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Disclaimer: This is a story of how I lost my virginity to an older man. The story is me as a 15 year old girl and of rape. If this is something that bothers you, then read no further. I have changed the name of the man in question. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned. This is the story of the first time I lost my virginity. I think its safe to say it was not enjoyable the first time. It did not happen they dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories I wanted it to happen, in fact I was raped.

But it made me who I am today and so it is a party of me. I have a fetish for men dominating me and rough sex. It has always been a part of me and I think losing my virginity for the first time had a lot to do with it. The events I describe are to the best of my recollection.

Some of the story is filled in with What I though might have happened. I was very, very drunk at the time so you will have to forgive me for not remembering it all.

I had straight brown hair that fell to my shoulders, brown eyes and pouty lips. My skin was tanned and smooth, I must have been about 5'2 at 110 pounds.

My body had already bloomed however. My tits were the size of oranges but they were perky and and pointy. My body was curved with athleticism. My muscles toned and I was in great shape from playing on the girls volleyball team.

I could even see the muscles in my stomach. My hips were curvy and my ass was firm and round. I think I was about 15 years old, going on 16. I remember I was not old enough to drive yet.

I was in high school and obviously still a virgin. I may have been conceited about my looks but I knew I was hot and I wore the clothes that would show me off.

I loved to get men to admire my body as I walked by. I wore a lot of short shorts, spandex, tight jeans, and tight shirts. I loved the attention and I admit I was a huge cock tease sometimes as well even though I was not a slut.

I would catch guys and sometimes even older men stealing a peak at my ass or my legs as I walked by. I also loved flirting with older married men. It was a huge turn on for me but it was always so innocent until that night. I was asked by my friend, Sally's mother to house sit one weekend.

My friend and her mother were going to visit family somewhere out of state and her father was out of town on business. I agreed eagerly. Sally's parents were rich as far as I could tell and they told me I could hang out in the house as long as I was the only one there. They had a pool desi college slut divya gets deep throat from client the back, a huge television in the front room, and the house was gigantic.

I could hang out there on the weekend instead of hanging out with my parents in our congested house. This sounded like a great plan to me. The Weekend It was sunday night and I was sleeping over at their house for the night. I had decided to curl up on the couch and watch movies all night long on their large screen television. I was still in my volleyball shorts. They were black spandex and hugged my ass firmly.

I wore a tight pink T-shirt that was way to small for me and made my breasts and nipples poke out. This is not something I wore outside but I slept in these sometimes on hot nights.I was wearing no bra and some white panties. I remember I was on the couch watching a movie when I heard keys at the front door. I got up and walked to the door and unlocked it. I thought Sally and her black big booty bbw rape were home early but I was surprised to see Sally's father, Mr.

Conrad walk through the door. He looked confused when he saw me but said nothing. "Hay Mr.Conrad. Sorry, I didn't think you would be home. I was just hanging out here. I'm watching the house for you. I'm not sure if Mrs. Conrad told you?" Hot slut debbie white gets some ass traffic said nervously. "Hay.its Keri, right?" he asked in a deep voice I nodded yes.

My eyes looked over him over. I had only seen him one other time and he was in a car dropping Sally off at my house. He was really good looking! He was much taller than I and was wearing a dress shirt and tan dockers with a brown belt. I only came up to his lower chest and I remember being intimidated by his size. His shirt was filled out by his strong chest and arms. His hair was black and wavy and he had the most gorgeous eyes. They were bright blue and when he smiled he lit up the room.

His face was young looking and he was clean shaven. He must have been at the beach recently because his skin was the bronze color you get when you tan out in the sun. I remember being really attracted to him. "Yeah its fine, I came home a day early. I didn't realize you would be here. I didn't mean to startle you either.

You look nervous." he laughed. He he put down his bags on the floor and then looked me over. He moved his eyes down towardss my bare stomach and looked down my legs. His gaze had me aware at how I must have looked to him. I mean, he walks through the front door and there is a hot teen girl standing there with barely any clothes on.

I looked into his blue eyes and he averted my gaze trying to pretend he was looking somewhere else. "I was just watching a movie. Do you want me to get you something, you look tired. How about a drink?" I asked. Sally's dad was totally hot and I was going to strut my little ass off in front of him. I loved the power my sexuality had over men. Once I saw him staring at my body, Redhead first time with lesbian on cast knew he would be putty in my hand.

It was all a game to me. He was an older married man and I wanted to see how far I could take it. I never imagined anything would happen. Gosh, I was such a little tease. "Uh, Ok then. Thanks Keri, you are such a polite young lady. I AM tired" he stressed.


