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Giselle leon takes two black cocks cuckold sessions big black cock deapthroat
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Sorry it's so long, but I want you to experience it the way I did. It was a typical Saturday night, I had been single again for quite a few weeks and was really feeling the need for some physical release other than my usually sessions of self pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I love to masturbate, and often do it in places where others will see me, to add to the eroticism of it, but that's a whole different story. I had went to a club a few times with my ex and every time we went, there were hot people, mostly singles, trying to pick up on us, but she was too shy to actually go through with it.

My cock began to stir as I thought to myself, if there was anywhere I might find someone willing to get a little freaky with someone they just met, maybe this would be the place. It was about 9:00pm when I walked in to the cluband I was so horny by the time I got there that almost everyone I saw looked like a potential partner.

I decided to get a drink first so I went right up to the bar and pounded a Malibu and Coke. There was a very hot couple next to me and I noticed he had his hand just slightly up her skirt, rubbing her leg as she sat on the stool in front of him while they talked. She was a beautiful Asian girl with large breasts and he was a hot white guy with light brown hair and well defined muscular arms.

It was nothing sexual that they were doing, but just the thought of being the one to rub her thigh made my cock hard. After a couple of minutes of watching them I couldn't take any moreso I told the bartender to make me another drink and I would be right back to get it after using the restroom.

I just needed to let my cock out so it would relax and go down. I couldn't believe how good it felt in my hand while in the restroom and I must have faded into it a little because the guy next to me was staring at me like I was stroking it right there at the urinal. It finally went down and I finished and went back to get my drink. The couple I had seen was at the hot client keisha grey gets pleasured by masseur pornstars fingering of the dance floor dancing very close and I couldn't help but stare as I picked up my drink from the bartender and sipped it slowly.

It had been a couple of hours and I was only on my third drink, but was talking to about the 5th or 6th lady who had approached me to ask me to dance. I had been watching that couple most of the night as christy was mesmerized by alicia s feminine sensuality were dancing and drinking. They looked very infatuated with each other and very ready to tear each other up.

The couple came off the floor in my direction, so I told the woman to sit for 2 minutes and then phoenix marie hardcore high notes would go dance.

I just wanted to watch this couple pass right by, but instead they stopped and asked if they could share my table since the bar was packed full. They introduced themselves as Sara and Rick as they sat down and thanked me for letting them share the table. I asked them to please keep my seat while I danced with the woman who had asked me and they said gladly, but said to dance at the edge of the floor as they enjoyed watching the way I moved when I dance. The woman I went to dance with wanted the middle of the floor, but what the couple had said hit me all the sudden.

They must have been watching me too, or they wouldn't have know how I danced, so I made sure we stayed near the edge. When I returned to the table the couple had ordered another round including one for me. We began talking and I thanked them for the drink, but told them I couldn't finish it, or I would be no good to anyone if I got drunk. They just laughed and commented on how my last dance partner needed me to be good for what she obviously had in mind at the end of the night.

I casually mentioned that honestly I was kind of hoping for a little something because it had been almost 4 months since I split with my ex girlfriend.


They just agreed and said they were unable to go two or three days without sex and didn't know how I could handle it. I just laughed and said that's the trick, I just "handle it" daily and we all laughed.

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We talked for a while longer and I began feeling bad because I couldn't stop looking at her beautiful cleavage, especially since she kept leaning forward in her movements.

Even his physical appearance was stimulating. They were the kind of couple you want to see on the screen when you pop in a porn vid, just so hot! They had mentioned that they had driven form about an hour away and I wondered how they would get home being that they were a little too tipsy to drive themselves.

I asked about it and they mentioned that they hadn't planned to drink so much and would have to figure something fit amateur guy bangs slim female agent in casting. Noticing that my last dance partner was now grinding an older gentleman on the dance floor, I told them that I figured I let her slip through my hands and wouldn't be using my hotel room for it's intended purpose.

I let them know I had a hotel room close, which has two beds, and they are welcome to use one. I mean why waste the money on an extra room when we all get along so well. I even offered to give them some alone time by going to get something to eat so that they could do there thing. Of coarse my real intentions were to find an adult bookstore with viewing booths so I could release my own pressure, or if really lucky, be there while they did their thing and sneak some peaks.

They thanked me for the offer and to my surprise accepted. I told them I was heading back now, but could give them a key and they could come when they were ready. They agreed to leave now and we all drove in my truck since the hotel was about 6 blocks away and police were all over the street watching for the drunk drivers. As we passed a Denny's on the corner, they asked to stop for a bite.

We talked non stop as we sat eating.


We really began to build a friendship and I felt very comfortable around them. It was about 1:30 when we finally made it into the room and I could tell that they were definitely going to need some alone time, so I asked them to give me a minute to rinse off in the shower and I would find something hot ebony tatiyana foxx blowing a long white rod do for an hour.

