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Redhead and nasty watch part on cutescam com
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The Chauffeur, Vegas Baby! By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 Chapter 1 When the four of us arrived at the Palm restaurant, Donna and Roger's eyes grew large with delight. "Jill, are you telling me this is where we are going for dinner?" Donna exclaimed.

Roger added, "Um, why didn't you tell me to wear a better suit? This place is not somewhere that I frequent. I'm more of a Taco Bell guy." "Roger, would you prefer Taco Bell's drive-thru instead?" Jill asked rhetorically. "Ah, no." "Well then, let's get out of the car and head inside.

We have some celebrating to do." I said with a big smile on my face. Roger wasn't sure how to get out of the limo with a huge hard-on tenting his dress pants. Donna kept rubbing his thigh, never touching his manhood, but coming close for most of the ride. Jill suggested, "Donna, it looks like you have started something with Roger.

Should David and I go inside so you two could be alone for a few minutes& talk?" Donna's eyes sparkled at the idea. "Yeah, that would be great Jill." Donna answered.

Jill and I got out of the limo. I asked Fred, our driver, to take the limo around back and to keep the privacy partition up. He agreed. As we entered the restaurant, a middle-aged woman greeted us. She asked if we had reservations, because they were all booked up for the evening.

"Yes, Ma'am we do. Party of 4, Green, David Green." "Oh, my goodness! Your table is waiting for you. After I seat you, I'm supposed to go get the Chef and the Owner letting them know you are here." The hostess, Ms. Whitehead told Jill and me. "If you are ready, will you please follow me?" I put my hand on the small of Jill's back.

As we were walking through the restaurant, a couple of people recognized us. They stood up from their meal, extending their hand, and gave either Jill or myself a business card.

"Butt-Kissers." I whispered to Jill. She just smiled and kept following our hostess. "Mr. Greene here's your table. I thought the reservation was for 4 people?" Ms. Whitehead asked. Jill spoke up, "They are having a private conversation in the car and will be in when they are through." "Ma'am, is it possible to go meet the Chef in the kitchen? No need for him to come out here when he's busy working." I asked. "Yes sir. If you would follow me, I'll take you back to see him." I pulled the chair out for Jill.

I kissed her on the cheek and followed the hostess to the kitchen. One of the things I still enjoy is the hustle and bustle of a kitchen clicking on all cylinders during peak times. As I entered the kitchen, I witnessed several of the staff wearing kitchen staff style uniforms and the chefs all wearing the white coats and puffy white hats.

I just stood there watching all the activity, much like watching a hive of bees. Each bee having specific duties making the hive thrive.

"Mr. Greene, it's certainly a pleasure to meet you. I wasn't expecting you in our kitchen. May I make something special for your party?" The Head Chef said to me. "Chef, it is certainly an honor to meet you. Your kitchen looks wonderful and it appears that all the staff are hardworking and efficient." I replied.

I went on to say, "While that is very gracious of you to offer, it's not necessary. But, thank you!" I stood there for just a couple of minutes more before mature and girls sexy xxxaap story Chef for his time.

As I left the kitchen, I remembered all those days that I worked 15-18 hours only to return the next day to do it all again. I was happy no longer being in the daily grind of a restaurant. I walked slowly back to my dinner table where my beautiful wife was looking over the menu. Roger and Donna haven't appeared quite yet.

We were asked about a wine choice. I let Jill pick. The wine sommelier suggested a couple of choices and she picked one that would pair with just about any food choice off the menu.

Our waiter was pleasant enough, but really a stiff board. I was guessing that he was an 'out of work' actor working to make ends meet until he got desperate enough to do porn. Stiff may be good in porn, but not in a restaurant. Jill decided to order each of us a salad. She ordered a 'Gigi salad' for herself. She ordered 'Andy's mixed greens' for me. I asked for the smaller portion as I didn't want to fill up on salad. I had my eye on their 18 oz. prime NY strip, just the thought of a great steak was making my blonde in glasses cunt nailed from behind ex girlfriend and girlfriend water.

I asked our waiter if they had menu's without prices. He said that he would get two from the hostess stand. Jill was puzzled. She asked, "Why do you want menus with no prices?" "I don't want our guests to order something off the menu thinking they have to keep the cost down. I want them to just enjoy the evening. Which brings me to something I want to discuss with you." I said. Jill leaned over and kissed me asking what the topic was.

"Roger Johnson" "Well, I believe that Donna is hard at work 'interviewing' him right now." Jill said with a smile. "Yeah, no. I have been thinking that he might be a good choice to hire and train a security group.

He knows his business. He carries himself well. Hell, he even told us that he only makes $65k a year. I looked at some of the paperwork that Bob sent me.

Nowhere does it mention any security. None for the trucking company. None for the restaurant chain. None for the Pinetree Group. As I see it, the whole company is wide open. No protection for our guests, our staff, or our property. It seems that Jaxson's Inc. has just been incredibly lucky relying only on local law enforcement." I explained to Jill. Before Jill could answer, the salads arrived. They looked delicious.

Still no Roger or Donna. Jill even quipped that Roger may not even be able to walk his tired ass into the restaurant after Donna is done with him. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. We both took a couple of bites of our amazing salads. I was very happy that I ordered the small portion, as it still was a large serving.

Jill looked pensive. "I know you are right, but how do we make this offer and how much do we offer him?" Jill asked. "I was thinking that maybe by the time we get to the dessert, I would take the conversation a bit more serious and offer him to be our 'Director of Security'. He would oversee the recruiting of anyone he sees fit to hire. We would need for him to design a plan for the security team. However, he's currently employed by the City Police Department.

I thought long and hard about what it would take to lure him away from a career he has spent 16 years doing. How does $200k sound?" Jill appeared to be stunned. "Do you think that he would do it for that amount?" "Well, there are the 'other' perks.

I was also wondering about your friend Donna. Should we be considering her for a position in our company? Before you even say it, no&hellip. not 'THE horny gal'. I think that Tina and Dakota already have earned that title." I said with a chuckle. Jill sat quietly again. Then she spoke up, "I think that the $200k may entice him, but you should have a backup offer if he declines. About Donna&hellip. hmmm, I know that she is very hard working and knows her job well.

She might be a good candidate to handle customer service issues in the hotel brand. I also know that she is fabulous on the phone with customers, so our phone call centers in Tampa, Dallas, and Pasadena would certainly benefit with her expertise. I know what she makes now so maybe $150k with the company buying her a small home or condo in any of the three cities that our call centers are in would work for her. She is miserable at the McCall." "Then, that settles it.

We'll offer both positions during dessert. No matter if they accept or not, we can still play with them on the ride home, IF they are willing. Of course, Roger is the wildcard. He may want to do Donna, but feel weird about us joining in." I said. "Darling, you don't worry about that. Donna and I will take care of him." Jill said smiling and licking her lips.

CHAPTER 2 Jill was the first to spot Roger and Donna being jessa rhodes and ryan ryans lesbian sex pornstars panties to the table. Roger was smiling from ear to ear. Donna was smiling too, but she was walking a bit funny. Jill and I looked at each other and giggled. "Did you have a great discussion in the car? Get everything worked out?" Jill said trying to be humorous.

"Jill, I need to use the lady's room. Care to join me?" Donna said before she even sat down. Jill got up and left the table. I offered Roger a menu that had no prices on it. "Excuse me David, there isn't any prices on this menu." Roger said. "Yeah, that's right. I asked for this type of menu. I didn't want you or Donna to worry about the cost. We just wanted you two to have a wonderful night." I explained. "Well, my night has been FANTASTIC so far!" he said trying not to be too loud.

"Great!" The wine sommelier returned and offered to pour Roger a wine. He accepted and asked for one to be poured for Donna as well. Roger and I had some meaningless chit chat waiting for the ladies to return. After several minutes, they returned.

Both were wearing big, big smiles. Before they arrived back at the table, my phone buzzed. I received a text message. The text read "Black Car Limo has been bought by Jaxson's Inc.

Two HR managers quit. Stock went up by 2% today on heavy trading, but the October swoon is usually katerina kay chair solo by pornstarpalladium masturbation pornstars week toward the end of October." It was sent from Bob Jaxson. The ladies reached the table. Roger pulled out the chair for Donna and I did the same for my gorgeous wife.

I handed Jill my phone for her to read the text. Her eyes got huge. She leaned into me and kissed me passionately. She whispered in my ear low enough, that Roger and Donna wouldn't hear. "Darling, Roger fucked Donna's brains out. She had to get to the lady's room because his cum was leaking out of her.

She left her panties in the car." "NICE!" I whispered back. Roger was explaining to Donna why there was no prices on the menu. She looked puzzled but accepted the explanation. Donna and Roger decided to pass on the salads. Each of us ordered and conversation took a sexual turn.

Thankfully, most of the other tables were working their way out. We only had one table of really old people close enough to hear our conversation. Roger began, "David, Sweet Jesus, this woman is a sexual dynamo.

I've never met anyone like her. While I was walking her in from the car, she said that Jill and her served in the Marines together. Is that true?" "Why would we lie? Yes, Donna and I were both in the 2nd Marine division. We were stationed in Okinawa together for 15 months." Jill answered.

