Nice pounding with hottie hardcore big dick

Nice pounding with hottie hardcore big dick
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This is the story of my first rape and how my mind was turned over to enjoying what I do. Enjoy. After my wife left me.I've talked about that in my other stories.I didn't date for about a year. Not only was I hurt, but I was confused and not confident in myself anymore.

My daughter Deb told me we both needed to move on, so I began to re-enter the dating scene.

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I hated going to bars and cruising for women. I hated being set up with someone who was "perfect for me" by friends. Those never worked out well. One night, I went to a parent/teacher night at Deb's school. As I chatted with a couple parents I knew, I saw a woman I didn't know. One of the dads there told me a bit about her. She was a divorcee and had a son in in teenie bh gespritzt tube porn class.

Her name was Jeanne and was about 40 or so and looked pretty good for her age. She had dark hair that was short and big green eyes. She had some miles on her face, but her body was still decent.big tits and a nice ass with thighs that were nice and meaty.

She was also a real bitch from what they all said.she was a real gossip and the type of mom who always had to dominate the teacher's time at these things and never let anyone else get a word in edgewise.

That's not to say she would be tossed out of my bed for eating crackers. I hadn't had sex in over a year and longed for a woman again. As the meeting broke up, one of the other couples introduced me to her. She asked about Deb and said her son had a big crush on her.

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I laughed and said that it didn't surprise me and that she had talked about her son Rick as well. We chatted in the parking lot while everyone else left. She suggested we reverse cowgirl milf teen threesome cock sharing riding blonde a drink sometime and wxxxc one boy and twgirls numbers. She seemed nice enough, but I could tell she had a nasty side.

After I got home, I took a shower and jerked off to thoughts of her and my insecurities kicked in when I was she, hell, any woman, would want me, I school girls hostel xxx story download to bed really depressed. Two days later, my cell phone rang with an unknown number. It was Jeanne. "Hi Bob (name changed to prevent the cyber gang-stalking rapists from finding me), it's Jeanne." she started.

She sounded pretty chipper and it raised my spirits that a woman could seem even the least bit interested in me. Her son Rick was going out that night and she was free.maybe we could have that drink? I quickly agreed and we set a time to meet at the pub around the corner from her house. I must have been over-excited because I got to the pub 30 minutes early. I knocked back a couple drinks to calm my nerves.

I felt like a damn teenager I was so nervous. Finally, Jeanne showed up looking as hot as she probably could. She was wearing a tight skirt that hugged her cute ass cucumber in wet messy cleft softcore amateur a top that cost $300 (I know this because she told me phoenix marie goes on top of seth gambles cock or 4 times) that showed off her tits.

She started to annoy me with the money talk, but I was so desperate for female company I didn't care. As we talked and drank, she really got nasty in regards to some of the other parents from school. The moms were either sluts or idiots and the dads were either fags or desperate to fuck her. Trying some levity, I asked her which category I fell into. She said neither.I was probably just cock-dead. I laughed it off, but she was really starting to piss me off. I started thinking of excuses to leave, but her tits kept me rooted to my seat.

As she drank more, she really let loose and started ripping the group of friends our kids hung with. Again, the girls were either slurs or idiots and the guys were fags or just wanted to fuck the girls. She didn't mention Deb, which was the only thing that kept me there. As it got late, I got up to use the men's room. I returned to the bar and asked for the check. "Oh, am I boring you?" she asked with a shit-eating grin. "No, but it's starting to get late.

I should probably shove off." I told her, not wanting to say that I had about enough of her for one night and beyond. "Well, if you'd like a nightcap, we can go to my place." she countered.

Now, as much as I had had enough of her attitude, I hadn't had any sex in forever and thought at least getting fucked would be worth listening to more of her. I agreed and we left. We walked to her place and into her living room. She poured us a drink and sat on the couch next to me. I didn't expect what came next.

She started talking about how she had heard about me and my situation. She kept talking down to me and making all sorts of assumptions about my parenting skills. Finally, she started on Deb. "It must be tough to raise a daughter all by yourself. You'd better hope Deb is using birth control or you'll be a grandfather sooner than you think. I'm sure she's sexually active as a girl without a mom usually becomes a slut by now.

Do you search her room for used condoms and stuff? You should read her diary if she has one. Of course, she probably blames you for your wife leaving, so you might not want to do that.she probably hates you." I sat there, incredulous that this CUNT could be saying these things. I know Deb isn't perfect, but we have a great and open and caring relationship and we talk about everything.

She was still a virgin then.we talked all night once about our sex lives.and was opposed to pre-marital sex. I didn't want to hear any more from Jeanne, but she kept on. "Why did your wife leave you, anyway? Are you some sort of closet queer, or did you chase as much ass as you could catch?

Come on, tell me.I won't judge you. Maybe you were just an all-around shitty husband. It wouldn't surprise me." All my hurts, fears, insecurities, confusion and doubt came crashing together in my head.

It boiled over into what I later realized was blind rage. What my wife had done to me was not my fault, but it didn't matter. This bitch was doing a number on me mentally and I wasn't prepared to deal with it and I snapped. A dark area of my brain was hidden behind some sort of door that was now kicked open by this ignorant cunt. Something took over.

"FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT!! HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME OR DEB? JUST BECAUSE YOU FUCKED UP YOUR MARRIAGE BY FUCKING HALF THE NEIGHBORHOOD DOESN'T MEAN YOU KNOW ME AT ALL!!" I thundered at her. She sneered at me and told me that she suspected I was some sort of fag all along and my wife probably left me because I was one.

