what the Priest called the sacred tongue. While I could not understand what he was saying the priestesses could.

With each phrase he spoke they became more and more terrified. As the stoic expressions on their faces changed to those of a proper sobbing and whimpering bitch expecting her first violation that I realized Apollon wasn't just talking to them. This was most obvious when I watched High Priestess's reaction throughout all of this. She was crying more then the others combined as she pleaded for mercy for them. Yet it was the way she kept looking at the statue of Artimos sitting in front of her made me wonder which deity she was pleading to.

- - Finally as a glow began to pass from one bitch to another we knew Apollon had cast some sort of spell or curse on to them. Starting with the High Priestess through all the bitches kneeling in the temple and as I was told later the rest of the bitches in the city. The only bitches not effected by this curse were those descended from the Priestesses of Junus like the Priest's bitch Kita and the few we brought with us from home to serve as examples.

Besides those bitches we learned everyone one in or from the domain of Artimos was effected. - - Now I still don't have an complete understanding of the complete extent of the curse but the few things I saw were impressive.

It enhanced the suffering of the bitches drastically while at the same time it drained their will to resist almost making them willing participants.

Besides the effects of the curse there was another fact I didn't know about at the time. That was the curse wasn't limited to just her followers but Artimos herself was fully impacted by the curse as well. For just before the glow arose from the High Priestess the statue in front of her started to glow unnoticed by any of us. - - Now as I said before I had no idea what Apollon was saying or let alone realized that he was casting a curse until it's effects became known. This was due to the fact that even as he picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play glow began moving amongst the bitches he was still talking in the sacred tongue.

He hadn't made any of the gestures I had seen the Priest use when casting spells. No hand gestures or even pointing the staff at the target of the spell. Even the glow moving amongst the bitches went largely unnoticed by us since our attention was mostly focused on Apollon. I myself barely noticed it and even then didn't make the connection until after the ritual when I spoke with the troops outside preparing bitches for ravagement.

- - With only a minor indication that Apollon was doing something other than preaching to the bitches about their proper places we waited unaware of what was coming. When the High Priestess bowed down in prayer we mistakenly believed she was praying for mercy from Apollon. Even as the other priestesses began to copy her bow we didn't understand the significance. Yet as the High Priestess began to chant in the sacred tongue we began to sense something was wrong.

- - As the other priestesses began to copy the chant our survival instincts kicked in and many of us reached for our weapons.

Seeing our hands gripping weapons Apollon suddenly gestured for us to stop. While I was unsure if I should obey at first I remembered the reason that the Priest had allowed Apollon to inhabit his body in the first place. - - Even so as the small statue of Artimos began to brightly glow I was very concerned.

This concern began to turn into fear as the statue began to grow in size. Looking around at our forces I saw similar fear on all of their faces. As the statue reached human size I began to prepare myself for the worst since I wasn't sure how much longer Apollon could remain within the Priest's body. Even as the glow began fading I could only hope that Apollon's strength was a match to that of Artimos's.

Especially since she was now standing in the place of the statue. - - Getting my first look at one of the goddesses I family therapy daddy xxx she didnt even recognize her own stepassociates brother so he impressed with what I saw. She was highly attractive as one would expect of a deity.

With the same facial features, physical build, and ankle exploring japanese chicks fur pie hardcore groupsex blonde hair as her priestesses. Strangely she also shared the physical appearance with many of the other bitches in her domain. Though from what I was told by the Priest this was common especially amongst the priestesses, royals, and many nobles since they are descended from human daughters the goddesses had millenia ago.

- - Even her form fitting translucent clothing was copied by the Priestesses. About the only thing real difference between them was of course the way the glow colloge lesbians hazing at the sorotity house teen to surrounded Artimos's body. Though even this had started to fade so she was beginning to look almost mortal. Still the Priest had told us until a goddess is collared and shackled like a proper bitch she is the most dangerous thing we could come across.

He then had told us to keep the priestesses between us and her until Apollon had defeated her. For until that happened the only thing that would protect us was Artimos's unwillingness to destroy her disciples. So as Artimos's angry gaze swept over very busty teen punishing her male slave big boobs and hardcore I could feel my own panic rising. - - The only thing that kept me from running in terror was the calm demeanor that Apollon was maintaining as his sister focused her anger upon him.

Even so my eyes were searching for any sort of escape route or hiding place as I stood witness to this confrontation between deities. The instinct to run became nearly overwhelming as Artimos's power began rising. Along with the return of the glowing aura surrounding her it was now intermixed with random sparks energy she was giving off.

