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Fuckin hd big titty luxury slut sybil stallone slammed hard by danny mountain
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Amy I had known Amy for years, we had met at a convention in the mid-west. We were both there for work, and introduced by a mutual friend. Amy had a knock-out body. She was about 5'-7" with a thin build, short cropped red hair, bright green eyes, but her most remarkable feature is her 34 DD breasts. She and I met year after year at the convention, but each year either she was dating someone or I was dating someone and we never managed to get together as anything more than friends.

We kept in contact online, but it had been nearly two years since I'd seen her when I decided to move. My job contract had expired, and the company decided not to renew the contract. I found myself approaching the end of my lease, with no immediate job and nothing keeping me in the area.

When I hardcore extreme compilation my dad always tube porn trying to find a place to move I asked around to all the friends I had online, and it was Amy that suggested that I move to Florida. I had been wanting to move somewhere warmer, and Florida sounded perfect.

Amy had been living down there with her boyfriend, a doctor, for a few years, but she had no other friends in the area. It only took me 4 weeks to get everything packed into a truck and like that I was living in Florida.

The evening I arrived I met up with Amy and her boyfriend, we had dinner together and talked. Her boyfriend had finished med school a few years prior and was doing his residency at one of the local hospitals.

Amy was ecstatic to have a friend in the area since her boyfriend was spending nearly one hundred hours a week at the hospital and she worked from home. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States were 10 minutes from their apartment and Amy rarely got to visit them. It took me a short while to find a job, but I was only part time at first.


I'd had enough money saved that I didn't need to work full time, plus I was renting a small apartment that perfectly fit my needs, and was extraordinarily cheap.

So when I wasn't working I was hanging out with Amy, and occasionally her boyfriend. She showed me all the spots around town, and we went to all the beaches before finding our favorite places. Each time we went to the beach she wore bikinis, with a body like hers I couldn't blame her, but I could never help but stare. I'm sure she caught me looking too, but she would always playfully brush it off.

One day Amy, her boyfriend, and I were at the beach enjoying the water and sunshine when her boyfriend got paged. He was on call with the hospital all weekend, and a page meant he might have to go in. A quick call confirmed that he was needed at the hospital. We rushed back to their apartment so he could shower the sand and sweat off, and then rush to the hospital.

He would likely be gone for a few hours, so Amy and I were deciding what to do with our time. Her boyfriend rushed out of the shower, gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and was gone.

My hair had lightened considerably from all the trips to the beach and sun exposure, so Amy and I decided to add some color to balance it out. She wanted to dye her hair at the same time because her color had been fading for a while.

We made a quick trip to the grocery store across the street, got what we needed, and then went back to her apartment. I had never colored my hair, but Amy was a pro. After taking my shirt off she draped a towel over my shoulders and began working on my hair. I sat there on the floor as she worked in the color, and then I had to spend ten minutes letting it set. While we sat and waited we decided to start on her hair.

She pulled her shirt off over her head surprising me, I thought for sure she would at least go into the other room and change into something else. Instead she sat down right in front of me wearing only her shorts and a sports bra which did little to contain her mounds of cleavage. I got an instant hard-on looking down, past her shoulders to the breasts neatly tucked into her bra.

I could even see her nipples poking against the fabric of the bra, she must have been cold sitting in the air conditioning without a shirt on. Following her instructions as best I could while shifting uncomfortably against a hard-on straining to free itself from my shorts I managed to get the color solution into her hair.

The color in my hair had set long enough when Amy told me it needed to be rinsed out. I had no idea my hair needed to be rinsed, and I was confused how she planned to accomplish that. Amy and her boyfriend's apartment was expensive, being right near the beach, but it was small. They had one small kitchen sink and an even smaller bathroom sink, I couldn't see getting my hair rinsed in either sink. All natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment left only the shower.

She ushered me into the bathroom, gave me the special shampoo and a towel, and pointed me at the shower. It was hot slut debbie white gets some ass traffic a shower, no tub, with an opaque glass door meant for one person to shower at a time.

As she stepped out of the bathroom I took my shorts and boxers off and climbed into the small shower. After the beach and hot weather the shower felt amazing. I was just getting through the first rinse of my hair when the bathroom door opened.

I fought the soap in my eyes and looked over, it was Amy coming into the bathroom. "I've had the color in for 10 minutes", she said. "I have to rinse it out or else it's going to ruin my hair and burn my scalp". I explained to her that I wasn't finished yet.

"We just didn't time applying the colors correctly, we're going to have to both rinse at the same time", she explained. I didn't know what she had in mind, surely she wasn't going to climb into the shower with me?

She was dating someone!

