Mia khalifa porn story lesbian

Mia khalifa porn story lesbian
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We have a local video store that also has a theater where bi and gay men meet for hand jobs, blow jobs and anal sex.

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I have personally never been there but my future husband has and when he told me about it I was very disappointed that I didn't get to go but the mental images that his story incurred in my dirty little mind were amazing and made my pussy very wet. As I sit here about to tell you all about my fantasy, my pussy is already wet. As a matter of fact I have masterbated to this fantansy several times.

Someday I hope for it to come true. Now, we have had some wonderful adventures and I will share them if you all like my story. We decide to go to the theater one night for something new and erotic. I dress in an overcoat covering only my corset, thigh high stockings and high heels. When we walk in there are maybe a dozen men.

Some were just watching the movie stroking their hard cocks, a couple were sitting next to eachother stroking the other mans dick and a couple were giving blow jobs to their partners.


We sat down around the middle of the theater and my wonderful, kinky man, opens my coat and ties my hands to the arm rests, spreads my legs to the bottom part of the chair and walks away. He goes over to one of the men masterbating and whispers in his ear. The man stands up and follows him. Now, I am the only female in the place so we have already been noticed and when he started walking over to me with the other man, people followed him with their eyes.

He sits down next to me and puts the other man directly in front of him. He pulls the man's pants down and starts to suck his cock. I have seen him give head before and it always turns me on. He can deep throat better than I can! The man is obviously truth or dare with blond on omegle himself as his eyes closed and his hands came to my mans head and started pushing his head in a back and forth motion.

Soon, another man came over and asked if he could touch me. "No. She is only here to watch right now.


Blue movie sex watch mp3 may be able to feel how et she is an a little while but for now, she must just watch. But, if you would like a blow job, I can do two at the same time." My man says. The new man pulls his pants down and now my lovely, sexy man is sucking two cocks. The first stranger asks if my baby is up for something more. I almost cum on my coat because I know he will say yes.

He does. He asks the second man to go to the other side of the row so he can bend over and take the first man's cock in his ass while still giving him head. My hands are starting to flex as I want to massage my pussy so badly. It is pulsing and throbbing so hard and it is so hot I can feel it on my thighs. My man turns around and pulls his pants down to his ankles, bends over and starts to suck cock again. The man behind him starts to lube his asshole to get it ready for what looks like a good solid 8 inches of meat.


soon the hole is ready and he slides it in. Slowly at first then faster and faster. I can see my baby's cock and it's so hard it could break ice. Soon the man behind him is grunting and ready to cum. He asks "Dave" (my man) what he should do with his load. "Do it inside me.

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Cum in me! OH YEAH! It feels so good." The stranger cums and zips his pants and walks away. This is when I notice the crowd around us. I had been so mesmerized by what I was watching I hadn't noticed the 4 other men gather around.

"Dave" tells the man whose cock he had been sucking if he wants some ass too. "Oh yea I do." He comes around and puts his dick in "Dave's" now soaking wet ass hole. "After you hot teen strips and fingers devirginized for my birthday in my ass, you can stroke my woman until she cums.

I doubt it will take long though. I am sure she is ready to burst already." He looks around and pick the first two men closest and starts to suck their cocks while he is getting fucked. One of the men must have been ready because he starts to cum almost right away. "Dave" swallows it all and pulls the next man over. The man behind him starts to pump fast and furious, grabbing my baby's hips and thrusting harder and harder.

He cums, zips up and walks to me. He puts his hand by my pussy and "Dave" says, "No! Use your mouth. Taste her. She will cum in your mouth." I didn't disappoint. I was so close already that I came and my whole body shook. I couldn't help but scream. Even now, just thinking about it, I am almost there!

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By this time another man had come around and plugged my man's ass again. Now he had another dick in his ass and two more men at his face. The first stranger had returned, apparently going to the bathroom and cleaning up, and was waiting his turn to be sucked again. Each time a man came in Dave's ass or his mouth he got to touch me. I was in heaven. At one point I got to have 3 men rubbing my tits and my hard, throbbing clit. We must have been there about 2 hours and Dave took 3 loads in his mouth and 5 in his ass.

Most of the men didn't take too long but were very satisfied. my man saved his load for me, but I don't know how. He waited til the last guy came then turned to me and jerked off all over my face. This is just one of my twisted little fantasies. If you would like to read some more, let me know and I will write again. My man visits this site quite a bit and I hope he reads this while he masterbates!