Sexy teen lexi lore gets fucked seans lawless huge cock

Sexy teen lexi lore gets fucked seans lawless huge cock
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We had just finished having a burger and a beer and we were in my limo parked in a dimly lit part of a parking lot in New York. My trousers and underwear were down around my knees and Trish's head was bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock. Usually when we had sex in my limo it was limited to oral sex with Trish giving me one of her incredible blowjobs.

Tonight Trish had more on her mind. As she was sucking my cock as only Trish could, she pushed her slacks and panties down to her knees. Trish then positioned herself so that I could reach her pussy as she continued to suck me. I ran my hand over her pussy and found her to be sopping wet. I dipped my fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit.

I also ran my hand over the buttocks of her super fine ass and let a pussy moistened finger slip into her anus. I continued to caress her ass and finger her anus a she sucked my cock. Then Trish lifted her head up and spoke. " You like my ass, don't you?" she said more as a statement then a question. which couple cums faster cunnilingus small tits You know I do.

You have a beautiful ass and I love playing with it and would enjoy fucking it," I replied in confirmation. Trish's ass was indeed super fine. It was perfectly shaped and there was not a blemish on it. Her ass was firm from the countless hours of aerobics.

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It was her best asset as she had firm small breasts and a hot curvy body. She was in great shape without an ounce of body fat on her. Everywhere I touched her she was firm and tight.

" I wish you could fuck me in the ass tonight," she said. It was an unusual request because Trish had not wanted to be fucked in the ass before. " It's doable if you really want to," I replied and then asked, " Do you have any lubricant?" " I have KY in my purse," she answered as she reached for it.

We both lay on our sides with Trish facing away from me. I took the lubricant and applied it to her anus.

I fingered busty milf beauty dominno rides extra wild on hard cock ass until I had both my middle and ring finger sliding easily in and out. Then I applied the gel to my cock and added my saliva making it very slick. I moved close to her and pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

Trish moved a little as if to line her ass up for the penetration and my cock slid into her warm tunnel. It was the first time we ever fucked in the limo and I felt like a teenager again. It was a cool night and within minutes the windows in my car were steamed up. No one would be able to see us even if they walked by the car.


If anyone did happen by they would probably figure it out that a couple was making out or having sex. I moved slowly in her ass as I wanted it to last for awhile. I loved being in her ass and feeling her firm round buttocks against my body. Trish guided one of my hands back to her pussy and I fingered her cunt as I fucked her ass. Trish was moaning softly " ooooh.ooooh.ooooh.aaaah.aaaah.mmmmmm " as she approached her initial orgasm, she wouldn't be quiet for long.

She was always very vocal when she orgasmed in public she normally remembered to cover her mouth. Trish cried out as she came and her pussy juice flowed over my fingers.

" OMG.YYYEEESSS.YYYEEESSS." She humped my hand for what seemed like hardcore orgasm toy bondage teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone minutes and I struggled to keep my cock in her ass.

I was successful keeping my cock in her ass and I continued to drive into her. All of a sudden my release sneaked up on me and I exploded into her rectum. Trish cooed when she felt my warm semen shoot into her passage and she contracted her sphincter around my cock.

I stayed in her ass as she milked my cock with her sphincter muscle and then she had another orgasm. This time when she bucked and humped, my cock slipped out of her ass but I kept my fingers buried in her juicy twat. We stayed still with our bodies pressed together and I felt the shape of her buttocks against me. Trish and I rested for a short time and then cleaned up the best we could. After straightening out our clothes My driver ran the car defroster to clear the windows.

I drove Trish over to her car. She got out and I waited for her to get in her car and start it. She then drove away and waved to me as she headed home. Cathleen and I both lived about 20 miles from the office but in opposite directions. I left the parking lot and went home. INTRODUCTION Trish is my Wealth manager in New York. She was a very loyal and capable employee in addition to being a great piece of ass.

She was 5'7" tall and weighed a firm 125 pounds. She had dark hair that she kept long and 33-25-36 figure.

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She is a very attractive woman. Trish was 31 years old and a tigress in the bed. She was without question the best sex partner I ever had.

We were not married but we both had partners who lived with us. My girlfriend was the president of a world wide charity and she traveled quite a bit.

Trish was single and devoted to her job. Trish became my mistress after becoming the manager of some of my investment accounts. We liked going to a romantic interlude at least once a week but other times we had sex in the office or in my limo. I was CEO of my international companies. I was 52 years old, 6'1" tall and I weighed in at 200 pounds.


I stayed in good shape with an active lifestyle. I had a home gym that I used every day and I would jog at least five miles a day, outside weather permitting or inside on the treadmill. My girlfriend Mina and I were avid skiers and tennis players. I also loved to SCUBA dive but Mina was content to sit of the beach and bake in the sun.

Trish became my mistress while I was still living in New York. We had worked hard going over stock spread sheets for investing and afterward we stopped for a drink at a bar. We both had a little too much to drink and since my girlfriend was out of town we stayed in a hotel room near the office.