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And I was in the same shower her boyfriend was in 30 minutes ago! As if to answer my question I could see her remove her sports bra through the frosted glass of the shower door, and then drop her shorts to the floor.

I was trying furiously to get the soap out of my eyes and hair so I could get out of the russian amateur hottie makes some two holey money and give her the room, but before I could she opened the shower door. There she was in front of me, completely naked, her huge breasts hanging heavily from her chest. I could see the pale patches around her nipples where the bikinis had block her suntan.

I was stunned, I didn't know what to say or do. Here I was standing naked in her shower with my raging hard-on coming back to life.

She stepped quickly into the shower and closed the door. It was a tight squeeze in the shower, and her breasts were pushing into my back. That was all it took, my cock was now completely at attention, the feel of her breasts against me was too much to resist.

She put her hands on my side and moved herself closer to the water and me toward the back of the shower. I was powerless to resist her, worried more about hiding my hard on from my friend and not staring at her chest. She shoved her head under the water and I watched the water flow over her body, around her huge breasts, and down toward her pussy.

As my eyes drifted downward I noticed that she had completely shaved her pussy, a small patch of pale skin where I'd only seen her bikini before. I stood there taking in the beauty of her body, watching her rinse her hair, soap suds washing over her skin. Once she had finished rinsing her hair she glanced down at my rock hard cock and smiled. I tried to stammer an apology but she cut me off.

"I've seen how you look at my tits", she said. "I've never been with a woman that's had tits as big as yours", I said. "You can feel them if you like", I heard her say. I couldn't believe it, but I wasn't going to waste the opportunity and immediately reached up with both hands and started massaging her wet tits.

She leaned back to give me more room which resulted in her back pressing against my chest and my cock sliding up against her ass crack, nestling neatly between her perfect ass cheeks.

She began to wiggle her ass against my cock and the sensation, combined with the huge tits spilling out of my hands, tinyk small teen alexa raye gets fucked amazing. I moaned softly as I leaned in and kissed her neck. "Guys go crazy for my tits", she said, "I'm glad you like them".

She turned to face me and I lowered my mouth to her nipples, sucking them into my mouth and running my tongue around them. Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock, she jerked it a couple of times and I blew my load right there. She continued to pump my cock and I came hard, blowing all over her leg and the walls of the shower.

I leaned back and she smiled at me before washing my semen off me and her. "I need to finish showering", she said, "you better get back into the living room before my boyfriend comes home". That snapped me back to reality and I hurried out of the shower, put my clothes back on, and scurried back into the living room sitting on the floor in front of the sofa.

It was another couple of minutes before she came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, her short hair already starting to dry. She was heading toward the bedroom to get dressed when the phone rang, she answered and had a short conversation. "My boyfriend is going to be a while still at the hospital, he said you should probably just head home and we can hang out some other time", she explained.

As she moved across the room toward me I could see the front of the towel hanging open a bit, unable to close completely around her huge tits. I was able to get a peak of her shaved pussy through the crack in the towel. She saw me looking and said, "Well, since we have time, you can do something for me", and with that she dropped the towel exposing her naked body to me.

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Seeing her like this, her huge tits hanging before me, awoke my cock and I started to get hard again. She had moved up to me and gently pushed my head back so that it rested flat on the sofa.

As she spread her legs, hovering her shaved, exposed pussy inches above my upturned face, she said, "I made you cum, now you make me cum, and if you do a good job I will let you play with my tits again". That was all the encouragement I needed. I reached up, grabbed her hips, and pulled her pussy down on my face.

I started hungrily lapping at her cunt lips, parting them with my tongue, before working my way up to her clit. My tongue darted up and down, dancing over her clit with ease.

From the position she was in, kneeling on the couch her pussy directly on my face, I could look up and see her two huge tits hanging above me, tempting me. Amy had her hands on her breasts, tweaking the nipples, pushing her tits together, massaging and kneading her tit flesh all as if to remind me what my prize was for making her cum.

I started to move my hands up from her hips to her breasts, but she swatted at them and placed them squarely back on her hips.

Looking down at me she scolded me, "No tits for you until I cum. Now. eat my pussy". I kept licking her clit, sucking it into my mouth and rolling it around on my tongue. I could feel her building to a climax which only drove me on. I shifted my tongue from massaging her clit to her pussy lips, and when I pushed my tongue up into her pussy as deep as I could she came hard. "Oh! Oohh! OH!", she yelled as she bucked on my face, her pussy juice running down my cheeks and chin.

I wiggled my tongue inside her pussy and she exclaimed, "Oh Fuck Yes! Fuck Yes!" Amy's orgasm must have lasted for a full minute before she started to come down, her moaning returning to a slower beat, but she hadn't lifted her cunt off my face yet. So I shifted my hands from her hips to her tits, this time she didn't stop me, and I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy again causing her to cum a second time, "Ah!

