True anal lana rhoades has her perfect ass gaped

True anal lana rhoades has her perfect ass gaped
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© This is a fantasy; any resemblance to real places or people is purely coincidental. She was the new girl. Only five foot three she had short dirty blonde hair, a sweet angelic face, a wide mouth with pouting full lips. Her tight lush body sported full conical breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, and lush thighs. The thick coal black thatch at the juncture of her thighs barely covered her labia. Her old name was gone.

The master, if he thought her worthy, would name her after he interviewed her. Standing two meters plus Yves towered over the girl as he critically eyed her trembling nude form. "Turn around child," he ordered. The chain attached to the leather belt around her waist and the shackles on her ankles clinked faintly as she slowly turned around as she had been instructed.

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"Stop," he commanded. She stood while he admired her softly curved ass. It would look even better with a red handprint on her flawless white skin he thought. "Come kneel before me child." He said. She trembled even more as she assumed the slave posture before him. She knelt on her heels, chin high, knees wide, hands on her thighs, and chin up, with her breasts thrust forward.

Either fear or excitement made her pink nipples stand out in high pink points. "Excellent," Yves praised her, "do you know why you are here child?" She shook her head. "You may speak to answer my questions child." Yves said in a soft voice. "Speak truly child" He smiled caressing her breasts. Her voice was fearful as he spoke.

"Other than sex I can only imagine Master." She answered. Yves chuckled." Yes, you would, wouldn't you? In time, you shall know. As long as you obey, we won't be too hard on you.

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Do you remember your training?" The new girl shuttered, turning pale. "Y…yes, Master," she said weakly. "I see you do indeed remember child…What was your name before you came to us? What is your age as well?" She stammered, then forced out, "I'm nineteen Master. She said first. "My name…was C… Carol…Master." Yves smiled. "Excellent age girl…I had hoped you were younger." He frowned slightly.

"They took your name from you didn't they child?" She nodded. "A pity that, but in had to be done. Now it is up to me to name you…" He smiled the cruelest she ever saw. "Henceforth you shall be named …Carol." He finished. Carol blanched dropping her chin. She recovered immediately. "Thank you Master." She managed to strangle out. Yves grinned at her distress then said. "I will test you now Carol." He seemed to think for a few seconds.

Then he said "Dog." With out thinking Carol spun around and dropped to her elbows. With her legs spread, she raised her ass presenting her sex for use. "Very nice child." He remarked pulling his long massive cock out. "Remember you training Carol while I use you." He finished with a sneering voice.

Yves parted her labium with his thumbs. Then savagely thrust into her cunt. Carol bit her lip when his dick slammed to her depths. The only sound she made was a whimper deep in her throat. She shuttered remembering capture and training. * * Carol was taking a walk near her home when it happened. The last thing Carol remembered was a sharp stinging in her upper arm near her shoulder. Then she woke up in hell .

She was tied with her arms to a hook in the ceiling. Two naked collared women where cutting her clothing off with large scissors. With one last snip, her bra fell off to the pile of shredded scraps around her feet. Entirely naked now, she screamed and struggled, her futile efforts received a reward. "Shut that fucking bitch up!" A male voice snarled. One of the women popped a ball gag into her mouth, pulling the straps tight. Carol looked around franticly hoping against hope of some means of escape.

Her hopes were dashed when she realized she was in a large airplane. She saw clouds passing under the wings. Three other young women were suspended like her. There was another sting in her hip and she blacked out. This time when she woke, she was laying on the floor in a room solidly on the ground. The women were gone. Several naked men surrounded her and the three other captives. The four woman's hair had been cropped to about two inches. Carol's pussy oozed virginal blood, as did the other women prisoners.

Obviously the three of them had been raped while they were unconscious. "You're the tighty sport couple enjoyed in a sex after a training one awake slut." One said grabbing her chin.

"Bout time, we're tired of waiting. It's more fun when you girls moan and groan when we fuck you." He growled in a hoarse voice. "You're the teen licks excited pussy of horny girlfriend of the bunch. We wanted you first anyway." They dragged her to her feet. They held her wrists behind her back and pushed her through an open door.

The room was large and circler. She was hustled to a round depression in the center of the room. There Carol was strapped to a short thick padded board. The board was bolted to bottom of the depression. The board was long enough for just her body. Her hips hung over one end. Her head was braced up on the other end. Her ankles were secured to rings set wide with her feet flat on the damp floor. The obvious purpose was to hold her legs open.

Her wrists where secured with other rings down by her sides. The naked man in apparently in charge of the milling men watching knelt between her wide thighs.


She cringed when his dick brushed her crotch. She flinched when a man knelt at her head. The one between her legs shouted. "Look at me bitch!" Carol raised her head staring in his eyes. "You from this moment on you are nothing! You have no name, no purpose to exist other than to serve your owner." He paused letting that sink into her mind. "You are a slave…no more than a fucktoy at best!" He looked around the room and shouted again. "Its training begins…now!" With that, he savagely buried his cock in her cunt to the hilt.