"Donna, Roger&hellip. how did the 'discussion' in the car go? Get everything worked out?" I asked trying to be funny. Jill picked that que and ran with it saying, "Hmm, could we say that you two 'came' to a mutual understanding?

Maybe you guys would like to 'come' again? Quite possibly you two could 'come' with friends?" I was chuckling to myself. Donna and Roger were laughing out loud.

They understood our corny jokes. It always feels good when one throws-out a joke and people don't get all butt-hurt over humor. I'm not sure, but I believe Donna was karter foxx cherrie deville in mature lure Roger right there at the table, not the way it was in the car but outside of his trousers. Roger seemed&hellip.'distracted'.

The waiter came to the table with our food. It smelled and looked delicious. Roger had chosen the 18 oz Chairman's mia khalifa car in sexy reserve ribeye. Jill and Donna both ordered seafood.

Donna the Chilean Sea Bass and Jill the Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna steak. As intended, I ordered the 18-ounce Prime New York Strip.

I had also ordered 4 sides for the table that were served family style. We laughed. We ate. We toasted each other. Dinner was amazing! I could tell that we would be friends for a long time to come. It was nice seeing Jill so happy. A smile on her looks absolutely sexy. Her eyes just sparkle when she smiles. The waiter returned with a message from the head Chef, letting us know that he had made a special dessert for us.

I told him to extend our thanks and to bring it out. The waiter thanked us and headed back to the kitchen. A tall college-aged busboy arrived at the table to remove empty dishes. I did see Jill sneaking a sexy xxx school teacher and student sexy xxx at his dress slacks. She may have been subtle, but I did see it and it was sexy. Before the waiter returned with the specially made dessert, I toned down the conversation to a serious level.

"Roger, Jill and I have been very impressed with the way you have handled yourself, starting with Tina's assault and culminating in Sasha's arrest." "Thank you, David." "Which is why Jill and I have an offer for you. We would like you to join our company. It would mean you would have to leave the Police Department." I opened. "WOW, sir. I'm flattered but I don't know if it is the right thing to do. Our union is just beginning to discuss our contract and they believe that we could get as much as an 8% raise this year.

That's the most we have ever gotten in the history of this great city." Roger defended "Wouldn't you like to at least, hear the offer before making a decision?" I countered. "Yes sir, I would." "Jill and I were thinking that we would offer you $165k a year to start, full medical and dental benefits.

You would have use of all three&hellip. oh wait&hellip. Now all 4 of our brands. You would have the position of Director of Security. It would be your responsibility to hire and train a staff of security for all the brands. You know, after I say the dollar figure out loud& just doesn't seem high enough. Let's bump the $165k to a straight $200,000. We'll work out the details for a bonus later. Would $200k be enough to entice you away from a prestigious career that you have had for the last 16 years?" I said to Roger awesome hotties amp men in group joy my best salesman's tone.

"May I think about it?" "Absolutely! This is a big step in your life. We want you, but you need to figure out if it is good for you. No worries, can you give me an idea of how much time you think you would like to consider the offer?" I said.

"How about I speak to you on Monday. Would that be ok?" Roger countered. "That would be fine." Then our attention turned to Donna. Jill began, "Which leads us to you Donna." "ME?" "Yes, you. We have an offer for you also. David and I have discussed where we think you would fit into our team. David thought you would be wonderful in our hotel division handing customer service issues. However, I persuaded him to understand that your real talent is talking to people via phone or computer.

With that in mind here's our offer: We would like you to come work for us as the Call Center Director. You would oversee all three of our call centers, Tampa, Dallas, and Pasadena. Your starting salary would be $165,000 per year and the company would buy you a small home or condo in any one of those three cities. You would report to either David or myself directly. You would over see nearly 4200 employees divided equally between our three call centers.

We would discuss a bonus plan after you accept our offer." Donna sat there completely flabbergasted. Even Roger was stunned. Donna spoke up hesitantly, "Jill. We've been friends for quite a while now. I'm not sure that I'm the one for this position. The customers that I handle at the McCall are one on one, face to face. Overseeing so many phone people may overwhelm me." "Are you not a Marine?" Jill commanded. "Yes, Ma'am I am." "Then what's the problem Marine?

Are you afraid?" Jill said to her without even blinking. WOW! I thought to myself. Here's a new sexier side of my wife. "You're absolutely right Ma'am.

Skinny but busty emo rock chick dances sexy

I'll take the damn job!" Donna said with some attitude. "Whoa, whoa&hellip. let's stop here for a minute. Jill, you can't 'bully' Donna into samantha parker sucks cock and fucks in doggystyle job. If she's not comfortable then she should pass on it." I said worrying about forcing someone into a position she's not ready for.

"Am I allowed to say something?" Roger asked. "Of course." Jill replied. "Donna, I think that Jill is only trying to get you to see that you have been and still are a Marine at heart. Don't let this job intimidate you. I too am military.

I spent 4 years in the Airforce as Military Police. I was stationed my entire service time at Ramstein AFB. I loved every minute. You must trust your military training. Take the job, you'll regret it if you don't&hellip. but what do I know, I'm just Air Force." Roger said with a smile. Donna leaned over and kissed Roger. "I'll take the job." "David&hellip. Jill& would be hypocritical of me to push Donna into a new job while I sit on the fence.

So, let me make a counter offer&hellip. I will accept the job with two conditions. First, I have a two-week time period to wrap up things at City Police." Roger said. "And?" I said. "And, the company will buy me a small 2-bedroom condo and pay the HOA fees for two years. Something, that I can just lock the door and be out of town a couple of weeks without worrying about lawn care or repairs or someone breaking into my place because they know I'm out of town." Roger countered. Using my best poker face (which Jill has said that I don't have), "A condo?

Really?" …&hellip. I left a big pause for effect…&hellip. "Done". Jill said, "Well then, let's finish up and celebrate! Donna and my style." I saw Donna blatantly reach over into Roger's crotch and squeeze his cock through his pants. I paid our bill. Donna and Roger were walking ahead of us to the exit. They were hand in hand. Jill and I were arm in arm, with Jill reaching back to my ass every few steps squeezing my ass.

We walked out to the limo. Fred was sitting in the driver's seat reading a book. He never saw us coming. "Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry. I got so asian babe gives our cocks some loving this book that I zoned out." Fred said to Jill and I.

"Well, that's an odd way to greet your new boss." I said with a big smile. "WHAT? Are you kidding me?" Fred replied with a big smile on his face. "No Fred, I'm not kidding you. Jaxson's Inc. bought your limo company earlier today. It will be announced tomorrow. Fred, I have a request for you. This Saturday night Jill ordered 5 stretch limos, after thinking about them, we how to get in a movie stardust industries to reduce the count to three.

We would also like to invite you to be our personal driver anytime Jill or I are in town. Would you be willing to do that?" I asked. "Absolutely! I'll make the call about Saturday's adjustment while I take you and your party wherever you want to go." Roger replied. I looked over to Roger. He was busy kissing Jill&hellip.

yes, my beautiful wife. One of her hands was rubbing up and down his back. Jill was massaging his cock through his trousers with the free hand. Donna, meanwhile, was in the limo already taking her heels off and hiking up her dress. CHAPTER 3 When I came to, I found myself on the ground with Jill, Donna, and Roger standing over me. "What the hell happened?" I asked from the ground.

"You don't remember? You don't remember rushing Roger and him having to put you down?" Jill asked. "I did what?" Donna chimed in, "It was almost as if you were jealous of Roger playing with your wife and you charged him. You didn't say anything, you just rushed him." Hearing that made it all come back to me. "Wow! Guess I never thought about things happening this way." I responded.

Roger entered the conversation, "David, I thought you were just testing my abilities to react in an unsuspecting situation. You never said anything, no racist remarks, no shouting or yelling like a madman. Hot sex party for two couples natural tits cunnilingus, the couple of moments you were out made me realize that seeing me and Jill might have set something off inside of you&hellip.

something that you weren't expecting, and you just reacted." I sat on the ground feeling like a prized idiot. "Roger, I apologize. I can't believe that I did that. I was raised better than that. What the hell was I thinking?" "David, maybe we should just call it a night." Roger suggested. "Roger, if you're still willing, I would like to continue what was already started.

Obviously, Jill was excited with you. Donna and you had some fun already. Maybe I screwed up the mood, but if you're willing to forgive me for me being stupid, I would like to start this again." Roger looked at the two ladies. Donna shrugged her shoulders as if saying she didn't know what to say. Jill, being the smart one replied, "David, I'm willing if you're alright with it." Roger extended his hand to help me up off the ground.

Jill hugged me, kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "We'll talk about this later my Darling. Don't worry about it." Donna got back into the limo, Jill followed, then Roger and finally me. Jill had already given Fred directions to take us all back to our place. I still felt like a fool. Donna sat next to me and Roger and Jill sat across from us with their back to Fred. The privacy window was still shut.

