Holland teen suspects were spotted and apprehended by lp cop in a failed try to exit

Holland teen suspects were spotted and apprehended by lp cop in a failed try to exit
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FYI, this is my first story. Positive Comments = Part 2. Alice skipped down the path, she was wearing a short blue dress along with knee high stockings. Her long blonde hair going down past her waist as she skipped towards the doctors office. Alice is 17. But.She hadn't been raised.normally. She's been raised like a little girl her whole life, even though a little girl is most certainly not what she is.

At least, not biologically. She however has a body like a girl. A nice slim almost perfect body most girls her age would die for. Amazing chick sucks bald hard dong pornstar and hardcore is home schooled and treated like a princess, she hardly ever has contact with the outside world, which is why people find her weird, since she acts like a very young girl even though she is 17.

However, she doesn't know any better. Today was her first Doctor's appointment alone. She was very excited, as she skipped through the front door into the waiting room. "What's your name?" The lady behind the counter asked. "Alice!" She replied "Ah, Alice, it's nice to see you.

Please, just take a seat over there. Dr. Martin will be with you soon." Alice walked over and sat down, next to an older man who looked very sick. She picked up a magazine; it was a women's magazine about mostly sex techniques. Alice was shocked, taking it in the ass is all she wants telsev never read anything like this before! Her mother had always told her to NEVER show her pussy to anyone, let alone let men do things like this to her.

"Alice, please come in now" Said Dr. Martin. Alice got up and followed him to his room at the very back of the surgery. "So, Alice. What brings you here?" Dr. Martin said. "Well, Dr. Martin.My legs have been so very sore recently.Mother told me to come to see you about it, but she couldn't come because she had work." "Oh, i see. anywhere in particular?" He replied "Just above my knee's" Nervously replied Alice. The Doctor told Alice he'd have to have a feel around her legs to see if he could locate any problems.

Alice told him it was okay, as he lifted her dress a little to reveal her pale white legs. He began to feel the outer thigh of her right leg. Slowly stroking it when he began moving his hand up a bit further and underneath her thigh. Massaging it. Doing the same to the other leg afterwords. "Well, i don't see any problems." Said the Doctor. "I'd better inspect some other places.

just to see if everything's okay." Alice nodded. What she didn't realize however, was that in his pants was the biggest hardon he'd ever have. He was Alice's regular doctor. And he was very close to being classified as in love with her. She was 17, Blonde haired, pale, beautiful and almost always dressed like a princess. On top of that was her innocence, she'd been raised without much contact to others, leaving her in a state of that like a little girl. "Lift your dress, Alice.

I'd like to see your stomach." Alice did as he said, lefting her dress up so high her nipples were just visible. The Doctor started feeling her tummy, running his hands up it, causing her to lift her dress higher.

That's when he started rubbing her Nipples.

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He took her now erect nipple between his fingers and rolled it, causing it to go rather hard. Doing the same to the other. "Alice, i need to do some more inspections. Go back behind that curtain and take off your panties.

Sit on the bed once they're off." .This caused Alice to turn red! She'd never thought of taking her panties off outside her house. But, her mother told her to be a good girl for the doctor, so Alice did as she was told. She sat on the bed with her legs tightly shut. "Alright, now please open your legs and show me your.um.Little Pussy." The Doctor said.

"What!? No way! My Mother told me to never show my pussy to anyone, ever." Replied Alice. The Doctor reminded her that he needs to see this, in order for teen shae celestine gets doggystyled and jizzed on to make her feel better.

Alice remembered what her mother told her and spread her legs open and lifted her dress. Revealing her tiny erect dick. That's Right. Alice was a boy. At least, biologicaly. She'd been raised and considered a girl all her life, after all. "What.Why is that.?" The Doctor Mumbled confused. "This is what you wanted, right Doctor.? My Pussy. is there a problem with it?" Alice worried.

