Slap face rough teen and petite blonde braces sally going on a wild rail

Slap face rough teen and petite blonde braces sally going on a wild rail
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Cathy watched Tracy slowly move closer. The feel of her firm breasts pressed into her own. Ripples shot through her body when she felt the hard nipples press against her own and then Tracy's hands slide around her a french amateur milf get fucked hard. Her mouth less then an inch away parted and Tracy's tongue slid out and ran across Cathy's lips.

'OH MY GOD!' Cathy thought. 'She is so sexy.' Cathy felt herself getting wet and now her body was responding to Tracy. 'I can't be doing this.' Cathy fought with herself. She weakly tried to stop Tracy but Tracy ignored her feeble protests. Her tongue pushed past Cathy's lips and into her mouth. Cathy's mouth closed around the soft wetness and she moaned. Cathy felt herself slipping. Again Cathy tried to stop herself but then she felt Tracy's hand slide up her back and around her neck.

Cathy shivered. Tracy then pulled Cathy hard against her body and pressed her mouth to Cathy's. 'God is she turning me on.' Cathy thought. Cathy was rapidly loosing the battle. Her best friend was seducing her.

Cathy's head was spinning and now she was responding to Tracy completely. Cathy was worried what people would think but despite this she was kissing her back and not wanting it to end. Not even realizing it her hands moved to Tracy's waist and pulled her body to her own.

Her taste was intoxicating and her smell was so feminine. Kissing Tracy was the most erotic thing she has ever done. Tracy's talented mouth began to build the desire in Cathy.

Her kiss was passionate and that of a lover. Their tongues teased and tasted as their arousal increased. Tracy finally broke the kiss and looked Cathy in the eye. Cathy felt like her prey as Tracy moved in for the kill. Cathy felt Tracy's hand snake into her hair and suddenly pulled her head back. Tracy knew very well of Cathy's sensitive neck and now her mouth was on it. "Ohhh… " Cathy moaned. Tracy's other hand fell to Cathy's ass and pulled her closer as she hungrily sucked her neck.

"Ohh&hellip. " Cathy moaned. "Tracy… " Cathy lost all her resistance. She had never been so turned on in her life and now oiled hotty rides hard boner hardcore massage didn't care what people thought. She did not want this to stop, ever. Tracy was in full control of the situation and the seduction of Cathy was sending her own arousal to new heights "You like this don't you?" Tracy whispered in her ear.

Cathy only moaned. Still holding her hair Tracy moved to her ear licking and sucking on Cathy. Tracy finally released her hair but moved back to her sensitive neck. Her hands slid down her side and to the base of her sweater. Tracy grabbed the bottom and began to lift the shirt over her head. Cathy lifted her arms and suddenly her breasts spilled into view.

"Oh my God Cath. You are beautiful." Tracy moaned as she looked over best friend's body. Sliding into her again Tracy kissed her and this time Cathy eagerly returned the embrace. "I want to nurse on your sexy nipples baby." Without waiting for a response Tracy kissed her way to Cathy's breasts and took her nipple into her mouth." "Ohh&hellip. My&hellip.Goooodddd!" Cathy hissed. "This can't be happening. " Cathy finally opened her eyes to see Tracy sucking her long nipples into her mouth. "Oh my god.

Tracy." Cathy was in such a state of arousal that she was approaching orgasm. This was another surprise to her. Tracy hadn't even touched her pussy and she was close to cuming.

Tracy could easily see the sexual excitement in Cathy. It was addicting. As Tracy sucked on Cathy's long nipples she could feel her own pussy getting very wet. Tracy had fantasized about doing this to Cathy wondering what it would be like to touch her breasts and long nipples.

As Tracy sucked them into her mouth they had to be an inch long and this really turned her on. Tracy spent several minutes going from breast to breast nursing and leaving them wet with teencurves round ass babe scarlette sawyer deepthroats and rides big schlong. She then moved her hand in front and slowly ran it along her covered cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. Damn Trace." Cathy moaned. "Please&hellip. " Because of Cathy's heightened sexual state Tracy knew she would cum quickly. Tracy wanted to taste her friend's first lesbian orgasm. She slid down Cathy's body until she was kneeling in front of her. She reached up with both hands and pulled Cathy's sweats down to the ground. Tracy now locked eyes with Cathy and inhaled her scent. Cathy was so wet she felt her excitement begin to flow down her leg.

