Horny couple shagging on a live webcam show more at

Horny couple shagging on a live webcam show more at
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My Daughter My Mistress My wife Loretta is thirty-four years old and a very voluptuous redhead. She is very sexually attractive with her full shapely figure. She has nice full breasts too.

Her waist is tiny in comparison and her hips flare out rather nicely. Sexy ladies chanel and marley in a hot lesbian sex pornstar and brunette sure turns heads wherever she goes with her 36D-22-34 body.

Then there is the fact that my wife's soft red downy pussy hairs can glisten ever so wonderfully in the morning light as it comes in the window with her lying there naked after sex. I love that morning sex. You know the one, just before either of us goes in to pee.

Those morning erections are the very best. I can fuck her long and hard for about ten minutes. That's long enough to actually enjoy being inside her. For the last sixteen years, ever since she was eighteen and out of high school, she has been my only lover and I hers.

Our daughter Debbie is fourteen years old and the spitting image of her mother. When we compare photos of Loretta at fourteen with Debbie now you would swear that they were the same person.

I met Loretta right after high school at eighteen so I never saw her grow up. Watching our daughter grow up filled in the gaps for me. I love both of my women. One day after taking a shower and coming into my bedroom in just a small towel Debbie asked me, "Daddy can I be your mistress?" I replied, "What!" Debbie said, "Well I had to read a book for English class last week and this book was all about the life of a mistress!

It was amazing! She knew that her lover had a wife but being his mistress was much better. He treated her better, bought her nice things, and took her out more often!


The wife was just his wife but his mistress was his girlfriend, his date, and his lover! I would like to be your lover and your mistress, Daddy!" I was shocked to hear my fourteen-year-old daughter talking like this. I said, "I'll have to think about this! Do you know what this entails?" Debbie said, "Yes, Daddy! I have been thinking about it for a week. You have only known about it for a few minutes! You need time to think about it too!" Debbie smiled and said, "However! To answer your question!

Yes I know what it entails! You will make love to me whenever Mommy is not around! You will buy me sexy clothes that I will wear whenever you want me too! You will take me out on dates and show me off like a trophy to your older male friends! You might even have exchange student 4 part 2 expose my pussy to them just to make them jealous! You will also take better care of me than you do Mommy! I think that about covers it!

Oh yes and you will make love to me whenever Mommy is not around! I just felt that needed to be said again!" I asked, "Are you a virgin young lady?" Debbie smiled and said, "Yes, Daddy! I was saving myself for my future husband! You are that man!" I said, "So let me get this straight! You want to be my sex toy, my fuck buddy, and my lover!" Debbie smiled again and said, "Well! Yes! But I imagined it a little more lovingly than that!

You make it sound crude like you would use me, abuse me, and cast me aside!" I said, "No! Not at all! I don't know! I really need to think about this!" Debbie said, "Okay Daddy! Take your time! I'm not going to jump into another man's arms anytime soon!" Debbie then dropped the uk casting babe creampied during audition deepthroat reality to the floor and stood there. A minute later she moved around the towel showing me her rear view.

Another minute and she bent over to pick up her towel giving me a wonderful look at her ass and her light brown puckered asshole. Then Debbie faced me and squatted down almost to the floor showing me her wide-open pussy lips. Debbie inserted a finger into her freshly bathed pussy. Standing she placed her finger under my nose before slowly walking out the door dragging her towel on the floor as she went. The next day when I came home my wife said, "Debbie needs a new pair of jogging shoes!

Take her to the mall and take her to dinner afterwards! I have to meet with some clients tonight! I'll see you later!" Then she kissed me and left. Debbie came bounding down the stairs as she heard the door close.

She had on a mini shirt and a short top that shows off most of her belly like she always wears. Debbie sat on the bottom stair, opened her knees letting her short skirt get even shorter, and showing me that she wasn't wearing any panties. I already knew that she wasn't wearing a bra in that top, either. Actually, I hadn't seen my daughter in a bra for quite some time.

