Arse of lovely girl is drilled hardcore and blowjob

Arse of lovely girl is drilled hardcore and blowjob
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Brooke's Tale (this story is based on a request i got from a reader at I've tried to stick to facts provided as far as practicable, although the plot is my own. enjoy) Hi, I'm Brooke, an ordinary college student. well, not quite so ordinary, if your idea of it is a bookish boor who loses her cherry at 30. but let me start at the beginning. I wasn't always a bisexual submissive slut, which i now am. i didn't do the things i now do ( and which I'll tell as the story moves), but i always had fantasies.

fantasies of a kind teens don't usually have. fantasies i had no idea would come true, though i wanted them to.

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one of them was being forced to fuck. it so happened that one day in june, me and my friend carla were going to a party. i was in a black miniskirt and a skimpy top, while carla wore a figure hugging dress. we wanted to be wanted by the boys, or so it looked. reaching the house, i found the party in full swing.

every variant of alcohol was going around, and the air was thick with weed smoke. the dj made speaking impossible, but then that's what a party is. carla knew the people, and i was introduced to a variety of men and girls in quick succession. dirty old man visits and gropes a hot young girl of them, called tina, stayed behind. we began to chat. i noticed he was looking at the hem of my dress,and then my bust.

i tried to ignore, but the looks seemed to be doing something to me. i reached to pull my top up, but almost like hypnotised, i pulled it even lower. tina licked her lips, a hungry look coming into her eyes. suddenly, i found my hand grabbed tightly.

i couldn't resist. she dragged me like a doll across the dance floor, and through some stairs to a room. once inside, she slammed the door. i now saw her fully. around 6' feet tall, with more muscle than any girl could have, she looked every bit the amazon tatooed on her ass. and she seemed to have plans. she strode towards me, and pushed me on the bed.

standing in front of me, she stripped off her top. her breasts popped out.

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man, were they large. i mean i'm no flatchest, but she was like huge. her areolae were a dark chocolatey brown, and they hung from her chest luke punching bags.

only she had no plan to have them punched. while i was mesmerized by her tits, i was being dragged towards the centre of the bed. i flet my hands and legs tied, but kept looking at her swaying boobs, like a child at a teddy. finally, a slap brought me back. tina was,sitting on my tummy, and she had a sneer on her face. " you're a born sub. 10 mins flat, and you're mine. guess what, early birds get prize" with that she kneeled with her crotch on my face, and gently lowered it onto me.

she wore no panties, and i could smell sex before i tasted it. i needed no instructions, though I'd never done this before. i started licking, coating her lips with my warm tongue." deeper" she screamed. i pushed my tongue past her lips into her hole, lapping her juices as they flowed. she took hold of my hair, and used it like a control to position my head. she guided me to her clit, as i babe fucks her neighbor in his backyard licking.

she began to moan in pleasure. the hold on my hair grew stronger, as i increased my lapping. she began to rock back and forth, enjoying the lips on her sex. my head hurt like hell, and my nose smelt like her pussy, but i liked it. her juices were a turn on, and i began to feel a warmth between my legs. the tempo grew as she neared orgasm. her rocking grew hysteric as did her moans. suddenly, she pressed her sex down on my face like a vice, and came. the juices splattered faster than i could lick, and spread over my face.

she sighed, and got off. "what a slut you are. "she said as she cirlced around me, like a tiger round a prey. i finally found my voice, but my words shocked me.

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"please, can i have some more? " " huh? sure, but in other places". she went out, leaving me spread eagle on the bed, my face thick with cum from my new found lover. or was it mistress? waa i really a slave? i didnt have long to think before she returned with a thick cat o nine tails and a collar. circling around the bed, she undid the bonds, and dragged me up by my hair.

it hurt but i was beyond caring. all i wanted was the woman who stood before me. the woman who suddenly swung the whip. the whip landed hard on my left tit and abdomen. i instinctively covered my breast from further harm. and got one on my legs for my disobedience.

a couple more lashes later, i leadnt that nothing less than a riot sheild will protect yiu from a woman with a whip. my body burnes, as the whiplashes spread the pain in ecery conceivable direction. i could see a red line curling from my chest to my ribs, and knew that my top hid a long red line down my right tit. tina seemed to have stopped, but she again resumed. and this time she placed the lashes so that i was dancinf mmg from pain. "juggle em jugs, whore " tina roared, and the dan ing became faster.

i started sweating, as tiny rivulets of blood mixed with sweat to fall on the floor. sweat and blood always bring rewards, they say. soontina shifted from the boobs to the vagina. the first hit felt like a thunderbolt on my tender flesh. but it also sent a shiver of anticipation through me.

the second one landed even harder, and i jumped from the pain. the third landed straight on my mom and soon xxx filim. my knees buckled from the pain, and i slipped my hand to my sex, massaging it vigorously.

this turned me on. strangely, tina did not object, and watched from a distance, smiling her patent dom smile. i kept rubbing my sex, as she stopped her attacks. i didn't care, i was getting too hot to care.

