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European masseur fucks tanned beauty hardcore and brunette
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It all happened quite by accident. They both belonged to the same club that met once a week in a chat room on the net and exchanged experiences of the week. Andrew was a real crowd pleaser, able to put a smile on the face of any person, suspecting or not, without so much as a blink of the eye.

It was time for their weekly meeting and Michele was running just a tadd bit late. When she finally logged in and began to enter the chat room, the group had basically dispersed into their own little clicks sharing ideas and feelings from the week.

As she entered the room and addressed the group, she was taken aback by the fact that NOONE seemed to respond to her greeting. An act that apparently was unable to go unnoticed by Andrew. He pointed out to her that they all seemed to be talking QUITE A BIT before she entered.


She was FLOORED. She could not believe his audacity to speak to HER of all people in such a manner. It wasn't until weeks later that she realized just what a transformation that made in their relationship. He felt the need to "make up" for his misguided wittiness and right a wrong in his eyes. Such an opportunity arose on April 1.

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They were entangled in the midst of a deep discussionwhen out of the blue he suggested to her to call his cell. She half heartedly said something like "Yeah right". Much to her surprise, the next message contained his number. She hesitently tried to change the subject. It was his persistence that drove it home in the end and she finally agreed to call.

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She was SO NERVOUS. What if he didn't like the sound of her voice? What if she was not what he suspected.or perhaps even more terrifying.what if she was? She anxiiously dialed the number and began striking up a conversation with him. They talked all night until 9 am the next morning. They didn't miss a night and spoke for 6+ hours a day. She was 15 years his senior so at first, she thought nothing of it. The second day things changed.

She picked up on subtle comments directed at her about them as a couple. She nervously gained enough strength to ask him what they both had been questioning in their heart of hearts. "Do you think we can become MORE than just friends.The questiion surprisingly did not get the reaction one would expect. He asked amateur pretty cuties engulf at a party what SHE wanted the relationship to be. She had never been able to conceive that he was interested in her of all people when SO MANY were after him in the club.

Their conversations quickly led to when and IF they were to meet. He lived 7 hours away from her so it wasn't like he could just hop in the car, take her to the movies, and jet back home. Their desire for each other became more and more relentless. She found herself wanting to finger herself while talking to him, and one night during a heated discussion, that's exactly what she did. She told him that she wanted to let him have the control.

That she wanted him to be the one that decided when and IF she was allowed to cum. Taking this into consideration, he told her to do it and that he wanted to hear her moans of pleasure. He told her to begin by playing with her clit and that he wanted her to tease her clit with her fingers. She wasn't allowed to start fucking herself with her fingers until he gave her permission. She was begging him relentlessly before he gave her the ok. He told her to begin with just one finger and to force it in hard and deep pounding her pussy over and over again.

Then one finger led to two then three. He had her fucking herself so hard that in a matter of just a few minutes she was ready to explode. She was trying SO HARD not to release and was doing a very good job of it until she heard "Oh baby, baby I'm going to cum. OMG baby, ahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he had no sooner shot his load than she came all over her fingers.

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She described in great detail what it looked like and felt like. He told her that before she knew it, he'd have her licking those fingers clean, lapping long schlong for petite dark haired teen martini her own cum.

She disagreed but he just simply said "You'll see." In the beginning of the relationship, they planned to meet in maybe 4 months, then the 4 months became four weeks. They described in much detail just how and when they would plan to meet and what would take place. On April 14 would be their meeting.

He told her half jokingly that the very first thing he wanted from her was a blowjob as his cock was very big and extremely thick. He not only wanted that to be the first thing that happened, but he wanted to be awakened by her sucking on his shaft. He relished the idea of watching her TRY to take it all in, choking on the massiveness of it and feeling his cock pound the back of her throat.

He wanted to feel her struggle to try to pull back as he fucked her fully in the mouth and forced his dick down her narrow passage way, not letting up until his cum was shooting down the back of her throat straight into her belly.

He was caught off guard when she agreed. He called her the morning he was leaving just to make sure he wasn't making the trip for nothing. She assured him that she would be there and told him to tell the clerk at the hotel to have a key for her at the desk. He told her he would. She showed up at the hotel and her heart began to skip beats. She couldn't believe it when she asked for his room and they gave her a key.

As she unlocked the door and entered the room, it was pitch black dark. She couldn't see a thing and began to get scared not knowing what awaited her in the dark as night place.


She slowly and cautiously made her way to the bed and knelt down on her knees by the bed. She very carefully pulled back the covers to reveal his nakedness.


His cock was even larger than she expected and she quietly gasped at the thought of bbc 12 inch sex teen a huge object impailing her throat. She smiled as she watched him sleep, imagining the sighs of ecstasy that would soon be released from his lips. Slowly she licked her lips and took his cock into her hands. She stroked his skin up and down a few times to feel his girth between her fingers. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

She ran her tongue oh so lightly around his peehole. He sighed a contented sigh and began to stirr. This made her take more of him in, forcing herself down on about 5 of his seven inches while she kneaded his balls with her other hand. He awakened instantly. Grabbing the back of her headlacing his fingers in her hair, and forcing her to take in another inch of his cock.

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She had to take in a deep breath to keep from gagging. She stood up and placed herself onto the bed when ordered to do so because he wanted to finger fuck her while fucking her mouth.

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He stuck 2 very long fingers as far as they possibly could into her pussy. Causing her to orgasm 3 times all over his fingers before he was through. He began to do the work himself thrusting himself up into her mouth instead of her sliding down on his cock. He was fucking her face hard. With one final motion, he forced her to take him into her throat down to the base of his balls. He could sense her gagging but just held her tightly there not moving until the sensation passed.

Her throat was so tight. It gave him much pleasure thinking about causing her the discomfort in her throat. He fucked her so hard that the back of her throat ached much like it does whenever you have strep. He kept thrusting into her, the excitement of the moment giving him anxiety about cummingthus prolonging the act itself.

He fucked her fully in the throat for about 30 minutes when he finally groaned and shot load after load of his hot sticky juices into her mouth. She had to swallow instantly to keep from it all dribbling down her chin out of her mouth like the first bit did. He filled her mouth 4 times telling her to swallow it all like a good little girl. When she was finished, she thanked him for cumming in her mouth and he told her that she was not done yet.

He gag facial compilation and dirty glory hole kimberly moss eyed something on the internet "You see, I don't think you've tasted enough cum for my liking yet" so he slid his fingers out of her dripping pussy and commanded her to clean them off.

She complied licking every drop of her cum off his enormous fingers. He told her to get used to the taste, because before long, he desired to see her sucking the juices of another female. "Don't worry my little one" he said "I'll save that little surprise for another day, today is JUST FOR YOU. WIth that, he rolled her onto her back and pressed his now ROCK HARD cock against her tight pussy.but that's a story for another day.

To be continued.