Mom son sex fuck dad

Mom son sex fuck dad
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When I had this fantasy I was 14, nearly 5ft and pretty skinny. I'm a closeted bi-sexual and this is a fictional fantasy. There is one tough asshole in school called Charlie. He's a bastard to everyone, I should hate him but this rebbellion really turns me on. He works out slot and is way over 5ft. As a walk through the school corridoors, i real hot beauty watch more of her at ulacamcom walk into him and his gang, he turns around getting pissed.

"what the **** do you think your doing" I say nothing He carries on seeing I'm scared "maybe you need to be taught a lesson, you like lessons don't you?" "yes." I daren't disaggree "well then we shall give you a lesson afterschool, is that ok?" "err well." I was petrified "I said is that ok!?" "yes" I said quickly "good, see you after school" They walked away laughing.

At 3:35 the bell rang and it was the end of last lesson, outside my lesson door waited Charlie and his gang. They 'escorted' me out of the school.

As soon as we were out of sight they handcuffed me and covered my head. It was a 20 minute walk until they uncovered me and I was inside what appeared to be Charlies house.


They took me to his bedroom. Seeing them all here made me so horny, yet scared as I expected a harsh beating. They put me on the bed, then stood over me grinning.


Charlies then said "I think it's time for you lesson" They all grinned even more There was 3 of them in total. They were all strong tall guys. They saw a buldge in my pants from where I was erect. Charlie lent over and undid my belt. The suprise of excitement overwhelmed me. Could it me? Could my dreams come true? I acted as if still scared, trying to hide my geniune excitement.

He then continued and pulled my pants completely off. Then he pulled my underpants off to reveal my 5.5 incher. They laughed at it, I arsehole of beautiful babe drilled hardcore and blowjob mind I was too horny to care.

They then pulled of my top, renderring me completely naked besides my handcuffs. Charlie turned me over and looked at my butt, he then slapped it a few times, it was painful, but at the same time so good. Now they all started to underdress, and within 2 minutes I had four naked hot guys surrounding me. Precum started to ooze out of me onto charlies bed. He saw this and turned me over and pulled me to the floor. He held my head and forced his huge 8 incher into my mouth.

It was so warm and big. Before I knew it I had engulfed it all and he started to pound my face.


I could see the other two guys jacking off. He carried on pounding, his dick seeming to swell as he got faster.

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Suddenly I felt him jolting, he was now moaning heavily and upping the pace. I then felt his cum hit the back of my throat. "swallow it all cumslut!!" he yelled And I did, I swallowed every last juicy strand. He then pulled his dick out and slapped it around my face a few times. Now he dragged me onto the bed, and flipped me over, showing my virgin ass. He pointed at it and said "this is the main objective for today's class!" His two mates came over and once more I was surrounded by three beatiful hunks.

Charlie sat ontop of me as rested his head of his dick inbetween my buttcheeks. This alone caused a wave of precum from me. He then continued and pushed his head into my ass. This was painful. As he got more in it became comfortable and warm. Soon I had all 8 inches of his dick in my ass, this was more amazing than I could ever have imagined. One of his mates put his dick in my mouth while Charlie started to pound.

The feeling of these suculant dicks was too good to be true. Charlie was pounding away hitting my ass wall so hard, so nice. With every stroke I felt a new warmth. Both Charlie and his mate I felt begginning to pulse. They then became faster close up with lesbian babes sensually kissing faster.

Until in unison strands of cum hit the back of my ass and throat. "you like it don't you cumslut! Bitch!" Charlie exclaimed They both then pulled out there dicks leaving cum drooling from my ass. Charlie uncuffed me and got three more handcuffs.

He handcuffed both my arms and legs. Then attached them to the poles on each corner of his bed. I was now unable to move, I was completely there toy and it felt wonderful. Charlie once again forcefully pushed his dick down my ass. This time much quicker giving a far more intense feeling.

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One of his mates put his juicy dick right down my throat, and the final guy started to pound away in Charlie. This time was much rougher. All 4 of us were moaning emmensly.

Every thrust was powerful and warm, they were getting faster and faster. I could feel their dicks buldging, I could feel the sweat dripping from each one of us. Again the pounding got dramatically faster. Each hit moving my body against its will. Then I felt warm cum hitting the back of my throat, I swallowed each juicy strand. Not long after I felt charlies dick pulse and hot orgy session starring delicious sex bombs a stream of cum following, each strand hitting the back of my ass, stimulating all of my body in a state of complete pleasure.

Charlie and his mates started to get dressed. Still leaving me handcuffed. Before they left Charlie said "by the looks of your dick it was another f****** fun lesson for you!!" "see you later toy!" To be continued.