Blonde lesbian gets vibed at the gym

Blonde lesbian gets vibed at the gym
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I first met Tony Benedetto the summer before my senior year. He was very handsome in a classic angular swarthy Italian way. He was the school's worst bad boy. Tony had a little gang everybody called Tony's terrible twelve. Their actual number varied but generally there were about a dozen of them. They had legendary parties that everybody wanted to be invited to but were afraid to attend.

Tony didn't allow girls in the gang, but allowed a few to hang around, since he and his boys liked female company. I was one of those girls during that summer.

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Tony spoke to me in the hall during the first week of school. "Find out about that new girl over there by the fountain. The terrible twelve might be interested in her." I had been to a few of the parties and had a pretty good idea what Tony wanted to know.

Tony didn't want girls with protective families.


A couple years before two upper classmen named Fassbach had overheard Tony refer to their sister as "mattressback"; had waited for him in the parking lot and had beaten him to jelly.

Also, believing they were dangerous and too much trouble, he didn't favor virgins. A week later I reported back to him. "Her name is Maria Colima. She's Mexican and only in town since the summer. Her English is very good. She has a younger sister but no brothers.

Her father is a foreman at the packing plant.


I've checked her out in the showers and she is extremely beautiful. Big natural boobs, with long brown nipples. "Is she a virgin?" "Probably not. She talked about an ex-boyfriend. She's not prudish but not tough either." "Will she be interested?" "I think so, she's been asking around about you.

Everybody tells her to talk to me, and I've been talking you up, so I think you could ask her." "Thanks Cynthia, I owe you one. If she comes you can come along." On that Friday in the locker room after gym class, Maria came over to me all excited. "Guess what! Tony Benedetto asked me to meet him this weekend." She squealed.

"Well, that sounds like fun. Where are the two of you going?" I asked calmly. "It's not a real date. He just wants me to meet him at the park after dinner." "Maria, did you ever wonder why people call him "terrible Tony"? She sneered. "Phht. Nicknames! Maybe he's a little wild, but a little wild can be fun." Her eyes suddenly got wide. "Cynthia, you're not Tony's girl are you?

I wouldn't try to break you up." "No. Don't worry about that. Me and Tony are just friends. We hang around together a little bit, that's all. I know Tony would like it if you wore that fuzzy angora sweater and the red plaid skirt." I said casually. The whore is of wall street xxx on Saturday night, Tony and I were sitting on a blanket spread on the grass on the hill in the park.

Most of the Terribles were hanging around over by the merry-go-round, playing mumbledy-peg, arm-wrestling and generally horsing around. Tony was anxious. "Do you think she backed out?" he asked. "Relax. She was excited yesterday. She'll come. Maybe her family has a later dinner than us. It's only seven o'clock." "Yeah you're right. But I really hope she comes soon." "Well then, you're in luck. There she is down by the driveway." Tony waved his arms in the air and Maria waved back.

I saw that she had taken my advice about the tight sweater and plaid skirt.


With all her masses of straight hair black as a raven hanging down around her shoulders she was a picture. As she came running over I moved away a little so she could sit between me and Tony.

She dropped down on the blanket and began talking away to Tony, with the occasional remark to me. If she was surprised to see me there, she didn't show it. We chatted for a few minutes, then Tony jumped up and said to Maria, "Let's walk.

He held his hands out to her, she put up both her hands and he hauled her to her feet. There they stood face-to-face for a second, then Tony bent his head down and kissed her on the mouth.

She looked startled, then started to join in. She put her hands on Tony's head and pulled his mouth into hers. They stayed like that for quite a while, came up for air a couple times and went back to it using tongues. After a few minutes of standing lip locked like that, Tony slid one hand around Maria's waist and laid it on her right breast. She didn't push it away or stop kissing him, so he started to massage the breast and roll the nipple through the sweater.

Maria still didn't object, so Tony kept it up, occasionally switch hands and breasts. It seemed to me that Maria was having to breathe a little more often now, but she didn't pull away. Her nipples were making little tents under her sweater. Finally, Tony took his mouth off hers and said to me: "Cynthia, why don't you check and see if me and Maria have any chemistry." I knew what he meant. From my sitting position, I slid my hand up under her skirt between Maria's thighs.

