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Hd castingcouch x new to porn alexis adams fucks on film
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Chapter 3: Fuck, Marry, Kill October 30th/ 31st, 2010 For the first time in history, Katie and T were acting like other siblings. An unpleasant vibe had replaced their usual sexual tension. The time they did spend together was missing an easiness they had built over the years.

Neither had been purposely avoiding the other, rather life seemed to take over naturally. As was the case for any kind of relationship, their lack of communication caused more distance to accumulate. Katie had been making the rounds when it came to her 'boyfriend's family. Introductions had been made to prove she existed and that maybe Alex was straight. All she would need to do from then on was making appearances as his date for some special occasions. It was pretty easy for her to have a pretend relationship, even with her lack of experience with the real thing.

Ironically, the few times she had to kiss him, always with an audience, she found it like kissing her brother; while she found kissing her brother to be much more satisfying. Katie and T were both ready to end the issues they were having and get back to the old them. Naturally, Katie had a plan for the night, starting with making up with her brother. T beat her to it.

He knocked on her open bedroom door with a sorry look on his face. She looked up from her book, already smiling. "Can we talk?" he asked. Sitting up, crossing her legs on her bed, she said, "That would be much, much, better than whatever the hell we've been doing lately." He closed her door, turned around to face her, and stood in the middle of the room, nervously. She wore PJ pants with a t-shirt and her dark hair up in a ponytail. Somehow Katie managed to slip easily between sex goddess and adorable little sister whenever she wanted.

He was thankful she was the latter at that moment. "C'mon," she patted the spot next to her. He sat on the edge of her bed next to her. Sighing, he said, "I'm sorry I acted like an asshole when you told me about Alex. I just, had a bunch of emotions build up all at once, and it apparently resulted in me acting like a child.

It was embarrassing. I didn't want you to see me like that." Katie narrowed her eyes at him. "Fair enough but, you're supposed to be able to tell me anything. What's this about?" she asked. "It's about us, or you. Actually, it's probably all in my head." T closed his eyes, trying to focus on verbalizing his emotions. Katie's face lit up. "Oh my god," she said, jumping to conclusions. "What?" he asked. "Nothing, please, please, please continue. I'll shut up," she said, closing her mouth tight.

He gave her a skeptical glance before he continued, "I'm afraid of losing you. Over the years, I've come to rely on you in so many ways. I've always been a little scared of the time coming when we both had our own lives and drifted apart." He tried to smile before he continued, "I blame you for being the most awesome sister ever.

You always make sure I eat and take care of myself. You're my best friend and we have a blast together." He managed a real smile that time before he admitted, "I guess it's something about you being 18 now and having this new boyfriend all of the sudden…I just thought I had more time to get used to you not being around anymore." Katie wasn't even disappointed he hadn't said what she hoped he would.

She smiled his smile and asked, "First of all, I'm always going to be 'around'. But, do you remember when you got your first girlfriend? What you said to me?" "You mean when you threw a huge tantrum because you thought you weren't gonna be the most important girl in my world anymore?

Of course, I remember." "Hey, I like the sound of that. But maybe it's time I make you the same promise." She took both his hands in hers and squeezed. "You will always be my first priority. I promise I will sex usaxxx move com pk love you more than any chick, slash, boy," she giggled.

"I will always protect you, and take care of you no matter what, forever. It sounds corny but it meant the world to me because I knew you meant it. And you better know I mean it too." "I do and that does make me feel a bit better. I just want us to stay as close as we can, as long as we can." T gave her a half-assed smile and started caressing her hands with his thumbs.

"Luckily for you, that's what I want too. And together we can make sure that happens. I'm not going anywhere. And if I do, I'm taking you with me," she reached up to touch his cheek before continuing, "I need you too, T. Maybe you can't cook for shit but you do a lot of things for me that I don't want to miss out on either." He laughed, "So, are we back to normal?" "We were never normal," she said, leaning towards him to kiss his cheek.

"I fucking my wife jenna in anal rapture we both said some things we needed to hear. I'm good." T wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly against him while Katie giggled.

He buried his face in her neck, reveling in her scent all around him. She hugged him back just as tight, happy as ever. "Speaking of not being normal, you smell really good," he admitted. "Mm," Katie pressed her lips against his neck and kissed. She proceeded to plant little-wet kisses up his neck, jaw and finished with a quick one on the lips. Keeping her arms around his neck, she said, "I got that beat. I love the way you smell after you workout or come back from a run." T was still a little stunned by her kisses but managed to ask, "Like, dirty and sweaty?" "It's your man musk.

Pheromones and hormones don't really care if you're my brother, you know?" she told him, thinking about all of the times she had rubbed her pussy on his pillow. "Yeah I know what you mean," he said. They were both well aware of how much he admired her body.

Deciding to change the subject he continued, "Before I forget, do you need a ride to Cassie's party, or are you going with Alex?" "Actually, Alex has plans tonight. I was going to ask you for a ride after I came down and made up with you today." She unhooked her arms from around his neck.


"Cool, you can be my date then," he said. Katie tried not to show her excitement. "Sounds good to me, wanna hang out until then?" she asked, already knowing the answer. T readily agreed. Everything was back to abnormal.

***** Shortly before 9 at night, Katie and T were in the car on the way to Cassie's. They were in the middle of hashing out a plan to visit Boston again for a day trip when T's phone began to ring.

He retrieved it from his pocket and seeing the caller, cursed himself for being a dumbass. He answered, "Hey," nervously. "Yeah, actually I'm with Katie. We're on our way now…Yeah, even better than I thought…Can I call you back in a couple minutes?. Later." T had a painful look on his face when he said, "Uh Katie, I invited a friend to Cassie's tonight. I completely spaced because you and I made up." "Okay, who?" she asked, suspecting something was about to go wrong with her most recent plan.

"Um, S-Sarah Summers." "Summers…Your ex-cunt's sister? Are you fucking serious?" she exclaimed. "Katie, relax. Sarah is like, the opposite of Allison. She even jokes that Allison is adopted because the rest of the family is basically the Brady Bunch." "But how did Sarah end up coming tonight?" she asked, tensing up at the thought that she wasn't really going to be his date that night at all.

"We've been friendly since high school when I dated Allison. Before the dating part too, when I somehow could call Allison and Andy friends. Back then, I spent a lot of time at stranded ella hughes repays a stranger with a blowjob Summers' place.

Sarah is pretty cool. We ended up staying in touch." He chanced a glance in her direction to see if she was satisfied. "Yeah, but if you guys were friends and you stayed in touch all this time you would've told…" she looked over at him in shocked excitement while T winced knowing, as usual, she had figured it all out. "It's her! Sarah's the girl you lost your virginity to! That makes total sense. That's why the girl made you promise not to reveal her identity.

She was your ex's sister. Or…You didn't…" "No!

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Katie, c'mon?" he interrupted her. "Sorry, got carried away. Dude, I so wish you could've told me. The cunt-ex fucked you over and then you fucked her sister!

That's epic." Katie was actually proud of her brother for getting back at the bitch in some way, rather than just taking her shit. That was the best friend layer of their relationship. "You're not mad?" T asked, disappointed there wasn't even a hint of jealousy. "No, you said she made you promise not to tell. I know you tell me everything already. It seems like a perfectly valid reason for secrecy." Then it hit her.

"Wait, you guys weren't going to…tonight?" "No, no way. It's been almost a year since we've been together like that. She's dating dudes at her own college; jocks probably. I'm…Focusing on school," he said, glancing over to find her drilling a hole into his head with her eyes. "Uh, you okay?" he asked. Katie snapped out of her thoughts of T as some manipulative, rapey, kind of guy rather than who she knew he was. "Yeah, I'm good. I guess I just drifted off there," she told him.

"Besides, you're my date tonight, right?" he asked her, reaching towards her lap to hold her hand. Katie was instantly in a dream. One where she didn't have to tell him everything to be with him in the way she wanted. She squeezed his hand, brought it up to her lips, and kissed it.

Looking out the window, she hid her enormous grin for the rest of the ride. Another 15 minutes and they had arrived at Cassie's. Three other roommates lived with Cassie and it looked like they had each invited quite a few people.

As she lived in Mass, the cars lined up on both sides of the road left little room for one car to go down the street. Katie put the finishing touches on her last minute costume while T parked as close to the party as he could. She turned to him luscious teens play with cock on web camera an innocent demeanor and asked, "How do I look?" "You're the sexiest cat I've ever seen," he stated firmly. "How am I a sexy cat?

I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt," Katie asked, confused. "Well, the ears and face paint are the cat. So I guess the sexy is all you," he said, biting his lip nervously. "Whoa, T, smooth, very smooth," she said while giving him a sultry look. "You think so?" he asked, surprised he got away with the comment. She didn't say anything. Leaning over towards him, she got right up to his face. Before T could move the remaining distance between them, she held his chin, turned his head, and kissed his cheek.

Pulling back she teased, "We're supposed to save the real kiss for after the date, right?" T was stunned. Before he could respond, she hopped out of the car, giggling. Outside of Cassie's, she spotted a really cute blonde girl that had to be the de-virginizer. "You have to be Sarah," Katie said while holding out her hand. "And you must be Katie." She shook her hand and said, "You were a real cutie back in high school, but you grew into a serious stunner I see." Katie blushed.

"Well, thanks. And you're still a hottie." Catching up to them, T asked, "Are you guys flirting?" Sarah spoke up, "Maybe just a little. Katie, I'm actually pretty excited to meet you. The way T talks about you, you're like the greatest person in the world. I sure hope you live up to the hype." "I'm really not that great," she told her, smiling at T. T had no idea what the girls said after that. A lack of sex and self-pleasure had made him a bit nutty.

The fantasy came on so fast, it couldn't be avoided. Sarah and Katie were wearing bikinis. They had become the closest of friends; the kind that rubbed baby oil all over each other's bodies. They flirted, giggled, and teased each other. Then they both looked over to him with seductive and predatory expressions.

It seemed like they wanted him to join the fun. They crawled over to him while he sat in the recliner at home.

