Teen marika gives an asian pov blowjob and swallows cum

Teen marika gives an asian pov blowjob and swallows cum
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Nastia is a successful artistic gymnast from Dallas, I financed her father's gymnastic school. Nastia is in Dallas promoting gymnastic event. Nastia is 5" 3" tall, is 24 year old single Russian-American with a slender petite body and shoulder length blond hair. I had met Nastia once when I visited her dad's school, she asked if I would be interested in financing a gymnastic tour.

I invited her to my penthouse for further discussions. When we pulled into the parking garage she leaned over, offering a good view down her partially open blouse. She placed her hand on my arm thanking me in a low voice as she softly ran her fingertips down my tanned arm.

I glance at her hand in indifference, raising my eyebrow again, giving her a nod. I reach across toward her and her heart flutters. She feels lost in the scent of my expensive cologne, she closes her eyes.Click, I'm opening her door.

Nastia got out in a huff, slamming the car door, and stomping into the lobby of the high rise building. Nastia walked into the living room of my penthouse, I walked in behind her closing and locking the door. I roughly grab her by the hair from behind. " You're either a tease or a fucking whore." I whisperd in a low growl. Nastia is frozen with fear. " No. No. I'm not." She manages to squeak out as my breath feels hot on her cheek.

Her head is yanked back farther and she feels my other hand reaching around to tear the buttons free from her blouse. The fabric of her flimsy bra gives way and her small breasts are free. My fingertips grasping a nipple pinching hard. Nastia lets out a gasp. She feels my rock hard cock pressing into the small of her back. " Isn't this what stellar teenie is peeing and rubbing hairless fuckbox want Nastia?" I ask with a chuckle.

I shove her to her knees. She looks up into my steel gray eyes and feels my rock hard cock on her cheek. This isn't what she wants. Nastia feels tears running down her cheeks. My hands have a tight grip on the back of her head, and before she can think, my cock is hitting the back of her throat.

It is so big, she has never streaming sex mofos full sex stories with man. She is choking and gasping for air. I pump in and out smoothly, fucking her face. Nastia feels like might pass out soon. After I tired of deep throating her, I yank her roughly to her feet pulling her down the hall into the bedroom, shoving her face first into the bed, bending her at the waist. I flip her skirt up pushing her panties aside.

Nastia feels the head of my cock at her opening for a moment before I impale her with a grunt. " No! No! OMG.Your to big.you won't fit." She cries out frantically as I thrust violently into her pussy. Tears are streaming down her face as she feels her body responding to my rough assault.

Nastia starts moaning. She tries to hold it in. I reach around to rub her clit. She is so wet, her bloody fluids are running down my cock onto her thighs. I chuckle. " Well look at the good virgin." I said with appreciation. Nastia feels my palm burning against her ass as I slap her hard. She shrieks in pain as I slap the other cheek, and she came. Nastia is ramming her ass onto my cock, pulsing around me, screaming for more.

I slide out of her gaping wet hole and she wonders what is going to happen next. " Oh God No." Nastia feels my head pushing against her virgin asshole. " NO! Please." She whimpers. I push in an inch the pain is unbearable. Another inch, then another until all 9 inches are buried in her. She feels faint with the pain. Once I'm buried inside her, I begin thrusting slowly in and out. I reah around plunging two fingers into her pussy.

The feel of my fingers buried deep in her pussy relaxes her a little as my cock violating her ass starts to feel amazing. Nastia knew she would come again soon. I knew it too. I'm fucking her ass harder. As she feels another wave of orgasm washing over her, I pull out spraying her back with my hot seed. I collapse on top of her gasping for air.

I roll of of her getting up to go to the bathroom. Nastia went to the bathroom to clean up, after showering she came back into the bedroom. Laying on the bed is a chemise, Nastia puts it then crawls into bed.

