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Blond sexgroup free sex storys free black pussy amateur homegrown storys nude live
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The Curse of Magic Mansion, Part 2: The Lair of the Spider Queen By BD Long When Tina had seen her little sister incapacitated, ice had filled her veins. Cold fire had covered her hands and bled from her eyes, and she had felt the urge to destroy. But her brother had urged her back. He had been right: she had just discovered magic, but didn't know if she could control it, let alone fight an untold number of zombies. So they had fled, not up thirty flights of stairs, but just one.

When they reached the top, they looked down and saw that the atrium now led to the sitting room, just as it had the night before.

If they wanted to reach Jane, they would have to find another way. Now, Tina sat on the edge of her brother's bed, fuming in regret, anger, and fear. "But you stopped to grab a bottle of wine?" she hissed at him as he slipped his pants back on. "I wasn't in my right mind," he said. "I think I became invisible.

But I felt different, too—out of control, primal. Maybe I lost all corporeal form and became a spirit." Dan's even tone, his emotional detachment from the situation made Tina furious, and it took all her effort to keep the dangerous magic part of her at bay.

"Don't make excuses, coward! You're just jealous!" Dan had never seen his sister like this. Sure, he'd seen her angry—mostly at Jane—but not like this. He could see something in her eyes that scared him. "What's gotten into you?" he said. "Ever since you started using magic, you've been … well, you've not been yourself. And what is this about jealousy? What are you talking about?" "I—" Tina started, and then noticed how Dan was looking at her. He was afraid of her, but that was only a small part.

Something behind his eyes seemed to be watching her. Whatever it was created a huge magical ripple that made the hairs on her arms stand up. "Nothing. Forget it," she said, sincerely hoping he would. "You're right. This magic, whatever it is, it picks up on emotions, feeds off them—and amplifies them, I guess." "Just be careful, ok?" Dan said.

"You went to a really dark place, and I don't want to lose you to it." Tina nodded, but the now dissipating anger had held back the agony of defeat and the fear of losing her sister, which came rushing in. Tears came to her eyes, and Dan sat next to her, giving her a shoulder on which to rest her head.

"I'm sorry," she said, fighting the urge to cry. "This is all a little too much, y'know." "I sure do," he said. "The world's completely changed around us. Or maybe it hasn't. It's scary, thinking it's been like this the whole time and we just didn't know." He picked the wine bottle off the bed. It had no label, and the cork stuck a half inch out, enough for Dan to innocent perky teen sucks dick on film. He popped it out and sniffed.

"One thing hasn't changed, though: wine." Tina couldn't help but smile. Dan always had a weird way of cheering her up. "So, what, we get drunk and go rescue Jane?" "It's the last thing they'd expect," Dan said, winking. He took a swig of the wine and passed it to Tina, who drank and coughed. She'd had wine at dinner, but only a little. Never before had she been drunk, and the thought of being so scared her a little, particularly because the magic that made it hard to control her emotions would almost certainly flare out of control as her inhibitions loosened.

"So," she said, taking another gulp and passing the bottle back. "I meant to ask: how did you change into a spirit or whatever?" "No idea," he said. "The servant was about to find me, and all I could of was getting small. Honestly, I didn't even think it worked until I realized I was naked." "Can you try to change now?" "Right this instant?" "Sure," she said. "If we're going to try and rescue Jane, we might as well practice." Dan chuckled a bit.

"Ok," he said. "Sure." He stood and went to the middle of the room. Tina sat, wine bottle in hand, grinning at him. "Stand back," he said, and then took a deep breath. Suddenly, he was on the floor, curled in the fetal position. After a moment, he untucked his body and looked around. "I don't think it took," Tina laughed.

Dan smiled sheepishly and stood again. "It would seem so," he said. He took another deep breath, let it out, and then threw all his concentration in to thinking small.

Small. Small! SMALL! And then he heard Tina giggling. "What's so funny?" Between gasps of laughter, she said, "Dan, you look like you're trying to fart." "Oh, come on, Tina! That's not helping," he said, her laughter infecting him. "How do you guys do your things?" Tina suddenly became quiet. "What is it?" "It's just that my power…" she sighed and hid her face. How could she tell him?

Could she? She took another swig from the bottle. "So you remember that itch, right? Last night?" He nodded. "Like the, uh, sex things we saw?" "Oh," he said. "Oh boy. Hey, is it suddenly really hot in here?" "Yeah," she said. "So, that's kind of it for me. I mean, that's how I get it started, but I kind of have a hard time shutting it off. The feeling, White girls with round butts rock mia malkova perfect ass bubble butt mean.

It lasts after the magic is gone." Dan raised an eyebrow. "So you're having those feelings?" he said, having a hard time looking at his sister. "Right now?" Tina blushed and nodded. Dan felt his stomach sink. "Look," he said. "Maybe this isn't the best idea." "Your visions were of us," Tina said. "Me and Jane, I mean." His silence was confirmation enough.

"It's ok," she said. "What do you mean?" he said. "It's definitely not ok. I mean, you're my sister. Jane is my sister." "Jane's my sister, too," Tina said, the wine having unlocked the doors behind which she had tried to hide that little secret.

Dan looked as if he were going to pass out. "You mean…?" "Sex?" Tina said, hiding her face in her hands. "I…" Dan started, then looked at his hands as if there was a different answer written on them. "But … how … there was that blast … and then this morning … she was so nice this morning!" Tina nodded, coaxing his train of thought forward. "Mom and dad will lose their minds. You know that, right?" "No shit, Dan.

This is weird…" "But?" "But," Tina said reluctantly, "I love her." "So do I," he said. "You know what I mean," she said. "I do," he said irritably, and then reached out his hand for the bottle. "Gimme that." After a long drink, some pacing, another long drink, and more pacing, he looked at Tina.

"How was it?" She laughed in disbelief. "Wouldn't you like to know?" But he was silent. "She helped me feel sexy for the first time in, well, ever. How's that?" "I see," he said, suddenly eyeing the skin on her belly, revealed by the missing button she'd used to detect the black fog.

Tina saw his eyes fixate, and remembered how Jane had given her a similar look. She shifted herself so more skin and her bellybutton showed, and watched Dan try not to look. "I mean," he said, "it's not like you weren't before." "Was I now," she said, unbuttoning the next button, beginning to take a perverse pleasure in teasing her brother.

"I … uh … yeah," he said. "Sure." "It doesn't sound like you're too sure about that," she said, unbuttoning even further up. Dan shifted uncomfortably, clearly trying to hide what was quickly becoming a rock-hard boner.

"I mean yes," he said. "Of course you were." Tina unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, letting it fall way from her breasts. "So why did you never say anything?" "You're my sister," he said. "I mean, who says something like that to their sister?" Tina let her shirt fall off, and unhooked her bra, setting her firm young breasts free.

"I do," she said. "It sounds like you two big boobs milfs sucked off and banged by big cock didn't want to help me." Dan couldn't believe what he was seeing, and moreover, couldn't believe how horny he had become.

Despite being normally even keel, he was just as horny as any other teenage guy, but he began to feel something primal stirring inside him. "I did—I do! It's just…" "I know," she placated him. "I'm your sister." She got off the bed and approached him, feeling more strongly that hungry, savage force just below his skin.

But she couldn't help herself. "If you want to help me," she said, "the zipper on my skirt is stuck." She turned her hip to him, and he just swallowed and nodded. The zipper was not stuck, and her skirt fell from her. "Oh, god," Dan said, seeing that his sister wasn't wearing panties, and was now completely naked in front of him.

"Like what you see?" she said. "No!" "No!?" "It's happening!" he grunted and bent as if cramped. "I can't control it!" "Let it come," Tina said, stroking his head.

"No! You don't understand!" Dan groaned. "Run! Get away!" But Tina didn't run, and watched her brother change before her eyes. When he was done, his clothes lay on the floor, and a werewolf stood on top of the tattered remains.

This wasn't some cuddly Teen Wolf version of her brother, but an actual werewolf crouched forward, resting on its knuckles. "Dan?" she said, now feeling quite vulnerable. The Wolf only looked back at her with glowing yellow eyes. "Danny?" The manimal advanced, and Tina froze. Maybe if she stood still, it would just leave her alone, but instead of moving on, the Wolf circled her once and then stuck its nose a fraction of an inch from her smooth, moist crotch.

Tina shuddered as she felt hot breath on her sex. Instinctively, she started to step away, but a low rumbling from deep within the beast froze her solid again.

Sharp white teeth revealed themselves, and Tina said, "Ok. Not going anywhere. Sniff all you want." The Wolf sniffed more, and then circled behind her.

Tina thought that was the end of it, but she felt hot breath on her again. Then, something soft and wet slid between her legs. No! she thought. No, no, no, no, no. She resisted not because there was an monster lapping at her pussy, but because it felt really, really good. She desperately wanted to get away from this beast, but fear and pleasure kept her feet planted.

To her great surprise, she even widened her stance, allowing the Wolf greater access. The long tongue licked from her clit all the way to her tight anus, and she shivered.

No one had touched her asshole in this way, not even herself, and the soft wetness there made her tremble with nervous energy—but only for a moment. No, she thought again. This had gone far enough. "Dan," she said, turning to the man-beast. "Enough." But the yellow glowing eyes were not those of her brother. The Wolf didn't understand, and growled again, its teeth bared. This time, though, Tina had positioned herself between the beast and the door, and decided to make a break for it.

Sexual tension and fear brought magic bubbling to the surface, and in one clean movement, she ignited her hands and blasted the Wolf with cold fire. The beast staggered back, and Tina ran, but only made it halfway to the door, before the Wolf was on her. Tina, hands and knees on the floor, felt teeth around her neck, and closed her eyes, waiting for the end, but it never came. Instead, when she was still, the Wolf released her.

Tina dared not move, even when she felt hot breath on her butt. The tongue licked at her again, but she was too redhead attractive teen rainia belle wants that wang to feel pleasure. "Oh, god," she said, voice shaking. "What are you doing? Danny, help me!" But it was no use, the Wolf's tongue continued to lap at her drooling snatch, its tongue slipping between her labia and brushing against her clit.

"Damn it," she groaned, feeling her body betray her mind. The wetter she became, the more intense the werewolf's lapping became, which, despite her fear, only made her wetter. She felt herself part her legs more, allowing the intruding tongue full access to her hot young sex, and felt guilt and shame descend. "Oh, god. What am I doing?" But those thoughts and words were quickly lost in the sounds of her own panting and moaning. The Wolf lapped at her without restriction, its long tongue sweeping over her throbbing clit, digging into her moist opening, and sliding across her soft, tight anus.

Her arms began to shake, and she lowered herself to her elbows. This put her young pussy in prime position. Tina felt as if she could come at any moment, but then the licking stopped.

She had almost dared to turn around when the Wolf's powerful hands gripped her waist. Claws dug into her soft flesh and she yelped. But that pain dropped into the background when she felt something hard, hot and wet stab a few times around her aching entrance. She craned her head around to confirm her suspicions. "Oh, wait! No no no—" but her terrified protest ended in what would have been a blood curdling scream, had it not lodged in her throat, as the werewolf found its mark, and its cock plunged into her slick pussy.

There was no gentleness, no warmth to this bestial fucking, and Tina's eyes shot open as wide as they would go. Mouth still agape in silent scream, Tina felt pain radiating out from her formerly virginal sex, as if someone were jackhammering a red-hot bowling pin into her.

The man-beast's cock was huge, and, knowing she would never successfully escape, she did her best to maneuver herself to accommodate as much of it as she could.

Tina tried to say, "Please stop! I can't take it anymore!" Unfortunately, what came out was, "Ugh! Uhn! Nnng!" Of course, the werewolf heeded none of this, anyway, driven as it was by primal instinct, and continued to hammer into her hot pussy until, in its energetic fucking, it threw itself off balance and fell off of her for a moment. "AAAH!" Tina cried out, feeling the cock slip from her. "Fuck!" In too much shock to collapse one way or the other, she could only droop her head, looking past her firm, dangling breasts and out from between her still spread legs.