They didn't know how to respond seeing that I was serious and just said it wasn't necessary. I joked with them and said that I would have no problem watching them, as they are both very sexy, but I wouldn't want to overstep my bounds, nor would take away the fun they wanted to have right then. We all laughed it off as I walked into the restroom to take my shower. I fantasized about watching them while I was in the shower, but wanted to save my load for later.

I wanted to save it because The last thing I had noticed before going into the shower was that Sara had closed the curtains to the window, but left them about 10 inches apart and they had giggled about it and said that should be just perfect.

If nothing else, I would be able to watch them a little through the window and maybe walk back in on them in the heat of the moment in hopes that they would keep going and I could watch them finish.

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When I got out of the shower I could here them, but the fan was too loud to know what they were saying or doing. I had laid out my clean clothes on my bed so that I would have to come out in my towel to get them, since even that would turn me on. As I came out sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob the restroom, all of the room lights were off, so I left the restroom light on to see.

It was obvious that they were already at it. I came around the corner to get my clothes and he was kneeling at the head of the bed, behind her fucking her doggy style. I stared right into her eyes for a few seconds as her head was at the foot of the bed. She had the sexiest look in her eyes I had ever seen and the sight of his tight body thrusting against her ass took my breath away and caused my dick to begin to rise. I quickly caught myself and said sorry and headed toward my bed to grab my clothes.

I knew right then I had one chance to join this erotic scene and that would be to drop my towel and slowly dress while watching them. I felt almost frozen as I walked passed them heading for my clothes on the far bed. Though only 15 steps away, it felt like it would take forever. I couldn't take my eyes off them for a second and their return glares were burning me up inside.

Even his look was one of erotic lust, which I passed off as just his geiles teen victoria pure mit gruenen augen erwischt und gefickt german of being deep inside her. As I walk by in just my towel she shifted, which caused me to pause just for a second. During that second, she reached out and pulled my towel from around my waist, exposing my nicely shaved balls and half hard cock. Seeing a smile come across his face and her tongue begin to lick her lips I turned toward her.

She gently pulled me to naughty america son and mom sex storys and took me in her mouth. I instantly grew rock hard which caused her to moan with such passion I thought I was going to explode right then.

She sensed this and stopped. She turned herself over onto her back and pulled him back inside of her. She then laid her head back over the edge of the bed and began licking my balls and cock.

I aimed my cock at her mouth and she just opened her mouth and pulled my hips to her, taking all of my 7 inches into her mouth and throat. I watched in amazement as Rick slid his meat in and out of her. I noticed in that dim light that his cock looked just like mine and realized just how turned on I am by the sight of my own tool, as well as his. My mouth started to water at the sight of this awesome cock siding in and out of such a gorgeous shaven pussy.

Rick reached up and grabbed my hands and put them on Sara's tits telling me to rub them and suck them. I put one of my feet up on the edge of the bed to gain balance so I could lean down to suck on those big tits without having to pull my cock out of her mouth.

Sara took advantage of this and slid her tongue across my balls and all the way to my ass and began to rim me lightly. Luckily she wasn't sucking me when that happened or I would have blown it right then. After about 30 seconds she went back to sucking my cock with a little laugh, knowing that I truly enjoyed my ass tickled like that. It had only been about 4 minutes but it felt much longer.

That's when Sara slowly spun herself around and kneeling doggy style in front of me, looked back with a smile. After watching Rick work that pussy and knowing how hot and wet and loose it would be, I knew I had to taste it. Sara must have read my mind as she reached back and pulled me down with my face to her pussy and ass.

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The smell was so sweet it almost took my breath away. I hungrily started to lick her and to my surprise was totally turned on by the taste Ricks cock in her pussy while I licked her. I kept tickling her ass with my tongue and tongue fucked her ass as deep as I could a few times, but more than anything, I couldn't resist the taste of them both as I ate her sweet sex hole.

I told them how much it turned me on to taste them both at the same time and they both got very excited. Rick got so hot when I said it, that he had to pull out of her mouth for a quick break. Sara asked him if that really turned him on and he said it almost made him cum hearing me say that. Sara just started moaning and pulled my face to her pussy as hard as she could and started slamming her face into Rick and gagging on his stick. After another minute or so Sara spun herself back around and onto her back so Rick could fuck her again.

She guided me to put my leg back on the bed and began to lick my balls once more. It felt great, but I wanted to feel her tongue on my ass again, so I leaned forward so it would be right over her mouth. She took the hint and began licking my ass gently. I reached back and spread my ass for her to have easy access and she began to phoenix marie has a premium big ass her tongue into my hole.

It felt so good I started to shake. I was watching Ricks cock slide in and out of her and I was in ecstasy. Her pussy looked so sexy taking that tool so deep like that. I reached down and began to message her clit. I couldn't help but occasionally rub the side of his cock and he seemed to like it. This gave me the courage to reach out with a finger and tickle his balls a little while I rubbed her clit. He lifted a leg to the side so I had better access to touch his balls, so I started going back and forth, rubbing his balls and her clit.

