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Chapter Two The early Saturday morning sun was shining through the window as Emily felt her bed sink a little. She opened her eyes and glared at Thomas. "Why are you in here? Can't you stay out of my room if I have to stay out of yours?" He shrugged. "Maybe I wanted more of what I had last night. You have such a tight pussy." She turned her back to him. That's when she felt him lower her panties and spread her ass cheeks.

Before she could argue, he was fucking her ass hard. She cried into her pillow. As he fucked her harder and deeper, her heart ached. Then he came, filling her anus with his hot semen. "Don't forget to keep your fucking mouth shut," he whispered in her ear. As he left, Emily cried. She let out the pain and humiliation. She could never tell anyone. Her brother and his friends had raped her, taking her purity.

They had ruined her forever. (_)(_)(_) The days went by slowly. Thomas continued fucking Emily and making her feel worse. And Joey dreamed of the moment when he could do the same to Haley. As he laid in his bed one Friday evening, he listened as his sister blared her music in her room. That meant that she was probably fucking her little boyfriend in there. Their mother didn't care. She gave Haley pretty teen student melissa moore railed by big black cock interracial and pornstars she wanted.

Joey groaned and tried to cover his ears to get some sleep. When it finally went off, he was already upset. He picked up his cell phone and dialed Thomas. "Hello?" his friend answered after a couple of rings.

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"Hey. It's Joey. I don't want to wait for the others. I am gonna get Haley. Meet me at the abandoned house." He hung up and got dressed. Before leaving his room, he grabbed his camera.

He had to have insurance. Horny slim brunette steal big cock sisters boyfriend for deep throat blowjob play time Haley were to tell their father, he would be pissed. Only the threat of her naked pictures on the internet would keep him safe.

With a knock on Haley's door, she opened. She was wearing her black tank top and multicolored boy shorts panties. The smell of sex was thick in the room. "You want to go to a party?" he asked. She shrugged. "Sure. Aaron's already gone." "Get some pants on and meet me at my car in two minutes. Hurry." (_)(_)(_) Thomas was sitting on the old couch smoking a blunt when Haley and Joey walked in. The girl already looked wasted. He smirked. That only made their job simpler.

"Want to hit a blunt?" Thomas asked. She went to sit on the couch, but they made her sit on the coffee table in front of them. As they smoked, Joey and Thomas watched her. She was so sleek and sexy.

It was going to be fun raping her. Perhaps she wouldn't even remember it in the morning. This girl was such a slut that she wouldn't notice waking up in semen. Finally, Joey handed Thomas his camera. Thomas turned to Haley. "You know, you look good, Haley. Why not strip for me? I want to take some pictures." She shrugged and stood up. Slowly, she peeled off her baggy jeans.

Thomas snapped picture after picture. As her shirt came off, he zoomed in on her hard nipples. Then he took even more pictures as she slid her panties off. "You like?" she asked, standing before them naked. Thomas tossed the camera aside and jumped up.

He kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip with more force than necessary. She cried out, but he responded by squeezing her tit with a firm grip. Then he slid his pants and boxers down. Before she knew what was happening, he was fucking her as she was bent over the table. Haley screamed, but he fucked her hard and faster. "Your pussy is suprisingly tight for such a little whore," he growled.

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Just as she was about to call for help, her brother stood in front of her and dropped his pants and boxers. She stared at his cock in horror. "No. Please, Joey." "You always get everything.

Mom doesn't even care about me. From now on, I am the special one. You will never steal from me or rat me out ever again." He shoved his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face.

Over and over the two friends switched places. After what felt like hours, they were tired out. They sat on the couch and smoked another blunt as Haley lay crying on the floor. "We have the pictures," Thomas said to her. Joey grinned. "And if you tell anyone what we did, our friend will post them all over the internet. You will be a true whore forever. You will never find freedom or love." After a while longer, they made her get dressed. Once the two left the house, Thomas smiled to himself.

His plan was going smoothly. Now two girls would never hurt their brothers again. Pay back was turning out to be fun. Chapter Three Months went by, and things were almost quiet. Emily mostly kept to herself. Thomas' parents saw it as teenage angst, but he knew that Emily was crying in her room. She was always depressed. It was tara holiday gets fucked by her man that he had ruined her.

