Carolyn reese office perverts creampie big tits

Carolyn reese office perverts creampie big tits
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I got the girl I was sent after, a little blond about 15, all of maybe 5 feet tall and with almost no tits to speak off. Her pussy was freshly shaved, and as bare as could be, and I remembered Everett talking about how some buyers liked girls young.

well, this one could pass for a lot younger than she was. I unlocked her and leashed her and she followed me without any resistance, her eyes cast downward to the floor. When I led her into the rack room, I almost stumbled. there, hanging in the center of the room, was a hangman's noose, the rope thrown over a pulley secured to eh ceiling by an eye bolt about an inch thick.

Christy and zoey enjoy squirting on sofa was off to the side holding the loose end of the rope, and Everett simply motioned for me to put the girl under the noose and slip it over her head. I did so, nervously, and even thought to shove the coils down so that it was tight against her neck, and stepped back. The girl's eyes were no longer on the floor, they were on Everett, and were wide with fear.

She didn't say anything right then, but she was obviously terrified, and I couldn't tell if she more jada stevens fucks after playing some bball of the noose and what it might mean, or of Everett if she tried to beg or cry.

Everett stepped behind her and quickly tied her hands with a double slip-knotted rope he was holding. she was secure, her hands behind her, neck in the noose, and as Everett stepped away he motioned to Don who pulled on the rope.

but not hard and fast, as I'd expected, just sort of gently, pulling firmly until the girl's feet were about three inches above the floor. Her eyes went even wider as the rope was pulled taut, and I was expecting her to cry out or scream, but all that came out was a gasp as her breath was drastically reduced.

I could hear her wheezing in as much air as she could, and her mouth was working, opening, and closing, almost like she was trying to bite into the air and pull it into her lungs with ehr teeth. Her feet and legs were going wild, kicking and flailing. I was watching the way you watch a wreck happen, when you see that it's going to happen and you know you can't prevent it,, but even though it's horrible, you can't tear your eyes away from that spot.

Everett walked over next to me. "It's freaky, isn't it?" he said.

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"Gets me how many of our buyers get off on this." I looked around at him and stared. "Are. is she gonna die? Are you killing her?" My mind was racing, trying to figure out how I could stop what looked like murder, or an execution. Everett laughed. "Naw, hell no! This is part of her training.

Lots of our buyers like to hang their girls, see how long they last before they pass out. If they can learn how to stay awake longer, the buyers are happy, and they pay more for the girls we bring 'em that are trained this way.

See how she's gulping in air, but turning purple in the face? She won't last more than a few minutes this time, but after we hang her a few times, she'll learn the tricks to gulping in big gasps of air and letting it out so she can gulp in more. Right now she's just trying to get air into her lungs, and she's got 'em so full they can't take in any more, that's why she'll pass out." I looked back at the girl.

"So. you want her to learn to stay alive while she's hung like a rustler? What if she dies?" Everett shrugged, and for the first time I got a glimpse of how cold a man he really was.

I'd known that liv revamped practice on her stepdad hard dick I first came here I might not leave the place alive.

but I was an undercover cop, and I had understood that this was a risk I took when I accepted this line of work. But to see him shrug nonchalantly over this poor girl. I realized that human life meant nothing to men like him. and it shocked me to realize that I might be as bad, for as I watched the girl hang there and struggle, I felt an incredible rush of power over her.


I did not want her to die. but the thought that at that moment, Everett had absolute power over whether she lived or died was turning me on and making me uncomfortably hard. "Sometimes when the buyers play this way, one of the girls dies. We don't let that happen in training, of course, but once they're sold, it happens now and then.

Just means the buyer will be back for another, I guess." I stood there an watched for almost three minutes as the girl's struggles grew weaker and her face grew darker. When I was about to decide that I had to cut her down, regardless of what it would mean for my cover, Everett looked over at Don and said, "Let 'er down.

that's enough for the first time," eight horny lezzies pleasure their wet pussies tube porn Don complied.

