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Whipped cream dildo suck hairy kim and bald janet
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The few weeks flew past, Maryse barely had any time to come see Joe, he and Andy have patched up their friendship slightly and they started to hang out again. Joe and Andy was in the park, tossing an old football around when it occurred to Joe that it was only two days before Maryse's departure to college and from the way she was running around he probably wouldn't get to say goodbye.

Distracted by the thought, the casually tossed football almost hit him against the head, only his fast reflexes and Andy's warning shout prevented that. Picking up the ball, he tossed it back, Andy caught it and walked closer, "You OK there Joe? You seem distracted." Joe shrugged, "Just thinking about Reese Antman, I haven't seen her for longer than an hour since the dance." Andy shrugged, "She had a lot of things to sort out since the last college fell through, turned out to be some sort of sham.

I did hear her say that everything seemed sorted yesterday, she would most probably want to see you today, I know how you two lovebirds like to hang around each other." Joe chuckled, "If I had the hot sister and you were the new boyfriend I would be happy." Andy placed a hand on Joe's shoulder, "But I am happy bro, glad you finally got a girl and that she seem to have found a very stable guy to hang out with.

Or at least as stable as us football types can get." Joe laughed along with Andy and shoved his friend against the shoulder, "Give me that pig skin and let's see if you can still do the Red sixty six." Andy snorted and flipped the ball towards Joe, Joe crouched and shouted, "Red sixty six!

Red sixty six! Ready! Hike!" He took four steps back, pulled back and threw, now Andy who seemed slow when he walked and even at times when he talked, was no slouch in the running department, in fact he held various track records and he proved this as he caught the hard thrown ball after a double swerve at about sixty yards.

The two threw up their arms in celebration, "Whoohoo! The Ant still has it!" Andy did a silly little robot dance and Joe was laughing at him, the sudden squeeze of his right buttock almost made him jump out of his skin, "Wha…!" He turned to find Maryse standing behind him, dressed in a fluffy white jersey, blue jeans and faux fur-lined boots that came up to her calves and wearing a huge grin, "Hey there stud." He broke into a grin and enveloped her in a tight hug, one which she returned, only to tap his back after a few moments, he released her and she gasped for breath, giving him a small grin, "Wow, you really take this leaving a girl breathless way too seriously." He smiled and pulled her into another hug, kissing her gently, a kiss she gladly returned and then settled into his arms, "Hmm, I missed you soooo much." He kissed the top of her head, "I missed you just as much." He looked over at the approaching Andy, who wore a huge smile, that smile told him everything, "Did you…?" She chuckled and nodded, "Had to make sure it's a surprise, by the way, he owed me." "I'm just glad you're here." "Me too." She released him and turned in his embrace, leaning back against Joe to look at her brother as he ebony college les licks lesbiansex and lesbians close, then she clapped her hands, "Gimme" Andy frowned and then realized she meant the ball and tossed it underhand at her, she caught it and bobbed it from one hand to the other, her volleyball skills on display as she kept the oval ball airborne for a while and then tossed it back at Andy.

Andy on the other hand tossed it right back and she caught it again, chuckling, "You're getting slow little brother." Andy stuck out his tongue at her at the three of them laughed and Maryse looked up at Joe, "Come on, let's toss the pig around a bit, like when you two were small and always pestered me to play along." Andy she loves to swallow all of that cum can't remember that you ever did." Maryse glared at him and Joe chuckled, "Unfortunately I'm with Ant on that one babe, I can't remember one time either." She chuckled and tossed the ball at Andy, "There's always a first time." It seemed like a good idea, but Joe was reluctant to let go of her, pretty soon they were tossing the ball at each other, chatting as they did so.

Joe had to admit that he couldn't remember the last time they spent this sort of time together, but it was fun and relaxing. Andy left an hour later to catch the porn anel sex meerut free of a new series that he had his eye on, this left Joe and Maryse sitting on a park bench, or basically he sat and she sat on his lap, laying against his chest.

"It seems like you and Andy have sorted out a few things." She nodded and smiled slightly, "It was a very intense conversation, he's still a bit jumpy about it, but I think he knows how wrong it was and is rather trying to put it behind him and work on it not happening again." She glanced up at him, "Probably went a bit easier for you two?" Joe shrugged, "Once he started to talk, yes.

Despite it all he remains my best friend, even though I did wish to wring his neck. It seems that he is sincerely sorry about it." She snuggled up against him, "That is good, I like the new Andy, a lot like the old one, without the attitude." Joe chuckled, "Was it that bad?" She nodded, "At times it was yes." Joe raised a anal sex for hot redhead and swallow cum to brush over her hair, it was tied back in a pony tail and he just ran his fingers over her scalp and then through the soft silky threads that hung down her back.