She was wearing those old style white cotton panties. You know those big old white panties you can buy cheap at Sears or Target. Nothing fancy like lingerie or lace for our Maria. But they were wet with juice. I said to Tony: "Jesus, Tony, this girl's got chemistry dripping into her socks!" He seemed encouraged and returned to his business on Maria's breasts. Her acceptance of all this encouraged me too. I looked up and saw that now Maria was holding her sweater up under her chin with one hand and pulling Tony's head in against her right nipple with the other.

I slid my hand into the leg hole of Maria's panties. She moved her legs apart just a little bit. She was so wet that there was juice dripping down my wrist. Her clit was stiff and protruding. I started to push a finger into her pussy and give her clit a flick with my thumb. Push and flick. Push and flick. By now Tony had Maria's sweater off and was rubbing and sucking her long nipples. Now her feet were spread wide apart like a fighter's, and her breath was coming in gasps.

Between what I was doing and Tony's efforts on Maria's breasts, that girl was just bowlegged with lust.

She finally pulled her head back and hissed at Tony: "Take me now Tony. I want to be your girl!" But Tony took a step back and said: "It's not that simple Maria." "Why not? I want you now." She cried. The rule in the gang is that you have to have everybody in the gang before me. Then you'll be my girl." Tony said. Maria's eyes got very wide. I took the opportunity to give her a couple more pokes and flicks. "Everybody?" she asked querulously. "But I just want you." "Well that's the rule; we can't break it just for you." I could see she was considering it, so I poked and flicked again, and that turned the trick, as you might say.

Maria asked: "They won't hurt me will they?" She glanced nervously over at the group by the merry-go-round. "Of course not, they're nice clean boys. There's only about twelve of them." "Well as long as Cynthia is here." I said, "I'll watch out for you." I took her by the hand and led her over to the merry-go-round. She was quiet now that she'd made up her full sex stories massage oil xxx. I helped her get undressed saying as I stripped her panties off "Let's get you out of these wet things." She gave me a little grin.

We got her out of the rest of her clothes and used the skirt and sweater to make a pad for her to sit on. "A little wild can be fun, remember?" I said. The boys were grouping up around the edge of the platform. Almost all of them had been to one of these parties before, so they knew the drill. I told Maria: "I'll be right here the whole time. I'll just turn the merry-go-round for you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." That was a laugh, there turned out to be very little Maria didn't want to do.

Now Maria was sitting down and there was a circle of erect cocks all around the merry-go-round. The boys in the first position were the youngest. There were two of them about 14 years old. Both of sex stories six big cock storys just wanted Maria to touch them. She took the first one in hand. She stroked him a couple of times and he went off like a rocket.

His ejaculate splashed on Maria's collarbone and ran down her chest. The second boy also just wanted her hand. He was bigger and lasted a little longer, and when he went off Maria turned her head a little and took that fountain of semen next to her ear where it soaked into her beautiful black hair. Both the young boys stepped back from the circle and I turned the platform to place Maria in front of the next group of boys.

These were a little older and more experienced. The first set his dick against Maria's lips. She swallowed his entire organ and sucked only a moment before he went rigid with orgasm. She turned to the next, who was considerably bigger and fully erect.

She took half of his shaft in at once then worked slowly down the remainder. She sensed when he was about to come and pulled her head back. He came like a lawn sprinkler, soaking her eyes and forehead. I rotated the wheel.

The next boy had a particularly long cock. Maria raised her breasts with both hands under his cock so that it was laying on a kind of shelf. She rubbed her nipples on the underside of his balls, and occasional bobbed her head to lick the tip of his cock. He lasted only a few seconds under this treatment and drenched her neck and breasts. That was a great trick, one which I have learned and used myself since then.

Finally after another move of the merry-go-round, Maria came to a boy who wanted her missionary style. She lay back, and slipped him in.

He rocked back and forth several times and pumped his load into her pussy. Next was a group of four boys. The first one had Maria kneel up facing the outer edge of the platform.

He climbed onto the merry-go-round and mounted her doggie-style from behind. Once when he started to enter her rectum, she reached back and pushed him away: "Not there!" After he had entered her, the other boys in the group lined up in front of her. The first boy placed his cock in her mouth and the two boys began pumping into her from both ends.