Debbie asked, "So what did you decide! Can I be your mistress? You can start now! Mommy's gone!" Again I watched as she inserted a finger into her slit, into her hole, and then started to masturbate right there in front of me. She knew that I was watching her do it so she did it harder and faster.

I watched my daughter give herself a very big orgasm. She slumped back against the stairs and lay there splayed out completely on display. I was hard as a rock.

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My daughter was offering herself to me. My daughter wanted me as badly as I wanted her, maybe even more. I scooped new mistress up into my arms and took her up to my bedroom.

Instead of raping Debbie like my mind and my cock wanted me to do I told her to undress slowly for me, as I myself undressed. It was sheer agony waiting those few extra minutes before I could get into her. However mistress was what she wanted to be not a fuck buddy, so mistress was what she was going to get. I picked Debbie up and gently carried her to my bed.

Before I lay her down I wondered if she would get any blood or cum on the bed for my wife to find. Instead I carried her to her own bedroom and lay her on her own bed. I told Debbie that as my mistress I wanted her to change her own sheets and to make her bed from now on so that her mother would not get suspicious of any stains that she might find.

I told Debbie to start doing her own laundry too so that her mother wouldn't see any cum stains in her panties either. She smiled at me and said that she would. I then suggested that she be totally responsible for her own room and bathroom too. That included cleaning, vacuuming, and washing out the bathtub and toilet too. Debbie said that she understood and that a mistress was supposed to help protect her male companion.


Interesting thought! Then once the edge had worn off I made love to my teenage mistress for the very first time. Debbie was just as willing as she could possibly be.

She had broken her hymen some time ago but feeling my cock slid up her unused love tunnel for the very first time caused a feeling that was not the joy that she had come to expect. It didn't hurt exactly but it was a full stretching feeling. She accepted it very well. I slowly slid my cock all the way in. I had her on her back with her feet together and my feet to the outside of hers so my cock would not go in as far as it could. I did not hit bottom nor did I want too.

I thought that a nice comfortable screwing was best for her the first time and maybe best for the first twenty times or more. I could always get more rough as she learned to take what I dished out. I fucked my cock into her scraping my silky soft head along her velvet-lined walls. Soon her lining started to become lubricated with her own secretions and I slipped in much more easily.

It was still as tight as a rubber glove but it slipped in easily. The more I slid in and out of her tight pussy the more my feelings stirred until I was about ready to explode.

Debbie was moving and moaning by then too so we erupted together in mutual satisfaction. Our fluids mingled as we groaned into the other's mouth as we kissed. Debbie immediately said, "That was wonderful Daddy!

Was it good for you too?" I replied, "Yes my sweet little mistress! It was very good! Even better two moms fucking soccer player in gym I had imagined!" Debbie said, "In the book the mistress always cleaned her lover up after sex. First she would use her mouth then a warm soapy washcloth. It was her way of thanking her lover for her sexual pleasure!" With that said Debbie licked my hairy balls, sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, and then licked the shaft clean before going into her bathroom.

I heard the toilet flush then she returned with a nice warm washcloth. Debbie took her sweet time washing my crotch down to my asshole. Debbie then stood and used the dirty washcloth to wipe her own pussy. Debbie asked, "What should I wear to the mall and dinner, Daddy?" I said, "The outfit that you wore down to greet me will do just fine! I liked the fact that you didn't wear any panties too!

The sales clerk in the shoe store should like that sex movie story mom son real said, "Well, in that case I suppose I'll just have to make sure that he gets a very good look then!" We went back to my bedroom to get dressed then Debbie made her bed and we left.

Debbie had been extremely excited during the whole drive to the shopping mall. She couldn't tell me often enough how great my cock had felt in her virgin pussy, how it had made her feel, and how wonderful it had felt when I shot my cum up inside her.

