Mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper

Mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper
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Another introduction of mine. Parts 1 and 2 of this story was already posted. This is Part 3. Probably final one. Hi, my name is Farhan. I am now 20 years old, a Muslim boy living in Canada with my family which includes my mom, my younger brother and younger sister.

This happened recently and I'd thought I would share this experience with the world. When my Mom and I talked to one another, it would be in Urdu but I translated somewhat to English for your understanding as xnxx is primarily English based.

Before I begin, I have a fairly lean body, black hair and brown eyes. I am 5'8 inches tall. My mom has long black hair, brown eyes, and 5'7 inches tall. We look different from one anther, mainly because I look a lot like my father. Ever since our last Swingers experience, my Mom and I continued our sexual relationship. After that dreadful night where my Mom almost got pregnant, we decided it was best that we take a break from swinging.

We were both scared shit the days following our last involvement with the lifestyle. I had gotten my mom the Plan B pill and we waited and waited for her next period. Finally it came and we felt cum hole licked and banged pornstar and hardcore relieved. She almost got pregnant by a stranger! So after that, I asked my mom if we could continue our sexual relationship, of course always wearing a condom to make sure that nothing would go wrong.

My mom agreed and for months, we secretly had sex on my parents bed whenever my siblings were at school or outdoors.

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It was awesome! ~~~ One evening, however, she surprised me by proudly displaying her newly shaved pussy. "I miss incredible lesbos enjoy eating out until cumming amateur babe hairy pussy." I said to her as I moved closer to her.

My mom was laying back on the bed with both legs spread out, her complete naked form glowing in the light. I moved on the bed and used my hands to spread her knees, exposing her clit. She really enjoyed the way I licked and kissed every part of her and so did I. I was so inspired by the look and feel of mom's naked pussy on my tongue and lips that I took her to the bathroom and handed her my razor.

She gently and carefully shaved my cock and balls. A first for both of us and so erotic. Now shaving me is a regular ritual she performs when we shower together. Having sex with her, both of us with without hair "down there" felt amazing.

All of this, I guess you could say, set the stage for a chance encounter that would change our lives. I sucked in my breath, closed my eyes, and savored the incredible sensation of my cock in her warm and wet mouth.

I was already pretty turned on and when she added her hand in a slow rhythm, I knew I wasn't going to last. I began to moan and I was matching her stroking with my hips.

"Oh, baby I'm going to cum." She took all I had to give and milked every drop into her mouth, grabbing a tissue to throw my white milky contents into the garbage bin. She stood and kissed me, sharing the taste of my cum. "I love it when you fill my mouth," she said. We both shared a passionate kiss and lay down together on her bed, cuddling one another.

To think, my Mom and I. our relationship being sexual, full of fun and energy, loving kindness and heart. At the back of my mind, I thought that maybe we could have another foursome. maybe. ~~~ "Mike, is that you?" He looked up, took a moment to process, and then with a big grin ran over to shake my hand.

"Farhan, woah, what's up buddy." I had seen my boss, Mike, at the local mall. I saw his wife with him and thought I'd introduce my Mom as my wife, classy blonde rams her holes with dildos she'd get the idea.

"I'm doing fine buddy! I want you to meet my wife, Nimra." By that time, Mike's wife was standing at his side. "This is my wife, Teri." Mike said. I've worked under Mike at McDonalds for about 2 years now, I had never met his wife. Mike had a handsome appearance, with his silver gray hair, piercing blue eyes, beautiful smile, and broad shoulders.

"He's quite a hunk isn't he sweetheart." "Yes he is, and Teri cuts quite a figure too. I saw you staring at her breasts. Don't worry, it's ok with me," my mom, Nimra said with a smile as she squeezed my hand. I told my Mom that Mike was my current boss and explained that he was leaving the company for better opportunities.

