Beauty ebony rides her dildo on webcam

Beauty ebony rides her dildo on webcam
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This is the third part of a long story/fantasy that has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. The second part of the story really doesn't involve sex as much as exposition.

This part picks up right where part 2 left off. There will be more sex in this one, but I warn you now that it may be a little different than traditional… just check the tags to see if it will bother you (no children, no animals, no potty stuff). I would love any feedback in the comments or pm.

Thanks! ***** We all sat around the dark corner booth, talking and laughing. Michele and Gloria, a sweet big naturals tits of reina bounce around pornstar knockers couple we met at the bar were sitting to my left, my wife Amy directly to my right, and Steph, a sexy new friend my wife met at a swimsuit shop this morning on the outside.

The round booth was in the corner of the club, just off the dance floor opposite the bar. The table had a few empty beer bottles on it, some glasses of melting ice from some mixed drinks, and now a handful of water bottles. It had been about 25 minutes since I had swallowed the mystery pill that the girls had procured for us. Michele kept telling us to drink lots of water and that the effects should kick in pretty soon.

Having been pretty straight laced most of my life (nothing more than a few blunts in college), I was a little nervous about this. This was definitely unlike my wife, but since we had arrived at the island, her attitude and temperament had done a complete 180 degree change. I was loving this new, adventuresome Amy so I was willing to go along for the ride. As the girls laughed and talked, I just looked around at them. I kept taking sips from my water bottle and picking at the label.

I was feeling nervous about taking some unknown drug, but I didn't want to seem like I had no clue so I was afraid to ask what we had taken. The waitress appeared at our table with another handful of water bottles. She smiled at Michele and Gloria and asked if they had seen Molly because one of her other customers was looking for her. Michele laughed and said that she had just been by the table about a half hour ago, but to check with another guy on the other side of the bar because he might know where she is.

As the waitress left, I couldn't help but be confused.

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There hadn't been anyone else by the table except for the waitress. "Who is Molly? I didn't see anyone come by." I asked the girls. Gloria laughed and took my hand. "Silly, you really are sheltered aren't you? Molly is MDMA… or Ecstasy.

What do you think we took a little while ago." I never realized just how sheltered I was. It was like she was speaking Greek to me. She must have seen the confusion on my face because she just winked at me and said: "Don't worry, you will love it.

It should only sexy redhead fucking in fencenet stockings a miniskirt and boots a few minutes now." Michele slapped her hands on the table and proclaimed that they needed to get moving.

She stood up and grabbed Steph's hand, pulling her to the dance floor. Gloria slid out from the booth and stood up. She looked at us as if she couldn't decide… "Okay, so who is going to escort me to the dance floor?" Amy looked at me with a smile.

"Do you mind? I suddenly have all this energy and just want to get moving." I smiled luscious czech sweetie is seduced in the shopping centre and pounded in pov her, leaned back and propped my arms across the back of the booth.

"Go for it! I will guard the castle while you rescue the princess!" With a quickness, Gloria and Amy joined Michele and Steph out on the dance floor. While there were quite a few people around, the dance floor was just open enough that I could watch the four of them through the other dancers.

For the rest of the first song, it was simple, easy enough dancing. Then the next song came on and it was a mix of house and jungle… heavy beats that you feel in your chest, strong rhythm.

I see Steph turn her back to Michele and start grinding her ass into her, her back pressed up into Michele's chest. Gloria has stepped up close to Amy and has her thigh pressed up against Amy's crotch. They are grinding against one another and Amy has her hands all over Gloria's back, ass, and legs.

This comes as a complete shock, but not in a bad way - I don't know that many red-blooded males that don't have a lesbian fetish. As I am watching, I see Gloria lightly run her fingernails up Amy's arm from her elbow to her shoulder.

At first Amy stands straight up and gets rigid, almost like she was shocked, and then Gloria catches her in her arms as her knees buckle under her a little bit. Amy starts laughing and Gloria joins in. Amy turns towards to Steph and leans in to her ear, whispering something to her. Steph laughs and gives her a thumbs up. As they are talking, Gloria steps back up behind Amy real close and starts rhythmically dancing against her. Amy wraps her arm backwards around Gloria's waist and grabs her ass, pulling her tight against her.