Carol lost track of how many men raped her body and mouth. It went on for hours it seemed. A few of them came in her mouth. They forced her to swallow most of their sperm. In general, the men came on her body and face.

Shortly she was all but covered with the white gooey stuff. Before the cum could dry the first one came back to stand by her head. "You ugly pile of shit." He said. The sneer still on his face he asked. "What is you name slut?" Carol spit cum at him. "Carol," she said in a weak defiant voice. He raised his hand waving it in the air.

"No name needs more training." He shouted. He called for dogs as many as could be found. Tens of all kinds of dogs were brought. The sniffed her then raised their legs and pissed on her. Soon she was soaked with the rank smelling fluid. He asked her again. "What is you name whore?" Defiantly she gasped "Carol," Then he pissed on her mouth and face. Shortly a circle of men stood around her pissing on her body.

Pretty amateur eurobabe pounded at home for some money never stopped, when one was through more joined the circle. Their warm urine splashed and rained on every part of her. The accumulated cum washed off her skin and out of her short hair to float in the raising puddle of piss around her. It didn't stop, first dozens of men added to the warm yellow tide.

The fluid rose until it lapped around her ankles. It lapped at her back as she lay flat on the board. Bucket after bucket of warm water was added to the piss. When the vile tide rose to lap at her pussy they fixed a pipe, on the railing around her, aimed at her face. The men no longer had to wade in the piss now.

They continued to urinate in the basin from all sides of her. It splashed on her tits and face. Woman slaves were added to the people using her as a toilet.


Ever few hours through warm water was added to the foul mix. By noon, that day Carol's pink nipples were awash in the horrid mix. The odor was foul, rank with ammonia.

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When it crept up her neck and ripples splashed in her mouth she began to scream with panic. "Stop! I have no name…No name…No name!" He let it creep higher yet.


She screamed her throat raw. "No name! No name!" They opened a large gate valve releasing the piss and water in loud rush. No name fainted with relief . It took several weeks for no name to recover from her ordeal. Then be trained as a proper slave. She was very nervous when the Seneschal brought her before Yves. As he lead her through huge knob enters mouth of a awesome teen corridors she vowed to be the best no name girl there was.

* * After the first few thrusts, Yves slowed to a steady rhythm. "Talk to me Carol," he ordered. "Tell if this cock is to your liking." Carol cooed with pleasure. "Oooo! Yes, Master. It's so big it hurts! Fuck me hard like the bitch I am.

Harder Master…make me you whore! I live only to please you!" Yves increased his speed slightly slapping his hips harder to her soft round ass. Her lush tits swayed rippled in time to his thrusts. She mewled with pleasure as an orgasm tried to build in her small body. It would rage to the heights but never reach a peak and break over.

Yves rubbed a tattoo at the base of her spine only two fingers from the crack of her ass.

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Carol screamed as an orgasm rippled through her, then another more powerful. Yves started to cum shooting his white sperm deep, He slammed in her one last time and held his cock as deep as he could as his cum pulsed in sprits filling her pussy. "Arch your back and don't move girl!" Yves ordered, and then he pulled out. Carol froze waiting for his next command.

"Not bad girl. You have some talent," he dipped a wad of cum out of her pussy with a large finger then poked it deep in her ass past the last knuckle. Carol flinched but made no other move.

"You follow orders well too." He said sitting in his chair. Fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore to me and lick me clean." He commanded shaking his half-hard dick at her. Carol left a trail of cum on the polished marble floor that dripped out of her ravaged pussy.

When noticed what she had done she shook with fear. "Don't fret about it girl." Yves laughed. "Someone else shall clean that up." Reassured she still shook as she took her massive member in her small hands. She attacked his dick with gusto the way she had been trained. She licked its length then skinned back his foreskin and licked it and his cock head clean.

"Nicely done slave. Now suck it hard for my next guest." He stroked her hair as he bobbed on his dick. "That's enough he said gently." Her full lips made a little moue when she sat back on her heels. "You wished for my seed?" Yves asked. Carol nodded.

"No more this day little one." He chuckled. "You shall serve me in that manner often in the future." "Take it to it's pen." Yves commanded the Seneschal.

"See that she is cared for and fed well. I think I shall use her two or three times a week until she gets with child. ." He grimaced. "If she does not become pregnant .in six moths time put her in the visitors harem." Then he said.

"Have the clumsy maid brought to me." "Yes M' Lord." The Seneschal bowed. "By your leave." He added. Yves nodded. The Seneschal led the new girl away by her leash. Carol strutted the way she had been trained to, arrogantly breasts thrust out with her hips rocking sensually. Her chains clinking musically with each step she took.

She contemplated the future. The slave, no name wept. Bitter tears ran down her face. The Seneschal saw them but he would tell no one. When the time was ripe he would make the whore an offer. An offer the little slut couldn't refuse.

To be continued?