All four of us stood and talked for 10 minutes about his final day, new job coming soon, and what the future holds for us. Mike and Teri were both in their mid 30's, white as ever and looked like a beautiful couple. We decided to meet for Dinner tomorrow night at their home.

~~~ "So how do you feel about my Boss and his wife?" I asked Mom when we got home. "They seem so cute together." She replied. ~~~ Over dinner with Mike and his wife Teri, we chatted more. I explained why I married my Mom really young and how Mike didn't expect me to even have a girlfriend as cute as my Mom. My mom and I both giggled. He bought it that my mom was my wife! We talked more about life in general, they plan on moving to America for better job opportunities.

I wished them the best of luck. Mike had a hot tub so my Mom and I brought extra clothing and towels hoping to try it out after Dinner.

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The hot tub was fun and Teri definitely wore some really impressive bikinis. Watching her climb in and out of the tub was enough to bring a hard-on. Teri would sit on the edge, spread her legs wide and enter one leg at a time, giving me a wonderful view of her barely covered pussy. Mike caught me staring, gave me a playful elbow in the side and said, "Quite the sight isn't she?" I winked and nodded my head.

My mom, shocked Mike and me by reaching over to my crotch which was completely hard and in a low voice said, "Don't worry honey, I'll take care of this tonight." With a grin Mike countered, "Looks like we'll both have fun tonight." Mike wore a very small Speedo.

On just about everyone I know, that would be gross; however, on Mike, it worked. He had the body for it. Flat abs and good muscle tone. A lot of women stared, including my wife at a package that was clearly visible for all to see. When Mike stood up in the hot tub, his wet swimsuit gave a clear outline of his dick. I glanced over at Mom sharon gets rough fuck by her neighbor pornstars hardcore I could see she was mesmerized by his physique.

I reached over and gave her upper thigh a squeeze and she directed chesty mom slit banged hard by black dick hand onto her pussy. Mike and Teri enjoyed repeatedly putting on a show for us. They had us so turned on that we couldn't wait to fuck back home. But that would not be the case. During dinner. "Hey, why don't you guys sleep over tonight." Mike said. "We have a guest bedroom and are planning on going to the beach tomorrow morning, care to join us?" I looked at my Mom and she smiled and looked at me while nodding.

"Sure." I said. My mom and I were too stuffed from Dinner and too tired to talk about going to the beach with Mike and his wife Teri.

We both fell asleep in the guest bedroom cuddling. That following morning, Mike drove the 3 of us to the nearby beach. My mom and I were really surprised when we got out of the car to see that there were to separate beaches. One for topless/ nude beach and the other one for clothed. We were shocked when both Mike and Teri began to walk in the Topless direction.

We followed behind and they both smiled. "Have you ever been to a naked beach?" Teri asked. "Nope, never." I replied. "Well, you're going to have a good time." Mike said. We arrived at a pretty nice area by the water, Mike brought a bunch of blankets and spread them out. We put everything down and I wondered what to do. I stare at the beautiful blue ocean right in front of us. Not surprisingly, Teri was quick to start removing her clothes. I looked at Mom, gave her a wink, and peeled off my clothes.

In a moment, we all were standing au naturel, and I must say, Teri looked as sexy as I had imagined. I stared at Teri's small strip of hair on her pussy. Mike was getting an eyeful of my Mom's exposed body, too, especially when Mom removed her hijab letting out her wonderful long straight hair.

Teri was first to break the silence, "I need a volunteer to help me with my sunscreen. Some areas are just too hard to reach on my own." Before anyone could answer, she tossed the tube to me. Following Teri's lead, Mom turned to Mike who already had a tube in his hand.

"Start with my back," she said as she lay down on the blanket. As I started applying the lotion on Teri's back and working my way down a very lovely tush, I wasn't sure about Mike's assurance that I wouldn't get an erection. Teri didn't stop me as I moved my hands over her butt cheeks and even down her crack. She even spread her legs slightly as I did her thighs. I closed my eyes as I ran my fingers along her pussy. It was all I could do to move my hands down her legs and away from such an inviting love nest.

I looked over at Mike, and to my surprise, he was spending a lot of time applying lotion to Mom's butt cheeks. I could tell she was really enjoying it, too. He looked at me and we both just smiled.

I had a feeling more was to come. In one smooth move, Teri rolled over to a sitting position, wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy the lotion from my hand and pulled me down to sit in front of her. She took my hand, squirted a dollop in it and helped herself to a portion of her own. Her hand went to my chest as she took my lotion filled hand and placed it on her breast.

"We need to protect exposed skin," she said with a coy smile. Fondling her tits was giving me a hard-on; Teri, Mike and Mom looked at my 6 inch circumcised cock grow full!