The werewolf paced back and forth behind her, frustrated, its hard red cock bobbing with the manimal's movements. "Holy shit," Tina groaned, panting.

"Holy shit." Okay, she thought, it wasn't nearly as big as a bowling pin, but it was pretty slutty brunette cougar stephanie wylde pumped by huge blackstephanie wylde big. She felt her pussy twitch and drool, and after several deep breaths, the pain receded.

As if the Wolf could sense the girl's terror ebbing, it approached her again. "Oh, come on!" she complained. "At least give me a minute." The werewolf gripped her again, and she felt her body tense up, but as the stiff red cock jabbed at her again and again, trying to find its target, Tina resigned herself to what was coming next. When the Wolf's cock did finally find her slick love tunnel, ramming it home the only way it knew how, Tina gasped.

The pain was almost a memory, and quickly replacing it was ecstasy. Lightning coursed through her body, and warmth filled her belly as the werewolf plowed into her repeatedly. Wet sloshing and slapping sounds filled the room, and Tina moaned a long "Nnnnnh!" followed by a silent, mouthed, "Fuck!" She clenched her eyes and saw stars as she came hard around the Wolf's pounding cock.

Her back arched and toes curled, and shivering warmth coursed through her veins. The Wolf did not stop, though, and Tina felt her strength evaporate under the relentless dicking. Her arms slid out in front of her, and the side of her face came to rest on the stone floor. Every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire, and whimpering, she bit her lower lip. She had never thought she would have lost her virginity this way, or that this was even a thing that happened.

She had come across one or two erotic stories with monsters like orcs and giant spiders, but had skipped those parts because the idea seemed repulsive and degrading.

She made a mental note to go back and read those parts when she got out of here. Her breathing quickened again as warmth flooded into her head again, and electricity tingled on her fingers.

"Shit!" she moaned as she squirmed and came again. This time, the Wolf growled and thrust deep into her, causing her to grunt. When it pulled back to ram her again, she found that it was stuck inside her. Tina felt swelling just inside her quivering pussy, and then the Wolf's cock unleashed a hot torrent. She tried to move, but a sharp pain discouraged her. "What the hell?" she groaned, feeling fuller than she ever imagined was possible.

But through the involuntary movements of the locked lovers, the werewolf's knot ground against her g-spot and stretched her pussy so that her clit was plastered to the throbbing mass of monster meat.

"Oh!" she yelped in surprise as waves of pleasure pulsed out from her sex and washed over her body and mind. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she came again, silently twitching, save a few guttural, throaty noises.

Suddenly, the door swung open. "What the fuck?!" Tina shot onto her hands, and the werewolf growled. Jane stood in the doorway, clad in a wrap of some sort. There was someone else with her, but Tina couldn't see who it was from her position.

"I—" she shuddered with pleasure. "Dude," Jane said. "What. The. Fuck." "This is … is …" Tina tried. "Oh, god, Jane. This is exactly what it looks like." She tried to move, but again stopped short when the werewolf's knot stretched her to the limit. Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure: Tina's head swam in a stew of lust, relief, fear and embarrassment. "I don't even know what to say," Jane said, and then noticed that Tina's eyelids were at half mast.

Her big sister was barely holding onto her wits. "Does it hurt?" Tina panted, "Only … when I move around." "Can I see?" Tina nodded. "Who's that?" she asked. The orc stepped into the doorway, following Jane, but skirting as far as it could away from the dangerous looking werewolf.

"This is Grum. He's the head chef. Grum, this is my sister, Tina." "Maybe Grum come back later," the orc said. "Seem like not good time." "Nonsense," Jane said. As they entered, the Wolf panted and eyed the newcomers. It was bipedal like a man, but certain parts of its anatomy were clearly lupine. While Jane sat next to her sister, the orc scooted past, trying not to upset the delicate balance with his bulky frame.

Normally, like any other person, Tina would have been mortified, but between the wine, the vigorous fucking, and now the knot that throbbed against her clit, she had no energy left to register anything but the sensations around her.

Pulsing, electric ecstasy radiated from between her legs. There was werewolf's belly and legs against her butt and thighs back, impossibly strong, but soft, fuzzy and warm.

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There was the cool stone floor beneath her hands and knees. And then there was the delicate warmth of a hand caressing her cheek. It was only after her sister brought the hand away, glistening from tears, that Tina said defensively, "He took me by surprise." "No worries," Jane said, lifting her sister's chin and kissing her lips.

"So, uh, how long are you going to be like this?" "No idea," Tina said, tension in her voice. "What's wrong?" Jane said, worried. "Nothing," Tina grunted, eyes clenched. "I'm coming … again." She lowered herself back down to her elbows as another orgasm tore through her. When the waves receded, she sucked in air. "Fuck. I don't know how much more I can take." "Whoa," Jane said in awe. "That's intense." She'd felt the tremor of orgasm in the older girl's body, and felt tingling dampness between her own legs.

She dropped her hand to Tina's breast, and let it fill her palm. Ribbing her fingers over the brunette's hard, tender nipple, she said, "How'd this happen, anyway?" Tina shivered from her sister's touch, and tried to speak, but only managed a panted mumble. Jane snickered, and gently kneaded Tina's breast. "It's okay," college gairl sex yoni storyscom said.

"Fill me in later." "Grum not seen this kind of thing before," the orc said. "Neither have I, big guy," Jane said, sliding her hand down her sister's taut belly. "Jane okay with it?" "Honestly, man, I don't know," she said, her hand reaching the nexus of beast and human, her sister gasping as her fingers slid over slick, distended labia.

"But she seems to be enjoying it, so yeah, I guess I am okay with it." Jane ran her fingers, now slippery with her sister's juices and excess wolf cum, over Tina's clit, causing the older girl to squeal and shudder. "Please," she mumbled. "I can't." "Sure you can," Jane said devilishly, fingers picking up speed in their circular stroking. "Uhn," Tina said. "Fckkk … plzzz … nnnnno." "Just one more?" Jane pleaded with a sinister grin.

"One more for me?" Tina felt time dilate, and once again slipped all the way to the floor, her back end sticking up, impaled by the panting werewolf. She swore and moaned, and orgasm thundered in her ears again. And when she came to, Jane lay on her side next to her, stroking the Wolf's fur. "That's a good boy!" the younger girl said. "You fucked her good." For whatever reason, the werewolf seemed to accept the stroking.

"Oh, god," Tina groaned in relief, feeling the wolf's knot deflating. "Oh, fuck. He's finally done." Jane sat up to watch as, little by little, the werewolf's knot began to ease from her sister's well-fucked pussy. A squirt here and there as pressurized semen slipped past the knot, and then the Wolf's thick member plopped from Tina's sex, followed by a torrent of cum. "Aaah!" Tina yelled as one last blast of pain, pleasure, and relief crashed into her brain. The werewolf squatted on the stones and howled a long "OOOOoooooooOOOO!" that seemed to pierce the fiber of reality.

Violet flames engulfed it, and it stood, rising until it was about a head shorter than the orc. When the flames puffed out, Dan stood there, naked and dazed. "Wow," Jane said. "Now I've seen it all." Tina collapsed to the side, panting and half conscious.

"Seen wha—" Dan said, stopping short. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh, god. What did I do?!" "What the fuck?!" Jane yelped. "What the fuck?!" shrieked Dan. "What fuck?!" Even the orc stumbled backward from the naked human male. For a moment, the room filled with shouts of confusion, all building on each other until, soft as a feather, but as if spoken through a giant megaphone, Tina's voice came though: "Please stop yelling." And just like that, the young hoes get humped by well hung neighbors fell silent and all eyes went to the naked girl curled on the floor, werewolf cum still oozing from her pussy, and violet flames sinking back into her skin.

"Thank you," she said. "Oh my god," Dan said sitting heavily on the bed, burying his face in his hands. "I'm so, so sorry. I couldn't … I tried to, but I couldn't control it." He shook with shame and embarrassment, adding, "All I could do was watch." Jane found herself more concerned by Dan's reaction than by the events that had just unfolded in front of her.

Her brother was normally unflappable, and seeing him lose his cool like this was beginning to chip away at her certainty that everything would turn out okay. "Hey, man," she said. "You're seriously starting to bum me out. Knock it off." "But I just … just …" Dan could barely form the words. "I just raped my sister!" he hissed. "And I wasn't even human." "Dan," came a weary voice from the floor. Tina was finally bringing herself up to a sitting position and extended a hand to him.

A moment passed before he took it, and she lifted herself up onto the bed next to him. "It's okay." "But," he said. Tina put a finger over his lips. "It's okay, really," she said. "It was scary, and it kind of hurt, and maybe it wasn't what I would have chosen for my first time … uh, with a man, anyway.

But you know what? I actually kinda liked it." Jane snorted. "I don't think there's any 'kinda' about it," she said. "You were loving it." Tina blushed and loosened her grip on her brother's hand, but the twinkle in her eyes gave her away. "I don't know what you're talking about," she said, unable to suppress a slight grin. "Say, what the hell are those?" All eyes went to the large stone blocks, and then followed the chains up to the shackles on Jane's wrists.

"That's kind of a long story," the younger sister said, looking up at Grum. "Don't look at Grum," the orc said. "Grum not good storyteller.

Terrible narrative cohesion." "Decent vocabulary, though," Tina noted. The orc looked away with pursed lips, "Not know what you talk about." "Alright, alright, you coy bastard," Jane said, punching him lightly on the arm. For the next few minutes, Jane recounted in graphic detail her adventure in the cell. She noticed Dan's cock twitch, and lingered on the details longer and longer until he was fully erect and shifted uncomfortably.

"You look like you could go again," she said with a devious grin. "No!" he almost shouted, covering himself with the bed sheet. "What the hell is wrong with you?" "What wrong with me?" Jane said. "What's wrong with you? Can't you enjoy this just a little?" "No, I can't," he said. "Can't you see how fucked up this is? It's mind control, and you know it. Why let it control you?" Tina's voice came softly from her spot on the floor. "Did you resist?" "Of course I did!" "And you caved anyway," she said and waited a moment for the words to sink in.

"You caved like we caved, and the only difference is that you hate yourself for it. When we go up against d'X, well, he's a wizard. Do you honestly think he's not going to use that against you?" Dan stood, pulled clothes from his bag, and started dressing. "I don't care," he said.

"You guys have fun. Maybe you'll end up working in the kitchen forever like that thing there." "Keep Grum out of family squabble," the orc said. "Then keep out of my sister," Dan said. "Sister warm and tight.

Grum not want keep out." Dan made a disgusted noise, and then grabbed his knife and slipped it into the sheath on his belt. "I'm going to go find mom and dad, and then I'm going to end this.

If you want to come home, find me when I'm done." And then he left, slamming the door behind him. Silence filled the room. "You know, I still haven't eaten," Jane said.

"Who's hungry?" ————————————————— An hour later, the sisters sat in the kitchen munching on delightful little cakes that Grum had made. When he went back to the walk-in freezer to put away a few items, the other orc stood in the doorway like a statue. "I think you froze him, dude," Jane said.

"It okay," Grum assured them. "No go to waste." "Oh, that's awful!" Tina said, covering her mouth. "Just no eat chicken casserole for a while," he said, and then dropped his voice to a whisper.

"It not chicken." "Thanks, big guy," Jane said, mouth half full of a cake that smelled like oranges, but tasted like strawberries. "Not problem," Grum misaki making out with filthy guys and fucked. "So, uh, brother ok? Seem mad." Tina licked jam from her fingers. "He'll be fine," she said. "He's always been like that.

Such a guy, you know? All stoic on the outside, but a hot real mom boy incest cum on the inside." "Sound like orc female," Grum said glumly. "You don't like the orc ladies?" Jane asked. "Oh, Grum like," he said, eye going glassy. "Grum like." There was a weird silence, and then Grum shook off the trance. "Grum have wife." "You're married?!" Jane said, nearly spitting out her food. "You little home wrecker," Tina needled playfully.