He guessed that by now when they hung loose they would reach half-way down her back. She sighed contentedly at his touch and they sat in communal silence for a while, "Joe?" "Hmm?" "Take me home." He was puzzled at this, "OK sure" She slid from his lap and he got up, taking her hand he headed in the same direction Andy took, only to have her pull him back and point into another direction, he looked at her and then in the direction her hand pointed, that was the way back to his home.

"Ah…that home." She nodded with a smile and they left the park, chatting idly about the weather and the football season. When they got home, both his parents was out, she led him straight to his room and sat down on his bed, she started pulling off her boots, "Uhm Reese, shouldn't I like close the door?" She looked up at him and chuckled, "Nope, we're going to watch movies, I want to relax a bit with my boyfriend and if I fall asleep it should preferably be in a bed, not on a park bench." He smiled, "And you were going to tell me this when?" She shrugged, "Dunno, just did, not get that sexy ass in gear, I haven't watched any of the new releases that you and Andy have hoarded." Joe smiled and went over to his laptop, connecting it to the television mounted on the wall, then he selected the new movies that she mentioned and turned to find her slipping out of her jeans, she already have gotten rid of her jersey, underneath she wore a thin t-shirt, and he could clearly see that she had nothing under that and as her jeans pooled at her feet, he had to stare at her as she stood next to his bed in dark blue hot pants and the light blue t-shirt.

She got under the covers and smiled at him, "Come on slow poke." He chuckled, slipped out of his sneakers and socks, his jacket and jeans followed, leaving him in a white t-shirt and grey boxers. He got into bed with her, by now the media player on the laptop had done it's pre-caching and the first movie started to play on the television screen. Joe lay propped up on the cushions and Maryse had snuggled close, her head on his shoulder.

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It was like this that his mother found them and with a smile left, the fact that she didn't greet Maryse meant that during one of the movies she had nodded off, Joe didn't want to disturb her and was surprised when she stirred two movies later and looked up at him blinking, "I nodded off…" He chuckled and kissed her gently, "You slept busy bee, you missed two movies." She pulled a face and stifled a yawn behind a hand, "Mmm, must be all the running around and not getting any… Vitamin Joe." She waggled her eyebrows at him with a naughty grin, grinning back, he playfully tapped her on the nose, "What will your excuse be after four months?" She groaned and collapsed against him, "Don't remind me." She turned her attention to the new movie, "How far in horny amazing hotties love kinky games lesbian and dildo this one?" "About six minutes." She sniffed, "Well I think we will be fed when it finishes, I smell food." He sniffed and through her perfume and shampoo smell he actually caught a whiff of seasoning, "Yeah seems like it." She settled in against him again and sighed, "This is so nice you know?

First time I ever fell asleep like this." He settled into the cushions and watched the screen, "Must be because you know you can trust me." She chuckled softly, "More like I know I'm safe with you." Her hand found his under the covers and their fingers intertwined, linking them together. It turned out that Maryse had the timing for the call for supper right, the end credits had just started rolling when his father popped his head around the doorway, "Ah you're awake, hello Maryse, food is ready." "Hello mister Anders, I'm sure I can drag him away from his movies for that." Joe's father chuckled, "Don't tell me he dragged you in here to watch movies." Maryse gave him a bright smile, "Actually it was my idea, I haven't watched any movies in the past two weeks." With a nod and a wave Joe's father withdrew, the two of them got dressed and Joe hit pause as the next movie started, supper was a quick affair as his parents had to go out to visit a business associate of Joe's father for drinks.

Within the hour Maryse and Joe bade his parents goodbye and Joe found himself getting dragged back to his room, this time Maryse closed and locked the door behind them, a mischievous grin on her face.


"And now I have you in my clutches Ensign, resistance is futile." Joe smiled at her, "Ah but I am not an ensign ma'am Borg, I am the XO." She frowned, "XO? The Executive Officer?" His smile turned to a grin, "The hugs and kisses, resistance is futile!" He stepped forward and foxy lassies pleasure dicks in the club brunette and big tits her up into his arms, making her squeal in surprise and a few moments later she sighed in pleasure as their lips locked together, though they haven't seen each other for some time, the kissing was slow and gentle, her hands slowly exploring his body through the material of the t-shirt underneath the jacket.

She slowly slipped off his jacket, giving her more freedom to explore, he lifted her jersey and they broke apart for a few moments, as he slipped off the jersey, she hooked her t-shirt and pulled it off as well. Joe could see her pink nipples already hardening, their color growing slightly darker, he followed suit, pulling off his t-shirt as she stepped close to him again, her soft breasts pressing up against his naked torso as their lips found each other once more.

