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Asian sexy babe morgan lee gets two hole fucked hard by a huge cock pornstar and hardcore
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Katy Two teens live through the age of discovery together. Then they share their love with someone else leading to unseen results. Part one: The Staci silverstone sex sex stories story and I had been having sex for about six months, although it is a on and off relationship, sometimes being close and occasionally wandering apart but never for long.

I wish I could say we did every day, Hell I would be happy if it was once a week but that wasn't the case. We had been indisputable friends since childhood going back practically ten years living so close to each other. Spending so much time together it was the natural that we would end up losing our virginities to each other. It was only in the last year we became intimate, puberty first seized hold of her body years earlier, it went unnoticed at first when the areolas on her flat chest began to puff followed promptly with the breasts mushrooming in size.


Then one day I figured out why my dick kept getting hard, the more I rubbed it the better it felt. I was in bed attempting to sleep but gave up after realizing something was going on inside my body. With each stroke of my pint-size dick my thoughts would drift to Katy's titties, then it happened, I had made a complete mess of my pajamas, soaked with a gooey, sticky and slimy fluid and not really able to comprehend what just happened other than the fact I indisputably loved it.

Facts were far and few back in the day, boys if lucky got a quick lecture from their old man and the girls got a film in sixth grade backed by a sermon from mother about never letting a boy touch her private area. The mother knew once a girl broke down and allowed it to happen then it was all over.

And that was the case with Katy and me. It wasn't until we hit early teens I gave her that first kiss under the big oak tree out back while the rain poured down, a small peck on the cheek taking her by surprise. But that quickly changed. Wet, the rain still fell from the sky, her eyes wide, I took her hands into mine drawing her body into mine while the quizzical look on her face became apprehension.

Our lips met, mine puckered but Katy still didn't comprehend what I wanted. I guess we were both horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi and anxious, it was awkward but we learned that rainy afternoon how to kiss.

We became pretty good kissers over the next month. Nights I would stroke off to climax envisioning Katy in my thoughts, naked of course. But I would not see her naked for a few more years, in reality it was a year before I even attempted to lay a hand on her breasts.

My ego stayed intact after not being rejected. It was a Saturday night in the back row of the Cameo Theater while holding hands watching the movie I played with her knee wanting more than that feel over the shirt of her titties. I traced figure eights with my fore finger on the bare skin above that knee slowly increasing my boundaries until my finger had moved her skirt higher onto her thighs before having it swatted away.

Later that night it would be permitted linger on her thigh. We were on our way to discovery. It was on my fifteenth birthday, it was a cold snowy day, school had been called off but our parents still had work. I trudged through heavy snow that early morning. Peeling off my outer garments I was soaked from the heavy wet snow.

Under her decree I was compelled to her room, given her father's bathrobe and instructed to disengage my body of the damp clothing so they could be dried.

Katy waited outside the bedroom door while I undressed.

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Deciding my skivvies weren't wet I peeled everything else off passing them through the half open door. A little uneasy with the situation, being in my best friend's house, both of us almost naked in bathrobes.

I could not but contemplate what would happen to my hide if her Dad was to show up. The thought never crossed my mind again that morning or matter of fact that afternoon. Katy had not intended to give me such a superb offering but before noontime approached we lay sprawled upon her bed, spent, tired and acutely aware that we would never be the same again. When Katy returned from the hanging the clothes I was bewildered standing there in her room, not that I hadn't been there previous, and on the bed, but this was unique.

My birthday present was about to take place. Parting her robe, her tits exposed she asked if I liked what I saw. My eyes about to pop out of their sockets took in her glory.

I was greeted with a tugging girl fucking tow guys in somewhere outdoors the double bed to enjoy the wonders of her chest. Without any doubt my birthday offering was to be only the entertainment of ravishing her young tits. And how I did. The pure white robe was still firmly closed at the hips with a secure knot on the floppy belt, but as I sucked each nipple the robe although still tied stretched open slightly until her panties showed.

Nimbly my fingers tweaked the buds that had swollen from my mouth. As I continued to paw at them I became agitated, the inflexible flesh jutting out below my navel had parted my own robe allowing our nearly naked bodies to make contact.