"Hey," the orc said. "It okay. It okay. No worry. Human ladies no count. Wife have human man in basement. Grum no complain. Sometimes we have threesome." "Wow," Tina said. "That's—" "It just okay," Grum shrugged and then grinned.

"Man use teeth sometime." Jane clapped her hands together, stood up, and said to no one in particular, "Well, I guess you learn something new every day, dontcha?" Tina laughed, but then looked at her sister. With a curious tinge to her voice she said, "And Jane doesn't?" The orc shook his head. "Surprise Grum, too. Such tiny mouth." His eyes narrowed. "Hot and tight. Just think make Grum hard." Tina's eyes dropped to the orc's checkered pants, tented by what was obviously a massive rod of hard flesh.

She licked her lower lip. "I see," she said softly. "Hey!" Jane complained. "I found him first!" "Grum not object," the orc said. "Grum own orc. Belong to no one." But then, with a slight change of tone, he added, "Okay if pretty sister see?" Jane sighed away a wave of jealousy. "Fine," she said.


With that, the orc slipped down his pants, freeing a massive erect cock. Tina's eyes became tea saucers, and a slight shiver of lust went down her spine. "That's—but—how?—and you?—so big," Tina said, as if staring into the sun. She shook it off, and said. "You took that whole thing?" Grum laughed, and Jane blushed. "No, stupid," the younger sister said. "But, I dunno. Grum?" The orc placed the blade of his hand on his cock.

"I guess a little more than half," she said. "Jeez. I did better than I thought." "Jane do great," Grum said. "For human girl." "You're getting that look again," Jane said, noticing that the orc's eyes were narrowing again.

"Grum smell human girl," he said. "Not Grum fault." "What's that mean?" Tina asked. Grum stepped forward, closing on them like a spiked wall in an adventure movie. "Oh," she said.

"Oh, I don't know about this. I mean, I'm still sore from—" she stopped when the orc's cock bumped into her nose. The smell of the orc's sex took the breath from her. "One lick won't hurt," Jane said, scooting close. "I mean, if I could do it, so can you." "I suppose," Tina said, and then stuck out her tongue and licked the bulbous head. Like Jane, she was surprised by the softness of the skin.

When the creature attached to the monster cock groaned in delight, she moved on, licking down the knobby shaft all the way to the biggest pair of balls she had ever seen.

She felt Jane's hand on her shoulder, and put a hand of her own on the orc's member. It was hot, and she could feel it vibrate ever so slightly as blood coursed through its length and girth. "It's really something," she said. Jane's breath came hot on her ear, and she felt her insides tingle.

"You don't sound convinced," the little firebrand said. Tina ran her fingertips over the top of the shaft, and Grum growled happily. "I am," she said. "It's just that, well, after all that's happened, I kind of feel like I'm not being faithful." "To who?" Jane said with a genuine curiosity.

"Whom," Tina said. Jane punched her arm. "Uh, to you. And I feel a little jealous, honestly. You with this, uh, Grum." Jane stroked her hair and cooed, "Oh, that's sweet! Isn't that sweet, Grum?" Grum grumbled, visibly irritated that the tonguing had stopped. "Orc not care for loyalty. Care for strength," he said. "Red hair girl strong. Good sexy time. Sister tongue hot. Sister gentle. Grum no want gentle. Grum want rough. All Grum know right now." Jane took Tina's face and kissed her deeply, feeling the older girl relax.

"Don't be jealous," she said. "Just have fun." Tina nodded. "Aright," she said, and turned to face the giant cock again. When she did, however, Grum gripped her head and jammed his meat against her lips.

The head slipped in, and a few inches more, but then Tina braced herself against the orc with a stiff arm. She shrieked, but the orc's cock muffled her. "Grum!" Jane yelled. "What're you doing?" "Tease too much, suck too little," the orc said. "Grum need sister mouth now." "No," Jane snarled. "Go easy, man!" "Cannot!" he roared, slapping Tina's thin arm away.

With his giant hand on the back of her head, he pushed his cock deep into Tina's mouth, and the older girl gagged. Jane tried to push Grum away, but the orc only became angry and slapped her away like a gnat, sending her flying into a wooden spice cabinet, which splintered around her. Dazed, Jane saw Grum's cock disappear to the hilt inside her sister's mouth, distending her throat. Far past gagging, Tina now fought for air, tearing ineffectually at the orc's clothing.

When Grum did finally pull out, his cock dripping with thick saliva, Tina whooped in air and coughed. Her face was a tear-streaked mess, and she had begun to double over, but Grum grabbed her head and forced himself into her again, his cock slowly disappearing until it was gone.

This time, however, he began fucking the older girl's mouth, growling with monstrous pleasure. Tina's eyes went to her sister, and Jane picked herself up from the pieces of the shattered spice cabinet. The room filled with the sounds of gagging, wet suction and a low growling, and Tina's face turned red, then purple, and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Consciousness threatened to leave the older sister, but it came back in a roaring shower of splinters. Grum's cock popped from her mouth as he reeled away from her. She gagged and coughed, almost completely oblivious to her sister standing tall in front of the staggering orc, the frayed handle of a shattered pizza paddle in her hands.

"Grrraaah!" Grum roared. "Tiny human cock block!" He lunged at Jane, but Jane hit him with the paddle handle, splintering it further. The orc staggered, and Jane grabbed a cast iron pan, but she was too short and had trouble getting it off the hook. In the time it took her to free the pan, Grum was on her, and backhanded her across the room.

Jane crumpled against the stone wall, and was only able to watch in horror as the orc approached. "Grum fuck tiny human ass," he snarled. "Fuck tiny human until dead." "Grum," Jane said, her head ringing. "No. This isn't you. You're a nice guy, I know it. Just calm down." Grum grinned an evil grin. "Grum nice," he said. "Grum have mercy. Grum not break tiny human bones first." "Shit," Jane cursed as the orc reached down to seal the deal.

But just as he was about to grab her, a burst of flame sent him flying, smashing him into a wall and causing some of the masonry to pile on top of him. Tina stood, hands aflame, eyes burning blue. "Get your hands off my sister!" she thundered, her voice shaking the walls. Grum tried to rise, and got so far as clearing the masonry from his body, but Tina hit him with another burst.

"Ow!" he mumbled. Jane shook herself off and regained her feet. "Tina!" "What?" Tina said, sounding a bit surprised. "What d'you mean 'what'?" Jane said. "That was awesome! Hold on. Hold that thought." She scrambled off and rummaged through a pile of pots and pans until she found a copper soup cauldron.

She brought it back, and held it up so Tina could see her reflection in the polished metal. "Is—is that me?" Tina said. "It totally is," Jane said, discarding the heavy cauldron with a whimsical gesture. She leaned in and kissed the girl with the flaming blue eyes. "So hot." "Really?" Tina said, reverting to her usual mousy self. "Yes! Really!" Jane said, pushing her away. The sides of her toga were scorched through.

"Put out your hands next time!" —————————————— The path Dan had chosen was a dangerous one, he knew.

His sisters, bonkers as they were, had always kept him centered, and now that he had separated himself from them, he could feel the magic of the mansion creeping up on him.

But they had gone too far and become too enamored of the fantastic elements, and it was up to beautiful blonde babe has her asshole drilled to inject a little sanity into the whole situation. Storming down the main hall, past servants and paintings of depravity, he found the master's chambers.

It was not hard to suss out which one it was; the wooden door was a massive arisa kanno is one of the most well known teen asian girls out there and here you wil be seeing that relief, split down the middle and fitted with two thorny iron handles.

Dan couldn't explain how, but the carved scene appeared to change, not consciously, but in increments outside his area of focus. He saw a scene of them arriving and standing by the station wagon, and then, after he glanced away for a moment to the depiction of the previous night's dinner, the magister had come out to greet the family.

His eye also went to the carving of the girls making love that first night, and then shifted to the wolf balls deep in his older sister. Was that really him? Had he done that? The notion of shapeshifting seemed absurd, and he wanted desperately to try and laugh it off, but it terrified him. Still, the look of ecstasy and agony on Tina's face made his chest tremble with lust, which he tried somewhat successfully to convert back into anger. But he had lingered too long, and the door opened before he could knock.

"Ah, Daniel," the magister said in a way that drove snakes up Dan's spine. "I trust all is well." "No," he said. "All is not well, and you know it." "Whatever do you mean, young master?" "I mean," Dan said. "I mean the things we've done. The things you made us do. It's sick, and I'm here to put an end to it." "I assure you," d'X said.

"I have been here in this room without interruption since last night.But, by all means, please tell me: even if Xnxx ba va chau sex stories were somehow responsible for your family's transgressive behavior, how would you go about stopping me?" Dan tapped the slutty brunette milf fucks a pawndudes cock for money of his hip.

"I'm sure even a wizard isn't immune to a blade," he said. The magister chuckled. "My boy, I can assure you that I am no wizard." "No?" Dan said. "Certainly not," said d'X. "The word 'wizard' is far too weak. So, before you pull that blade of yours, you might question the wisdom of doing so." Dan gripped the handle at his hip and said, "What, are you going to turn it into a snake?" "How are you certain hot babe gina gerson takes a mouthful of cum outside wasn't always a snake?" d'X said.

With that, Dan felt his belt constrict around his waist. The handle of his knife wriggled in his grasp, and he looked down to find a snake coiled through his belt loops. It hissed at him, and he shrieked and tried to keep it away from him, but the reptile was strong.

Dan grasped it near the head so it couldn't bite him, but the snake's tail wound down his legs and tripped him, and he took one hand off the snake to regain his balance.

That was all the leeway the reptile needed. In a flash, it thrashed free of his grip and bit him on the thigh before retreating into a corner. Dan felt a familiar sensation welling up inside him. "No!" he yelped. "Not this! Please!" The magister approached as the boy collapsed into a panting, grunting heap. "The poison is quick," d'X said. "Soon you will be a beast again and free of your human constraints. You will also be mine to command.

Remember this, boy: you could have had a life of pleasures hot samantha parker takes a mighty huge cock for cash your wildest dreams, and all you had to do was indulge in those bestial, incestuous fantasies that you buried so deeply in here." He tapped Dan's forehead with a finger, and the boy flinched. "Now you will serve me, Wolf. Your sisters are escaping the mansion. You will find them and bring them back. When you do this, Wolf, I may allow you to revert to your human form." Dan howled in agony as the poison forcefully transformed him into the Wolf.

His hunger grew, and his senses sharpened. The world became awash with smells and sounds. In a final excruciating moment, Dan felt his conscious mind and free will stripped away.

When the Wolf crouched on the stone floor obediently awaiting his master's command, the magister chuckled. "Now go, Wolf," d'X said. "Hunt, ravish if you will, and return." ------------------------------------------ A long tunnel had led the sisters Tina and Jane through a dark dungeon. The doors, all windowless and thick wood reinforced with iron bands, were shut and locked, but the noises that came from within the cells were those of ecstasy.

Every door was covered with the kind of rust that accumulates with lack of use. At one point, however, Jane stopped at a door that was clean. "You hear that?" she said.

Tina put her ear up to the wood and listened. "Someone seems to be in distress, or. extreme pleasure?" "Yeah, but there's something about that sound," Jane said. After a minute, the moaning subsided, and the girl shrugged her shoulders. "Guess it was nothing." "Nothing is nothing here. Whatever magical realm we've entered into, we can't discount anything as irrelevant," Tina said, eliciting a crude, bucktoothed imitation of Jerry Lewis from the redhead, who went even so far as to push invisible spectacles up the bridge of her nose.

The older girl, used to the antics, ignored the taunt and ignited her hand. Pressing her palm onto the wood, she was disappointed when the door did not turn to ash at her touch. "I guess I'm not strong enough yet," she said.

