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Xxx story sex stories 10yer rache
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Babysitting Sucks (Chapter One) Matthew had better plans for a Friday night than to sit in and babysit his younger sister Laura and her best friend Bella.

Let's face it, babysitting sucks. Especially considering he was nearly 18, but his mum had other ideas for him. As well as not being able to go out, he also had to tidy the house and cook tea for the three of them.

He wasn't going to cook anything fancy, just some burgers and chips or some shit like that. He'd had plans to go and see his girlfriend Lorraine today, but according to mum "looking after your little sister is more important." Seriously, she had just turned 16, just over a year younger than him, how could him being there make all that much of a difference, especially considering he hadn't fuck all of either of them anyway.

That was probably a good thing though, Bella was hot. Like, seriously smoking hot, always insisting on wearing as little as possible, even in the winter. He felt the blood start to rush to his 'little fellow' just at the the thought of her, causing it to push against his jeans.

He shook his head to snap himself out of the daydream. "Can't think about that. You have a girlfriend now, remember?" He mumbled to himself. After about twenty minutes the burgers and chips were cooked and all plated up. "Laura! Bella!" He bellowed up the stairs. There was no reply. "Laura! Food's ready." Still nothing. "For fuck sake." He muttered walking up the stairs to Laura's room.

He threw open her bedroom door "foods re." He began but stopped short. "Holy shit." What he should have done was turn around and leave instantly, but he was gob-smacked at what he was seeing.

The pair of them were butt naked and Bella had her head buried in his little sisters crotch. The look of pleasure on her face disappeared and was replaced with the "oh fuck, there's no talking my way out of this one" look. He should have been disgusted, but was strangely turned on by the thought. There was a short moment of awkward silence as the brother and sister glared at each other, then she broke the tension, throwing a pillow at him and screaming at him "get the fuck out!" he spun to leave, almost tripping over his own feet, still in awe at what he had just seen.

He could feel his cock pressing against his jeans again. His heart was beating faster. Was it right for him to feel turned on by what he had just seen? He thought about it, "She is kinda cute." He reasoned with himself "and Bella is just delicious." He was back downstairs pacing up and down the kitchen floor. "Maybe if she wasn't my sister I would." He didn't need to finish the sentence to know what he was saying.

The two girls alexis fawx truth and dare downstairs for food and the three of them sat at the table in dead silence. The two girls did not lift their gaze from their food, but Matthew could not help but stare at them. He couldn't get the image out of his mind. He sat there with his food untouched, thinking about Bella's perfect ass propped on top of her adorable feet as she knelt on the floor between Laura's legs.

The way his sister had looked so complete, not to mention her very well developed breasts, easily over a handful. "Don't worry I won't tell mum and dad." He started, dying to break the tension. Laura stared at her plate. "Seriously, it's not that big of a deal." Laura glared at him, "how is it not that big of a deal?" She snapped. "Well." He began, trying to think bambi brooks riding her daddy boss cock on top a way to word it without aggravating her any further.

"I'm the only one who knows, I won't tell anyone, and I'm happy for the both of you." Her glare lessened, he thought he might have successfully dug his way out of it. "Thank you." She said, still very embarrassed and red faced, turning her gaze back to her plate as she ate. "It's quite funny really." the two girls turned to look at him. "I was calling you down for food, and you were already eating." He chuckled to himself.

"You're a dick." His sister retorted, frowning at him. Bella had thought it was a funny, he knew because she was trying to hide her smile from her friend.

"Don't be so touchy about it," he was trying to defend himself again now. "The cat's already out of the bag. No pun intended." He couldn't help himself. "I know about it, and I'm pretty sure naughty legal age teenager sluts rush for acute lesbo emotions two know, so why not laugh about it." She shrugged, "I guess you're right." He was back on the win, "of course I'm right, I don't think any less of either of you.

Like I said, I'm happy for you both. I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm just trying to get rid of the awkwardness." Laura tried to crack a smile, then said "we're not lesbians, just so you know." "Oh?" Now he was confused.

"Bisexual?" He asked. "Don't know really." She responded, "Bi-curious, I guess." "Fair enough, either of you ever been with a guy, something to compare it to? If you don't mind me asking." The both shook their head.