I thought that we would get two rooms but Trish said she was cool staying in the same room. I never thought that we would have sex that night but we did. Trish was all over my cock and when she refused to let me have her marvelous ass, I was disappointed since I had always liked anal sex but only with the right person and Trish was certainly that.

My girlfriend Mina wasn't into anal at all and she also didn't like sucking cock that much either. Trish however showed interest in being fucked in the ass at some point. She was a great fuck, gave great head and I looked foward to fucking her curvy ass. When Mina and I made love it was passionate with a lot of French kissing and foreplay before vaginal sex usually in the missionary position.

Only when Mina wanted to give her clit a break we did it dog style. With Trish it was like sport fucking; we didn't kiss but we did rough sex every time. As Trish concealed her body again by the towel, she felt my right hand gently brush by her exposed leg.

A shudder went through her body from my touch and she could immediately feel the hunger of lust growing inside her. " Well I am going to quickly run in the bathroom and change. I will be right back." Cooed Trish, as she slowly entered the bathroom.

Shaking her hips from side to side, she intentionally raised her towel old arab couple sneaking in the base reveal her ass with each step and hoping I would again, revel in her outward appearance.

Entering the bathroom, Trish dropped her towel and leaned against sink.


" I think you left something in the other room." She heard me speak behind her, as she feels me approach her and press my body against hers. Running my hands down her legs and over her arms, I brushed the hair from her ear and leaned into her bent neck, gently nuzzling her skin, as she feels my bulge being pressed to her ass.

Not even trying to resist my advances, Trish pressed back into my stance and smiled.she feels her pulse quicken and her pussy warming as she dropped her towel. The tingling sensations erupted through her body, exiting through her quivering lips and hard nipples as I begin to kiss her neck.

Her face and chest flush, she feels my hand sliding over her body. Rubbing her stomach, I turned her face towards me and pressed her lips to mine. Melting in my embrace, Trish feels my tongue enter her mouth and caress her tongue, responding to her flicks and presses in unison, while pressing my body harder into hers.

Turning her around, I continued to kiss Trish, running my lips over her face, and then over her neck, while Trish stared up at the ceiling, absorbing all the sensations that my hands and tongue were creating within her body.

Her pussy was becoming quite wet and her nipples were now fully erect, pressing against my chest. Running a single finger down top and bottom boys xxx storys the top of her chest to the middle of her breasts, I stared deeply into Trish's eyes, as she leaned against the sink, opening her body for whatever I wanted to do to her body.

She feels my hands trace circles around her breasts as a smile grew on my face, teasing the tops and sides.caressing the underside. My hands feel cool to her warm skin, as I cupped her breasts and pinch her exposed nipples.

Grinning wildly, she feels me start to kiss the top of her breast and then slowly trace lines over her mounds approaching, slowly approaching, her nipple. In a flash, she feels my mouth latch onto her right nipple.

She groaned " ooooh.ooooh " with delight as she feels my tongue rubbing her nipple as my teeth only hot sex lewd our gorgeous chicks to pinch the flesh, causing her to elicit an even louder moan " OOOOH.OOOOH.AAAAH " while instinctively putting her hands on the back of my head and pulling my head to her chest. Running her hands through my hair, she closed her eyes as she feels my mouth sucking and biting on her nipple as I massaged and squeezed her breasts.

Moving from one to the other, she smiled and feels her pussy quivering with anticipation and dripping with juices from the attention her body was receiving. " Fuck me.," Trish moaned. " Please, fuck me.'" she uttered softly, her eyes still closed and her body absorbing the powerful touch of my hands and body, pressing and caressing her.

She feels her hands being pulled, her arms being lifted above her head, as my mouth presses against hers. Darting my tongue into her mouth, Trish kissed me back and feels her legs shaking as she stood pressed against the sink, then being slid to the side and pushed against the wall.

Her leg lifted almost on a will of its own, and wrapped around my side pulling her body towards my muscular frame. Gyrating her hips, she pressed and rubbed her now soaking wet pussy against the large bulge in my pants.which she could feel housing a rock hard, and impressive, cock.

Feeding her frenzy, she rubbed her body against me, feeling her lips and clit, grind on my pants and pressing hard against my rock hard shaft. Still kissing her, I quickly undress myself. There were no doubts, no hesitations in my movements or intentions. She was my willing participant and willing body, for my use, for my entertainment, for my pleasure.

She reveled in the affection her willing body was receiving and cared for one thing: sexual release and domination. She wanted to be taken.

But taken.she wanted to be fucked. " Please, please, slow down! I can't have sex with you. It's the worst time of the month for me and I don't have any condoms!" Trish begged, even as her hips were moving against my erection.

I ignored her pleas and continued my oral assault on her senses. My hands moved to massaging her breasts. Her breath caught as she feels herself go damp. She wanted to find someone and start a family, but she didn't even know this man very well. Her body was aching to change that though, and she moans " OOOH.OOOH.oooh." as I take her breast into my mouth.

She gasped as my teeth raked her nipple, cooing as my tongue cooled the trail of fire left only seconds earlier. Her body shuddered against me, writhing with lust. I smiled down at her, delighting in her reactions as I bent her desires to my own.