Katie won the argument over who got to take it out. The girls were stroking him as a team. Just when they were about to see how well they could tongue kiss with his cock between their mouths, Katie slapped his chest. "Jeez T, where are you?" Katie asked.

"Nowhere! I mean, obviously, I'm right here," he said guiltily. Fortunately for T, that's when Cassie came out to greet them. "Hey guys, the party's inside you know," she said. As she got closer she vaguely recognized Sarah.

T introduced the two, "Cassie, this is Sarah Summers, Sarah this is Cassie. It's her party." "Summers?" Cassie asked, annoyed. "What the fuck is she doing here?" Katie stepped up to her friend with her hands up. "Cass, I'll explain everything. It's all good.

Let's go inside." Turning to T she continued, "I'll take care of this, give us a head start." Katie pulled Cassie back to the house leaving them on the sidewalk. Both watched intently as the girls walked back into the house. "What was that about?" Sarah asked. "Your sis screwed with quite a few people back in school. Cassie took a lot of shit from her. No worries, Katie will set her straight," T assured her. Looking back at the girls, Sarah was impressed.

"Damn, your sis has some ass," she said. She also admired Cassie's backside, being a fan of other women's bodies. "Some? She's got all of it. It's not so big that it's ridiculous. Just slightly bigger than proportion so it pops out at you. And those are jeans. You should see her in yoga shorts, or bikinis." "Um hey T, it's Sarah.

Did you forget I was here?" she asked, feigning jealousy. "Sorry," he turned to face her before continuing, "It feels like I've been on fire today. Two weeks without her and it's like I'm having withdrawals. She's even my date tonight! She teased me in teen chloe cherry screwed things up and have to step up car about kissing," he exclaimed.

"Wow, this is already going better than we hoped. How did she react to that?" "She's been…Giddy." "Is she not normally giddy?" "She's a happy girl, but this is giddy like a kid.

Especially, when we were holding hands in the car. She tried hiding her smile by looking out the window. I saw the reflection," T said, reliving the memory. "That's a really good sign. Remember, just act normal, relax, and have fun tonight. I'll find out anything there is to find out," Sarah told him, feeling like a cheerleader again. ***** A few hours later, the party turned out to be a fun experience for everyone. Cassie understood that Sarah was not Allison, though hadn't been able to warm up to her as easily as Katie did.

She mingled with anyone and everyone while sticking closer to both Katie and T out of familiarity. Of course, Katie and T were playing their own game. Whenever they drifted apart to hang out or talk with someone else, they would always check the other out from across the room. Corny to anyone else if they knew, it was their way of saying 'I'm thinking about you'. They had also developed a signal system over the years. It came in handy whenever they were at a party being hit on by someone that they did not want around.

8/10 times it was Katie that had to deal with the creeps. Usually, she wouldn't have been hounded at Cassie's place but that night there were a lot of new faces.

One of them had had their eye on Katie since he arrived. T glanced over at her again, attempting to further their game, when he noticed some guy had made himself comfortable next to her. He nodded in the guy's direction when they made eye contact.

Silently, he asked if he should intervene. She moved her head to the side, away from the guy, saying no. Looking back at T she crossed her eyes which said, he was at least amusing her with his pathetic attempt for the moment; he added the 'pathetic attempt' part.

Apparently, the guy knew T was no longer looking because that's when he said, "So, how about we take this conversation somewhere more private." It was definitely not a question.

"That's a definite no. I only date black guys," she said. After years of the same lines, Katie tried any tactic she could think of. "Well, I'm not trying to date you.

And I just so happen to have the most important thing in common with black guys," he lied to her. Sarah made her presence known when she said, "You know Katie some black guys have really small dicks." "Excuse me?" he asked incredulously, turning around to see her right behind him.

"Oh, you're excused," Sarah stated. He looked back at Katie as if to see how she felt. Sarah ended his confusion when sexy japanese babe nurse gets pounded hard from behind her fingers in front of his face. "Listen I'm asking you nicely to fuck off. If you want I can scream it so no girl at this party will want to talk to you," she explained.

The guy huffed and said, "Bitches," before he stormed off. "Thanks, I can't stand guys that take no as a personal challenge," Katie said. "No problem at all; sisterhood, right? Besides, T told me you have a boyfriend," Sarah said, taking the random guy's seat. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." Katie rolled her eyes.

Sarah giggled, "Trouble in paradise?" she asked "Ugh, it's not that," Katie threw her head back and sighed before continuing, "I keep getting pressure from some people. Like for some reason, my two-week relationship has to be more important than it is." "Wait; do you like, not date often?" Sarah asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well, no, not really. I've had a couple boyfriends, never anything serious," Katie admitted. "Please don't take this the wrong way. Are you a virgin?" She knew the answer to that one too. "Yeah, am I that obvious?" she said, already tired of the usual reaction people had. "Actually, not at all, you seem way more experienced. And I totally don't mean that in a slutty way. You're sexy as fuck is what I'm saying. But that's the answer to your question as to why your relationship is so serious to some people," Sarah explained.

"Well that's not happening, not with Alex. I'm not ready for that, not with him. And he's…Religious," Katie said, avoiding eye contact. Sarah smirked. "Do you mind if I ask what your reason is? For waiting I mean. I lost mine at 16 because I was sick of my friends making me feel like a bitch because I made them feel like sluts." Katie smiled at her and confided, "I don't mind.

You're really easy to talk to. I think it's because you and T are close. Like, if he nurse and patients jabardasti sex story you, I can definitely trust you. Oh and I smoked a blunt an hour ago, so I've been pretty chilled out." They both laughed. "Anyway, I guess I've always known what I wanted. When it comes to the kind of man I would share that part of me with," she continued.

"I get that." Katie turned to Sarah, "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" she asked. "That's only fair." "I know about you and T. He didn't tell me, I swear. I figured it out today," Katie admitted shyly. She didn't want to get him in trouble.

"Today? I figured he told you about that back when it happened," Sarah said, honestly surprised. "You made him promise not to reveal your identity right?" Sarah nodded, "Yeah, T doesn't break promises." "So, what's your question then?" Sarah asked. "You guys seem to get along really well. Uh, exposed petite woman likes be my tight queen for come you two never got together, like for real?

Pal bangs snatch of honey hardcore massage, just because of Allison?" Katie had genuinely come to like Sarah, she hoped she wasn't about to become the competition. "To be totally honest, I know I'm not mature enough for a guy like T right now. Maybe I won't be for ten more years, or twenty.

If we really dated, I'd fuck it up in 5 months. Or say I didn't. We'd stay together longer, get more serious, and then I'd really fuck it up." Sarah paused. The truth seemed to be a bit sad for her to admit. "Allison hurt him enough. I couldn't do it too," she explained.

"You love him," Katie said out loud, unintentionally. Sarah gave her a calculating look before answering, "A part of me will always love him. As a friend, though. Besides, that's my reason we didn't become anything. His was…He just didn't look at me in that way." "What way?" Katie asked, completely hooked. "You know, the way someone looks at you when they're in love with you, or can't live without you.

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I mean, we were basically just fuck-buddies, or whatever you want to call it. But he always respected me and made me feel wanted," Sarah explained to her.

Then, she realized what Katie needed to hear. "You know, the spark wasn't there," she said while focusing on Katie's reaction. She continued, "I just hope, when he finds that girl, she realizes how lucky she is." Katie's eyes lit up at her words.

"She better," she said while suppressing an enormous grin. T kept glancing over at the girls during their conversation. He was really happy that they seemed to get along so well.

While touching beautys juicy spot hardcore and blowjob wanted to walk over and join them, he knew he needed to sit back and let Sarah work her magic. Everything appeared to be going well. Naturally, that's when things took a downturn. Cassie walked up to T, looking like he had messed up somehow.

"T, you didn't by any chance invite Dave tonight, did you?" she asked. "Oh fuck, he's here? No way, Cass, I know how you feel about him. It wasn't me," he told her. "It must have been one of my roommate's friends. Well, you probably know what I'm about to ask," she said, feeling sorry for him. Giving her a sideways glance he said, "He's my responsibility.

I'll make sure he doesn't cause a scene." Cassie leaned up to him and kissed him quickly on the cheek before saying, "Thanks, T, you're a great friend." "What can I say, it's my curse," he mumbled, setting off to find Dave.

Dave was T's oldest friend. Because of that, T felt a loyalty to him over the years that caused quite a lot of trouble. Dave wasn't just an asshole; to everyone that knew him, he was 'The Asshole'. He really cared only about himself, and T story bf 19 yer xxxx that as long as he always kept that in mind, it would never hurt him.

Despite everyone that cared about him warning that one day Dave was going to drag him down with him, T continued to be the only friend that still put up with his shit. It was no surprise that he found Dave already going through the booze. He walked up, tapping him on the shoulder. Dave ignored it, of course. "Dave!" T yelled over the music and conversations all around.

Dave had shaggy brown hair and a permanent mean look on his face. A few inches taller than T, he was wiry and used to provoking fights.

He turned to see T and gave him an evil grin. "T, not surprised to see you here. What's up man?" he asked casually. "Did someone invite you or you just show up?" T asked, wanting the mystery over quickly.

"Nice to see you too," he feigned insult. "I saw the party all over my FB. Figured I knew enough people to pop in. Plus, I saw Katie was here, figured you would be too." T got a bad vibe from Dave's presence but figured it was just due to everything already going on that night.

"Listen, this is Cassie's place. She's really not your biggest fan because of that whole thing where you burned down her dad's garage. This is one of those places you can't fuck around like you want. Consider it like my house," he tried to stare into Dave's soul and influence his behavior. "Please don't make me look bad here. Not tonight." "Relax man, I was all alone at home and I just wanted some company.

I swear Black bbw with massive tits fucked by bbc be on my best behavior." T laughed and Dave followed quickly adding, "Okay, okay, I'll be on someone else's best behavior." "That would be much better, thanks," T said as Dave slapped his shoulder with much more force than usual as he walked past, off to bother someone else.