Gloria's left arm begins to trace up and down Amy's bare arm and her right hand runs up her side and starts playing with her hair. Amy leans her head back against Gloria's shoulder and closes her eyes. Gloria leans her head slightly forward and blows air across her bare shoulder and neck; Amy visibly shivers and turns her head towards Gloria and they begin to kiss deeply!

Torn between watching my wife kiss another woman and checking to see how Michele was reacting to this, I was a little slow in turning my head. I was bracing for a jealous cat fight to start, but as my gaze flips over to Michele, I can see that she is already in a lip lock with Steph. I let out my breath and relax a little more… well, a little. Seeing four beautiful women kissing in front of me caused a little stirring my lap. I didn't want to be "that guy" so I adjusted myself in the seat, leaned forward, and started focusing on the label on my water bottle again.

It was so difficult not to keep looking up, but I didn't want them to be self-conscious about me watching. When the song ended, the girls made their way back to the table and slid around the booth on each side of me. Amy was flushed and apologizing profusely to Gloria, Michele, and me. She was kind of rambling on.

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Gloria and Michele kept assuring her it was okay and that they didn't mind. Michele scooted out of the booth and went around to kneel in front of Amy. She leaned in and placed her lips on Amy's forehead. She whispered to her that it really was perfectly fine and then ran her fingertips from her lips down Amy's forehead and lightly traced her jawline until they met at her chin.

Amy shivered and I could see the goose bumps raised up on her arm. "So, how are you doing?" Steph said to me, looking intently at my eyes. "It doesn't bother me. Ever since we arrived here I am just going with the flow and happy to see Amy enjoying herself. When in Rome, right?" I smiled at her and gave her a wink. "No silly, I mean how are you doing? You know… how are you feeling?" "Just fine. Still a little thirsty but overall, fine… why?" Steph gave me a quizzical look and then turned and whispered into Michele's ear.

Michele stood and grabbed Gloria's hand and they wandered off towards the bar. "They are going to check with Tony… it should have kicked in a while ago. We will get you another pill." I didn't really have the heart to tell her that I didn't mind. I was still enjoying myself, and really enjoying watching Amy have fun. Michele and Gloria came squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time back up with a young guy. He was dressed pretty similarly to me but with a bright yellow shirt instead of black.


It only had the bottom two buttons done on it and it was partly opened to show his chiseled chest. He had long, curly black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He set a large glass of orange juice on the table and kind of knelt down with his elbows on the edge of the table. He reached across to shake my hand and when I pulled my hand away, there was a new pill in my palm.

It looked a little different than the last one. "Hey man, my name is Tony. I wanted to just say sorry about the last one.


I have no idea why it didn't work. I am all out of the one's the rest of your group took but this one is on me. It probably won't have the same upper effect as theirs; this one is more chill but you will love the senses.

Be sure to drink the orange juice first, then water. That should help." He stood up, put a hand on my shoulder and apologized again. Then he surprised me when he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips. With that he was gone. I looked around at the table and I could see that besides Amy, they were looking at me to see how I would react to a man horny secretary gets her ass fucked deep me like that.

They must have figured I might get all macho and start a fight. I just laughed, threw the pill into my mouth, and took a big swig of orange juice. "Like I said, when in Rome!" Amy knew that when I was a freshman in college I had experimented with guys a little. Pretty much just kissing and hand jobs with one of my guy friends in my dorm. We did trade blow jobs one time, but that was the end of that. It was really just a phase of being lonely away from home.

We both realized that we weren't really attracted to guys but stayed really good friends to this day. I didn't really admit it to him, but one night after drinking too much, I admitted to Amy that I might be a little bisexual.

I enjoyed the kissing and the idea of a penis was still a turn on, but I wasn't physically attracted to guys.

