Olny bhai behan rep story vid

Olny bhai behan rep story vid
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Riverside Drive just east of downtown Fort Worth, Texas is a place where I could always go and be guaranteed to find someone willing to brother blackmail sister for sax for around twenty bucks. The middle eighties, the prostitutes of all ages and races were almost always present standing by the convenience stores, or walking alongside the roadside.

By the middle nineties, the police had made a prominent effort to rid the neighborhoods of the street walkers. Still, you can usually find one or two hookers somewhere along the way between Lancaster Avenue and highway 121. It was the end of summer in 1997 when I made my way up Riverside one Saturday, headed to the liquor store right about sixth street. Just as I was turning into the parking lot, a young girl stepped from around the dumpster next to my car.

"Hey, Mister, wanna date?", she queried. Looking her over, I would say she might have been nineteen or twenty. Although not a raving beauty, she was actually one of the neatest looking hookers I had seen along that stretch of road, Her long dark hair was ponytailed through the back of a Rangers baseball cap.


her pink-midriff cut tee shirt showed a tanned stomach and a pierced navel. Although I couldn't see her eyes through the sunglasses she had on, she appeared to be quite casual and not ansy like many of the crack whores are along this road. Her arms did not appear to be needle pricked and her black shorts appeared to be clean. She appeared to have well manicured nails and was wearing women Nike shoes that appeared very clean.My first thought was, "this is a vice sting." She reached under her shirt and lifted it up to reveal two very nice breasts, with darkened nipples prominently displayed.

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Dropping her shirt, she then easily slid the front of her shorts down to reveal her pussy, slightly covered in the brownish muff of pubic hair, then with both hands easily spread her pussy lips apart and showed me her inner pinkness. "You can get half and half today only for thirty dollars," she softly said. She easily covered her nakedness back up and added, "For another twenty, you can get my girlfriend across the street to join us, and I have a place to go." Still feeling as though I was being set up, I looked across the street and saw another smallish brunette standing by an old oak tree.

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Her outfit was less daring than the one standing before me. She was wearing full cut blue jeans and a red plaid shirt. She briely waved as I looked her direction.

Carefully, I looked up and down the street, making sure there were no visible black and white units or the ever dangerous unmarked cruisers. I told her, "I am going in to get a bottle of Tequila Gold, when I come out, both of you be in the car." As I entered McKinzies Liquor, I saw the other girl make her way across the street and heard the door of my car easily shut. When I came out, the two of them were kissing in the front seat.


Each one had their hands down inside each others pants and were fingering each other as I got into the car. Undaunted, they both said at the same time, "Go to fourth street, make a right and turn into the second driveway on the left." Doing as I was instructed, we pulled up into the narrow driveway of a very small bungelow.

The girls again kissed each other and exited the car, heading to the front door of the quaint little house. Upon entering, I could pretty much see the entire house was just a small one bedroom suite with no hidden rooms or the like. I was breathing easier, realizing that at least I wasn't getting set up by the police or was not getting robbed. Both girls began undressing, the first one that I spoken to said, "Just put fifty dollars on the night stand and you can watch for a while." They climbed up on the 3/4 bedalready nude and got into the familiar 69 position and began fingering and licking each other.

I laid the 2 twenties and the ten on the nightstand and began to undress. I had never seen two girls fuck each other before and the sights and sounds of their enamoured lovemaking was bring my cock to swift attention. Finally, they broke their hold on each other and the younger of the two reached into the nightstand, retrieved a condom, and motioned for me to lay down beside them.

Doing so, she inserted the open condom betwenn her lips, and easily slid onto my rising manhood. When she had inserted the entire length in her warm, inviting mouth, she began a slow and methodical sucking of my rock hard cock.

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The other girl was now licking my cocksuckers pussy. Both of them were already having orgasms as my cock received the blow job of its life. Releasing her oral grasp of my rod, the younger of the two wrapped her legs around her partners head and began to slightly groan with delight. I could hear the gentle spurting of her watery release as her friend beckoned me to take care of her pussy, by pointing silently behind her.

I made my way behind her seeing the slippery wetness of her obviously mom san xxx sex stories story ladened pussy, I easily slipped into her glorious gash. My balls were now beating a 4/4 beat on her buttocks as I drove deep into her wetness. The younger of the two, sensing her friends impending eruption released her leglock from off of her friend and struggled through the sheets to get behind me.

Her friend was just blowing her cork as she began to suck on my balls. "OH, MY, OH MY!!!", the girl beneath me moaned as she spent her second round of erotic passion from her passion pit. My balls were getting tighter and tighter with the impending eruption. The younger of the two pulled me back from the tidal wave of her friends ejaculation and asked me to do the same to her.

With her friend now laying on her side, catching her breath, the young one easily inserted my excited member into her tight, wet slot. I laid back, resting my head on her friends buttocks, and felt her wave of passion emerge from between our junction. Gritting her teeth, she increased the not rapid beats her ass cheeks beat upon my balls. Her final torrent of steamy slickness matched the uncontrollable eruption from deep in my balls.

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The seemingly hard fought battle was won, I had successfully fucked two girls at one time and had not only endured, but both seemed to be satisfied with the events that had taken place, as I removed the filled condom from off of my shrinking penis,and tossed it into the waste basket by the side of the bed.