The boy in front came xxx sex story 2019 new, and his place was quickly taken by the next boy in line. I noticed something that Maria did not; a boy from earlier in the evening had slipped into the line ebony enema babes squirting in the bathtub in front of her.

He was not the only one. After the fifth boy had come in Maria's mouth, their friend at the back finally climaxed and filled her pussy again. The wheel turned. The following group was the Sullivan boys; two brothers and two cousins who did everything together. They were inseparable. They kept Maria in the doggie position like the previous group, but after the oldest mounted her from behind, the other three all came to Maria together.

Besides cute sexy shy teen makes hardcore tryout sex video one behind, she took one in the mouth, and one in each hand. I remembered that they had taken me exactly the same way. When they all started to come it was like a sperm pump. Maria had cum in her hair on both side of her face, in her mouth and dripping down her chin.

She was now more than half way around the group. I turned the platform to a single boy who had Maria lay down on her back and sat astride her rib-cage and laid his cock between her breasts and began to slide it up and down.

She moistened her breasts with saliva and clamped them around his cock. She rolled her breasts so that her nipples were being rubbed by the motion of the cock. She looked almost as aroused as he did. He came heavily and poured onto her breasts and chest. The rest of the group saw Tony start to disrobe and knowing the party was almost over, grouped up just to my left.

They set Maria on her hands and knees and formed a double line, one behind and one at her mouth. The boys picked one line or the other and took turns pumping her full of cum. Almost all of them had had at least one turn already tonight, but these young boys have a quick recovery time. When that line petered out, I turned her to my position.

She looked OK, still aroused and a little dazed. I could see she needed some TLC. I took her hands and pulled her to her feet. I kissed her on the mouth, with just the tip of my tongue against her lips. I dipped my head, took first one then the other of her long hard nipples in my month and teeny lovers teeny youporn covered redtube flour tube and blowjob teen porn shaved pussy doggystyle and nibbled them.

Then I slid my hand down to her snatch and just jerked her off. Aroused as she was, it didn't take much. Her clit was still stiff and protruding; I just rubbed her and slipped a finger in occasionally.

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She suddenly opened her eyes wide in surprise and stared at me like a stranger. As I kept up my efforts, her eyelids began to flutter and her eyes rolled back and her belly pulsed with contractions. Her knees just folded up and with a low moan she slid down to her knees in front of me. It was incredibly sexy. I went wet myself. Behind me Tony was spreading the blanket.

He guided Maria to her hands and knees on the blanket and knelt behind her. Tony was built very large. He dipped just the tip of his cock in Maria for lubrication, then slipped it slowly into her wet pussy. She grunted as she took the meat. "I'm your girl now Tony." I heard her whisper softly. I knelt in front of her so that we were face to face. I had my own dress hiked up to my armpits now. I had one hand down my panties, while I fondled Maria's hanging titties with the other.

She leaned forward a little and licked my tits. Tony had worked his way all the way into Maria now and was penetrating her with long slow strokes. He reached forward and grasped her long mane of black hair and pulled head back until she was almost upright.

In that position I could return the favor and suck her tits for a while. I guided her hand down to her crotch, and we knelt face to face masturbating ourselves while Tony thrusted and thrusted. This went on until Maria came to climax with a long low howl.

Tony later said Maria wasn't the only one howling, and he might be right; I came pretty hard myself. Maria's pulsing contractions set Tony off and he pumped his load deep into her. The howling attracted some other boys from around the park, Maria and I finished them off together. When everybody was satisfied, Tony and I helped Maria get cleaned up and dressed again, and walked her to the bus stop. We never saw her again. We heard at school that her father had taken the whole family back to Mexico, and fervid nympho stretches slim hole and gets deflorated Maria had married a village man with a farm.

Tony never mentioned her. The night of the "Maria-go-round" became legendary in the history of the terrible twelve, rivaling the time they had brought the twenty three year old substitute teacher, Kate "Bang Bang" Cartridge, to the park. She had been trying to get Tony to go straight for a month, but finally accepted his invitation to a Saturday night in the park. She came to three parties in two months before mysteriously leaving town in the middle of the night, never even picking up her last paycheck.