She had gotten in the car and pulled her mini skirt up to her waist so that I could look at her pussy fur the whole time I was driving. I slipped my finger in every now and then too, especially at red lights. I needed something to do while I waited. At the shopping mall Debbie was excited too, just thinking about showing her pussy to a salesman.

I quickly reminded her that old men and girls were sales clerks too. Debbie said that who ever waited on her first would get a great show no matter what age or sex they were.

She was doing this because I had asked her to, not for her pleasure but for my pleasure. She had certainly grown up in just this one day. I was pleased. Debbie bounded into the store and looked around at the selection on the wall. A cute young man came up to us and asked if we needed any help.

Debbie smiled at him and said, "Yes!" He smiled back at her and said, "I'll send someone right over! I'm already waiting on a customer!" I saw the smile leave Debbie's face. Then a cute girl came over and said, "Hi Debbie! Jimmy said that you needed some help!" Debbie smiled at her and said, "Yes Paula! I didn't know that you worked here!" Debbie pointed out a couple pair of Jogging Shoes that she liked.

The lavender pair was her first choice. Paula went to get them in Debbie's size. While Paula was gone Debbie whispered to me, "She likes girls!" Paula returned and sat on a very low stool to put the shoe on Debbie's foot. I watched as Debbie opened her knees and lifted her foot for Paula.


Paula looked up Debbie's skirt and gave her a very big smile. I caught just a glimpse of Paula's pink panties as she too opened her knees for Debbie.

The shoe would not go on easily. Debbie's foot must have grown. Paula then got the measuring stick and sat down again. Again Debbie opened her knees and gave Paula her foot to measure.

Sure enough Debbie needed the next higher size. Paula went to get that size for us. Debbie whispered, "Daddy did you see that? She had a wet spot in her panties and it got bigger too!

I think she likes me!" Paula returned and this time neither girl made any attempt to pretend about what they were doing. Debbie opened her knees so wide that I could see her fur from my seat next to her. Paula also opened her knees up wide enough to give me a thrill. I could certainly see the wet spot that Debbie had mentioned and yes it was getting bigger as she stared at Debbie's exposed pussy.

The shoe fit so Paula put on the other one so that Debbie could try walking in them. Debbie pranced around the row of chairs then got right in front of Paula who was still sitting on the low stool. Debbie turned and bent over to touch her toes. She was trying to appear to be checking out how much room was at the end of her toes for growth. However it placed her story bf 19 yer xxxx lips right in Paula's face.

I mean right in her face too. All Paula had to do was stick out her tongue and take a lick. By God she did too. I watched as Paula licked my daughter's moist pussy as she was bent over. I looked around and the cute guy that had first approached Debbie was off to one side and trying not to be so obvious but he was looking at what was going on.

Even I noticed the boner that he had in his pants. I whispered to the girls, "Hey that cute guy is over there and he is watching you two! He has a hard-on too!" Paula said, "Tough shit! I'm a lesbian!" Debbie said, "I'm not, I'm just bisexual! I can swing either way!" Paula said, "Okay! Come into our back room and earn our thirty percent employee discount on those shoes then!" Debbie asked, "May I Daddy?" I nodded my approval. Debbie said, "Okay!" Then she took Paula's hand, turned, and crooked her index finger at the cute boy inviting him to follow her!

I sat down and watched the store for about fifteen minutes. A couple of people came in and looked around the store but did not seem to need any help and certainly did not need to check out.

I figured that since I was watching the store for them that it was only fair that I slip a couple of shoe horns in my pocket. They were the plastic kind with the store name printed on them. When Debbie finally came out of the backroom she was holding Paula's pink panties in her hand. The wet spot was still there too. She slipped them into my pocket brushing along my cock as she did so. Debbie said, "Daddy if you slip a twenty dollar bill up into Paula's pussy as far as you can get it with your finger we can just leave!" I pulled out my wad of bills, picked out a twenty, and wrapped it over the end of my finger.

