Zarin khan xxx sex stories story

Zarin khan xxx sex stories story
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I was at a school camp when I had my first sex.


We were a group of boys. I was quite skinny and tall with long thin legs and though I was interested in sex and masturbated a lot I really had no idea what it was about.

My penis was quite long, circumcised and with tight round balls and hardly any hair. It was always getting stiff. I was vaguely interested in seeing boys in the changing sheds and was curious about anything to do with bodies. I was keen to climb a nearby mountain, really a high hill, and there was only one other boy called Sam who was interested.


I did not know him very well, but I thought okay and we got permission and set off with small packs with lunch, water and jackets. We were in t shirts and shorts and boots. We seemed to get on ok as we set off and took turns leading along a track to the top through forest. It was when I was following that I noticed that Sam had a very large round bum in tight white Adidas running shorts and I don't know why but seeing this made my penis go stiff in my white jockeys under loose leg black sport shorts.

I even got the idea that he liked showing me because re retied his boot laces a couple of times bending over in front of me. And when we stopped for our first break he seemed to like looking at my legs and I think up my shorts. I pretended not to notice as I sat ebony comes for decoration then fucks home owner my legs wide apart.

When he repacked his pack he made a point it seemed of kneeling with his bum towards me and I could see how his shorts went up into his bum crack and he turned his head round and smiled when he saw me staring. When we set off it was my turn to lead again but I said I didn't mind if he carried on leading.

He smiled and said: ok, I like it when you look at my bum. I know it's big and a bit girly looking. You're not the only one who likes it. I blushed and all I could say was oh right as we set off. By the time of our next break we were above the forest not far from the top and found a grassy sunny spot away from the track to have lunch.

After our lunch Sam lay on his front facing towards me as I stayed sitting on a log. I could see down his back to his big bum and he was obviously looking up my shorts. I asked him, why do you like looking up my shorts? He smiled and said the same reason why you like looking at my bum. I like looking at your jockeys. Will you pull your shorts down and I'll tell you about my bum.

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I wasn't sure about that but he said it's completely private here and we won't be telling anyone else about this. So I did and sat on my jacket. I'm sure he could see I had a stiffy in my jockeys and that they had wet marks from my precum. He said: my mum and aunt and uncle were often saying I had a girly bum and I didn't like that until an older cousin, he's now at uni, told me how sexy it is.

Actually you don't know this but my chest is a bit girly too. My cousin said I should be his girl. This was a few years ago. Mum was cool about it and thinks it's cute. There's just mum and me at home. I liked it when my cousin would feel my bum and when he fingered my hole and played with my titties. I got to play with his penis and suck it and then he would bum me.

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Uh, what's that? I asked. When he puts his stiff penis into my bum hole. He would get all horny and then mount me from behind pushing it in and moving it up and down until he spermed. Hell, doesn't it hurt? I asked. Only a bit at first but now I really like it. My uncle bums me now too. What, does your mum know? Yes but she's cool. She says I must be made that way. But isn't it dirty? I know how to keep my bum really clean.

Here I'll give you a good look. He turned round close to chloe scott got a mouthful of step dads cock naturaltits brunette with his bum facing me and kneeling up.

He then slowly slipped his shorts and undies down. He did have a big and sexy round bum and narrow waist and with his hands he opened his crack so I could see his hole. I could also see his small balls. He said, Craig, I need you to bum me now. I know you've got a stiffy and its wet. Put it in please. He licked his finger a few times and got his hole a bit wet.

Mount me like animals do. I looked around and listened carefully for any noise. There was no one else around so I pulled down my jockeys. I was mega hard and precum was leaking out.


I pushed it into his tight hole and right up to my balls until I could feel him gripping my penis. Sam was whispering, oh yes, that's so hot, bum me, shoot cocked guy fucked a lot of whores sperm in me. And as I moved up and down, oh yes Craig fuck my cunt hard. Soon I was shooting what felt like a huge load of cum. He kept squeezing my penis and said just pause and then move again so you keep stiff. Now he felt all wet inside and it was nice fucking him slowly and then faster and harder as he whispered oh yes craig get it right up, your dick is soooo long and hard and hot.

I pushed up as far as I could and spurted another delicious cum. I then pulled out and he turned round and licked my penis until it was all clean. It wasn't dirty like I thought it would be just covered in my sperm. He said, you do have a lovely dick, nice and long and very tasty and your tight balls shot so much sperm. I love sucking dicks too. My uncle says I'm developing into a very good cocksucker.

As he sucked a bit on my penis it started to get stiff again and I could see Sam's penis. He had more hair than me and it looked much smaller than mine with foreskin around the knob. I wondered what it would be like to play with but he said we'd better get going. Sam wiped his bum and put a tissue in his undies. We did get to the top and ran most of the way back down with only one short stop. We were standing together in the same dense forest and he felt my dick through my shorts and he got me to do the same to him.

We said we would keep all this secret and pretend we're not friends and when he asked me if I would go to his house after school one day I said ok.