"That flight was really long" he said. He sat down at the kitchen table and I walked to the cupboard and reached for the glasses.

I knew he was looking at my ass and legs as I walked. I pretended not to know where the glasses were and bent over as if I was searching through the lower cupboard. My tiny shorts stretched over my ass and my small T-shirt fell towards my head. I was sure he could see my cleavage hanging out of my shirt as I bent over. I went to where the actual glasses were and I reached up high and stood on my toes. I had strong athletic legs and I was proud of them.

"Uhhhh" I said as i coco de mal cums hardest when she gets double penetrated upwards just to tease him more.

As I reached up my T-shirt was lifted up and showed the curves of my back. I knew he was looking at my body as I did this. I decided to take a chance and grab shot glasses instead of regular glasses. I was sure he would tell me I'm to young to be drinking but he said nothing when he saw them. I walked over to where the vodka was and grabbed it. "No, no, not that" he said. "That stuff is nasty. But if you want to take a shot of something that is actually worth

I don't normally let kids drink but I was drinking at your age too" he instructed. He reached under the counter and pulled out a brown bottle. "Besides, I wouldn't want you getting sick and getting your parents upset at me.

Just don't tell them I let you drink. Plus, it's getting late and you have to go home soon" he said. "Oh, I thought you knew? I planned on spending the night here in Sally's room. I hope that's still ok?" I said in my most innocent voice. "Oh sorry I didn't realize. Um, yeah that's fine with me. You can sleep in Sally's room, she wont mind" he replied. We both drank a gorgeous agent pleasures a babe with strapon of what I think was brandy but I can't be sure.

All I remember is that was drunk by the end of the night. I coughed a bit because I had little experience with alcohol at age 15 but I drank the whole shot in one gulp. He poured himself another and was about to drink it when I stopped his arm.

I pointed at my shot glass so he knew I wanted another shot.He shrugged and poured me another and then another. I must have had at least 3 or 4 shots within 15 minutes of being in the kitchen. My body was getting hot from the alcohol and I became more bold with each minute. The entire time we talked about nonsense and the conversation got easier as the alcohol started doing its magic. We became more formal and comfortable around each other. He kept his distance but I started to be more aggressive.

I was determined to make his dick hard to satisfy my own ego. I would put my hand on my hip and look deep into his eyes. I remember playing with my hair a lot and touching his arm every time I laughed at something he said. I stood close to him and bounced up and down on my heels as I talked and giggled like a little school girl. My tits bounced in my shirt every time I did this and his eyes would look down and then up quickly when he caught himself looking. After a while I felt the alcohol doing its magic and everything started to become a bit out of focus but I was in a happy mood.

I was smiling and laughing and having a great time flirting with this hot older man. I knew nothing was going to happen to I thought it was innocent flirting. I kept wold bigest black sex in the cock down at his crotch to see if he was hard but I could not tell for sure.

I had to step up my game and give him something more than just a tight T-shirt. After all he was a grown man and had probably seen dozens of girls like me. We eventually moved to the living room couch with the alcohol bottle in hand. We drank straight out of the bottle now and my speech started to slur. I sat in the middle of the couch so he would have to sit next to me.

I turned my entire body to face him while we talked. I had my right hand draped over the back of the couch so my shirt was lifted and my abs and ribs were showing.My knee was pulled into the couch and it was touching his leg. My cotton shorts were pulled up to my inner thighs when I had sat down. I played with him by opening and closing my legs slightly as I talked.

As I did this my knee brushed his leg back and forth. I twirled my hair and smiled. His eyes could no stop looking at body. My perky tits were pointing right at him and he could see my entire stomach and ribcage. My shorts stopped below my hips and were even tighter around my ass in a sitting position.As he glanced with his eyes I have to admit, I found this very amusing. He was putty in my hands now. As we were talking I noticed he was also beginning to slur.

The alcohol was getting to him too. His eyes no longer averted mine when I caught him looking. His eyes didn't seem to care if I knew or not. He stared at my nipples through my shirt every time I pushed my chest out and his eyes lingered on my thighs and legs every time I opened and closed them. His hand was asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing the side of his leg and I was sure he was getting hard.

When I looked down at his crotch I noticed his dick taking form. His dick was expanding in his pants and this excited me. I smiled and laughed to myself. He got a puzzled look on his face and put his hand on his brow as if to think a deep thought. I imagined it was because he had realized something.

He had realized he had let this go to far. He had not already stopped what was happening or at least what he though was happening. I mean I was only 15 and he was married. I was his daughters teenage friend for Christs sake! I was a virgin and I was drunk in his house and he wanted to fuck me.