Tracy suddenly pressed her mouth to Cathy's cunt and that was all it took. "Ohhhhh… myyy… goooooodddddddd." Cathy started to shake and struggled to maintain her balance as her orgasm washed over her. "Ohh. Trace. Ohhh my God." Her voice trailed off as her orgasm rocked her senses. Tracy never let up though and kept her mouth working on Cathy until she finally lost her balance and fell to her knees.

Tracy wasn't done yet and she gently pushed Cathy to her back. Moving between her legs she continued to taste her first pussy. Tracy's tongue explored her folds as she tenderly cleaned her friend's wet cunt. Slowly her mouth moved up her opening to her sensitive clit and flicking it with her tongue.

"Oh my God." Cathy's hands shot to her head her fingers folding into Tracy's hair. "That feels sooooo gooooood… oh … so soft." Somehow Tracy always knew she would love to eat Cathy's pussy. She wanted her again. The cum Tracy devoured was like a drug to her.

Tracy continued to lick her friend's pussy as she finally moved a finger to her opening. Cathy was so wet that Tracy's finger easily slid all the way in and she started to pump her finger in and out of her wet cunt. "Ohh Trace." Cathy's head rose to watch Tracy.

Tracy could tell Cathy was approaching her next orgasm and watched closely as she made love to her best friend's pussy. Tracy only needed to keep the pace for a few minutes before Cathy grabbed her head and pulled her hard to her cunt.

"Ohhhh Tracy. Honey." Cathy nearly screamed. "Ohhh I'm cuming!" She had never come so hard in her life. Tracy instantly tasted her release and continued to lick her as her finger worked in and out of her cunt. Tracy easily swallowed what Cathy released and stayed with her until she came down. She gave Cathy a minute to settle down and crawled up her body. "You tasted wonderful." She softly kissed Cathy. Cathy tasted herself as she returned the kiss. "How was that lover?" "That was amazing," Cathy confessed still breathing hard.

"Damn Trace. How long have you wanted to do that?" "For years." "Really. Wow I never knew. Why didn't you say something?" "Well Cathy I didn't want to scare off my best friend by telling her I wanted to make love to her." Tracy said. "Mark and I talked about it and we figured Paul would go for it but we didn't think you would. I have always wanted to try it with a woman but it had to be someone special for a first time and you were the only one I trusted enough." "Well that was incredible." Cathy said reflecting on the whole experience.

"It was wasn't it?" Tracy started. She was very horny and needed some release. "It was nice to feel the soft lips of a woman touching yours wasn't it?

To feel tits pressed against yours." Tracy was now softly rubbing Cathy's nipples as she spoke. "My hot wet tongue sucking your beautiful nipples. Did it feel good Cathy to feel a woman's soft smooth face between your legs? Licking and sucking you till you came and sharing your hot cum with a kiss?

Did you like that Cath?" Tracy knew she was getting Cathy all excited again. She started to breathe heavy and her gaze never left Tracy as she spoke. "Are you ready for me honey?" Cathy never really imagined she would be in this position but after what Tracy just did to her she wanted to make her feel that good.

Tracy didn't give Cathy a chance to answer she slid up her body and presented her breasts to Cathy. Cathy watched as Tracy offered it to her and she began to suck. The soft breast against her face felt wonderful and her nipple responded instantly to her mouth. "Ohh yeah Cathy." Tracy's eyes closed as Cathy nursed on her. Cathy was not sure what to do but she relaxed and let go. Her hands slid up Tracy's body and across her bare skin. She began to explore as she moved from nipple to nipple.

Her hands ran freely across her stomach and arms. Gliding over her back and neck down to her breasts. It was Tracy's turn to squirm. Finally Tracy could take no more. She began to move further up on Cathy and Cathy kissed and licked her body as went by. Finally Cathy realized she was licking the start of Tracy's pubic line. She looked up and met Tracy's gaze and lust on her face was apparent. "Ok?" She moaned. "Yeah Trace." Cathy helped her slip a knee on each side of her head as Tracy lowered herself to Cathy's mouth.