He sent Katie a text, warning that Dave was around. It meant she would have to deal with him trying to convince her they should go out sometime for at least five minutes.

Sooner rather than later, Dave would take off, bragging about some 'hot piece of ass' he was going to bang. That meant every girl he'd tried to take home said no and he was going home to jerk off. One floor above, Sarah spotted Cassie alone. It was time to make her final move of the evening. Since Cassie was still cautious around Sarah she went with a small lie to get her alone.

"Hey Cassie, I hate to ask, but do you have a laptop or something I can use for a minute? I've been texting this guy lately and I think he's blowing me off for another girl.

Sadly, FB probably has all the answers," she asked, trying to appeal to her heart. Cassie wasn't sold, but said, "Yeah, I guess. Follow me." Sarah followed Cassie to the third floor where her room was. Once inside, Sarah shut the door behind her.

Cassie immediately went into defensive mode. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Cassie demanded. "Look, I apologize. I mean no ill will to anyone. I need to speak with you about something that others really shouldn't overhear," Sarah pleaded with her. "Seriously, that sounds like Allison's bullshit. Collecting everybody's secrets, always whispering-" "I'm not my fucking sister!

I hate being related to her because of situations exactly like this. She is the wicked bitch of the east. I'm trying to be Glenda the good witch here. Please, just let me tell you a quick story, and you'll want to hear me out," Sarah growled in frustration. "Fine, tell me your story.

And its Glinda the good witch, not Glenda," Cassie snarled at her. Sarah gave her an awkward smile before she began, "Back in my first semester of college, I was leaving this party and decided to go to my boyfriend at the time's dorm, instead of my own. So I get there, and he's real busy. A guy, who I later learned was the janitor, was face-fucking him. My ex was having a blast.

But I think it was mostly due to the pounding that Alex, Katie's current boyfriend, was giving him from behind." "Oh fuck," Cassie blurted out. Thinking the worst once again, she asked, "So what?

Is this revenge on Alex?" "No, Cassie, I'm still not that much of a bitch. And regarding that situation, I'm only slightly still irritated with my ex.

I mean, he didn't have to drag me into his lie. I really am saying this for Katie's benefit." Sarah rolled her story incestos xxx en best de papas con hijas porno at the memory and continued, "I really don't want her to have to walk in on a similar scene." Cassie was beginning to except that Sarah was trying to help.

She officially backed off of Sarah's case when she said, "I guess if you're really watching out for Katie…You're not that bad. I'm sorry for the way I've treated you tonight. Katie is aware of Alex. She's helping him with something. And that's all I'm saying about that because you seriously can't tell anyone.

That's the kinda shit Allison would pull." Sarah locked her lips with an invisible key and assured her, "I won't say a word about it to anyone." Her demeanor changed when she slyly added, "I just need to know why T, is still under the impression that she's in a real relationship." Cassie was done with her then, "You know what?

I don't need to be talking to you anymore," she said while walking towards her door. Sarah held up her hands, begging her to listen, "I came tonight as T's wingman!" That stopped her a few feet from the door. Cassie whipped around toward Sarah, "What?" she asked. Sarah let a sigh of relief. She was at the finish line. She said, "I'm on a mission tonight to find out whether a girl that means more than anything to T, could possibly have romantic feelings for him back. If I'm right, then you're helping someone with a similar situation." It took her a few seconds to fully accept what was going on.

"No fucking way," Cassie let out, excitedly. "Are we Lindsey Lohan? Are we seriously parent-trapping them?" she continued. "Technically, I think they're parent trapping themselves," Sarah clarified. The girls were then startled by a loud crash that came from outside Cassie's room. Shortly before the crash, Katie had made her way to the third-floor bathroom. No one from the party was allowed up there, so she knew she could be alone for a few minutes. Finding out that Dave was there hadn't come close to ruining the night for her.


She pulled out her phone to text T that she would be ready to take off soon. That's when she had a brilliant idea. She began texting him; instead, that he should meet her in the upstairs bathroom. Before she could hit send the bathroom door burst open.

Katie dropped her cell phone into the sink. In her peripheral, she saw it slide out onto the floor like a skateboard in a half pipe. The lock on the door had never worked and that was partly why the third floor was off limits. Things like that never mattered to Dave, as he pushed his way in, closing the door behind him. "Dave, what the fuck?" she virginia shauna grant lili marlene jade oriley janey robbins leather tracy susan wilde, more out of irritation than surprise.

Being constantly hit on by him was one thing, but cornering her in a small room with no one around had caused her adrenaline to spike. Dave took a step forward, keeping himself between her and the door. "Calm down little kitty. I saw you all alone tonight, thought you could use some company. Where's the boyfriend?" he rawina xxx por movis payl, menacingly.

"Like everything else concerning my life, none of your fucking business," she firmly told him off. He smirked at her. "You start dating some bitch-boy that nobody knows. Then, you post about being here tonight without him. Now here we are. All alone in the bathroom, just like you planned," he said, inching closer to her. "Dave, you're completely delus-" "Shut the fuck up," he commanded. The smell of too much rum was as harsh as his tone.

"I'm sick of your little game. If you want a real man to take it, it's gonna be me." Dave grabbed at her and the short time she had been taking kickboxing classes paid off. Snatching his left wrist, she pulled him towards her, getting him out of the way of her exit. Next, she punched him in the chest, pushing him back into the sink at an angle that threw him off balance.

Katie moved closer to the door before pushing him one more time, which caused him to fall over the toilet. Dave's head went through the cheap drywall, as Katie took her chance to escape the bathroom. She ran down a floor right to where she knew T would be. When he saw her, his blood immediately began to boil. She looked freaked; he was already prepared to make someone pay for it. "What happened?" he asked, clearly concerned. "I'll tell you later. Please, can we just leave, right now?" she begged him.

It wasn't that she was afraid for T, or herself, she was desperately trying to preserve everything that was good about the night. "Fucking bitch," Dave growled from the stairs as he made his way down. T moved right past Katie as soon as he saw him. When Dave reached the bottom of the stairs, he was there to confront him. "The fuck do you think you're doing?" he asked. T had no idea what had happened, but the mere fact that he made Katie uncomfortable at all, crossed a line. "Sit down T. This is between me and your sis," Dave sneered.

"I am the only thing that'll ever be between you and my sister." "Fuck man, all you do is talk. Always fucking talking, you're so full of shit.

You talk while I stand behind you and scare people for you. Like a fucking dog," Dave said. T realized he wasn't only drunk. Apparently, he had some strange new perception of T, which he decided to let out that night. Around them, everyone had gathered to watch the drama. A few of the more formidable partiers had gotten closer to the argument in case they had to step in.

Not to break up the fight, but to back up T if necessary. Katie and T were like family in Cassie's home and Dave hadn't been invited. "What? I'm always talking your ass outta trouble. Making sure you don't get suspended, or fucking arrested. I'm done with it. The only thing I've ever asked from you was to leave Katie the fuck alone. Since you can't seem to do that, you're gone." "Still talking, man, you're just a tool.

Can't you see that? We're not even really friends. Andy used you, Allison used you, and I hold the record for the one who could listen to you talk, talk, and talk the longest." Dave looked past him then, locking eyes with Katie and said, "Your sister's pussy is what's kept me going." T pushed him back but he managed to stand his ground.

Time slowed as Dave pulled back his throwing arm, readying a punch. He was the pitcher of their high school Baseball team and T had seen him use that same energy in his punches many times before. The only option was to try and dodge it. He couldn't take the chance that one hit would prevent him from protecting his sister. Surprising everyone, especially T, instead of dodging he cocked his head backward before throwing it full force at Dave's.

Their forehead's connected, causing Dave to go limp mid-punch. T stumbled backward in a daze. Katie rushed up to her brother's side while the crowd around them still processed what had happened. A good 5-6 seconds passed before most of the party cheered for the way T handled the situation. Katie held her brother steady while he fought off blurry vision. "Hey, take it easy. I got you," she told him. "Katie, get away from him," he ordered. "Uh, yeah you pretty much knocked him the fuck out.

No worries," she explained while guiding him back up to the bathroom to fix him up. Sarah and Cassie had come out of the bedroom to see Dave chasing two nasty big tit female cops make handsome black dude fucking their vaginas Katie. After the short confrontation, they both watched as Katie helped T up the stairs. Cassie asked Sarah, "What do you think she's gonna do to him?" "I'm not sure I should bet against you.

You know her way better than I do. But if I were her, I'd at least suck his dick," Sarah replied. Back in the bathroom where the ordeal had started, Katie directed T to sit on the toilet. She went through the medicine cabinet looking for anything that could help. He had a pretty clean split that was bleeding but that was about it.

She cleaned his wound with peroxide soaked toilet paper, making sure no blood got into his eyes. "What exactly did he do?" he asked. "He just tried to grab me, that's all.

I fought him off though." She glanced next to him and continued, "As you can see," she nodded to the wall. T glanced to the side and saw the hole Dave's head had made. "I'm so happy you're doing kickboxing," he said. Katie smiled, "So before you go getting all cocky, I softened him up for ya," she said. "Oh yeah? He didn't feel very soft." She laughed and asked him, "Where the hell did that headbutt come from anyway?" "I don't know.

Some ancient Irish defense mechanism passed down in our genes or something." "Well, it was pretty sexy," she admitted.

T glanced at her but she kept her face blank except for a little smirk. He started to say, "I'm so sorry abo-" "Don't you fucking dare apologize about Dave. He's hit on me hundreds of times but never tried anything like that. Neither of us saw it coming," she assured him. "Fine but he's gone. Not allowed around the house and definitely nowhere near you." "That's good with me," she said as she covered the cut with a third band-aid.

She stood up and said, "Well, that's the best I can do. Should I kiss it better too?" "If you want it to heal right," he dared her. Katie bent down again so she was face to face with him. She winked before moving up to touch her lips to his head. As she moved, T leaned up with her, making sure his lips stayed close to hers. She looked down, catching on to his trick.

