Contortion sex with my real flexi girlfriend

Contortion sex with my real flexi girlfriend
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This Story evolved from a Role Play with a friend, it is also my first story. Constructive criticism welcome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Damn it" I shouted as I slammed my fist down on the bench, "not only did I get overcharged, but half this stuff is past its expiration date!" I load everything back into my car and drive back to the store; I load everything into a trolley and storm up to the front desk.

A bored looking 18 year old kid is there and asks "how can I help you sir?" "I want to see the store manager, and I want to see them right now" I state in a loud but calm voice, " oh, we don't need to get the manager sir I can help you with your issue" in a condescending tone.

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"Fine", I state in a slightly louder and more annoyed voice, "so you would be happy to explain to me why not only I have been overcharged for my groceries but why half of the items are passed their expiry date" "I don't know sir, maybe you didn't add up the docket correctly and maybe you should check the items before leaving the store next time?" "Excuse me?

You are blaming me for this?? Right that mom and son japan movies it; if the store manager isn't here in two minutes then I will personally make sure everybody in this store is FIRED!!!" Putting emphases on the word fired. "You can't do that" the kid exclaims, "Watch me" The 18 year old runs off in a mad dash to find the manager, while I stand there fuming.


I turn to the left to take a deep breath and collect myself and then I hear a voice from behind "Good afternoon sir, my name is Kate I am the store manager how can I help you? " I turn and see a beautiful curvy brunette with a long plait and a great pair of tits.

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I take a deep breath and explain in detail exactly what my issue is, she listens and immediately orders a refund and then asks me to accompany her to her office. I follow her and step inside and she closes the door and locks it, she bids me to sit down on the chair in front of her desk, I do and she stands and leans slightly against it, her breasts I notice are straining against her shirt.

"now sir I hope that big dick penetrates a dripping wet pussy big tits and blonde incident has been handled to your satisfaction here today, and that we can look past this error" she smiles "I have only been the manager here for 6 months and really want to keep my job, I know that you said that you would have everyone in the store fired but is there anything I can do to maybe change your mind at least about me?" She smiles coyly running one hand from the top of her shirt to the bottom.

"Well now that you mention it, there might be one or two things" I grin menacingly "you can start by getting naked" "what??". she stammers " you heard me" " but I thought I could just show you my breasts and that would be fine?" she states, " either you get naked or you will be out of a job by tomorrow" she nods her head and bites her lip nervously as she undoes her buttons, into view spring a pair of tits easily a DD or E barely held in by a sheer push up bra, as she pushes her pants down she turns away from me, I can see that she is wearing a black see through g string revealing a luscious ass just begging to be spanked, I slap her ass firmly " hurry up girl" She quickly kicks of her pants exchange student 4 part 2 socks leaving herself in her bra and string, her eyes plead with me to go no further but I signal for her to take off the rest, she sighs and reaches behind her and unhooks her bra letting her massive tits bounce free, she drops the bra on the floor and slips off her string turning as she does so, hiding her body from me.

I stand up and grab her and turn her back to me and push her to her knees, "take it out" she looks at me shocked, "take it out and suck it" I growl and grab her hair and give it a quick pull, she lets out a little yelp and quickly turns her attention to my pants and the task at hand.

She drops my pants revealing my 6 inch cock which is hard thanks to her naked body and starts to suck it slowly, I grab both sides of her head and start forcing in into her mouth a little bit more every thrust, she starts to gasp as I thrust it in her throat so her mouth is against my stomach and hold her there for a minute or too.


I pull her off and she gasps loudly trying to catch her breath as spit runs down her chin onto her tits, I pull her up and pinch her nipples hard and twist them, she lets out a loud moan, I smile and think to myself ' she likes it rough' I bend her over her desk and slip my cock all the way into her pussy in one thrust and grab her plait and pull, she lets out another moan louder this time, I start thrusting in and out faster and faster keeping a firm grip on her plait pulling on it with every stroke, her moans get louder and louder and her body starts shaking as she lets out an ear piercing scream and floods the floor with her cum, she collapses face first on her desk breathing heavily, but I am not finished yet.

I flip her over and stand between her legs with her feet on my shoulders and slide my cock slowly into her ass holding her hips tightly, her eyes widen as she feels me going deeper and deeper inside her, a moan escapes eighteen year old new to sex sexy beauteous girl lips as she lays there, her hands unconsciously grabbing her tits and squeezing, I bottom out inside her ass and slowly start fucking her with long deep strokes, her moans get louder and louder as we continue, she keeps playing with her tits with one hand and starts to play with her clit with the other as I keep fucking her ass.

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She starts getting closer and closer to cumming and starts begging to make her cum, I reach down and twist her nipples and shove my dick deep into her ass and make her scream and again squirts this time spraying cum all over my stomach, cock and balls.

I pull out and pull her off the desk and onto her knees and spray my cum all over her face and tits. I sit back down on the chair leaving her kneeling in a huge puddle of her cum and mine dripping off her face and tits in front of me.


"Wipe that off your face and then come over here and clean my cock" she happily complies, quickly eating all of the cum off of her face, licking her tits and sucking my cock clean. I lean over and look her in the face " from now on I own you, you don't do ANYTHING without my express permission, you are MINE" she nods slowly and a small smile creeps onto her face.

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I tell her to get dressed as I get dressed, "what time do you finish work tonight?" I ask her "8pm.master" she says quietly trying out the word, I smile "I will be here at 8pm sharp my little sex toy, your new life starts tonight".