College cocksucking teen jerking in dorm trio

College cocksucking teen jerking in dorm trio
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So this is the story of my first sexual experience… I was 16 and in year 11 at high school, a friend's parents had gone away and they were throwing a party. The party had been going for hours before my friend and I had even seen the host and his best friend. My friend had a crush on the host and when I first met him I did to, my friend and I got in a competition about who he would go out with, but then I met his friend who, to me anyway was nicer and smarter funnier and better looking, so needless to say I had one on the friend, the feeling was mutual for both the boys.

However the host was busy entertaining people so my friend ended up making out with another guy in an empty bathtub so I went to seek out his friend. We sat down and talked for hours, as drunk as we were we could barely understand each other but it didn't matter.

We decided to go for a walk to the park around the corner so we could get to know each other better. He was very gentlemanly and asked if he could hold my hand while we sat on the swings and talked.

We hadn't sat there long when I realised I had left my very drunk best friend at the party and I thought it would be best if we went back to make sure she was ok, it being a high school party where everyone knew everyone I didn't think she would be in much danger, I just wanted to make sure. When we got back the friend kissed me on the hand and said to come and find him again after I checked black guy and gral xxx storys her.

She was fine sitting on the lounge listening to music.


I got caught up in the music and talking to her and others that I forgot to go and look for the friend and next thing I knew he was walking around saying goodbye to everyone, I was crushed when he got to me as I rarely had confidence to talk to him at school.

When he got to me he stood me up hugged horny babe swallows a big fat dick and kissed me sweetly on the corner of my mouth and then my neck, said goodbye and left.

At chicks ride guys ass hole with big strap dildos and burst load point I thought stuff it I'm getting really drunk, and I did, to the point where the hosts young cousin said he was going to look after me and make sure I don't do anything stupid.

My friend thought I had better take it easy and asked the host if we, her and I, could go and lay on his parent's bed, he took us to his parent's room, and said he would come back with some water.

The bed was a water bed so it wasn't helping my dizziness but it did make me stop drinking. He came back with a bottle of water which he decided to drink half of before giving me any, he was apparently very drunk to. He turned the lights off and jumped on the bed and lay down between us grabbed both of us and pulled us close and put our heads on his shoulders.

We were there for a while when I realised he was fondling my friends tits. I was getting more and more uncomfortable as this went on and just as I was about to get up and walk out he grabbed my face and started kissing me. I wasn't sure what was going on and judging by my friends reaction neither did she. She sat up and went to say something when he turned to her and kissed her. Being a little shocked I moved away from him on the bed and just lay there.

When he finished kissing her she did the same. We were there in silence for a couple of minutes when I felt his hands pulling my top up and pushing my bra up so he could see my tits in the moonlight then he did the same to my friend. Mine being a large d must have looked more tempting to him than her by's as he came straight back to mine and startled to fondle them and suck and nibble my nipples.

My friend must have felt left out because she then took her top and bra all the way off and moved closer to him again. This all of the sudden became a competition between myself and my friend to whom got more attention. So after he was kissing her for a little while I took my top off and pulled him back to me.

So she started kissing his neck, so I started kissing down his chest. She kissed him on the mouth and I rubbed his cock through his jeans. He asked us if we thought he should take it out and at that point we both realised how serious this was getting. After we didn't say anything for a while he lay back between us doing and saying nothing, I sat up and went to grab my top and said I think I will leave u 2 alone for a little while, he pulled me back down and said no, so my friend said the same thing and he pulled her down to.

He asked us both if we were virgins, my friend said she was, and I lied and said I wasn't. So again my friend went to get up and leave and he said no again.

He kissed her then me then her then me.


He then asked us to kiss and that's when she got up and said if u don't want to be with just me then I'm out.

And she grabbed her top and walked out. I should have followed but in my drunken state I felt as though his friend had rejected me and I wanted to get back at him, I didn't think that this might hurt my friend I just wanted to hurt his. He wasted no time turning his full attention to me and started kissing me passionately on the mouth as he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and slid his hand down the front.

He pulled them off me and kissed me from my feet to my tits and stopped there kissing them biting them and squeezing them. I was unsure of what to do so I just lay there enjoying it.

Eventually he grabbed my hand and started me rubbing his cock, I had watched plenty of porn with my friends before so I knew there was lots of different sizes but before it even got out of his pants I could tell he was quite large, thinking back now I would say 8 inches at least, and the way his breathing changed when I was stroking him I could tell how hard and fast to stroke him.

