Brother surprise friend sister ass

Brother surprise friend sister ass
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It was a Friday night, I was kicking back at home with my girlfriend Cindy. We had decided on watching a movie, having some cold beers, just relaxing, maybe play some here and there. Cindy, is as dirty minded and me, so we are both teasing each other in some way or another all the time.

Cindy is a petite red head, with a knock out body, long thick hair, firm tits with very sensitive nipples. Her ass is amazing, especially when she has a g-string on, holy shit, instant hard on for sure from me. Her pussy is always shaved, and so pink. One of my favorites is to eat her pussy, feeling her soft wet clit against my lips, her wet juices flowing into my mouth as I tongue fuck her.

Cindy loves when I go down on her. She always wraps her nughty america sex stories prin xx onto my head and pulls me into her, fucking my mouth with her pussy, telling me how good it feels and how much she loves seeing me eating her pussy so good like I do.

Like I said, dirty minded.


Tonight, as we watched a movie, Cindy was wearing a tank top and loose cotton shorts. The evening started out warm, but as it got later, it got cooler. Cindy laid next to me, cuddling closer and closer, pushing her ass back a few times against my crotch. Lol, knowing how much I love her teasing me. I teased back, pushing my now hardening cock against her ass, this bringing out a slight "ooooo" from Cindy. She could feel the head of my cock pushing against her, so she pushed back, reaching back and pulling me closer, she turned her head and kissed me.

Her lips felt so good against mine. I kissed her lips, then down her neck, kissing the sides of her chin, nibbling her ears some, mmmm, just driving her wild.

I could see her nipples were hard, so I reached over, taking her breast in my hand, running my fingers under the bottom, then circling my fingers around her nipples, one, then the other, slightly pinching them, rolling them lightly between my finger tips.

Cindy loved this and moaned, lowering her head some. She pushed her ass back hard against my now, hard cock, rock hard. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Not sure who it could be, I got up, went to the door and looked through the peep site. It was our friend Dave. He knocked again and I told him hold on, then unlocked the door and walked away as he came in, so I could sit down and hide my hard on before he got in, Dave came in and said he had been wanting to drop off a movie of ours that he had borrowed and was in the neighborhood.

Apologizing that he hadn't called, we shrugged it off and said thanks for bringing back the movie. Cindy asked him if he wanted a beer and Dave said yes. As Cindy got up to get Dave his beer, her nipples were completely visible through her thin shirt. I caught Dave looking and he knew I had, but damn, she looked so hot, I couldn't blame him for looking.

Finally after a few min, Cindy came back in the living room, beers in hand, grin on her face, and those beautiful hard nipples just hard as can be. Cindy sat with me on the couch as Dave sat in a chair. Cindy suggested we finish the movie and asked Dave if he wanted to watch until the ending. Again Dave agreeing, Cindy went and turned the lights down lower and turned the movie back on.

Fuck she looked so good, my cock was still hard, I just wanted Dave to leave so I could devour every inch of her. Cindy told me, lay down, I want to cuddle, this is a chic flick,, After laying down, Cindy laid in front of me, again, pushing her ass back, feeling that my cock was still rock hard.

At this point, Dave was into the movie and drinking his beer, Cindy reached back, putting her fingers to my nose, I could smell her sweet pussy on them. naughty girl had went into the kitchen and fingered her pussy some while getting the beers.

I had wondered what had taken her so long. She asked how my beer was and with a smile, she asked Dave if his was good too. she later told me she had rubbed the open bottle tops over her clit and got them all wet with her pussy juice.

Hearing this, was hot, but now I know why Dave was so into his beer. As I laid with Cindy, she reached back, grabbing my sex stories xxx sex of full entertenment though my shorts, she squeezed it, pulled on it, then reached into my shorts.

Her hand felt so good touching my cock, her soft fingers, her firm grip. She pumped my cock, rubbing her thumb over the tip, using my pre cum as lube she worked her thumb down over the rim, fuck it innocent teen lesbians ass and pussy licking so good. I couldn't believe she was giving me a hand job with Dave right in the same room.

A couple times, I think Dave knew what was up and tried to look and see, but it was pretty dark in the room and with the movie going, made the room flash with the lights of different scenes.

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So, figuring he couldn't see anything, I reached down and into Cindy's shorts. Finding she had taken off her panties too and she was dripping wet. Cindy pulled my cock from my shorts, then nice brunette changing her bra in public store her shorts down some. I slipped a finger into her, then another as she reached to my cock again, gripping it tight, she guided it toward her pussy.

I took my fingers out of her, running them over my cock head, lubing them with her juices, then slowly sliding my cock head into her tight pussy. Cindy let out a light moan as my cock went in a little deeper, then deeper, then deeper, inch by inch, filling her pussy full. Cindy moaned a couple more times, and as I looked over at Dave, he was definitely looking. Cindy looked back at me, kissing me, telling me quietly to " fuck her deeper", She was so turned on, knowing we had already gotten pretty hot before Dave had gotten there, but now to be fucking with him in the room.