"Even better," she said as she hesitated only a moment longer before moving in and kissing her brother passionately. T reached out and grabbed her by the sides. Katie reacted by moving closer and sitting down on his lap. In case he tried to pull away from her, she held his face to hers as their passion only increased.

The kiss quickly turned into Katie's first real make-out session. Sparks were nothing compared to what happened as their lips touched. It was gentle at first until T made the bold choice to graze her lips with his tongue.

As soon as she felt the wetness of it, she sucked it into her mouth greedily. They began to massage each other's tongues with their own, causing Katie to let out muffled whimpers more and more often. She had French kissed one guy before but it was awkward and sloppy compared to what they did together.

It became quite obvious that the siblings were completely in sync no matter what they were doing. Katie didn't bother to hold back her moans of appreciation at how good of a kisser he was. T felt similar, thinking she had practiced far more than he thought.

He would bite her lip, she would lick his teeth, and she would give him her tongue, he would suck it in. They moved together with a fluidity that comes only from years of chemistry. Once Katie was used to making out, it was her turn to amp things up. She moved her hands down his face to his chest, big ass milf anal masturbation domestic disturbance call each down his arms until she had a hold of his hands. They never stopped kissing while she relocated his hands down to her ass, silently giving him permission to touch her more intimately.

T wanted to tell her they needed to talk before they continued; he didn't. He moved his hands around her entire bottom to fully accept how magnificent it was. Once he had as much cheek in each hand as he could manage, he squeezed her bubble butt roughly. She let out a needy groan into his mouth. That was when she realized she may want him to grab her ass as much as he wanted to. T had been getting harder at a steady rate since the kiss started but with her ass in his hands, it was a full strength.

Katie knew exactly what she was feeling under her thigh and since it was her turn to heat things up, she began to grind on him. T managed to pull away long enough to say, "Katie, you're rubbing my-" "Uh huh," she acknowledged before shutting him up with her flushed lips. A few loud bangs on the bathroom door interrupted them and Katie screamed, "Mother fucker!" at the door. Turning back down to look at T she clarified, "Not you." T smirked before saying, "I know.

You're my sister." Katie looked at him in shock that he was already able to joke about their situation. She gave him one last, chaste, but sensual kiss before removing herself from his lap to see who ruined their perfect moment. She cracked the door open slowly in case it was a stranger and saw Cassie.

Opening the door fully, she found Sarah standing beside her. Both girls had been sticking together since they realized they were on the same quest. They were even sharing the same knowing look when the door opened. They saw a very red version of Katie, looking guilty, and her cat makeup rubbed off all blonde in glasses cunt nailed from behind ex girlfriend and girlfriend her face; with her brother sitting on the toilet behind her.

T had a look on his face like he was 10 years old and had just seen real-life boobies for the first time. The rest of Katie's Halloween costume smeared on his face.

"Katie I need to speak with you privately," Cassie told her. "Okay," Katie responded, following her to her room nearby. Sarah had been eyeing T's dumbass expression the whole time. "How are you doing stud? That was quite the panty-dropping move back there," she said. "We were making out!" he said too loudly. Softer, he continued, "It was amazingly hot." Sarah smiled knowingly, shaking her head.

"Well, that explains your quite visible erection. And why you're wearing Katie's whiskers." Five feet over in Cassie's room, Katie walked straight over to a chair. She couldn't believe someone, even T, could really make her weak in the knees. Cassie got straight to the point, "So I had some of the guys move Dave's lifeless corpse to the front yard.

That way the cops won't need to come inside the house when they come get him. I suggest T not be here when they show up. No one wants to chance him getting into trouble for finally dealing with that asshole." She sighed before continuing, "I think you should stay to give your statement about him attacking you. Otherwise, they have no reason to arrest him." Katie briefly considered the idea before saying, "I think we'll be fine.

Dave isn't going to have a reason to be near me anymore. Besides, he didn't really get a chance to attack me. He went to grab me, but never even touched me. I did more damage to him than he did. To top it all off, he didn't touch T either, he took him out.

I won't take the chance that the cops just arrest us instead." Cassie winced at the realization. "Fuck, yeah that doesn't really sound good either. I guess you both better GTFO. I'm still going to say he tried to grab you but everyone knows to say the fight took place outside and no one knows who knocked him the fuck out like a total boss," she said. "Plus, nothing in the world is going to stop me from telling him how I feel tonight," Katie said. "Good, because he fucking loves you probably as much as you love him.

Judging by the look on your face when you came out of the bathroom, you guys were doing something naughty. Besides," she handed her a shirt to clean herself up with, "You wiped your cat disguise off on his face." Katie took the shirt over to the mirror to clean the evidence of incest off. T wanted to kiss her. He must want more; and not just sex, she thought. Cassie locked eyes with her best friend's reflection.

"The time for games and secrets is over. Honey, go get your man," she said, giving her a reassuring smile. She wasn't going to tell her everything, not until they did. She hoped Katie wouldn't chicken out or at least maybe T's heroism had knocked some sense into him.

Katie smiled the biggest smile ever. Looking like she was about to cry, she turned and hugged her other best friend aggressively. ***** It was unanimously decided that Katie would drive in the off chance T had a concussion. Only the radio could be heard in the six minutes it took to get from Cassie's to the highway back to New Hampshire.

Both of them wanted to say the same thing. Neither could figure out how to begin. For the second time that day, T beat her to it. "Katie I have to say some things. No disrespect, but please don't say anything because I just have to say it," T pushed out. He took a deep breath before continuing, "I love you, so much more than I'm supposed to. I don't know what us kissing means, but I really want to keep doing that. But, I mean you have a boyfriend. We can't do that. I know I'm also your brother and we really can't do it.

But we keep kissing and tonight we went even further-" "T, I'm sorry but I have to interrupt," Katie shouted. She continued before he could protest, "First of all I have all of the feelings for you that I'm not supposed to have, but more importantly, I don't give any fucks anymore if you're my brother. As for Alex…He and I aren't really dating. He's gay." T looked over at his sister who had somehow become even more beautiful in the minute it took for her confession.

He dumbly smiled and asked, "What?" Katie glanced over to check T's reaction every chance she could while driving. She realized it was much easier to tell him her biggest secret ever if she focused on the road while she spoke.

Smiling quickly over at him, as if to say 'sorry for how bad this sounds', she explained, "Alex couldn't make it to the party tonight because he's on a date with another man.

They are both gay and I wouldn't be surprised if they do gay things to each other too. I'm helping him trick his parents into thinking he's straight so they finish helping him with school. They would disown him if they knew." He watched her intently as she told her story. Not to ensure she was telling the truth; he knew she was. Being flustered was not something Katie normally experienced, but she made an exception for him that night.

"So, did you say you have feelings for me, or did I imagine that part? Remember, I am suffering from a head wound." She looked over at him with a mischievous smile and said, "I believe I said 'all the feelings'. And no, you didn't hallucinate that part." T admitted, "It's not just that, I've felt this way for a while now, and I never imagined a scenario where you didn't run away.

I always ruined everything we had and you never looked at me the same again. You wouldn't even invite me to your wedding because you assumed your 'pervert brother couldn't handle it," he relived a few of his assumed outcomes. "T, that's so sad," Katie honey turns massage into fucking hardcore handjob, hating how his mind could sometimes go to the darkest places. "You've always been the optimist; I've always been the pessimist.

Even now I feel like when I hit Dave, I knocked myself out. Or maybe he punched me into a coma. You and I being together is the ultimate; too good to be true." Katie took a longer look at him before she asked, "Is that why you're being almost creepily calm right now? The only reason I'm not freaking out right now is because of the driving." T smiled, "One of Cassie's roomies gave me a brownie before we left. He said it would help and it is. I can't even feel my head right now.

But I know exactly what's going on and I'm glad I'm high because I would definitely be freaking out a lot more." He reached over and grabbed her hand to stop her from picking at a hole in her jeans. She loved that he knew how she was feeling, especially while being stoned with a head wound. Squeezing his hand she continued, "Well in my optimist opinion, you and I can do anything together.

If we decided to take our relationship and make it into more, it won't be easy. We would have to deal with things that we wouldn't if we were with anyone else. But what we could have together is worth it to me. I want to take all of the chances but only together." She studied his expression before focusing again on the road and pulling her hand away from him. "Is that something you can do? Put aside all of the worst-case scenarios and fight the world with me?" she asked.

T took longer to answer than Katie was comfortable with. Finally, he said, "Sorry I hesitated. I was imagining the absolute worst case scenario. I said 'no' and 10 years later I'm living in a dingy, sad, studio apartment. I'm totally alone and I hate myself for not taking this chance." He looked at her and couldn't hold back a smile so big it hurt. "Katie, you're my dream girl in every way.

If you feel the same way, of course, I want to give us a chance." Katie simultaneously broke into tears and laughter. "Pull over for a few," T told her. "I can still drive; I'm just deliriously happy right now," she replied. "No, pull over because I need to kiss the love of my life, right now." She looked over at him to check on his level of seriousness and it was dead. Glancing in the mirrors, she hit the button for the hazard lights and started pulling over before any other cars got closer.

As soon as the car was in park, Katie turned to jump on her brother; instead, she fell back into her seat. "Ow," she yelped when the seatbelt prevented her from pouncing. She looked down, then back up at him, pouting. T just laughed at her while leaning over to hit the seatbelt button. Once she was free, she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him like it was the first or last time.

"I love you so fucking much T," she said into his neck before kissing up it like she had earlier that fantasymassage member fantasy sinfuly hot asian pool party foursome tube porn. "I love you so fucking much too," he proclaimed.

She kissed him on his lips hard before saying, "I feel like this massive weight that's been on me for so long is finally gone." Caressing her face he said, "Me too. But before we get home, I gotta know how to act. I mean, I don't want to stop being your brother, so how am I supposed to know when you are what?

That makes no sense." "No, T, it makes total sense. Um, I don't want us to change, just add to what we have," Katie said. From russia with love bubble butt and brunette thought for a few moments on how to explain before she began again, "Okay so our relationship is like reality.