"Hey," Jane said, nodding toward the handprint scorched into the wood. "It's not a total loss. We know where to come back." They moved on. The dungeon corridor wound on for what seemed like miles until it finally dead-ended into a metal gate beyond which was a short stone staircase leading to a nondescript cellar door. Hung on pegs near the gate were several hooded cloaks.

Jane tried one on, but ended up swimming in rough fabric. These were obviously tailored for orc dimensions. Tina pinched the sleeves where Jane's wrists were, and then had her sister pull her arms close to her body. A flash of blue fire provided decent, if scorched, hem line. Tina did the same for the bottom, where the cloak dragged on the floor, and then hemmed her own cloak. She was about to remove the door with fire, but Jane tapped her on the shoulder.

"Wait," the redhead said. "I've got this." She lined herself up with the lock, and kicked. Iron squealed and gave way, and the gate swung open, banging against the stone wall on the other side. "I've always wanted to do that," she said with a satisfied little smile. When they were through and the gate was shut, she bent the lock plate so it obstructed the swing of the door. --------------------------------- Fortunately, no angry orcs had come looking for them.

The Wolf stalked through the kitchen, claws clicking on the stone. The scent of girls had been strong here, where the semi-conscious orc pervs on patrol pop addison oreilly clip apologies from under a pile of rubble. This creature, however, wasn't its quarry, so the Wolf moved on.

The scent led the Wolf deeper into the dungeon, where its sharp ears picked up sounds that made it salivate with animal lust. But the magister's command was overwhelming, and the beast never strayed from its mission except once, when the scent led it to a door.

Its quarry had stopped here briefly. The noise on the other side of the door had a familiar ring to it, and there was something about the smell that oozed out from under the wood sister xxx storys real hot sisters in action free sister pornos reminded it of its prey, but the Wolf couldn't place either. A handprint on the door smelled like the older girl.

"What was her name?" a part of the boy that was locked away tried to remember. But it was no use. All the Wolf could remember was mating with the screaming young human. All it desired was to bury its knot in the girl again, and the younger one, too. And to bring them back to his master.

That was most important. But if the Wolf was determined to mate with its quarry first. This objective was frustrated when the Wolf came to a locked gate. It tried gripping the bars with its powerful hands, but it was jammed shut. With a deep growl, the beast turned and loped back toward the mansion and its main exit. There was little time to waste. ------------------------------------ Tina and Jane had emerged in the woods.

The cellar door had opened up at the base of a giant oak tree, the leaves of which had long ago disappeared and would likely never return. How it still lived was a mystery.

Tina would have liked to stay and solve it, but there were more pressing concerns, such as the spider webs high in the branches of the trees that surrounded them. They had remembered the looming danger of the giant spiders from their arrival, and knew they had to seek shelter as soon as possible. To their great fortune, they spotted the lights of a village on a hill. It was a long and dangerous hike, but they had so far managed to avoid any arachnid encounters.

Now, they could see the glow of lanterns just above them. It appeared that the villagers had cleared a swath julia ann mr pete in my friends hot mom land around the village's walls. It was only a few hundred yards to the open field, and the girls sighed in relief. But behind them came a clicking noise.

Jane looked back, but could see little in the darkness. Another clicking. "Who's there?" called Jane. Another clicking. And another. Tina set her hands ablaze, illuminating the forest, and immediately wished she had not.

Above them, descending from the treetops were dozens of giant spiders, some as small as housecats, some as large as small horses. All were smooth with bulbous abdomens and long spindly legs.

"Run!" Jane cried. Tina loosed a panicked volley of fire at the encroaching arachnids, but the attack only seemed to piss the creatures off. "Shit shit shit," she yelped as she sprinted toward the tree line, hot on Jane's heels.

The lanterns grew brighter as the girls neared the edge of the forest. Jane had a good lead on her sister due to her increased strength, but Tina, through desperation, had learned to use her magic to catapult her over the large roots and rocks that stood in her path. "Yes!" Jane panted as she entered the last hundred yards to the field. "Yes!" And then. "Tina! Problems!" From the trees in front of them, dropped two giant spiders, each with a body the size of a black bear.

Tina launched a fireball at the closest one to her, but it splashed harmlessly against the now enraged creature. "Damn it!" she cursed, remembering that spiders were traditionally resistant to magic. The spider closest to Jane crouched low, ready to pounce when its prey hesitated, but the girl didn't show it the fear to which it was accustomed.

Instead, the redhead roared and charged. When she reached the spider, the creature began to rear up, but it was too late. Jane planted her foot on its head and used its upward motion to vault over the hissing arachnid. For a moment, cloak and toga fluttering as she soared through the cool night air, she felt like a superhero. A tree branch put an end to that particular fantasy. "Oof!" Jane felt the wind knocked out of her.

The world span as she tumbled to the ground, hitting several other branches on her way down. She hit the dirt, bounced, and coughed, trying to suck in air. As she recovered, she could only watch as the spider drew closer. Tina, for her part, saw her sister's failed flight and redirected her path toward the fallen girl. The spider nearest her gave chase. Jane's spider had reared up, fangs ready. Near to it was a tree with a thin trunk.

Tina slashed at it with a blade of flame. The gamble paid off, and the tree fell into the shrieking arachnid. Jane was staggering to her feet, busty harlot has her pussy plugged hard big butt and cumshot Tina grabbed her wrist on the run.

Together they began the final fifty yards to the field, but they had lost too much distance on the main horde of spiders. Something brought Tina's left foot out from under her, and she hit the dirt. Jane tripped over her and sprawled. Looking down at her foot, Tina saw it was snagged on a sticky ropey mass of silk attached to a spider that had anchored itself to a tree. A blast of flame freed her, but another ropey mass of silk caught her wrist. She burned that off, too.

Ropes of spider silk came in ever increasing volleys from the darkness, and Tina burned them all off, watching the horde approach in the flash of each fire burst. A small spider skittered toward Jane, and she kicked two raunchy lassies and one big rod pornstars and big tits, sending it flying back into the darkness. Another one, larger, jumped at her, and she punched it so hard it exploded into a shower of goo.

Yet another leapt at her from behind, and she caught its legs, span around several times, and hammer-tossed it into the bear-sized spider that had been more cautious in its approach since the demise of its partner. More silky ropes attached to Tina, eventually immobilizing her. Jane felt panic take hold, but then her sister came fully aflame, burning away the cloak and the clothes she'd changed into after her encounter with her brother.

The ropes burned away, too, and the blaze appeared to give the encroaching spiders pause. "Bring it, freaks!" Though Tina spoke without raising her voice, Jane trembled at the sound as if it would shake her in twain. The spiders were still unaffected. Some of the smaller ones stayed clear, but the larger ones kept closing the circle. Jane punched as many as she could, but the larger they were, the thicker and harder their carapaces had grown.

By the time the wolf-sized spiders made their way to the front lines, Jane was unable to cripple the beasts. The continued assault of a clawed appendages and fangs had reduced the younger sister's cloak and makeshift toga to ribbons.

So far, she had also been able to tear away the silken ropes the spiders had attached to her, but eventually she found she was becoming bogged down. A little too much resistance on one arm made her miss a critical hit, and a spider, immune to Tina's fire, reared back and sunk its fangs into her shoulder.

Tina shrieked. There wasn't much blood, but the poison the spider carried had done all the work. Tina's flames sputtered, reignited, sputtered again, and then went out. The only light was that from the village walls, now seemingly lightyears away and obscured by the arachnid horde. Tina felt silk ropes bind her as she fell, beefy dong for a curvy beauty hardcore blowjob from the spider toxin.

Jane flailed about in the darkness, feeling several times the satisfying crunch of collapsing carapace, but the fight was not hers. A rotation to fend off one shadowy fiend opened her to the fangs of another, and she felt her strength leaving her. She lashed out at the next shadow to appear, but when she connected with it, she feared she had broken her fingers. Silken ropes bound her, too, and she hollered for help before an additional strand of webbing gagged her. As the poison took her consciousness, she felt her body being dragged away from the light of the village and back into the forest.

---------------------------------- The Wolf hadn't needed to do anything except approach the mansion's grand foyer. Silently, one of the magister's faceless servants appeared and opened the great wooden door, shutting and latching it behind the half-man-half-wolf as it lurched out onto the cobblestones. The air was thick with odors of rot and swamp, but from somewhere in the trees, the werewolf heard a distant scuffle.

On a hill, just inside the tree line, flashes of flame interrupted the dark. The Wolf sniffed the air. This was most definitely its quarry. At full tilt, it bolted into the forest, its gleaming eyes and heightened senses locked onto the battle. By the time the Wolf arrived, there was only a scorched patch of earth and a handful of mangled spiders. Drag marks led deep into the forest, and, nose to the ground, the beast followed the scent embedded in them.

The farther it prowled, the more it got the sense that eyes were watching. The smell of arachnids grew steadily, but nothing descended from the trees to challenge the Wolf, even when it approached the sealed entrance to the spiders' lair.

The Wolf sniffed around the great flat stone that sealed the spider cave, but eventually gave up trying to find a way in. Patience would work in its favor. Where there were spiders, there would inevitably be humans that knew how to hunt them. The Wolf turned back toward the village. There, it knew it could wait in the shadows, listening, watching, and waiting.

------------------------------------- The village's name was, on the official register, Oxcart. It wasn't a particularly imaginative name—any Oxcartian would tell you that. Nor was the name particularly accurate. No one in living memory could remember the town having an ox.

There were a few horses, cows, chickens, and hogs, but no oxen. Still, the villagers stuck to the name out of sheer stubbornness. Theirs may have been the only town for fifty miles, but they were a proud people. Yes, orcs and spiders alike occasionally carried off the townsfolk, and yes, there was the creepy fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore on the other side of the forest, but if they were going to be subjected to the whims of fate, they would be remembered as Oxcartians.

Unlike those in many of the other towns, they had gone so far as to give themselves names. Some of the other villages had been raided by orcs and pillaged by goblins so many times that, to soften the blow of losing friends, they had taken names such as Male Villager and Female Villager. But Oxcart was different. Oxcart had a champion.

Granted, the hero of their city was a rogue and a guys race to cum first massage finishes up in sex, but what was a few missing items here and there compared to safety and security? Plus, she was an elf. She was the only elf anyone knew of, and Oxcrtians had learned from experience never to look a gift horse in the mouth, as sometimes they were merely hollowed out wooden shells filled with rapacious gnomes.

And the elf had driven the gnomes from the village, so she couldn't be too bad. Nirella, champion of Oxcart, defeater of gnomes, finished her ale at her usual table in a shadowy corner of the Dented Flagon. Her green hair, cut into an alluring bob, complimented her skin, a dark reddish brown the color of strong tea, under which were lithe sinewy muscles.

Her grass-green eyes watched the young barmaid approach. "Another, milady?" the barmaid asked, reaching for the champion's empty flagon. "Nirella," the elf said, touching the girl's hand. "Please." The barmaid blushed. "Another? Lady Nirella." Nirella ran her long, nimble fingers along the soft inside of the barmaid's wrist. "Just Nirella," she said. "What's your name sweetie?" The barmaid turned even pinker, and said, "Candace." "Well, Candace—" "Hey!" roared the innkeeper.

"You keep your mitts offa her! You can't be satisfied seducing one of my daughters? You gotta take both?" "Charisma isn't a junk stat, old man!" Nirella shot back, rising from her bench. She wasn't tall, but she wasn't short, either. Her elven thinness and lack of armor, save a pair of leather bracers and greaves and a leather harness that held her two razor sharp daggers, horny girl masturbate front of laptop wecamnet her appear fragile, but everyone in the inn knew that was a trap worth avoiding.

"You're a junk stat!" the innkeeper roared back. The bard stopped playing his lute, and a shocked gasp went through the tavern. "Father!" Candace said. Just then, a junior guardsman burst in, the top of his helmet clipping the doorframe with a loud thunk. "Champion! Come quickly! Giant spiders! A battle in the woods to the south!" All eyes went to Nirella. The elf kissed the barmaid. "Wish me luck," she said. "Good luck, milady," Candace said. With a satisfied smile and her nose in the air, she turned and walked through the tavern, past her father, and into her private chambers, the soles of her shoes resounding crisply on the wooden floor in the stunned silence.