He wanted to fuck my little teenage pussy and the thought scared him. But who could blame him? I was a hot little virgin piece of ass, wearing hardly any clothes. My body was tight and firm and I was practically shoving leggy angel gets willing for sex games in his face. I have to admit.

The thought of him wanting to fuck me turned me on as well. I had never taken it this far. I was drunk and I didn't care about the consequences though.

I was going to see exactly how far he would let this get. I was going to see exactly how far I was going to let this get. "Mr. Conrad, do you work out?" I asked. He nodded yes and I ran my hand up and down his arms. I ran my hands along his shoulders and then down to his chest. He was in very good shape. "What are you doing Keri?" he asked "Just seeing if you are as fit as you look" I replied.

I squeezed his thighs and smiled at him. I ran my hand up and down his leg. "Mr. Conrad." I whispered in a slow sexy voice. "You think I'm hot, don't you?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Heh yeah.but I don't know if we should." he said, but did not finish the sentence. He closed his eyes for a long moment and seemed deep in thought. I could tell he was extremely drunk now as was I.

We had been drinking out of the bottle for a while now and a good portion of it was gone. "You don't know if we should do what?" I asked innocently?" I continued to rub his leg and my hands traveled closer and closer to his crotch each time.

At this point I was shocked at what I was doing, but as I said.I was drunk as well and alcohol does crazy things to people. Especially the first time they have ever been drunk like that.

He turned to face me and looked surprised at what I did next.

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I leaned in towards him and put my right hand on his left knee. I ran my left hand slowly up his pants and to the crotch. He did not stop me. He let out a sigh as I moved my hand back and forth over his cock softly. I pulled my knees and my body closer to him. My tits were pointed right at his face as I knelt over him.

I continued to massage his cock for a few moments while i moaned lightly to him. I was going to take it no further than giving him a hand job but he soon became the aggressor. He sat up off the couch and kissed me. My lips parted slightly and then opened wide as his tongue darted in my mouth.

It was rough and warm at the same time. His tongue lashed in and out and probed the insides. He sucked gently on my lips and massaged my back with his hands, I moaned in delight.

I was becoming aroused as well. I moaned into his mouth. "mmmmmmm, you're a great kisser Mr. Conrad. Why don't you lay back down and I'll give you a treat" I told him. Suddenly his hands grabbed around my waist and lifted me up in the air. He rested my back against the couch and pressed his weight down on me. He was on top of me now and I realized that this was moving too fast. I was sexually turned on by this man but I had no intention of sleeping with him.

I had wanted to see how far he would go and now I knew he was going to go all the way. His conscience was not going to stop him from fucking me now. The alcohol and lust had taken him over. I had to put a stop to this! I thought of telling him to get off of me, it was just a joke or that I had to go home now but I couldn't.

I had already told him I had planned on sleeping over and what kind of joke was this, he would ask. I hoped that he would eventually stop because I was too scared to say anything. He was so big and I was laying underneath him.

I was inexperienced in this situation so I kept quiet. I thought if I told him I was a virgin he would get off of me. "Mr. Conrad.I'm a virgin. I just thought you should know ." I tried to explain but he put his fingers up to my lips and said ""Shhh, I know. Its ok". He began kissing my lips again. He moved down to my neck and i have to admit, it felt great! His soft lips sucked at the white flesh of my neck and his warm breathe traveled down my shirt.

I lay there with my knees against bondage squirt and tall mistress domination xxx left behind at a mansion party in a bad sides while he touched me. His right hand moved down from my shoulder and found its way to my waist.

He ran his hand underneath my shirt and over my stomach until they reached my tits. I lay there shocked at what was happening but his hands felt warm and smooth against my body. I closed my eyes with pleasure as his hand cupped my breast. I felt the cock in his pants press up against the mound in my shorts.

It excited me but scared me as well. I had never felt a guys dick before and it was pressed right up against my pussy and I loved the feeling but I wanted this to stop. I did not want to lose my virginity yet, especially to my friend's father.

I tried again to sit up but he danny d and tara holiady me down with his weight. He moaned, "Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmm" as he touched my breast and kissed my neck.

His moans sent vibrations of pleasure through my neck and chest area. "God are so hot. I cant believe this is happening" he moaned. "Your body is so tight. I love touching you" he said slowly.

His hands ran over my toned stomach and back up too my breast. He stopped kissing me and sat up. He then placed his other hand on my mouth. He ran his index finger along my moistened lips slowly and began fingering my mouth. He moved it in and out as he continued to run his other hand up and down my body.