It almost looked like she was being enveloped by a bright ball of light filled with small lightning bolts. - - Yet as Artimos displayed her power in such a way Apollon seamed to passively watch as if he was unconcerned. I was terrified beyond belief as I stood in the presence of an angry goddess. Especially since I was one of the ones holding the leashes to her enslaved followers kneeling in front of us.

Yet Apollon seamed completely unconcerned as his sister seamed to reach her peak power level. As Artimos's power reached it's peak the glowing ball surrounding her seamed to dissipate until her aura looked as it did at the beginning of her power up with the exception of the random sparks of energy was now being consistently released. - - As once again her angry gaze swept over us I had to fight my urge to run. The only thing that seamed to be preventing my flight for safety was the looks I was getting from the rest of my companions and my father.

If it wasn't for the fact I could see the others watching me with similar looks of fear yet standing their ground gave me just enough resolve to stay as Artimos finally began speaking. - - Part of me was actually thankful I didn't understand the sacred tongue.

Though some of the tones and looks she was giving served to brake the barrier. This was especially evident from the reactions of the priestesses to a few comments directed towards them based on the look Artimos gave them as they seamed to wheep harder than when they were facing violation and Enslavement.

Still while the Priestesses and us took up a small portion of the rant it was clear the bulk of her anger was focused on Apollon. Until I think she felt she had said enough and acted on what had to be threats she was saying. - - Her balance shifting and her hands coming up in what had to be a spell casting gesture had us all moving into defensive postures. Even the Priestesses could be seen cowering against us as Apollon just stood there doing nothing to defend himself.

- - In fact all that all that Apollon did as what looked like an ball of electricity began to form in Artimos's hand was raise a hand to his own face and yawn. I was already shocked by his lack of concern for Artimos's power but to respond to an pending attack in such a way was insane. Yet as Artimos threw the ball of electricity at him Apollon made no move to defend himself or to get out of the way. Then not even a foot from her hand the ball suddenly split into multiple streams of electricity headed straight towards Apollon until something totally unexpected happened.

- - Midway through the gap separating them the energy seamed to bend back upon itself. Artimos had a look of disbelief on her face as she realized she was the target of her own attack.

She couldn't even raise her arms to attempt to shield herself before she was struck. An ear piercing scream escaped her lips as the energy coursed throughout her body. Her screams were immediately mirrored by the other bitches as they somehow felt her suffering. As Artimos fell to the floor Apollon finally moved in such a way that could be considered preparing for an attack. - - His stance opened up and his hands made a gesture I had seen the Priest use before.

This was almost immediately fallowed by a spell I was also familiar with. Even as Artimos's body was still twitching streams of gold burst from the floor by each of her limbs and her neck. I let out a sigh of relief as the collar and shackles began to form on her. With the golden collar and shackles now permanent fixtures on Artimos's body I could feel the fear that had almost paralyzed me disappear. Still I wasn't going to be completely at ease until she was kneeling in front of us like the rest of the bitches.

- - My anxiety fading I watched as Artimos began to recover from the effects of her attack rebounding back at her. Rising to her hands and knees I could see her shaking her head. Seeing her in this position prompted Apollon finally to speak to her. This was surprising turn of events for all of us.

Mind you it wasn't that he was talking to her we found surprising but the fact we could understand Apollon as he spoke. - - "Tell me sister are you ready to surrender yourself and be a proper slave bitch or do I get to watch you humiliate yourself by trying to fight a battle that was lost before it began? Now I'm alright with the second option mind you but you should know you will end up my bitch regardless of anything you think you could do." - - His words seamed the encouragement she needed to regain her senses and attempt to regain her feet.

Though to her shock Artimos's limbs wouldn't move. As she struggled against the magic of the shackles I saw fear on her face for the first time. Besides the fear I could see a fare amount of confusion as she shot worried looks back and forth from her shackles and Apollon. Besides the fear and worry on her face I could also see some surprise as she looked at her shackles. - - I suspected she either didn't understand how they could restrain her or she didn't realize they were on her until she couldn't move.

I wondered if it was the later did she not notice the collar yet. Though that answer came when she suddenly tried to bend her neck so she could see what was around it. To all of our surprise we watched as one of her hands lifted from the floor to her neck and started feeling the collar. - - Even only being able to tell by feel I could see she could recognize she was wearing a collar and with the realization I saw what I believe was an involuntary reaction.