The girl collapsed onto the floor and Don moved to quickly loosen the noose so that she could breathe. She began to gasp loudly, and hoarsely, as if her throat was sore. I imagined it must be. The rope had left a deep reddish abrasion around her throat. Don untied her hands and Everett told me to get her cleaned up and back to the dorm.

She had pissed and shit herself with fear, sphincters letting go as she lost hope and accepted death. When she realized she had been released and was going to live, hysterics hit her, and it was all I could do to get her washed and bedded back down. The other girls had no clue what had happened, and stared at her, each of them wondering what could have made her so scared and reduced her to gibbering.

but not one of them looked at me directly or asked. I stood for a moment and watched her, and then looked the other girls over. It dawned on me then that, like Everett, I had power over them, and that power grew incredibly intoxicating in my mind as I thought about it. We were out in the middle of the desert, and no one knew where any of these girls had gone. While I could not imagine wanting any of them to die, it gave me an awesome feeling of power to realize that if one did.

she would simply be another of the unfound runaways, just as if she were shipped out of the country and sold. No one would ever know. The days passed, and each day saw something new that excited me. I saw Pam get her fist lessons in behavior from a woman named Rita, who taught the girls how to shave themselves, how to keep their eyes downcast properly, how to stand and walk and sit the way Masters liked. it was interesting, and it was doubly so as I realized that Pam was now enjoying her new life and looking forward to the lessons she was learning, even the ones that hurt.

By the end of her second week there, when I brought her to the dungeon, she was suppressing a smile as I bound her to the cross and Mitch picked up a whip and walked toward her. I watched and was startled when it dawned on me that she was cumming from the pain he was inflicting on her!

What a rush that was. Each day also saw me learning more and more about the business, as Everett would sit with me and talk at times, or Don or Mitch or others who came and went would share little tidbits with me.

I learned that the operation was not a local one, but was worldwide. there were houses like this one in several other states and many countries. It didn't matter where slaves came from.

all that mattered was there was enough demand to create an incredibly profitable market, and for those who had the stomach to trade in human flesh, the possibilities were endless. About the beginning of the fourth week, Everett called me to the kitchen table shortly after I had bedded the girls down for the night. "Jack's on his way in," he said, "with a special order." "Far out," I answered. I was wondering what kind of special order when he went on.

"I mentioned some things to you once, and you kinda freaked out on me. So I need to know if you're gonna be able to handle some new stuff. Are you with us completely, now?" My heart began to race, and for a split second I wondered if he had guessed who and what I really was. but then it sunny leone with daisy marie sex strip porn story on me that if he had, he would not be talking to me, I'd already be dead; these people would think nothing of killing me in my sleep if they knew I was undercover.

I gave him a broad smile, and said, " I'm in! What kind of special order?" Everett looked into my eyes, and I guess I pulled it off. "One of our best customers is a guy in Uruguay. and he likes 'em young, likes to play with 'em and bust their little cherries.

He's always willing to take two or three at a time, and he pays like a motherfucker. over a million and a half each! We all get a hundred thousand dollar bonus for each one we sell to him, and Jack's bringin' in three.

so you're gonna make an extra three hundred thousand this month.


Think you can handle seeing little girls come through here for bonuses like that?" As soon as he said the word "young", I felt my dick begin to harden. I was bouncing between shock at myself, since I'd never thought of little girls as sexual objects before, and remembering the time I'd made the girl upstairs call me "Daddy" while I fucked her.

and couldn't stop the thoughts that ran through my mind. I nodded my head, unwilling to trust my voice with this confusion running through me. Everett threw his head back and laughed! "Goddamn, Thunder, from the look on your face, you must dad friend sex in daughter thinkin' of how to spend it already!" I grinned and nodded again, letting him think that.

"Well, hell, why not? Jack'll be here any time, and you can help us with the young'ns!" I found my voice. "Okay, do, I mean, do we put them through the full treatment? All the same training the other girls get?" "Nah, not for this guy. We play with 'em and eat 'em out, and teach 'em how to suck a dick and jack it off, but that's about it. none of the really kinky shit.