He moved his mouth up to my neck and started kissing me which made me squirm and made my heart beat very fast, he took this as an invite to let his hands go down to my now wet pussy. He slid his hands beneath my panties and found my clit he rubbed it gently which made me squirm even more, in fact he had to put his other arm around me and hold me close to him so I wouldn't wriggle too much.

He inserted a finger it sent a tingle up my whole body. He didn't finger me for long, my moans must have turned him on cause he started to push my head down, I knew what this meant from the movies but I was slightly nervous about it because the only thing I have ever sucked on was an ice block, so after I got it free of the clothing I licked it from the base to the head and put it in my mouth as far as I could, never having done this before my gag reflex redhead teen takes dicks gorgeous and sensual in pretty quickly and I pulled it back out.

As I sucked it more and more I could get it in further and further. I went to reposition myself and I realised his balls were moving as Priya rai face johney sinr cum short did this so I put my hand on them gently to keep them still and this made him moan really loud so I started to fondle them, I figured if touching them made him feel like this maybe I should lick and suck them.

Still playmates suspects grandmother was called to lp office in hopes of clearing matters

This must have nearly pushed him over the edge because his legs were starting to twitch and he grabbed my ass and squeezed it and said I had to stop if we wanted to fuck. I thought maybe this would be enough to punish his friend so I didn't stop but he must have wanted to fuck me cause he pulled me back up the bed and climbed on top of me.

At this point my friend and the hosts cousin was wondering what was going on and started banging on the door, the host said we were fine and they said they were coming in to make sure so I quickly put my top back on hid my pants and got under the blanket.

He put his pants on and told them to come in, my friend barged in first and asked me if everything was ok, I said I was fine we were just talking, his cousin came in and said that I need to go dance with him, I told him I was ok son fuk xxxxxxxx mom italia said he wasn't taking no for an answer and the host told them to get out and if they didn't he was going to throw them out, as he pushed them out the door he locked it and took his pants off as he came back to the bed.

He pulled the blanket off me and started kissing me again, I told him that I didn't think this was a good idea and I should go find my friend. He said it was a great idea as he pulled my legs apart and positioned himself between them.

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He slid the head of his cock up and down my slit and gently pushing it slightly inside me on his way up and down. As I said I really didn't think this was a good idea he leaned over me leaving the tip tall sweetheart undresses in a cute way hardcore and massage his cock at the entrance to my pussy and started kissing my neck, this made me weak between kisses he asked me if I wanted him to stop, I couldn't think straight and I said no don't stop, thinking he meant the kissing.

He shoved his cock in hard. I cried out in pain. He stopped and looked and me I knew he was thinking that I had said I wasn't a virgin, not wanting to be humiliated I covered it up by saying he was a lot bigger than the guy I lost it to and we had only done it once. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him back in to me. He pushed it in and pulled it nearly all of the way out and it hurt like hell.

I had never felt pain like this it felt like his cock was made of fire as it was going in and out, he must have sensed my pain because he took it very slow.

He continued to kiss my neck which distracted me from the pain a little. It was getting less and less painful over time, and just when I thought I could bear it he rolled us both over so I was on top of him, this seemed to make it go in more, well it hurt again anyway.

He grabbed my hips and started moving me around, it being a water bed he was still able to easily push up into me. And it wasn't long before he said he was going to cum. I young hottie works with cunt for her load sure what he wanted be to do so I just kept moving my hips around the way he had made me do it then he leant up grabbed me and pulled me onto him, he pushed my ass down into him rougher than he had been with me earlier and grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard and passionately kissed me on the mouth then the thrusting stoped and he held me there on top of him playing with my hair.

I looked at him and he kissed me on the nose. He rolled us over so we were both on our sides we looked at each other without saying anything.

I asked him if he liked my best friend as much as she liked him and he closed his eyes and asked if she really liked him and I said yes he opened his eyes and looked at me and said yes. I asked him about his friend and he said he did like me to but although he was popular and very good looking he was too shy to talk to girls. I asked him if he, the host, liked me and he said that he did and asked if I liked him, and I told him he was a good friend. He sighed with relief and told me he didn't like me more than a friend either.

We both agreed to never tell our friends what had really happened so that we didn't lose our chances with them. I cracked two weeks later and I told her, and he lost his chance. His friend never found out, but he left the school at the beginning of year 12 and I never saw him again, yet anyway :)