Pausing for a moment to fully enjoy her beauty, I returned my attention to her full breasts, casually rolling one nipple with my fingers as his mouth feasted on the other. Her mind was racing, trying to find the will to stop me, but each time she tried to tell me to stop the words caught in her throat. Alexis texas zenci anal porno my hands were now sliding downward on her body, and she knew that if she didn't stop me now, there was a very good chance that she would be leaving this hotel room pregnant.

Her mind fought to re-assert herself. " Stop, just stop, I told you, I can't have sex with you!" Her arms found strength and she pushed up at me. I smiled at her, then bent to kiss her, my hand finding its way between her thighs. She groaned " OMG.please " in frustration as my fingers trailed across her pussy. I fixed her with a firm look and said, " Are you sure you want me to stop?

Tell me that you aren't loving this. Tell me that you don't want me to take you right here and now. Tell me that your body isn't demanding that you shut up and fuck me here against the wall. Just tell me that none of that is true, and I'll walk out right now." My fingers rubbing her pussy with more force, coaxing a stuttered breath out of her as her body shook with pleasure.

She looked up at me with a pleading look in her eye, and whispered, " Please. Please, I want this so bad but it's the worst time for me and I don't even know you!" I laughed. " By the time tonight is over you are going to know me really, really well." I bent and kissed her again, my tongue dancing with hers as my fingers moved to stroking her wet pussy. Her body shuddered, needing release.

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Her hips moved of their own accord, pushing herself into my touch as her body surrendered to me. She was going to come at any second, and she didn't care anymore that she didn't know me, that I was going to make her pregnant or that she had no idea how she would care for the baby. All at once, I quickly removed my hand and looked at her, questioning. She groaned " OOOH.YYYES," frustrated, her breaths coming in rapid succession.

She wanted this. Needed this. It had been too long. She took a deep breath, then took my hand in hers and moved it back to her pussy as she leaned up to kiss me again. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. my tongue made a trail from her belly button to her pussy, then pushed deep inside her waiting wet vagina. Fireworks went off in her mind as she cried out in pleasure. " OMG.YYYES.YYYES." Her heart was beating at the speed of light as her body snapped up at my waiting mouth.

My fingers found their way to her clit to massage it as my tongue moved inside her. A loud cry escaped her lips " OMG.OH GOD " as her orgasm overtook her, and the pleasure radiated outwards devils film snuff gangbang bbc her pussy as I continued my oral assault.

As she began to recover, my extremely hard cock was the most beautiful thing in the world to her at that moment. I moved over her, enveloping her as the tip of my cock found her wet opening. She lifted her hips to meet me as I thrust inside in one quick motion.

She had never felt so whole or complete. Her pussy grasped me tightly, pulling at me as I begin to thrust inside of her. She shook her head from side to side, completely in the thrall of the physical sensations I was producing in her body. She had never been so turned on, so excited, so in lust. She gazed adoringly up at my as I thrust deeply inside of her, quickly returning her to a pre-orgasmic precipice.

With the same sense of timing I had displayed earlier, I skillfully bring her to the edge, then stop and rest inside of her. When she tried to move her hips to get more contact, I moved ever so slightly, almost playing keep-away. " Please," she begged me, " Please I need to come so bad." " I'm going to cum inside you.

I'm going to knock you up with my lovesome schoolgirl is seduced and rode by her older lecturer. If you want me to continue, you have to beg me to give you my cum.

" I gave a short, quick thrust as I said this and her eyes rolled back into her head. " Please, I can't have a baby right now. Just pull out!" She wriggled her hips in vain trying to get enough friction to send herself over the edge. " No. I am going to give you a baby tonight. I am going to come back here every night until you are well and truly knocked up. And every night, you are going to beg me to give you my cum.

And after you have our first baby, I'm going to give you another one. And another, and another after that if your body can take it." I smiled down at her, again, moving my cock ever so slightly to make her gasp. She couldn't help the next words she spoke, " Anything, please, just let me cum!" I smiled, then thrust into her sharply. Then again, and again and again, picking up speed as I pushed them both towards release. Already close, her body exploded into a powerful orgasm, her pussy clutching my shaft tightly as her muscles gripped me.

I howled as I too went over the edge, coating her insides with sperm.

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I pushed myself deep within her as I spent myself, blasting the inside of her womb with my semen and setting her on the path to motherhood. She felt the impact of my ejaculations inside her and it only intensified her orgasm. Her legs wrapped around me as her hands found my ass and pulled, drawing me deeper.

I drained myself in her as she screamed out her pleasure. " OMG.YYYES.YYYES.YOU BASTARD." Exhausted, I collapsed on her chest. Raising myself up so that I could enjoy another deep French kiss, I looked down at Trish, I had just taken and made my own. She returned my look with a smile, then reached between them to fondle my balls. Feeling my erection returning as I was still inside her, she begins moving her hips to encourage me.

She wanted more of my cum now, and there was only one way to get it .Trish became pregnant giving birth to twin boys. I set up a trust account to cover all her expenses.