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Plus, having gay friends and going to see them perform, I have had a number of guys hit on me so it was not a big deal. When the girls piled into the booth around me, I noticed the order had changed a bit. Directly to my left was Amy and then Michele. On my right was Steph and then Gloria. Amy leaned in and whispered into my ear "Are you sure it doesn't bother you that I kissed Gloria?

I won't do anything that will upset you." I looked her directly into her eyes, and completely meaning it I said "Sweety, if it makes you happy, I am happy. We are in paradise and there are no strings attached. You enjoy yourself." I gave her a light kiss and nibbled her bottom lip just a tad. A moan escaped her lips and another shiver ran across her body. "I can't wait until you feel like this! I can't even describe it, but all of my senses are on overdrive.

Even the lightest touch feels amazing." "Here, let me show you what she means." Michele said as she leaned in behind Amy's back. Michele put her arm around Amy's waist and began to run her fingertips from Amy's knee up her thigh to just almost to the crease where her thigh met her hip. I could see the trail of her fingertips both by the slightly red mark they left and their trail through the thin, glistening sheen of sweat on Amy's thighs.

Right as her fingers reached Amy's hip, Michele leaned in and nibbled on Amy's ear lobe. Suddenly Amy grabbed my arm with her left hand and began to dig her nails into my flesh, placed the side of her right hand into her mouth and began to bite down, and her body began to tremble and her eyes began to roll back into to show the whites of her eyes.

Her breathing was quick and rapid and the goose bumps stood out against the light sweat that coated Amy's body.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Amy just had a crashing orgasm from a light touch and a simple nibble on her ear! Gloria and Steph began to give a quiet golf clap and making encouraging comments. I couldn't tell if the red flush on Amy's face was from embarrassment or from the orgasm itself. "Don't worry. The pill should kick in in about a half hour for you. Since the last was a dud, you just have to relax and enjoy the show for a bit." Gloria then began to run her fingers across Steph's stomach, up to her chest, and then lightly squeezed her nipple.

Steph let out a breathy moan and leaned her face into Gloria's neck. God, this was getting really erotic! "So, is this how it feels for all of you?" All of the girls gave nods and smiles. "So how do you know when… wait, did someone just turn the music up a lot?" Gloria gave a laugh and said "Well, it looks like it is starting to kick in!" Michele gave her a worried look and reminded her that I just brazzers forced hard step brother sex story the pill and it shouldn't kick in this quickly.

"Maybe the first pill wasn't a bust and just took longer to kick in? Maybe I should go get Tony." Gloria got up from the booth and went to find Tony.

I began to feel a little light headed, the beat of the music was pounding my chest, and it seemed like all of the lights had a halo effect like seeing headlights through the windshield on a rainy night.

It wasn't bad, but I knew this might take a minute to get used to. As I sat there feeling the music, I felt a hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw Amy staring at me… a mixture of concern and wonder in her eyes. "So, what do you think? Is it okay?" I smiled at her and said I was fine.

"I just have a strong sense of 'mellow' right now. Loving the sensation of the music washing over me." "It sounds like both pills kicked in about the same time." Tony sat down next to Steph and looked at me. "Look, you have nothing the worry about if both pills kicked in. You aren't in danger or anything like that, you will just be feeling everything more intensely than you might have expected.

I don't know what you might end up feeling like - homemade bdsm fuck localbdsm co nr tube porn first pill would normally give you a bunch of energy. The second is purely for the sensation and can often make you feel more chill. How about we get you up and moving for a second and see how you are in a few. That will tell us what might be the best way to proceed." Tony stood wwe aj lee sex story and helped Steph out of the booth.

He then took my hand and helped me stand up. "Follow real sany leon xx fuked guys." Tony put his arm around my waist to help steady me as I took a few steps. I could hear the girls behind me give a snicker when Tony's hand rested on my ass.

He lead us down around the far end of the bar and through a doorway with a black curtain hanging down. As we entered this new back room, I tried to take everything in. This room was about as big as the whole front of the bar. It was covered in couches, love seats, and lounge chairs, small end tables, and dim Christmas lights strung up. "Welcome to the Chill Room! This is considered a private area of the club so you are free to do whatever you like. How about we set you down here and let you catch your breath." With that, Tony slid me down onto a large sofa.

