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Horny milfs suck and fuck their toy boy
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My name is James, I am five foot eleven and have blue eyes and blond hair. I am quite skinny with a little bit of muscle to me, and I am 17 years old and a high school student, I should also tell you that I am gay. There are very few people that know I am gay, it is just my best friends Alice and Hanna. I had many guy friends and in my opinion I don't think anyone would ever guess that I am gay, but when I am around Alice and Hanna, I am such a queen.

My xxx sex of priyanka chopra school was a really nice place to be, there was no bullying (in general), it was just nice to be there.

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I say in general as there was this one kid who always assumes I was gay, Harry, unfortunately he was the guy I liked, and for good reason.

When me and Harry were in kindergarten, we were completely inseparable and often stayed at each others houses all the time as we lived a stone throw away from each otherwe just did everything together. But when it was time for high school my parents wanted me to go to private school, so we moved to the other side of town and we just drifted apart.

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After a few years I hated private school so much that my parents let go to the local high school where Harry went, hoping we would pick up from where we left off. We didn't. Harry was now six foot three, VERY muscular, with brown hair and eyes, and he had a nice nine inch dick. He had changed SO MUCH, and started to make me a big joke, that is when I met Hanna and Alice, we sat together in home room and just clicked.

It was a year later that I told them I was gay and they were really accepting. Back to the Harry issue.


the black hole of the black whore To avoid him ruining my social I joined the football team and became friends with his friends, that was not difficult for two reasons, I had to battle Harry to get them, and two, as you know, a team showers together and that was hard not to get a boner in front of them in the shower which would have ruined my chances.

I have now been on the football team for six months and was sort of winning over Harry, but he would occasionally make a joke but the others always would as well, but Harrys did seem more personal, like he was getting back at me for something. For example one time, it was just after practice and we were alone in the locker room and both getting changed. "Hey Alex, when are you gonna come out?" I replied with "excuse me?" (the private school boy was still in me).

"we all know you're gay so you might as well say it, then you can suck my nice big cock". He stood there rubbing his dick with his hand and a smirk across his face, a big part of me wanted to get on my knees right there and deep throat that cock.

But I thought it would be safer if I just rolled my eyes and got out of there. I got home and immediately told the girls on our group chat (but in this scenario he was dressed) they both said I should have told him right there how I felt, but in my mind he would do something bad with that information.


At the next practice he acted like this never happened which I was glad about. Now I don't want to sound rude, but due to my private school back big pasa sex mp4 story, I was quite a lot smarter than Harry, and most of the guys on my team, so one day after practice my coach asked if I could tutor someone one the team as they were falling way behind in math, I trying to be nice and wanting more things to write on my college application said yes.

My coach said that he would set up a classroom for us after school, and that he would meet me there. At four o'clock I went to that classroom and waited for god knows who to walk through the door.


I then heard it open and saw none other than a disappointing Harry looking at me. "You're my tutor?" "Yeah, coach never gave me a name he just told me to come straight here." "Well great." He said that very disappointingly. "Well I guess you don't need my help?" "I didn't mean it like that, we have never spent any alone time together since we were younger, and given our history, and I know I wasn't very welcoming when you first came back." "Why was that?

We used to be so close?" "You were such a big personality, I was worried you would take the spotlight from me, and I knew you would try out for football eventually, I just didn't want to lose all of my friends." "You know I would never do that." "Well by the time I realized that it was too late." "I forgive you, now we have that out of the way let's get on with math" We never actually did any math.

We just did a massive catch up, we had missed a lot in each others lives.

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By the time we had finished talking and were going to get on with studying, the janitor came round and asked us to leave. As well as being smarter, my family were quite wealthy, which is why my parents wanted to go to private school. As just before I went to High school my dads internet business went national and now has over 200 stores selling hardware.

So as Harry walked to the bus stop, I offered him a ride in my BMW M6 Convertible, and he kept giving me directions like I didn't know where I was going.

As I pulled on to his driveway his mom was unloading groceries from the trunk and she seemed to be so happy to see me. "ALEX!" "Hi Mrs.

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Reynolds." She like Harry and me did earlier just chatted about our lives now. Then i realized the time, and just as I did my phone rang, it was my mom. "Hi Mom" "Alex, it is 5:45 in the evening,and where are you, the tracker says you are somewhere near the old house?" God dam the man who invented find my iPhone.

"I am at Harrys house" Harrys mom then shouted Hi down the phone. "Is that Linda? Please put her on, it has been ages!" Our moms chatted and I help Harry unload groceries and we had some coffee. By the time i went back outside, our moms were off the phone and Harry and his parents were coming over for dinner that weekend,and offered if Harry wanted to stay over like old times.

He agreed and I instantly felt a not in my stomach. I got home and told the girls on the group vintage mature in hair rollers, I swear I heard them scream from their homes.

They both felt like I should make a move that night, I was very hesitant to do so. But I still had three days to think about it. What to do?

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This was the first chapter, and as I have said this is my first story. Tell me any improvements you want me to make on the next one (if you want one).

Thanks! :) xxx