Jill leaned into Roger to kiss him. I sat there looking a bit but trying not to focus on them. Donna put her hand under my chin turning my face towards her. Her lips met mine. Her tongue darted out gently trying to gain entrance into my mouth. Her finger circled my ear, gently tugging on the earlobe. Her college girls compete tbe the biggest sluts collegerools com hand began rubbing my thigh from my knee up to my crotch and back down.

I heard a belt unbuckling. My eyes darted over to Jill and Roger. "Don't look over there. Focus on me." Donna whispered to me. She was right. I knew that I needed a distraction. I put my arms around Donna to begin kissing her neck. I reached up to the top of her dress to begin bringing the zipper down to the small of her back. My eyes darted over to Jill again. She had Roger's cock out and was licking and sucking it.

The slurping sounds continued to make me feel, well just plain stupid. Donna whispered into my ear again, "Didn't you say that you weren't finished with me yet the last time we played in the office?" Without saying a word, I pushed her back on the limo seat.

I gently grasped her dress removing it from her beautiful body. She raised her hips slightly to allow it glide gently pass her ass down to her feet.

Once I had it off, I folded it gently and laid it on top of the ledge by the rear window. Donna now laid back in only her bra.

She still had not put her panties back on from her coupling with Roger. I leaned in and smelled the scent of her sex. I took a deep inhale filling my nostrils with her pungently sweet aroma. I began my oral assault on her. My tongue began licking her slit from the hood down to her asshole. I licked up and down several times. My hands were gently caressing her flat stomach. I circled my thumb around her bellybutton. "Oh, gawd Roger!" I heard. I refused to look over towards Roger and Jill.

My own insecurities kept me focused on the woman in front of me. I looked up over Donna's pelvis to see her intently watching me. I looked back down haciendmadura peru amateurs real anal senoras culonas infieles xxx suegras the task at hand. I pushed my tongue into her warm wet labia. She was gaining wetness rather quickly. I heard Jill exclaim, "Fuck me!" Roger breathlessly replied, "I am, I am." Yet, I still refused to look their way.

I pushed my nose even deeper into Donna. I hardened my tongue and began fucking her womanhood with it. I pushed my tongue into her as deep as it would go. Donna now began to moan. I grasped her hips. I ground my face into her wetness as forcefully as I could manage. Donna began to thrust her hips upwards into my face. While I was doing my best to orally please her, I reached down towards my own belt and slacks, unbuckling and unzipping with one hand. I would not allow myself to even glance towards Jill.

I heard them. I recognized the sounds of my gorgeous wife nearing an amazing orgasm. My pants slid down easily towards my knees. Using the other hand, I began making an assault on Donna's clit. My thumb made small circles. She tensed for just a moment as she was not expecting me to play with her clit. Just to tease me a bit, Donna asked, "Jill, doesn't he fuck so well?" Instantly I smiled, I looked at Donna knowing that it was meant to lighten my mood.

Now I looked over at Roger and Jill's coupling. Jill was on her back with Roger naked from the waist down, the same as me. His cock was buried into Jill and their pelvises were grinding on each other. I paused, just watching my wife in the throes of ecstasy. As usual, she looked completely sated. I watched as Roger was thrusting in and out of my wife's womanhood. I heard her moaning loudly. I watched and smiled. Donna's voice interrupted my voyeurism, "Um, hello&hellip. earth to David." My head snapped back to Donna.

I was now embarrassed. Here I was on my knees, with my pants down resting myself between Donna's legs and I paused watching Jill and Roger's coupling.

I turned my head back to Donna. My cock was aching. It stood proudly pointing toward the ceiling. I inched forward. I grasped my cock and began 'spanking' her clit with the rigid member between my legs. Her hand reached down grasping my manhood and pulled me towards her pussy. I gave no resistance to her lead. One hand on my cock leading it towards her wet wanton love-hole and her other hand rubbing her clit furiously.

My cock reached its destination. I felt the tip of my hardness feel the wetness of Donna. I pushed my cock into her, slowly at first. As I slid into her, I felt her wetness immediately. I pushed into her deeper. I kept pushing until our pelvis met. I began my rhythmic thrust, in and out of her pussy. I looked at the beautiful woman that I was pleasing. "Fuck me harder David." I heard her moan. I started thrusting into her with more aggression. I could hear my balls slapping on her ass.

Her legs wrapped around my back. I felt her ankles lock on the small of my back. Harder and harder I plunged my manhood black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn the wetness. I could smell the sex in the back of the limo. "OOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK RRRRROGGGGEEEERRRR!" I heard my gorgeous wife respond as she reached her crescendo. I gave her a sideways glance, trying my best not to turn my head.

I kept up my fucking of Donna. I reached the 'Sasha-mode'. Donna was thrashing around underneath me. Harder and harder I pumped. I could feel Donna's womanhood continue to grasp my cock as wave after wave poor fellow lets wicked buddy to drill his exgf for money orgasm rolled through her body. "HOLY SHIT JILL!" I heard Roger exclaim as he dumped his seed into my gorgeous wife. That excited me. I was pumping into Donna harder than I had ever done with Sasha, or anyone else.

Donna moaned loudly almost incoherently. "OH GAWD DAVID&hellip. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" Donna screamed. I just kept thrusting into my partner. As excited as I was, I didn't feel anywhere near cumming yet. Donna began to come down, breathing regularity came back to her. Without warning, I felt a soft pair of hands on my ass.

My head snapped around. It was Jill. She whispered into my ear, "Put your man juice into her. Make her yours." I kept up my thrusting. Over and over I assaulted her pelvis. Roger had moved over to Donna's face. His cock was still glistening with the mixture of his and Jill's cum. He laid his resurrected cock at Donna's lips. She parted her lips and gobbled his manhood willingly. She moaned into his cock when she tasted the mixture of cum still on his cock.

I looked at Roger's manhood. I made the comparison in my head. We were both about the same length, yet he was very thick. I estimated that his cock was the same diameter as a slender Corona beer bottle. No wonder why Jill enjoyed it so much. Jill leaned into my ear and whispered again, "I'm holding his cum into me. I want you to clean me up Darling!" THAT sent me over. I didn't say a word. I stiffened up and shot my baby seed into Donna. I felt rope after rope fill her pussy.

Donna's eyes got wide. She was not expecting me to cum unannounced. She moaned loudly into Roger's cock which was deep into her mouth.

He was thrusting in and out of her accepting mouth. His head was leaned back, and his eyes were glazed over. Yet, he was gently fucking her face. I finally ended my own orgasm. Jill scrambled around and pulled my deflating cock out of Donna. She began to lick and suck me clean. She also used her delicate fingers to scoop up the cum that was running out of her pussy. Roger stiffened up.

I could see his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He began shooting into Donna's waiting mouth. I could see her throat swallowing as fast as she could. A small amount escaped her lips on the left side of her face. I reached over and scooped it up. My fingers now held Roger's man juice.

I directed the fingers over to Jill's mouth which she readily licked clean. I pointed to the bench where Roger and Jill had been coupled. Jill moved over to the seat, facing me she spread her legs exposing her womanhood. I could see copious amounts of Roger leaking out of her.

I moved over to her. I was on my knees in front of her gorgeous pussy. I leaned into her. My tongue darted out between my lips touching her labia. As Roger's seed leaked out of my wife, I began lapping it up. I could smell their sex. I was much muskier than I had ever smelled before. As I lapped up her pussy, Jill tilted her head back and moaned.

I heard Donna moaning loudly. I didn't turn my head. I had no idea what they were doing. I was focused on my wife and her cum-filled pussy. I was licking and swallowing whatever came out of her. Jill opened her eyes. She looked across the way. "David, look behind you." She said with an excitement in her voice.

I turned around to see Roger doing to Donna, the same as I was doing to Jill. He was cleaning her orgasm-filled womanhood lapping up every drop that came out of her. I smiled a big smile. Roger was just as much as freak as me. I knew then that he would be a great addition to our team.

We stayed with our partners until each woman had cum several times. The final crescendo came as both women climaxed together.

Fred announced over the intercom that we were about 3 minutes from our destination. We all scrambled to get dressed. Donna was still putting on her beautiful black heels as we felt the limo come to a stop.

Fred turned off the engine and got out. He walked around to the passenger door, opening hot babe gives a blowjob and drilled in the backseat. Donna got out first, followed by Jill, then Roger and finally me. I reached into my pocket pulling out two more $100 bills, folding them in half and handing them to Fred.

He smiled and said, "Thank you Boss." I just smiled back at him and headed into the house. CHAPTER 4 As I entered the house, I heard Tina and Dakota moaning loudly from one of the bedrooms.

Jill announced our return to the new lovers. Their room went silent. I heard their door open with the both of them coming out into the living room. Neither one had any clothes on. I glanced at Roger, he horny teens share and enjoy well hung jock the biggest smile. Jill spoke up, "Roger this is Dakota, and this is Tina. They are our personal assistants." "What do they assist you with Jill?" "Pretty much anything.

Tina is my personal assistant and Dakota is David's. Currently they live with us. They keep us on point with our daily schedules, phone calls, reminder of what is planned. They do all the usual stuff that assistants do, HOWEVER, we all play together. Nothing is expected, it is all consensual." Jill replied.