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"Nah." Laura replied "we've just been doing casting ridding cock wet pussy moaniing for a few weeks now, just to get rid of some urges. We both agree we want to lose out virginity to someone special." "That's a good decision." He smiled at the pair of them, and noticed Bella looking back at him lustfully then turning her head back to Laura and putting her hand in the middle of the table for Laura to hold.

She did. Matthew was confused, had she really just looked at him like that, or was he imagining it because he was having some fucked up fantasy day dream about a threesome with his sister and her friend.

"Come on let's go back upstairs." Laura said to Bella and they both stood the table to leave. Before he could stop the words tumbling out of his mouth, Matthew blurted "Can I come?" He instantly regretted saying it but put on a cocky smile and hoped he could pass it as a joke.

The reaction was not what he expected. Obviously his sister had said no, but Bella had said yes. "Bella? What are you doing?" Laura asked her. "I'm sorry Laura, but just how understanding he has been about the whole situation and everything, I think. I think I'm ready to lose it, now." She smiled weakly at her friend who could barely believe her ears.

"But he's my brother Bella." She said, her mouth dropping open in astonishment. "I know, but surely you know you can't help who you fall for." She leant forward and whispered something in Laura's ear that Matthew couldn't hear, even though he had heard the rest of the conversation.

He didn't like when girls whispered to each other, they were always up to something.

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"Okay fine. Bring him with you" Laura said reluctantly. Holy shit, it had worked, he thought to himself. He couldn't believe his luck. Two virgins, he was over the moon, then remembered one of them was his sister. Damn, but still. one virgin was better than none. Bella turned to him "come on then." She smiled at him longingly, taking his hand and walking him up stairs following behind Laura.

His fingers were tingling he was so excited and he was already rock hard in his pants. His penis ached to be release from its prison to explore the wonders of Bella. Laura walked into the bedroom but Matthew stopped outside and turned Bella to face him. "Are you sure this what you want? I don't want you to regret it." He was friendly but his face was stern.

He didn't want to fuck things up for her. She raised herself on tiptoes and kissed his lips then looked him in the eye, "I'm positive, now come on, get in that bedroom." The stern look on his face morphed back into a happy smile as they walked into the bedroom. Laura was already naked on the edge of the bed. Matthew gulped. Holy shit. It wasn't until now, looking at her naked without Bella naked too that he realised just how beautiful she was.

Truly stunning. His mind filled with unsavoury thoughts of all the things he'd love to do to her, his own sister. He'd given up trying to control the urges, he just gawked at her, marvelled by her beauty. He had to tell her, "You are truly beautiful Laura." Wow, that had sounded weird to him. She smiled at him, "thank you." He was so distracted staring at his beautiful sibling he hadn't realised Bella getting undressed next to him. She took his hand again and dragged him to the bed sitting herself down next to Laura and Matthew next to her so she was in the middle.

"Why have gorgeous slut and her agile man hardcore and blowjob still got your clothes on?" She asked him. He had no idea, but didn't hesitate ripping them off of himself and throwing them across the bedroom.

The three of them sat naked on the bed, unsure what to next, so Bella took the lead and kissed Laura, Matthew instantly felt his hard-on throb with excitement. It was already dribbling pre-cum. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so horny. "Shall we give him a bit of a show first?" Bella asked, Laura smiled and went back to kissing her, their tongues massaging each others, their hands caressing each other.

Matthew watched, mesmerized by the sight of these two truly beautiful individuals doing what they were doing. He reached out to Bella and ran his hand up her side towards her chest. "Oh, someone clearly can't wait I see." She said giggling rolling onto her back. Matthew massaged her right breast while Laura massaged her left. Bella let her hands wander to the siblings crotches, gripping Matthews hard-on and stroking against Laura's clit.

The pair of them let out a low groan of pleasure in unison. Bella worked the pair of them as Matthew slid his hand from her breast down towards her clean shaven pussy and began to rub her clit, she was already dripping wet.

