Sex with hot legal age teenager adorable gal

Sex with hot legal age teenager adorable gal
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I'm on a long distance conference call meeting with the Chicago office when she walked into my office to drop off some papers for me to sign. I'm sitting sideways to my desk, leaning back with one leg propped up on the pull out tray of my desk.

I look bored with the conversation because she see my eyes roll in disgust at something that is said. She decides to try to spice it up for me. I'm thirty three years older than her. My chisled facial features thrill her.

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There is always a bulge in the crotch of my pants and she wonders exactly what is behind the fabric. She has imagined a long thick cock with a mushroom like head. Nikki has fantasized about my cock sliding into her pussy many times and those fantasies never fail to wet her panties, even here at work. She has also fantasized about taking my big fat cock into her mouth and sucking me off which also never fails to excite her.

At night she often masturbates with a big life-like dildo that she imagines is my cock and she always has a big orgasm. Nikki is 22 slender curvy petite woman, she is 5' 5" tall with small breasts and long blonde hair. She is in the secretary pool, she is filling in for my secretary who is on vacation. Nikki is a new employee to the firm, she has worked at the firm for two weeks.

She has heard the rumors and stories about me. Her breasts 34B, bigdick loving teen squirter gets face jizzed thinks that I like to gaze at them. Nikki notices my eyes gravitating that way many times when she leans over and lay things on my desk.

Her waist is slender and her hips are curvy. She always wears thigh-high stockings over her long legs and generally wears at least three inch heels. She tries to dress professionally but yet with some sexiness.

I have never made a pass at her even though she knows that I watch her small firm ass whenever she walks out of the office and she always give it an extra wiggle or two just for me. Noticing that my coffee cup is empty she saunters over to the coffee pot and refills it. I mouth the words, " Thank you," as she set it down on the coaster on my desk. With her heart beating faster she suddenly kneel down between cleaning all holes is a mans work legs and quickly unbuttons her top.

Pulling it aside pull her bra cups down to release her boobs to my view. Nikki sees that my nymphos nail dudes asshole with monster strap dildos and squirt cream are big and wide as she cups them and lifts them upward so that she can kiss the nipples. I silently mouth the question, " What the hell are you doing?" but she doesn't answer.

Instead she lays her hands on the insides of my knees. My face is becoming slightly flushed as she slides her hands slowly up my inner thighs toward my crotch. As she does so she can see my ever-present bulge growing even larger underneath my pants. Before she loses her nerve she slides her hands up over my bulge and lightly squeezes my hardening cock. It feels like it is everything that she has imagined, long, big and hard. Moving further upward she quickly unfastens my belt and the button on my pants.

She hears me trying to make some intelligent sounding conversation on the phone while she unzips my pants to reveal black satiny fabric. Released from the confines of my pants my cock grows even more behind the looser silk boxer shorts.

Pulling down the waistband of my boxers she gets to see my monster cock for the first time and it is everything that she has anticipated it to be! It is long and fat and very hard and she creams her panties at the sight of it. It is hard as steel and it throbs in her hand as she strokes it several times. A pearly drop of pre-cum has already formed on the tip and she licks it away with her tongue while looking up at me.

I still have a look of disbelief on my face. Without taking her eyes away she blowjob contest alektra blue and chanel preston and monique alexander her tongue around the crown and my hips move involuntarily like I want more.

Not knowing how much time she has she takes the head in her mouth and starts sucking. Again my hips start moving up and down like I'm trying to shove it deeper in her mouth. My eyes are now closed. Then she begins bobbing her head up and down, taking more of my cock in her mouth with each stroke. But she has a problem: my pants are in the way for her to get a full stroke so she tugs on them, trying to get some more room to play. She also wants to play with my balls while she sucks me.

I see her dilemma and I lift my hips enough for her to get my pants down to my ankles. Pushing my knees apart she now has the freedom to do what she wants to do. She gently grasps my heavy cum-filled balls and begin gently rolling them around between her fingers. Meanwhile, my cock is going deeper and deeper into her mouth until it reaches the back of her throat. Taking a deep breath and suppressing her gag reflex she pushes past that spot and swallows rapidly until my cock is sliding down into her throat.

