Step mother fuking step son

Step mother fuking step son
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I've been getting a lot of negative feedback on my stories of late, so thought of making a fresh start. Got rid of all the crappy stories. Hopefully this one will turn out to be better than my other efforts. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It was a hot summer day, the mercury touching 42 degrees Celsius and still climbing.

Even though it was evening, it felt like a furnace. Thankfully I had the day off from work. The ceiling fan in my room barely provided any comfort. Living alone has its advantages, so I spent most of the day lounging around in my underpants, or naked. The heat was making me hornier with each passing hour. Some time later I heard voices in the corridor and looked through the keyhole. Someone was moving in to the room just opposite mine. Two young men, about my age. "Good, at least I'll have some company when I'm bored," I thought, going back to my laptop to watch some porn.

Half an brunette babe victoria gets pussy fucked from behind later, the doorbell rang; it was one of the guys who had just moved in. "Hi, I'm Harsha," he smiled, offering his hand. "I'm Ashu," I smiled back, shaking his hand. "My friend and I just moved in, thought we'd introduce ourselves to our neighbour." "Sure, come on in. Would you like some cold coffee?" I asked. "That'd be nice, thank you. This is my friend Puneet," Harsha said, introducing the guy who just exited his room, locking the door behind him.

We shook hands again and I led them inside. "Make yourself comfortable," I said, as I went to make some cold coffee. "So, you live all by yourself?" Puneet asked, as I handed him his coffee. "Yeah, I like the solitude," I grinned. "So how did you guys zero in on this building?

There aren't many young men in this complex," I asked. Harsha and Puneet glanced at each other. "Let's say, where we used to live earlier, people didn't like our nocturnal activities!" laughed Harsha.


"Ah, your girlfriends must have brought the roof down with their moaning!" I winked. "Actually, no. We brought the roof down with our banging," Puneet said matter-of-factly. "Yeah, we're gay." Harsha added, again, in a no-nonsense tone.

To this moment, I have no idea what happened to me when he said that, but I remember that a wide smile had formed on my face, a smile "eager and excited" as the two of them later described to me. I quickly recovered myself, but it was too late.

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They had noticed, and exchanged knowing glances at each other, knowing what I was up to. I tried to change the topic, but they just sat there, sipping their coffee, smiling at me. I gulped, I had been caught, it was all my fault and now I was wishing they'd leave, so that I could just go back to watching porn and jacking off. How was I to know, the night would turn out to be so different, so intense, so passionate, so memorable?

"So, Ashu, how many times have you done it?" Puneet asked. "Err.done what?" I tried to salvage myself from the awkwardness. "You don't need to play the innocent fool here, man," said Harsha, "how many times have you had gay sex?" "Never." I answered truthfully. He put down his mug, stood up, walked over to me and placed both his arms gently on my shoulders. "How about we show you the kingdom of forbidden pleasures?" he asked, gazing into my eyes.

Caught in the heat of the moment, I took a deep breath and whispered "Yes." He placed his arms around my waist, and gently squeezed my butt.

He brought his face closer to mine and tried to kiss me, but I pulled back. "Let's just say. I'm not comfortable with face kissing and cross-dressing. Is that okay with you guys?" "Of course." said Puneet.

"I'm hungry. Can we do this after dinner?" I asked, wanting some time to myself, to figure out what just happened. "Sure. Why don't you come over to our room after dinner?" " guys mind if we do it here?" I asked.

"Of course not," said Puneet, "we'll be back at 10." And with that, they left. Half an hour later, I was sitting on the toilet seat, my crotch all lathered up, razor in one hand, trying to make sense of why I had reacted so eagerly.

Thoughts were swimming in my head; a part of me, the majority of me really wanted it. Badly. The other part of me was worried. The pain, would it be that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle it? "To hell with all that" I said aloud and shaved my crotch clean.

The doorbell rang at 10p.m. sharp. I was bare chested, wearing just my shorts. Puneet and Harsha were there, wearing boxers and light t-shirts. I welcomed them inside and ushered them to the bedroom.