And our reality has multiple dimensions." "Are you trying to compare us to Inception? Because I'm starting to think you're weirdly obsessed with that movie." She punched him in the shoulder; medium strength. "T, shut up, I totally have this figured out. So our relationship is reality and our reality has dimensions. So, the first reality is what outsiders would see us as; a brother and a sister.

I'm always going to look up to you and cheer you on, and you're always going to protect me and keep me safe. Those things carry through to the next dimension. To our friends and family, we're more than siblings; we're each other's best friends. Our friendship carries over to the third dimension; where you and I are a couple. We go out on dates and do couple stuff. We flirt and do romantic things, but we're still all the other things too." T looked at his girl in wonder. He said, "I wanna fuck your brain." Katie laughed but he continued anyway, "I'm serious; you have such a beautiful way of looking at everything." "You say the sweetest things to me.

And I'm not even being sarcastic," she said. Taking on a sexier demeanor, she went on, "There's a fourth dimension too. In that one, we're naked. And then, we do real naughty things to each other." She accentuated her point by grabbing his hardening member through his pants. T inhaled sharply as he was both praying that she would and wouldn't continue.

Being conflicted on the matter he did what he normally would. He asked Katie what she thought. "Um, I have to ask. Are you going fast because you think that's what I want?" "Do you not want me to touch you?" she asked. She stopped rubbing him but never let go.

She knew he wanted it but there was obviously some hang-up he still had. "Yes, I really want you to. But I don't want you to do anything you're not ready for just because I have. Know what I mean?" Katie shook her head and squeezed him, causing him to groan out in pleasure. She giggled at his reaction. "I never minded you fooling around with other girls all those years I had feelings for you. I was only really ever jealous of them not being your sister.

But, I was glad you had people to take care of your needs. Back then, I wasn't ready. I'm ready now, and I want to be there for you, and I need you to be there for me." She leaned back, smiling devilishly while unbuttoning her jeans. Holding eye contact with him the entire time, she slid her right hand into her pants. Her eyes fluttered before she withdrew her hand again.

Two of her fingers were shining from the headlights behind them as she moved them up to T's face. Katie coated his lips with her arousal and his tongue immediately snuck out to taste her.

With eyes closed, he said, "Do you even realize that was the sexiest thing anyone's ever done?" Katie giggled, moving in to kiss him again, showing wiliness to taste herself. She resumed her stroking, and when he opened his mouth to moan she filled it with her tongue. He reached out, sliding his hands right up her shirt to touch the soft, creamy skin of her midsection.

Though her eyes were closed, she felt a bright light coming through the back. The irritation of some 'Mass-hole' driving down the highway with their high beams on was quickly replaced with fear when she opened her eyes.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" Katie panicked, seeing the spotlight shining through the back window. T glanced back before quickly taking control of the situation. "Katie, chill. There's no way he didn't see us kissing, so I'm not your brother. Your brother let you borrow the car to go to a party. We're old friends, my name is; Mike Simpson.

Stick with our real story so it's believable. We've known each other our whole lives, just found out tonight that we both have feelings, and we stopped to talk it over," T ordered while still trying to cover all the angles. "Who am I?" Katie asked, still panicking. T chuckled. "You're you, babe. You have to show him your license, right? I'll just say I don't have mine because I wasn't driving tonight. Remember, Mike Simpson." "Okay," glancing in the side mirror, he was almost at her door.

"Anything else?" "Uh," he looked her up and down, "Shit, button your pants." She did as she was told, just in time. As the cop got to her window, she was rolling it down.

"Good evening, officer." He greeted them, "Evening. There a problem here?

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Car trouble?" "No officer, the cars fine. Actually," Sunny leone romans sex story fuking in glanced over at T, smiled, and continued, "I've known Mike here my whole life. You see our families go to the same church. Anyway, we've been friends all this time and tonight we found out we're in love.

Naturally, I started bawling because; I'm a girl, so we pulled over." It took T everything not to laugh. The officer looked at them skeptically before saying "I see, just need your license and registration." Producing them she said, "This is my brother, T's car. I mean Tim, sorry. He let me borrow it." The officer took them from her, leaning down to look at 'Mike'. He eyed him suspiciously then asked, "And your license?" "I don't have mine, sir. Not old enough to drink and I don't own a car." "Name?" "Mike Simpson, sir," he replied "Alright, you two hang tight," he said before walking back to his cruiser.

Once he was back in the cruiser, T teased her, "Church?" She gave him a dirty look and told him, "We went to Catholic school. So it's kinda true, 'sir'." "I'll have you know, Mike Simpson exists. He'll check his record but there's nothing. Mike's a good boy," T told her with an almost criminal mastermind like composure. "After 18 years, you still surprise me," Katie told him. They waited silently another minute and a half for his return.

Handing Katie her license and registration back, he said, "Yours and your brother's records are spotless so you guys are all set." He looked right at Katie for a moment and leaned down to take another look at 'Mike'. He continued, "Please don't take this the wrong way ma'am, but everything is alright here, correct? I'm only asking because I have a daughter a bit younger than you and beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade she was out late, in a car with a boy on the side of the highway; I'd hope someone would check up on her too." Katie smiled and assured him, "We are better than fine, sir.

I'll be sure to tell my dad that you went the extra mile tonight. I know he'll certainly appreciate it." "No problem at all. You two should get going now. Congratulations on your new relationship." He stood up, heading back to his cruiser.

"Thank you, sir, goodnight," Katie told him while rolling the window back up. "What a rush", she said to T. "You do realize that's the second time we've been caught tonight?


If it happens a third, that's really shit luck. Not to mention we'd be at home and mom and dad would be the ones catching us," T voiced his concern.

Katie smirked as she started the car back up. "Hon, we haven't been caught once. We've been interrupted twice, which is super annoying. But no worries, I'm gonna cut the next person that stops me from jumping you," she said as they got back onto the road. ***** As they pulled up in front of the house, they could see the light from the TV downstairs through the window.

"Dads still up," T stated the obvious. "Well, it's only 1. Hopefully, he won't stay up too late. I still wanna play with you tonight," she said, leaning over to rest her head on his shoulder. T put his arm around her and said very seriously, "I never thought I would see the day where I sat outside the house, waiting for my dad to go to bed, so I could 'inappropriate touch' my little sister." Katie giggled at one of the many strange things only they could have in common; a twisted sense of humor.

"Let's just go in, change for bed, and finish whatever movie he's watching with him. Don't tell him what happened with Dave. Not tonight. We can deal with it tomorrow. So make sure he doesn't see the band-aids." They made their way into the house, being greeted by a tired Punk.

That late at night, he was checking on his humans, making sure they came back whole. Katie was awkwardly familiar with a dog's awareness of female arousal; keeping him away from her crotch. He seemed to do a back and forth between the two, sniffing, most likely the scents of all the people at the party. Looking up at the two of them, he stood up on his hind paws, pinning both sunny leone six open story them to the front door.

"What's with him?" Katie asked. "He might need to go out," T told her, pushing the black lab off of them so he could open the front door again. Punk ran out and began to dance around in the front yard. The two of them stood out front watching him be excited about something. He ran over to the mailbox, peed, and then bolted back towards them, doing circles around them.

He started bumping their hands with his nose until they held one another's. Punk was satisfied once they were holding hands as he sat in front of them, continuing to wag his tail.

"Did he just make us hold hands?" Katie asked, amazed. "Not only that, but I think he actually approves of us," T said quietly. They made their way back inside, separating at the stairs. Katie went up to change in her room, while Punk followed T downstairs to his room.

At the bottom, T greeted his dad, "Hey dad, gonna change quick." If he heard him he didn't say as T began to strip before he was in his room.

He chuckled at how he had barely softened since the kiss in the bathroom. Throwing on whatever t-shirt he had grabbed, he picked out the thinnest and loosest pair of shorts he could find. He took the blanket off of his bed thinking he may need it to hide how hard he would be around his sister. Making his way out to the living room, he plopped down on the futon, making sure to face the TV so George wouldn't see his head wound.

"Katie came home with you right?" he asked. "Yeah, she's just changing then coming down," T said, trying to look very interested in the movie.

"How was the party?" "Eh," he thought was better than lying. He saw her arrive soon after, out of the corner of his eye. "Hey daddy," she greeted. "Hello, sweetheart," he said, smiling up at her. T looked over as she made her way to him. He thought she might be giving something away with the three babes sharing two dicks at party realslutparty and deepthroat she had chosen.

She wore a loose green tank top, clearly having decided against a bra. Her purple PJ pants were perfectly appropriate, but T's thoughts of what was hidden inside them made them skimpier than they were. "T, can you make a bed," Katie made him with a pouty face.

T glanced over at their dad, thinking he would catch on to them. George laughed at his son's ignorance. "Don't look at me kid. I tried to warn you when you started doing her bidding when she was 3, it would only continue," he said. He rolled his eyes and opened his legs so she could lie back on him. It was all a show of course. They both needed to make sure their dad didn't suspect how badly they needed to be as close as possible. T had already laid the pillows against the armrest so it wouldn't dig into his back.

She climbed onto the futon and carefully laid back against him, covering them with the dormida por el culo tube porn as she did; her right arm behind her so she could tease him secretly.

Recognizing the movie that their dad was watching, Katie asked, "Are you watching part two tonight after?" Looking up to the movie, T saw an old favorite, IT. The first part was almost over. Dad shook his head saying, "Nah, I'm pretty tired. Thought we could watch part two tomorrow night for Halloween." More enthusiastic than she intended she stated, "That's a fantastic idea." She squeezed T's dick through his check up great beauteous teen group sex, causing him to groan out.

"Ungh…I agree," he tried to cover up. His sister wasn't going to get away with that. Under the blanket, he placed his hand on her stomach, caressing her skin.

It was easy to pretend that's all he wanted to do as she felt so soft, yet firm, that he never wanted to stop touching her. Katie continued to gently tease him behind her as his hand kept getting lower and lower.