Buyer wants 'em to just be naughty little girls when he gets 'em, and then he'll fuck 'em himself when he thinks they're ready, usually after he plays with 'em for a few months. Once he's fucked 'em, though, he's done with 'em himself, and they get to entertain his guests and business partners from then on. Nice thing for them is they get taken care of like little princesses from then on, and by the time they're grown, they're so into their new lives that he gives 'em a small fortune and sets 'em free.

a few of his older girls are makin' their own fortunes down there now, buying plantations and shit with the money he gives 'em.

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They live better than they ever would here, most likely!" A car's lights hit the back door about then, and we got up to walk outside. Jack stepped out of his car, and WildFeather was with him. I nodded to both of them, but they went straight to the back doors and opened them up, and helped three half-asleep little girls out of the car.

When I say little girls, I mean it! These girls looked like they were about seven or eight at most. and all three were pretty as could be! Everett motioned me to help, and I took one of them by the hand.

"So how'd it go down?" Everett asked. It was WildFeather who answered. "Weren't no big deal, man. snatched 'em all at once outa the state home. those bastards got so many it'll be a day or three before they know these are missing.

I told the kids we were takin' 'em to their new foster homes, and they just got in the goddamn car!" I learned later that the "state home" was the state Foster Child agency at Globe, where kids who were taken away from their parents went to wait to be placed with a foster home. According to Jack, the place was so overrun with displaced children, and so understaffed, that other kids they'd taken from there had never even made the newspapers.

Seems the staff there was so afraid of anyone finding out they had lost kids that they told the parents that the court had terminated their rights and the kids had been adopted out. and back then, all such records were sealed, so even if wasn't true, there was no way to find out. I began to wonder how many such parents would never learn the truth.

Unlike the older girls, these girls were to keep their names, and we learned that they were Debbie, Angie and Donna. Everett told me to take them to my room and put them in my bed. I looked up at him and asked where I was to sleep. "Well, with them, of course. shit, son, you get to play with 'em first! Don't you want to?" I was growing accustomed to making split second decisions to save my own ass.

I let a grin spread across my face. "Just remember," he went on, "you can touch 'em, play with 'em, lick 'em, and make 'em do stuff to you, but do NOT fuck any of them! If you do, then he won't buy 'em and we have to keep 'em for the rest of the training! They're worth a lot more virgins, at least down there!" "I cali carter mia malkova hardcore and natural, " I said, and led the girls upstairs to my room.

Some of the girls in the dorm looked up as we went by, and I'm sure I saw a couple eyebrows go up, but none said a thing. Once in my room, I told all of them to get undressed, and they all looked at me in surprise.

Donna said, "we can't take our clothes off with you here, mister." I looked at them wondering what to do. I thought of going back down to ask Everett, but I had learned that he liked me hot pizza delivery girl gets a large sausage think things through for myself, and I was afraid he might hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer about me again if I asked about getting their clothes off of them, so I took a chance.

"Look, honey," I said, "things are different here. We're gonna get you ready for your new home, but you're going to a place where it's okay to be naked, and we're even gonna show you how to have fun that way. we're gonna teach you how to feel real good when you're naked, okay?" Angie looked up with a big bright smile. "You mean like Uncle Jimmy showed me? But I thought that's why they took me away from him and mommy?

Cause he was showin' me stuff like that?" Donna looked at her. "That's what they told me, too, that Daddy wasn't s'posed to touch me that way." She turned to me. "Daddy liked to kiss me by my peepee, and they said he couldn't do that no more, and took me away. are you gonna kiss me there too?" My dick almost burst my pants.

"Let's just get all our clothes off, and we'll just play some games, okay?" The three little girls looked at each other and then then they all began to take off their clothes. Once they were naked, I pulled back the covers on the bed and they all climbed in, and I began to undress myself.

I was thinking of the three naked little girls I had just seen, and when my dick popped out at full attention, I heard one of them giggle. I carefully climbed into the bed, with one on one side of me and two on the other. I was amazed that they all three lay there allowing themselves to be completely exposed to me.

None of them tried to cover up, and I could see only slight evidence of any shyness or embarrassment. I asked, "have all of you played like this before?" and all three nodded.

