Anal booty call with a petite horny minx in my taxi

Anal booty call with a petite horny minx in my taxi
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Andy watched in stunned silence as his half sister approached him on her knees. Her hands were still bound behind her back with her shirt and she was otherwise completely naked. He could see his brother's cum running down her thighs and the marks of tears on her face. She looked exhausted and thoroughly used but she spoke as if she was ready for more.

"Come on, Andy. Take that big cock of yours and fuck your sister's throat. Shove it all the way in. Make me gag and choke on it. Don't you want to see your slut sister struggling to breathe as you take what you want from her?" With her hands still bound she had to use her teeth to pull his fly down. Just listening to her obscene words had brought his cock from slightly bulging to raging hard-on. The moment his cock was free of his pants, Andy grabbed Isabella's head and shoved it into his crotch.

His cock slid in roughly, hitting the roof of her mouth and bending in order to continue down her throat. "Shut up," he growled at her. "You think you can tell me what to do? I was gonna fuck your whore mouth whether you wanted it or not." Isabella squealed and moaned into his crotch in response, unable to actually say anything. Andy looked down at her miserable face with a strange smile. She had the look of a young innocent girl; the type of girl busty milf and pretty teen nasty threeway in the bedroom might want to protect.

That was not the feeling Andy had for her though.


Ever since he learned of her origin, the product of his father cheating on his mother, he had wanted to destroy her. He wanted to see nothing but pain and suffering on her pretty face. Isabella screamed into his crotch when he grabbed her ears and pulled on them extremely hard.


"Hey, I think you're hurting her," Alex warned him. "So what?" Andy was unconcerned. "She's nothing but a loose cunt, just like her mom." He slammed into her mouth and ground his hips against her face, scraping the tip of his cock on her uvula.

She jerked back sliding his cock all the way out before puking on the floor of the balcony. "Hey, that's no good. Wash your mouth out, would ya?" Andy marched into the hotel room and opened the mini bar. He took a bottle of beer and opened it before bringing it back and pressing it to Isabella's lips. She drank greedily as he tipped its contents into her mouth.

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Smiling to himself, Andy tapped the bottom of the bottle so it began to froth up. He pushed the top into Isabella's mouth completely to make sure the foam had nowhere else to go.

Her cheeks expanded like a chipmunks until foam shot out of her nose. Her eyes were spinning in her head. When he took the bottle away, she collapsed on the floor coughing and spitting. Andy walked around behind her and lifted her butt into the air by her waist. He propped her on her knees but with her hands still bound her face was left on the floor.


He pressed the rim of the beer latin harlot shay evans has her pussy beaten up to her anus and gave a quick shove.

"Oh god!" she wailed as it slid inside. He quickly emptied what was left of it into her bowels. "Oh my god my stomach!" she groaned while wriggling her ass. "I can feel it going up my stomach. It's cold," she complained. "I'll warm you up," Andy assured her. She clenched her teeth when he pulled the bottle out and replaced it with the tip of his cock. It was difficult sliding it in as he was still extremely hard. Rather than his cock bending this time, her bowels straightened for him.

Looking at her belly, Alex swore he could see his brother's cock bulging inside of her. "Please, not my asshole," Isabella begged him. "You can fuck my cunt as much as you want." "Ew, that's disgusting. You do know we're siblings right? If you think I want to fuck my own sister, you're mistaken." Alex shook his head as he watched Andy doing exactly that, fucking his own sister.

He was lying to himself that anal did not count but if that is what couple caught smuggling now in trouble with customs took to make him feel better Alex was not going to argue. Just watching was getting him slightly excited again though. Slowly Alex approached and looked down at Isabella's face.

She was grunting and gritting her teeth with every thrust from Andy. She still could not lift her head enough to even look behind herself and see what he was doing to her.

Alex grabbed a fistful of her bangs and lifted her head. She gasped just before he plunged his cock into her mouth. "That's right, spit roast the bitch!" Andy laughed. He straightened his stance slightly so that he was lifting her off the floor. Her feet dangled loosely and her toes wiggled and twisted as if trying to grip onto anything. She was now suspended between two cocks, one in her mouth and one in her asshole. She was not happy about it at all.

She began to squeal and flail, accidentally fucking her ass on his cock even deeper. Suddenly her whole body tensed up. She clenched her anus around Andy's cock just as he was shoving it into her. It scraped and almost tore around his shaft.

She screamed into Alex's crotch opening her throat wide enough for him to slide all the way inside. Her eyes rolled back as she screamed in pain. Her toes curled and her body went ridged.

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Alex and Andy could feel her muscles twitching but rather than spasming she was stiff as a board. She could not even move to alleviate the pressure of her orgasm. Instead she just screamed into Alex's crotch as it wracked her body. "Did she just cum from taking it up the ass?" Alex laughed. "Told you she was a real slut," Andy responded smugly.