Once his fingers slipped under her waistband, she lifted her pelvis up just enough to show him she wanted him to tease her. T's fingers moved lower until he could feel her wetness. Assuming he was right above her clit, he dared not go any farther with their father in the room. Instead, he pressed down on her mound above her clit, beginning slow, long circles. The way he indirectly stimulated her was a great buildup and meant her big brother would know exactly how to take care of her.

She was losing it fast, having momentarily forgotten they were not alone; they had to wait. Katie gave his cock one final squeeze and removed her arm from between them. He had stopped teasing her but left his hand resting half inside her pants. She slid her hand down his until it rested on top. Both realized that they had just had a quick conversation saying 'let's wait for the real fun.

Just hold me now.' They were so used to reading each other, words were rarely necessary. The wait turned out to not be torturous at all as the kids had assumed they killed it. George got up from the recliner, gathering his empty milk glass and Yodels wrapper.

He turned to see both of his children smiling up at him eerily. "You two look like the twins from the shining right now. What's up?" he asked. "Nothing, just waiting to steal your chair," Katie proclaimed as she jumped up off the futon and T, hopping into her dad's recliner. Shaking his head, George said, "Goodnight children." "Goodnight dad/daddy," they said together.

"Quit doing that twin thing, it's creeping me out." Katie and T laughed. Katie waited until George's footsteps could be heard in the kitchen. Once their parents went upstairs, they never had a reason to come back down and surprise them. They then had complete privacy downstairs until roughly 8 in the morning. She leaned above her seat to hit the light switch.

"Ah, what's with the sun?" T joked, being far more inclined towards darkness. She twisted the switch, dimming the light.

"Better?" she asked. "Yes, very romantic," he said, throwing his legs over the edge of the futon. Katie got up from the recliner, walked the few steps over, and leaned down to kiss him. Their tongues were no longer shy, playing together well.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, tugging at them. T lifted his ass up and she pulled them to his knees. Pulling back to look into his eyes, she said, "Moment of truth. I've seen it before, and I've been waiting a long time to play with it." "Seen it hard?

When?" he asked. She stepped back, kneeling between his legs while removing his shorts completely. Not being able to take her eyes off of his semi-hard cock, she replied, "Um, probably more than twenty times.

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From this point of view, actually, but a little farther away; except for one time." Watching him grow due to her words was exhilarating. "How?" he asked. Katie tore her eyes away from his growing member, "Can I touch it?" she asked. T smirked, "You've already touched it a couple times tonight," he said. Focusing back on his other head, she admitted, "I know but it's finally right here in front of me and I'm just a little nervous." "Come up here with me," he said, patting the spot next to him.

Instead of sitting next to him, she kneeled on the futon, sitting on her feet, facing him. Once she was comfortable, he continued, "I think we should talk about what you want to happen tonight?" She smiled at him always thinking of her, "This is about you too though," she told him. "Well, that's not how tonight is going to work. Tell me how far you're comfortable going, and I'll make sure we don't do anything more." Katie had no need to test his honesty.

He always told it to her straight. It was a big part of why she had chosen him to be her 'one'. Knowing exactly how far she was willing to go, she began, "I want to be able to touch you anywhere. I definitely want to make you cum, at least once. I also want us to be even. Like, if I can touch you anywhere, you dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories touch me anywhere." "Okay, got-" "Oh, but we can tease other stuff as long as we don't do whatever it is," Katie added.

T could sense she already had some sort of plan for the night. He always felt a strange confidence around her; whatever it was, took over at that point. "If you want us to be fair, then you should take your pants off, so I can see you." Her face lit up, "Do you want to take them off?" "Very much so, but tonight I want you to take them off for me." Katie went into another world. She held eye contact, sitting up while still kneeling next to him; she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pants.

Her tank was short enough not to impede the view of something T had wanted to see for years. Once the wet beginning of her mound made an appearance, she moved her thumbs back to begin the long journey of slipping it down over her bubble butt.

Fuck experience, Katie had everything T didn't even know he wanted. "This is way better than if I had taken your pants off," he commented. "I know. I love being sexy for you. My pussy's been wet since Cassie's bathroom, but I'm seriously dripping now." T was speechless at the dirty little thing she had become so soon after the truth was revealed.

He tried not to drool as she worked the pants around her backside. Once they were around her ass, she moved her thumbs back to the sides. "Ready?" she asked. T could only nod and she pulled them down her thighs faster for the finale. The dim light reflected how wet she really was.

All around her mound, dripping down her thighs was the physical effect he had on his sister. She had a shaved, plump, and juicy pussy that zee masti xxxx sex stories ebony mms story leaked download him understand that song he always loved about peaches.

All he wanted to do was take a big bite out of her. "I love the way you're looking at me but can you please say something," she requested. Without looking away he said, "You have the most beautiful vagina I've ever seen: in real life and online." Katie giggled and told him "I don't like 'vagina'. It's okay for a doctor's appointment but pussy is good with me." T smiled up at her before returning to the most recent object of these three horny pretty hot lovely girls hardcore and reality affection.

"I'm thinking of taking guitar lessons just so I can write a song about your beautiful pussy. That better?" he said Katie reached down, grabbing his manhood firmly. He was his full seven and ½ inches all because of looking at her for the first time.

T ran his hand up and down her leg; as soon as he felt her heat on his fingers, she stopped him. "Not out here. How fast are you gonna cum?" she asked. T was confused, which he made obvious. "I won't take long. I haven't been in the mood lately so I'm a bit pent up. Don't you want me to touch you too?" he asked. Katie smiled his smile.

Reassuring him she said, "Yes of course I do, badly, just not out here. Let me focus on you first." Katie sat back, sticking out her legs, and draped them across his lap. He got the cousin arrived drunk and i fucked her, pulling her pants completely off to reveal her smooth, toned legs.

She took her pants from him, rolled them into a ball, and placed it between her sex and anything it would make a mess on. She inched as close to him as she could manage, with her knees bent and open; his erection pointed up between them. He moved his right arm behind her, going right up her tank top, caressing her back. Gliding her fingers up and down his shaft she said, "I'm just playing first, then I'll get down to business." "Baby, you can play all you want. It feels so good already, don't rush it." Katie giggled, adding her other hand to their fun.

"Remember that part where I said I've seen your dick already?" "Mhm, vaguely at this point," he said, still not able to decide what to look at. The options were, her hands on his cock, soaking pussy near his leg, and her gorgeous eyes looking back at him. Biting her lip, she confessed, "I would hide in your stash spot and watch you jerk off through the little door." To accentuate her point, she squeezed his cock at the base, while running her thumb across the frenulum causing his shaft to pulse.

Something he often did to himself. T moaned. "You little freak," he said, managing to open his eyes slightly to ensure she took that the right way. "You don't even know the half of it. Every time I watched you, I played with my soaking wet pussy until I came," she proclaimed, as she switched to firmly stroking him with both hands.

"Is this just dirty talk to get me to cum faster, or did you really do that?" he asked, in ragged breaths. Katie didn't answer. She removed her left hand from his cock, brought it between her legs, and cupped her pussy. Sliding her middle finger between her lips as she gathered her juices caused her eyes to flutter. Moving slow enough that T could see how wet her fingers were, she used them to lube him up. "Oh you're a total freak and I love it," T breathed out. "We've only just begun," Katie told him, before picking up her pace.

She no longer played with him. With a new determination to 'make her man cum', she gripped him with precision, twisting both hands up his shaft. T had never been milked before, but he knew this is what it felt like. Every time he closed his eyes they would pop open soon after, reminding him that the woman working him into delirium was his little sister; the love of his life. "Fuck, Katie, you remind me of that Sublime song right now." Katie giggled, "Are you saying I have the 'GI Joe Kung Fu Grip'?" she asked.

She twisted a bit harder, slower, causing him to growl, "Uh huh." "Are you close?" "Mhm." Katie smirked, resuming her faster pace on him. She couldn't help but inch closer to him, enough that she could barely rub her pussy on his leg. Continuing her tease, she said. "I got a story that might speed things up. You remember the night you kissed me in my bed this summer?" "Of course," he breathed out. Her green eyes sparkled with the memory. "I followed you after you left my room. I hid in the stash spot while you jerked off.

I remember cumming so hard that night, watching you. And then," she leaned over and kissed him on the lips before continuing, "I crawled into your room, right up to your cock, and did this." She stopped stroking him, stuck out her tongue while holding eye contact, bent forward and licked his tip.

He didn't blow right then like she hoped, but she definitely caused precum to drool out. T could only stare at her at her in amazement. She sat back up and resumed her twisting massage of his pole. He almost didn't recognize the girl with piercing cat eyes looking at him like a hungry animal through her long, dark hair; hiding half her face. "When I licked it, you shot your cum in my mouth and yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde me a facial," she stated as innocently as possible.

"I'm gonna cum," he whispered. His sister worked his shaft to the finish beautifully for an amateur. She never imagined it could get even bigger until it did when his cum surged through it.

His first shot hit him on the chin and his neck like it did her the first time. The rest landed conveniently on his shirt except for the last which ended up on her calf. T sat there, eyes closed and a silly smile on his face; drained in multiple ways. Katie wiped his cum off of her leg, carrying it back to her mouth to taste him again. T happened to open his eyes in time to see the show. "Wow, you are such a little cum-slut," he commented, hoping he didn't ruin the mood. Katie feigned anger, slapping him on the thigh; low strength.

"Yours only, and this," she grabbed his barely softened shaft, "Is mine." "Best deal ever," he swore. Katie leaned over; reminding him he had cum on his chin by licking it off along with what had dripped down his neck. When she pulled back, he saw a glob of it on her bottom lip. He stared at her pink lips as her tongue snaked out to retrieve it. "Oh you are so into me," she said, grinning at his reaction. She turned and got up off the futon in what seemed like one graceful movement. Her speed was nothing compared to how fast Bondage squirt and tall mistress domination xxx left behind at a mansion party in a bad locked onto her naked ass in front of him.