Without wasting a second, they took off their t-shirts and shorts and left me gawping at two hot, naked male bodies. Not that I haven't seen any naked men before, thanks to porn, but these were the first two men in-the-flesh as it were. Overcome with the heat of passion, I stripped and joined them on the bed, naked, appraising their bodies and dicks silently. If I had to describe their bodies, I'd say there was nothing special or pornstar-like about them.

Average height, average build, with a little bit of fat. Dicks average length and uncircumcised, about 6 inches or so, not really different from mine. The thought of having those inside me in a the st cock in her love tunnel hardcore blowjob minutes from now was turning me on, drowning out all the thoughts of pain.

We three put our arms around each other, rubbing our bodies against each other, feeling each other's skin and warmth. I had never been so close and in physical contact with someone before; the feeling was different, sensual, warm.

I could feel the heat rising in me, the pace of my heartbeat picking up. Puneet and Harsha were kissing each other, and I was rubbing my lips against Harsha's neck softly, sensuously. I had watched enough of gay porn to know what to try next, my hands slowly moved to their cocks and I gripped them.

I have only ever grabbed my own cock. The feeling of someone else's cock was like a warm, stiff piece of flesh, something that I would love to take in my mouth and up my ass. Gently I moved my hands back and forth over them, jerking them off. I noticed my own cock was rock hard and my ball sack had tightened, as if trying desperately to gain some pleasure. "Would you like to suck it?" asked Puneet. "Umm.yes, why not." I stammered. Taking his dick in my hand, I slowly bent my head over it.

A little hesitantly, I flicked the tip of my tongue over the head. It had a slight musky scent to it, the taste felt a little weird.

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Growing a little bolder, I opened my mouth a little wider, covering my teeth with my lips, and took his whole head inside. It felt like I was sucking on some lollipop, the only difference being the taste and that it seemed to grow larger. I pulled it out of my mouth, took a deep breath and then closed my lips around it.

Taking about half the length of his shaft inside me, I moved my head back and forth a few times, trying to use as much saliva as possible, licking the shaft with my tongue, the constricted movement inside my mouth adding to Puneet's pleasure. Finding it a little difficult to breathe, I stopped. "Come, let us show you the forbidden kingdom of pleasures." whispered Harsha. He sat behind hot milf and her student get slammed and wrapped his legs around my sides.

I could feel his boner against the small of my back. His hands were roaming over my nipples, gently touching, squeezing, tickling them to rock hardness. Punnet crouched over my knees and looked up at me. "Let me show you what a real blowjob feels like." He brought his mouth close to my dick and breathed.

I felt the sanny leone xxx sex stories story xxxx in of his breath on my cock and involuntarily twitched my dick.

In one swift motion, he had engulfed my dick with his mouth. "" I moaned. For the first time in my life, I moaned aloud, without a care in the world. My cock in that second was experiencing pleasures I would never have with a creamy hand stroking it. Puneet's wet, warm cheeks, swirling tongue, and his hand softly tickling my balls.the gates to the kingdom of forbidden pleasures had been opened.

Behind me, Harsha was slowly running his fingers all over my body. He seemed to know exactly where to trigger the currents on my body. Gently kissing me on the base of my neck, he nibbled and licked at my ears like a lover. I reached for his neck with one hand, and placed my other hand on Puneet's head, savouring the wonderful things they were doing to my body. A few minutes into getting my first blowjob, I felt that all-too-familiar tingle in my crotch, orgasm approaching.

"Hold it, buddy. I don't wanna cum so soon," I gasped. "All right, now turn around, show me that sweet little ass baby!" said Harsha, seductively. I turned over on all fours and hiked my ass in the air obediently. "That's a hot ass you got there baby!" Harsha gently ran his hands over it, giving it a quick spank.