Even when Chad's sister, Veronica, came over, Emily wanted her to leave. No one knew any better. Joey said that Haley had made a complete turn around. She was respectful. She gave him things instead of stealing them. And she stayed out of his way.

He had taken over his home once again. The plan was a success. They were sitting in school when Ethan spoke up at the lunch table. "Felicia told my parents about the porn on my computer. They took my laptop. I have nothing but books in my room now.

That bitch." Thomas sighed. He loved hearing about other people's hardships when he had none of his own. Sure, he had to hear the crying, but that was easy to ignore.

"Why not do as we planned?


Felicia can handle it. She seems like a tough girl." At first Ethan looked a little reserved. This didn't sit well with Thomas. "So it was fine to rape my little sister, but not your own? Get over it, Ethan. Look at how good Joey and I have it now. Rape her, and she will bow to meet your every whim." Ethan nodded his head. "You're right. How do I get her to the abandoned house, though?" Gary grinned. "Leave that to me.

She likes me." Thomas looked at Wesley and Chad.


"You guys in?" he asked. "Can't," Wesley said, "track practice." Then Thomas turned to Ethan. "We'll get her tonight." (_)(_)(_) Ethan paced around his room as he waited.

It had been the plan for Gary to come over and get Felicia to the abandoned house.

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But his parents had taken his car keys and Felicia was refusing to leave. So they were going to rape her at the house. When he heard Thomas' car pull into his drive way, he ran downstairs. Felicia was tanning on the back deck in her tiny string bikini.

"Quiet, Guys," Ethan said as Thomas, Gary, and Joey walked inside. Thomas smiled and held up his camera. "So, how are we going to frame her?" "Let Gary go out there. He can flirt with her, rub tanning lotion on her, and get her to strip. When she is naked, we'll go out there." Hearing Ethan take charge in the hot blowjob session with a kinky brunette cumshot made Thomas grin. They hid near a window with a perfect view as Gary went outside.

"Hey," he said to Felicia, sitting on the edge of the long tanning chair. She flashed him a beautiful smile. "Hi, Gary. Long time no see. What's kept you busy?" "This new girl. She wants me all to herself. I hate it. But she is hot." This sparked a conversation. Felicia grinned and rubbed his thigh. Thomas instantly got that on camera.

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"Is she as hot as me?" Felicia asked in her most seductive voice. Gary resisted the urge to take her at that very moment. He looked into her eyes and smirked. "How about I help you put on your lotion?" he asked.

She nodded and handed him the bottle. As he rubbed it into her skin, he enjoyed the feeling of her soft flesh. It was a pity that he would have to rape her. She was so tender and lovely. After the guys, though, she would be ruined. Before he knew it, he was kissing her. He laid her back and pulled off her top, caressing her soft breasts in his hands. Her nipples were hard under his palms. Felicia moaned as he ripped off her bottoms stellar idol is flaunting her stretched narrowed snatch in closeup began rubbing her wet cunt.

"Fuck me," she whispered in his ear. Gary slid his pants and boxers off and rammed deep into her. That was when she screamed. It wasn't a sound of pleasure. It was out of fear. As his three friends surrounded her, naked and eager, she was terrified. He continued fucking that sweet pussy, drowning out her muffled cries as she sucked cock after cock. He moved aside and let the guys fuck her in every hole.

He watched Joey fucked her in the ass and Thomas stuck his cock into her cunt at the same time. And when they finished, she lay there crying and helpless. Ethan glared at her.

"You are such a slut, Sis. I have the pictures to prove it. I can edit out Gary's face and post them on your school website." "Please, no," she begged. Thomas leaned over her, yanking her head back by her hair.

"Then I would keep my mouth shut about what we did. Got it?" She nodded and cried as they backed off. Gary simply walked out of the house behind them. He didn't want to look back at the girl whose life he had just helped ruin. He felt awful.

Joey left, and Ethan stayed inside. So Thomas and Gary decided to go smoke a blunt at the abandoned house. Once there, they smoked in silence for a while. Then Thomas spoke. "You liked her," he said, calm and natural.

Gary nodded. "Yeah. I did." "She deserved it, Bro. She treated Ethan like shit." "I know. But it just felt wrong." Thomas rolled his eyes.

"Just relax and keep smoking. Fuck that little whore.


She learned her lesson."