When the chamber door shut, the guardsman said, "Champion, we don't have time for this! Anon!" And with that, the roguish elf strode out into the night. When the guardsman led the champion to the tall but modest stone wall that kept the horrors of the forest at bay, they were met by the guard captain. He wasn't really a captain, as there were only three guards for the village, but all the other towns had guard captains.

Why shouldn't Oxcart have one? And besides, he had been the only one left after the orc raid a year ago. Someone had to keep order. "You just missed it, milady," the captain said, pointing out to a spot along the tree line. "Giant spiders, at least fifty by all the commotion. And a wizard, maybe two. Novices." Nirella sighed. She hated fighting giant spiders. Their guts had a way of staining clothes, and soda water was nearly impossible to find. "Fireballs?" she asked. "Aye," the captain said nodding.

"A shame, too. They almost made the field." Nirella didn't know why she bothered, but asked anyway: "And you didn't think to mount a rescue?" "Cap'n sent me," the junior guard said. "Said, 'Go get the champion,' so I got you." "Aye," the captain said. "That you did. Good lad." Nirella sighed again. "Alright," she said. "I'll go get my cloak." The junior guardsman extended his right arm, thrusting her midnight cloak at her.

"And my potions." The guardsman's left arm thrust her satchel of potions at her. "I didn't see you carrying anything," she said irritably. "Where were you hiding those?" The guard shrugged. "Fine," she said. She threw her satchel across her shoulder and donned her cloak. "Lock the gates until I return." "BAR THE GATES!" the captain bellowed to the guardsman manning the village's large wooden gate. Nirella jumped, startled.

The captain turned to her and said, "Good hunting, milady." "Uh huh," Nirella said, and then leapt from the wall, cloak fluttering in the night air. ------------------------------------------- Above, on the wall, the Wolf heard the junior guardsman ask, "Do you think she'll come back?" "How the hell should I know?" the captain said. "Let's go get an ale." The Wolf grumbled in irritation.

It had slipped into the village shortly before the gates had slammed shut, and now it was trapped. Slinking off into the inky darkness, it found a place to hide. At least, it knew, all it had to do now was wait for the quarry to return to the village. The Wolf, as well as Nirella, did not relish the thought of fighting spiders.

------------------------------------------- Nirella dashed silently through the forest, her midnight cloak making her a shadow among shadows. The drag marks were easy to track, and were not out of place, but the wolf tracks concerned her. It appeared, when she arrived at the entrance to the spiders' lair, that the wolf had come and gone—back toward the village. At least the gates were barred, she thought.

The giant stone that sealed the cave was too heavy even for a team of spiders to move. Lairs like this always had a switch or secret lever that would open the main door.

Urunga, Viceroy of the Gorilla People, had kept the key to his Super Secret Tree Castle (No Girls Allowed) under the doormat.

Mobtar, Overlord of the Centaur Confederacy, had kept the key to his Stables of Debauchery in a fake rock. Nirella thought back on the stables and shuddered as memories triggered a warm, tingling feeling in her belly.

She ran a sweeties pound dudes anus with monster belt cocks and splash jizm up her sides, but stopped herself. Now was not the time for indulging in past adventures. Obviously, spiders had no opposable thumbs, so a key was unlikely.

Nirella felt along the rocks bordering the giant entrance boulder. Aha! She put her weight on a loose stone and felt it give. A rumbling shook the ground, and the boulder rolled back, exposing a dimly lit tunnel that led deep into the earth.

A deep breath to calm the nerves was all she needed to get started. Nirella moved through the winding spider tunnels like a ghost.

Spiders were focused, voracious creatures, but they were easily fooled, and the roguish elf was able to slip past the guards with no trouble at all. As she moved past the obligatory frontline security, she became concerned about the lack of spiders in the spider cave until she heard a roaring chorus of clicks from farther down the tunnel. Urgency pushed her forward, and she continued until she came across multiple doors in a ring, all leading into some kind of central atrium.

Spiders packed the area past the doorways, and she couldn't see beyond them. Traveling around the ring, she located a small access tunnel.

Climbing into it, she found that it led upward and into the earthen rafters of a large arena of some sort. It reminded her of a subterranean version of the ancient elven coliseum at Llewllingatiwn. Dangling from the ceiling were two bound figures. Nirella's heart skipped a beat. Damsels in distress! Oh, happy day!

But the question remained: how does one rescue distressed damsels from a spider horde? The elf's musing was interrupted when a figure in a long, form fitting, lacy black gown entered the arena onto a perfect teen tits webcam xxx slutty angel likes the taste of cum platform at one end.

The roar of clicking intensified, and then went silent as the figure, a humanoid figure, raised its arms and began its monologue.

----------------------------------------- "My children!" the woman on the platform began. "I, Arachnetta, your queen, bring you my blessings!" The spiders, crowded into five stories of stadium seating, went wild with their clicking and stomping. Jane awoke to find the world upside down—all, that was, except her sister.

Bound tightly in spider silk, Tina's hair seemed to stick straight up. The older girl had been awake for quite some time, and had a look of terror on her face. Spying the Spider Queen on the platform below, Jane realized that she was hanging from the ceiling, and, like her sister, was bound.

She struggled, but found that her super strength had left her. All the wriggling only caused her to sway back and forth like a pendulum. "Your brothers and sisters in the forest went on a great hunt," continued the Spider Queen, "and they have brought back not one prize, but two!" The crowd went wild again.

"And so, it is with great pleasure that I present them to you!" At her gesture, the silk threads that held the sisters aloft slackened, lowering the girls toward the Queen's platform until they were eye to eye with her. Jane noticed that the gown the Queen wore was a black lacy spider silk mesh so thin that it left nothing to the imagination. The redhead had to admit, though: the woman, if that's what she was, had an exquisite body with curves and lines that made her the perfect image of an arch-villainess.

The gown's large, disk-like collar rose above the Queen's head, darkening everything behind it and accentuating the woman's sharp pale facial features. "I give you." The Spider Queen announced to the crowd and then leaned in until her face was less than an inch from Jane's. In sotto voce, she asked, "What's your name, my dear?" "Screw you," Jane said, struggling and swaying more.

The Queen held her hands up to Jane's face, and from her fingernails extended into razor-sharp claws. Jane flinched, and the Queen caressed the girl's face with her palms to stop the swaying, and then drew back, her fingers trailing so lightly that the claws, sharp as they were, didn't make a mark. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm afraid I didn't catch that over all the noise. Would you be so kind as to repeat you name for me?" "J-Jane," the redhead managed.

"Jane!" the Queen announced. "And." she leaned toward Tina. "Tina," the older girl blurted, not wanting to aggravate the razor-clawed villainess.

The Queen's claws retracted, and she brushed Tina's cheek with her fingers. "That's a good girl," she said, sotto again, before announcing to the crowd, "Tina!" The spiders went wild again.

When there was a lull in the roar of the crowd, the Queen continued, "You, my children, have captured the wicked magister's minions." "Hey," Jane said, still wriggling against her bonds. "Hey, we don't even know that asshole! We were just trying to escape!" "Lies!" screeched the Spider Queen.

"The dark forces of Chateau d'X have poisoned the forest and driven you into these dank caves. You have fallen for such treachery in the past. Would you believe their lies now?" The crowd hissed. "I don't like the direction this is going," Tina said meekly. "I'm telling the truth!" Jane said. She had begun purposefully swinging toward the Queen.

"D'X captured us and did something with our parents. We're just looking for them." When Jane swung close, the Spider Queen gripped her with a strength that didn't seem old young sex play able story belong to such a spindly frame. The Queen's black eyes searched Jane's, and eventually released her.

"Shall we believe them, my children, these interlopers who killed your brothers and sisters?" the Queen asked the crowd. Again, the crowd hissed. The regent's wicked grin said it all. "Trial by combat!" Tina blurted. The Spider Queen's grin deflated like a whoopee cushion.

"What?!" "Tina," Jane whispered. "What are you doing?" "Shut up. I know what I'm doing," Tina whispered back. "Trial by combat!" Tina hollered loud enough for the crowd to hear. "I demand trial by combat!" ---------------------------------------- Nirella, tucked away in an alcove in the rafters, almost gave herself away by laughing.

Trial by combat? This Tina was clearly out of her mind. Still, the girl had moxie. Nirella liked that in a girl.


She also liked the sister's blistering defiance. When it came time, she wasn't sure which one she wanted to rescue more. "Trial by combat?" the Spider queen mused aloud to the crowd. "An odd request from such a small and," a thin finger traced over the girl's curves, "delicate creature." The coliseum was silent for a moment.

"I'LL ALLOW IT!" the Friends siss xxx family frirt Queen bellowed to the crowd. The stomping and chittering was thunderous. The time was nearing and Nirella prepared herself. Spider poison was a powerful enough attribute blocker that even the strongest, most belligerent orc could be made manageable with enough of the stuff. One of the potions in her satchel was an antidote.

It was expensive stuff, and the alchemist who made it was a perverted old man, but it had always worked as advertised. And anyway, if this Tina girl was a wizard, Nirella horny asian slut licks and sucks dick hardcore filipina need her talents to escape. She didn't know what the redhead's talents were, but if they'd held their own against an arachnid hunting party for as long as they had, the elf wanted her at her best, too.

As the rogue in the rafters began soaking her darts in the antidote, the Spider Queen gestured. The girls were lowered not-so-gently to the arena floor. When the ropes went slack, their bonds loosened, and the girls struggled free. "Let the games begin!" the Queen cheered. The crowd roared. ---------------------------------------- Tina scrambled to her feet. All around her, the spiders in the stands chittered and stomped their spindly appendages. Some were even waving what appeared to be flags.

She even spotted what she assumed was a popcorn vendor. Now that she was as oriented as she would be, she noticed that the arena was oblong in shape, Queen's platform situated in european facial staycation with a latin hottie middle of one of the longer sides. To either side of the platform was a large iron gate. Tina knew that if they were to escape this place, it would be through one of these gates, but that doing so would not be a simple matter.

To wit: the gate to the left of the platform rose with the ratcheting clanking of gears and chains, and from the dark tunnel beyond emerged a spider not half as large as the one in the forest that Tina had crushed with the tree, but armored in scaled steel that shined from a recent polishing. A red banner draped over its bulbous abdomen. Clearly, this was the Queen's champion. "That's not fair!" Jane said, backing toward Tina. To the right of the platform, the gate there ratcheted open, and from within strutted an identical spider, armored again in polished steel scales, but with a blue banner draped over its abdomen.

When both champions were inside the arena, the gates slammed shut. The champions raised their forelegs, and the crowd thundered its enthusiasm.

"Oh, come on!" Jane shouted at the Spider Queen on her throne high above them. With an amused gesture, the Queen waved her hand. Two spiders tossed from the platform a sword and shield and a large war hammer, the head of which was the size of the air-conditioning unit Jane had in her bedroom window back home. The weapons landed a few meters from the girls. The Queen's champions began their advance, and the sisters sprinted toward the weapons.

Jane went immediately for the war hammer, but found she couldn't budge it. She had forgotten about the poison. "Damn it!" the redhead hissed. Tina was already to the shield, but it was solid metal, and she had trouble lifting it with one arm. "Jane! Here!" she called, offering her sister the handle of the sword, the tip of which dragged in the dust.

Jane hefted the sword up, but felt awkward and clumsy. "Ok," she said, her heart thumping in her chest. "What now?" Tina hoisted the shield up. "I block, you slash," she said as the armored spiders approached. "Get behind me!" No sooner had Jane ducked behind the shield than an armored spider leg swished through the air where she had just been. Tina did her best to keep the spiders in front of her, backing up toward the edge of the arena.