Several times we would just lie back, side by side holding moist hands taking a breather from all the affection of kissing and tit sucking. Her eyes told me about the confusion rattling around inside her mind; they also told me she was more than interested with the bulge in my underpants as they caught fleeting glimpses. We had been at it for about two hours; my body had now completely rolled onto her pudgy frame, the robes outright open I began a measured rhythm of dry humping.

Numerous times over I could not pry those chubby legs open until her weakness was uncovered. When she turned her head sideways I would nuzzle into the hairline on the back of her head causing wispy gasps of breath to exit her parted lips. In a matter of few minutes I could feel her thighs began to unlock their firm restraint as my body slipped in the midst of them. We both knew this would be a fruitless challenge to fuck but it was fun trying. But as the minutes flew I felt the need to liberate my dick from its confines.

This was turning out to be the best birthday I had ever had. Katy kept twisting her body under mine. On one of those twists the head of my pecker caught the stringent perimeter of the stretchy elastic rim of her panties.

I now had my dick inside them buffing against the dense mound of black hair. Working feverishly on that hairline paid off as I felt her legs widen slightly while her knees bent till her feet were flat on the bed. Retrieving my ass upwards when the head felt her wet spot. The human body can be unrewarding at times; I never got one iota inside her before my dick went into convulsions. It twitched, made spasmodic movements as I unloaded a small river of orgasmic emulsion deep inside her panties pasting the black fur all the while her bottom was eagerly raising to each thrust wanting me to cross the threshold into her.

No words were spoken, holding each other tenderly, exchanging small kisses as I withered until the elastic began to hurt around my dick. I just had to know what it felt like, my hand snaked its way to the top of her panties entering them passing over the sticky hairy mound my middle finger found a warm sodden split as it easily slipped between her cunt lips. For the next ten minutes we took delight with my digit repeatedly exploring her depths causing her panties to disengage from her hips onto her thighs.

She lay there on that pure white robe, legs spread, tits poking upwards, her chubby body exposed for my taking. I never knew it regained its structure; it was just there when once again I laid my body onto hers.

Self conscious or what I didn't pull them down until sprawled on top of her hiding the taut mass among our bodies. She was easy, spreading her legs wide to accept me as I probed for her cunt. My dick searched and connected with her pussy. Looking into her dark brown eyes as her ass rose slightly wanting it all. I knew girls hurt the first time, steadily moving inwards before retreating a few times until my helmet was scarcely hidden from view.

Soaked as she was I eased in sexy brunette nervous and naked with anal dildo in cedar rapids little more feeling a tightness that I passed through. An audible gasp of discomfort escaped her lips as her hymen shattered. I had little clue and began a slow but steady pace of extracting and reinserting my dick. It was only a few minutes when I felt her body relax under mine; her legs awoken climbing upwards onto mine, her ass raising meeting each pump I gave her, her arms surrounding my torso and her secret feelings flowing into words of encouragement.

Having let loose with the wad of cum mere minutes ago I turned into a stud for the next ten. Finally to my satisfaction it was time. Stupid I guess you could call it. It was my big chance to complete the mission entirely, but I didn't want to get her pregnant. On the last thrust it was time, pulling out, rising up I knelt between blonde milf kristina reese slurps on big cock and gets fucked hardcore and big tits unfolded legs and pumped my dick till it spewed its reward.

Her body was covered with it when I was through, long ropes of pearly white cum had splattered over her. It was after lunch when she incited the next encounter, still dressed in our robes once again we made love on her bed before we drifted off to sleep awakening just in time to escape before her Mom came home. While she lay there I dressed, at first I didn't take notice but it was real, a small dark burgundy stain on her white robe, the remains of the cherry she had given me.

For the next six months we had sporadic sex, sometimes on her bed sometimes on the sofa in my basement playroom. Always gratifying to both, always taking precautions, her body was smeared in my cum. Oh how I yearned to eject a warm slew of sperm into the bowels of her cunt. Part two: The Tease David had suspensions that Katy and I were intimate, he was my best friend but I had never confided that I was screwing her.

One day after school had started that September the three of us were hanging out playing billiards in my basement. Katy and I hadn't had sex in awhile, most of the summer in fact. Needless to say I was a horny SOB, she comprehended that making suggestive moves when bending over the table to make a shot exposing a little too much cheesecake.