"What do you say, Puneet? Shall we take him for the ride?" "Yes, oh yes, take me for the ride please, I'm all yours!" I begged like a slut. I felt something warm, wet and soft tickle my ass. Harsha's tongue. The next few minutes were pure bliss, as I shook my ass, twitched my cock and moaned in ecstasy as the two of them took turns in rimming my ass. Ultimate heights of pleasure was when Puneet wriggled below me and began to suck and stroke my dick and balls.

While Harsha was rimming me.


My knees began to tremble with all that pleasure. Reaching for my pillow, I buried my head in it and began to moan. Carefree wild moans. "You have some lotion Ashu?" "On the shelf behind you." A few minutes later, I felt a cool liquid on my butt and then a finger pushing inside my ass. The finger slowly worked its way in, meeting some initial resistance.

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I fought to relax the clench reflex as I had always done when inserting my own finger in my hole. There was a slight burning sensation around my rim, the lotion was comforting. I felt two fingers probing my hole and then three, gently stroking me inside my hidden depths, the place I had always dreamed that someone would enter and make love to me.

"He's ready." "Oh yess I am ready. Please do it slowly." "Of course. Bet you'll enjoy it." Lying on my back, Puneet placed a pillow under my butt.

He came over near my head and lifted my legs up and apart. Harsha was towering over me, slowly jerking his cock, ready for the penetration. "Condom or bare?" he asked. "Fuck the condom, just fuck me now!" I growled. He rubbed his dick head against my opening. "Stop teasing me and fuck me!" I almost shouted. I felt his cock going slowly past my hole, my muscles fighting to relax, to let him slide into me. I felt his head gvg 098 hagi azusa yagi son in law aimed at big tits toobscene for mother in law past my opening and stop.

And then he started pushing. All the way in. I could feel my ass getting filled up, and I fought hard to switch off my mind from the reflexes and concentrate on relaxing as much as I could. I felt his balls hit my pubes. He was all the way inside me, buried to the hilt as it were, and my body shivered with a strange feeling.

Sweat beads formed on my forehead and I felt insanely hot. His dick twitched once inside me and I felt an odd mixture of pain, shivers, friction and a little pleasure. Breathe, I reminded myself. My cock had shrivelled.

The feeling was strange, I was sweating and not really liking it. "Just relax and let go," Harsha said, and slowly began to pull his dick out. I felt the bottom of his head against my opening and again he began to plunge himself into me.

The friction of his cock against my ass was slowly starting to feel pleasurable. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the pleasure instead of the discomfort.


Puneet caressed my body to put me at ease, and then slowly started sucking my limp cock. Harsha meanwhile, continued to make slow rhythm strokes inside me. There was pain, yes, but only a little. The feeling of pleasure was rising, evident as my dick began to grow inside Puneet's mouth. Slow rhythmic strokes and a mouth sucking my cock. The forbidden pleasures were now being enjoyed to their fullest.

I must admit that Puneet's sucking was exquisite. I felt that tingle in my loins once again, as the cum began to rise in my balls. "Puneet, I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "Cum in my mouth baby!" he licked his lips. As the wave of pleasure mounted in my loins, the rush just overtook me. I moaned loudly as the tingle in my mouth reached a crescendo and I shot huge spurts of cum into Puneet's mouth. My own orgasm caused my ass to clench wildly around Harsha's cock. His own massive orgasm washed over me, as I felt every twitch of his dick and his hot spurts of cum shooting into my teen slut emily willis spanked by stepdad, savouring the blissful state of ecstasy.

I lay on my side, my ass feeling slightly sore, Harsha and Puneet cuddling me from front and behind. "I think we should take a shower," I said, and washed off all that sweat and cum from my body, smiling to myself at the experience I had just had. "You guys can sleep over here tonight, " I told them. The fatigue of our lovemaking had caught up, we three collapsed into a deep sleep.

Next morning I woke up with a boner. I called up my colleague to say I was calling in sick at work. "Mmmm.looks like you're ready for another ride to the kingdom!" Puneet smiled at me. "You bet your hot ass I am!" I grin, reaching for his boner. The secret pleasures had only just begun.