Hard cock plows adorable teen cunt hardcore and blowjob

Hard cock plows adorable teen cunt hardcore and blowjob
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Mina has just returned from Africa after spending two months there working with her charity. Mina wanted to check out a Lifestyle club in Dallas, she wanted me to join her. She decided it was not the right time.

She is in her office working on a new funding proposal for her charity. I come up behind her and kiss her neck, whispering in her ear that her lover has arrived. I smell her hair and it is delicious and soft. Live girl put vibe in pussy and controlled by viewers wecamnet smells so sweet.

I stand her up as I slowly remove her blouse, she is not wearing a bra, she knows I like to see her pointy nipples through her blouse. I slowly touch her breasts, rolling and tweaking her nipples. While behind her I start to kiss her back and as I move lower she tries to turn around. I hold her arms down and tell her NO! In good time I say as I kiss lower. I very slowly remove her skirt. She has a thong on and thigh highs, which she knows excites me greatly.

I kiss lower and bite softly as I move a little lower, kissing the back of her legs to the tops of her stockings. My hands running across the front of her body.

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I start to move up kissing and licking along the way. Biting her ass cheeks softly. She feels my erection against her cheeks, as she again tries to turn and I stop her. As I again lick and nibble her neck she feels me getting harder as my hand slowly moves to her pussy with its warmth and wetness.


My fingers slowly caress her through her thong. She moans excitedly pushing back. I turn her around to kiss her passionately as she feels my erection near her womanhood. I kiss her softly, passionately. I slowly introduce my tongue as she sucks it in as we explore each other's mouths.

Her nipples are hard as I feel them against me. She is delicious and sexy, the wife I wanted and needed for a long time. Now as a ex-wife, she is delicious and sexy as a lover. I spin her riding and doggy style fuck brunette blowjob again. She protests and I remind her -- in good time. My cock through my pants is cradled between her cheeks. Mina pushes into me as my fingers explore the softness between her legs, as she gasps at my first touch.

I kiss her neck whispering in her ear that I want her badly as she melts into me. I move my hand into her thong slowly working my fingers into her wetness, the wetness I desire as she gives herself to me fully.

My fingers softly slowly run from top to bottom as I slowly open her lips introducing a single finger as she gasps again. As my finger slowly enters her wetness my palm softly touches her clit. I can smell her arousal oozing from her, its sensuous and sexy, an aphrodisiac to my manhood.

My other hand cups her breast, rolling her nipple as she pushes back into me enjoying the feeling of my hard cock against her ass. Mina starts to move her ass against me. She loves the feeling of my chest hair against her back. Her nipples are hard like pebbles as her breathing is heavy and burdened. I am enjoying her womanhood on many levels as I whisper how soft and wet she feels.

Kissing her neck and shoulders.

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I whisper in her ear " Mina, you are mine and you will give yourself to me fully." She opens her legs wider to allow me easier access to her pussy, she is softly begging me to enter her. I lean against her desk to steady myself as I insert a second finger. As I start moving my hand up and down against her clit and pelvic bone. Her wetness lubricates her clit as my fingers slip in and out easily. Her wetness is fantastic and erotic like her.

She chap satisfies seductive beautiful nymph hardcore creampie so soft and I want to spin her around and enter her immediately, but holding off instead to build the passions and desires to greater heights. I take my hand away from her and she gasps showing her displeasure as I whisper I want to taste you. I bring my fingers to my mouth and love so much chinese selling her sex for good fuck teenxxxnetworkcom her sweet nectar as she turns to kiss me at the same time tasting her own sweetness.

Her arousal overwhelms her, she looses control. I move my hand over her other breast, rolling her nipples with my wet fingers, she is shaking and moaning. I whisper in her ear " You taste so sweet, and ask if I should continue." Mina moans, barely speaking when she says" yeessss." I move my hand down inside her panties, my two fingers finding her wet pussy slipping in easily. I start rubbing my fingers and palm down into her then up and out of her, not pulling out completely.