He reached down and took my wrist. "Well, no elevated heart rate, so I am guessing the second pill will be the one!" Tony gave me a wink and told me I was in good hands. He wandered off towards the front of the club again. The girls all piled comfortably onto the large couch and I began to look around. There were a number of people around the room. Some were in various stages of undress and engaged in different sex acts.

A few feet away, there was a chain of four people sitting on the floor giving each other back massages. The music was quieter in here and more soothing. "So, we don't want to leave you alone, but we are still hopping from our own pills. I will tell you what, since Steph, Gloria and I are more experienced with this than you two, how about we take turns hanging out with you while the others dance?

Don't worry, we will take good care of you and Amy!" Michele said as she started to get up. Amy looked at me with a worried look. "Go! Go! I am feeling great but just not up to dancing. You go have a blast. When in Rome, right?" I said with a smile. Steph desirable babe in high heels gets nailed Amy got up off the couch.

Amy leaned in and gave me a kiss. She ran her fingers down my cheek and across my stubble. I let out a moan as sensations swam through my head and spread across my body.

"Yep, he is definitely feeling it!" Amy gave Gloria a kiss on the forehead and then looked at me. "Don't forget to enjoy yourself too… it isn't all about me this trip. Remember, no strings attached, right?" I gave her a smile and a salute. I watched as the three of them scooted through the black curtain. Gloria began to scoot herself behind me on the couch so her legs straddled behind me and I was leaning back against her chest.

"Here, I know a great way to really help the sensations milf with glasses introduces hard cock to sweet teen on faster and stronger. Just relax and enjoy." With that, Gloria would run her hands down my chest to my stomach, back up to my shoulders, and then down my sides.

Normally a little ticklish, all I could feel was this trail of heavenly sensation emanating from her fingers and they moved along my body. I could feel my muscles relaxing and my body felt like it was sinking into nasty red riding hood with big tits love her beads masturbation and pornostar couch. Gloria slid her arms out from under mine and then started running her fingers up and down my arms. "So, how are you doing?" I tried lifting my hand to give a thumbs up sign, but found my arms were like driftwood… felt like they were floating on the couch and couldn't move them.

I just gave her a happy moan in reply. She gave me a peck on the cheek and told me to close my eyes. She then began to massage the sides of my throat, my jawline, and my temples. I was in pure bliss and found that I was almost in a coma. I couldn't open my eyes, couldn't move my body, and could barely do more than make grunting and moaning sounds.

It was one of the weirdest and best feelings I have ever experienced. ****** I am not sure how long I sat there with Gloria massaging me. I seemed to drift in and out of consciousness.

I never was completely asleep but the sensations seemed to ebb and flow. Coming out of one of the deeper flows, I noticed a new sensation on my body. Besides Gloria's hands rubbing my head, I felt two hands rubbing along my legs and thighs. I could feel my legs fall into that driftwood state and the radiating sensations were amazing.

I tried to lift my head up and say hello to my wife, but I could barely open my eyes.

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I saw that I was staring at the ceiling but my head felt like a ton of bricks and I couldn't lift it. Out of the corner of my eye, I could barely see Steph sitting on the back of the couch, rubbing her hands along Michele's back and arms.

It looked like she had taken her cue from Gloria. I felt the hands creep up the inside of my thighs, slide around to the outside of my hips and grasp the waistband of my pants. Slowly my pants were pulled over my hips and down until they were around my ankles. Fingers raked up my calves, thighs, and then firmly grasped where my thighs reached my crotch.

The fingers gripped on each side of my penis and the thumbs met underneath my balls on that sensitive area between the edge of my sack and my anus. They slowly started to press and rub in slight circles. The sensation was fantasyhd babe brunette dani daniels fucks the pool boy unbearable it was so intense. All I could do was give a sharp inhalation of breath and then a soft moan. The thumbs lifted upwards and held my balls up by my penis.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of a tongue begin to lick the underside of my sack. Amy had never done this before… either her time on the island or the effects of the drugs had really released her inhibitions. This was fantastic! I felt Gloria's hands work down my shoulders and underneath my shirt. Her fingers began to play with my nipples and the sensations rushed through my chest. It was almost hard to breath and all I could do was close my eyes again and whisper "Oh yes…" The tongue swirled around a bit more and then I felt it give a long, slow pass across my anus.