Both David and I noticed. It was after David left she gave me a hand job relieving the pressure in my scrotum exclaiming how she liked the feeling when she teased us.

It sort of worried me at first, threatened my relationship with Katy. Before brazzers naughty america 30 minxnxx left that day she convinced me that she wanted to tease David a little more the next day, willingly I agreed.

The next day it was a repeat performance, those tanned thighs showed nicely above the tops of her nylons and garter snaps. David was beside himself, his eyes bugged out every move she made, and the tent in his pants finished the story.

But Katy took it a little too far a few times brushing her ass up against the tent. I had to chuckle at the expression on his face, in fact I encouraged her with the glances I made. It was only harmless fun. David had never been with a girl, never kissed a girl, inexperienced was the word. A few days later we connected long enough to have a nice fuck, with my dick still firm as it pushed itself into the puddle of sperm that had collected in her belly button I approached casually the idea of teasing David a little more, like rubbing her ass against his dick long enough to the point he might explode in his pants.

It would be a good payback for all the stuff he had pulled on me over the years. Then I could be on the laughing end. Hesitant she didn't want any part of it at first but reluctantly agreed she might try it.

A few weeks later the opportunity arose, Katy had on a cute short dress that rode up easily, in addition she kept twisting her fingers around the hem occasionally, and David was stressed. I knew she didn't want to do it front of me; excusing myself to go to the bathroom she had the time to complete the assignment.

But what happened surprised the shit out of me. I went upstairs and quickly and quietly crept back down waiting a few minutes before entering. Neither one saw me as their backs were facing me, Katy bent over the billiard table onto its green felt, dress hike up over her ass smiling and David grasping her hips grinding away. Dumbfounded I stood there another few minutes and indeed he did blow a load as a long sigh escaped his mouth. I rattled something and quickly stepped into the room, as they both rearranged themselves with David bidding a quick farewell.

I played stupid, Katy, flustered, told me how she rubbed up on him a few times and the last time she thought he did it, what a liar, but I remained silenced. It was David's idea, he wanted a piece of Katy begging, nagging and pleading until he had me convinced it would be all OK. I wasn't sure how to approach Katy on the subject, but David claimed to have a plan. I agreed giving him three minutes alone then I would reappear. Neither knew I was in the next room watching.

After her teasing us again for the past forty-five minutes all three of us worked up, once again she brushed against his tented pants, then I made my exit. David grabbed her from behind and had her bent over the table, raised her skirt and ground into her ass but he went further, reaching for her tits roughly mauling them as he pounded her from behind.

But they were both hot, one hand went down clutching the waistband of her panties yanking them off putting her ass on display. Surprised at his actions Katy quickly stood up pushing him away before I made my entrance. A wide wink from David I knew he was a happy camper. While Katy stroked my dick later that afternoon she mentioned how she thought David was getting off on her teasing him. Here was my opportunity asking her if she might want to take one step further, like letting him kiss her, maybe feel a tit something like that.

In the intoxicating high of my orgasm as my dick shot a glob of cum onto my stomach she muttered "sure and maybe more". As I came down, her fingers still smearing cum up and down my length I agreed to the "more". Part three: The Demise A Friday afternoon in early October, my house would be vacant for the night, David was staying over while my parents visited out of town relatives.


Pizza delivered, a few beers stolen from my old man what more could we ask for. That's when Katy shows. Well long story short is tonight would be the "more" Katy and I discussed, but I never envisioned it getting out of hand the way it did. I had no qualms with her ass brushing up on David's dick, even when he pressed back into her ass that was OK.

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I might have a bit of jealousy when I caught him squeezing her tits. But when she put a choke hold on his dick I began to lose it. For the next hour the three of us played the game of touchy feely. I always attempted to get the upper hand but was losing on the losing end. I was getting anxiety over where this was leading with good cause.

She came prepared that night, all the touching had been over clothes, but then noticing the upper buttons undone on her dress Katy's tits were bare, no bra, not sure when they were removed as she bent over now there were no panties, her asshole and cunt exposed each time driving both David and I insane. I wanted no part of their suggestion, but it was two against one, either way it was going to happen, here or at another house.

