Slutty emo babe gets boned and jizzed on

Slutty emo babe gets boned and jizzed on
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In part 1 I told about my friend Lane who was a very deep sleeper all his life. You could do anything at all to him and not wake him. We did all kinds of things to him when we were teens but eventually grew tired of it. Lane and I went on camping trips every year and on one of these trips he took his new dog along.

It was during this trip that I was playing with his dog after he went to sleep. The dog seemed horny and I got the idea to teach his dog to fuck Lane's mouth while he slept.

I was very successfully beyond what I had hoped for. He never woke up during any of our fun and his dog and I had fun times. I found a dog for myself after that and had some similar fun with him. My dog Bowser was much bigger but didn't have that large of a cock. But he was a horny dog just the same. After our last camp out I started looking for a girlfriend with the same sleeping problem.

When talking to one of my female coworkers about Lane's deep sleeping, she mentioned a friend of hers that had the same problem. She wouldn't go anywhere where there was a chance of her falling asleep because she had a bad experience at college. Apparently she had fallen asleep at a party and when they couldn't wake her she became the center of the festivities. Luckily there were few photos taken and those were by a friend who couldn't stop the crowd. She woke the next morning painted head to toe.

Her friend told her she had threatened to call 911 if they molested stepdauhter miley let stepdad play with her pussy so they painted her instead. She realized how bad it could have been so now she was extra careful. I weaseled my way into meeting her and we hit it off right away.

She loved Bowser and he liked her. We dated for a month before she would give me more than a kiss. Bowser went everywhere with us.

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I told her Bowser was my partner and we shared everything. When we made love for the first time it was the sweetest lovemaking I had ever experienced. It was the slow soft stroking kind where you are in no hurry to ever get to the finish because you don't want it to ever end. The second time was the mad hot passionate kind where you want to fuck the brains out of each other. We had to lock Bowser out of the room because he almost mounted me while I was fucking her. I joked that he wanted to share.

She joked that I was selfish. We had lots of sex over the next few weeks. I found that she loved oral and would suck my cock so hard I thought she would suck the head off before I would blow my load. When I would start to blow she would always go deep and suck even harder. She could swallow my cock until her nose was between my balls. She seemed to like smelling them while I came.

It was one of the greatest things I have ever had done to me. She loved to suck me while Babe with round ass gives a ride hardcore blowjob ate her.

She would about smother me and crush my head with her legs when she came. When she finally agreed to stay the night she said she trusted me to not take advantage of her while she was sleeping and I assured her that I wouldn't. Then she blew my mind by saying she wanted me to stick my cock in her mouth when she was asleep to see what she would do.

She always wanted to know how vulnerable she really was while sleeping. She wanted to see if she would blow me in her sleep. I had permission to do anything I wanted but I had to cum in her mouth at least once to see if she would swallow or not.

I told her she could count on me.

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When we got under the covers and cuddled it only took a few minutes for her to fall asleep. I was not at all sleepy because of the prospect of getting a sleepy blow job. I waited for at least 10 minutes (seemed like an hour) before I moved the covers off of her. I nudged her a few times to see if she was truly asleep. I kissed, tickled, bit and dragged her and she didn't wake.

This was just what I had hoped for, dead asleep. I was hard as a rock in anticipation of what was to come. I moved her into a better position for me to better fuck her face. I pulled her face to the side of the bed so her mouth was right at the edge. I knelt at the edge of the bed and placed my cock at her lips and slid the tip in. She moved her lips a little and I was getting hard as steel.

I slid it into her mouth and she did little sucking motions. I was sliding it in and out of her mouth and she was sucking more each time. This was so erotic that I wasn't going to last long before I blew my first load for the night. I tried to go slow to make it last but failed. When I blew my cum into her mouth she just kept sucking and was swallowing it all.

It felt sooo good that I didn't want to stop. I waited until my cock had shrunk down before I pulled it out of her mouth and went to the bathroom. When I came back I was shocked to see my dog Bowser had taken my place and was feeding his cock to her a lot more vigorously than I had.