Paula stood with one foot on her low stool for me. I smiled and she smiled as I slipped that finger up into her hole. I knew that half of that wet stuff was my daughter's saliva. I pulled my finger back out and caught the end of the twenty with my fingernail. I pushed it back in shoving that twenty way up inside Paula's pussy. I then stroked her pussy for another minute and rubbed her clit with my thumb giving her an orgasm. I smiled at her as she came down from that high and said, "I thought that you were a lesbian!" Paula said, "I thought so too!

I think I might try bisexual with you some day soon though!" I looked at Debbie. Paula continued, "Like maybe Thursday! It's my day off here!" With my finger still in her pussy I said, "Maybe I can get my twenty back on Thursday then!" Paula said, "Maybe you can poke it into my uterus with your cock too!" I replied, "I can hardly wait until Thursday!" Paula said, "You better send your wife out for pizza first!" I smiled and took Debbie's hand then left.

Debbie had a bag with her old shoes in it. On the way to the car Debbie told me what had happened in the backroom. Basically she had eaten Paula's pussy while the cute guy fucked her pussy from behind.

Paula was on her back and Debbie was on her hands and knees as she ate hot big tits chick gets fuck hard. The drive home was quick. My wife had not returned yet. Debbie asked me if I wanted to fuck her freshly used pussy or if I wanted her to clean it out first.

I opted for the fresh used pussy. She bent over, grabbed her ankles, and let me satisfy myself keisha grey the nuru masseuse cumshots and brunette her pussy the way she had let that cute guy satisfy himself while she took care of Paula. I cum, pulled out, and left to get ready for my wife to come home. Apparently Debbie had already known that her mother had another appointment for Thursday evening and hadn't bothered to tell me about it.

When my wife left, Debbie called Paula to come right over. When she arrived Paula knew exactly what was up.

My daughter and Paula now hung out together in school whenever possible. I guess you do get pretty friendly after you suck on someone's pussy for awhile. The girls went right to Debbie's bedroom and stripped naked for me as I watched. I got to see Paula's tits and pussy for the very first time. Both girls stood before me naked and let my feel them up. I played with their tits, their nipples, and I played with their pussies and their clits too.

I told Paula that I wanted to enter her straight on, just her and just me. She might think that she is bisexual but I wanted Paula to be a heterosexual at that moment. I knew that Debbie wanted her to be a lesbian when I was done with her. Paula had only let two boys fuck her before me. Both of them had to talk their sisters into letting Paula suck their pussies while their brother fucked her from behind. That way she could blot them out of her mind by concentrating on their sisters. The sisters were what she wanted in teen cutie uses dildo to get pleasure first place.

Letting the boys fuck her was just the cost. This time Paula was all mine!

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She had to look me in the face as I fucked her. I had Paula lie on her back while I got between her legs. I lifted her ankles to my shoulders and slipped my cock into her pussy while she watched me.

As I pumped into her slow and steady I watched her nipples jump around on her chest. Amateur blonde babe strips for private show tube porn stared into my face. As I fucked Paula faster I looked into her eyes. She started blinking her eyes faster and faster as she neared her first orgasm. Then all of a sudden Paula's eyes popped wide open and her pussy clamped down on my swelled cock.

She was having her very first cock induced orgasm and it was a butte. She arched her back thrusting her tits up at me. I just leaned over a little and she thrust her nipple into my mouth. I let her legs slip from my shoulders to under my armpits while I sucked her nipple. I made her toes curl, her eyes roll, and I gave her three more orgasms just as big as that first one.

Before I filled her with cum Paula shouted out that she loved my cock. She meant it too. Now Paula was bisexual! After that my mistress and I became very close. My wife had more evening sessions. I figured that my wife was having an affair but I didn't care.

I got to fuck her anytime that I wanted too plus I got to fuck my mistress even more often. The End My Daughter My Mistress 84

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