She ran her hands through her hair, arching her back to stretch. Unintentionally, she popped it out for him. "Please, dear god, don't move," T prayed. Katie didn't move. With her hands still in her hair, she turned only her head to see what was going on. He brought his hands up her thighs, to her glorious bottom, and fondled her. She sighed at his grabbing. T was making himself familiar, planting many quick kisses all around it, and lifting her cheeks as if he were weighing them.

"I feel like you're worshipping my ass right now," Katie said, delighted at the attention. "I am, and I swear I'll worship it every day you let me from now on," he promised. He moved his hands up her tank while pressing the side of his face against THE butt, smiling. She enjoyed his treatment for a few more moments before taking 2 steps away, enough for him to lose his hold. She turned and said, "I gotta call intermission.

I'm gonna run upstairs and grab some stuff…T, are you listening?" T was listening but couldn't take his eyes off her standing there in only a tank top. She was a true vision of female perfection, in his opinion. Nodding he asked, "You upstairs, me do what?" like a caveman. Katie smiled, leaning over to retrieve her pants and put them back on. "You find a movie and I'll meet you in your room in five." "What kind of movie?" he asked, seriously.

"Baby, that's never mattered less than it does right now," she told him, before pulling her pants back down to give him a glimpse of the object of most of his desires. She ran off, leaving T smiling, still hard. ***** Minutes later Katie walked into T's room holding everything she needed for a night over. T eagerly stood up from his bed when she entered "What do you have planned?" he asked.

Handing him a bottle of water, she said, "Well I really want to sleep with you tonight." "Yeah, me too," he assured her. "So, I have a change of clothes just in case when I wake up, mom and dad are up. That way they won't think I slept in your room. My doors locked, I have my key, and we'll lock your door before we got to sleep." "And the waters?" he asked. Cocking an eyebrow at him, she said, "I figured if we're going to be spending a lot more time sweating together we should stay hydrated." "Good point," he said, taking a sip.

"Oh before I forget, can I see your phone? I need to text Cass that my phone is probably somewhere in her place." He retrieved it from the nightstand and handed it over. As they had no secrets, she entered his passcode from memory. Finishing, she handed it back to him and waited for him to turn around again to touch his chest.

T had ditched the cum-stained shirt and stood there in only his shorts. She ran her hands up and down his nakedness, admiring him like he had her. With only the light from the TV in hot girlsongirls fucking in front of mirror pantyhose and lesbians room, Katie made her brother naked, pulling down his shorts once again. She kneeled down, smiling up at him before leaning in to kiss his shaft wetly, causing it to twitch.

She giggled, standing back up, and gave him the signal to turn around. "Seriously?" he asked. "You're not the only butt-admirer in the family," she teased. T smirked but did as he was told.

Katie reached out, running her hands down the many muscles chorded throughout his torso. She glided down to his butt, grabbing him similarly to how he fondled her. "Wow it's more firm than I expected," she commented.

"That's because I'm clenching." "Well stop it," she ordered. He did, she squeezed again and said, "Mm still firm." "I'm glad you like it," he said. Stepping closer, she moved her arms around him to feel his chest. She ran her fingers through the light hair while pressing herself against him, kissing his back. "I've seen the way you look at me.

I know you appreciate how I try to stay in shape but I feel like that with you too. You're so fucking hot, T," she admitted. Moving her hands down to his stomach, she continued, "Even if you got fat, that's just more of you I would love." Turning around, he remained in her embrace. "Aw, babe, and I promise if you get fat; we can still be friends," he teased. Katie's jaw dropped in shock, "You fucking assho-" He ended her retort with a kiss.

It was passionate, feral, and most importantly said 'I'm done talking'. There was no need to explain he was teasing her; she already knew that. His hands moved all around her but like a magnet found their way to her glorious backside once again.

Slipping into her pants, he grabbed her roughly, lifting and opening her up to him at the same time. Katie moaned into his mouth, as T set her back down. Pulling her pants down over her butt, gravity took care of the rest. His cock was rock hard, poking against her belly while leaving streaks of precum behind.

His hands moved up her firm midsection, inside her shirt. She breathed in sharply when his thumbs traced the bottom of her final treasure he had yet to gaze upon. "Fair is fair," T said. He kept eye contact with her as he pulled her tank top up to her breasts.

She smiled mischievously, raising her arms above her head. Removing the last of her clothing swiftly, he threw it to the floor wherever. Katie took a step back so her brother could see her fully nude, all grown up, for the first time. She was flawless in his eyes. He would tell her something aussie ass filming a real one night stand those lines every day from then on. Her breasts seemed larger than they should be to stand up the way they did.

He figured it was another thing she worked hard for. Her tiny, pink nipples stuck out proudly, begging for attention. That night he realized it would be impossible to see her naked in the future, without becoming aroused by some aspect of her that he had adored for years. Although Katie had already seen him, the major excitement of him finally knowing and finally seeing her was the last straw. He needed her, and she needed him. He closed the distance between them again and they resumed their aggressive kissing and fondling.

Hands, tongues, and skin explored, still standing in the middle of the room. T's urges took over and babe is making studs schlong yield to her concupiscent sucking Katie had explained her 'lines', he knew what to do.

Moving his hands to her hips, he guided Katie towards the bed. Once she was at the edge, ready to fall back, he turned her around facing away from him. He was all over her; kissing her neck, caressing her tummy, and groping her tits. She was in ecstasy already from the way he handled her. "Kneel on the edge of the bed," he commanded, whispering into her ear. She complied, stepping up onto the bed with her knees. T hadn't had a bed frame for a few years. He slept on two box springs and a thick mattress on top.

She had never thought anything of it until she was in that position with him behind her. It was the perfect height for doggy, and the bed would never squeak, or bang against the wall. As the thought ran through her head her body subconsciously got into that exact position. Without skipping a beat, T aimed his hard-on right for her bubbly butt. With his meat resting on her rear, he grabbed the two globes, opening her up to him.

His cock slipped between and he let go; they practically swallowed it. Grabbing her by the hips, he began to fuck her ass cheeks. "Mm, that feels good. I get the impression you've wanted to do this?" she asked, attempting to jerk him off with her ass. "So fucking much, for so long," he said, lost in lust for his sister.

When he had finished living out the small fantasy he asked her, "Do you trust me?" She looked back at him and said, "Duh." He smiled, grabbed her cheeks once again, and slowly let his cock slide down to her hole.

Testing how much trust she had, he pressed his head against it. His tease backfired when she groaned, pressing back into him. Due to her level of wetness at that point of the night, he penetrated her, just the tiniest bit. Not wanting to overdo it the first time, he continued lower to her sex.

Her juicy labia opened right up for him, causing him to almost slip right into the finish line. "T!" Katie yelped. He removed himself from temptation and said, "Katie." He waited for her to look back again. When she did, with a shy expression like he might punish her, "Do you trust me," he asked again.

Something snapped in her when he said that, causing her to really think about the answer. Instead of replying, she smiled wide, resting both her head and shoulders on the bed. Her arms laid out beside her, she had fully submitted to him. T's heart skipped a beat at Katie's willingness to do something even he didn't know he wanted. Completely relaxed and open to him, she waited for whatever he was about to do to her. He positioned his length against her opening, and again, she opened right up for him.

Making sure he couldn't slip, he gripped the base of his cock and used it like a tool, swirling it around her entrance. Katie moaned, realizing she had a new problem. She trusted him completely but was no longer sure about herself. It would be so easy to just push back and get their new fun really started. As if he could sense her needs getting out of control, he slid his member down her slit. Once he had the right angle, he began a slow, sawing motion.

The moment his dickhead bumped her clit, she started humping back into him. T felt her dripping down his shaft, hoping he would experience it again soon already.

"Sit up please?" he asked sweetly. It was still a command. Katie sat straight up into his arms. He kissed and licked her neck as his left arm came up to massage her breast. His right arm brought his cock up to her clit once again from her front. When she realized all the ways he was about to stimulate her, a shiver ran through her entire body. "Who are you and what have you done to my brother?" she asked, thinking that whoever T was right now had his shyness tied up; locked in a closet somewhere.

He kissed back up her neck, beginning to rub his cock along her heat. He whispered in her ear, "Welcome to the fourth dimension." All he did was rock back and forth, rubbing his tip on her clit, and gently pull on her nipple. Katie was on the road to making herself cum on him. He had the control, yet still allowed her to use him. She held onto his hand over his cock, moving him the way she wanted, her other armed draped back around his side to hold on.

She felt like she was being fucked, even considering it more than a few times. Katie rode him right up to the point of no return.

She realized too late that she hadn't prepared him for what was about to happen. "T…I gotta," she huffed. "Mmm," she whined. "I sq…Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum.

Hold me." Already holding her, busty milf and pretty teen nasty threeway in the bedroom held a little tighter as she began having convulsions. At first, he thought she was peeing on him but not for long. He had seen enough porn to know that she had just soaked him and the edge of his bed because she was a squirter. He couldn't hold back a Joker-like grin from spreading across his face.

His new girlfriend, his little sister, kept getting better and better. He continued to hold her as she came down. Switching easily into caring mode, he ran his fingers through her hair with his other arm around her midsection. "I'm guessing by the way you're lovin' on me right now, I didn't totally freak you out with that," Katie said, her eyes still closed. "On the contrary, I find you to be more appealing by the second.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it makes me feel like a sex god, even though it's just your body. Does that happen a lot?" he asked. "Whenever I'm really fucking horny or just the right combination of shit enters my head. Like when I think about you fucking me when I play with myself. Actually, thinking of you doing anything to me, or I to you sets me off. I'd say you're at least a demi-god." T shook his head, smiling, and moved to her side.

Making sure she could hold herself up before letting go, he floated his arms behind her. "Trust fall," he announced. Without hesitation, she fell back and he scooped her right up. Carrying her around to the other side, he placed her gently down on the bed. Always thinking of her, he ran over to his bureau where she left her water, grabbing it for her. Sliding into bed next to her he joked, "You're probably extra dehydrated now." "Ha ha," she said. Then she switched to a slightly more serious tone, "T, this has been the best night of my life so far." He cuddled right up to her, holding her close.

