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Blonde milf cheri deville fuck threesome interracial
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The older man, a guy I thought of as my friend, Gary, had just finished raping me, but I'd had the most explosive orgasm I'd ever had so all I could do was lay there in helpless confusion as emotions swirled around me. I was confused. What had happened was wrong, but it had fetl so good, I wasn't sure what to think, but I didn't have time to, because Gary was rolling over back on top of me, sliding up my body like an eel.

His hands rested on mine, which were still tied to the bedposts and were starting to get quite sore at that point and he stopped when his cock was level with my face.

I quickly turned my head to the side as he slid down so that his cock rubbed against my cheek instead of making contact with my mouth.

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I lay practically smothered beneath him as he moved down my body and stopped when his cock touched mine. Pausing for just a moment, he rocked forward, pushing me into the mattress further, then slid back. He was, in effect, dry humping my cock and moving faster, paying no attention to my cries as his huge member slammed into my balls repeatedly.

He rocked back teen fucks her stud at her private party for two forth for what seemed like forever until finally he grunted, I felt his cock hitch and a tremendous, warm wetness covered my crotch as he let go, shooting torrent after torrent of cum over me.

it was the first time anyone had ever done that and I was horrified, but Gary sighed with relief, laid on top of me for a minute, then got up and left the room. He came back with a couple of washclothes and towels, then untied my hands.

I immediately curled up into a fetal position and moved as far away on the bed from him as I could. He reached out and rubbed my buttocks for a few minutes and after a while I calmed down and stood up. Gary pulled me in front of him and asked if I'd liked being blown.

I admitted that I had, but I didn't like being cum on or smothered. He said he'd go easier next time, then carefully wiped off his cum with a wet rag.

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His hands were on nearly every inch of my body, exploring me. In the two years this went on, I can never remember a time he didn't love to touch me anywhere and every where. When i was clean enough, he stood me in front of him again and blew me.

My cock was harder this time, much quicker, but this time, he didn't let me cum, stopping me just short. He pulled me over him and onto the bed, face down this time and retied my hands.not as tight as before.

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This done, he positioned himself so that his cock was directly above my backside. NOW I was terrified. I'd heard about this but it only happened in dark alleys and prison cells.


The head of his cock pushed lightly against my hole, but instead of penetrating, he slid it along my crack and this time, dry humped my buttocks instead of my dick. He came again after a few minutes of this, another long, wet stream of white. I felt it shoot up my back between my shoulder blades and some oozed down between my ass cheeks. Instead of letting me up, like i thought he would.he scooped up some of the wetness and put his hand between my legs. Using his cum as a lube, he jerked me off, slowly at first, squeezing my tiny hairless cock and fondling my balls lightly, then faster and rougher.

I came hard again, shuddering beneath him as he hugged me to him. He wiped my back off again, then untied me, turned me over and cleaned my cock. He planted one more kiss on the head before letting me up and handing me my shorts.

He told me he sunny leone pron hot girls keeping the underwear and i didn't care at that moment. When I was dressed, Gary followed me through latina big ass teen bangs huge dick house to the door. As I was going out, he pulled me back in. We could both see there were no cars in our driveway so my parents weren't home yet, but now Gary was nervous.

He knelt down so we were on eye-level then told me that I couldn't tell anyone about this, that bad things would happen to us both if I did. He told me that he'd liked me for a long time and just wanted to show me how much.

He didn't tell me it would happen again, but he did hint that if it did, he'd make it worth my while. I actually took a shower that night without being told to and as i scrubbed as hard as I could under as hot water I could tolerate, my mind was confusone hand, he'd done it without asking, and I knew that was wrong.

I had a vague idea that an adult wasn't supposed to do that, asking or not.

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On the other hand, being blown like that was brand new and although cock hurt from the experience, I could still remember that first orgasm and it's intensity.

Something that felt that good couldn't be bad, could it?


And, even at that age, the idea of being tied up, restrained, was exciting to me, erotic, though i couldn't think of that word at the time. And, with a kid's typical greed, I wondered how he'd make it worth my while, what he'd get me or do with me that would buy my silence. I masturbated that night despite the pain to thoughts of him sucking me off, and made my choice.

In the dark, where i did my best thinking, I knew I was going back.