Roger kept looking at Tina and smiling. I really believed that he wanted to play with Tina, but he glanced Donna's way trying to figure out if it would be ok or not. Donna said to him, "Want me to help you with her?" knowing full well that Roger really didn't need any assistance.

It was her way of subtly telling him it was ok to play with Tina. I piped up, "Roger you have met Tina before." "I have?" "Yes, she was the one who was assaulted." I replied.

"Oh, yes&hellip. now I remember. Tina, how are you feeling these days? My goodness, you look so different." "I am. Thank you for saying so.

You are so sweet." Tina replied. "And tasty too!" Jill retorted, chuckling to herself. Dakota walked over to Roger, knelt before him and began unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. Tina stood on her tip-toes to reach up to Roger trying to kiss him. He leaned down a bit putting his own lips on hers. "Oh, WOW!" Dakota said.

"Look at how thick he is." She added. Dakota tried to put her entire mouth over Rogers helmet. It took her a couple of tries to final stuff it into her open mouth, stretching it wider than she was expecting.

Tina reached down and began stroking the shaft that was outside of Dakota's mouth. Jill pushed me into Donna. They both began undressing me. I kicked off my shoes before they had undone my pants.

Starting with Jill, I undressed her quickly. I thought to myself about how lucky I am having such a gorgeous wife who doesn't seem to get jealous at all. We both began undressing Donna. She asked if my oral skills were available again. When she was naked, I pushed her back onto the couch. Jill grasped Donna's ankles and pulled them up to her ears, exposing her wonderful tasty pussy.

I could see that both Jill and Donna were getting wetter by the moment as the raw lust was presenting itself among all in the room. Roger asked, "David/Jill where do I get assistants like these?" smiling the whole time as now both women were on their knees doing a double blow-job on Roger. His face showed the ecstasy that he was feeling. I saw them lick up his rock-hard shaft meeting at the head of his cock. Their tongues intertwined around the head of his manhood.

With Donna on her back on the couch, I again knelt between her legs and lowered my face to her womanhood. As I was doing that, Jill climbed up on top of the armrest where Donna's face was located. She put a leg on each side of her head and lowered herself down to meet Donna's waiting tongue. I pushed my tongue deep into Donna's very wet slit. I licked up and down hearing her moan into Jill's pussy. I nibbled on her labia. I sucked on her clit. I swirled my tongue around the nub and its covering.

Donna moaned louder into Jill's tasty pussy. I felt a splash of wetness hitting my face. Donna was squirting her orgasmic juices onto my face. I lapped them up a fast as I could. I saw that Jill's eyes were beginning to roll into the back of her head. Clearly Donna was achieving the desired effect. Jill's breathing was becoming a bit shallower. Wave after wave of small orgasms rolled through her. I began increasing my oral duties.

In my mind, I had the fantasy of them cumming together. What a wonderful sight that would be to witness. I delved deeper into Donna. She began moaning loudly into Jill's pussy. Harder and harder I pressed my face into her womanhood. I was using all the things that I had learned over the years doing what I enjoyed the most, eating a woman to orgasm. Jill appeared to be on the verge of a giant orgasm.

Her hands were trying to keep her balanced-on Donna's face. Donna was squirming her hips. I had to grab her hips to keep her steady enough for me to achieve the finality. I began rocking my head back sexy babe double stuffed by black guys forth into her pussy.

I could feel her sex continually splash my face with orgasm after wave of orgasm. Jill went off first. "OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK. THIS FEELS SOOOOOOOO GOOOD. GAWD DONNA, ITS BEEN MUCH TOOOO LONG." I saw her woman juice squirt out of her vagina as if it was a lawn sprinkler. Donna was trying her best to catch what she could with her tongue. I felt some of it hit my forehead. Donna reach her orgasmic peak only seconds later, "DAAAAVVVVVIIIIIIIDDDDD.

FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK." I lapped up her juices that was filling my mouth. I gladly swallowed everything I could get into my mouth. As the three of us were calming down, I took a moment to glance over towards the ladies and Roger. Dakota was on all fours with her ass stuck up into the air. Tina was laying on her back, but it was on top of Dakota's back. Roger had the base of his cock in his hand fucking one gal for a few strokes before pulling out and inserting into the other lady.

He kept this up and both girls were moaning loudly. Their breathing was stuttered. They were not breathing together but moaning together they were doing. Once again, Dakota was the first to reach her loud orgasmic crescendo.

"OH, GAWD DAMN. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!" This caused Tina to reach her orgasmic peak, "OH GAWD, OH GAWD, OH GAWD&hellip. I'M CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMINNNGGGG!" Roger's body was glistening with sweat. He was smiling. He was having a time trying to keep his eyes from rolling into the back of his head again.

He finally quit changing from Dakota to Tina and back again. He, instead, just kept his cock inside of Tina. Roger reached his peak just a few moments later.

"I'M CUMMMINGGG. FUCK THIS IS GREAT! I NEED A COUPLE OF ASSISTANTS LIKE THIS. DAMN!" Roger bellowed. Jill, Donna and I sat on the couch just watching our three lovers enjoying each other. Jill leaned over to Roger saying something about how much cum Roger must have store up. I just chuckled to myself quietly. As the trio uncoupled, Tina spun around and kissed Roger passionately.

She was caressing his chest. Dakota got up and headed to a bathroom to clean up. When Dakota returned, Donna claimed the bathroom. Jill asked why she didn't say something as there are two bathrooms.

Donna shrugged her shoulders and headed off to the bathroom. Jill said she would be in the other one cleaning up. I saw Roger and Tina smiling and chatting. It was so very nice to see Tina smiling again. Dakota came over to me and sat next to me, however, now she had clothes on. "How was your night out?" I asked Dakota. "Not as fun as when we came home.


You are right David, Tina is certainly an ebony version of me. We both just love sex so much!" Dakota replied. "OK, but how was the place you went. Did either of you try the mechanical bull?" I asked hoping they hadn't tried it. "It was&hellip. OK, I guess. There were lots of college guys but not one of them…not one single guy knew how to properly ask a gal to dance. There was a long, long line for the bull.

It was fun to watch but we didn't want to wait that long to try it out. We had about 3 drinks each then decided to come back home. We arrived about 10pm. We were both horny and played until you guys came home." Dakota explained. Tina entered the conversation as Roger got up when Jill returned from her clean-up.

"Yeah, one guy grabbed Dakota's wrist and put her hand on his crotch. She just stood up and slapped him. The people around us laughed and cheered for Dakota.

The guy slinked away. After that no one really approached us. We got bored and decided to head home. Our driver was very nice and chatted with us the whole way home. When we got here, Dakota tipped him $200 and thanked him for a job well done." Jill asked, smiling, "How did he 'thank him'?" "Verbally." She said smiling back.

Dakota returned, and I headed into the bathroom. Once I finished cleaning up, I put on a pair of dress shorts and a golf huge dildo in their hands trying first lesbians deepfucking pantyhose erotica. "Donna/Roger, do either of you have plans for the weekend?" I asked.

Donna replied, "I'm supposed to work Friday, but this is my weekend off so Saturday and Sunday and even Monday are off days for me." Roger sat pensive for a moment.

"I'm supposed to work but, they have been after me to take some time off as I have nearly 125 hours of vacation time not used yet." "Then, both of you, please be Jill and my guest this weekend. We'll pick each of you up Saturday about 3. Pack at least two days' worth of clothes. Bring only one piece of dress clothing, like a suit or a fancy dress. I'll get you home at some point on Monday." I said to them.

"Are you sure?" Donna asked. Jill replied, "Absolutely!" "Roger, are you in?" Jill asked. Donna gave him a little nudge in the ribs. He smiled and agreed to join all of us. CHAPTER 5 Tina borrowed Jill's car to drive Donna and Roger home. That left Dakota, Jill and I alone in the house. Dakota began asking, "David/Jill slender alexis gets fucked on the beach you mad at me?" "Of course not!

Why would you ask that? Did we do something that we shouldn't have done?" I asked, being a bit paranoid.

"Well…&, not really……I was just worried that you sent Tina and I off to somewhere other than where you and Jill were." Dakota explained. Jill interjected, "Dakota! We love you darling. We wanted you and Tina to have a night off, to be young, to do things that you weren't allowed to do with the Jaxsons'. We are completely happy, thrilled even with all that you've done for us." Dakota sat pensive.

I was unable to read her face looking for some sort of sign as to how she was feeling. "I guess I understand. I mean, the way Tina talks about you&hellip. the both of you and more specifically you David. I think that she's in love with you." I hung my head, "I know.

I'm not sure what to do about that. I don't want to hurt her anymore than I already have." "We're trying to make sure she feels the love we both have for her, but&hellip. she lost David. I'm not sure how much the legendary IHOP incident factored into his decision." Jill said. "It really didn't. Where I fell in love with Jill was when she was at the hospital ER. She was really drugged up. She professed her love for me. When she passed out leaning against my chest and I spent the next hour plus holding her and stroking her hair, THAT'S when I fell in love with Jill." I said to Dakota.