If I hadn't had "growing interest" before, I definitely did when Teri's slippery hand moved to my groin. The feelings in my crotch had me transfixed until she moved my hand to her crotch. For several minutes, we explored each other. Her hand on my cock and my fingers on her pussy had us purring. If we had been in a private setting, we would have surely fucked.

I had no idea at that point what Mike and Mom were doing right behind me and, actually, I didn't care. There could have been a crowd watching and I would have been oblivious. Teri suggested Mike and I lay on the blanket for a few minutes until our dicks were soft and then we could join Nimra and her in the water. After the girls left, I looked at Mike and said, "Damn, that was more than I expected or even hoped for." "We have some pretty hot wives, Farhan." Mike said.

"I can't help but hope there is more to come, so to speak." I replied "I'm with you." He continued We joined the girls in the water and engaged in some playful splashing. It started with boys versus girls but soon became everyone for themselves. After we settled down, I took Mom in my arms and kissed her. "Did you have a good time on the blanket, having Mike rub you?" "Baby, it was incredible." She paused a moment, "How about you?

It looked like you were." "My head is still swimming from all of this. It was mind blowing watching you and touching Teri at the same time." "It appears we have found another foursome couple." "I'm game if you are, Mom." "I'll let Teri take the lead and we'll see what happens." ~~~ We headed back to Mike's home to pick up our clothes before heading home.

Mike and I found ourselves in their master bedroom together talking. Then it happened. The bathroom door opened and there stood my Mom and Teri, hand in hand, naked. staring at us! Mike and I didn't hesitate for a moment. We were on our knees with our mouths all over two lovely cunts. I licked all around Teri's pussy before moving down to insert my tongue deep into her. She moaned and pulled my head in tight. I tongue fucked her with wild enthusiasm. I moved my hand up to play with a hard nipple.

I ran my tongue up and down her slit. How soft and sweet it felt and tasted. I knew her clit was eager for sucking and I couldn't wait any longer. One touch with my lips on her clit yielded a sigh. This brazil teen gangbang and sluts pool sharing is caring heaven.


She met my increased tempo with matching aunty fuck steep son brezzer thrusts. Her rapid panting let me know she was ready to climax.

She tensed, arched her back, then with a loud groan, her whole body trembled with her orgasm. I moved my tongue down to her cunt to taste her sweet cum. She pulled my head and body off up and off the ground in between her legs and said, "I want you inside." We moved onto their bed.

I lay down as Teri took my semi-erect cock in her mouth and quickly brought it back to a hard erection.


Then she lay down and I climbed on top of her in missionary position, she guided my dick to her pussy and slid it up and down between her wet lips. I was hesitant, but Teri assured me she was on the pill. Then she moved my cock to her and I slowly entered her love hole, wet with her cum and bare with no condom on my dick.

My whole day had been one long foreplay and my balls were begging for relief. Surrounded but her warm, tight cunt, I knew I was near my edge and hoped she would cum with me. We moved together, our bodies slapping against each other in wild abandon, fast and hard. When I reached the point of no return, I slammed my cock deep into her nest and I felt her orgasm meet mine. Breathing hard, we both groaned together, sharing a long deep kiss exhausted and spent.

I had given my Boss's wife, Teri, a creampie.

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It was then that I became aware of the activity next to us. Mike had Mom's legs on his shoulders and he was pumping her hard. Her eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples. He grunted, "I'm gonna to cum!" "I want to feel your cum on my tits!!" Mike quickly pulled out and I watched him shoot his milky seed all over Mom's big breasts.

Good thing because dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore russian wasn't wearing a condom. When he finished, Mom took his cock into her mouth and drained it dry of his sperms. I was surprised at how exciting and erotic it was to watch Mom fuck and suck another man, but my boss. I looked at Teri and she was rubbing herself as she watched them, too.

I kissed and licked her nipples as she rubbed her clit. I inserted a finger in her cunt and started rubbing her G-spot. Within a few moments, her orgasm moved through her like a shock wave. We all lay on the bed, enjoying the afterglow of sex that up to this point had only been a fantasy. Mom was the first to sit up.

Acting on instinct, she retrieved my boss's shirt from the floor and dried her chest. We sorted through the clothes to figure out theirs and ours. Somewhat rumpled but none the worse for wear, we reassembled ourselves.

Mom gave me a kiss and placed her panties in my hand. I put them to my nose and inhaled her scent. She gave my arm a gentle squeeze, "You silly boy. I love how you make them wet." As we walked out the door, Mom turned to Teri and said, "Good night you two, and thank you for an incredible day. ~~~ When we got back home, we both practically ran to the bathroom and once inside, quickly started stripping.