As my cock goes deep in her throat she hears a strangled sound from me and hears me say into the phone, " No, I just choked on my coffee, sorry!" Nikki really thinks that I was surprised when my cock went down her throat and I was trying to cover up a heavy moan.

She holds my cock there and lets her throat muscles massage the head of my cock. She looks up and my eyes are closed and my face is flushed red. When she can stand it no longer she is coming back up for air when I open my eyes. She pulls back just far enough to breathe around my cock before going back down. A few minutes later her nose is pressed tightly up against my pubic hair.

During this time my hips are not still, they are pushing upward, lifting my buttocks up off of the chair as she holds me deep in her throat. For the next fifteen minutes she repeatedly slowly deep-throats me until she feels my cock expanding even more in her throat.


She hears me groan softly and suddenly my cock is spurting my stringy cum down her throat. After two or three spurts she wants to taste me so she pulls back so I can shoot the rest my delicious hot seed into her waiting mouth. As she is sucking the remainder of my hot cum from my cock she hears me make another lame excuse into the phone. She keeps sucking until she gets every last drop jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom my essence and my cock deflates in her mouth.

After swallowing my load she returns to sucking my cock to be sure that it is absolutely clean. She thinks she hears that maybe the phone call is winding up so she releases my cock and does her best to pull my underwear and pants back up before she puts her boobs away and fastens her blouse. Then, after licking her lips in an exaggerated way, she turns and walks out of my office giving her ass a few special wiggles on the way out.

About fifteen minutes later my voice comes over the intercom. " Miss Jones, may I see you in my office please?" Nikki is standing in front of my desk when I ask in a gruff voice, " And just what was the reason for your performance a little while ago?" " You looked awfully bored, Sir," She replys, trying not to smile. " I thought that I would liven things up for you." " Well you did that for sure. I'm very amused at the sounds I was making while I supposedly choked on my coffee.

It was very embarrassing for me because I think that he may have figured out what was going on. Do you know what this means?" " I'm hoping it will mean that you will fuck me when I can get you hard again," She replies while quickly unbuttoning her top once more. " Miss Jones, I hardly think that . this . is schoolgirl force fuck by teachers. appropriate .

behavior . for ." Nikki interrupts, " Oh, come on Mr. Malone, you've wanted to fuck me since I was hired. I can see it in your eyes every time I come into your office. And you've wanted to see and play with these tits too, haven't you?" Nikki is topless by now and she is cupping her breasts in her hands, once again lifting them up and kissing them.

I stand unbuckling my belt and sliding it from the loops of my pants, her eyes never leaving my hands. The leather belt folds easily in my hand and I chuckled. " What's the matter Nikki?

I sense confusion, do you need it beaten out of you?" She somehow found her voice and tried vainly to take control of the situation. " Mr Malone, whatever this is, it's certainly not funny." " You're right Nikki, it's not funny, it's very serious." My growling voice is purposely low, assuring she is straining to catch every word, her attention wholly on me in this moment.

She is staring at me, her eyes dark with lust, the inner turmoil in her head nearly visible. Her hair is soft in my hand as I reach over grabbing it, tugging it, forcing her eyes to me.

" Now, take those documents you worked so hard on and put them away." Almost automatically, she slips the reports on my desk into the drawer next to her, my hand never leaving her hair. New xxx filam story ebony sex stories smiled, forcing her eyes back to me again.

" Next, you're going to slide off your panties, lift your skirt and bend over the desk, right fucking here in front of me." She didn't right do anything away, instead staring up at me - perplexed, still - doe-eyed, the picture of innocence even though I knew better. Knew completely better. Nothing innocent embodied in this woman. I pull her hair hard, " Get them off now Nikki." The dominance in my voice made her jump; she has never heard that tone of voice from mer.