Alex pondered for a moment before pulling out of her mouth. He had to keep hold of her by her hair to keep her from falling. She remained perfectly still in a catatonic state for a while before moving. She spat out mucus and saliva and then looked up at Alex with pleading eyes. "Okay, I'm done.

I can't do any more." "You're done when we say you're done." Andy yanked on her bound arms, pulling her back toward him so that she was practically sitting on his lap while standing, her ass still impaled on his cock.

Alex took his cue and spread her legs, exposing her dripping cunt. She shook her head as he rubbed his cock against the opening. He slipped when trying to put it in, causing her to moan as his tip swatted against her cunt lips. "It's too tight. It won't fit," she whined. "We'll just have to stretch it." Alex pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingers and shoved his cock into her. Immediately he was met with resistance as it was practically full with his brother's cock already, bulging from the other side of the thin piece of flesh that separated her cunt from her bowels.

"Stop!" Isabella begged him. Ignoring her pleas he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her, pulling her into him and forcing his cock to bend upward in order to slip past her bulging insides. "Oh god." Isabella's eyes went white and froth formed at the corners of her mouth. "I'm so full. You're fucking me at the same time. You're wearing me like an object." "You little slut.

This is exactly what you deserve. You came and invaded our family. You looked so innocent and adorable. All I've ever dreamed about since I first saw you was wringing your neck." Andy wrapped his large hands around her throat from behind.

"No, please," she started to beg before he closed his hands too tightly for her to speak. She looked at Alex for help but he was busy pinching and biting her nipples. Isabella tried to gasp when she felt Andy's large cock sliding out of her asshole. She could not though and just ended up licking the cool air with her darting tongue. Alex's cock straightened and filled the space left behind. Andy had to slide back in slowly to get his cock to fit.

Then it was Alex's turn to pull out and slide back in. It was agonizingly slow. She felt like they were taking turns sawing her in half with their cocks. This continued for nearly half an hour before she was wet enough and stretched enough for them to pick up their speed.

They went faster than she would have liked though, smashing their cocks against the flesh that separated them, lily showing off her holes hornylily and big ass it no doubt. Eventually Isabella got used to having her neck wrung.

She kept a catatonic look on her face with her mouth agape and drool running off her outstretched tongue and down her chin, dripping onto her bare chest and making it shiny. Finally Andy released his grip on her throat, which now bore a red mark all the way around. "Say something sexy," he demanded. "Please let me go," she wheezed. He thrust into her asshole as punishment. "Say something a slut like you would say," he ordered her.

"You're stretching me so much. I don't think I can walk anymore. I can't think anymore. You're fucking my brains out.

Please cum already. I want to go to sleep." Feeling slightly bad for her, Alex decided to oblige. He picked up his pace, sliding into her slippery cunt faster and faster until he first time sex with virgin big boobs girl empting his cum as far inside as possible, just below her cervix. When he pulled out, Andy was left with a lot more room. He took advantage by dropping Isabella to the floor again and bending her over doggy style.

She screamed as he thrust into her asshole repeatedly. He pulled her body into his with her bound wrists and whispered obscenities in her ear. "This is not the end. I'm gonna fuck your asshole every day from now on. Every morning I'm gonna fill you with cum and you're gonna keep it inside you all day. You're gonna be walking cross legged permanently." Isabella moaned as she felt his warm cum filling her asshole, soothing some of her soreness.

She lay on her face, panting for breath suni liyon sexy sex stories vedio several minutes after he pulled out, leaving her asshole feeling cold in the night air.

It was Alex who finally untied her wrists, which now bore red marks just like her neck. When she stood up, Alex noticed her eyes flaring with rage.

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She turned away and marched toward the veranda door. "Where do you think you're going?" Andy grabbed her by the arm. "I think I've got another shot or two in me. How about we go all night. I want to tie your legs behind your head this time." Isabella spun around and kicked him as hard as she could in his exposed crotch.

Alex winced as he watched his brother fall to the floor in agony. "You think you own me?" She spat on his face. "Now I have all the proof I need." She marched out of the room and down the hall. "What are you doing? Stop her," Andy groaned at Alex. It horny blonde fucks her hungry pussy with dildo already too late though. Isabella was banging on Adam's and Sheryl's door already when Alex rounded the corner. "What the hell? Do you have any idea what time it is?" Sheryl groaned as she opened the door.

Isabella burst into tears immediately, wrapping her arms around her step mother and sobbing into her chest.

"What's going on? Oh my god." Sheryl immediately noticed that Isabella was naked. Further more there was definitely semen leaking out of her. "Who did this to you?" she gasped in horror. Isabella turned and pointed straight at Alex who was standing in the hall, frozen in fear.

Sheryl's face went white. "He raped me," Isabella sobbed. "Him and Andy." Alex could not believe his ears. Surely they were not very nice to her while having their way with her but did that mean it was rape? She had been the one to ask Andy to join in after all. Slowly it dawned on him though. If Andy had tattled on them, she would have been blamed.

She reversed the situation. Now she was the one tattling on them so she could get off Scott free.