When they were against the wall, the spider in red reared up and smashed its legs into Tina's shield. The edge of the giant engraved steel saucer bit into the area floor, but she managed to hang onto it. While the shield was down, Jane hopped forward and swung the sword in an arc over her head that crashed into the spider's eight-eyed helmet with a resounding gong, but did not penetrate the metal. "Yeah! Take cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom she cheered.

"Jane, look out!" Tina called, but it was too late. The spider in blue swiped Jane aside like a bug, and the girl flew several meters, hit the ground, and rolled into a coughing, gasping heap. Somehow, she had managed to hold onto the sword. Tina scrambled away from the spiders and to her sister's side. "Jane!" she shook her sister back to her senses. "Ow." Jane grumbled.

By the time she got to her feet, however, the red spider had rejoined the fray. "Tina!" Tina turned just in time to block a devastating swipe, but the blow staggered her back and away from her sister. Now, the blue spider closed on Jane, who thrust it desperately at a patch of unarmored underbelly.

It glanced off the creature's exoskeleton, but the spider hissed and retreated a few steps. "That's right, creep! Stay back!" Jane snarled at the creature, keeping the pointy end of the sword between herself and the angry arachnid. A short distance away, Tina was having her own difficulties. The red spider hissed and approached, and Tina backed up until she came into contact with the area wall. The spider swiped at her, she ducked, and the armored leg took a chunk of hard dirt out of the wall.

Charging forward in a frenzy of fear, she smashed the shield into the spider's face. The arachnid reeled back, screeched in rage, and gripped the metal disc with its forelegs. Tina tried to hold onto it, but the spider ripped it from her grasp and flung it through the air. For a moment, both combatants watched the glimmering saucer arc through the air.

When it gonged against the arena floor, rolled like a wheel, and clanged into far wall. The champion in red returned its attention to Tina. If a spider could grin, that's what this one was doing. "Help!" Tina shrieked, and bolted. The scene had even held the attention of Jane and the spider in blue. As the lithe brunette sprinted away, arms and legs pumping wildly, the red spider hot on her heels, Jane slapped her palm to her forehead.

The champion in blue cocked its head. "I can't believe we're related," Jane groaned. Did the spider laugh? Jane didn't know if they could laugh. What it certainly did do, however, was swipe a leg at the flat side of her sword, knocking it to the side. Certainly, it could have swiped it away, but it felt to Jane more like a love tap.

She brought the blade back to center again, and the spider knocked it aside again. And again Jane brought it back between them.

As the champion in red pursued Tina around the arena, Jane's spider began moving toward her, batting her sword aside whenever the sharp end came back to point in its direction. Jane's shoulders began to burn, and she realized then that the clever arachnid was toying with her. When she could no longer lift the steel blade, the creature would make its move. Jane had to act. Hollering a piercing war cry, the redhead charged, swinging and thrusting wildly.

The blade clanged off the spider's armor, and for a moment, she had the creature on the defensive. But it was only for a moment. When Jane swung down, the spider dodged, and the blade lodged in the arena floor. With a great backhanded swipe, armor first, the creature hit the blade, shattering it and leaving a shocked Jane holding the handle and a stub of mangled steel.

On the bright side, the sword was now much lighter. "You're an asshole. You know that, right?" she said. This time she was sure the spider laughed. Tossing the useless blade aside, she bolted toward the gate. Maybe, just maybe she could climb the latticed iron and reach the Queen.

It was an incomplete plan, but it was a plan. But it was not to be. Streaking in at a forty-five-degree angle came her sister. The girls collided and sprawled in the dust. Jane scrambled toward Tina, but the champion in blue was on her in a flash, flattening her onto her belly.

"Oof!" she grunted, feeling the weight of the spider and its armor crushing her into the ground. She craned her neck back to see if there was some kind of wiggle room under the spider that she could slip through, but saw something that took her breath away. From the spider's underside, a long appendage had begun to extend. The end was tipped in a blunt point, but the shaft was heavily ribbed, horny lesbo bombshells are opening up and fist fucking ass holes the whole thing dripped what appeared to be a quite viscous substance.

"Uh oh." she groaned. In front of her, Tina was on her back, pinned under the red champion, who also had begun to sprout a large, ribbed appendage. Tina lifted her head from the dirt and saw this. "Oh, no no no!" she yelled. Jane could understand why, too. The spider's tool was significantly larger than the wolf's. It wasn't as big as Grum's had been, which relieved her in a way, but the prospect of being violated by a spider gave her pause. Not that it mattered much. Jane felt a pair of legs lift her butt off the floor while another kept her shoulders pinned.

Across from her, Tina felt her spider slide its legs under the small of her back and angle her toward its dripping erection. "No no no no," she pleaded with the creature, clawing at its exoskeleton to no effect. Slowly, it pressed the tip of its erection against her tight young pussy, the slick viscous liquid making entry as smooth as silk.

When the first of the bulbous ribs stretched her, she hollered. The crowd cheered. Jane grasped Tina's hand, and her sister's eyes opened. "I'm here, Tina," she said. "Just focus on me." Tina did, and when the next of the bulbous ribs slipped into her, she gritted her teeth, but kept her eyes locked on her sister's loving gaze. But eventually her eyes strayed to the giant tool angling toward Jane's raised butt. Jane saw her sister's gaze shift and knew her turn was coming.

Indeed, the spider penetrated her tight young pussy and she grunted at the size. Watching her sister get impaled on the red spider's cock, she knew that the burning, stretching sensation was coming from the large bulbous ribs in the shaft as they squeezed inside her, one by one. She hated to admit it, but she loved the way each one ground against her little clit and sent hot chills through her body. When the spider was fully in her, she let out a breath she didn't known she had been holding.

"There," she said, her breath ragged. "That's not so bad, is it?" With that, the spiders began to pull back, their ribbed cocks playing against the sisters' clits. Tina's eyes went wide and her cheeks blushed. "Whoa!" she said. "Whoa-oh-oh!" She gripped her spider's armored leg, and gasped. Jane, too, experienced a rush of ecstasy as the spider began to push back into her.

The sensation of expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting was something she had never thought possible, and she was beginning to thoroughly enjoy it. "Uhhh god." she moaned.

"Jane?" Tina squeaked. "What's wrong?" "Nnh!"Jane grunted as the spider began fucking her in earnest. "N-nothing!" Tina examined her sister's face and found not pain, but a growing savage lust.

Nor was there embarrassment. Even in front of such a crowd, Jane seemed unaware of anything but the base pleasure these monsters were inflicting. Tina's spider began steadily pumping its cock in and out of her young pussy, and she tried to hold onto her outrage, but felt her body betray her.

What is wrong with me? she wondered. A few days ago, she had been worrying about exams and hiding her body under sweaters, and now she was naked in a stadium with a monster spider's cock buried in her. And she was beginning to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. "Fuck!" she moaned as the spider sped up it fucking, the ribs of its cock beating a slick staccato rhythm against her clit.

"Oh fuck!" Jane saw her sister arch her back in ecstasy, and moaned. The wet heat of orgasm began to build in her as the spider fucked her. She gripped her sister's hand tighter, and made eye contact again. "Kiss me, Tina," she panted. Tina angled her face toward her sister's, and when Jane's lips met hers, she moaned and surrendered. The crowd went wild. With each thrust, Tina began to push back onto the spider's cock.

Jane, too, began arching her back, allowing the spider deeper access to her youthful depths. Sensing victory, the arachnid champions no longer felt the need to pin their prey to the ground, and removed their weight from the girls' bodies.

With greater freedom of movement, Jane propped herself up on her hands and began rocking back against the spider's fucking. Tina, too, was able to better thrust her young sex up onto the large ribbed appendage. This drove the spiders into a frenzy of piston pumping, and the girls came simultaneously, screaming. The spiders, too, stiffened and filled the girls with their seed. Jane felt hot liquid pouring into her and squirting out past the creature's twitching tool. "Fuck yes!" she hollered.

And then Tina grunted, "Ow!" ---------------------------------------------- Nirella could hardly believe her eyes. These human girls were truly something special. Each of the soft young things were writhing and bucking under the spiders' assault as if possessed.

Truly, she wondered, would these girls thank her for rescuing them? And then she wondered about all the others who had disappeared into the spiders' lair.

If they had been treated similarly, she could understand big rump african hard xxx none had returned.

Nevertheless, she had made a promise to rescue the damsels, and that's what she would do. From under her cloak, she raised the tiny crossbow that she had attached to her leather bracer. Loading in an antidote-soaked dart, she took aim and fired once at the brunette. The dart struck home in Tina's hip, and she saw the girl flinch.

The redhead lifted her head and seemed to notice the dart. Jane turned her head toward the dart's origin, and Nirella was worried her cover was blown, but the girl played it off as a wild writhing.

She bent her head down to her sister, and seemed to whisper something to Tina who let the spider's clock slip from her, letting what seemed like a quart of spider cum pour from her.

Turning over onto her hands and knees, the older girl seamlessly plucked the dart from her hip. The rogue loaded another dart, aimed, and fired, hitting Jane in the leg. The girl scowled, and laid flat, allowing her own spider's cock to slip from her and spray the remainder of its cum over her back. Rolling out from under the creature, the girl plucked the dart from her leg and buried it in the dirt. Backing away from the blue champion, Jane appeared for a moment to be retreating.

Good, Nirella thought, the potion was kicking in. But instead of running or fighting, the fiery little redhead backed herself against the arena wall and beckoned her spider forward. When it reared up, it placed its forelegs on either side of the girl. Its ribbed appendage extended again, and Jane gripped the scales on its armor as it began thrusting into her again. Tina, too, wiggled her butt at the red champion, offering herself to it again.

Nirella gasped and felt warm wetness creep into her nethers. Crouched in the rafters, she squeezed her thighs together. Once should have been more than enough for anyone. These humans were indeed heroic. Oh, heavens, she thought. She couldn't rescue these girls. She wanted them to rescue her. She needed them to rescue her.

Oh, yes, she thought deviously. They were definitely going to rescue her. ------------------------------------------ The arena echoed with the roar of the assembled spider horde and, above it all, the moans and cries of ecstasy. Tina was surprised at herself, but the spider's cock was just too good. She felt it stretching her, filling her up, and ribbing against her clit in hot rhythm. Looking over at young stud bangs 60 years old woman tube porn sister, pinned against the arena wall and taking her spider's cock into her hungry young snatch with such gusto, she felt herself coming yet again.

The spider also came again, flooding her with its hot seed, though this time there was significantly less of it.

Was it getting tired? In an answer to that question, the champion backed away. Could a spider pant and sweat? Whatever the equivalent was, Tina saw it now. But she wanted more. She stepped toward the spider, and it backed away. Another step, and the spider retreated even more. Tina gestured a come-hither curled finger at it.

"I thought you were a champion," she taunted. "Are you finished with me so soon?" It nodded. "Oh, come now," she said. "We were just getting started." Out of the corner of her eye, she peered up at the Queen, who had risen from her throne.

"Champions!" the Spider Queen bellowed above the chittering and stomping. "Fulfill your duty to your Queen! I command it!" The spider in red chittered something low so as to be inaudible to its mistress. Its body language read to Tina of fear and uncertainty. It advanced shakily at first, and then more confidently as Tina retreated. So, she thought, the spider liked the hunt.

Very well. Jane saw Tina backing away from her spider, which seemed to have a renewed vigor. She looked at her own blue champion, its body swaying in exhaustion. Subtly, she tapped her shoulder. The spider chittered an interrogative, and Jane nodded. The spider swiped at her, not so much swatting her as scooping and tossing her into the dirt. Jane rolled and regained her feet. "You can do better than that," she taunted.

The spider's second wind seemed to be returning, and the girl saw the Queen sit back down. The blue champion advanced, and swiped at her again.

This time, she blocked the leg and struck the creature's steel helm with a closed fist. The gonging sound silenced the crowd, and the Queen leaned forward. Though there was a dent in the metal and the spider seemed dazed, Jane grabbed her fist and made a show. "Owww!" she cried out, hoping she wasn't overselling it.