"Oh, Not at all.Let me take a good look" Said the doctor. As he wheeled his chair over close. He found this truly amazing. Before him stood once of the most beautiful innocent girls he'd ever seen. And here was her pussy. But it wasn't a pussy. It was a Tiny Dick and ball sac. "Hmm.Seems about 4 inches." The Doctor thought to himself, running his finger up her balls and up to the tip of her dick.


The Doctor asked Alice why there was no hair there. She told him that she'd had special surgery when she was younger to have all of her body hair removed.

The Doctor told her to stand up and bend over the bed, which she obediently did. The Doctor spread her little white butt cheeks, revealing wife amp husband makes love together amp gets creampie pink butthole.

He stuck a finger in, surprised at how easy it went in. Alice gasped, surprised at what the doctor had done as he started to move his finger in and out. "Doctor, Please Stop! It Feels weird!" Said Alice. "Sorry, Alice. But This is a part of the inspection. I Need to make sure you're okay." He said, pulling his finger out of her butt. "You seem totally fine Alice, i wouldn't worry" He said.

Alice thanked him, but said in concern: "Doctor. i need to tell you something.Mother says playing with my Pussy is bad. And thinking about it is also bad, because it makes my Pussy hard when i'm out with her.but recently, i love to play with it.but.

this white stuff comes out. It's weird, i don't know what it is!" "I See. well, why don't you show me this white stuff? It might be bad for you." Doc' Said. "But.can i really play with my pussy here? In Front of you?" Replied Alice. The Doctor Assured her it was okay. Alice sat back and opened her legs wider, taking her small dick into her hand as she started stroking it, slowly up and down.

She tried to hold in her moaning, but couldn't. As she continued stroking her dick, the Doctor was getting more and more excited. He had to hold his excitement though; Alice's parents were very influential in this town.

If they found out about anything, he'd be in jail for a long time. ".Alice, Stroke Faster. And try clenching your butthole. It will make the White stuff come out quicker" he told her. Alice took his advice and soon she was cumming. "Doctor.I'm Sorry.Here it.Comes.!" She screamed, as she came in her hand. "Let me take a close look here.Alice, please taste it for me. i need to know what it tastes like." Doc' Said.

Alice slowly took it up to her mouth and licked it, swallowing it with slight difficulty. "Umm.It Tastes.Kinda Salty.But Kinda sweet." Alice said.


"Ah, i see. you have nothing to worry about then. It's a specal Protein that your body naturally makes. Whenever it comes out, you should eat it like that." "Oh Okay! Thanks Doctor!" Alice said happily, releved about it. Alice got up and put her panties on, just about to open the door to leave the doctor grabbed her hand. He told her he needed to run one more test.

He told Alice to get on her knees in front of his chair, which she did.


He then took out his big hairy dick and asked Alice to lick it for him. He needed to see if her White Juice was the same as him. Alice nervously took his dick in her hand as he intruscted her too. She Bought it near her face and nervously licked the tip, not knowing what to expect.

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His Dick twitched, surprising her. He told her not to worry and to keep licking. As this carried on, he told her to put it in her mouth and suck it; Like an ice cream or lollipop. Alice put it in her mouth and tried asking: "Ish dish ofay foctor.?" she said with his dick in her mouth, he told her she was doing great as he grabbed her head and came in her mouth.

"Be ferrera gomez and victoria sweet share a jacuzzi to swallow it, i need to know how it tastes!" The Doctor said, waching Alice gulp down all of his cum.

"Um.It tastes.Kinda yucky compared to mind.but still.salty and sweet." Alice said. "Very Good Then, Alice. Go Make an appointment at the front Desk for next week. And make sure to tell no one about these tests; A Doctor's Oath says you're not allowed to tell anyone!

It's a special rule." Alice agreed, leaving the room and making the appointment. As she walked out her mother was parked in the carpark waiting to take her home. Alice's 'pussy' had gotten hard from sucking Dr. Martin's dick however, her mother noticed when Alice got in the car and said "Alice, Is that what i think it is!?

What have you been thinking of? When we get home, i will have to punish you so you don't think about that kind of stuff ever again!"