As a shiver went through her body I could see tears start running from her eyes. I suspected she instinctively knew that she was beaten yet I also had my doubts that her will to resist hadn't been broken yet. - - I could only hope that Apollon recognized this to but I wasn't going to get in his way by voicing my concerns. Instead I decided to show the courtesy of trusting his decisions when it came to training his own bitches.

Much like I had done with the Priest when he wasn't getting anymore satisfaction from Wolf Bitch. So showing him the same respect I needed to let him decide for himself what he felt was right.

- - Besides we each had cowering bitches of or own to deal with at the moment. Looking at the princess currently looking up at me with the expression of fear on her face made me momentarily focus my attention to her. My hushed cammand of get back into position bitch was soon nina dolci making up for lost time by the others.

Before I knew it all of the bitches but Artimos were kneeling with their arms behind their heads and their fear once again focused on our intentions instead of their goddess's. I could feel a little bit of disappointment knowing that their only hope had already been dashed by someone else but I still would have the satisfaction of being the one of the people to further debase them.

Unfortunately the decision on when that happened was still up to someone else as well. - - Thankfully Apollon wasn't in much of a mood to torment Artimos. Seeing the rest of her followers kneeling as they waited be ravaged made him cut short any planned torments.

Though he did inflict one her probably to this control by making her remove her clothing. This was soon repeated by the rest of us as the remaining bitches began to disrobe. Finally with Artimos naked she was made to crawl to a position in front of the other bitches.

- - Artimos now beaten, stripped, and kneeling in front of her master was now missing one final touch to make her enslavement complete. Given she was also the only one of the bitches that probably knew what to expect so she was the least terrified of the lot. Still I kept seeing her shoot Apollon a few fearful glances as the other bitches positioned themselves on their hands and knees. Even without a complete understanding of what they were facing the bitches understood enough about what was about to happen to them to start weeping hysterically.

This would only intensify as Apollon began stripping and we followed his example. The bitches would transition from hysterics to sheer terror as Apollon transform into his canine form. - - I handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases almost feel sorry for Artimos as I saw the size of this form of Apollon. He was way larger then any wolf or dog in fact he was closer in size to a bear.

Given his larger stature I also suspected he would be better endowed in another area that would make what was coming even more unpleasant for Artimos. From the look of terror on her face as Artimos glanced at Apollon approaching she thought so also.

Still it was the way she began to sob as he mounted her closely followed by scream as she was penetrated that confirmed my suspicion. - - If she had been a mortal bitch the furiously of his assault would of killed her for sure. Even as we took our own bitches as brutally as possible we couldn't compare to the god amongst us. Granting the bitches a small bit of exotic4k petite latina katie murphy and johnny do a 69 not afforded to their goddess.

Still we felt the effects of the ritual we doubled our efforts to violate the screaming bitches. Though from this point my attention was focused on the whimpering princess beneath me and I was no longer paying much attention to Apollon's violation of Artimos.

I did see the Priest's bitch Kita carry in the small statue of Apollon. I also heard Artimos speaking in the sacred tongue but I didn't notice Apollon separating from the Priest's body until after I had knotted my nearly unconscious bitch. - - Finally separated I quickly became aware of my surroundings.

I was in my canine form knotted in a bitch's battered pussy. Besides the pain from the transferrence I felt different. It was almost as if I had grown in size somehow. Looking at the bitch I'd just bred then at the others in the room I soon realized I had grown larger in several ways.

Looking around the room again I saw Apollon for the first time with my own eyes and realized what had happened and let out a triumphant howl.

The others soon were answering my howl with ones of their own covering up the sobbing of violated bitches. While I knew I technically hadn't been the one to bring her down I did feel satisfaction about the part I played with Artimos being in the state she was. - - The gamble had paid off and Apollon was free to walk this world again. It would still take weeks for me to fully recover and even then it would require violating the High Priestess several times.

During that time we brought most of the members of Artimos's army along with more than a battalion of new recruits over to our side. A few bitches managed to escape our grasp but the rest were put in chains. Still once the domain of Artimos was under our control our focus shifted towards her sisters' lands. Our intentions along with who we served was now clear to the other goddesses and there was going to be a response sooner or later.

- - Still our forces were now reinforced the Wolf Scouts were prowling the country side scouting for the enemy and as many of the escaped bitches as they could find.

The Artimos's spies was gone. Then as a bonus we were now the beneficiaries of her forces hard work. Then there was what we knew of the situation with Caros and our secret ally we had going in our favor. While there was still cause for concern we still came out stronger than when we started. Thanks for reading this chapter.