Laura moved her hand over to Bella's other breast and began licking the nipple of the one nearest to her. It was Bella's turn to groan with pleasure now as the 3 of them all worked each other, getting themselves worked up into a horny frenzy.

Matthew worked Bella's pussy until it was wet enough for him to slide his fingers inside her easily. She gasped as he reached his second knuckles and shivered as a wave of pleasure shot up her spine. She put her lips to ear and whispered "I can't wait for your cock inside me." Matthew smiled and kissed her lips as he slid his fingers in and out of her opening. Laura decided it was time to take it to the next level and started working her way down Bella's body, kissing between her breast and down past her naval until her mouth was level with Bella's slit.

She began to probe it with her tongue, lapping up Bella's love juice between her brothers fingers as they continued to penetrate her.

The feeling of his sisters tongue massaging his fingers as he finger fucked Bella was driving Matthew over the edge. His sister was getting him so damn horny his manhood tensed up in Bella's hand. "Someone is enjoying themselves aren't they?" Bella observed, winking at him.

He winked back "Would you want to try giving me head?" she looked nervous but agreed. He easily slipped his fingers out of her flowing love hole allowing his sister full access with her tongue.

He slid his body up so his pole was level with Bella's mouth, she leant towards it nervously. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and began to lick the tip. Matthew draped his head back and sighed with pleasure. "That feels incredible Bella." That seemed to increase her confidence enough for her to put the tip in her mouth and start sucking it. She ran her tongue along the bottom of the shaft as she sucked the helmet.

Matthew was surprised at how much skill she was displaying for someone who had never done it before, but he didn't care, as long as it felt good he was happy. Laura carried on licking and fingering Bella's dripping slit, while slipping her fingers inside her own pussy. Groaning as she lapped at Bella's clit, flicking it with her tongue and running her tongue up her pussy lips.

Bella had managed to work her way half way down Matthews shaft while massaging the base of his pole with her hand. She slid it in and out of her mouth, stringing saliva between the tip and her mouth. "Oh my god I can't take it any more. Matthew, fuck me!" She demanded. The three of them adjusted positions.

Bella lay across the length of the bed, Laura straddled her face so she could lick her pussy like Laura had been doing for her. Bella wasted no time in running her tongue along the length of Laura slit.

Laura groaned with pleasure as she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Matthew climbed onto Bella in the hot ebony tatiyana foxx blowing a long white rod position. He pushed his helmet against Bella's clit, rubbing his shaft along it. She shivered with excitement at the prospect of finally having sex. She savagely devoured Laura's pussy sending waves of pleasure shooting up Laura's spine.

The suspense was killing her, she wanted that dick inside her. She reached down and grabbed his shaft, lining the tip up with her opening using her other hand to beckon him into her. "Okay," he said "if it hurts, stop me, because it can hurt the first time. Also a little bit of blood is normal, so don't be alarmed." He vaguely managed to distinguish a nod as Bella continue to devour his little sisters sweet pussy. He slowly pushed himself forward feeling his helmet pushing her lips apart as he gently slid inside her.

Bella threw her head back, ignoring the pussy in front of her face. "Oh my fucking God that feels amazing!" She gasped. Laura grabbed her head and buried it back in her pussy.

"Don't stop, I'm close to cumming." Laura's request was acknowledges as Bella went back to work manically devouring her pussy. Short gasps emanated from Laura as she built toward her approaching climax. She began grinding her pussy against Bella's face "Oh my god, fuck exquisite slim teenie gets her pink vulva and tiny anal drilled Don't stop, don't stop" She pleaded.

"I'm gunna cum." Bella carried on licking and sucking Laura's pussy, she could taste the sweet juices of the upcoming orgasm which just made her more savage towards her pussy. Laura began to shake uncontrollably as she reached her powerful climax. Her juices flooded Bella's mouth as her pussy spasmed. She held her breath as the orgasm overtook big titted blonde cougar lexxi lash hungry for bbc body, filling every part of her body with pleasure.

Bella continued working Laura's pussy taking all of the love juice in her mouth until Laura stopped shaking and exhaled deeply collapsing onto all fours, rolling off of Bella's face. Matthew had only been penetrating Bella about an inch so she could concentrate on giving his little sister her blistering orgasm. He leant forward and kissed Bella, tasting his sisters sweet juices on her lips.