He promised it would only be a dip, a chinese flashing her boobs watch part on slutcamxxcom one at that, once in to get a sense of what it feels like to get laid and that would be the end of it. A promise from both that right after he dipped I could finish her off while he watched.

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Actually it began to excite me, all three of us naked, I could screw Katy while someone watched me, I could compare my dick to his witch I knew was smaller. Best off maybe we could cum at the same time spraying her tits. OK, it was a deal. Rules needed to be set. Before we stripped, well Katy was already naked, it was established I would start getting lubed upped, David would have his turn and I tattooed blonde nicole malice makes a pov housecall replace him while he masturbated watching us, man I was harder than I ever had been with this set up.

Something's are hidden in our mind; I think the idea of bi-sex was concealed deep in mine and I was afraid to admit it. Spitting onto two fingers they rubbed her pussy as I kneeled between her chubby legs. It took little effort to be surrounded by Katy's warm flesh, she was hot tonight, she was wet. David stood beside the sofa still in his undershorts while playing with the swelling inside them.

I few thrusts and he was pushing at me for a turn. It was time to compare. Any self-esteem I had vanished, the underpants caught on his pecker bending it down. Once released it made an audible wallop as it sprang back against his body.

Not what I expected. I always thought I had a big one but in compassion to his I looked puny. But it was Katy's eyes that shocked me, massive, the whites showing, not blinking, wetting her puffy lips several times while staring at it. For someone who never fucked before David took control straddling Katy then raising her legs high into the air. He almost had her rolled up in a ball with his forearms holding them high. Looking at them from the end of the sofa her plump ass and pussy clearly in view David's cock positioned to impale her I reached for my own.

It wasn't a normal grunt but almost an animalistic growl from Katy as his dick perforated her cunt. My view of the performance was very clear; one fat dick was invading my girl many times over. Her asshole would pucker as he withdrew only to expand like a flowering rosebud as he reinserted it.

Temptation took beating my sub wife a real sore ass submissive punishment of my actions, I reached between his spread legs putting a finger against the skin between her cunt and pooper causing her body to quiver and slowly worked up to her pussy rubbing her cunt lips while David fucked her.

I just had to, not sure why but my finger and thumb formed a circle around David's hefty dick. It was like he was fucking twice at the same time. His dick sliding through my fingers at the same time sliding into Katy, David's first reaction was trying to swat me away calling me fag and homo but when I refused to stop he just kept plowing her.

It was certainly erotic being part of the action. Katy was quite soaked by this time making for no friction. David was breathing heavily as he picked up the tempo; I knew he was getting close. Pushing him, begging him for turn was of no use, I didn't want him to soil my girlfriend with his seed, I had been so careful not to drop any into her and my best friends was about to pollute her inside with his.

Even in the feeble light of the room I watched as his body tensed, with my fingers still encompassing his rod it began a slight swelling and with one final push he was spraying her cervix with his sperm.

I felt each surge pass through his large tube, not one or two but three large contractions then three minor spasms and he was done. Or I thought he was done. He was a true stud, the completely inserted pecker began a slow pumping action as I felt it wither, and my fingers still in place were being coated with his cum. Her body not fat but surely a little plump couldn't hold his ejaculation spilling out of her with a small stream running down over her wrinkled asshole.

Another three or four minutes and he rolled off her onto the floor. Katy's face in delight while I watched her cunt give up more of David's cum.

Final closure: I was worked up so bad after watching David I didn't waste any time to clean Katy and replaced David.

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It was heaven feeling David's still warm seed coating my dick as I pumped the shit out of her. I got my chance and filled her again. We would have another round with Katy before the night was over. I still had problems with David and his dick, it was clear that Katy was partial to David's. The subject of doing it again with David was suggested several times from her during the next few weeks, it was clear that when she grabbed his dick through his pants that evening he had her attention but after getting fucked by him that took the cake.

We never had another threesome, I never had bi-sex again and David's dick stole my girl They now live happily the next town over, raised three children and have two grandchildren.


I see them occasionally. I can but wonder if his dick is still as big as it was forty plus years ago; I do know her body is quite a bit bigger having turned into a fairly large woman.

The end.