Hawt drilling with hard one eyed monster

Hawt drilling with hard one eyed monster
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It was a summer day much like any other, I was hanging out at my friend Chelsea's house, where she lived with her older sister, Jessie.

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We were talking about her current boyfriend, who I happened to have known longer than she did, and I didn't like him. I joked about how he was gonna do her like he did all his other girlfriends, and she started to get upset with me. So she jokingly said "Your just jealous he got to me before you could," and I accidentally blurted out, "Hella jealous." Now I think its appropriate that I give you some background.

I've known this girl my whole life, but our families had kinda lost touch the last few years, but when we reconnected, I found that she had 'grown up.' She was now about 5' 6" with VERY hot amateur teen fucking tube porn C-cup breasts, I think about 36C.She was a tad chunky as a kid, but had now lost her baby weight and developed some amazing curves.

Her bes asset in my opinion was her nice round ass. She always wore tight jeans or shorts so t always stuck out. It was the definition of ghetto booty. The type of ass u cant help but slap when she walks by. Now me, I stand at about 5' 11", 240 lbs, not very fat, mostly muscle, but could do with losing another 15 pounds or so, with an 8 inch dick, and very thick to boot.

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Now back to the story. Things were beginning to feel very awkward, thankfully her sister Jessie walked in, wearing not a lot of clothes (she was hot as well, I had a crush on her when we were little) she barely paid us any attention. As she walked out of the room her ass wiggled in her little boy shorts, so to smooth out the situation I said 'damn Jessie has a nice ass,' but my plan backfired, because Chelsea said "nicer than mine?" I looked at her "what?' like I didn't catch it.

"Is it nicer than mine, you never look at mine like that." I decided the truth was best "Yes I do, I just try not to let you see me looking.and besides, you never wear stuff like that in front of me," talking about the boy shorts.


To my amazement she stood up and start pulling down her pants, she had nothing but a tight g-string thong underneath. "What about now?" she asked, as she turned around, stuck her ass out and began wiggling it like a stripper.

I couldn't help myself, I reached out and slapped her ass hard. She just grasped the wall and moaned, her eyes closed, and licked her lips.

This was it, a clear invitation that I would be allowed to fuck my friend and she would be ok with it. I stood up and walked up behind her, slapping her ass again to see it jiggle, then grasping it with both hands.


She turned around and we shared our first kiss. We broke apart and both immediately started stripping, then jumped into her bed. Looking each other in the eyes, as if to ask each other, are you sure. The look in her eyes said she was, and mine must have to. I climbed on top and started rubbing my hard cock against her pussy lips, she moaned again, bit her lower lip.

She grabbed my dick and slowly guided into her pussy. The first 5 inches went I n pretty easy (I knew she had slept with a few guys before) but then it got harder. She was extremely tight after that.

I looked down at her and she read my mind, "Ive never had one this big before. Go ahead, put the rest in, fuck me!" I didn't need telling twice, I immediately thrust the rest of my cock into her, she screamed, but tried to muffle it, because her sister was still home.

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I began to pull out slowly, then shoving back into her hard and fast. She gasped with each in thrust, until she got use to my size.

Then she started moaning. It got louder and louder until I was sure her sis could hear. So I pulled out and flipped her over, lining my cock up, I shoved into her from behind. Her instincts took over as I hoped they would, because before letting out the scream that time she grabbed a pillow and put her face in it. I took this as a good sign and started plowing into her tight pussy. It was so wet by now I almost slid out with each back stroke.

She was amazing, in bliss, but still had the sense of mind to grind her hips back onto my dick. All this took story bf 19 yer xxxx 20 min, I knew I couldn't hold much longer, so I asked her "I'm gonna cum, where do you want it?" She turned and said "Oh my god, you're so amazing, I'm gonna cum to! Don't stop fucking me…I'm on the pill" That was enough for me, I pulled back one more time and rammed as far as I could inside of her, and started letting loose.

She put her face back in the pillow for her loudest scream yet. Jet after jet of my hot cum streamed into her, as her whole body shook with her orgasm. When we subsided we collapsed next to each other in the bed. She looked at me and said "I've wanted to do that for a while" "Really?" I said, "me to." She looked almost disappointed though, then looked at me and said "I really loved that, it was amazing…but now my bf isn't going to be able to satisfy me, after I've had sex like that." I looked at her and said "you can come back to me any time.


What's the term, friends with benefits." It was decided, she would stay with her man who she really liked, but we would always be fuck buddies. There was just one problem……2 weeks later I found out she was pregnant.