Donna said, "Uncle Jimmy used to make me take off my clothes and then he'd lick it," and she giggled. Angie smiled. "My daddy liked to kiss me down there and put his fingers in it and play with it, and he let me play with his thingy too." Debbie looked at both of them, and then at me. "Mommy had boyfriends who she liked to let 'em touch me and stuff.

They gave her money when she let 'em." I had never told anyone about it. but I had been molested as a child, by the mother of one of the little girls I used to play with. She had caught us playing nearly naked one day, and had bp cxc xxx story bp xxx to show us how to play it "the right way". and her daughter and I had thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and the play between the three of us continued for over five years.

It had started when her daughter and I were both six, and ended when her husband found out and moved them away to keep it a secret. I smiled at the girls and said, "it's a fun game, isn't it?" All three nodded and grinned shyly. I reached out carefully, and touched Donna's right nipple. I ran my finger around it very gently for a moment, and felt her take a deep breath. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I moved to Debbie's nipple and did the same, and got the same reactions and smile, so I did it to Angie.

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She was smiling even before I touched her, so, I leaned over and licked her nipple and then sucked lightly on it. She inhaled sharply, but kept smiling. While I sucked her nipple, I ran my hand down and touched her pussy, and was amazed at how soft it was. It had been years tiny stephanie has her teen pussy plugged brunette cumshot I had played with my little girl friend, and I had forgotten how soft such a young pussy was, and my finger loved the sensation while my filthy mind was overjoyed at doing something so taboo.

I touched her only lightly for a moment and then lay back and looked at them all again. I moved down the bed and sat on my heels, and looked at them. three naked little girls, their flat little chests and bald pussies in plain sight. "How old are you?" I asked. Debbie was the oldest, at nine, even though she was smaller than Angie, who was seven. Donna was eight, and the smallest of the three.

I thought for a moment, and then leaned forward and hesitated over Donna's pussy. and then lowered my mouth to it and tasted the sweetest flesh I'd ever known. The erotic wrongness of it overwhelmed me and I lost myself in eating her out, and was amazed at how she responded to my lips and tongue, arching her back and shoving her pussy into my mouth! She was shaking and pumping against me, and I was loving it! I spread her legs apart, and let my tongue slip into her cunt. what an incredible taste it was, so sweet and untouched and not quite womanly.

and when my tongue again found her tiny clit, she came like a grown woman, grinding her pussy into my mouth so hard it hit my teeth, and she screamed out her pleasure.

I instantly moved to Debbie, and began eating her the same way, and she responded just as wildly. She spread her legs apart for me, to give me access to her most secret places, and I loved the taste of her just as much. I had rolled onto my side to reach her, and was suddenly startled at the feel of a small hand grasping my cock, and I looked quickly to see Donna holding it and as I watched she licked the head of my dick, and then wrapped her little mouth around it and began to suck it.

I went back to eating Debbie, and let my left hand reach out to touch Angie's pussy, found her clit and began to play and taste it. When Debbie came for me, I instantly switched to Angie and buried my tongue inside her, then licked my way back up to her clit.

I moved my other hand to play with Debbie's pussy, and she had moved. I looked, and she was down next to Donna, teen slut jade jantzen fuck as Donna tried to swallow my dick, but couldn't. I reached down and pulled it out of Donna's mouth and pointed it towards Debbie, and she grinned and took it into her own mouth.

Angie had both her hands in my hair and was grunting as she ground herself into my face over and over. "unh. unh. unh.unh. " as my tongue played with her little clit. I was still overcome by the sheer sensation of such soft young pussy, and when she also came in my mouth I nearly came in Debbie's.

I lay back and gasped for breath a bit, and gave Angie an encouraging push towards my dick. She crawled down there and looked at it, and touched it, but was obviously reluctant to put it in her mouth. I Asked her if she wanted to suck on my lollipop, too, and she said, "Is it gonna make stuff come out in my mouth?" "Did your daddy's do that?" I asked back.

She nodded.

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"Didn't you like that?" She shrugged her shoulders and looked at my dick again for a moment. "Well, I tell you what. when it's about ready to make stuff come out, I'll tell you so you can stop, okay?" Angie was nodding when Donna said, "it can make stuff come out in my mouth!" I told her to go ahead then and suck on it, but I'd still tell her when it was about to make stuff come out.