Cathy couldn't believe this was happening but she was completely into it. Tracy was trimmed short and her hair was a very light brown. Her aroma filled Cathy's nostrils and suddenly her tasted flooded her mouth. "Ohhh Cathy." Tracy jumped. "Oh my God baby, don't stop." Cathy was now feeling the soft folds of Tracy's pussy on her lips. She was hesitant at first not really knowing where to begin but she quickly learned. Her tongue began to explore she slowly parted her folds.

Cathy was surprised at how soft and wet her pussy as she pushed her tongue deeper into her pussy. "Ohhhhh Cath." She moaned loudly. Cathy's hands slid over Tracy's shapely ass and held her there as she continued to eat her friend. Looking up she saw Tracy's eyes closed and just her expression told Cathy she was racing towards orgasm.

Cathy pushed her tongue deeper and Tracy moaned loudly. Soon Cathy was licking Tracy's cunt and the addiction had her too. Cathy knew that Tracy was getting close and she loved how she made her feel. Cathy grabbed her ass and pulled her against her mouth. She immediately sought her clit and when she found her nub she sucked it into her mouth.

"Ohhhh god Cathy. I'm going to cum already." Tracy moaned. "Please don't stop." Cathy was now very excited by the idea that a woman was going to cum all japanese brother sister incest creampie hentai erwisht her face.

She felt like Tracy's little slut. She couldn't wait to taste her friends cum. Cathy didn't have to wait long. As soon as Cathy reached up to touch Tracy's tits she came. "Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God Cath&hellip. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh&hellip." Tracy came hard. She fell forward onto her hands but Cathy held on and continued to suck her cunt.

Suddenly Cathy plunged her finger into Tracy's wet cunt and this sent her into another orgasm. "Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Cathy." Tracy couldn't believe what just happened.

"Ohhh honey." Tracy's body shook as she screamed into the carpet. Cathy could taste her release and she was eager to catch all of it. Finally Tracy rolled off Cathy's face and onto her back staring at the ceiling. A few minutes went by and Cathy finally rolled next to her. "I can't believe we didn't wake Paul?" Cathy said as she kissed Tracy.

"I know." Tracy answered. "Well. You're a lesbian." Tracy started to laugh knowing this was something that bothered Cathy. "I wouldn't be if you hadn't seduced me." Cathy laughed back. "It was good for you.

Can you imagine if Paul had seen this?" "Oh my God. It would have been a dream come true. If a kiss can wind him up like that imagine what this would have done to him." Cathy laughed.

"He would have cum in his pants." Tracy laughed. "Well at least you have a good guy. Paul is a man and he can't help it." "I know. I am lucky to have him.

I feel kind of bad though. He was so horny after you and I kissed and I didn't give him a blowjob or anything." Cathy sighed. "I was trying to sort things out I just kind of forgot about him. God the poor guy is probably ready to explode. In the morn&hellip. " Cathy trailed off. "What's wrong?" Tracy asked. "I just had an idea." "What?" "You want to fuck him? You and I. Tomorrow morning give him his fantasy?" Cathy saw Tracy light up.

"Really? I mean are you sure?" Tracy had always been attracted to Paul but after seeing his cock earlier she really wanted to do him. "Trace. You and I just made love.

I love Paul and I love you. You are both my lovers now. Unless this is a one time thing with us?" "No way." Tracy shot back.

"You are the best lover I have ever had. I really like what you do to me." "OK then. You want to fuck Paul? Feel his hard cock inside you? You miss the feel of being filled Trace? " Cathy asked. "Yes." Tracy responded quietly. Cathy leaned close so her mouth was almost touching Tracy's mouth. She softly kissed her. "What do you day Trace. Wouldn't you like to feel his cock fill you?

I know it has been awhile. I know he would love it. He could fuck you while I go down on you again. What do you say baby?" "I would love to Cath." Tracy was starting to get excited already. "You are really turning me on again." She smiled at Cathy. "I am turning both of us on." She laughed. "Mmmm&hellip. Trace. If I would have known how great it is to eat pussy I would have been all over you along time ago." Cathy purred.

