Tory lane makes you submit ther ass feet femdom joi

Tory lane makes you submit ther ass feet femdom joi
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I awoke in a bed, completely nude, tied spread eagled so that my arms and legs were immobile. I squirmed against the bonds but could not release myself and looked hopelessly around, wondering where I was, and how I got here. The last thing I remembered was leaving a bar with two pretty ladies, hoping for a night of pleasure. I had obviously been kidnapped.


The door opened and three pretty women walked in. They wore white jumpsuits, and had handcuffs and shock devices on their belts. They came over and sat on the bed beside me.

One of them grabbed my balls and squeezed and pulled on them making me wince with pain. I tried to speak but found that my voice failed me.and I looked desperately from one to the other wondering what was going to happen to me.

She home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes my hair and balls at the same time.her face an inch from mine.Keep your fucking mouth closed unless asked to speak." She twisted my nuts a bit and pulled painfully on my hair.

"You are here for one purpose," she breathed, "and one purpose only." "You are here to kiss, suck, and lick asshole and cunt. You are here for the purpose of complete ass and cunt worship.unequivocal and consummate asshole and cunthole worship. You will crave to service the ass or fuckhole of any woman you see here with your will crawl and beg to suck and smell cunt and asshole at all times. You will gladly eat farts, and shit and cunt juice if so directed. You will orgasm while servicing holes with your tongue and will be in a constant state of extreme arousal thinking only of kissing ass, eating farts, cleaning out shit stains and eating cuntjuice.

I stared incredulously at her, my eyes wide open.not comprehending what I had just heard.

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She continued, her nose touching mine."There are twenty other male slaves here.each bound to the same service. If you do not obey any command given you.instantly and with complete fervor, you will be severely punished, by whipping, electricity, by our special brand of penis torture, or if resistance continues, our more extreme forms of torture." She looked at me with her cold eyes.commanding complete attention and respect. "Do you understand me?", she whispered, pinching my nuts between her hand.

My eyes were bulged out and I nodded involuntarily.terrified of my vulnerable position.and what they could do to me. "If you are a good toliet slave, you will have no problem here. We bring in many female visitors each day to avail themselves of our male slaves oral skills.and they will express their satisfaction.or disapproval.according to your efforts." If you don't satisfy all will be punished.

She attached a small electronic device at the base of my dick after smearing some kind of glue on the skin.and shoved it so that it attached with little barbs. I flinched from the sting and she grabbed my chin and squeezed it. "Don't fucking move toilet mouth.don't move unless I tell you to." I nodded in panic and the sting soon went away.but the device would be attached securely until forcefully removed from the skin.

She licked the tip of my nose."We also have a group of cooperative females sucking asshole and cock who are used daily by visiting males. We wouldn't want to discriminate would we?" You are allowed to have them service you in our special gloryhole area at times, of course you will be servicing them also on a regular basis.

you'll find it quite hot I promise you. You're just going to love what we call our 'glory asshole' area.' "Oh, and we have countless video crews coming through and filming.get use to that.

We sell our videos worldwide and they are quite popular." "JUst for your information.," she said sarcastically, "all of our visitors are carefully screened medically before they are allowed to partake of the benefits of our many toilet disease will be the least of your worries." "Now.", she whispered, "I'll show you what happens when we are displeased with you." She picked up a remote control and pushed a button on it.

I jumped and yelped from the sharp pain.which brought tears to my eyes. She managed a slight sneer."That's a good understand me completely don't you?" I nodded wildly conveying to her my complete and absolute obedience. She pulled away and released my balls.

"Good, you turd sucking fuck, we understand each other now." "We are going to begin a strict regimen of training and conditioning that will enable you to do your duty each day.and with great skill." She nodded to the two other women as she got up to leave. "Get him started on the tongue stretcher.he'll need two treatments a day for awhile. Give him aphrodisiac number three to start out.then increase the dosage each day for awhile." "By the time he's on aphro 10 he'll be a suckhole fanatic." "Tonight maula anty hot xxx story introduce him to our special female 'gloryhole'.such a wonderful way to express his complete obedience to us." "Oh and begin the antibiotic treatments and intenstinal barrier so that be doesn't become ill from the disgusting little parasites found in crap and other nasty liquids." She left and the two women released me and as one of them held the remote they secured my hands behind me and led me through the large house to a room in the basement.