I motioned for Angie to come up beside me, and told her I wanted to kiss her, and she leaned right in and opened her mouth for my tongue! As young as she was, she was a pretty good little kisser! I was enjoying her kisses when it dawned on me that Debbie was on the other side of me and looking at me expectantly, so I let go of Angie and kissed her.

and she melted against me the way a woman would. these three little girls would need very little training to be the "naughty little needy mom india summer gives dirty lessons the buyer wanted. and I was enjoying being the one to find that out. I felt myself beginning to build to climax, and suddenly had an idea. I made Donna let go of my cock, and had all three girls kneel in front of me on the bed, and took my dick in hand and began to stroke it.

and shot my load all over three beautiful naked little girls, who squealed and laughed and began rubbing it into each other's bodies! Some of it got onto Angie's nipple and Donna began rubbing it in firmly and Angie closed her eyes and enjoyed it. and I took Donna's head and pushed a bit and she leaned in and licked my cum from Angie's tit.

That started it, and soon all three were licking each other, trying to get a taste of cum from some naughty part of the other girls. It was actually Angie who first leaned in to lick at Debbie's pussy, and Debbie opened up and lay back to let her get in good. Then all three were licking each other in a daisy chain, and I was getting hard all over again. I needed to fuck, but remembered that these girls were to remain virgin, so I got up and went to the dorm and got red, and brought her back to my room.

Her eyes got wide at first, and then she looked at me, and I threw her face down on the bed and entered her roughly. and Donna looked up and moved so her pussy was under red's face. red hesitated vintage mature in hair rollers a moment and then dived in and started eating her, and I heard her moan with pleasure at the taste of sweet pure young flesh!

I pounded the older girl hard and watched all the sweet baby lesbian action. and came harder than I had in days! The three little girls all clamored to get a taste of red's cum-filled pussy, and though she looked at me in disbelief she rolled over and spread her legs for them, and I watched from the other side of the bed as first Donna and then Angie and then Debbie ate her out, slipping their little tongues in deep and tasting my cum in her cunt.

red lay quietly for a moment, and then began to moan, and a moment later she looked at me and asked, "Master, may I enjoy this?" I said she could, and she reached down to grab Donna's head and said, "oh, yes, little girl, eat my pussy!

this slave loves to have little girls eat her pussy." When Donna moved to let Angie in, red pulled at her and the next thing I knew, Donna was sitting right on red's mouth and was getting tongue fucked! red came three more times, and each of the little girls came again more than once, and I was finally tired out.

I put red back in the dorm and locked her down, and locked the door to my room from inside and got into bed with these three little sluts, and with all three cuddling me as well as they could, we went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning and got them all up, and keeping them naked I led them down to breakfast, I explained that most girls here were naked all the time, and they could be, too, and they seemed to think it a fun part of the game. Marsha didn't flinch when I led them in, just set bowls of cereal and glasses of orange juice in front of them.

Everett came in and told me to bring the three to the living room when they were done, and then I could get the other girls fed. They ate up and finished, and I took them to the living room where Everett and Mitch were waiting. the girls were told to climb up on the two men, and before I had left the room, i could see that their pussies were being fondled. From then on they spent nights with one of the other men, but not again with me, and I couldn't decide if I was glad of that or not.

Part of me was disgusted with what I'd done with them. but another part enjoyed it while it was going on, and I finally decided that I could live with it.

but didn't want to do it again.


Except in fantasies, perhaps. I got the other girls fed, and by the time I had finished with them, Everett called me to talk. We went outside to the picnic table and sat down with coffee. "So you're doin' okay?" I knew he was asking how well I was handling the situation the night before, and I grinned and said I was fine. "Good," he said, " cause Don's gonna be gone for a few days, and I need someone I can trust to fill in with some of the training.

the girls are pretty well broken now, so it won't hurt for you to participate a bit more. Meet me in the dungeon and bring two girls, any of the longest ones here. I'll show you what I need you to do."

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