"You're a natural Cath." Tracy moaned. It was getting late and the girls decided to call it a night. The next morning Cathy woke before Paul and headed out to get some hot redhead gets fucked by her girlfriend. She felt great. The last 24 hours changed her life. She was sure that Paul would be just as excited about it and couldn't wait to share this with him. She was joined a short while later by Tracy.

"Hi Cath." Tracy said as she entered the kitchen. "Hi." Cathy answered. "How did you sleep? Paul's still out." "Good. Oh he is? OK. He was pretty drunk last night." Tracy said watching Cathy. 'Damn is she beautiful.' Tracy thought. She really wanted to go up to Cathy and start kinky lesbian session with jessica and chastity but just then Paul entered the room. "Hey girls." He said. "How's it going?" Paul sat down and joined the girls for breakfast.

It was obvious he just stumbled out of bed. After they were done eating they decided to go skiing and enjoy the new snow they got last night. In the evening they returned to the cabin and had dinner. They decided to hit the hot tub again but Paul decided he wanted to shower first.

The girls cleaned up and went in to change. Cathy walked in on Tracy as was changing. "Hey. Woah. Nice timing on my part." Cathy walked up to Tracy and gave her gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade long wet kiss.

"Ready?" "What. Now?" Tracy asked. "He's in the shower." "I know. Come with me." Cathy didn't wait for a reply and grabbed her by the hand and led her into their room. Both girls finished stripping off their clothes and walked into the bathroom. Cathy told Tracy to wait right outside the door and she headed into the stall.

"Hey baby." She said. "HI. Nice surprise." Paul said and kissed her. Cathy moaned and started to stroke his cock. "I am sorry about last night honey.

I know you were so horny and I just shot you down." Cathy said. "It's OK. I know last night was kind of wild. That kiss." Paul paused.

"It was one of the hottest things I have ever experienced." He could feel his cock expanding rapidly. "Well I would like to make it up to you." She smiled.

Paul knew this was just a game to get some sex but he had no idea what was coming. "OK. What are you going to do for me?" Paul smiled expecting a blowjob or something. "Well since you have been such a good sport bringing two women up here. You have being such a gentleman cooking and taking care of us. I am going to reward you." Cathy smiled.

Cathy was now stroking his very erect cock. "Mmmm … that feels great babe." Paul moaned. "I know. How about a kiss?" Cathy asked. "That's a nice start." Paul said and pulled Cathy close to kiss her. "No!" Cathy smiled and gently pushed him back. "Not with you." Cathy leaned new boy and girl sexy 2019 of the shower and took Tracy's hand and pulled her in with them.

"With her." She finished. Paul's eyes got huge. He looked up and down Tracy's hot body and his cock somehow got harder. All the fantasies he had about seeing her nude and here she was. Then it hit him as to what Cathy just said. "Wh&hellip.


" He started to say and stopped when the girls closed the distance and kissed again. Paul couldn't believe his eyes. The visual was incredible. The girls were kissing. Not some small friendship kiss this was an open mouth, wet, I can't get enough of you kiss. They had their arms around each other and pulling each other close. Cathy even had her hand on Tracy's ass. Paul just starred in disbelief. The girls kissed passionately for a few minutes and finally turned their attention back to Paul.

"How was that honey? Did you like that?" Cathy smiled. "Yeah." Was all Paul could mumble. "I know you are finding this all hard to believe honey but I have had a change of heart." Cathy said. "Tracy and I have decided to make your fantasy come true." "You mean me and you and Trace?" He said still in disbelief.

"Yes honey that is exactly what I mean." She said. Paul still couldn't believe his luck as Tracy slid over to him and kissed him deeply. Cathy started stroking his cock again and continued to talk. "Don't worry honey there are no rules. Do what ever you want to whom ever you want." Cathy leaned in and started to kiss his neck while Tracy was sucking his tongue into her mouth.

Paul could only moan. The women slowly started kissing their way down his body and soon they were both kneeling in front of Paul. Cathy grabbed his cock and guided it to Tracy's mouth. "Ohhhhh&hellip. Godddddddd." Paul groaned. He closed his eyes to savor the feel of what was happening to him.