Aahh! Aaahhh. fuck yes!". As I rolled her nipples between my fingers, my tongue still working in her pussy, she reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my face hard into her pussy. She was looking down at me with pure lust on her face, "Tongue my pussy.

tongue my pussy. fuck yes.", she cooed at me. Her second orgasm was harder and longer than her first, and she didn't let go of my hair until she'd finished cumming. She rolled off of me and laid on her back spread across the couch. My cock was practically bursting out of my shorts at this point, a wet spot staining the front. I got up off the floor and Amy reached out and rubbed my cock through my shorts.

"My boyfriend works all the time, so I never tiny teen massage and webcam small tits stepdads side of the bed to cum enough", she said.

"I usually have to do it myself, or use my toys". She reached toward the end of the couch, sliding open the top drawer of the end table, and pulling a large, pink dildo out of the top drawer. "I keep them stashed all over the apartment" she explained. "You've never been with a woman with tits like mine?", she asked as she bounced her tits with her hand.

I explained that I'd never been with a woman with more than a B cup, much less DD like hers. "So you've never tit fucked a woman either?", she asked. I almost passed out, that had always been one of my fantasies, especially with a woman like Amy. Her tits were practically made for tit fucking. She reached out and took my shorts and boxers off, dropping them to the floor. Here I was standing over here naked body, eyes locked on her huge tits, with my hard cock sticking out over her.

Amy had been sucking on the dildo, getting it slick with her mouth, and I thought I was going to cum right there watching her. She reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me closer to her while using her other hand to slowly insert the dildo into her pussy. "Well if we're going to tit fuck, we should do this right. Ughh. first, we have to get your cock wet enough to slide easily".

And with that she sucked my cock into her mouth, taking my whole shaft down to my balls, in one stroke. Bracing myself against the wall I stood over her while she sucked on my cock. She had one hand holding the base of my cock and her other hand was furiously fucking her pussy with the dildo.


Watching her sucking my cock, staring up into my eyes, all while dildo fucking her pussy was making me harder than I ever thought possible. A couple of times I got close to cumming, but she must have been able to sense this because she backed off her pace on my cock each time. After what seemed like forever she took my cock out of her mouth and said, "Ok. Move over me, put your cock between my tits". I did as she directed, straddling her on the couch, and laid my moistened cock right between her huge tits.

She dropped the dildo out of her pussy, leaving it laying on the couch between her legs and took her hands and pushed each of her tits tight around my cock. It looked so easy, so effortless for her, to just massage her tits around my cock as she was, it was obvious that she'd done this a lot before.


"Do you like that? Does it feel good?", she asked me. I could only nod in response I was so lost in the feeling. "Fuck my tits with your cock. Rub your cock against my chest", she ordered me. I started rocking back and forth and the feeling was amazing.

I was enjoying watching the tip of my cock slid through the top of her cleavage, the feeling of her tits rubbing against me, both of us couldn't take our eyes off my cock sliding through her massive tits. She was intent on watching my cock sliding between her tits, her hands holding them tight, playing with her nipples. Having my hands free I reached one back, picked up the dildo, and slid it back into her pussy.

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"Ooohhh.", she moaned loudly as I slipped it inside her. I had started concentrating on fucking her cunt with the large, pink dildo and had slowly my rhythmic fucking of her breasts, so she started moving her tits up and down against the length of my cock. The combination of watching her play with her nipples and the incredible sensation of soft tit flesh against my hard cock was too much.

I started to twitch as my climax came and she sat up slightly, moved her tits down my shaft, and took the head of my cock in her mouth. It was too much for me and I came harder than I ever had before. As I emptied my load into her mouth she continued to rub her tits against my cock shaft all the while sucking the cum out of my dick.

She swallowed my entire load, still squeezing her tits against me. It was obvious that she'd done this a lot, she was so skilled at it the whole thing looked effortless for her. I got up off her, completely spent. She reached down and worked the dildo out of her pussy, it was completely drenched with her cunt juice.

Then she sat up, her huge tits still free in front of her, I marvelled at how amazing they looked. "As I said, my boyfriend is always at work, and I don't nearly get enough satisfaction", she said. She took the dildo into her mouth and began sucking and licking it clean. Smiling at me and said, "If you'd like we can do this again some time". She brushed her tits against my arm, her nipples were still erect, and if we'd had sensual lisa rides on a stiff boner creampie blonde time I'm sure more would have happened.

As it was I had to get dressed and go home. She wrapped the towel around herself again and walked me to the door, showing me out, but I knew I'd see her again.