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I enter the bedroom at 2 am seeing her sleeping, I quickly undress crawling into the bed beside her. Reaching down for the hem of the chemise that covers her, I slide my hand up the front of her thigh, stroking her with my fingers. She spreads her legs, I slide my hand up to her mound, my finger probing into her cleft, seeking out her clit.


Nastia throws her arms over her head, her breasts thrusting towards me as she gives herself over to me. I took one of her breasts in my mouth, my saliva dampening the silk. I feel her nipple harden as I nip it with my teeth.

Nastia yelps and jumps, her arms coming around me, her hands ruffling my hair. " This has to come off Nastia," I growl, moving to sit astride her. Nastia lays meekly under me, a sexy smile on her face. I can't resist xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob her again, up and down her belly, her breasts.

The feel of the silk under my hands is no match for her soft fragrant skin and I'd had enough of it. I pull up the hem of her chemise clenching it tightly, tore it in half so she lay naked and exposed with the tattered remnants of silk in shreds beside her. Nastia gasps, " My God John!" " I'll buy another." I feel myself growing hard, my cock brushing the nude mound under me. There is so much of her I want to taste, to suck, to fuck and I'm momentarily confused about where to start. Nastia reaches down stroking my hardening cock and it busty ebony chick missionary cum inside pussy creampie shaved me out of my indecision.

I slide off her, spreading her legs wide. I lay between her legs, my face inches from her fragrant wet pussy. I grasp her round firm ass in my hands, my thumbs resting on either side of her pussy, pulling apart her lips so I can see her moist sore pussy. I drag my gaze from her pussy seeing her looking down at me expectantly. I lock my eyes on hers sliding my tongue between her damp full lips and into her sweet hole. Nastia sighs. I reluctantly move from her warm hole to feast on the ruby nub of her clit, sucking and licking it frantically.

My only thought is to get into her aromatic pussy and fuck her with my tongue until she came on my face. I continue to lick her, alternately jabbing my stiffened tongue into her then pulling out again to suck on her clit. Nastia pulls her knees back, holding her thighs wide, her ass cheeks spreading. Unable to resist the sweet scent of her, I lick her sore rosy ass hole, circling it with my tongue and then rubbing my finger back and forth before again sucking on her clit.

Nastia pushing her head back into the bed desperately holding back the orgasm that threatens to overwhelm her. I slip a finger into her wet sore pussy, pushing it in deeply, probing inside the moist slit while she rocks her hips. I keep up the pervy brunette strokes and sucks two dick before getting double penetrated on her clit with my mouth, sucking on it and pushing the hood back with my tongue.

I fuck her hard with my finger so that my palm slams into her full lips. I thrust another finger into her hot sore snatch as the tight muscles within her squeeze against me and she cries out as her climax engulfs her. I place light kisses on her thighs, and the curve of her groin where her hips bones jut out from her flat stomach. I dip my tongue into her belly button, place soft kisses on her creamy smooth skin, lapping at the sheen of perspiration that lay between her breasts.

I tweak her sore sensitive nipples, using my fingers to squeeze her small soft breasts. Nastia reaches between her legs grasping my engorged cock, rubbing me up and down her warm wet slit and over her swollen sensitive clit. I moan and grit my teeth fighting the urge to cum all over her. She then pushes the head of my cock into her opening, her pussy stretching to engulf the length and width of me. Nastia gritting her teeth and savoring the fullness of me inside of her, my girth stretching her pussy lips, the head of my cock buried deep inside her.

I grab her by the hips pulling her ass up off the bed as she wraps her legs around my waist. I thrust into her, slowly at first, getting my rhythm then faster and harder. I watch her breasts moving back in forth in time to the hard strokes I'm giving her, her nipples hardening crying out for attention.

I watch the flush of passion stain her face, her mouth open, moaning in pain and pleasure, her brow creases and her eyes close.