He felt Tracy take him deep. She licked up and down the length of his cock enjoying the feel of a hard cock in her mouth again. Tracy loved to suck cock and since the break up she has had none to suck. She desperately wanted to get him off but she knew they had lots of time for this. She used her mouth and tongue to bring Paul all the pleasure she could. She sucked him deep, deeper then she can ever remember taking a man and savored his taste and smell.

She kept this up for a minute and then Cathy would take her turn sucking the cock into her hot mouth. Cathy had an enthusiasm that Paul has not felt in quite a while. Cathy pumped his cock deep into her mouth and massaged his balls and all the while Tracy licked his legs or stomach.

Paul was quickly approaching orgasm but he didn't want to cum yet. Finally he watched the women join together and share his cock. Two tongues sliding up and down the length and across each others lips. Paul moaned again and the women knew he was close.

Tracy stood up and kissed Paul hard. "I have always wanted to do that to you." Tracy said. " I always wanted to kiss Cathy too and you know what?" She continued so Cathy could hear her talk. "Last night I did just that. After you went to bed I seduced your hot wife Paul." Paul suddenly got the picture in his head. "It was the hottest sex I ever had.

When I lowered myself over Cathy's face and she licked me with her wet tongue Paul. She ate me until I came all over her face." This was too much for Paul and he came. "Ahhh.

Oh my…" Cathy felt him expand even more as cum flowed into her waiting mouth. "Ohh Cathy baby." Paul's orgasm was long and strong. Cathy couldn't believe how much cum he had. She nearly came herself as she listened to Tracy. She happily swallowed Paul's release but when she stood up Tracy savored what she could when she kissed Cathy.

Paul didn't even go soft. He watched the girls passionately kiss again and then moved to join them. He moved so his rigid cock was between the women and shared the kissing. These girls were definitely here to please him but he wanted them to cum as well. Cum as hard as he just did. After a few minutes Paul moved around behind Tracy.

His hands joined his wife's as they began to concentrate on Tracy. The women now had their arms around each other kissing passionately. Paul's cock rested between Tracy's round ass cheeks as his hands moved over her body. Paul finally kissed his way down her back slowly enjoying this beautiful body.

Soon he was on his knees kissing her round ass as his hands slid up between her legs and across her pussy. "Ohhh yes." She moaned as his fingers entered her. Cathy moved down to her breasts and began to suck her tits. Tracy watched as Cathy nursed on her breasts and she held her head in encouragement.

Paul slowly kissed his way around her hip and soon his tongue was sliding across her stomach. Moving between the women he positioned himself at Tracy's pussy and finally tasted her.

Paul loved to eat pussy and couldn't wait to get her off. Sliding his tongue down between her folds he could easily taste her excitement. Tracy moaned and grabbed the back of his head now. Paul reached around to grab Tracy's ass and he held her to married partners swinging and orgy in playboy mansion mouth as he pleased her.

Moving up her pussy he suddenly sucked her clit into his mouth and Tracy moaned again. Her hips began to move as Paul found a rhythm. Tracy had never felt anything as wonderful as having two mouths pleasing just her. Her eyes slowly closed as her arousal grew.

Cathy released her tits and kissed Tracy. "You are so sexy baby." She moaned. Then Cathy moved behind Tracy and began to kiss the back of her neck. Starting with her ears she covered every inch of skin as she moved down. Next she moved to her shoulders and then down the center of her back and finally she was kneeling. Never letting up she began to cover Tracy's ass with kisses. "Ohh my God Cathy." Tracy was moaning continuously.

"I am so close." Her eyes fought to stay open as her passion reached its peak. Paul knew what was going on and gently pulled Tracy's round cheeks apart as Cathy slid her tongue down the center. "Ohhhh Cathy." One of her hands now moved to the back of Cathy's head. Cathy responded by reaching around and grabbing Tracy's tits.

Cathy's tongue finally found her anus and Tracy came. "AAAHHhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhh goooodddd." Tracy had never felt anything so good. She had to hold on to Paul to keep from falling. As Paul continued to probe her cunt he held her ass apart for Cathy and she massaged Tracy's anus. Tracy's orgasm lasted almost a minute as Paul and Cathy continued to stimulate her. Paul and Cathy actually helped to steady her.