By the time Mom pulled my shorts down, my cock was hard and ready once again. She gave it a kiss on the tip and said, "Soon big boy, soon." We both were undressed and turned the faucet on to unleash the shower water and hopped into the tub, naked holding hands. When you are horny, it is actually erotic. The shower, albeit tight, was sensual and made me even more turned on. Mom and I were locked in a kiss as we soaped each other. Her hands were all over my very hard cock while my fingers were busy with her tits and pussy.

I dried Mom off first and once completed, kissed her nipples and swollen clit. I could have skipped her drying me but she took a towel and with slow deliberation, began to dry my back. When she moved to my front, she would dry and kiss her way down. She knelt down and gently dried my balls. Talk cute slut has her tight snatch rammed multitasking, she took my cock in her mouth while she dried each leg. This woman never ceases to amaze me.

My mom was providing intense pleasure for me. Mom stood up, took my dick in her hand, and led me to the her big bed. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs, and placed my cock to the entrance of her love hole.

"I want you inside me," she whispered. I reached beside her, opened the cabinet and took out a condom from the box, opening the package and wrapped my penis up. I kissed her and slowly moved my team member deep inside Mommy. Her hips were matching my thrusts and I was slamming her as deep as I could. After a few moments, her breathing changed and I knew her orgasm was near. She let out a long moan with her climax.


Feeling her cum was enough to put me over the edge and after a couple of thrusts I shot my own cum inside of her. She locked her legs short haired step daughter riley banged roughly pornstars big dick mine and held me in place, keeping my dick deep inside.

I couldn't help but think how much I loved her and that our love making over the years has not diminished.

She kissed me and with love in her eyes said, "That was wonderful." We kissed and hugged for several minutes until my dick became limp and slipped out with the wet condom containing our juices. I made sure to hold it properly and took it off, making sure to tie it up and throw it in the garbage. Mom cuddled in my arms and I held her tight. "We've had quite a day sweetheart." "I'll say we did. It was fucking fantastic." "Now we have another swinger couple, any thoughts?" "I liked it.

Let's do this again with them." "I know what you mean." "I'll let you in on a little secret. Teri told me that tonight was their first time. They'd talked about a foursome but never had the opportunity, until we came along." "That's really good.

I believe a lot of couple have this fantasy as they get much more older and we can be this couple that provides them this opportunity." My mom nodded. I smiled as I knelt down between my mother's legs.

I kissed her hard nipples and slid my finger deep into her wet and eager cunt. She moved her hips up slightly, allowing me to go deeper. My thumb was lightly on her clit, my finger fucking her cunt, and my tongue licking her nipples.

I love bringing her to a climax and this one was going to be very intense. She grabbed my hand and shoved my finger in deep while her orgasm flowed over her. Finally when she recovered, she gave me a kiss and said, "My turn." She licked the precum from the top of my cock and slowly took it into her mouth, her tongue performing a sensual dance all over it. Holding my balls with one hand and with the other placed against her mouth, she began a slow bobbing down and up.

I closed my eyes, lost in the incredible sensation. She increased her tempo and I was in ecstasy. I could feel my balls tighten and within moments I filled her mouth with my seed. Mom kept pumping until she had milked my cock dry. "I love you Mom, more and more every day." We slept in a nice 'spoon' position with my arm over her and a hand on her right breast.

Morning found us in the same position except I had my usual morning erection that somehow found its way to Mom's pussy. It didn't take long unload on your step mom shay fox she was wet. And with some re-positioning on each part, I began to slowly fill her cunt. Soon our love making became fast and unusual lesbian lookers are opening up and fist fucking anals. I didn't pause when Mom had her orgasm; I kept thrusting harder and faster.

I could feel my own climax building. As I was nearing the point of no return, I pulled out and Mom moved to take my cum in her mouth. She likes to start her day with cum and Chai Tea and I love to oblige. ~~~ Mike called around noon saying they had booked a flight tomorrow and they asked if Nimra and I would be willing to come over for Dinner again.

Of course, we said yes. As I sex movie story mom son real Mom and I to Mike and Teri's home, Mom whispered, "I'm so wet I'm practically dripping." "Save some of that nectar for me and my Boss." I said grinning.

Mike greeted us at the door and he and Teri were wearing bath robes. I suspected they were wearing nothing more. That was confirmed as we could see Mike's cock protruding out of his robe. Teri's robe hung open as she came over and started removing my clothes. Mike pulled Mom's dress up over her head son watching dad mom fucks pulled her hijab off, she stood there naked.

I couldn't help but notice her erect nipples. Teri held my hands and Mike held Mom's hands as we headed to their bedroom once again. Once we were all naked, Mom said, "Lie back on the bed, Teri, so we can entertain the boys." Teri quickly complied and was on the bed with her legs spread wide. She looked so beautiful and I instinctively began to stroke my hard cock. Mom wasn't that bisexual, in fact she had never brought up anything to do with having sex with another woman. But this.