She was loving it. I did as I was told and started fucking her deeper and harder. Knowing she loves it when I go balls deep and grind, my cock head rubs her g spot, making her squirt, soaking my cock and balls, her pussy and asshole, everything. As I was grinding my cock deep, I could feel her juice flow all over me, she was shaking and moaning, then out loud, told me to fuck her, fuck her pussy hard fucker she said to me. At this point, Dave knew what we were up to and when I looked over, he was looking at Cindy, and stroking his cock.

Cindy could see him too and she told him to jerk that big dick. Being that it was somewhat dark in the room, Dave got up and turned the lights up. He walked up, stood in front of Cindy and stroked his cock. She watched as I held her hips and fucked her hard and deep. Next thing I knew, Cindy was pulling Dave in closer, then taking his cock into her mouth. See, Cindy and I had fantasized about a threesome with another guy, so seeing this, was just hot.

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I knew how bad she had wanted two men at once, it was her naughty fantasy, one she would tell me about in my ear wile riding my cock sometimes. =) Cindy was sucking Dave's cock so hard, he was having a hard time standing.

So I pulled Cindy from his cock and had her get doggie stile. With her ass in the air, I spread her cheeks, laid my cock over her wet asshole, then slowly slid it down over her pussy… Teasing her as Dave stood in front of her, feeding her his thick cock. As my cock slid into her pussy, Cindy moaned on Dave's cock, almost making him cum.

He told her how good she sucked cock.

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Cindy loved compliments and said thank you by sucking deeper and harder, gagging on his dick, with spit dripping from her chin, she went to work sucking his dick like a pro.

Seeing her sucking his cock while she pushed back for my cock, had me so hard, I could see her pussy getting creamy wet. She was loving being such a dirty fuck. Spanking her double edging blowjob cumshot i will catch any perp with a ample black dick and fellate hard, Cindy was fucking her mouth down on Dave's cock, he couldn't believe how hungry for cock she was.

Cindy was pushing back, then reached back with one hand and rubbed her asshole, then slipped a finger inside while I pounded her pussy. She was so fucking tight, with each stroke it seemed as if she got tighter.

I could see Dave, holding her head, and throat area as he fucked her mouth and throat deep, working his cock in, telling her to lick those balls while he fucked her face like the nasty girl she is. Cindy started to cum and I told Dave she liked the dirty talk=).

Mmmm, Cindy was cumming so hard, she had her finger so deep in her ass and my cock was buried balls deep, Dave was fucking her throat so deep, holding her nose at the same time.

She couldn't breath and was packed in every hole. All she could do was shake and cum hard. After Cindy came, Dave unloaded in her mouth, cumming in her throat and on her tongue, then pulling out with enough left to cum on her face, getting some right over her lips, then rubbing his cock head over them, smearing his cum on her face.

She looked so hot, I couldn't hold back and filled her pussy with my cum. I pumped my cock in and out of her tight pussy so hard and so deep, cumming so hard inside her. At this point, I could see Cindy was just getting going and then asked me to sit down, so she could straddle me. As she lowered her pussy down onto my cock, I could feel my hot cum dripping out down on to my balls.

Felt good being so wet as she fucked my cock. Cindy then told Dave to fuck her ass. I couldn't believe it, Cindy had completely taken over and was now telling us how she wanted to be fucked and for us to do it now. Dave stepped in, without hesitation, he leaned in, spread her ass cheeks, slid his fingers over asshole getting her lubed with pussy juice.

Dave slapped her ass hard, as he rubbed his cock head over her asshole, she took my cock in balls deep and kept it there. Dave pushed in some, giving her asshole an inch or so, then some more. Cindy was shaking her head, unable to speak as her ass was filled with cock while her pussy was full too.

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She had never been double penetrated. When I looked at her, her eyes were rolled back some and she muttered "I, I 'mmm, cumming, fucking cumming, oh my god, fuck fuck"… Dave started pumping longer and deeper strokes, so I started fucking her pussy, slow, deep, but then longer strokes, until Dave and I were just hammering her.


Cindy could only say fuck, but her hair was getting pulled, she was being called a dirty fuck, nasty slut, fuck toy and she was loving every second of it.

I couldn't believe what a kinky girl she was being. I knew she was dirty, but watching her in action, was super hot. As Dave fucked her, I could feel his cock filling her ass. Him and I seemed to be about the same size, so she was getting fucked good, two cocks about 8 inches each, thick, super hard, filling her holes so deep.

Cindy leaned in, kissed me at one point, just looking me deep in my eyes as she got filled with dick. Dave said he was cumming and I could feel him push as deep as he could, pumping his cum into her asshole.

Cindy started cumming too, which sent fascinating lady is good at blowjobs hardcore and handjob over the edge, filling her pussy with my cum again. After we stopped, Cindy insisted I take some pics of her fucked and cum dripping holes. Mmm, she looked so good, both her pussy and asshole so wet, so well fucked, spread open for me to take pics of. Plans for another threesome are in the works, but this time, I may have two of my buddies stop in, surprise her with more then she knows about.

The end