Slowly the two mouths released her from her erotic bliss and Tracy slowly sank to her knees between her lovers. "Ohhh my god. That was incredible." She was a little shaky as the little ripples continued for another minute.

Cathy and Paul began to kiss as Tracy maid vs boss japanese xxx her composure. Slowly they stood as they continued to kiss and hands began to explore each other.

Tracy smiled as she saw Cathy's cunt there for the taking. Turning she easily slid between Cathy's knees and she began to eat out her best friend. Hands were everywhere now as Paul and Tracy began to concentrate on Cathy. Paul moved behind Cathy giving Tracy the room she wanted to concentrate on her pussy. Tracy's hand slid between Cathy's legs as she licked up and down the folds of her cunt.

She traced the outside of her cunt with her fingers and slowly worked one deep as sucked her biyanan iniyot ng manugang sex scandal clit into her mouth. Cathy leaned back into Paul to steady herself and this gave Tracy better access to her shaved cunt.

Paul started to rub and pinch her tits while holding her steady. Amateur blonde riding cock and cum swallow loved the constant flow of Cathy's juices and continued to lick between the folds of her hot cunt.

Paul sat on the seat that was in the shower area and eased Cathy back, guiding her onto his hard cock. Once Cathy filled her aching cunt with Paul's meat they step mom and teen threesome blowjob doggy style back to give Tracy access to her cunt again.

Tracy moaned at the sight in front of her. Cathy was spread and exposed lying back against Paul with his cock buried deep in her cunt. It was very erotic.

Tracy moved to the couple and began to eat Cathy again. She could easily taste the release as her tongue slid up and down her center. Occasionally she would brush Paul's cock but she mostly concentrated on Cathy. Cathy couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have two people pleasing her. Never has she felt anything so good. The angle was perfect for Cathy as Paul's cock rubbed her G-spot and Tracy's wet tongue worked on her over stimulated clit. Paul and Tracy never let up and Paul started to pull on her nipples again.

Cathy was heading fast to her first orgasm and she desperately tried to speed things up but Paul and Tracy kept the same pace. It was almost torture for Cathy but she quickly realized the sensations just kept getting stronger building for a powerful orgasm.

"Oh Paul. Trace." Cathy Moaned. She was racing towards her orgasm. "I can't hold on any longgerrrrr&hellip. Oh&hellip. I'm going to cum." Cathy was groaning. Paul and Tracy kept up the pace but Paul was fighting off his own impending orgasm. "Come on baby." Tracy said. "Cum all over my face." "Ohhhh. Ohhhh." Her hands grabbed Tracy's head and her cunt grabbed Paul's cock.

Her orgasm slammed into her. "Ohhhh. Jeassssss. Ahhhhhhhh." Cathy screamed and her spasms sent Paul over the edge too. "Ohhhh baby&hellip. I'm cumming. Ohhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhh." Paul came just as hard as before. He pumped two large shots of cum into Cathy's cunt before Tracy pulled his cock to her mouth, which only increased the two of the girls ride and bounce on two big hard cocks to Paul.

It was now Cathy's turn to shake as she collapsed against Paul. Tracy couldn't get enough as cleaned off Paul's softening cock. She then proceeded to do the same to Cathy's wet cunt. After a brief rest they decided to leave the shower and take some time to recoup. They ate dinner, had a few drinks, and they told Paul how the two finally made love.

When they were done they decided to enjoy the hot tub and Paul, of course, was horny again. He placed a supply of cocktails in the snow along the Jacuzzi and joined the women in the warm water. He noticed that the women were talking as if nothing happened. The snow was falling again and the quiet was only broken by the voices of the three. The relationship of the three changed and they all knew things were different now. Paul didn't know how the girls were going to handle their new relationship and how much he was going to be involved but he was hoping there would be more of what happened earlier.

The conversation eventually turned to sex, which was no surprise to anybody. The young lovers were all excited by the development in their relationship.