She is breathing heavier. She tries to turn again, and I tell her " NO! You are mine and you will do what I demand, and you know you love the feelings and will not disobey.

You are mine, body, mind, and spirit." She feels my cock hard against her ass, starting to move up and down her ass, as I whisper in her ear " Baby this is all about you." As my fingers are sliding in and out of her pussy and my palm is rubbing her clit. I kiss her as she turns her head to kiss me back. I whisper in her ear asking if she wants me to continue and she whimpers" yes, don't stop." She feels the passion in her pussy building slowly.

As my fingers roll your nipple. My hand and now thumb making motions that are soft yet direct and sensual on your clit. Mina gasps when I pull my fingers out lubricating her clit area. I start to rhythmically stroke tushy first anal for brunette jojo kiss her pussy then over her clit and in and over and in and over, her moaning follows the rhythm. She can barely stand, but she knows she must, as she leans heavier into me.

Pressing my chest against her harder. Her breathing is labored as the waves of pleasure builds up higher and higher. She wants me and she wants the orgasm that is building. Mina smells her own arousal mounting as she feels the blood rush to her wet swollen pussy. She stops kissing me as she breaths heavier and heavier as her legs tighten, she feels her toes starting to curl, as she starts to tension up. The orgasm she wants is on the edge. Her muscles tensing as the waves building faster and faster.

Mina grabs her other nipple with her hand rolling it and tweaking and pulling on it, as I big rump african hard xxx to do the same taking cues from her. Her moaning and gasping is loud as the waves crash over her radiating from her clit, amplified by the feelings in her nipples.

The breaking waves crashing over her sending her into ecstasy. Mina gasps then holds her breath as the first waves subside, then other waves crash over her amplifying the sensual feelings she has. She doesn't move as she barely breaths as she is enveloped in passion. She is barely standing. I continue to move my fingers rhythmically. She is breathing again, in slow gasps. She turns to kiss me softly with passion.

She is barely standing as I slowly move my hands away from her pussy and breast to hold her tight. " Do you want me to fuck your ass, baby?" I know her, she slowly grew to enjoy anal sex. " Y-yes," She moans. " I patiently stroke my length while I watch her. She lays down on her back, she is apprehensive of the initial stretching. She needs to take it slow so there is pleasure, not just pain. She slides her thumb into her pussy, slowly massaging herself with her right hand.

She pulls her thumb out, then with her other hand spreads her juices over her lips and anus. I make a noise of contentment as we lock eyes. Mina is looking forward to the fucking to come. Spending three months in Africa, fantizing about returning to be fucked rough and hard by me. She sighs, rolling her ass around slowly on the mattress, her left hand stroking her breast, her right hand massaging her cunt. She gives me a nod. I have her roll over on to her hands and knees, sliding her legs apart I kneel between them.

I pull her ass cheek open, thrusting forward hard driving my cock inside her in seconds. Balls gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong in her ass, Mina grimaces as I move in and out, in and out.

Her hands in tight fists gripping the sheet. She is whimpering as a mixture of pain and pleasure is surging through her. I pull out completely, applying lube. Mina takes the momentary reprieve from my assault to rise up on all fours, gasping and panting.

I'm positioning myself again to enter her ass. Mina screams feeling the huge head of my cock slowly pushing past her asshole again. The burning sensation overwhelms her as she nearly faints, until I push deeper.

She tries to hold back another scream but it is useless. I push hard driving deeper into her ass, she screams as she feels me mounting her. I'm laying on her back my arms wrapped around her squeezing her breasts as I thrust in and out with rough hard strokes, her body starts to relax. She is panting, dazed from the pain surging through her. I continue pushing all the way in then almost all the way out, then back in. Mina gasping in shock as waves of pain and pleasure hit her.

She took all of my huge cock as I fuck her rough and hard for 10 minutes. Finally I slow down finding a rhythm, I let her enjoy it. Mina pushing into it now, taking it all, happy it is finally not to so rough.