suddenly, i saw a,shadow approach me. before i could look up, i felt a hand on my reddened breasts, and then a shock passed through my body. tina had my nipple in her hand, and was crushing it between her blue nails. she grabbed the other one, as i kept up the rubbing. i began to moan, from pain or pleasure i cared not. i felt both as i approached orgasm. as i looked up, i saw tina smiling. her smile widened as she realized my state. the nails on my nipples grew tighter.i came, collapsing on tina as juices flowed from my felt like the best orgasm of my life, and from that time, i knew u would always be a sub.

tina pushed me off roughly, and stood up. taking a pen knife, she stripped me of my remaining clothing. the feel of the blade at my breast made my nipples hard. she obliged by running the flat of the blade around my areolae, two hot girls screwed by perverted dudes in hotel room pornstars blowjob goosebumps erupted on my skin.

grabbing my nipples, she pulled them up. instinctively i got up, standing naked in front of the sexy woman. tina surveyed me like a machine, moving around me. she tasted my juice, squeezed my breasts and pushed her tongue in my mouth. finally, she said " you'll do" she went out and returned with a collar and a marker. she put the collar around my neck. from it hung a tag. she held it up for me to read "property of tina williams". she then wrote words on my forehead and cheeks. "now you look proper" she said, "like the slave you are" i just stood there, taking in her words.

she took out a camera, and clicked pics from every angle, even one of my vagina. "you blab, these go on fuckbook.

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you'll be taken ten times a day then" she smirked. ten times a day? somehow, the thought turned me on. i wanted to be taken, used skinny indian babe indiana fox ass fucked for money treated like a trash whore. tina had changed me, but little did i realize how much. she asked me to leave, giving me a tank top and skirt so tight they felt like ropes, and exposed half my tits and ass.

she asked me to keep the collar on, until i got home. there was no sign of my friend, so i drove home alone. as i reached the highway, my gas started running low. i decided on a refill. completely forgetting that i had a collar on, i confidently walked out. and approached the machines. a man appeared from behind one, gas hose in hand. his expression changed as he saw me. i should have felt uneasy, but now i just saw that he had a boner in his pants.

i wanted it. he saw my hunger, and leered at me. dropping the hose, he grabbed my waist, and kissed me roughly. i felt his hands on my ass, squeezing my cheeks through the cloth, all the while ravishing my mouth with his bearish tongue. pressing me against the hood, he raised my skirt and downed the top. grabbing my breasts, he mauled them like dough. it hurt as my tits hadn't got over tina s love yet. he scraped his nails over them, leaving tar in the red lines he made. taking one boob at a time, he sucked them, chewing on them as his eyes grinned at me.

just when the pain was getting unbearable, he let go. my poor boobs slumped on my chest, dripping with tar blood and saliva. before i could recover, i felt my knees parted, and saw his pants drop, revealing a 9" hairy dick that would make a horse proud. i had no time to protest. i felt his dickhead at my lips, and next moment it was deep in me. it felt like i was being ripped, but something stopped me from fighting. instead, i moved my hips to take more of him. seeing my response, he grabbed my hips and pulled me in, making our bodies collide.

"unghhhh" i moaned as he began pumping. my hole naturally became wet, and i got into rythm.


pushing my ass onto the hood, he began pounding me hard. each thrust came with a grunt and a tit squeeze. eventually, he started using my breasts as handles, pulling them as he pushed in, and squeezing as he pushed out. it hurt like hell but alk i wanted was hin to stay in, and take me. suddenly, i felt teeth on my nipple, and the pain pushed me over the top. i throbbed on his cock as he chomped on my meat, spilling my juice over his dick.

the swaying made him cum, and before my orgasm ended, i was being creamed like a slut. he roared as he came, pulling me into him. the hot jizz felt good, and i wished he would stay in for more. he pulled out with a squish, dropping copious amounts of juice and jizz on the concrete. walking into the room, he returned with a funnel and a beer bottle. the bottle went ib my puss.

he then took the funnel and began pushing up my ass. this new pain took my by surprise, and i wriggledpushing out the funnel. gas guy wasn't happy, and landed two strokes on my ass. it was enough to put the message through, and i lay still as he wrestled with my craphole until he was satisfied.

the funnel was smaller, but so was my hole, and it felt like i was being ripped apart. i heard the click of a camera, as i lay with my legs obscenely spread, my holes stuffed and one leaking cum, the other blonde milf going down on big dick. he showed me the pics he had taken. i looked like a whore, lying on the floor naked and obviously used.

he let me up with a warning similar to Tina's, but filled my gas for free. "you can keep the toys too, as long as they stay in" i forced myself to somehow sit with the funnel sticking out of my ass, and the bottle between my legs. this only pushed the ass funnel in more, but that same part of me stopped me fron pulling out.


i needed to be degraded, degraded completely. and my journey had just begun.

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[end of part a]