Mom knelt between Teri's legs and began to kiss and lick all around her pussy. I watched with delight, my mouth watering as I remembered doing the same with Teri last night.

Mom soon had her tongue buried deep in Teri's cunt. Teri's eyes were closed and there was a big smile on her face. Mike moved behind Mom and inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt. Mom paused briefly and let out a soft moan. While Mike was doing my Mom from behind, I moved onto the bed and started licking and sucking on Teri's tits.

Soon the room was filled with sounds of people voicing their pleasure; Mom, Mike, Teri and myself moaning together. As I was sucking Teri's nipples, I watched Mom working on Teri's clit. Teri was panting and her hips were moving up and down. I felt her tense and convulse as she climaxed. Mom moved to Teri's cunt and licked up her cum. Mike began to increase the tempo of his hand as he finger-fucked my mother.

After a few moments, Mom stopped her licking and began to buck her hips against Mike's hand, matching his tempo. It didn't take long before she climaxed and collapsed on top of Teri.

"Fuck that was great," Mom squeaked out after a few moments. She moved off Teri and gave me a kiss. "I can see why you like eating my pussy. It's almost as good as being on the receiving end." "Speaking of receiving," announced Teri, "I believe it's your turn." The girls quickly changed places and so did Mike and I.

I slid my two fingers deep into Teri's cunt from behind, which was hot and wet with her cum. Mike was all over Mommy's titties and I watched a most erotic scene unfold in front of me. This was far better than watching it on a movie and I had to remind myself that it was real. I loved watching the expression on my Mom's face as Teri licked her pussy. I could hear her purring with pleasure.

I directed my concentration to rubbing Teri's G spot and she responded by gyrating her hips against my hand. Both girls were panting and gasping and soon I heard the familiar sound of Mom starting to climax. She let out a loud moan that I hoped the neighbors wouldn't hear! Teri was busy licking Mom's sweet cum and bucking hard against my hand.

She matched my increasing tempo and a few moments later, I felt her body tremble as her orgasm crashed through her like a wave. "Nimra was right, eating pussy is very enjoyable," Teri said with a big grin. She looked at her husband and myself and then said, "Judging by the two hard cocks I see, I think you boys enjoyed the show and are anxious for some action." Mom moved off the bed as Teri got on her knees so I could insert my cock in her cunt and she could take my boss's prick in her mouth.

I held her hips and set the tempo with my thrusting. Teri had her mouth planted against her hand which was around Mike's dick as she moved back and forth. I looked over at Mom and gave her a smile. She gave me a wink and then maneuvered her body under Teri so she could lick my cock as it slid in and out of Teri's cunt.

What an incredible sensation. I suddenly became fearful that I would cum too soon. I couldn't see what Mom was doing but I sensed she was licking Teri's clit as well as my cock. It felt so pleasureful, so peaceful, so nice! What a view I had: Mike had his eyes closed and a big smile as Teri was sucking his cock. My Mom was under Teri with her lovely pussy almost within reach and I watched my cock slide between Teri's pussy lips. I've never seen anything like this in a movie.

I was in my own little world when suddenly Mom announced that Mike and I were to change places. I felt so relieved as I almost shot my load right there and then. Mom saved me. Having done so, I was enjoying Teri's BJ technique. It was slightly different from Mom's usual blowjobs in that she didn't go quite as deep but I could tell she was not only good at it but enjoyed it too.

Mom continued her licking in addition to holding my balls as I fucked Teri's face. We did this swapping several times which worked to my advantage of not cumming too soon. Teri was certainly enjoying the action and it seemed she had multiple orgasm.

As much as I wanted to last longer, I finally reached that point of no return and was the first to cum; fortunately, I was already in Teri's mouth. Teri kept my dick in her mouth until Mike was ready to shoot his load. I quickly moved out of the way and Teri took her husband, Mike's cock deep in her mouth.

Asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing held Mom in my arms as we watched Teri milk every drop from her husband's dick. At last, with everyone feeling sexually satisfied, we moved to the couch to relax. "Tell me, Teri, was it everything you imagined it would be?" Mom asked. "Well to quote you, 'it was fucking fantastic'.

How lick each other real good you boys, was it good?" "Wonderful is an understatement and better than watching it in a movie for sure," I replied. "I totally agree," Mike said with a big grin, "Watching you girls and then doing a three-way was more than incredible." Teri placed her hand on Mom's knee and said, "Well my dear, there is no way for me to describe the sensation of having a cock in your mouth and cunt at the same time.

We will be leaving for Florida tomorrow. We are definitely going to miss you guys." We said our goodbyes and headed home.