"Yeahhh, tha'ts it. You're doing real good.real good", he smiled. "Mr. Conrad. I don't know about this" I said softly "I think we should stop" He pulled his finger slowly from my mouth and began unbuttoning his shirt. He had seemed not to hear me. I lay there on the couch beneath him while he undressed. Once his shirt was off, I looked him over with my eyes. I could see the shape of his rock hard abs and his chest was toned.

There was hair on his bronzed body but it was not a lot. He grabbed my hand and ran it over his abs and chest and he felt great. I have to admit, his body also scared me. He was so large and I was so small. I started to get scared then. "Take off your shirt" he demanded. I reluctantly lifted my shirt over my head. "Now take off your shorts" he demanded again. I shook my head no and he sighed at me. He grabbed at my shorts and yanked them down my thighs with one hand.

I Yelped in surprise. I covered my mound with my hand in embarrassment. I felt so nervous and vulnerable lying there totally nude in front of him. I pulled my knees into my chest and hugged my body because I didn't know what else to do.

He said to me "Don't worry doll, I wont hurt you. You are so beautiful" he said. He grabbed my wrist and moved my hand away from my vagina. With his other hand he ran it in between my legs and massaged my pussy. His middle finger ran up and down my slit.

I rolled my hips in ecstasy. I remember him picking me up in his arms and walking with me. I asked him, "wait, what are you doing? Put me down! Mr.


Conrad! Mr. Conrad!" He ignored me and carried me upstairs until we got to his bedroom. It was dark and the air was cool inside. The ceiling fan was running over the bed and I could see the stars in the sky through a large window. He threw me on to the king sized bed and stood there watching me for a moment.

I remember hugging my body and seeing his huge frame in the dark standing over me. I had tears in my eyes now but I was not crying. He undid his belt and threw it on the floor."Mr.

Conrad, wait" I pleaded. I remember seeing his chest and torso heave with his heavy breathing. He had a hunger in his eyes and it was for me. His dick was hard and he could no longer wait to fuck me. I could tell by animal look in his eyes. I moved back as far as I could until I felt the wooden head board on the bed. I watched him throw his pants down almost angrily and pull off his boxers.

He cock bounced out and pointed upwards at the ceiling. His black hair around his dick was thick and shiny. He grabbed his cock and stroked it. The size of it scared me. "Mr, Conrad, please wait, please" I pleaded. He ignored me. I hugged my knees to my chest and sat as far away from him as I could. I felt like a caged animal with no escape. I knew he was going to fuck me, and I could not get away.

He moved on to the edge of the bed and crawled towards me. I moved to get off of the bed but he grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. I remember grabbing the pillow behind me and squeezing it with my hands. He placed his legs in between mine and pushed them apart with his knees. He then grabbed the back of my calves and pulled my tiny body towards him until I was lying flat on my back. He lay his large body on top of mine and I thought he was going to kiss me again but he did not.

He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He was looking down at me and breathing so hard. His hot breathe hit my chest.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks but he seemed not to notice or care. He crawled closer to me sand his body swallowed my tiny frame. My thighs pressed against hips. He reached with one hand and grabbed his cock again.

This time I felt the head of his penis against my clitoris. He moved it around until he found the entrance. "Mr. Conrad, No please! Please! please!" I squealed. I remember squeezing the pillow hard and grabbing it for dear life. He grunted and pushed beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob. "Ahhhhahah!" I screamed.

The pressure was unexpected. I felt the entrance of my pussy expand around the head of his dick. He pushed again, this time further and I felt an incredible pain. My walls were being torn open by his huge cock inside of me. I bit down on my lip and squeezed him with my thighs.

"Wait!" I sobbed. His waist moved back ready for another thrust and then he buried his cock into me again. "MMMMMM" He moaned loudly each time he entered me. "Owwwww" I let out another shriek of mouthful of sperm after sucking and shagging. He pulled back and pushed in again.

"Owwwwww, wait wait wait"I said to him. I put a hand on his chest to try to stop him but he pretended not to hear me. Instead he grabbed both my wrists and sat up on his knees with his dick still inside me. He held my wrists out in front of me so I couldn't move them.

He thrust his hips forward. He dick slid roughly in and out of my pussy. His eyes rolled back in his head as he entered me over and over. My pussy was throbbing and stretching. I could feel the head of his dick stretch my pussy each time it entered and his shaft slide down my hole. My tight pussy clenched at his cock in resistance. He was fucking me faster and harder with each stroke. The sound of my cries and his moans echoed around the bedroom.

Our bodies made slapping noises while he fucked me now. I felt his balls slapping the back of my ass each time.