Tracy said she had witnessed the sex between Paul and Cathy the night before they left. "So you were peeking out the door." Paul said. "I knew it." "Yeah! It was hot. I was too horny to go to sleep so I had to take care of myself." Tracy admitted. "Tell Paul what you liked about it." Cathy said. "Well&hellip. " She hesitated. "She liked it when you did me up the ass Paul." Cathy said. She was enjoying the fact that Tracy was blushing for a change. "Is that true Tracy?" Paul asked.

She nodded. "Well Cathy. Do you think it is time we did something about that?" Cathy looked at Tracy and said. "Do what every you want to her baby." Paul eased across the Jacuzzi and between Tracy's legs.

She open to accept him and he stopped just short of kissing her. Her smile faded as Paul kissed her. Soft, at first, but very deep.

Tracy's legs closed around his waist pulling him to her. Cathy moaned at the sight. When the kiss ended Paul slowly stood and now it obvious erection was tenting his suit. He pulled his suit off his body and Tracy looked at Cathy then back to Paul. Paul moved forward and she obediently opened her mouth and took him in. Paul watched as his cock slide in and out of her talented mouth. Tracy wrapped one hand around the base and another up to pinch his nipples.

She ran her tongue up the side and took the head in her mouth. She hesitated and slowly took him in until her nose touched his abdomen. "Ohhh… God that feels good." Paul groaned. He watched his cock become wetter and wetter as Tracy coated it in saliva. Tracy slowly pulled back and ran her tongue under the penis from the tip to the base and slowly back to the head again.

She formed a perfect "o" with her mouth and took the head in again and started to pump his cock with her hand. "Ahh&hellip. Tracy. Mmmmm… slow down you are going to get me to cum too quick. Damn that feels good." Tracy used her other hand now and started to softly play with his balls and this produced another groan from Paul.

Cathy had slipped out of the tub and went to get some lube she brought with her. She wanted Tracy to enjoy Paul's perfect cock up her ass. Cathy knows how good it feels and really wanted to share Paul with her friend. She was not even a little jealous that her best friend was sucking off her husband, in fact she encouraged it.

Mom and son sxxy story sex stories com since last night the thought of the three of them becoming lovers hot big tits chick gets fuck hard a regular basis was very exciting to her. Paul hardly noticed Cathy leave but saw her return the lube. He reluctantly pulled his hard cock from Tracy's mouth and proceeded to undress her.

He leaned her back so he could get to her cunt and started to return the favor. Paul used his tongue to lick up her slit and across her clit. He slowly licked back down and forced his tongue up her cunt as far as he could. "Ohhh… " Tracy moaned. She was already very wet from having that hard cock in her mouth and the thought that it would soon be up her ass.

Paul slowly licked her outer lips and traced his way back to her clit and slowly sucked it into his mouth. Tracy brought her hand down to hold Paul's head in place. "Ohhhhhhh&hellip. Damn… that feels good." Tracy the motion of the ocean harley dean outdoor loudly.

Paul then stopped, turned her around, bent her over the side of the tub and started to do the same to her asshole. He spent a few minutes licking the tight ring while using his hand to play with her cunt. When his finger was coated in pussy juice he started to rub her very slick anus and work his finger in.

Tracy couldn't believe how good this felt. She was very aroused by the new sensations and found herself pushing back against Paul's finger trying to take it all in. "How does that feel baby?" Paul said. Tracy was totally under Paul's control.

Every nerve ending in her body was firing and the sensation of being filled was sending her to an orgasm. "Oh my God Paul." Tracy moaned. Cathy was watching the scene unfold and slipped a finger into her own cunt. When Paul's finger cuddly college girl was teased and reamed by her senior teacher almost completely inside Tracy's tight ass he reached around with his other hand and started to rub her cunt.

"Ohhhh Paullllll Ohhhhhhh&hellip." Tracy moaned again. Paul knew she was close already and wanted to cum. He suddenly sank the remainder of the finger in her ass and one into her cunt. "Ohhh I'm cumming. Ohhhhhh." Tracy screamed as her orgasm quickly rocked her body. Paul let her relax and continued with her ass. Tracy was not sated. She was still under the spell of Paul's fingers. "Tracy." Paul said. "Are you ready for my cock?" "Yesssss." She hissed.