I watch my cock disappearing into her tight juicy hole. I'm going to come. " Oh John. Yes. Yes. Yes." Nastia is crushing her breasts, kneading them in desperation, squeezing, pinching and pulling on her rosy hard nipples. She opens her eyes smiling seductively at me. She slides a hand slowly, lightly down her belly and rubbing her swelling clit, her other hand still pinching her nipples as hard as she can.

" Your cock looks so good baby. Oh fuck, baby, I'm cumming." Nastia climaxes again, throwing her head back, her hair in a mess around her. Her pussy squeezing against my cock is all it took for me to lose it. I thrust all the way into her, my thighs grinding against the soft skin of her lush round ass.

I shudder pumping my cum deep into her, my fingers will leave bruises on her hips where I gripped her so tight. I'd kiss them later and will do it all again. Our eyes met, both glazed and our breathing ragged. " John, I'm so happy it was you who took my virginity." I slip my semi soft wet cock from inside her, dripping our combined juices onto her thigh and laying next to her.

I trail my hand up her body for the hundredth time, palming her breast.

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" Baby, I love you for surrendering to me, giving me your virginity." I got up then and Nastia frowned. " Where are you going?" " Work baby. I have to get back." Nastia groans. " Stay and fuck me again baby. Come on, just one more time." I'm getting some clean clothes from the closet when I turn back to her. I feel the blood rushing into my soft cock stirring it again. Nastia flips over onto her hands and knees and is laying prone with her breasts pressing into the bed, the slope of her back brother blackmail sister for sax up to her full round ass that is hovering near the end of the bed, her legs and feet spread waiting for me.

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Her ass is lush like a ripe peach and I see the full lips of her pussy glistening with the juice from our lovemaking. " Baby, don't make it hard for me," I growl. " Baby," murmured Nastia, " that's the point.


I am trying to make you hard." " Fuck you're a slut." I stood behind her then, grabbing her hips pushing my semi-hard cock between her soft thighs, her smooth wet cleft sliding over my length, urging me back to hardness.

She squeezes her legs together pushing back against me, the ridged head of my cock brushing british milf with glasses fucking in a shed her clit, the coarse hair of my belly scratching her cheeks and pussy lips.

" Mm that's it. That feels so good," she murmurs rocking softly back and forth stroking herself against my cock. I keep hold of her hips as I gently stroke her ass and back. She spreads herself wider still, her ass cheeks opening, exposing her. Her blonde hair is all around her in a halo and the long slope of her back shows off her trim waist. I lick my lips, " That looks good too." I see her pussy, wet and plump, the fleshy folds opening exposing her dark moist slit.

I rub the head of my throbbing cock against the slippery entrance to her cunt then I push my sticky cock into her, easing it in slowly while she moans at being filled again. My wet thumb brushes it lightly over her asshole and she bucks against me, whispering, yes, yes, squeezing her pussy against the rigidity of my cock. I need little encouragement, as I thumbed her hole harder and she moans calling out my name, her hands are clutching desperately at the bed sheets.

I feel she is close to coming again. " Rub your clit baby, come on," I said breathlessly. " Fuck me hard John.


I want you to fuck me hard." I grunted at her command as I grip her tender ass cheeks, digging my fingers into the soft flesh as Nastia cries out with sheer agony of having me fill her a third time tonight. I pull back from her musky pussy, my cock slick with her blood tinged juice as I thrust into her, my balls smacking against her pussy and thighs. " Oh God! John, yes, yes.don't stop baby.yes." I plunge my hard cock into hot college babe twerks her sexy ass on cam tight snatch over and over, my cock straining as I near my own climax.

I see her small breasts rubbing against the bed sheets, making my mouth water for the taste of them. She is panting hard, one hand gripping the bed and the other thrashing her over-stimulated clit. " Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I feel my climax build in the depth of my balls. Powerless now my hot cum fills her deep in her womb. I continue to gently move in and out of her, milking my cock in her moist tight tunnel.

I groan as our combined juices spill out of her wet pussy, filling the room with the aroma of sex. Spent, we both collapse on the bed, breathing heavily.