Then she made her last mistake.she spit on me. I grabbed her up from the couch and almost blacked out with the rage that now was in control of me. She lost that sneer real quick when I reared back and belted her across the face with my open palm. She spun down to the couch and covered her face with her hands.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back up. It was then I realized I had a massive erection and her fate was sealed. "WANT SOME MORE CUNT? COME ON.I GOT MORE FOR YOU!!" and backhanded her back down to the couch.

She landed on her butt this time and looked at me with blind fear.she knew she had gone too far. She started to apologize, but I was checked out by this time. I was out of control and I wanted to hurt her as badly as my wife had hurt me. I pushed her back on the couch and reached under her skirt and grabbed her panties and tore them off.

She screamed and I covered her mouth with my hand. She tried to bite me, but I got a quick idea.stuff her panties in her mouth. She cried and screamed against them, but her screams went unanswered. I held her squirming hands down with one hand and undid my belt with the other. I got my fly open and my cock sprang out, ready to get some pussy for the first time in an eternity.

I realized that pussy taken was sweeter than pussy given up. I pushed my pants down to my knees and put my full weight on her. She looked at me in terror and begged thru her gag for me to stop. "I'LL STOP WHEN I'M DONE, LINDA (I was calling her my my ex-wife's name without knowing it) YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HURT ME AGAIN!!

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THIS TIME, I'M THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO BE IN CHARGE!!" I yelled in her face that was wet with tears. With that, I forced myself into her. Her eyes came alive with surprise and pain when I entered her. She was dry as hell, probably from fear, but it wasn't long before she got wet enough for me to go to work on her.

I let her hands go and instead forced her shoulders down, pinning her down. I rammed into her over and over, wanting to make this bitch hurt like I had been hurt. She only hurt me in a superficial way, but what she had done unleashed some real pain I had thought was gone, but it wasn't. It had been sleeping, waiting for the chance to unleash it's power. Her blouse had come open by this time from all the movement and her bra barely contained her boobs. They were rocking back and forth with my thrusts and I pulled her bra down to let them out.

They were big and had huge nipples tipping them. I slapped them hard with my hands and she moaned in pain. After they were pink from my slaps, I took a huge nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard. I may have been forcing myself into her cunt, but her nips were hard as rocks.

I twisted the other nipple hard and was now aware that her pussy was soaked. I knew I was almost ready to come and had to make it count. She had stopped crying by this time and had her eyes shut tight, hoping and wishing I'd finish and leave her alone.

I grabbed her face and told her to open her eyes. She did. "I'm going to come now Linda. Remember, you asked for this." One thing Linda absolutely HATED was having me come on her face. I did it a couple times, always drunk, and always told her I got caught up in the drunk fucking and "forgot" she didn't like it.

It would always piss her off for a couple days, but I have to admit she looked great, especially when I blew a huge load all over her gorgeous face and tits. Linda was surely a looker and fucking her was one of my great pleasures.

Even near the end of our marriage, when the sex wasn't always great for her.sometimes it was just a function for her to get off, nice kitten is gaping narrowed kitty in close range and cumming was always great for me.I still looked forward to having her. Now, I would treat this cunt like Linda didn't like to be treated. I pulled out of her and grabbed her by the hair. I moved up and straddled her chest and stroked my cock with my hand and pointed it at her face, complete with her still-stuffed mouth.

I could see the black silk of her panties peeking out the front of her mouth. Her eyes said "no", but I didn't care. I took careful aim and released. The first rope blasted her square in the middle of her face and splashed all over her forehead. The next couple globbed right into her eyes, forcing them shut. She screamed under the panties as I'm sure it stung like a bitch.Linda told me it did.

Her face was covered with my hot spurt, so I lowered my aim and blasted her tits with the rest of my load. Her blouse caught some of my seed, probably ruining it. Hey, fuck it, that's what dry cleaners are for.


I pulled the panties out of her mouth and wiped my cock on them. Standing up, I looked at what I had done and felt a surge of power and redemption. Linda's ghost had been dealt with and vanquished, I felt like a new man, reborn and alive, ready to conquer whatever I was dealt. Jeanne lay there.face covered with come, tits covered with come, blouse open, skirt hiked up and pussy exposed.

She was shaking lightly and it wasn't from was from fear, humiliation and relief. I looked at her and caught her eye. "Still think I'm some sort of fag? Still think I'm cock-dead?" I pulled my pants on and waited for my answer, or some sort of threat to call the cops.

My rage was gone by now, spent from the effort of the rape. "Well, am I some sort of fag?" I asked again. She shook her head in the negative and pulled her skirt down. "You ruined my blouse. This cost $300. Who's going to pay for it?" she asked, trying to regain some sort of control. I laughed at her and told her to go sell her old cunt on the street and get the money.

Her face dropped. "You better not say anything about this. You asked me here after we were drinking, made me another drink and came onto me. You told me you wanted to get fucked and splattered with come. That's my story. What's yours?" She thought about it for a couple seconds. She started to say something a couple times, but she had nothing to say. Finally, she piped up. "I guess I don't have anything to say. Just stay away from me, okay? Leave Rick and I alone." "No problem. And keep your fucking opinions about others to yourself." I told her.

Then I left. Since then, I've had plenty of sex with consensual partners. But the rush of OWNING a woman for a short while is intoxicating and I am always looking for opportunities fellow assists with hymen examination and plowing of virgin teen feed that jones. I've written two other stories regarding this and I'm glad some get them and pity those who can't look past the surface and see what so many of us feel.


Stay tuned for another story of domination and power.