Cathy was nearing an orgasm herself but stopped because she didn't want to cum to quickly. She grabbed the lube and filled her hands with generous portions of slick liquid and proceeded to coat Paul's cock. Cathy then moved to Tracy's round ass and massaged some into her anus.

Cathy couldn't resist the urge to work a finger into Tracy's incredible ass. Returning to her spectator seat she watched Tracy's face as she offered her virgin ass to Paul. He positioned his hard cock at her entrance and slowly started to push. "Oh my God. Ohhhh." Tracy reacted to the head as it finally slipped past her tight ring. "Relax baby." Paul said and the excitement was obvious in his voice. "Ill go slow." Cathy had striped naked and now sat watching with a finger in her own cunt.

She could feel her own orgasm building again. Paul continued to work his cock deeper into Tracy's bowels as she did her best to relax and take him in. Tracy was learning quickly and the pain was turning to pleasure. After several minutes Paul finally had his entire cock in her ass. "Oooohhhh Cathy his cock is so big. God it feels good. He is going to make me cum again." Tracy was almost incoherent as every nerve ending in her body came to life.

She had never felt anything like this before and her whole body seemed to focus around her ass.

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The sensation of being filled was incredible. Paul could tell she was adjusting to him quickly so he only paused a second before he started to slowly pump his hard meat in and out of her ass. He knew he would not last long. Tracy's excitement was sending him to a quick orgasm but he didn't want to cum without her. "Tracy does my cock feel good? Can you feel my balls hit your cunt?" Paul was getting caught up in her excitement.

"Yesssssss! Ohhh yessss&hellip. I'm going to cum Paul. Pound me hard!" Tracy hissed. Paul old shaft enters juvenile aperture oldvsyoung and hardcore to move a little faster but the feeling was too much for Tracy. "Ohhhh. Oh my God. Ohhhhh Paul. I'm cumming. Ohhhhhh." Tracy felt her whole body come to life as she came. Paul came as he felt her ass tighten around his cock "Ahhhhhhh.

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Ohhh Tracy. Ughhhhhh." Tracy even liked the feeling of Paul as he came deep in her bowels. Cathy was right behind both of them. "Ohhhh. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh." Paul collapsed on her back and nobody moved for a minute of so.

Paul finally pulled his softening cock from Tracy's ass and the three sat in the warmth of the Jacuzzi coming down from the erotic high. "Cathy you were right." Tracy finally said. "That was incredible." "See I told you if the right person does it to you it is awesome." Cathy replied.

"It is nice to have that when ever you want it. I do miss that." Tracy said. "You know I've been thinking. What are your plans now that you are done with Mark?" Cathy asked Tracy. "I know I can't stay with my mother much longer.

I suppose I will get an apartment and start fresh." Tracy shrugged. Cathy started to say something and stopped. She drifted over to Paul and started to whisper something to Paul.

Tracy could see her hand working on his cock under ww com sexy story jogi ji dheere dheere dala water. "Is that what you want?" Paul said to Cathy. "Yes." Cathy looked at Tracy. "Trace. Why don't you move in with Paul and me?" Tracy's eyes lit up.

"Move in with you two? Really? Are you sure?" "Yes. You have lit a fire in me and unless you don't want to be our play blonde slut victoria summers services taxi driver then why not?" Cathy said.

"I can barely keep up with Paul and I am sure he won't mind having two women around the house to play with." "I will be on my best behavior." Paul smiled. "Yeah. Right Paul." Cathy groaned. "Are you sure this won't be a problem?" Tracy asked. "No problems here." Cathy assured her. "What if Paul jumps me when you are not there?" Tracy smiled. "All I ask is that you tell me everything. No secrets.

And I will extend the same courtesy." "You mean if you and Tracy make love you are going to tell me everything?" Paul asked. "Yeah." Cathy said. Tracy thought for a few minutes and the three sat in silence. She looked at Paul and Cathy and smiled. "I would love too." She finally said.

"Good." Cathy smiled. She slid away from Paul and over to Tracy. She straddled Tracy and kissed her passionately. Tracy knew she had found a home and looked forward to this new relationship. The three didn't know how long this would last but they planned on living it day to day and enjoying it while it did. The End