"Mr. Conrad!, OWWWWW!, Owwwwww!" I cried out. He didn't care that I was in pain. He moaned over and over as he pumped me full of dick. My legs bounced up and down each time they hit his thighs. He pressed down on my knees with his hand so I was spread open wider. He bit down on his lip and closed his eyes as he fucked my pussy. He wound up laying on top of me again and pinning my wrists above my head.

His began pumping up and down on top of me and the bed shook underneath us. His ass bucked up and down and my body shook with each thrust. He licked at my ear and moaned into it." Oh, God. Oh god" Some of the sex felt good but some of it did not. Most of it hurt and was uncomfortable. I was screaming out in pleasure and in pain. I wrapped my legs and locked my ankles around his torso and squeezed trying to hold on. My pussy walls stretched in and out as he entered me over and over.

His body tensed and he gripped my wrists too hard. "Owwww, your hurting me" I said. His stroke become longer and deeper. He was about to cum. "He let out a long moan as he stroked deep into my stomach "AHhHHHHHHAAAHHHHHH!" he yelled out, and i felt hot sperm shoot into my pussy for the first time. His cock bucked inside of me and throbbed against my walls.

He moaned over and over again as he came inside of me. My pussy ached from the pounding but it was over. He lay there with his dick inside of me breathing heavy on top of me for what seemed like ages. He finally rolled off of me and onto his back. I felt his cum run down my pussy and ass cheeks as he pulled out of me.

He caressed my body gently with his hand and looked at me but said nothing. He closed his eyes and sighed.

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He grabbed my hand and made me rub it over his cock. It was slimy and hot from all the sperm. He was still somewhat hard and he became hard once again as he jerked himself off with my hand. He stroked my hand in a fist up and down his shaft. I lay there for a few more minutes until I felt like I could walk. I began to get up off of the bed but he grabbed me my ankle and pulled me back onto the bed. "I cant' Mr. Conrad. It hurts. Please, I cant!" I said to him. "It's ok" was all he said as he pulled me into his arms.

I remember trying to pull away from him but he was too strong. He had grabbed my small waist and had flipped me over on my stomach. I twisted my hips trying to turn back over but he pressed down on my shoulder and pushed me back down. "WAIT MR. Conrad!! WAIT" I protested. I tried to turn around and look at him but his hand pushed me back down again. He pushed my head into the pillow and kept saying "Shhhh, its going to be ok" He pushed my legs apart again as I lay there.

He spread my ass apart with his hands and pushed me back down when I tried to move. He gripped my ass hard and with both hands ran them up and down my back and ass. His played with my ass opening and stroked himself with the other hand until he was fully engorged again. He slapped my ass hard and dragged me backwards across the bed. He placed a hand underneath my stomach and lifted so my ass was in the air.

He then pressed down on my head and buried my face into the pillow on the bed. With his fingers he spread apart my pussy lips and thrust his dick inside me. Oh my god did that hurt. His cock was so deep inside me, It was much deeper with me positioned this way. I thought i would feint. He wasted no time and fucked me hard and fast. He had my wrists held down as he thrust forward over and over again.

He seemed oblivious to my cries of pain. "Awww, owww, owwww, awww" I scramed into the pillow. "Shhh, its ok" he replied. He eventually grabbed my hair and pulled at hit while he fucked me.

He buried his face into my neck and licked me up and down. The headboard banged into the wall each time his dick ran into me. Bang! bang! bang! bang! as it hit the wall. The bed groaned and moved underneath with his thrust. He bounced off my ass up and down. My thighs and ass became raw and noises of our slapping bodies filled the room. He fucked me on with my ass in the air for a long time. It took him much longer to finish the second time. He took short breaks in between to catch his breathe while I sobbed into the pillow.

"Mmmmm, Mmmm, MMMM' he would moan. He didn't talk, he just moaned or said "Shhhh" when I cried. He fucked me and pulled at my hips each time he fucked me.

He fucked me as hard as he could and my ass was raw. He grabbed my hips and buried himself deep inside me and exploded again. "AHHHH YES! Yes! Yes" he moaned in pleasure as he came. And then it was over.again. He walked off and went into the bathroom. I soaked the pillow with tears and snot ran down my nose.

I felt my pussy and young girl angie moon fuck and facial was dried with blood and wet with cum. My thighs hurt to the touch.


When I sat down on my ass that hurt as well. I made my way back downstairs and cleaned myself off. I can't remember if I wound up sleeping there that night or not. All I remember after that night I didn't talk about it with anyone. I avoided Mr.Conrad and going to Sally's house.

I do not hold him responsible for what happened that night because I had provoked him. I had dangled the meat in front of a hungry lion and I had been bitten.

I guess the moral of the story is. if you play with fire you are going to get burned. I had played a dangerous game that night and I got what I deserved. The end