I could see no other slaves here, but I didn't doubt her for a moment.or her threats of reprisal. I was stuck here for awhile.and I suspected that if I obeyed them completely, and bided my time.I would come out of this whole and alive.

We arrived at the lower basement level and entered a room filled with strange equipment.not intended, it seemed, for torture.but rather for conditioning. They sat me in front of a strange device and strapped me in. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, and my head was placed in a restraint module, so it was completely fixed, and could not move. A spreader was placed in my mouth and they slowly opened it so that in a moment my mouth was stretched wide open. Then super hot blond milf shows tight body hung a dentists saliva suction tube over my lips and turned it on.

The module in front of my face was moved toward me and a vacuum tube with a wide slot was slid onto my tongue. My tongue fit comfortably in the slot and as they turned on the vacuum was drawn forward and sucked into the tube. Slowly the force was increased so that my tongue was drawn powerfully out of my mouth until it became quite uncomfortable. They left the setting there and as my tongue was stretched to it's absolute limit, the suction tube keep my mouth dry.

"This will make that tongue of yours nice and long slave.", said one of the women, "you'll need a long tongue to clean out those deep shit stains." They seemed pleased with themselves and left me that way closing the door behind me. I was quite uncomfortable now and shifted around a bit, but was unable to move and had to endure it. As I squirmed in misery the device sucked my tongue for fifteen painful minutes until the two massive cumshot mega cum compilation to release me.

They secured my hands again and took me to a small cell which had a bed and toilet, and tied me to the bed once more. "You'll be eating soon", said one of the women."Dinner will be brought to you. You will sleep for a few hours after you finish your meal and then will be inducted into our system by the Madam." I slept fitfully for awhile after dinner, but found it impossible to rest adequately under the circumstances and lay awake turning the whole thing over in my mind.

I had no idea where I was or how to escape, and decided that to survive I must do what I was told without fail. They didn't seem bent on killing anyone or doing anything necessarily severe so that seemed the best course of action.

The door opened and the two wardresses came in and released me again. We went to another part of what must have been a huge mansion, and I was left sitting on a cold metal folding chair in a well furnished office waiting for the 'Madam', as they called her.

------------------- The rear door behind the large desk opened and the Madam entered wearing a tight skirt and white blouse. She had a cattle prod in her hand and walked over to me holding it with both hands behind her back.

She had some kind of electronic device attached to her belt and looked at it as she spoke. "This is a very sophisticated truth detector," she said quietly, "it is 99.9 percent accurate. I can tell in a moment if someone is lying or telling the truth, or at least what they believe to be the truth. My ladies also each have access to one of these during their duties. "You must convince me that you will obey each of our commands immediately and without delay." She stood over me.

Are you going to do absolutely anything that we ask of you without a moments hesitation?" She stood behind my back looking down at me.

I answered at once with the most intense realism I could muster."Yes.yes.I will do absolutely anything that you want.please believe me.anything!" There was a moments wait and I was terrified that I might not have been convincing enough.

She came around in front of me and put her face next to mine again. "Not good enough toilet slave.not quite good enough. I'm afraid you must learn to be more sincere." I looked at her with dread and she lowered the cattle prod downward as I looked on in horror and touched the tip of my penis. The spark send an extremely powerful shock into my sensitive dickhead and I screamed and rolled on the floor, folding my knees upward in agony.

She stood over me again and asked the same question."Are you going to do absolutely anything we ask immediately and without a moment's hesitation?" I was sobbing now terrified that nothing I could do would satisfy her. "Oh yes.please.yes.anything.anything.I want to please you so much.oh please, I'll do anything!" She stared at her device again for a moment and looked down at me with cold eyes. "You're almost there," she cooed, "but not quite." She lowered the horrific shock device pussyramming with a hot bitch smalltits and hardcore to electrocute me again and I sobbed and moved out of her way slithering all over the floor.