She quickly comes hard shaking as her orgasm crashes over her, long and mind blowing. She passes out on the bed exhausted and sore. Blacked brunette teen takes monster black cock enter the room seeing Mina laying on her side in a fetal ball. Mina rolls onto her back spreading her legs wide, I crawl on the bed between her spread legs, grabbing her legs placing them on my shoulders. Her two heels are resting on my shoulders.

I lean into her her heels on my shoulders, her butt is raised in the air and only her shoulders are making contact with the bed. Mina's body is covered in a sheen of sweat making her body glow from the light in the room. I'm sweating profusely and dripping on to Mina.

The sweat soaked shadow around her body on the bed is the result of both of our combined sweat dripping down her body to the bed. I line my cock head against her wet pussy lips, pushing forward parting them the tip coming to rest against her slit. I thrust forward driving my 9" cock inside her, burying it all the way in her.

My huge ball sack that accommodated two tennis ball size testicles slapping against her clit. Mina screamed with the sudden penetration filling her with my long thick cock, her pussy stretched around my monstrosity.

Mina's slit is small and very tight, having spent three months without sex her pussy is tight like a sixteen year old virgin. Her pussy barely accommodates my cock, she is biting her lip to keep from screaming. She feels like she is being split in half. As I pull out her opening is resisting, a throaty low moan starts from Mina as I pull out of her. She is stretched to the limit her opening pulsating, as the angry purple cock head is caught behind the folds of her opening.

As fast as I withdraw, I flex my body and add my body weight, as I thrust brutally back into her.


I met formidable resistances from the depths of her vagina for a few seconds as her pussy struggles to accommodate my girth, with one more inch left to bury to the hilt.

I skillfully time my thrust pressing my hip down in a fluid motion adding my grunt to the symphony of our sexual throes. I'm buried to the hilt in Mina again in one brutal thrust. The room is filled with the sound of slapping flesh and painful grunts from Mina. A powerful shock-wave originating from the collison of our bodies rocking her body and initiating a mesmerizing dance of her breasts. My large scrotum swinging in slapping her ass softly signaling the end of one thrusting cycle only to repeat again.

Mina's eyes are rolled back in her head, she is moaning, gasping and grunting. She is trying to mumble something as her body jerks violently as I increase the tempo of my peter north hot asian fucking tube porn thrusts into her.

Her pussy is being brutally violated, she is trying to say something to me. Only fractions of words come out "don't, out, cu, pre, plea." I lean in a bit more as I'm pulling my cock out from her, raising up in the air with a grunt pressing on my toes while holding her legs against my shoulders. Then falling, I lift both my legs up in the air free falling towards her with my cock pointed at her gaping pussy. Mina's cervix took the full brunt of my aerial attack. A loud scream came from Mina as I lock myself to her by putting my hand under her armpits while pressing her knees to her shoulders.

Mina is folded in two and is locked in place while my cock is buried in her deepest place. Then the dancing of my testicles begin. My balls are churning a huge amount of cum to be delivered into unprotected depths of Mina. With a howl like an animal I stop moving. I stopped moving, my scrotum went to overtime. It is contracting and relaxing repeatedly. Then came the sobbing scream from Mina. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." I'm thoroughly filling her. The contractions continue and with each contraction came a low sobbing " no" from Mina and a loud grunt from me.

After about twenty contractions of the scrotum, the tight seal her vaginal opening has around nalgona mexicana en story voyeur big cock fails under the pressure that is building inside her. Now thick white semen is dripping out from around the seal as my balls danced. The scrotum and balls are huge for a reason and they are fulfilling their purpose by producing an uncanny amount of sperm to fill a sobbing woman. After another 20 contractions, the dancing stops.

We are a mess. We are drenched in sweat from head to toe from the rough fucking. Both our loins are covered with thick white cum. There is a puddle of white goo under us on the bed and a good amount crept through Mina's butt crack and making another puddle under her back. With a satisfied smile, I let go of her pulling out my softening weapon from her cum filled depths with a plop sound.

Mina curls up into a fetal position sobbing. Cum is still leaking from her pussy like a small stream. I look proudly at my handy work one more time before going out the door.