I really should have known that he might try because we had done it that playgirl with hawt bottoms hardcore and blowjob before.

I actually had cut the legs short on the bed frame so he could do it at a comfortable position. When people asked why it was so low, I just said that I liked that level. I woke up many nights with him trying to fuck my face and sometimes I let him.

It was a good thing that Bowser didn't have that big of a cock. I looked close and saw he was in as deep as he could go and was ready to cum. Luckily he didn't have a large knot either because it was in her mouth the whole way and he was now cumming down her throat. She was still breathing and sucking during this so I relaxed some. I made sure he didn't try to turn away and hurt her or himself. I watched her suck for 10 minutes or more before I let him pull his now shrunk cock out of her mouth.

She was still making sucking motions when he pulled his cock out of her mouth. I was horny again by then so I fed my cock back to her. She sucked nicely as I pumped my meat in her mouth. It was taking a long time for me to cum again and Bowser apparently was horny and mounted me as I was bent over a little.

He struck home quickly and fucked me hard helping push me deeper into her mouth. As soon as he worked his knot up my ass I unloaded my cum. This time I was going crazy. Being the second time I came and with Bowser's cock unloading up my ass, my cock didn't want to stop throbbing.

God it felt good. I stayed in her mouth until Bowser pulled out of my ass. Then Bowser went to a corner and I went back to the bathroom to clean up. I hurried this time to make sure Bowser didn't go for more before I got back. When I came back he had just pulled the covers off of her. He sometimes did that to me also.

He was sniffing at her crotch smelling something good. I told him that I was first. I pulled her panties off and pulled her to the edge of the bed so her crotch was right at the edge and her feet on the floor. I started licking her juices and kneading her tits. Bowser was trying to taste also so I spread her legs enough that we could both lick. We both gave her pussy a good cleaning. She stunning sex for a hot slut smalltits and homemade lightly the whole time.

I decided to fuck her so I slid my cock to her and started fucking slowly since I knew it would take some time to cum a third time. Bowser was trying to get in on the action by mounting me but the angle was all wrong. When he gave up I decided to roll over and give him a chance for a double.

Rolling over with a sleeping person wasn't easy but I managed. As soon as we were in position Bowser knew what to do. He hopped right on her back and started thrusting away. His cock was poking all around trying to find a hole. He got in beside me for a few strokes before falling back out.

When he found her ass I could feel him enter beside me but not the same as when he was in her pussy with me. He really hammered her ass and I was matching his strokes. Bowser came right before me and I could feel his knot swell moms deepest fantasy is having sex outdoors my cock adding to the tightness of her pussy. I had to stay under her waiting for Bowser's knot to go down before I let his legs go so he could pull out of her ass.

All the leaking cum sax story sex stories xx 2019 soaking my crotch. When he pulled out I rolled back over so I could get up to clean up. When I looked back amateur brunette babe boned by pawn guy at the pawnshop reality and blowjob my way to the bathroom I saw Bowser cleaning her pussy.

When I got back from cleaning up I found Bowser had mounted my girlfriend and was fucking her real hard. She was moaning loudly now and sounded like she was cumming constantly. Bowser fucked her hard for about 5 minutes before pulling up tight and let loose his cum. When he was done he pulled out with a plop. I looked at my girlfriend's juicy snatch and dove in for a feast. I sucked out all that Bowser and I had deposited that night. After all of that we went to sleep for the night. I woke up a couple of times during the night to find Bowser fucking my girlfriend's face, taking advantage of her.

I woke up around 11:00 to find my girlfriend humming happily walking around cleaning my place. She smiled at me and asked if I slept well. She told me she woke to a surprise. She woke to find a cock in her mouth. She said she thought it was me at first and was sucking happily but eventually realized that it was Bowser. She wasn't mad about it but wondered how I felt. I told her that if she didn't mind, I didn't and for sure Bowser didn't.

She told me he came a lot and it tasted good so she swallowed it all.

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She jumped on me in bed told me to go brush my teeth because I had dog breath. Then she asked me how the night went.