All of publicagent short haired babe fucks for cash sudden I realized that Sara was back to sucking my cock, but that's not all. She had slid her finger into my ass and was fucking me with it pretty hard.

I went crazy with lust. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my mouth and sucked on her fingers, slobbering all over them. I then pushed her hand back to my ass. As she slid her finger in my ass I started rubbing her clit as fast as I could, that was until she slid in a second finger.

It felt so good I had to stop rubbing her and hold on to the bed. She was still sucking my cock like crazy and Rick had slowed way down to pay attention to what was going on. It was then that she shoved a third finger into my tight ass and began to 3 finger fuck my ass as hard as she could while deep throating my cock.

I could only handle a few seconds of it and my cock began to swell. I tried to pull out of her mouth, but using he hand she had in me, held me close. She grabbed my cock with her other hand and held my cock at the opening of her mouth. As I began to cum, I almost fell over and Rick reached up to brace me.

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I unloaded into his beautiful wife's mouth, which seemed to turn him on even more. I had created such a load of cum that it started to run out of the side of her mouth. When my sight became clear again, I could see that she had only swallowed the first squirt and was holding the rest in her mouth and down her cheek. She pulled her fingers from me and I quickly moved off of her so she didn't drown in my cum.

She sat up slowly and was swishing her tongue around in her mouth just enjoying the taste of my hot sex juice. She had more of my cum dripping out of her mouth and onto her chin and tits as she swallowed down what was in her mouth. Rick just stared in excitement as his woman relished in the taste of my cum. Sara just smiled at him and leaned forward and kissed him deeply, pushing her cum covered lips and tongue into his mouth.

He greedily sucked the remains from her tongue and lips, then looked at me as her licked the rest of my cum off of her cheeks, chin and tits. The sight of this was so erotic to me that my dick began to twitch and grow again. Seeing this, Sara asked if I really liked what I had just seen. I could only shake my head yes. She then leaned down, took my cock into her mouth and sucked the final remnants of my cum off of my cock and squeezed it all out mather sleep son hot focking her tongue.

Leaving it on the tip of her tongue she looked at Rick and he shook his head and nodded toward me. She put her tongue to my mouth and I instinctively sucked it clean.

Smiling because I liked it, she pushed Rick onto his back and told him it was his turn to cum. She lowered herself onto his wet prick and dropped down hard, taking him all the way inside.

She asked me to lick her ass while she sat there and I gladly agreed. Judging from the groans Rick was making, my tongue in her ass was making her pussy go crazy on his cock as she sat very still on him. After a couple of minutes of this, she jumped up quickly and turned around so they were both facing me then she sat back down on his cock and began to gyrate.

She leaned back and pulled my mouth to her clit and I began to lick and suck it.


I would breath in deep to fill my nostrils with the sweet smell of them together. Sara could tell I liked this and as I was licking her clit she pushed my head down to his balls, which were covered in her juice. I paused at first, but then seeing the sweet smile on her face, I just started licking. Rick began to moan loudly so I began to suck his balls and his moans became grunts.

Sara then lifted off of him and looking at me licking her lips.

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She aimed his cock at me and pushed my mouth onto it. I gave in and took him as deep as I could. Sara began to moan and whine like she was having an orgasm. She pushed me off of him and pounced back down on his cock. She was riding him as hard as she could and was cuming like crazy. As soon as she finished I could hear him moaning in a way I had not heard yet and knew he was about to cum so I began licking and sucking his balls again.

I stopped as Sara pulled off of him with the sounds of the suction her pussy had created around his cock. This was more than he could stand and his cock began throbbing violently. Sara grabbed his cock while looking into my eyes. The first squirt shot up and hit her tits and stomach, but before the second shot could make it out, my mouth was engulfing his cock.

I felt the second load blast into my throat before I could prepare myself. I positioned my mouth on the head of his dick to take the third, fourth and fifth streams. His cum was very pleasant tasting, so I held it all in my mouth without hot vixen valentina nappi enjoys dicking by her boss pornstars and hardcore, just as Sara had done with my load.

When he finally finished cumming, I lifted my head to see Sara staring at me with a look of ecstasy. I leaned forward and pushed about half of Rick's load into her mouth. She held my head steady to pause me while she turned to Rick and kissed him spitting his own load into his mouth. She then turned back to me and kissed me passionately sharing her mans load of cum from my mouth. We kissed for a couple of minutes, then she went back to kissing Rick for a while.

We all sat up and talked for a while and agreed that this had been not only totally unexpected, but also the best night of sex we had ever had. Before falling asleep, we agreed to exchange numbers and stay in touch in hopes of sharing more amazing times together. We got together a couple more times, but those experiences are for later.