She tasted amazing.


He wanted to bury his face in his own sisters pussy but she was clearly spent so he just carried kissing her love juice off Bella's lips. "Are you ready?" He whispered in Bella's ear.

"Never been more ready. Go all the way." He smiled at her and went back to kissing her, sliding himself inside of her another inch until he reached her hymen. "This might hurt." She nodded and he pushed a little harder, trying to break her in as delicately as possible, but her impatience got the best of her and she thrust herself down on his rock hard cock.

Her eyes shot open and pain shot through her opening. "Oh fuck, that hurt." He leant forward and kissed her forehead, "I told you it would." "Yes, yes you did." She agreed, "just go slow for a minute." He did as he was told and slowly slid himself in and out of her tight dripping pussy. He had to use every ounce of self control to stop himself from just exploding inside her straight away.

Her look of pain slowly diminished and she began to thrust against him, hinting at him to go deeper. With every slide he worked his way a little deeper until he felt his sack resting on her ass.

He carried on kissing her as he slipped in and out of her love tunnel, desperate to get as much of his sisters pussy kinky anal roxy raye mandy muse yhivi sasha heart as he could. Laura was laid next to them still gasping at the intensity of the orgasm.

"Laura!" Bella called. "Yeah" She panted back. "He's in. It feels so fucking good." Laura raised herself into a seating position on the bed with a huge smile on her face. "I'm happy for you babe." She said stroking Bella's hair. Bella grinned back at her and pulled her in for a huge kiss. Matthew decided he was going to try and get in on this. He move his head in and the three of them shared a three way kiss.

Laura appeared to have loosened up a bit by now. Matthew continued gliding in and out of Bella's moist pussy. It was loosening up a bit which gave him freedom to go faster. Laura seemed to have regained some life and wanted to rejoin the party. Amy brooke sucks dick and gets fucked pulled out of Bella's pussy and lay on his back. "Climb on top of me, but face away from me." Bella was confused but did as she was told. She put her feet flat on the bed either side of him, lowering her hands behind her to keep steady.

She gently lowered herself down as he guided his missile with his hand to line up with her slit. As she reached it his helmet slowly parted her lips as he easily slid back inside of her. She used her legs to slide herself up and down the length of his shaft. Matthew winked at his sister. She knew exactly what he meant. She got on all fours in front of them and began to run her tongue along Bella's clit as she slipped up and down Matthews manhood.

Occasionally her tongue would run along the underside of her brothers love muscle causing it to twitch with pleasure. Bella's warm wet pussy felt so good wrapped around him, he didn't know how long he was going to last, and the smell of her pussy was driving Laura crazy.

She was lapping violently at the pussy in front of her, so crazed with the sweet smell that she probably spent more time licking her best friends pussy juices off of her brothers pole than anything else. Now that Bella was getting into a flow Matthew decided to help her out. He began thrusting himself upwards to meet her pussy as she slid down his length. Then something threw Matthew off.

He felt a hand wrap itself around the base of his pole, but it wasn't Bella. He looked down his body to see the silky smooth hand of his sweet sister sliding itself up and down his shaft as he slipped in and out of her best friend. He continued to fuck Bella, still trying desperately to hold off the inevitable orgasm that was coming.

He'd done a good job so far. Laura wasn't helping by jerking him off while he was sliding in and out of a fresh tight virgin pussy, but it felt so good he didn't dare stop her. Bella was going crazy now, sliding herself up and down Matthew as fast as she good. Matthew was resorting to anything to make this incredible experience last, he was thinking of college coursework, anything to take his mind off the pure bliss he was experiencing.

He was in luck, Bella misjudged the length of him and he slid out of her pussy. He sighed with relief as he stopped thinking about college, but unfortunately Laura funny zombie gore group forced no time burying his cock as deep into her mouth as she could.

Sucking and slurping every little drop of Bella's sweet nectar off of it. He was shocked. He couldn't believe she had done that. It felt incredible. He nearly squirted his load straight down his sisters throat. Bella read Laura's mind, lifting herself up and sliding herself on Matthews missile and then back off so Laura had more nectar to enjoy while deep throating her brothers shaft.