She followed my movement mercilessly and found my dick again touching right on my pisshole.


I screamed violently and shook as I jerked in pain and lay there sobbing and begging her to believe me. My body quivered with the horrendous pain and saliva dribbled from my mouth to the floor. She stood over me once more and repeated the dreaded question."Are you going to do absolutely anything we ask of you instantly and with complete obedience?" I was crying now.unable to find words to relay to her my absolute, complete obedience.but I couldn't find them and looked at her through glazed eyes.

"If you don't answer I will shock you again?", she you'd better give me an answer." "oh please, yes, yes.I.I will do anything.anything and love it and do it instantly because I want to please you." My voice trailed off as I sobbed and she looked at her device once again.and studied it carefully.

She looked at me impassively."I'll take your word for it this time shit mouth. Now lets do a little testing." She layed the device on her desk and pulled her panties off and layed them on the desk also. She stepped over me and squatted down with her well formed ass over my mouth. "I need to take a shit and you will capture it all in your mouth and swallow it." Without a thought I opened my mouth widely and put it right under her hairy asshole.

I was so terrified to please that I knew I could young teens masturbating and creamy new couple webcam bridesmaids her shit and have no problem with it.

She slowly squeezed out a lump of feces and as it eased out I made sure it went directly into my mouth. It dropped in and I chewed it had little actual taste but smelled terribly. I forced myself beyond all comprehension to enjoy my meal and swallowed it deftly as another small turd dropped in my open gullet. I ate the shit voraciously swallowing all of it and then slid my tongue upward to eat out globs of crap around her asshole.

I kept my mind focused so I wouldn't retch and made my self enjoy it sexually. I cleaned all of the brown cream out of her raw butthole and swallowed it, and cleaned all of the residue around her obscene anal area also. She reached over and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and wiped her ass several times throwing the tissue in a nearby trashcan. Then she stood up and put her panties back on looking down at me with contempt.

"You eat shit like you were born for it!", she sneered. "As soon as you start jacking off while eating cunt and asshole you'll like it even more.!" I was desperate to please her and grinned up at her licking my lips.

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"Oh thank you.thank you for using my mouth for a toilet!", I gushed, "thank you.thank you!" She sneered at me sarcastcally. "Cut the shit you ignorant bastard, you didn't like it but you will, I promise." She left the room and soon the other ladies came and escorted me back to my cell.

They released my arms and left me and I quickly washed my face and mouth with soapy water trying to clean out the disgusting flavor. I had crap up my nose and tried without success to clean it out. I smelled shit now and would for some time. -------------------------------------------------------------- The next day I was allowed to take a full shower in a large bathroom designed for the slaves, while being watched by the wardresses and I cleaned myself thoroughly.

There was no one else there and I wondered when I would see some of the other prisoners. After the shower I was taken to the tongue stretcher again and endured another fifteen minute treatment.

My tongue was sore from the pulling but I suspected that it would adjust and actually begin to get longer with each passing day. From here they took me all the way across the courtyard to another area so that I could 'experience' their special gloryhole. I knew what a gloryhole was but remained uncertain as to why theirs was so unique. We went into a small room and I soon understood what they had in mind.

They had me kneel down on an ergometric chair right next to the wall but instead of a small hole there was a much larger one.and a bit lower to the floor. The hole was just large enough for an ass to stick through.and I could see that I would be doing oral service to whom ever shoved their butt through the hole.

The kneeling chair was low enough to facilitate this and was actually quite comfortable. There were assistants here.lesser wardresses whose job it was, I assumed, to oversee the raunchy activities.

The humorless woman who came in to set me up was quite attractive, and was dressed in a brown work suit, such an appropriate color. She was very serious in her work and soon had me strapped thick woman masturbating while standing up the chair, which was secured to the floor with bolts.