"I still can't believe that you two got married just a short bit ago. I hope that I meet that someone that will sweep me off my feet like you did with Jill." Dakota went on to say.

"Um, David, do you want to tell her or should I?" Jill asked me. "You tell her. I'm fine with it." "Well, Dakota, David pulled a fast one on me. Tina broke up with him on the phone because our boss at the limo company said she had to. She was forbidden to have any type of contact with him. David was taking me home when he pulled into a jewelry store.

I thought he was going to buy Tina a fancy piece of jewelry to try and get Tina back. He took me over to the wedding sets. I argued with him. I palatable adorable hottie rides long cock girlfriend and hardcore furious with him. I kept telling him that he's being a fool. He needs to just let it go, quit trying to get her back. She's gone. He persisted telling me to pick out a wedding set that I thought she might like.

I told him that what I pick out doesn't mean she will like it. He had me try on four different sets. I chose one. David asked the salesman to separate the engagement ring from the rest of the set and to put it into one of those velvet black boxes. The salesman handed it to David.

David fumbled the handoff and it round and raunchy bbw moon baby is fucked silly by a skinny guy to the floor. David knelt to pick it up. He just stayed down on one knee with the ring box opened. He didn't say a word. I yelled at him. I told him that he was not going to make a mistake by moving on to me after Tina just broke up with him. He just stayed there, on one knee, with the ring box open.

I asked him if he was serious, he said yes. So, I said yes! Our salesman performed the ceremony. Unknown to me at the time, David had called the jewelry company and set this all up ahead of time. That's how David proposed to me." Jill said with a smile on her face the entire time.

"WOW! He completely sandbagged you, didn't he?" Dakota said giggling. "Yes, he did, and I love him for that." "David. May I ask you something truthful? When you said that you wanted to hear my ideas, were you serious or were you just trying to be nice t me?" Dakota asked. "Of course, I want to hear your ideas!" "Well, OK then, here goes. I think the hotel chain needs a new name. The Pinetree is&hellip. well&hellip. boring.

I think we need to define ourselves. I bet if you were to ask anyone, they would compare The Pinetree with that of Holiday Inn or Motel 6. Yet, we charge much higher prices for just basic amenities. Sometimes a pool. Almost never a workout place.

Room service shuts down at 8pm. The restaurants inside of the hotel are basically a Denny's or Village Inn. They're ok, but it's just diner food at best.

Even in high-end cities like New York, LA, Atlanta, Las Vegas they are all the same. BORING. But I have an idea how to fix it. Step one, reconfigure the top three floors to be more like suites.

Step two, upgrade the restaurants to something that will keep the people in the building and not have them leave to go somewhere else to eat.

Step three, keep room service open 24 hours a day. We already charge obscene amounts for room service, but it is not convenient to the guests. Step four, the final one, hold a national competition to rename the brand. The Pinetree sounds&hellip. well it sucks. There, that is my idea." I sat there pondering what she had said. I looked over to Jill, she was smiling ear to ear. I knew that Dakota was right. "That my dear sounds like a wonderful, well-thought out plan.

I LOVE IT!" I said to her causing her to smile. "Sometime next week, lets schedule some time for us to get together and brainstorm how to make this work. Jill why don't you get with the bean-counters to find out how to pay for this." I said. About that time, we heard a car in the driveway. "That was quick. Guess there was no playing left in her." I said being all cheesy. Tina didn't knock just opened the door and walked in. "What are you all smiling about?" Tina asked.

"Just an amazing idea about our hotel brand that Dakota told us about." Jill quipped. I was starting to feel a bit sleepy. It had been quite the night. The restaurant, the sex in the limo, the sex at the house. I looked at the clock. It read 2:24am. "Well, I'm getting sleepy. Think I'll head off to bed." I said to no one in particular. Jill said that she would join me. The girls decided to stay up and talk some more. I didn't know if 'talk' was a euphemism for more sex or did it mean just actually talk.

Guess it's none of my business and headed off, hand in hand with Jill to bed. "David, would you mind if we just kissed and hugged until we fall asleep? I feel worn out." Jill asked. "That would be wonderful. You know I just love being with you." When we got to our bedroom, we stripped down and climbed into bed. We faced each other. Our lips met. We kissed; we nibbled; and we hugged each other tightly. It wasn't long before we both drifted off to sleep.

At some point, I had prisca cute little french teen hard pussy fucking get up to pee. I heard Tina and Dakota having another 'talk' session. It sounded like a good one. I could hear Dakota giving instructions, "Cum for me slut. Don't hold back or I'm going to have to punish you." "I'm cummmming, I'm cummmming.

Don't punish me Ma'am." Tina begged. I smiled to myself. I thought that I needed to remember this one of the times we play. I finished my business in the bathroom and headed back to bed.

Jill was in the exact same position as when I left her. She wiggled a bit when I got back into bed. I whispered into her ear about the girls. She softly chuckled and went right back to sleep. I snuggled up to her and drifted off again. CHAPTER 6 The remainder of the week flew by. I kept Dakota busy with phone calls, errands, and several meetings about her idea to fix The Pinetree.

Jill on the other hand kept Tina busy as well. Doing some of the similar things; phone calls, setting appointments, keeping Jill on schedule, and of course running errands.

I had completely forgotten about Bob's offer to buy a new car for Dakota. When she showed up with a flyer from the local BMW dealer, I felt like such a heel.

She asked rather sheepishly, "Do I still get a new car?" "Absolutely!" "May I have this one?" as she handed fake agent fucks fat pussy on cast a promotional flyer for the 4 series grand coupe in black. It listed for $45,000. I studied the picture. The longer I looked the lower Dakota's eye went. She was expecting me to deny the car. She reached out for the flyer offering to take it away and find something else cheaper and more practical.

I just looked at her. No way was I going to go back on a promise that was made to her. "Is this what you really want?" I asked. She paused, clearly, she didn't know how to answer. "Well, is this the one you really want?" I asked again. "yes" she said with her head down in almost a whisper. "Then that's what you'll get." "REALLY?" She exclaimed. "Of course. If this is what you want, Bob did not put a price limit on the car. He just said a NEW car. If this is what you really want, then take Jill and go get the car.

Dakota kissed me. I pushed her away and swatted her on the behind when she got off my lap to go get Jill. A few minutes passed before Jill and Tina came into the room where I was working. "David, did you agree to the car that Dakota wants? The BMW?" Jill asked. "Absolutely! And&hellip. I've been thinking that maybe we should get one for Tina as well. Same model, same car but let her pick out a different color.

"That's a wonderful idea." Jill replied. Tina was smiling her beautiful smile. She hugged Jill, danced over to me and hugged me and kissed me, thanking me profusely. The three of them left for the car dealership. I texted Dakota to make sure that they get the newest salesman/saleswoman to make the dual purchase. Give the new person something to celebrate. Dakota just texted a reply of "k". I smiled.

I picked up my phone and began making some calls. One call I made was to Diane to make sure that she and her friends would be ready for us to pick the up tomorrow at 3.

She said they have been excited about the mystery place all week. I also invited them to bring overnight bags as they would be staying with Jill and I for the weekend, getting them all back home sometime Monday evening. She hesitated. I explained that we would make this weekend something for all of you to remember, taking lots of pictures so that she could text them to her X-boyfriend to rub his nose into what he was missing.

She hot ass teen babes enjoyed foursome action in the woods outdoor and blowjob with that idea.

However, she hesitated to ask a favor. "Is it possible to add someone to our group? My older brother wants to tag along.

I know the real reason, my Mom put him up to it when I told her we were going out with you. I'm so sorry to ask this of you, but since I live with my Mom, I have to respect her wishes." "Diane, that is a wise decision. My own Grandmother used to tell me all the time, "My roof, My rules." She would tell me that to remind me when I get my own house, I can make my own rules.

You Mom is wise beyond her years. She is looking out for your safety. I will certainly add your brother. How old is he?" "He's um……um&hellip.31." "That's wonderful.

Tell me truthfully, does he have a girlfriend?" I asked. "No." "That's even better news. Now keep this between you and I please, I have someone that I big tit teen gets her ass pounded like for him to meet. She's a medical doctor and a US Marine. She is beautiful and a friend of my wife." I replied to her. "Well David, he's a bit shy around women.

Almost awkward even." "Don't matter. It's not like I'm putting them together to fuck. I'm just doing the introduction, since they are both adults it's up to them to see if it goes anywhere." I defended. "David, you are amazing.

We will all be ready before three tomorrow. What kind of stuff do we need to pack?" She asked. "Mostly jeans, tee shirts, sneakers. However, at least one best outfit, nice dresses for the women. The guys should have their very best suit in a garment bag. If they don't have a garment bag, text me and I'll bring one for each person who doesn't have one.

Fair enough?" "Yes Sir!" she said excitedly. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I called my friend at the Staples Center. The suite was all ready for tomorrow night's show. However, he told me he misspoke. There were only 18 tickets for our suite. I told him no worries as we only had 16 people all together. He said he would send us the bill. I asked if the suite would have food, he said that the food is extra, but he will make an exception and put in an order for us.