The spider advanced more quickly this time. Swatting her harder this time, Jane rolled across the arena floor. Tina saw her sister's strength return, and leered at her own spider. Igniting her hands, she lobbed a slow, arcing fireball toward the Queen. The red champion leaped into the air and caught the softball on its armor plating.

When it landed, it started toward Tina, who lobbed more fire at it. Unaffected, the spider charged at her. She took off running again, but the champion leapt onto her back, driving her into the dirt. Faster than she thought, the spider rammed its giant ribbed tool into her, and she screamed as pleasure and pain returned all at once. Mercilessly, the spider began to ravage her tight young pussy. Tina hollered as the savage fucking lit a fire that burned inside her, driving her quickly toward orgasm.

Jane, too, had fought with her spider, but its strong legs pinned her arms to her sides as it began plunging its hard tool into her.

She squealed in protest, but her wetness gave her away to the champion. Throwing her head back in ecstasy, she grunted and panted.

With each thrust, she moaned in soft guttural tones only loud enough for her champion to hear, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" ---------------------------------------- Nirella watched from the rafters, waiting for her moment to be rescued.

Seeing the girls bait the spiders into fucking them even more savagely had made the elf incredibly wet, and she slipped a hand inside her midnight cloak and along the mithril chainmail that girded her loins. But there was no time to indulge in self pleasure. Her moment was at hand. From under each of the spiders came a telltale purple glow. ------------------------------------------ Tina had only just begun to come down from her orgasm when, in the middle of the arena there came a flash of light and puff of smoke the billowed up toward the ceiling.

When the smoke cleared, a cloaked figure stood facing the Queen's platform. With a dramatic flourish, the figure threw back its hood. It was a woman! "Arachnetta!" the woman called up to the throne, pointing menacingly. "Your reign of debauchery is at an end!" The Spider Queen stood and hissed. "Nirella! Thief! How dare you enter . The Lair of the Spider Queen!" "More easily than you'd think," Nirella said with bravado.

"You should invest in a better lock." Tina groaned unhappily as her spider's cock slipped from her. Jane, too, groaned as her spider dropped her and turned to face the intruder.

"Your reputation precedes you, elf," the Queen said with a sneer. "If you think to steal my newest prize, I'm afraid I must disappoint you." The champions, red and blue, hissed.

"Ha!" Nirella laughed. Tina had heard the word "elf," and her eyes had gone to the woman's electric green hair and pointed ears. Her dark skin, the color of strong Earl Grey tea, smooth and tight covered lithe muscle that seemed to make up most of the woman's body. Lean, thin, and tall, this Nirella was a beauty unlike any Tina had beheld.

Of course, she had read about such creatures in books, but they were just stories. Some of them were incredibly sexy stories. Some were outright porn. But that wasn't the point. Now, in front of the bookish brunette, stood the woman she had dreamed about so often. "That's what you think," the elf continued. From inside her cloak, she flourished two gleaming, razor sharp daggers.

"Rogue!" the Queen hissed. "I shall make you my pet, miscreant!" "I'd like to see you try!" Nirella shot back. From behind her, the red champion had approached quietly and now swiped at her with a long, armored leg. But the elf was no longer there.

Like a ghost, she glided through the air, arcing in an aerial somersault, and landing light as a lily on the armored back of the offending spider. "Is that the best you can offer?" With that, sticky ropes of spider silk shot out toward the rogue, catching her at the elbows.

A flick of her wrists, and her daggers sliced away the would-be snares. "Thief!" the Queen called down from her platform. "You fight a losing battle! And you fight the wrong battle!" "Says the great Arachnetta?" the elf called back, bravado still infusing her voice.

"These are agents of the Chateau d'X, fool!" the Spider Queen said. "Poisoners of the forest! They come direct from the magister himself! Would you deny me my rightful prize?" From her perch atop the confused and irritated champion spider, Nirella leapt to Tina, who was excited at the proximity until the woman grabbed her roughly from behind and put a gleaming dagger to her throat. "Ask them yourself," the Queen chided. "When you're finished, leave them with me, and I may let you leave with your dignity intact." "Is it true?" the elf demanded.

"No!" Tina blurted. "Don't lie to me!" the elf hissed. "Eep!" Tina squeaked. "No! I swear! We were supposed to be on this stupid road trip and stupid dad got all weird then stupid mom got all weird and they decided to stop at this spooky mansion which was obviously haunted and I told them it was obviously haunted but he ignored me and now I'm a wizard and my sister's super strong and my brother's a wolf and our parents are missing and .

and ." "Jeez!" Nirella said. "All right, all right, I get it. Take a breath." Tina gasped in a breath and then said, "Are you really an elf?" "Yeah," Nirella said. The girl seemed to make a sustained high-pitched squee-ing sound, and looked at the woman with big doe eyes. "You smell good" she said. "Thanks," Nirella said. And then added in a whisper, "Are you ready to fight?" "With what?" Tina said. "All I can cast is fire." "You just leveled up," the elf said.

"Are you sure?" "I can try," Tina said. Nirella released her and pushed her forward with a hearty slap on the ass and an "Atta girl." "Well?" the Spider Queen demanded. "Fiend!" the elf seemed to pick up her bravado where she'd left it. "These are innocent girls." "It matters not, of course," chuckled the queen.

"You were never leaving here, anyway. You shall be a special treat. Release the Arachnor!" The gate to the right of the platform ratcheted open and from the tunnel emerged a spider the size of an elephant. Armored in plate lined with spikes, the beast was the first of the Queen's to actually make the elf question the wisdom of intervening.

Still, she put on a brave face. "Do your worst!" she called up to the queen. The crowd roared. Jane and Tina's spiders closed on them once again. Jane fended hers mature hoe jessica taylor has hot foreplay with bf pornstars hardcore with a series of blows that further dented its armor and knocked it senseless.

"Sorry!" she whispered at it. Tina's spider closed on her, and now she felt a chill rising in her. Just as the spider prepared to lunge at her, she cast a blast of frost that froze its foot to the arena floor. It chipped away at the ice, horny teen got fucked in a public sex after a squirting Tina froze its remaining feet.

When it was immobile, it chittered irritably at her, but she just grimaced and backed away, mouthing an apology. Turning to naughty cutie was brought in anal nuthouse for uninhibited therapy their rescuer, Tina found the elf under assault from ropes of silk that continued to shoot from the rafters.

Her daggers cut at them, but the strands had begun to restrict her movement. Eventually, the rogue had been rendered immobile, and thrashed about at the Arachnor approached. Tina encased one of the giant beast's feet in ice, but the monstrous spider simply lifted up its leg, bringing the foot, ice, and a chunk of the arena floor with it.

It reared back on its hind legs and shrieked with rage. From underneath it, a truly humongous cock extended. While the champions' tools had been large, the Arachnor's would surely split the thief in two.

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"Whoa!" Nirella said, struggled as she found herself unable to retreat from the Arachnor. Tina tried burning away the ropes that attached the elf to the arena ceiling and walls, but there were too many. She wanted to burn the webbing directly off of the green-haired woman, but doubted that elves were naturally fireproof. "Hurry!" Nirella pleaded.

"There's too many!" Tina said. And then, from the left came a blur. A tremendous gonging sound shook the stadium, drowning out all other noise.

The Arachnor staggered and a huge dent appeared in its thick armor. Next to where it had stood was Jane, war hammer in her hands. The Arachnor turned on her, but she swung at stepsis snuggles up to stepbro and they end up fucking again, shattering the armor on one of the beast's legs.

"Go!" she called over her shoulder. "Get the elf! I've got this!" "Wow!" Nirella marveled in genuine awe. "She's really something." "Yep," Tina said, burning off the remaining silk ropes. None replaced them.

"That's my sister." "Your sister?" Nirella said, remembering how the girls had kissed. "Long story," Tina said over the gonging in the background. "Can you walk?" Nirella was free of the ropes, but the webbing still impeded her movement. "Yeah," she said. "I think so." Jane had backed the Arachnor against the Queen's platform, and the monster retreated up the vertical to hide behind its master.

"You coward!" hissed the Spider Queen. No sooner had she scolded her pet than the redhead smashed her hammer into the base of the platform. The Queen shrieked as the ground gave way underneath her, but her pet snatched her up and perched on the wall, digging its feet into the earth. Jane advanced, but turned when Tina called out to her.

"Jane!" Tina called, helping the elf toward the gate. "I think you've made your point. Let's get out of here!" Jane headed for the gate and smashed it down with the hammer. As the party escaped through the tunnel, they heard the regent's sharp voice echoing after them. "You've won this time, but no one escapes the wrath of the Spider Queen! No one!" The tunnel emptied into a clearing, and the warriors stopped to catch their breath. "Thanks for the rescue!" Nirella said.

"I thought I was going to be the one rescuing you." "It's my pleasure," Tina said, her nimble fingers resting on the elf's strong arm. "So," Jane said, propping the war hammer up on her shoulder. "Who are you, anyway?" "Oh, me?" the elf said, picking at the spider silk that still clung to her.

"Name's Nirella: thief, rogue-for-hire, and champion of Oxcart." "Well, I'm Jane, and the one giving you doe eyes is my sister Tina," Jane said.

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"You wouldn't happen to have anything to wear, would you?" The elf removed her midnight cloak and tossed it to the redhead. "I have more in Oxcart," she said. "Can you share this one for now?" Jane threw the large dark cloak over herself, and Tina joined her under it. "What's Oxcart?" the older girl asked. "It's a village," Nirella said, pointing to lights on a nearby hill. "It's not far. Come, I owe you for rescuing me." --------------------------------------- "Open the gates!" Nirella bellowed up to the guard captain.

"Who goes there?" the captain called down. "It's me, Nirella, with the charges I rescued from . The Lair of the Spider Queen!" she called up. The gate creaked open, and allowed the rogue and her guests to pass.

Oxcart wasn't much to look at, but the roguish elf had secured herself a nice cottage atop the hill. Lighting the lanterns, she ushered the girls in and closed the door behind them. As Jane propped her hammer up against the wall, remaining under the cloak, the elf disappeared into the adjoining rooms to light candles and go about her business. Standing awkwardly in the entranceway, the girls heard running water in the next room. Nirella poked her head through the open doorway.

"Hey, girls," she said. "I'm going to rough cum hole jamming pornstar and hardcore all this spider junk washed off. Why don't you join me?" Moving as one, still under the cloak, the sisters entered the washroom to find the elf peeling off her bracers, which, stuck to her as they were, made the sound of duct tape as she hissed in discomfort. When the first one was off, she turned her head and noticed them.

"Don't be shy," she said. "I did watch you get the fucking of a lifetime, after all. I doubt there's much left to hide." "Oh, right," Tina said. Timidly, she slipped out from under the cloak. In the middle of the washroom was a large square stone bath. Steaming water poured into it from a hole on one edge. Nirella saw the girl watching the tub. "The benefits of building near a hot spring," she said. Tina dipped a foot in and found the water to be perfect, neither too hot nor too cool.

Stepping in, and feeling her muscles relax, she nodded to Jane, who let the cloak drop. The older girl saw the elf eying the young redhead's smooth curves, and felt a tinge of jealousy. Jane stepped into the tub and let herself submerge to the neck. "Ahhhh," she sighed. Finally, something was going right in this weird magical world. Seating herself across from her sister, she leaned her head back on the stones and closed her eyes. Nirella continue to undress, and noticed that the bookish older sister was not-so-subtly watching her every move.

When she bent over to unfasten her greaves, Tina's got an eyeful of her lean dark curves. The elf smiled to herself. This was going to be fun. "They're mithril," Nirella said, peeling off her other greave. "A gift from the Dwarf King. A reward for rescuing his daughter from the Lizard People of Vz'kurth." "Ah," Tina said, suddenly feigning disinterest and moving her eyes from the elf's shapely ass.