Without putting up another protest, she is released from my handhold on her hair, and she walks around obediently to the desk in front of me, lifts her skirt dropping her panties to the floor.

With a satisfied sneer adorning my lips, I gently caress one bare ass cheek, which is far sexier than I could have imagined, while my other hand snake into her hair again, clutching hard as I pull her back slightly. " Oh, Nikki, your ass is in goddamn trouble. I've been dreaming of this day," I whispered in her ear. Before the whimper can leave her lips, I pull myself free, took off my royal blue silk tie, and secured it around her neck, pulling it tight - UntamedLioness elicited excessive sexual gratification from being choked, as evidenced on her profile details - and I gripped her hips then slammed my hard cock deeply into her.

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The moan that is ripped from her throat nearly sent me over the edge of orgasm. I fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked by anyone. Her hips slamming against the desk with each thrust, the desk legs etching noisily into the hardwood floor; no doubt her thighs will be bruised tomorrow. She cries out, in ecstasy, in pain . it is all an intoxicating blur to her. But it isn't enough for me. I yank her head back whispering sadistically in her ear, my hips not stopping, " You like this don't you, you little slut?

You want to be my bitch." She moans at my words, her drenched pussy gripping my fat cock tighter and deeper, silently begging for my cum load to fill her cunt. It is only then my hips stop, my breathing hard and ragged. " Oh no, slut. It won't be that motherfucking easy." I thrust into her once more, making her scream loud, reverberating through the entire now-emptied office floor.

" Beg for it, beg to cum on my cock like the greedy little whore you are. Beg and I might support wolf by purchasing that full movie you cum." My hips start moving again, slow this time, wanting her to ache for it.

Her breathing is erratic; she is so close that if I went a little faster she would come undone. Nikki wanted it, she beseeched it, and the fact that it is coming from a man she has dreamed about made it that more erotic for her.

The slow fuck is cock-throbbing torture to me. I'm ready to erupt, any second now. In fact, if I didn't focus on not cumming, I would burst into her immediately. I feel her walls shuddering around me, so close. I thrust once more, and with that she completely unravels.

" Oh, fuck! Mr Malone, please let me cum! I need to cum for you!" She screams, dragging her nails down the desk, leaving faint scratch marks on it.


I speed up, gyrating fast and furious into her cunt, the juices emanating from her is a waterfall. " Come on Nikki, you want to cum don't you, slut? Beg!" The ferocity stunning minx cheats on boyfriend with hung stepbro cock each thrust is agony; I knew I will have another fuck this good, with all the angry bottled emotion now uncorked behind each and every rhythmic assault of my cock destroying her pussy with jack hammering thrusts.

Nikki continues her pleas, her words no longer sensible, just a high-pitched combination of 'please', 'oh fuck' and 'John.' Finally, I can't hold back anymore. " Cum you slut!" I barked at her, and we orgasmed in unison, I'm surging into her with an intense, loud groan and spasmodic plunge as Nikki milks every last drop of cum from me, her cunt convulsing around my pulsating cock. Heavy breathing fills the room, as I soften inside of her, my body limp against hers.

She is crushed against the desk, an ache palpitating throughout her battered hip bones, and the back of her scalp excruciatingly tender. But from head to toe, she is filled with euphoric sexual release as she has never known before, drugged in a sexual stupor.

After a few moments I pull away from her, dragging her one last time by the hair and dropping her to her knees in front of me. " Clean off my cock, slut." Without hesitation she sucks my soft cock into her mouth, licking up all traces of my cum and hers, greedily consuming every trace of our sexual fluids we had extracted from each other.

When she had completed her task, I stroked her hair almost affectionately before whispering, " Good girl." Nikki sat there on her knees, skirt hitched up and panties around her ankles, stunned.

I collected the last of my things, putting the documents she gave me earlier back on my desk. Taking her chin in my hand, I forced her eyes onto me for the final time that night. " I need you to look over those reports tonight Nikki. I'll see you in the morning." And with that, I turned and walked out of my office.