I pulled up their suite menu and ordered quite the buffet. He also told me that the special request was a go. I thanked him and told him that we had acquired a limo company, Black Car Limo. Call me anytime you have a high-end client that needs limo service. He told me he would certainly do so.

We thanked each other and said our goodbyes. My third call was to Captain Anderson, reminding him that he and Emilio were invited to tomorrow night's festivities. He thanked me for including the two of them.

He said that the after party was all set up and ready to go. I thanked him, and we hung up. My fourth and final call was to Black Car Limo.

I spoke to the manager. He assured me that all 4 limos were ready. I apologized and changed the order to 3 limos. All three were to be black with tinted windows. All stretch limos. The were to be at my address promptly at 2:30pm tomorrow. He thanked me for our business. He asked, rather sheepishly, "Rumor is that somehow you are connected with the company that bought us this past week. Is that true?" "Yes I am." I replied. I didn't want to tell him just whom I was.

I wanted to try and get a feel for the company other than Fred. I did ask if any of their driver's hold firearm carry permits. He told me that they don't allow firearms. I thanked him and ended the call. I had just hung up when my phone buzzed with a text message. It read: "Russian Brothers called back again. Offered limo company for $15 million.

Countered with $1.5 million. 10% of their offer. They agreed. Deal to be finalized end of next week. You and Jill must attend. More details to come." I laughed out loud. I called Jill. It took two tries to get Jill and not her voicemail. "Darling, are you sitting down?" I asked trying to conceal my joy. "Of course, we're all sitting down. The sales manager is dragging his feet on making this deal." She said sounding really annoyed.

"I'm going to text Tina a message that I just received. When she gets it, I want her to read it to you. However, I want you to remain on the phone with me until you hear the news." I said emphasizing 'hear the news' in a monotone. I forward the text to Tina. I head her phone go off. Tina read the text to Jill. They both screamed. SUCCESS! Happee, Happy Limo company was now ours! I asked Jill if I could speak with the sales manager.

She handed him the phone. "Hello, this is John Doom. How may I help you?" "Mr. Doom, my wife came to your dealership to buy not one but two BMW's. What seems to be the holdup?" I asked in a stern voice. "Well, sir we are negotiating the final price. Your wife wants us to remove the preprinted charges on the contract, which we don't do." Mr. Doom replied. "Hmm, I'm sure you have your reasons for not wanting to do that but let me ask you&hellip.

are you the only BMW dealership in this county?" I asked. "No sir, but we are the best! We've won award after award." He said proudly. "OK, that's fair. How about we go this way then: Option 1, remove the preprinted charges in the next 5 minutes or my wife and her assistants will get up and leave. Option 2 take $15,000 off each car and leave the preprinted charges on the contract in the next 5 minutes or my wife and her assistants will get up and leave.

Option 3, They will get up right now and go to your competitor and buy the very same cars. The choice is yours.

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I need to hear your answer." "We'll take option 2. I'll have the contract ready in two minutes. How will you be paying for the vehicles? My wife has our corporate check." I said. 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter handed the phone back to Jill.

"Hun, what options did you give him. He said he would take option 2." Jill asked. "I told him option 1 was to remove the charges, or you will leave in five minutes. Option 2 was taking $15,000 of each car or you would leave in five minutes.

Option 3 was you would leave right now and go to their competitor and buy the same two cars. This guy is an idiot. He's discounting the deal by $30,000 to save what maybe $1000 dollars in preprinted charges. Maybe we should buy this dealership. Just imagine how much they leave on the table with this idiot." Jill laughed out loud.

She also told me that Dakota had chosen a black car and Tina had chosen a white car. I replied chuckling, "So the white girl chose a black car and the black girl chose a white car. Funny as hell if you ask me." Jill saw the humor and laughed also. The sales manager, Mr. Doom, came back with the contract all typed up. Jill hung up the phone to read the contracts.

I got another text about 15 minutes later. It read: "Cars bought. Girls are driving home in their new cars. I'll be home right behind them. Want me to stop and pickup something for dinner?" I texted back: "No, lets get Uber-Eats to deliver something.

We'll order when you get home." I got a 'k' back. CHAPTER 7 When all the ladies got home, we decided on simple. A steak. We called the steakhouse and ordered for the four of us.

We called Uber-Eats. They quoted us an hour. Jill charged it to her Amex. Tina and Dakota were excited. All they could talk about was their new cars. Each one had something different in the car that was their favorite. Dakota loves the sound system, from Bose. Tina loves the quickness and tight handling features. Jill and I sat there like a couple of parents to very happy teenagers.

Jill was happy too. We bought the limo company for 10 cents on the dollar. Having 50 limos alone was worth more than 1.5 million. She figured that they are probably wanted by the Feds and are trying to make a quick escape. I agreed. After we received dinner, we ate with the ladies still rambling on about their new cars.

I interjected that it was getting late. They needed to pack a bag for tomorrow night and the weekend. They both asked what was going on. I blew them off and gave them a very vague answer. Both Dakota and Tina put on their pouty face. Jill said, "Sorry girls, not this time. If David or I find out that either of you two tried to find out what we have planned, then you will sit here at home while we have fun.

Got it?" "Yes, Ma'am" they said in unison. Saturday morning came much too quickly for me.


We forgot to close the curtains in the bedroom and thus the hostile morning sun was blazing through the windows. I tossed and turned trying to escape the invasion of light.

My bladder won all the battles. "Fuck" I double trouble for a bbw amateur slut masturbation toys to myself, flipping the covers back letting my feet hit the floor for my journey to the bathroom.

Since I was now up, I decided to stay up. I brushed my teeth, washed my hands, and ran a comb through my disheveled hair. I looked at my cell phone. 10:18am…really? I slid on a pair of basketball shorts and a white tee shirt. Grudgingly I headed out to the kitchen. I smelled food, it smelled delicious. "Good Morning Sleepy-Head" Jill said to me kissing me on the cheek. "Well, what's new this morning?" "I've made lots of phone calls.

I called Bob and Melanie, they're not interested in a car dealership. Their reasoning is even under new ownership the previous reputation will carry over and smear the brand.

I agree with their assessment. I called several of our accounting people and scheduled a meeting for next week. I want to see just where we are financially, in all the brands. I asked Dakota to add it to your schedule. I called the stock broker the company uses. On my own accord, I asked them to send us 1000 shares of stock.

I want it to go to Dakota. Her idea and plan about 'The Pinetree' is perfect. I want her to know that we appreciate her dedication to this company.

Hopefully, both her and Tina will gain confidence." "Do you know how sexy you are when you're thinking?" Yes, it was a rhetorical question. Jill made me a plate of food, which I gobbled down with a purpose.

"Have any calls to make dear" "Um, yes. I want to plan on using both limo companies separate, but together. Black Car Limo has a perfectly clean reputation, but not very much inventory.

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Happee, Happy Limo has inventory and customers/clients. I want to split the customers to one side and the clients to another. All of it under one big umbrella, much like "YUM Brand" &hellip. you know, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC separate corporations but all under one umbrella brand. It also might give us the leverage to convert the stock to allow our employees to be the majority stockholders and thus protecting all the brands from a buyout by some corporate raider." "To use your words&hellip.

Spec-Fucking-Tacular!" Jill said. "Keep an eye on time. The limos will be here soon. You still need to pack.

Will you wear the nice blue jeans, the cobalt blue long-sleeve shirt and your cashmere black sports coat? I think you look so hot in that." Jill said. "Hun, I'll wear whatever you want me to wear, you know that." "Is everything set up?" "According to those involved with our little surprise it's all Game On!" My head went back to the limo business again.

"Hun, we will be carrying some dignitaries, VIPs, and other people who need protection. I was thinking that maybe with Roger's help we would have part of his security team be armed to offer a level of protection, for an additional price, of course." "Absolutely!" Jill replied. I looked at the clock. Again, wondering how time got away from me. 12:48…what the hell? I got up, put my plate in the sink. I headed back down to the bedroom, passing Tina and Dakota on the way.

Each one gave me a small quick hug and a smooch on the cheek. I noticed three bags by the front door. I was trying to guess which one belonged to whom. Hmmm&hellip. the pink backpack with 'Hello Kitty' Tina; the dark blue backpack, Jill; and the third backpack, the pink camouflage one, Dakota only by process of elimination.

I smiled to myself, thinking I'm a fricken genius. I get to the bedroom. I lay out my clothes for tonight. I grab my garment bag and put my best black suit inside.

This made me check my phone for a text from Diane about the garment bags& message. I put a couple pairs of Izod shorts, tee shirts, underwear, and sneakers, into my black backpack. Heading to the shower, my mind young hoes have sex party in the dorm with strangers pornstars and group sex elsewhere.

I began thinking about what to do with Sasha. Would she quit?

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I know she was arrested, but what if she bailed out? What do we do about her?. too much thinking. Time to relax, from this moment on until Monday night, all play! I didn't even noticed Jill entering the bathroom. She again reminded me that time was of the essence. She reached into the shower and swatted my ass.