She said she was a little sore in places she didn't expect and wasn't hungry this morning so she understood that she must have been fed well during the night.

I told her most of what went on during the night. I told her about Bowser fucking her ass after I rolled over.


And about catching him fucking her mouth after going to the bathroom. She listened and laughed. She said it sounded like fun and she wanted to reenact it all while awake. A dream come true I thought. So we did. We started with me at the edge of the bed getting sucked by crazy exhibition on snapchat ad kat aluna. When I came back from the bathroom Bowser had taken my place and was fucking her mouth real good.

After he was done I took his place for seconds. I went to the bathroom and Bowser had pulled the covers off of her and was trying to lick her pussy. She was resisting. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and started sliding my cock across her slit to get hard again before fucking her slowly.

She was really getting into it this time since she wasn't asleep. Bowser climbed on my back and started trying to fuck me from behind. My girlfriend was laughing hard about this. When he gave up and got off of my back we rolled over and now Bowser saw what he wanted.


He jumped on her back and was poking around. Her eyes were real wide wondering what was going to happen. He got his cock up her ass pretty quick and started fucking her hard.

She was fucking us back just as hard and was creaming and screaming while having orgasms one after another. She said this was her first double penetration and she loved it.

I corrected her by saying it was her second. When Bowser pulled up tight and started unloading his cum she let out a long moan and ground her ass back into him and I. I sped up and managed to cum with them which made her grind me harder.

I held onto Two euro sluts share one strong cock hardcore and groupsex paws to prevent him from trying to pull his knot out.

She ground off a couple more orgasms before we all disengaged. My girlfriend and I laid there for a while getting our breath back. Before we got up Bowser came back and started cleaning her pussy. She slid her ass to the edge of the bed so he could clean her good. She was going on about how good his tongue felt.

I was watching and noticed that his cock was starting to come out of its covering. She was laying there with her legs spread wide and her ass off the bed humping up into his tongue. She was getting into it big time. Before she knew what happened Bowser quit licking and jumped up on her.

He was quickly fucking her deep and she didn't even protest a little. She started cumming as soon as he stuck it in. He was deep and fucking as fast as I ever saw him go. They both seemed to be enjoying this position a lot. She was hanging on tight and fucking him back hard. She was getting orgasms one after another and when he locked up with her she let out a long wail of pleasure.

He had stopped moving but she was humping up at him and holding him tight. Eventually she calmed down and let him loose. He climbed down and pulled his knot out. I was so turned on from watching that I had another hard on.

I moved into place and within a few strokes I let go my load. She barely moved. I pulled out and sat down between her legs. I sat there looking at her spread legs and well used pussy which was drooling cum. I moved closer and licked at the residues of our activities. She let me know that she liked what I was doing and to continue. She pulled my face tight into her crotch and told me to eat it all.

I anissa kate kimber selice in double team on cock as told. I was sucking all the cum out of her when I felt Bowser lick my ass. Bowser licked my ass a few times before jumping on my back and humping my ass. He hit home quickly and started fucking away.

I kept sucking at her pussy while Bowser hammered my ass. My girlfriend eventually noticed the extra motion and sat up to see what was going on. She has a huge smile when she saw what Bowser was doing to me.

She had me by the hair smashing my face into her pussy squeezing out all the cum while trying to come once more. When she saw Bowser pull up tight she came at the same time. She was just about smothering me while Bowser was pumping his cum up my ass.

I sucked at her pussy until Bowser pulled out of my ass. After that she got down and tried to suck Bowser's cum out of my ass. My cock was way over used and sore but still got erect from her ass play.

She pulled me by the cock to the shower. We talked about what had transpired and I found that she really had no boundaries on what kind of fun we had together, and that included Bowser. She did suggest we get another dog though because she didn't think Bowser would be able to keep this pace every day. That and she wanted to try a dog with a lot bigger cock. Oh the fun we had after that.

Eventually I married that girl and we still have a lot of fun. We have four dogs now and one is a great dane. She wanted big and she got her wish.

Don't spend a minute of your life worrying about what others think. As long as you are having fun with willing participants, go for it.