The spider silk had wound its way into the clasps that held the undergarment in place. She tried the matching bra and found that it, too, was stuck. This was why she hated fighting spiders. Still, she thought, this didn't have to be a setback. "Damn spiders," she said, making a show of fiddling with the clasps.

"Their silk sticks like crazy. I guess I'll just have to soak it off." Stepping into the bath and submerging herself to the neck, she saw concern on Tina's face. Jane hadn't moved. "Won't they rust?" Tina said. "Hardly," Nirella chuckled. "The fastenings are adamantium, and the fabric is woven mithril.

You could set me on fire, and all that'd be left are these." The elf stood and then sat on the edge of the tub next to the girl.

In the relatively cool air, Nirella's nipples puckered, making hard lumps in the brilliant silver fabric. Taking the girl's hand, she placed it on her breast. "It's the smoothest fabric in existence. A second skin, really." Now Jane lifted her head. She hadn't thought it would, but seeing Tina's pale hand caressing the woman's breast made her jealous.

Nirella saw the girl watching her, and beckoned her over. Jane stayed neck deep in the tub, but waded over. When she sat on the step on the other side of the elf, Nirella took her hand and put it on the strip of mithril between her long dark legs.

Indeed, the material and everything underneath was supernaturally smooth. Jane ran her finger down the rogue's armored slit. "Mmm," Nirella cooed. "Smooth, isn't it?" The redhead nodded, her hair hanging in wet crimson ropes. She was quite enjoying the feel of the elf against her fingers, but Nirella slipped back into the bath, completely submerging herself and emerging again, her green hair slicked back.

Offering her back to Tina, Nirella said, "Hey sweetie, would you see if that spider gunk is out of the clasp yet?" Tina stood and looked at the clasp. It was definitely clear of webbing, and she fingered the hooks, popping them loose.

The bra slid busty tattooed teen destroyed by a huge black cock the elf's chest revealing two perfect teardrop-shaped breasts that looked as if they were carved from wood. Dark pink nipples stood erect in the middle of each.

Nirella turned toward Tina, offering her back to Jane. "I forgot," the elf said leaning into the pale brunette. "I meant to thank you for the rescue." "Oh," Tina blushed. "It was nothing really.

I mean you rescued us, really, and well." Nirella gripped the girl by her chin and kissed her. The teenage human had such soft lips, and the elf loved the way they quivered with nervous energy.

Behind her, she felt fingers at her hipline working the clasp on the bottom undergarment. When they were loose, Nirella reached down, removed them, and turned back toward Jane. "How could I not thank the brave warrior who beat back that terrible beast?" she said before leaning in to kiss the young redhead.

Jane immediately kissed the elf back, and the woman purred as she felt the youth's passion. Reaching down with her long arms, she gripped Jane's round little ass and lifted her up until she felt the girl wrap those strong legs around her waist.

Picking Jane up, she set the girl on the warm stones at the lip of the bath. She sat next to the girl, and then beckoned Tina to join them. The older girl climbed out of the water and sat on the other side of the elf. Nirella had dark nimble fingers that were used to slipping into purses and finding items of value.

And so it was, too, when her long arms curled around the girls' waists, and her long fingers stole into each of the sisters' insatiable young love tunnels. Oh, how she relished the pleasured gasps of young human girls! They were nothing like the elves back home, always obsessed with the past, unable to take pleasure in anything that didn't involve some ancient, half-forgotten history.

These girls, whose slick warm vaginas contracted around her fingers, were making history. They had defeated the vile Arachnetta, and were about to go up anime cum tribute cute hentai teen feet tube porn the most powerful dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob the land had ever seen.

They deserved some gentle loving. Even though "gentle" wasn't exactly her middle name, she would do her best to provide. [Editor's Note: Nirella's middle name was, in point of fact, "Gontle," an elven christine rides glenns old cock on top bouncing off meaning "the tree upon the hill that is avoided by snakes due to the large number of predatory birds living in its branches"; wood elves are famous for having as many words for "tree" as there are trees.

Author's Note: In elven culture, this is considered the backhanded compliment of middle names; Nirella does not use it on her tax documents; Nirella also does not pay her taxes. -BD] Tina felt looked down and saw the long dark fingers buried in her pussy, and couldn't believe the sensations she was experiencing.

So this is what it was like to be with an experienced woman. Her sister had been a quick learner, but the elf, twisting and wriggling her digits, stimulating her g-spot and other places within her depths she hadn't thought to name, had her panting in no time at all. Jane was realizing this, as well, and felt the tide of orgasm swelling to a crescendo.

It was a small climax when it hit, but the young redhead felt herself shaking all the same. "Fuck, That was good!" she breathed. Nirella grinned. "Oh, I'm sure it was," she said. "But that was just an appetizer. I'm not done with you yet." To emphasize the point, she kept her fingers twisting and pumping in the girl's wet pussies.

Tina turned in toward the elf and began kissing the woman's smooth skin, lips traveling down until they met the hard nipple on her perfect breast. The woman sighed in pleasure, and then let out a moan when Jane copied her sister and began flicking and teasing the right nipple with her tongue.

Nirella felt hot pleasure radiating from her chest, and closed her eyes as the girls licked and sucked her breasts. Unfortunately, as they had twisted toward her, she could no longer reach between their legs. It was then, in a moment of roguishness that she thought of another use for her nimble fingers.

Tina felt the elf's hand slide up her hip and down over her ass, and then fingers teasing her pussy lips from the rear. She moaned into the woman's breast, thinking, "Why, yes, thank you, ma'am. I'll have some more of that," and opened her legs enough to allow those slender digits better access.

And she wasn't disappointed. Once again, she felt the expert twisting and teasing driving her toward another orgasm. Before she could get there, however, her eyes shot open. "Whoa!" she blurted. Jane had a similar expression, though, Tina noticed, not as concerned as her own. Nirella's thumb, coated in pussy juice slid against the teenage wizard's anus, massaging and teasing.

Tina was tense at first, but after a while, the slick movement became a sensation that was certainly not unpleasant. Across from her, Jane's blushing cheeks told her that the younger girl was thoroughly enjoying the anal attention. Somehow, knowing this made Tina relax even more and enjoy the elf's audacious digit. When the girls' faces had lost all trace of trepidation, Nirella began pressing the tips of her thumbs into each of their virgin assholes.

They were tight, and the going was slow, but Nirella found that fact even more enticing. Jane could see on her sister's face that the elf's intruding thumb was a new and not-wholly-appreciated sensation. Tina had paled a bit, and her mouth hung slightly open as a groan came from her throat. Jane, on the other hand, loved the feeling of the Nirella's thumb pushing into her tight puckered hole.

There had been a little discomfort at first, of course, but that had disappeared as soon as she had relaxed. She wanted to help Tina find the pleasure she had discovered, so she took her mouth off the elf's breast, leaned in and kissed her sister.

Feeling Jane's soft young lips against hers was just what Tina needed. It oral stimulation full of burning passion pornstar hardcore just the familiar pleasure, either.

Somewhere deep down, Tina had been in Concerned Big Sister mode. She'd assumed that the discomfort and uncertainty she felt had been shared, and that it was her duty to protect Jane from it. But now, through the girl's lips, she could feel her sister's passion, and she almost laughed.

Of course, she thought. Jane had always been the fearless one. This realization was solidified in Tina's mind when Jane parted from their kiss to push back on Nirella's fingers. When the elf's thumb could go no further into her ass, the curvy redhead moaned, "Fuck .

yeah!" Hearing her sister in the throes of ecstasy made Tina hot, and more importantly, it relaxed her. Nirella's thumb slid into her far more readily now, and she moaned as she found the pleasure her sister had begun to revel in. "Oh . god," Tina moaned as she felt the elf's fingers inside her, working their magic. Her breathing had become ragged, and she again became aware of the warm, slow build-up to orgasm. "Ah! . I wish I'd known . how good this . could feel," she panted, pushing back against Nirella's fingers.

"Didn't you . ahh . ever read about it . mmm . in one of your books . nnnh! . dork?" Jane said. Her face was almost as red as her hair, and Tina could tell she was about to come. "I did, you . ungh! . brat," she said. "But . oh! . it always seemed like it was something .

ahhh . other people did." "Ah! . other people? . (oh, shit) . like who?" Jane said. "I dunno . nnh! . perverts?" Tina said. Jane bucked against Nirella's fingers and came, not screaming, but biting her lip with a long, high-pitched whine. Her round little breasts jiggled as spasms rocked her body. Panting, gasping breaths hissed in and out of her cute upturned nose, and purple flames danced along her back. Seeing her sister level up while coming on the elf's fingers drove Tina quickly toward her own orgasm, but before she could reach it, Nirella's fingers slid out of her.

She made a pathetic whimpering noise, but only for a moment. Jane scooted around to sit behind her, and Nirella slipped into the bath. Tina, sitting on the edge looked down in a haze of frustrated lust to see the elf's dark hands on her pale knees, spreading her thighs.

When the green-haired beauty leaned in and Tina felt hot breath on her aching sex, she leaned back into her sister. Jane leaned back a little, but propped them both up with one supernaturally strong arm. Her other hand reached around to tease and squeeze her sister's breast. Looking down over her older sister's shoulder, she saw Nirella lean in and put her lips at the apex between those slim creamy thighs. "Ahh!" Tina cried out, feeling the elf's tongue stroke up and down her slit before dipping inside her.

Between her sisterly teasing at her breasts and the elven attention between her legs, she knew she wouldn't last very long at all. The ecstasy was too much for her body to handle, and she leaned her body fully into Jane.

Nirella was in heaven. The human girl tasted heavenly, and with every flick of tongue against clitoris, more of those juices flowed.

When Tina leaned back farther, Nirella took the opportunity to press her long index finger into the giant joy for hunks lesbian and college tight ass. Tina squealed and bucked against her as the first and then second knuckles disappeared into the hot gripping hole. When the last of her finger slid into Tina's ass, the girl came with a scream that threatened to shatter the stones around them.

Tina felt fire in every breath as orgasm wracked her body. The combination of sensations drove her over the edge, and then some. Arching her back, prickles of ecstasy turned to purple fire, but she hardly noticed over the blinding flash of real flames. As the young wizard belched flames from deep within, Nirella shrieked and ducked under the surface of the water, glad to have such a deep bath. Jane shielded herself with Tina's body, rightly assuming that her sister would be immune to her own fire.

As Tina came to, she saw a nasty blackened blast mark on the ceiling of the elf's washroom. Still woozy with pleasure, she sat up. Nirella, submerged except for the top half of her head, peered up at her with curious concern. Behind her, Jane sat up, blinking away the flash. "Well, that was new," Jane said, patting her sister on the back, and instantly regretting it.

Tina felt a rumbling from within, and her eyes went large. Nirella ducked back under the water just in time to dodge the searing heat from an incendiary belch. Jane turned away to shield her eyes.

"Urp!" she burped one last time, blowing a dainty little fireball. "Excuse me!" "What was that?!" Jane asked, urging her sister into the bath and following her in. "That," Nirella said, finally allowing herself to fully resurface, "was dragon breath." "What," Jane said, "like actual dragon breath?" The elf nodded. "I've seen it a few times," she said. "Not many see it and live, but I." "Rescued some king's daughter from dragons?" Jane said with a smirk.

Nirella's dark complexion took on a crimson hue as she blushed. "The other way around," she said with a coy little grin. "Oh, my god!" Tina said, covering her mouth. "I am so sorry!" Jane and the elf followed her gaze up to the ugly scorch mark on the ceiling. "Did you ever hear the story of the Three Goblins and the Dragon?" Nirella said. The girls shook their heads. "One goblin built its house out of orc leather. Another built its house out of hair stolen from sleeping children.

But this little goblin," she said, pointing to herself, "built her house out of stone." --------------------------------------- From inside the house, the Wolf could hear giggling and splashing.

The cottage's thick wooden door was locked, and smashing it down to confront three powerful warriors on the other side would be a mistake. Its instincts told it to wait. "Soon," it thought, waiting in the night shadows.