"Hey now, don't lite a fire that you can't quell& least not now!" I said with a big cheesy grin on my face. I finished getting ready and carried my own garment bag and backpack to the front door.

As I sat down in the living room, the door bell rang. It was Fred with two other drivers. "Hey Fred, c'mon in. Who do you have with you?" "Hello sir&hellip. oh, sorry&hellip. Mr. Greene." "It's David. Mr. Greene is my Father." "Yes, sir. With me is Daniel. He's been with the company about 6 months. Works hard. Friendly. Never missed a day of work yet. The other guy&hellip. the slacker…just joking sir…um, David. He is James. Long time employee. He worked for another company, the one your wife used to work for: Happee Happy Limo.

Worked there about a week before he got let go by some Polish woman. James has been with us for more than 3 years. Hard working. Army brat, did 6 years in the Navy, served on the Dwight D. Eisenhower. Not sure you wife will approve as she is a Marine." I laughed out loud.

This guy is a hoot. I explained that we are first going to the Staples center. I gave James and Daniel addresses of where they were to pick up their people. I changed my mind about whom was going to drive what group. I decided that the car of the 'kids' would be James.

The car with Emilio, Dakota, Paula, and Captain Anderson would be Daniel. I still wanted Fred to drive our car.

My only wildcard was the brother that was added. He would be at Diane's house, but I wanted him to ride with us and Dr. Ronda, Roger Johnson, and of course the beautiful Donna.

I texted Diane: Hey Diane, its David. I'm sending two cars to your home. One with my party in it. THAT will be the car your brother rides in. The other car is the one you and your friends and my wife's assistant Tina will ride in.

We're leaving in 10 minutes. Again, I just got a "k". I directed Fred to get our garment bags. The ladies would bring their own backpacks. Oops, I was wrong. Jill had the pink 'Hello Kitty' backpack. Dakota the blue one. Tina had the pink cammo bag&hellip.

maybe I'm not quite the genius I think I am. I stopped Dakota. "Do you have some envelopes for me?" "Oh, yes sir. They're right here in my backpack." She removed 20 white legal sized envelopes. Each one sealed with the signature of the manager who filled them initialed in the upper right-hand corner. I tucked them teen cheerleader stepdaughter ally kay banging her school coach my black cashmere coat.

I yelled for Jill. "I'm right behind strip poker foursome chicks happy dick stockings and athletic, no need to yell." I kissed her. Tina was sad that her and Dakota were not riding with Jill and me.

We got into the limos and headed off. It took a bit to pick everyone up. Our limo picked up Donna, then Roger, and finally Dr. Ronda. We headed to Diane's to get her brother Marcus. I knew the moment their limo arrived. The text from Diane: OMG!!! A Limo, really? You are the BEST! We all love you&hellip.

even my stupid brother. Shall we wait for you to arrive?" I texted back: yes. It took our limo nearly 20 minutes to get thru stop and go traffic. The limo picking up Emilio and Capt. Anderson and Paula already had Dakota in it. They were heading on to the Staples Center. I texted Dakota: Having Fun? No reply. As we pulled up to Diane's house, the whole gang came out to greet Jill and me. I saw our guests in the limo just smiling.

Jill got lots of handsy hugs from the college boys. I got just regular hugs from Diane and her friend. Tina was smiling. I believe that she enjoyed hanging out with people closer to her age. Diane introduced Marcus to Jill. He sheepishly said "hello, Ma'am" "Ma'am&hellip. what the hell?" "I'm sorry&" "No worries Marcus, your little sister put me up to it.

She said that you're a bit shy around women. Just call me Jill. This is my husband, David." Jill said. "Him I know. Diane couldn't stop talking about him. Good thing he's married, or I would have to worry that he would have a much younger wife, my sister." "Nope! He's all mine." Jill said as she laughed out loud.

We all got into our respective limos and headed towards the Staples Center. As we pulled up to the arena, Roger Johnson asked, "Really? All this pomp and circumstance for a Laker's game?" Jill looked at me. She smiled. Her friend Donna knew something was up.

Even Dr. Ronda knew the sting was on. "Yeah, Roger, my secret plan was to smuggle everyone to a Laker's game. Now that LeBron is on the team, why not?" "Hey, no one's wearing Laker's gear. This looks like a concert crowd." Everyone busted out laughing. He finally figured it out. The marquee said, "LADY GAGA!" The limo stopped in front of the private suite entrance. Dakota's car was already unloaded.

Tina's car unloaded also. We all stepped out. Roger said quietly to me, "She's really not my type of music." I just nodded. "Don't worry, it gets better." I responded. We were greeted by Raquel. Our suite hostess.

She gave all of us a ticket, a suite pass, and a souvenir tee shirt as well as a lanyard to put our suite pass into. The kids were literally bouncing up and down, squealing, chanting, cheering, singing…Oh to be young again I thought to myself. I walked over to Dakota. "Hey, are you ok?" I thought you would enjoy hanging out with Emilio.

He seemed to like you on the plane." "He's ok. Nice enough. But just ok." She said with a forced smile. "Would you rather join Tina and her group?" "If that wouldn't ruin your plan for tonight. Yes." Dakota smiled a bit more.

"Hold here for a moment." "Paula, Paula…Can I talk to you?" "Is everything ok?" I asked. Um, yeah, its fine." She said, also with a forced smile. Wow, did I misread this one. "What can I do to make this right?" I asked. "Let me change cars." "Any car you want to join?" I asked.

"The car with Tina. She's my friend from work." "Done!" I answered. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. I went back over to Dakota. "I'm moving you to Tina's car as well as her friend Paula." Dakota was now smiling a big smile. I asked Fred to move the two ladies' bags to James' limo. The other limo, the one Daniel was driving would take Emilio and Capt. Anderson to the airport when they were ready to go. CHAPTER 8 Everyone piled into the suite. The food smelled delicious. It certainly was a grand buffet set-up thanks to my friend in the box office.

Our suite hostess, Raquel, showed everyone the suite. 18 suite level arena seats. Couches, love seats, reclining chairs, high top tables, a bar, a fridge, and the MOST important item to a woman&hellip. a clean private bathroom. Raquel handed me a note and a buzzer.

The note was from my friend in the box office. The buzzer was to page Raquel when we needed something. Diane's crew were already filling their plates with food. Most of them were grabbing either a soda or water, but a couple of the guys grabbed a beer. Roger and Donna just stood there stunned. Apparently, we truly surprised them. I noticed that black monster cock fucking a white girl doggystyle were holding hands.

Jill leaned into me and kissed me passionately. I quietly watched as Dakota, Tina, Diane and her crew all were having a wonderful time. Paula and Dr. Ronda seemed to be enjoying hanging out with the younger crowd. One of the guys in Diane's crew started the chant, "Speech, Speech, Speech" directed towards me. "OK, OK, settle down. Don't get us kicked out before the show even starts.

If I may say, Jill and I are so happy that everyone is enjoying tonight so far. I have a couple of more aces up my sleeve, but I want everyone to know just how much our two assistants Dakota and Tina mean to us. They work really hard keeping us on point and this was truly set up for the both to enjoy." There was a knock at she can barely take his giant weenie but rides it lika a champ door. Roger said he would answer it.

Silence. I waited. Suddenly, Tina, Dakota, Diane all shrieked together! It was Lady Gaga herself. I just stepped aside letting the gang all get close to her, but not too close.

Roger is an impressive figure and he stood between Gaga and the crew. I liked what I saw with Roger, that sealed it in my mind that he certainly was the correct choice to head-up the security team. The crew all tried to ask a million questions at once, but her handler told them that they were just stopping by to meet Tina and Dakota. Both were speechless. Tears of joy filled their eyes. Gaga hugged each of them and thanked them for being fans.

Gaga signed an autograph for each of the crew, most on their suite pass. Jill smiled, Dr. Ronda smiled, Donna smiled, Paula smiled. This part of the weekend was a big success. Lady Gaga was very nice, however, she had to go get ready for the show.

Her handler directed her out of the suite and they were gone. Dakota and Tina just hugged. Jill walked over to them and put her arms around them. I felt Donna pinch my ass as she walked past me over to a couple of Diane's crew. The warmup act went unnoticed by the gang. Roger, Donna, Dr. Ronda, Jill and I sat on the couches and love seat chatting about how the night had gone.

Raquel stopped in a couple of times to check on the food, the drink, and the overall happiness of everyone. The gang couldn't stop talking about Lady Gaga stopping by. They had all used their cell phones to take pictures of her in the suite chatting with everyone. Raquel had one last surprise for everyone. An autographed picture of Lady Gaga. Again, our two assistants were in tears. Every guy there told them just how lucky they were working for Jill an I.

I didn't realize it, but Emilio and Capt. Johnson didn't come to the suite. I was puzzled as to why. I called Capt. Johnson. He told me that there was an sloppy throat fucking sissy trainer bbc edition with the jet and they needed to get to the airport asap.

He thanked Jill and I for the invite but maybe next time. When the arena lights dimmed, the whole arena went black. Silence swept over the arena. All our gang was mesmerized.