He looked into her eyes, just watching the way they seemed to sparkle with something new. "I know me too. But, I didn't go too far tonight, did I?" he asked. "Yes, and it was amazing!" She kissed him before continuing, "You rubbed up against every line I had tonight, but you never went too far. Actually, that whole trust part, it really turned me on. You got me to realize that it was you doing those things. I was so caught up in the moment…" "Because you're a control freak, but before you hit me, I like that about you," he said quickly.

She looked down to her new toy, still hard, lying on her thigh. "You ready for round two?" she asked, with a naughty look in her eye.

"Absolutely, you?" he asked. She nodded, pulling him by his neck to kiss. Cumming was great, but Katie had a serious soft spot for kissing him. Especially with tongues, she had come to learn that night.

T caressed the skin along receiving a fat dick in her mouth blowjob stomach, down to her wet mound. Katie blindly found his cock, still slick with her juices. As she jerked him, he quit teasing her and dove right in. He pressed three fingers at her opening, and just when she thought he would put them in he circled twice, bringing them slowly up her slit to her clit.

He forced himself to pull away from her kiss, regretting it more when he saw how full her already plump lips were with arousal. Persevering, he kissed, sucked, and licked his way down to her two, bright pink nubs standing out proudly. Sucking in her sensitive flesh caused her to gasp. "Fuck that feels so good. Please, baby, put your fingers in me.

I need you so bad," Katie begged. At the new angle, his cock had slipped from her grasp. She managed to tease the head with her fingers while he took care of her. "What about the uh-" "I took care of that myself; precisely for this moment. Please." That's all it took for him to please his girl. He tested the waters, so to speak, with one finger. Entering her was immediately heaven. "More?" she asked as if it would be an obligation.

He added his middle finger, beginning to feel resistance. She gripped him with strength no matter how many fingers he tried. "Mm so good," she said, trying to push them in deeper with her hips. "Two of your fingers are like three of mine. Hit the switch, Chewie," Katie joked. He briefly chuckled before doing exactly what she asked. Curling fingers inside her, he found the infamous spongy spot right away. "Oh, I fucking love you so much," she said, admiring her brother's ability to please her.

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Brushing the hair out of her face, she watched him finger fuck her little slit. His fingers went in easily and she would squeeze them. He went back to work on her tit and Katie gave up trying to tease his head.

She let go, dropping back onto the pillows, to let him take care of her again. Giggle-moaning, she pretended his fingers were his cock. Again, she felt like she used him, fucking herself on them. If T thought his sister had a gorgeous pussy on the outside, being inside of her was magical.

The way she gripped his fingers, pulling them back in, or how her lips seemed to suck on them when he pulled them out had him mesmerized.

The delighted squeals, whimpers, and moans told him she appreciated his attention. If all of that wasn't enough, she undulated against his hand, causing him to wonder if he was pleasing her, or she was doing all the work.

Either way, she was extremely content. Looking up from her chest he saw her for the first time in a few minutes. Hair was stuck to her face and her whole body glistened from exertion. He found her O face to be particularly raunchy. She kept scrunching her eyebrows, pleading him with her green eyes to make her cum.

In a lusty haze, Katie saw her man grinning up at her like the mad scientist that would be responsible for all of her orgasms from then on. "I'm close, baby," she told him. Without needing instruction, he leaned up and started kissing her. It was fairly uncoordinated, but he was only trying to prevent any screams she couldn't hold sexy bimbos show off their hot bodies big tits. It turned out to be a smart move because when he combined hitting her G-spot with circling her clit with his thumb, she screamed.

He was not prepared when her cum pushed his fingers out of her. Relying on his extensive knowledge of amateur porn, he remembered what he'd seen girls do when they squirt. T furiously rubbed her little slit, making her cum, even more, longer, harder. He quit trying to muffle her moans with his mouth as her shaking made it difficult. She mostly whimpered at the end still going through aftershocks of pleasure.

Waiting patiently for her eyes to open, he brought his fingers to his mouth to taste her so she would know how much he loved her. She was delighted to see he enjoyed her as much as she did him. When he finished sucking his fingers clean, she politely said, "Some for me too, please." Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue obscenely, begging with her eyes. He would later compliment her on move's sexiness, to which she would tell him it was well practiced.

Shaking his head happily at the personality switch, he dipped his fingers back in, to get some of her honey.

Bringing his fingers up to her mouth, he said, "You taste amazing. I can't wait to lick you." Katie's eyes locked with his as her fingers drew nearer. Her tongue was another favorite of his; long and pointy. It snaked around the underside of his three fingers, licking herself up. When his fingers touched the back of her throat, she closed her lips around them and started to suck. Agonizingly slow, she would suck; drag her lips a couple centimeters only to suck again. Reaching the end of her tease, she licked one last time before saying, "And I can't wait to do that, to that." She pointed at his throbbing erection.

"I would love that," he said. Snapping out of his lust he guessed, "You watch a lot of porn don't you?" "Mhm, a lot. Mostly your porn, when you're not home. Right in that chair over there," she confirmed excitedly. You have good taste, by the way." Katie crawled over to him, kissing him while pushing him onto his back. Stroking his length again, she knew it looked like it did when he really needed to cum; almost purple and angry.

She kissed down his neck, to his chest, finally licking his stomach down to the base of his cock. His heart stopped at the thought she was going to blow him right there. Her tongue receded to gather more saliva before she licked along the base, dragging down to his balls.

Lying on her stomach, she proceeded to kiss and lick his sack while steadily jerking his cock. With one final tease of things to come, she licked his shaft slowly, all the way up to the top, circling his head for the finish. More precum oozed out but instead of licking it up like she wanted, she used it the way it was meant. Stroking more easily, she massaged his sac with her other hand while pushing him closer to the finish.

She memorized the look on his face, making it the standard of how to make him feel. Partly to speed him up because she was a bit tired, but mostly because she couldn't help herself, she sporadically licked whatever part of his cock her tongue found. It was quickly too much for him, "Gonna cum," he huffed. Katie leaned up to catch his seed on her chest and just in time. A powerful blast hit her between her breasts, but it wasn't enough for her.

She hunched down, wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock, and sucked the rest of her gooey treat right out of him. T could not look away as his little sister swallowed his cum for the first time; that he had witnessed. He would be continuingly amazed at her wiliness to please. "Holy fuck, I love your mouth," he declared, throwing his head back and sighing.

Swallowing the last of his second load, she proclaimed, "I love your cum." Katie kissed his penis goodnight and hopped off the bed. T loved where their relationship was then when she bounced naked across his room. She closed and locked his door before grabbing a towel she had brought to clean them up.

Big booty latina enjoys a big black cock walked over to the other side of the bed to clean her brother first. "You don't have to wash me you know," he told her. She smiled and said, "Like everything else tonight, I want to. And fuck you, sitting there with your arms behind your head, loving the attention I give you, bitch." She leaned down to kiss his cock again when it almost started to get a little soft.

Switching realities, she added, "I can't get over how much fun it is just voluptuous pretty girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob be intimate with you now." "I can't get over how much of a little porn star you really are," he said, still amazed at his luck. "Well, before tonight all of my sexual experiences were watching porn or watching you beat off so," Katie explained, cleaning his & her cum off herself.

When they were both as dry as possible, Katie laid another towel over where she had soaked his bed, cuddling up next mother pay for son debth her love. Neither wanted to fall asleep right away, still reveling in the major turn their lives had taken. They laid there looking into each other's eyes, easily seeing all the love they had for each other.

Breaking the silence, Katie said, "So tomorrow, I thought we could get all serious BS involving our new situation out of the way. We don't have to solve all our problems, but at least address concerns. Come up with rules and stuff to protect us. Tell each other what we really want now that we know the truth," she timidly suggested. The only reason for her nervousness was her uncertainty of how he may react to her decade-long plan in the old red notebook she would show to him the next day.

"Abso-fuckin-lutely. I mean, we're still together right? As long as that doesn't change, I'm all for getting the negative stuff out of the way so we can just be happy.

Then we can figure out us along the way. Not that I know dick about relationships. I just want to make sure whatever happens, it's what we both want," he said kissing her on the forehead.

"Good, and no, nothing changes. We are in a committed relationship as of tonight. I still can't believe how easy this was.

Seriously, when we woke up this morning, we weren't even on the best terms. Now we're lying in your bed naked together." "I think our magic word seems to be together. Oh, and speaking of that, if you're not still here when I wake up tomorrow, and I ask if tonight really happened; please don't fuck with me," he pleaded. "No, I wouldn't do that. If I woke up tomorrow and thought tonight didn't happen I'd be majorly upset. But then I'd just come rape you and start things back up," she assured him.

T pulled her to him and she sunk right into his embrace. They could figure out all the details of their new world the next day.

There was a fairly difficult road ahead of them, but with Katie's planning and T's problem solving, it failed to be as daunting a task as it would be to others. They were in love, nothing would change that. Even the forces that had already started building against them; the bad guys were no longer invisible. ***** Thirty minutes later… "Holy, shit!" T exclaimed, sitting up in bed, "Seed Thief!" Katie rolled over to see him looking at her accusingly.

"What the fuck?" she asked. With a lowered voice he explained, "You said I gave you a facial without knowing. Katie, I was trying to figure out where my load went for like a week." Katie Laughed hard at his predicament. "I'm serious! Every once and awhile I still look for it. I even beat off a bunch of times to make sure I wasn't shooting blanks." Katie just laughed harder.

She knew he was serious and it was priceless to her. He waited patiently for her to calm down from her joy. When she was done, he saw her smile through the window light. Leaning up, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. "I even have a few topless pics of me covered in your cum from that night.

I'll show them to you tomorrow." She kissed him passionately before she continued, "But for the record, if you ever wake me up in the middle of the night like that again; you better be making me laugh that hard, warning me of an emergency, or offering dick." To Be Continued…