She pulled my left hand forward and put it through a smaller hole in the wall so that my face was pulled right up to the large hole so that whatever pushed through it would be forced upon me regardless of anything I might do. My right hand was left free apparently for jacking off while performing my filthy endeavors. Then she pushed her anal fantasies caught on camera tube porn button and the hole shrunk and gripped my arm tightly so that I couldn't pull it out.

There was a small platform under the front of my chair that rose up eight or ten inches and this allowed whomever was kneeling with their butt against the large hole to have a place for their feet under my chair. It was all very elaborate and thought out and I could see that it must have taken great ingenuity to set up.

There were two video cameras mounted on the wall, one on each side of the hole to capture all of the action upclose. The serious lady then gave me a plastic shot glass of a clear liquid and spoke to me. "This is spanish fly," she said in a monotone, "it will make you very, very aroused for your work here." "The women on the other side of the wall have a button to push if you are not pleasing them enough.and if I see the red light come on I will punish you with this needle in your rear." She produced a large needle with a handle on it and layed it next to me so that I could see it clearly.

"Also if you displease the Madam you will visit her for severe punishment." She left the room and closed the door and I waited anxiously as the powerful aphrodisiac did it's work. I Began to feel an intense heat in my groin area and my cock rose to a rock hard erection. I could hear voices in the next room and a shuffling of feet. Then someone came into the chamber next door and kneeled down on the special padded fixture and shuffled her ass up next to the hole and pushed outward filling my nostrils with her asscrack.

It looked like the woman could kneel comfortably and rest her arms on a padded cushion while she was being serviced.and at the same time her doggie position spread her asscheeks very widely opening her anus to the mouth on the other side. The attendant opened the door briefly and spoke to me. "You'd better get your fucking tongue moving hon.this is a zero tolerance area.

When the door closed again I shot my tongue out and licked the smelly anal area voraciously, savoring the funky smell of an unwashed butthole and then kissed both asscheeks as I moaned. I grunted and slid my tongue up her raw asshole and tasted a light coating of fecal matter. I quickly lapped it out and ate it and moaned and slurped as I licked all around her flushed and exposed asscrack. I was lapping her butthole in pleasure and kissing her ass and she seemed to enjoy it greatly hot beauty is getting drilled young old and smalltits her well formed rear against my nose.

I made sure I gave her an intense tongue job and started sucking her obscene craphole with all the enthusiasum I could muster. She farted loudly filling my mouth and nostrils with the funky smell.and I sucked even harder indicating that I wanted more. The attendant stuck her head in door again and spoke with anger in her voice. "You fucking toilet mouth bastard, you should be jacking off right now.start flogging that dick or I'll have to stick you, and you won't like that I promise!" I grunted at her and nodded my mouth was covered with a thin layer of shit and she chuckled as she closed the door.

I started beating off as I sucked asshole and the woman next door let off a series of loud farts into my mouth as I wanked off. Just as I shot my load she released just a little shit cream and I lapped it up and swallowed it, grunting obscenely as I ate the results of one of her farts. I was like an animal now so horny I couldn't stand it and was in a frenzy eating the nasty poophole before me. ---------------------- THe woman got up and left and was replaced my another, and then another, and then another.

By the time I'd sucked the fourth asshole I was exhaused.My face completely covered in a thin layer of shitcream. The smell would be impossible to remove, and I knew I would have to get used to the constant smell of shit in my mouth and nose. Finally the attendant came in to release me.and I slowly got up and could barely stand as a wardress took me back to my room.

I had a good meal and tried to wash the residue and taste down but it was all still there. I had ejaculated two or three times during the helped me to do a good job while I was getting my own nuts off. I slept all night and into the next morning, and after my twice daily tongue treatment ate a large breakfast and showered.

I resigned myself to what I was forced to do.I believed that they would release me in time.possibly a few nude girl hard suck clips free down had to maintain hope.and in the meantime I would try to enjoy the disgusting things I was being forced to do. I knew there would be more to come, and I tried not to let it defeat me.