Jill and I had created a moment in time that they will forever remember……and yet, the weekend isn't over. Gaga opened to a thunderous cheer from the crowd. Lights, fireworks, and a sound system that rivaled the sound of a large passenger jet aircraft. Gaga started her show with the only song I knew "Gonna Marry the Night". Somehow, I felt much like a Dad at that point.

To me, it felt like the adults were chatting in the living room while the kids were in the game room, playing. As the show progressed, a litany of women made their way to the private bathroom. Even Roger noted that he felt like a Dad, watching over the kids. Donna just squeezed his leg. Dr. Ronda and Marcus seemed to be hitting it off rather well. He spent most of his time getting her food, drink, taking the trash away from her.

Each time he did something for her she rewarded him with a kiss. It wasn't one of those lover kisses, it was more like a friendly kiss. Jill leaned into my ear, "Do you think Marcus even knows that Ronda wants to fuck his brains out?" "Nope, not a clue." I said smiling.

Even Donna and Roger commented on Marcus' complete obliviousness to Ronda's intentions. I started to get up and Jill and Donna stopped me. Just let this play out, they're adults the women said. I felt a soft pair of hands over my eyes. "Guess who?" I knew by the perfume it was Tina.

"Um, Lady Gaga? Oh, wait, no…Um, Tina?" I said smiling the whole time. Tina leaned into my ear and whispered, "Dakota and I are planning on riding you until you flatline!" Then she turned and sauntered away. Jill leaned over and said, "should I order you more pineapple juice?" giggling.

At that moment, I felt a bit self-aware. My own pants had tented. Jill saw it. Donna saw it. Hell, Tina saw it. I'm not sure, but maybe even Diane as she went past us on her way to the bathroom when Tina was leaning over the couch with her hands covering my eyes. Jill didn't help matters any as she put two fingers inside of her wet pussy and put them in my mouth. The show came to an explosive, thunderous, climax. Then it was over. House lights came back on and the crew came back into the 'living room' of the suite.

The guys gobbled up the rest of the food, leaving none to waste. Jill summoned everyone to find a seat. I walked over to the glass partition doors that separated the living room from the arena seats.

I shut the doors so we all could have a private conversation. Jill began, "We want to thank each and everyone of you for joining us tonight.

We actually did this for Tina and Dakota, however, we are so very proud of everyone and the way you all conducted yourselves when Lady Gaga was here&hellip.David, I believe you have something to say." I kissed my wife. Damn, she is so beautiful. "First things first, Dakota and Tina get up here." They bounced up next to Jill. She hugged them both. I reached into my coat. I pulled out the white envelopes.

I carefully handed two specially marked envelopes one each to Tina and Dakota. I handed the others out to everyone else with 8 envelopes left over. "Before everyone opens their envelope, I would like Dakota and Tina to open theirs first." I remarked. Tina was the first to tear into the white paper envelope. "Its&hellip. Its&hellip. Its MONEY!!!!!" She exclaimed. She was counting it up as fast as she could looking through blurry eyes filled with tears of joy.

"Um, David…this can't be right. There's $8,000 here." "Darling you earned it. Every penny of it. Jill is so proud of you, and I am also." I looked out over the gang who just sat there stunned. "Dakota, darling, your turn." I said. Dakota carefully opened the envelope. Her hands were shaking, eyes were tearing up. "Its money and a note." The gang all said to read the note out loud to everyone.

"Dakota, you have been an immense help to keep David on track and focused. Your idea about The Pinetree is wonderful. You thought the issue through, you described the issues, and you developed a plan. This is our gift from David and I to you." Dakota looked inside and found $10,000 in hundred-dollar bills, along with a second note. Although Dakota didn't read the second note out loud, it said: Because of your commitment to our team, David and I are giving you 1000 shares of Jaxson Inc.

stock. Dakota hugged me. She pulled me down to her, grabbing me by the shirt collar and kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. I saw Diane chatting with Jill. Jill had a mischievous smile on her face, one that I had seen a few times before. I told everyone to open their envelopes. Then I heard my favorite drunk guy from the IHOP. "Are you fucking kidding me?" All the eyes of the group turned to look at him.

"It's a thousand fucking dollars!" The rest of the cute teenie is gaping wet snatch in closeup and climaxing dug into their envelopes with much more sense of urgency.

Jill and I had given everyone a thousand-dollar gift. Including Roger, Donna, Dr. Ronda, and Paula. Even Marcus got an envelope. The room went silent. Everyone was stunned. Shocked even. "OK, OK now on to the next mom and kid son teaching of the surprise weekend.

Mature blonde wants his hard dick in her

Let's head back down to the limos." Jill walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "Diane wanted to know if I could share you. I told her, of course." She kissed me and walked away. Everyone walked, no danced out of the suite. When we all got downstairs, we piled into the limo, but Diane decided to join us in our limo.

Since Jill gave me a head's up, I knew what she had in mind. Both limos headed towards the airport. In the car James was driving, they kept pelting him with verbal questions which he dodged wonderfully. Donna began things in our car. She unzipped Roger pulling out his fully erect cock. She engulfed it completely on the first try. Dr. Ronda was unzipping Marcus' pants. Jill was sitting next to me with Diane on my other satp dad son couch satpsister. Jill made the first move.

She unzipped me, pulling my hard cock out. She gently grasped Diane's hand and put my cock into her firm grasp. Diane began to slowly massage my cock up and down, smearing the pre-cum over the head and shaft.

I heard lots of slurping and moaning. Marcus had his head leaned back with his eyes closed moaning loudly as Ronda was swallowing his cock. Donna had already hiked up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and climbed on top of Roger.

Diane, well she was OK, but I was guessing that she had never had a cock this big to suck. Jill casting first time full figure nervous desperate amateurs down and began giving her instructions. "That right, just lick around the head. Be sure to not forget the underside of the head.

As you're doing that, stroke the shaft. Yeah, that's right. With your other hand, reach down and massage his balls&hellip. No, no&hellip. GENTLY&hellip. yes, there you go. Ok, now, try to put as much of it in your mouth." Jill's instruction paid immediate dividends.

I looked over at my limo mates. Roger had laid Donna back on the seat and was pumping his cock hard into Donna. Marcus was on his knees being directed by Ronda how to properly eat pussy.

I smiled thinking that this was only the beginning. Jill was getting tired of teaching. She left the seat that Diane and I were on. She went over to Marcus. She laid on her back, sliding underneath him and began sucking his cock. Ronda jokingly remarked, "Hey, don't distract him. I gotta teach this young man proper etiquette." Jill kept sucking his cock.

While she was doing that, she was unbuckling her jeans and slid them and her panties down. Donna and Ronda had planned better, guess the US Marines are better prepared. While Diane's efforts fellating me was nice, it really wasn't getting me there. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Are you on birth control?" "ess" was all I understood. Marcus stopped what he was doing to Ronda to answer the question for her, "Yes she's on birth control" He was directed by Ronda grabbing his hair to resume his duties.

Donna was the first to feel the ripe deliciousness of an orgasm. "Fuck me, damn it, fuck me Roger&hellip. harder, harder&hellip. haaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr" and her words trailed off as her eyes rolled back into her head. Fred came over the intercom, "Sir, we're about 3 minutes from the airport." Jill was frustrated.

Diane was frustrated. Roger and Donna were good. I'm not sure, but I think Marcus already popped once between his BJ and getting to eat Ronda's sweet pussy. Of course, I was very frustrated. Lots of tongue and mouth action, no result. Everyone began to reassemble themselves. While things were going on, I asked Diane, "The boyfriend you broke up with, did you torment him with a picture of you just a foot away from Lady Gaga?" "OMG, I completely forgot." "Be sure to use this line&hellip.

cheaters never prosper. Send him a picture of you and Gaga along with your envelope of our gift. See if you get some sort of response." Jill joined in, "No Diane. Just the picture of you and Gaga. Don't say anything about the money. He doesn't deserve to know." As always, Jill was right.

This dumb-ass wasted a perfectly good girlfriend for some skank at school. By the time we arrived at the airport the other car horny teen babe gets fucked hard by her lover already unloading. James was taking the bags out of the trunk and lining the up for the plane steward. Diane and Marcus looked completely lost. Roger and Donna were just basking in the afterglow of sex. Our whole limo smelled of sex, but who cared.

When our car stopped, there was a group outside of the plane. Tina and Dakota were trying to explain about the jet. Fred opened our door. We plied out stretching our legs. I did notice two things, Dakota had her shirt untucked and two boys had not zipped up their pants.

Jill and Donna leaned over towards me and made comments about their activities must have been the same as ours. Jill and I led everyone up the stairs to the plane. I was clear that the red couch was for Jill and I. The blue couch was for Roger and Donna. The rest of the seating is random. One of Diane's crew asked, "Sir, where are we going?" "VEGAS BABY!" "No fucking way!" The boy in the back of the group said loudly. We are on our way to Vegas. Our car had sex, but frustrating sex.

It appeared as if Dakota and Tina's car had better sex. Damn, I miss being just the Chauffeur.