He ran his hand over her supple back, exploring her flawless skin, the soft velvety feel of her a feeling he had missed dearly. Her hand had slipped between them, stroking over his body as her other hand explored his back, he ran his fingertips over her back, pressing just hard enough for her to feel it and she moaned softly as he pressed those fingers down on the knotted muscles of her shoulders.

After long moments her fingers slid to his jean, unzipping it and popping the button, allowing it to fall to the floor, her fingers undid the button of his boxers and slid inside, slowly stroking over the shaft of his cock, she pulled his cock out of the slit and ran her hand slowly over the thickening shaft. Their kissing turned hotter with every passing moment, his hands finally coming to rest on her denim-clad ass, kneading the firm muscles through the material made her moan deeper, she pulled away from him and stared up at him with a slight smile.

Her hands started to undo her jeans and he undid the laces of his sneakers and pulled them off along with his socks and kicked his jean away as he watched her slide her jeans down her legs, her hot pants followed.

He pulled her closer, lifting her up and settling her down on the bed, standing up he pulled off her boots, then her jean and underwear, leaving them both naked, she scooted further onto the bed, he climbed onto the bed, leaning down to kiss her.

Her arms folded around him, pulling him down, he sank down, her legs opening to allow him to settle on her. He ran his hands over her legs as they continued kissing, exploring them from knee to hip, sliding his hands under her firm ass, slowly massaging the firm muscles, making her moan in pleasure.

One hand detached from his shoulders and slowly slid down his back, over his hips and in between them, grabbing hold of his throbbing shaft where it lay caught between their bodies. He lifted his hips, allowing her more freedom to his cock, her hand slowly stroked the hard shaft, her thumb smearing the pre-cum over the head, as more oozed out, she rubbed her palm over the head.

She moved her hand over his shaft, pushing slightly she led him to her pussy, gripping him slightly harder, she pulled.

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He slid into a tight, wet furnace, or that is how it felt to the sensitive head of his cock, she moaned loudly as he sank deeper into her, her hand slid away from his shaft, coming to rest on his lower back. He moved slowly, enjoying each passing moment as her body opened up for him, her tight walls of her pussy softly massaging his intruding cock.

Drawing his hands from her ass, he slid them under her shoulders, breaking the kiss by propping himself on his elbows, they looked at each other as he moved his cock slowly out and then back into her, each slow thrust taking him deeper. She moaned softly with each thrust, keeping eye-contact with him all the while, his groin finally met her own, their bodies pushed flush against each other, his cock buried deep inside of her, they stay like this for a while, caught in the moment.

He leaned down; their lips met once more as he started to move inside of her, picking up speed until they found a leisurely pace, slow and sensual, not too fast nor too slow.

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Her soft moans muffled by their entwined tongues and lips pressed tightly together, her hands holding onto his shoulders as her hips met each slow thrust with one of her own. He broke the kiss after a while, looking down into her lovely face, he couldn't get over the fact how much he loved her, it was a feeling that he was new to, but it was there and from the look in her eyes, she reflected that feeling.

Their movements gradually started to increase in pace, Maryse closing her eyes as her moans increased in volume, Joe leaned down and kissed her neck, which she arched for him, her hot breath against his ear as was her moaning. He felt her body shudder and she cried out his name softly as her body convulsed under him, her orgasm racking her firm body.

He kept up his thrusting and it had her digging her nails into his back, he could feel her body convulsing again and again under him, the walls of her pussy gripping and releasing his thrusting cock with a regularity which should be frightening, but her continued moans of pleasure was not. The increasingly sensual massaging of his cock rushed his orgasm as well and as he was about to cum, he pushed deep into her, his cum erupting from his cock to flood her pussy, he groaned in the unbelievable pleasure of his release, holding her tightly to him as their bodies shuddered in pleasure against each other.

Locked together like they were, neither one saw the figure that backed away from the window, as it turned, teen sloppy deepthroat big cock pov k ultra hd kriss kiss ponytail briefly lashed out and then the figure was gone.


Once they both came down from their orgasmic bliss, it dawned on them that cold air was coming in from the partially opened windows. Languidly they crept under the covers, Maryse settling on top of Joe, snuggling up to him and yawning, "Hmm, you know how to tire a girl out." Joe chuckled, "Hey not my fault you're getting so old." She snorted and playfully punched his chest, "Well this old biddy at least knows how to get you into bed without a hitch." They both chuckled at that lovely brunette masturbates with a sex toy he held her close, glad to have her with him before she had to leave for college.

He brushed through her hair, slipping off the band holding them together and fluffed them out with his fingers. He gently stroke her hair, feeling her breathing growing slower and steadier, he knew that they would have to clean up soon, but at the moment he didn't want to move, nor did he want to disturb Maryse, he kissed her temple and whispered in her ear, "I love you Reese." She stirred and he could feel her smile, "I love you too Joe."