She had no idea what she was doing, nor did she care, all she knew, was that she wanted that cock, covered in Bella's juice, and she wanted it down her throat. When Matthew had thought Babysitting sucked, this wasn't what he had in mind, but he was more than happy to go along with it.

Bella slid herself on and off a few more times for Laura to get as much of her love juice as she could. The alternation between pussy and mouth was driving Matthew insane. He didn't know if he could resist any longer, but Laura had settled now. He was back inside Bella, and staying there until he was done. Laura carried on licking her best friends clit as her brother slid in and out of her. Bella began to spasm violently as Laura had done earlier, Matthew could feel her pussy beginning to twitch on his cock.

He continued pounding into her slot, her breath now coming in short gasps, every thrust shooting pleasure from her opening to very ends of her body. Her fingers and toes tingled as her climax neared. Laura carried on licking Bella's pussy as Matthew slammed himself in and out of it. "Oh my god I'm going to cum." Bella breathed as the other two continued to work on her pussy. She struggled to catch her breath, gasping in what little air she could.

"Oh fuck! I'm fucking cumming!" Bella's spasming pussy send Matthew over the edge. "Me too." "Oh my god yes, fill me." She took her last gulp of air before her body was completely over run with pleasure, shaking and spasming uncontrollably. Her pussy gripped tight around Matthews shaft, making it impossible for him to resist. He gripped tight on her hips thrusting as deep inside her as he could repeatedly.

He felt his manhood tense up as her tightened slot slid up and down him milking his cream inside of her. "Oh fuck!" They gasped in unison. He felt the release of his muscle as the orgasm continued, his shaft throbbing as he squirted spray after spray of his spunk deep inside her pussy.

Her pussy spasmed in time with his throbbing, he felt her juices flood around his helmet followed by the warmth of his cream mixing with her own juices.


"Oh my fucking God! I can feel you're cum. I can feel you filling me up! Holy shit!" She panted as her orgasm died down.

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Laura still lapped vigorously at her pussy until both orgasms had finished. Bella slumped forward onto Laura, shattered. "Holy fuck! That was amazing" She whispered as she rolled off of Laura onto the bed, her legs cocked open with the cum leaking out of her slot round to her ass hole. Laura wasted no time cleaning her friend up, Licking up every dribble of her brothers spunk and swallowing horny jayden black sucks and fucks with her stepbrother down.

Matthew lay still, exhausted. A huge smile on his face, his penis beginning to flop to one side with a bead of semen dripping from the tip. Laura turned to face him, she wanted to do it, but wasn't sure if it would be awkward now the moment had passed.

He smiled at her and nodded. She grinned massively as she grasped his softening pole, licking the bead of semen off the end of her brothers limp penis, then sucking every last drop out of it watching the smile on his face broaden. After Laura finished sorting her brother out she fell next to him, wrapping her arm around him then kissed him on the cheek.

After Bella had gone home Matthew and Laura sat on her bed. "You were absolutely amazing" He said to her, staring in eyes smiling at her. "I didn't really do that much for you." She said, sounding upset "it felt strange to begin with, but by the end, it felt so right." "Yes, yes it did.

But the things you do with your mouth are incredible." She giggled childishly "Thank you." They heard the front door open. "I'm home!" It was mum.

"We'll be right down!" They shouted back down the stairs. "Perhaps next time they go out we could try a little something, just you and me?" She smiled at him sheepishly, hoping he would say yes.

"Most definitely" He replied kissing her on the lips. "Come on," he continued, "let's go see Mum." His sister nodded and they both stood up off the bed. "Oh there was one more thing," he said quietly. "What is it?" "What did Laura whisper to you earlier? It's really been bugging me." She laughed.

"She said about not being able to help who you fall for." He nodded "I heard that bit." "Then she said surely you can understand that considering how long you've fancies your brother for, sometimes it just doesn't work out like it's supposed to, just roll with it." He was gob-smacked.

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She chuckled as she strolled out the door and made her way down the stairs. "No kidding." He whispered to himself.

End of Part 1