Madison hart in never trust your ex

Madison hart in never trust your ex
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Fbailey story number 708 Who Lit The Fuse On Your Tampon? My sister was fucking pissed when she came in the door. She went up one side of me and down the other for no reason whatsoever.

I had not done a thing to her in days. Then Mom asked, "Who lit the fuse on your tampon?" I snickered and Tonya kicked me in the crotch, forcing me to my knees. My eyes watered and the pain was excruciating. Then I passed out. When I came too, Mom was holding an ice bag against my balls. I was naked from the waist down, Mom had one hand on my cock stroking it slowly, and her lips were kissing the head. I asked, "What are you doing, Mom?" Mom looked into my eyes and said, "I thought that you were still asleep.

I was making sure that your equipment still worked. The ice is to get the swelling down.


Your testicles were twice as big as your fathers were. If you had stayed out a little longer I would have known if you could still cum." I said, "Don't stop then.

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I don't mind." Mom smiled at me and said, "Well, if you insist." Then Mom leaned back down and swallowed the head of my cock, taking it in her mouth. I had only dreamed of getting a blowjob someday. Mom's mouth felt great on my cock. I could feel her tongue swirl around it. Even with the ice on my balls I could feel the cum starting to flow.

When I started to shoot I warned her but Mom just sucked harder. She took everything that I shot at her and she swallowed it too. Then Mom said, "Well, I think it tastes like cum but I had better check it out for a few more days." I just smiled and said, "Thanks Mom, I enjoyed that." Mom's eyes opened up wider and she said, "Your sister needs to be punished for what she did to you. I don't think of sucking your cock as punishment but I think that she will.

I'll go get her." In a few minutes Mom came back into my bedroom with Tonya in tow. Mom told her to suck my cock until I had cum in her mouth and then she was to show it to Mom before swallowing it. Tonya resisted but Mom was serious. She was so serious that she stripped Tonya right down to her tampon string, made her kneel next to my bed, and then Mom forced my sister to take the head of my cock into her mouth.

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Tonya was not very good at it and she wasn't really trying but that did not matter at all. You see, Mom made her stay there with my cock in her mouth until I had cum. I tried not to help her out but I just couldn't help it, I had too.

I started lifting my ass up shoving my cock into her findchinese bbw rose aoyama wife sex com and then I fell back down pulling my cock almost out of her mouth.

Mom had her hand on the back of Tonya's head so that she couldn't pull off. I could hardly believe that she sucked my cock for an hour and three minutes before she finally got me to cum in her mouth, She showed it to Mom and then she swallowed.

Mom eventually let her up. Later we both heard Tonya throwing up in the bathroom. Mom told me that in a week my sister would be able to suck me dry in ten minutes and swallow it without throwing up.

Every day Mom would come in and suck the cum out of my balls before sending my sister in to do the same thing. Tonya figured it out pretty quickly that Mom got the best part of the deal. She was told that it was her punishment for kicking me in the balls in the first place.

Seeing Tonya naked helped to get me off. For the first three days I could see her tampon string hanging out of her pussy lips but after that I didn't see it anymore. I asked Tonya about it and she explained periods to me, how girls provided an egg, and how if it wasn't fertilized with a boy's cum that it would be washed out. She told me that her period had ended but that Mom's period would start in a few days. I wondered how long my daily double blowjobs would last, so I asked Mom.


She said that she enjoyed sucking my cock and that she missed sucking Dad's. He died three years before due to an industrial accident.

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Then Mom said that Tonya had said that she had enjoyed sucking my cock too but that she wanted to go further. I was the only boy that Tonya had seen naked and touched and sucked his cock.

Mom said that my sister wanted me to have her virginity. She said that we could loose them together and that we would be closer forever if we did. That was the moment that I realized that my mother was trying to talk me into fucking my own sister! I could hardly believe it, especially since I had been thinking about fucking her and Mom all along. For a full week I had seen both Mom and Tonya completely naked as they sucked my cock dry.

Of course I had thought about fucking them too. I had been able to feel their tits, rub their asses, and finger their pussies so why stop there? I said, "I'll be happy to take my sister's virginity if that is what she wants. However, first I want to give you my virginity." Mom smiled and said, chennai aunties seducing boobs press, if that is what you really want." I replied, "It is.

Why should I give it to the girl that kicked me in the crotch? I'll take hers though. I deserve it." Mom laughed and said, "You certainly do. Think it over though…do you really want me to be your first fuck?" I reached out for Mom and pulled her closer for a kiss, I felt her heaving breasts against my chest, and dp loving vixen receives cum in mouth european cumshot I slipped my hand between her legs to cup her warm moist pussy.

I took Mom into her bedroom, undressed her, and then I undressed myself. Soon we were making love. It was gentle, kind of romantic, and it was very nice. I realized why every boy in school was trying to get into some girl's pants. As for me, at that very moment, I wanted a real woman…not some girl that didn't know what to do. Mom and I sort of slow danced around on her bed until I let my cum fill her. We cuddled under the covers and talked.

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Eventually, Tonya came in to see what we were up too. I pulled the covers back to show her my erection. I never told her that I had done Mom first and Mom didn't say anything either. So when I slipped my cock into my sister and heard her enjoyment I just smiled at Mom. When Tonya said how pleased she was that we lost our virginities together I just agreed with her. Again Mom didn't say a word. So it came to pass that the three of us started sleeping together.

Mom and I did it on the side without Tonya knowing about it. However, Tonya and I did it every night and every morning in front of Mom. We kept that up until I graduated from high school and went off to college.

Two years later Tonya joined me at college. We shared an apartment and enjoyed it so much that I stuck around and got my Master's Degree while she finished her four-year degree. Mom joined us when we eventually settled on a Fortune Five Hundred company to work for. Even Mom got a job there as a secretary…to me. The three of us lived happily ever after. The End Who Lit The Fuse On Your Tampon? 708