The feeling was intense. My reflexes caused me to press my bottom closer to the tongue and my breathing became short and rapid. While one hand held my sack out of the way, the other hand began to slowly and gently stroke my penis. The tongue and hand began to create a rhythm. Each time the hand reached the tip of my penis, it would squeeze the head and the tongue would lick my anus.

"Oh my god, that is one of the hottest things I have ever seen." It was Amy's voice right in my ear! The shock snapped my eyes open and I tried to turn my head to look at her. "I bet this is just as hot as watching me make out with a girl, huh?" All I could do was stammer and try and lift my head to see what was going on.

"If I help you look, do you promise to not freak out. I really want to keep watching this. Here, Gloria, help me raise his head." Gloria and Amy placed their hands behind my head and lifted it up so I could see what was going on. There, between my legs was a good looking, Latin hot teens blowin dick together its fun with friends looking up at me.

I remember seeing him when we first came in; laying on one of the couches with another guy. Kneeling behind him was the other guy, slowly slipping in and out of him. The man stroking my penis looked at me with a question in his eyes.

He was looking to see if I wanted him to stop or not. I looked at Amy and mumbled to her. "Y-you really like this?" She didn't answer with words. Instead, she licked her fingers and slowly ran them down her chest, across her stomach, and the slowly slid them down her pants.

I could see that she was rubbing herself. I had never seen her do that before, and it was so hot. "No strings attached, huh?" She wasn't sexy teen gets pounded in laundry area at me… her eyes were transfixed on the men in front of me. I looked back at the man and gave him a smile. He answered by slipping his mouth over my penis and holding it there.

I felt his tongue swirling around the head. His thumb began to play with the skin below my sack again. He slowly lifted his head off the end of my penis, a long line of saliva trailing between his bottom lip and the head of my penis. He lowered his mouth over my balls and sucked one into his mouth and twirled it around.

I could feel and see my penis twitching. I glanced over at Amy and she was still rubbing herself, eyes glued to the man playing with me. Her mouth was slightly open, a small amount of moisture slipping from her mouth and her eyes almost glazed over. The man let my ball slip from his mouth and I could feel a trail of spit slip slowly down my balls and over my ass.

He lowered his hand and started rubbing the spit around my anus. He looked up at me and then over at Amy. "Do it. Please do it." He looked back over at me with a question in his eyes. Before I could even do anything, Amy responded.

"This is my decision… I want this. Whatever makes me happy, right. Do it." With that, he slid his finger into my ass. I jumped a bit and looked at Amy. Before I could say a thing, she leaned down and started kissing me - hard.

She pulled back a bit and said to me: "I have never been more turned on than I am right now. I know you have wondered about this. Let us explore our fantasies together." She then leaned in and started kissing me again. I felt a sudden pressure as the man started to slide a second finger in.

He slowly started to slide the fingers in and out, deeper and deeper. He wrapped his mouth around my penis and he slid up and down in rhythm to his stroking. "When he finishes, don't swallow it." Amy leaned in to my ear and said to me: "I want you to come in his mouth.

I want you kissing me when you do. You will do this for me." With that, she pinched my nipple hard. She had never been this forceful before. It was amazing. "Do it… do it now." With that, I couldn't hold back anymore. Amy kept pinching my nipple and kissing me hard. I felt my penis throbbing in his mouth as I shot load after load into it. Amy pulled away from me and kneeled down to the man, grabbing his face and pulling him into a deep kiss.

She pulled away and looked up at me with her mouth open. I could that her mouth was full. With a sparkle in her eye, she closed her mouth and made a show of swallowing. I have no idea what has come over my wife, but this was one of the most amazing nights of my life. ******** (to be continued) ***********