Andy san dimas gives nasty foot job

Andy san dimas gives nasty foot job
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Laura was nervous and excited when she arrived in town. She knew what she was in for on this vacation. Two weeks of sexual pleasure from multiple people. She loved the thought of being able to please and be pleased by partners of both sexes. This trip was even more special due to the fact it was a whole family that was gonna use her as they saw fit. She had already discussed the ground rules and knew what to expect. Tony would be the dominant member of the house.


Already, it was decided that Laura would wear only a long shirt, a sun dress, or nothing at all. Her body was to be readily accessible at all times for use by whatever person wanted it. Sarah would be an equal partner as far as level. They both could be used by Tony at any time. Additionally, they were allowed to play with each other at any time. Jim was the one wild card.

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Tony said she could be the dominant one of the two, but he was his own person. Being a young adult, he still wasn't sure what he wanted, so it was Laura's milf veronica rayne deep throat blowjob keiran lee to try and guide him, but he may resist being made the submissive.

Tony and Sarah were meeting her at the airport. As she came out of the secured area, she spotted Tony and Sarah waiting for her. Sarah was wearing a sundress and Tony had on jeans and a t-shirt. Laura suspected Sarah had on nothing under the dress. After all, Laura had removed her panties in the bathroom right after landing.

She didn't want to start off behind the curve for not being ready to play. tony spoke first. "Hey Laura. Welcome to our fair city. Any bags we need to wait for?" "No, I just have the overnight bag you see.

I did not think I needed aything else" "Well I will go get the car and pick you two ladies up here" and with that, Tony hot gf morgan lee screwed in her asshole for the first time her and Sarah alone. Sarah was shorter than what Laura pictured.

She knew from previous conversations and web cam sessions that she was short, but it just ever occured to her how short. At four feet six inches, she came to just the right height thought Laura. already she could picture herself in heels standing in front of the stove with Sarah lapping contentedly away. No bending required meant the pleasure could go as long as they wanted.

She now understood why Tony liked her so much. Him being six feet four inches put her at the perfect height. Laura asked "Are you ready for the next two weeks?" Sarah just giggled and blushed. Then she put her hand on Laura's ass and gave a squeeze.

"Do you think you can handle what he has in store for us?" Laura smiled and grabbed Sarah's hand. "Of course I can. Let's head on out curbside. I can't wait to get to your house." "Sure thing.

I bet he won't let us even get in the door before he has his hands on us. Jim isn't at home right now so he will want to start while the door is still sswinging shut." Tony pulled up and got out of the car to open the door for the ladies. He put both of them in the backseat. "It's a long ride home. I thought you two would be more comfortable back there." With that, Tony got in behind the wheel and started back to the home front. It was an hour ride and he casually adjusted the mirror as he pulled away from the curb.

Sarah didn't catch the move, but Laura did. As they pulled away from the airport, Laura leaned over and asked "Are you wearing any panties?" As an answer, Sarah took Laura's hand hand and slid it up under the sundress. Laura felt the smooth thighs as her hand slid up to find the warm wet lips waiting in between.

She felt around for a bit and noticed there appeared to be a small strip of hair at the top, but other than that it was smooth. Sarah let a small moan escape as Laura probed with her fingers, feeling the nub of the clit as she rubbed up and down. Laura leaned in and planted her lips on Sarah's as she put her other hand behind her head to pull her into the kiss. She let her tonge work into Sarah's mouth and explore. All the while rubbing her clit under the sundress. When they embrace was broken, Laura slipped her middle finger inside of Sarah and began to probe there with the same rhythmic strokes she used to rub the clit and lips.

The natural juices starting to flow from Sarah. Sarah leaned into the hand exploring her and reached out to touch the legs of Laura. It was obvious that she wanted to have the same question answered. Laura just smiled and continued moving her hand while she explored Sarah inside and out with her hand. Sarah reached the thigh of Laura and started the trek of her hand up to feel Laura.

What Sarah found was a smooth as silk pussy with no panties covering it. Laura was not yet as wet as Sarah, but as those little brokenteens 6 big dicks for 1 cheerleader began to probe, she could feel that tingling sensation growing and knew it would not be long.

This went on for a little bit, hands probing and feeling, lips embracing as the two ladies held and played with each other during the ride down the Interstate. Once Tony got off the Interstate and onto the two lane road Laura stopped playing with her hand and eased Sarah's dress up to her waste.

Laura could see the pussy lips glistening in the sun from the juices coming out of Sarah. She leaned in and first kissed the lips swelling out there. Licking her lips and tasting the sweet juice, she decided she needed more. She stuck her tongue out and began to lightly flick the clit sticking out at the top.

Then she started to lick from the beginning of the taint up to the clit and then starting over again. Sarah leaned back to give Laura better access and let a little purr escpae her throat. Once she had better access, Laura dove in hard. She used her tongue to part the lips and sucked the clit into her mouth. While sucking, she flicked the little button with her tongue. Sarah began to moan and little louder and placed her hands on the top of Laura's head.

Sarah began to rub the sides of Laura's head as she gently pushed her into the lips. She was beginning to flex her hips up when Laura used her tongue to probe into the Sarah's hole. The juices tasted so sweet and began to get a little thicker as Laura started using her tongue like a mini penis to fuck Sarah's wet hole. Sarah began to moan louder and started humping the tongue pumping in and out of her.

That is when Laura pushed first one finger and then a second up into Sarah. Now Laura had two fingers and a tongue going at it and Sarah could barely contain herself. Laura sat up and pressed her lips into Sarah again.

Sarah responded by wrapping her arms around Laura and drawing her close.

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Their tongues began to fight in and out of each others mouths while Sarah started to buck on Laura's fingers. Laura could feel the juices starting to flow more freely.


She disengaged from kissing Sarah and moved back down to taste what she knew was to come. Larua placed her mouth on Sarah's pussy ungulfing the whole thing and went back to using her tongue to fuck Fuck white girl in cricket stadium by bbc hole. The juices running out were flowing freely and Laura was lapping it up.

Sarah's legs were now wrapped around Laura's head preventing her from getting away, as if she really would try. Sarah was moaning loudly and bucking into Laura's face. Laura knew it wouldn't be long. She could feel Sarah starting to squeeze a little harder with each stroke of her tongue. Sarah was bucking faster and squeezing tighter. At last, the moment had arrived. Laura could feel her tongue squeezed as Sarah's pussy started to spasm.

She gushed forward a thick creamy flood of juices from deep within. All the while her legs were squeezing Laura tight into her and her pussy walls were pulsing on Laura's tongue. Laura was swallowing the flow as it came, but some still managed to dribble out the sides and onto her chin. Once Sarah relaxed the grip of her legs, Laura sat up. Sarah leaned forward and began to lick her juices off Laura's chin and neck and finished by sucking on the tongue that she just finished cumming on.

Sarah stuck her hand back up under the dress Laura had on. While starting to finger her again she leaned around and whispered in Laura's ear.

"That was fantastic. I am so glad you decided to come up and visit. I would return the favor right here and now, but I am afraid Tony would not forgive me for getting in there first. Besides, we are not too far from home now. Another five minutes or so." Laura responded by whispering back, "The pleasure was all mine. I can't wait to cum in your mouth as well. I want us both to cum together on each others tongues. Maybe Tony will watch us before joining in." For the rest of the ride they sat holding each other.

While Tony just grinned from ear to ear. Only he knew what was to come next.