Despicable brooke haze fuck stepbro while gramdpa is sleeping beside them pornstars hardcore

Despicable brooke haze fuck stepbro while gramdpa is sleeping beside them pornstars hardcore
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It was 10:45pm, rain and wind battered me from every side and I ran in a desperate attempt to make it to the train before it left for the last run of the night. I shouldn't have had that last drink. I couldn't recall why I'd gone out in the first place. Sure, it had been Toni's birthday but it wasn't as though she would have cared if I'd been there or not. Of course she probably wanted to con a few drinks out of me.

I was just a spare wallet to her. I shoved 10¥ into the ticket machine and snatched up the card, running through the security check, smacking the cars againdt the gate and heading down the stairs to the metro. "Please make it on time!" I prayed. I had no way home otherwise. It would cost at least 150¥ to take a cab home and I couldn't afford that. Not with my meagre salary. At last, out of breath, I stood in front of the sliding glass doors that would open to the train. I glanced nice boobs chick fucked by monster black wang at the screen.

2 minutes until the train would arrive. I took a glance around my surroundings. It was nearly deserted. A few elderly and a couple further down the line waited at their door stops.

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I breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like I wouldn't have to pack myself into a sardine can tonight. Good. A young man came up next to me, staring intently at his phone. I couldn't help but wonder what he was watching while his face caught my immediate attention. He was cute teen girl fucks an old guy, that was for sure, his black hair was long and hung just above his eyes and covered his forehead.

His skin was smooth and a delicious looking tan colour like butterscotch. A pair of glasses hung crookedly on his nose while a pair of unusual eyes looked up from the screen of his phone to meet mine.

I looked away, blushing in embarassment. His eyes were different colours. The left was brown and the right was green. I could feel my lower half grow hot at the thought of this man near me.


I couldn't help but imagine his hands, those slender fingers wrapped around my breast instead of his phone. And those soft lips pressed to mine, or his tongue - I shivered and squeezed my thighs together.

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I was pulled back to focus by the familiar dinging of the announcement of the train's arrival. I stepped in as the doors opened and decided to stand in the middle, holding tightly to the pole as support. The man slipped up behind me.

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I looked around the train, it was filled to the brim. I had scarcely enough space to turn around but then, I had already seen his face. The train lurched forward and he stumbled pressing up against me. I bit my lip. Please. Touch me. I wanted to scream, and I could feel myself grow wetter with every passing moment, his body brushing mine. After a moment I felt something brush up against my ass.

I held my breath wondering if I had imagined it. It happened stunning brunette milf delivers a fantastic blowjob, this time it slowly bunched up the loose dress I had on. I pressed a cheek against the cool metal bar, eager to see what would happen next. A hand brushed over my chest. I inhaled sharply and turned to see another man, his eyes upon me like those of an eagle looking at a mouse.


His lips curved into a smirk. He shifted, making sure that he was blocking the seated passengers' view.


His hand went to my breast, and I tried to step back but I was suddenly grabbed by the arms, pulled away from the pole and a hand slapped itself over my mouth. I stared at the man in front of me. He spoke but I could understand nothing, my chinese far too little to make sense of what was happening. He grabbed hold of my breast again, hard and unforgiving.

His fingers dug into the soft flesh and I winced before he pulled down the straps of my dress and bared them. Exposed, my nipples stood on end from the cool air coming in from the train door. The hand that had been playing with my ass suddenly wrenched aside my panties and drew a slender finger over my wetness.

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I shuddered. I was frightened but I couldn't help that the situation excited me. God, what will they do? He finger brushed over my clit, before circling it lightly applying small amounts of japanese amazing babe acquires a hard fuck. I gasped, the sound muffled by the hand over my mouth. The man in front of me lowered his head and put his lips over my nipple, suckling at my tit. I moaned.

The finger became two, and they sped up at the sound of my moans. And suddenly another mouth was at my breast. Two men suckled and kneaded my tits with vigour, their nibbles sending electric shocks through my body. I groaned, "mmmfph, yesh" The fingers drew back down to my wet folds before they dove in, wriggling within my pussy. My legs shookmy eyes rolled and suddenly the fingers were removed. I mewled in protest but both of the men suckling my tits rose and spoke. What they discussed I wasn't sure but as they moved my eyes met one of the passengers'.

They smiled and I smiled too. Albeit, I'm sure for different reasons. The gap closed again as more boarded the train. I was suddenly shoved down, bent in half.

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Assaulted by the sudden presence of their cocks in my face. The first spoke in sharp chinese. I understood despite the language barrier and took his cock into my mouth.

I could taste the saltiness of his precum as he gripped my head and jerked himself deep into my throat. I gagged, saliva dripping from my chin as he facefucked me. Oh god, this is fantastic. Juices poured forth from my pussy and trickled down my thighs. I wrenched one arm free of it's holding and rubbed my clit as his cock sane layne xxx story blck man my throat.

I could vaguely hear another chinese man speak and suddenly I felt a hardness at my entrance. I moaned. I wanted this. If I knew how to beg in chinese I would have. God I would have. With a sudden thrust he was inside of me. I nearly screamed at the sudden pleasure I experienced.

Fuck! It was fantastic. The cock in my mouth was removed and soon after was replaced with another and I could scarcely breathe from the pounding I received at both ends. My fingers rubbed my clit vigorously. Oh god, it was fantastic. My breasts were kneaded by hands I could no longer recognize and my throat was violated over and over by their thick cocks. He removed his cock from my mouth and stroked it until he speayed his cum all over my face.

The man behind me fucked me ravenously until he decided he had had enough of my pussy and violently rammed himself into my asshole. I gasped, choking on spit and cum and failed to scream.